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"Looks like we'll be trapped here for a while." RebelCaptain, please. :)

Jyn’s been in the cell for almost 24 hours when the doors open. She scrambles to her feet, but the stormtroopers don’t even look at her, as far as she can tell under their helmets. They just shove a new man in, and then they’re gone and the doors shut again.

Jyn’s been bored for almost 24 hours, so she watches the new guy as he gets to his feet. He’s taller than her by quite a bit, and his parka makes him look bulky, though she can’t tell how much of that is just his clothes. She wonders, vaguely, what he’s in for; he doesn’t hold himself like a petty criminal. 

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Dramione, Reunion

for @thestarfishdancer

A/n: this got entirely out of hand.  So many more than six sentences.  WOW.  Anyway, this gave me OTP feels, so I had to write them at a school reunion.  <3  This is kind of pre-relationship, though.  I hope it’s good enough.  <3

He felt his gaze pulling back towards her.  Time had been kind to Hermione Granger. Or was it Weasley?  He hadn’t really been running in the same social circles as his old school mates (friends or otherwise), so he had no idea if she’d ended up with the Weasel or not.  

Hogwarts class reunions were few and far between.  And she hadn’t been at the last one.    

He ran his hand through his hair, wondering if time had been as kind to him, wondering what she’d think when she saw him, if she’d think anything at all, or if she’d just feel contempt.  

Their eyes locked just once and the corners of her mouth quirked upwards and she raised her hand to wave.  Draco had to glance around him, just to make sure the wave was intended for him before he raised his hand to return the gesture.  

She had a glass of wine in her hand as she crossed the floor to come closer to her.  

“Hello, Malfoy.”  


She smiled, a sort of lazy expression that reached her eyes or he’d have thought it forced.  “That was almost civil.  You’ve matured.”  

“It is Granger, then? Not…Weasley or some sort of hyphenated hybrid of the two?”  

She laughed at that.  “Merlin, no. I’m still just Granger.  Ron and I…” she trailed off, her gaze focused on something that obviously wasn’t in the room, likely not even in this moment, this time.  “Ron and I didn’t work out.  Go figure.”  

“I’ll die from shock right here…” He took a sip from his glass of fire whiskey.  

“What about you?  Did you ever settle down?”  

“I got married, if that’s what you’re asking.  I never settled down though.  Which would be why I’m no longer married.”  

“Ah,” she nodded as if she understood.  As if it were a given.  

“Am I really so predictable?”  

She shook her head.  “No, actually.  I half expected you to shout some slur at me.  Imagine my surprise when you were not only civil but…”  

He raised his eyebrows questioningly.  “But what?”

“Not only civil but almost warm.  Lukewarm.” She raised her glass slightly.  “Thank you for your lukewarm sentiment, Malfoy.”

“Well, you’re right about one thing.  I’ve matured. And I realize that my old nicknames for you were…to put it plainly…rather cruel.  And for that…” He paused, looking down into his glass before turning to lock eyes with her.  “I’m sorry.”

Hermione nodded once, taking the rest of her wine down in one gulp, her hand going down to her arm. Malfoy didn’t have to look at her arm to know what she was trying to cover up.  He took a long sip of his fire whiskey, coughing slightly at the burn.  

“Well, I’m empty…how about we get out of here, Granger?”  He held out his hand for her glass, setting it along with his on one of the silver trays that floated by.

“And go where?”  

“I dunno.  Get a drink, maybe?”  He smirked and offered his arm.  

She hesitated, but took it. “Right.  Because there’s nowhere to do that here.”    

She had her guard up and it was almost as cliche as the girl in movies that had been burned before and didn’t want it to happen again. Except, she wasn’t like that. She just knew that love was something most people would give up on should it get too hard, so she spared herself the heartbreak and tears, settling for alcohol and weed instead. She was happy that way, living carefree; not having to wonder about boys or worry about if they liked her enough to stay. Then, she met you.

You consumed her every thought. You reminded her of home, like the feeling she got around her dad before he passed because you were so pure… you were so raw. She was never warned to stay wary around you, in fact everyone told her that you were one of a kind. Days began to pass, those day growing into weeks which turned into months that she spent every second with you. It was so obvious that she loved you, and it was so obvious that you felt the same way. With her first love wrapped around her arm and her smile finally becoming something real, she was happy. She felt safe. She felt as though the both of you could conquer anything, and it seemed that way for a while. But as everyone knows, most times first loves don’t last. They’re something like a fairytale story, but fairytales are just that - stories.

