she was just sleeping and i thought she looked cute

BTS Reaction - When you start talking in your sleep

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You woke up by him laughing and falling down on the floor. 

You: Jin.. What are you doing down there?

Him: You are so cute when you talk in your sleep, i think i just cried.

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Since you were talking about him and giving him small compliments in your sleep, he was not going to miss a chance to record you so he could listen to it while on tour - or get a chance to brag to the guys that he had a girl that thought that he was so awesome.

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All he could do was just to watch you and smile like an idiot to the sound of your voice. “What did i do to deserve this angel?”

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Since he was sleeping harder then you, he would not notice.

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“Ah listen to her! She just said that she wanted a bunny! So freaking cute”

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“Alright so who made her say that Jimin was more good looking then me? I will sure find out”

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You woke up by the sound of his giggles. He just smiled and winks at you. “I never knew that you had those dirty words in you.. Don’t worry, i will not kiss and tell”

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Those Lips (Nate Maloley)

Can you write one with Nate where y/n Just broke up with her bf and her friends drag her to the club that all the guys are at and They spot y/n and Thwy are all determined to try and hookup with her, Nate catches her eye and they end up sleeping together and she leaves before he wakes up and he is upset bc he got to know her after they had sex when they talked before the fell asleep he wants to find her again to ask her out but she thought it was just a one night stand type hookup - Anon 


 "You look so cute!“ Amanda said. 

 Well, I didn’t feel it. After that last fight I had with Josh… I knew he was a worthless shit, but that didn’t stop his last words to me from ringing in my ear.


"It’s over! I can’t believe I ever dated someone like you!” I screamed. 

 "You can’t believe it? I pity you. No one will ever treat you as well as I did. You’re worthless without me. And I pity the next guy you pick up.“ Then he left, slamming the door behind him. 

 And I couldn’t help but think, just for a minute, that what he said was true. 

 *End of Flashback* 

 "I can tell you’re thinking about him again,” she said, then smacked my wrist, “Stop it. Here you are, at the hottest club in LA, looking like the hottest girl here. He’s probably trying to find a prostitute right now, that won’t even compare to you. So suck it up and smile, because I’m pretty sure those guys are looking at us.” She smiles at them. 

 I drink the rest of my gin and tonic and talk to the other girls who came with us for a minute. A second later, a mimosa comes my way. 

 "Oh, I didn’t order-“ 

 "A gentleman from over there sent it. He said to tell you you looked gorgeous tonight.” He gestured down the bar at the group of men Amanda was looking at earlier. The one with nice eyebrows and a jawline smirked and waved. I just looked down and pushed it to the side. I didn’t even like mimosas. 

 A few minutes later all the girls were out on the dance floor, but I didn’t really feel like dancing so I stayed at our seats and looked at my phone. While I was there, another guy from the group, Swazz, came up to me. He told me about all of the guys he was with and their names. Then he started to come on a little stronger, and I decided it would be a good idea to join the girls. 

 Then, once I got to the dance floor, after dancing for a minute, I found myself surrounded by 2 guys, also from the group. The black-haired one was Derek and the one with the bleach blonde hair was Sammy. 

 I didn’t know if I was flattered or uncomfortable. But either way, there was only one guy left from the group. Swazz said that was Nate, but most people called him Skate. I’d seen him looking at me once or twice, but he never actually came onto me. I found it intriguing. 

 I walked over and set myself in a seat next to his. It took me a minute, but I worked up the courage to speak to him. “Rough night?” I asked. 

 He sighed and nodded slightly. “Little bit, things just haven’t been going the way they’re supposed to." 

 "I get that,” I say. Josh and I had been on the road to marriage after a 4 year relationship and yet here I was. “I’m Y/N." 

 "I’m Nate.” He holds out his hand. “You want anything?" 

 "Nah, I’ve drank enough tonight." 

 "You’ve only had one glass,” he says. 

 "Yeah, but if I drink too much, I get in touch with a very emotional side of me, and I’d rather not start crying in the bathroom.“ 

 He just stays silent and for a while we just sit there. It wasn’t an awkward silence though, more like a comfortable one where it was understood that words weren’t needed. 

