she was just so cute i couldn't resist

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Did you watch the latest interview? -from mym buzz- i am writing this from my grave because i think i died at 3:23 the way she looks at her the way he conforts her like "yeah you did okay" and also some #sprouselilishoulder there. he couldn't resist such cuteness😂

++ and ive just caught another touching at 6:33 😂😂

Anonymous said: Hey!!! did you see the latest #sprousehart interview that came? IM STILL ON THAT SHOULDER TOUCH ❤️❤️❤️


1. I love that she is so protective of the Bughead ship name. WHO in the world prefers Jetty?!

2. Lili’s body language when Cole says ‘erotic’. She makes a face to him, and then theres this deep inhale that I am very intrigued by. 

3. AGAIN with the looks, honestly these fucking heart eyes they give each other. 

4. “..for that bacteria to bloom” @ Cole lol what the fuck. Lili “Oook”

5. Constantly making each other giggle aargghhhghghg

6. Lili looks a bit tired? Poor sunflower

7. Them talking about Bughead and their struggles and their love - what I appreciate most about it that they both used the word “real”. 

8. KFJEEDJWDDNFR them looking at each other to try to remember and figure out where they are in the story. SO FUCKING CUTE. *Aka an excuse to stare at each other for a really long time*

9. THERE IT IS, my dear anon. #Sprouselilishoulder. Right there. When she needed it. When she asked for ‘reassurance’ and he gave it to her in a heartbeat gahd. 

10. They really do listen INTENSELY to each other don’t they? 

11. YAAASSSS YAAAS you are definitely right, he “slaps” her arm at 6.33, when saying “OUR time up in Vancouver blablabla” and the best part is that she doesn’t even flinch, so used to it. They make me fall in love. 

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I am new to your blog but your art is so cute I couldn't resist to ask! I was wondering if you could draw 2p! Fem! America?

This was actually my first time ever drawing her. I hope this makes the job!


Damon AU: When his wife died in a tragic car accident, she left behind a loving husband and the most beautiful daughter. Every morning Damon makes her breakfast and he knows that he’ll never be a good cook like his wife was but he always tries to surprise his little girl with some funny presentation to make her happy.

She has his eyes but when she smiles, she looks so much like her mother and it’s the best part of his day…

Nobody posted about it so I decided to!

IU revived her dead twitter account just so she could reply to Queen Corinne Bailey Rae and their convo is freaking adorable. Like I have cavities now.

I really love how she told her to stay warm in a muffler (scarf?) that matches her skin tone. so cute!

And keep in mind this isn’t the first time they’ve tweeted.

“Now i’m good enough to die” same.

And lets not forget how it all started.

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I just found your blog thanks to tumblr's recommended posts thing and I am in love this is great haha! I just feel like sharing a goofy thing - In my 2nd file I made a male tactician and couldn't resist putting him with Panne cause she's so great. He has green hair... so Yarne looks like he has a lil tuft of grass stickin' outta his head in that file and it's super cute to me hehe~

oh really? aha! thank you! i feel, tbh the only reason i made a male tactician was to marry panne. she’s indeed a great character. and ahaha, grass yarne!!

I’m going to borrow a paragraph from someone who saw Mark at a con.

“he looks at the lock screen of me and her and rolls his eyes saying, “cute lock screen” in the most sarcastic voice omg

and the he asks what the password is and i mean she couldn’t resist the king of hell so she says in the tiniest voice “uh….’destiel and pie’” and he has the most disgusted face and gives it back saying 

‘two things i dont care about’“


“Emma is practicing her magic in the diner. Moves the hot chocolate to Hook’s table and she messes with him. Moves his hook onto a light as a joke.”  


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So my mom is a REALLY huge Lestrat fan and I couldn't resist and show her the pictures of your cosplay (she's always like: all these men are so beautiful and sad and that's it but they're so beautiful). She says you show exactly what makes Lestat a great and beautiful character and the only thing she misses is a young master to accompany you (she couldn't remember Louis' name. Priorities settled). Idk, I just thought that was really cute and wanted to share :D

That is really really adorable and I am honestly so flattered lol. The reaction you guys (and apparently some of yalls friends/family) gave me for that cosplay was so fulfilling and nice, because lestat is one of my all time favorite characters.