When you didn’t fight to stay, she felt like her world was collapsing all around her. She gave herself to you in every single way, even the most innocent. She let you see what goes on in her head, let you explore the deepest parts of her soul, and you still didn’t see it to be enough. So she’ll wander the halls these next few months with tears glossing over her eyes, and she’ll go home and try to drown out the emotions in vodka, though she should know that only makes you feel more. Her covers will be stained with tears and her heart will feel as though it’s physically breaking, but she’ll walk away from it stronger than she was. You will always have a place in her heart, because first loves are never forgotten. We all that.

—  First loves
Tulips or Daisies?

A/N: I’m glad you all like Misha so much, because so do I and I love writing him <3

Request:  I’m a big fan and I was wondering if you could do a Misha oneshot where he meets the reader at a flower shop?? You can decide what will happen but I just want fluff <3

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warning: Every ounce of fluff

Word Count: 658

You arrived at your local flower shop to help pick out flowers for your sister’s wedding, but she was of course running late as usual. She was lucky that you took the rest of the afternoon off, otherwise she’d be left picking out her own flowers, and to be honest she had horrible taste.

When you walked inside you took a look around. Nope, she definitely was not there. You felt a sudden rush of annoyance as you pulled out your phone to call her. You got sent straight to voicemail, not even bothering to leave a messaged you just shrugged and mumbled a ‘figures’ to yourself. You began to laugh to yourself at the thought of her being late for her own wedding. She probably would be.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” someone said to you. You looked up to see the most handsome man you had ever laid your eyes on. Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, and the most kissable lips you were sure you had ever seen.

“Oh-uh, I was just laughing because of my sister, she’s always late and I was thinking that she’ll probably be late to her own wedding.” You rambled out.

“That is kind of funny, so I take it you’re here to pick flowers out for her wedding?”

“Yeah, she should’ve been here by now, but when I called her, it went straight to voicemail.”

He studied you for a moment before speaking again. “Well if it makes you feel better, I came here to buy flowers for this girl I’ve been dating,” He paused and picked up a rose. “I was late for our last date, and she wasn’t having any of it. She broke it off through text.” He chuckled.

“So why did you come here? Did she just dump you?” You started smiling.

“Ouch, dump is a harsh word.” He placed his hand on his chest acting as you offended him, “and yes. I got the text right as I walked in the door.”

You doubled over laughing. “Okay, okay, you win. I do feel better now.”

He was smiling widely as he opened his mouth to answer you. “I’m glad.” He set the rose back down and put his hand in his pocket, extending his other toward you. “I’m Misha.”

You placed your hand in his. “Y/N” He brought your hand to his mouth and placed a small kiss on the back of it. Causing you to turn bright red.

“I like it, though I think the name Rosie suits you better, it matches your face.” He teased. Still holding your hand

“ can call me whatever you want” You were completely, one hundred percent, starry eyed at this man called Misha.

You turned at the sound of the bell on the door ringing. It was your sister. “Y/N! I’m so sorry! My phone died and I fell asleep and my alarm didn’t go off!”

You rolled your eyes at her. You turned your head back to Misha and he offered a smile. “Y/N, come on now, help me out here! Tulips or daisies?” She shouted at you. She was so obnoxious sometimes, but you loved her anyway. “Neither” you chuckled out and you walked over to help her.

You looked back a few moments later to find that Misha was gone. You should’ve asked for his number.

A little while later when you and your sister were done, and you went to pay for your order, the woman at the counter sat a huge vase of beautiful bright red roses on the counter, “Someone bought this for you” You felt your cheeks turning red again as you reached for the little card.

‘Thought I should leave you and your sister to it. I’d love to see you again, Rosie. Give me call.’

You turned the card over to find his number on the back. You were glad that your sister was late.

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Hello! What's your favorite cute moment of tg and tgre the one that always makes you smile?

Hello Anon :) I do indeed have one moment that I really enjoy and, even if it’s an old one, to these days I still think it’s very funny and cute at the same time.

It’s in ch32 of TG when Kaneki asked Touka to train him but Touka said he’d need to learn how to do backflips to reach her level xD 

and then Yomo showed up…

And it’s just soooo funny because he just stands there wondering what they’re doing…

Look at Kaneki’s face and at him “flailing” “panicking” and “squirming” hahahahah, he just cannot do it! xD And then…

Touka just dropped him down without being careful and she’s like “oops my bad”.

I don’t know, I just love this moment, it was just before Kaneki met with Itori and it’s just so sweet to go back in time and remember a moment Kaneki could hardly fight (consider all that happened from the momen he really started to fight…), plus it’s likely that he knows how to do a backflip now. 

Still I just think it’s cute and funny how Kaneki and Touka are training together for backflips and then Yomo shows up like “wut”. 

Thanks for passing by Anon, I hope that satisfies your curiosity!

Have there ever been any fics where Emma’s the teacher and she has Killian for a student?

I’m wondering how that dynamic would work.

College - him as an adult student so we don’t have an age issue.

But I’m wondering if it would work?

Her hesitant to get close to a student. Not just because of the rules, but because he would graduate and leave her behind. Left alone again.

Him, totally attracted to his teacher, fully willing to flirt. But underneath wanting to know who she really is. Wanting to figure out study hours in her presence. Wanting to figure out how to let her know that he’s not just in it for the grade, or for the short term. That he’s in it for the long haul.


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OMGGG!!! I'm just thinking about when Cas isn't possessed by Lucifer anymore and he has to face Kiwi ; ^ ; do you think she'd know the difference between possessed Cas and not possessed Cas?? Because if not, she'd probably not trust Cas for a while because she won't know if he'll go back to his "Satan" personality and I just ahhhhh!! I'm sOBBING!!! 😭

I don’t actually know! I’m wondering if Kiwi is able to see angels’ true form or if she can just see Grace. Jane the Nephilim said she saw halos, so maybe Kiwi would also see halos. So it’s possible that Kiwi sees that something about Cas is different but doesn’t know that it’s a different angel possessing Cas. I’m sure Dean told her that it wasn’t Cas and maybe he’d tell her that it’s Cas again.

But she might still be careful around him. And then they have so much on their plate anyway with Chuck and the sun dying and Dean going on his suicide mission etc. 

*tiny tears*

(Btw, I think by the time the S11 finale comes around Kiwi is already a couple of years old and able to assume a human body. But she’s probably in her true form unless someone tells her to transform.)



16 jan
  • this vegan place by me donated 50% of their proceeds from today’s sales to a local women’s shelter so I went there for lunch and there were so many people there I had to wait like 45 minutes for my food which was fine because I was just so happy that so many people took the time to go there for such a wonderful cause
  • my brother called me just to say hi, not because he wanted me to do his homework or give him money (this is rare) 
  • my supervisor bought me a plant for my desk because the other day I mentioned it was empty and sad. she is an angel

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Hi! So I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if you could do #331 on the first list with Thayne Jasperson? Like maybe him and the reader use to be dancers together but then she goes more into her school studies but they're still best friends. Now she's at NYU getting a masters in history and Thayne takes her to the theater and everyone can just see how much they really actually like each other more then friends? Thanks! I think his stories are too cute! 😊

#331: Why can’t they see that they’re meant for each other?

Ah! Yes I will do this!! It’s super cute!!! And it’s Thayne! That’s also amazing!

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hi! so how do you think Carol would react if daryl had died at the line up, and not knowing he was dead until team fam and her meet up again?

i asked for salt not for pain

If Daryl died in the lineup, it would of course crush her. Because out of everyone, she’s closest with Daryl. He was the only one to believe in her, the only one who gave her faith that her daughter would be okay. They share such a similar past that they jut gravitate towards each other. She loves him quite a bit, and it’s a safe bet that she loves Daryl the most. So being completely oblivious to everything until finally meeting up with team family? It would utterly destroy her.

The way I think Carol’s mind works, is she often wonders if she could’ve changed the result. With Sophia, if she’d have just gone after her, would she still be alive? If she had gotten away from Ed, would her daughter be alive? It’s a never ending cycle of “what-ifs” for Carol, and I think that’s a big part of why she left. If she doesn’t have to see them anymore, she wouldn’t have to have the constant “what-ifs” in her mind because she wouldn’t know who was dead or who was alive. She wouldn’t have to feel that pain upfront.

I imagine it’d be Rick who would tell her. Excluding Daryl, she would be the closest with Rick. So I believe he’d want to tell her in private. And I feel the moment the words left his mouth, she’d be done for. The sobs would be instant, and all that guilt would hit her like a tidal wave. She would immediately start to think that if she’d been there, she could’ve helped in some way. That Daryl would be with her, with his family, if she hadn’t have been so selfish and left them all. I think the worst part of it, is that Daryl didn’t know she was gone either. He would’ve died thinking she was at least safe at home, not having to suffer in this mess. When the reality is she was never there to begin with. So while technically true, that she was safe, she was alone the entire time.

It’s the goodbye Carol would regret the most. She never said it to him. She never got to tell him everything she wanted. She never properly said goodbye to him. They never said goodbye to each other.

And that would haunt her for however long she had left to live.

Can we just talk about how Greg Universe is the most kindest guy ever?

He KNOWS very well who BD is, he knows she is one of the 4 leaders that tried to colonize Earth and hollow it out which would have had ultimately killed ALL of its life, who fought in the war against Rose, he doesn’t even need to sympathize with her here. BD clearly shows no interest in hurting or antagonizing him; she simply wonders what he is doing here, how his kind managed to survive here for so long, whilst her sister Diamond perished. 

But Greg does, he does sympathizes with her, he sympathizes with her loss. Even sharing his own experience with it. Even Blue Diamond herself recognizes just how kind Greg is being here, “Its a shame. There’s a Geo weapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything, shortly. But…you don’t deserve that, do you?Wow, Greg. You seduced not only the leader of the rebellion, but then seduced one of the leaders of the established government. You need to chill with your awesomely lovable and sincere nature, buddy bow chicka wow wow

Even when she nabs him up and heads to her Palanquin, downright KIDNAPPING him (just with somewhat more well-intentions) his tone to her doesn’t change, he is still polite and refers to her as an authority of respect, “Please, your highness!”  I just can’t get over how beautiful of a person Greg Universe is, its no mystery where Steven gets it from.  


I mean, first, she was so sad. So sad. Like I feel really bad that she had to entertain us because she wants to lock herself in her room just like the rest of the world. But she was still so funny and wonderful and I just love her so much.

  • She was hilarious and sweet and encouraging to girls and telling us to work hard and surround ourselves with positive people and I just feel very inspired
  • She was so PUMPED when Parks and Rec was brought up. She loves that show, man
  • If she could have played a different character on Parks and Rec it’d be Andy because she loves Christ Pratt. She’s play him by killing Chris and wearing his face.
  • She wishes someone would start a show called “SHHHHHH” where people of color sit white people down and explain why the things they do are racist. And every time the white person says “But I-” the person of color says “SHHHHHHHH!”
  • She’d like an aestroid to come down and kill us all before Janurary. That’d be cool. 
  • “Speed round of questions. What’s your spirit animal?” “No, that’s racist.” 
  • She’s very short. Did you guys know that???? Cause I did NOT
  • OK there’s so much more that I can’t remember now but I’m gonna leave you with this:
  • “What similarities do you have to Leslie?” “Well, I’m generally a pretty positive person *quietly* except right now…”
  • She keeps trying to think about how Leslie would handle this, and she would hunker down, gather her people, and get to work. And she says she’s too angry at the moment to do that. But let me tell you, there’s a reason that when I think of Amy Poehler, I imagine Leslie. She’s all the good parts of Leslie, and we deserve her SO MUCH RIGHT NOW
a star wars a new hope AU bunny

See, I probably need to get this out here before it’s potentially jossed by the next new episodes.

In the meantime, consider:

Luke Skywalker being a young Daddy to baby Rey by the time A New Hope begins.

Rey’s Mama has not been fridged, btw.  By mutual agreement, Luke is raising the kid himself and Mama just visits.  Luke still wants to get off Tatooine, but he wants to bring his kid with him because he doesn’t want the little one growing up always and forever wondering about her biological parents, just like he did. 

So Luke has Plans, okay?  He wants to travel the stars but he wants to embark on this adventure with his little girl.

So imagine Luke’s terror when he comes back home to the homestead and finds Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen dead.

Imagine his relief at finding Rey, quiet and terrified in some secret cubbyhole that the Larses once devised for baby Luke.  She was quiet, because Aunt Beru told her to be.  And so she was never found by the stormtroopers. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi, knowing the possible Disaster Scenarios in leaving Rey Skywalker behind (even if she was to be hidden with her biological mama), encourages Luke to bring his toddler with him. 

Han made the obligatory grumbles about having kids on his ship but they’re really just for show and basically Chewie has declared that he’s adopting the Skywalkers, even as he’s happily cuddling the baby girl. 

Han cannot protest. 

When Rey meets her unknown “Aunt” Leia, she takes to the Princess immediately.  

Also, Ben Kenobi does not get killed on the Death Star.  He’s got Skywalkers to look after.  Again. 

Also, Rey would be Very Unhappy with him if she doesn’t have her Grandpa Ben. 

Luke Skywalker has an even bigger reason to make that Death Star shot. 

When a certain wheezy Dark Lord of the Sith finds out the name of the Rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star, he’s understandably Pissed Off.

When he finds out that said Death Star Destroyer is a happy Cinnabon Roll Sunbaby with his own precious happy Cinnabon Roll baby girl, welp - this just in:  Darth Vader Defects to the Rebel Alliance. 

Newt Scamander x Reader - Pretending You’re Beside Me

Title: Pretending You’re Beside Me

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: Some crying, feels. Nothing really.

Request: anon - Hi! I just want to say that I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a scenario where the reader sings the song “on my own” as she was caring for Newt’s creatures within the case. As she was singing, she broke down at the end of the song because she knew that he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings for him and then suddenly it turned out the newt heard her singing and confronted her about it? I’m so sorry it’s so long and specific ;;m;;

Here we go guys!

(Posting this now instead of later because I need sleep.)

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