 "So, your friends over there can be quite aggressive,” I say. 

 "Yeah, when they want something they go for it.“ 

 "And you don’t?" 

 "Not in such a… direct way." 

 "I like that,” I say. 

 "I like you,“ he says, turning to me. 

 I’m surprised by his honesty but I like it. "You’re not so bad yourself,” I lean closer, and he does the same. 

 "Do you wanna go somewhere more private?“ he asks. 

 "I’d love to,” I say, already starting to feel the heat between my legs. 

 We both stand up and he walks us out to his car. The drive to what I’m assuming is his place is short and as soon as we get there, I can feel his hands grasping my waist and ass and he pulls me flush against him. He kisses me more passionately than I ever thought possible. 

 His tongue definitely dominates mine. In fact, his entire body and presence is dominating me, and normally I don’t like that but with him it makes me feel more comfortable. It makes me want to open up to him. 

 As our mouths clash against one another hungrily, we each take off our clothing slowly but surely. Next thing I know, we’re in his bedroom, and he’s on top of me laying kisses all over my torso, taking extra time on my breasts and collarbone. 

 "You smell really good,“ I say. 

 "Is that the only good thing about me?" 

 I laugh. "Well, those lips of yours know how to work some magic too.” As soon as I say that he starts toying with my panties, rubbing me through them, pulling them aside to tease my clit. I’m a moaning mess. He brings his face down inches away from my core. He licks a stripe right up my center. “Nate!" 

I call out. "I love it when you say my name like that, Ma,” he says, then groans directly after. “You taste so fucking good." 

 I’m close to my release in record time. "Wait!” I say, and he immediately stops. “I want us to come together.” I pant out. 

 "And we will, sweetheart,“ he says, but I have a feeling he’s not done yet. "After I taste you.” He then goes back to eating me out, adding in a finger that’s slowly moving in and out of me. I can’t hold it anymore and I release right then. He continues licking and sucking at me for another minute, which just brings me right back to the edge. Finally, he gets up and grabs a condom from a drawer next to his bed. He quickly slips it on and climbs back on top of me, lifting both of my legs. “You ready?” he asks. 

 I’m too out of breath to do anything but nod. I want him so bad. He slides in slowly at first. Staying still once he’s fully inside. “You’re so fucking tight, ma." 

"Move,” I instruct him. He starts thrusting in and out, and I grab his hips to push him to go faster. In the back of my head I can hear the headboard pounding against the wall, but it’s just static noise because all I can focus on is how good Nate feels inside of me. 

 "Nate I’m so fucking close,“ I say. 

 "Me too, you feel so good.” Not even seconds later I explode with him still inside me. All I can do is grab onto his shoulders for dear life as my body uncontrollably writhes and I let out wanton moans. I’m stuck in a daze for a moment but soon after I feel him grunt and slam into me hard and I can tell he’s fallen with me. 

 He rolls off me after a couple minutes and I miss his warmth as he goes to dispose of the condom and put his boxer back on. I kind of want to put on my panties but I’m too tired. 

 He hops back into bed on the other side. He gets himself comfortable and pulls me into him, enveloping me in his warmth. It’s all I can do not to sign out of sheer pleasure. 

 "Good night,“ he murmurs. 

 "Good night,” I whisper right back, even though I know I won’t be sleep for a while. Anytime something big happens in my life, it’s like for a short period of time I get insomnia, only for like a month or two, but it affects me so much. I’m only able to sleep when my body is so tired that it basically just gives out. 

 I just stare out of his window at the beautiful city skyline and the faint lights in the distance, some twinkling or blinking, or just turning off for the night as a sign of someone going to bed. 

 "You’re not tired, are you?“ he asks. 

 "Nope,” I say, glad he understands. 

 "Neither am I,“ he says. 

"Why can’t you sleep?" 

 I explain to him the whole big event equals little sleep thing. 

 He asks, "So, what’s the big event?" 

 "About three days ago, my boyfriend, who I’d been with for 4 years, he and I broke up." 

 "I’m sorry,” he says while kissing the top of my head, “that must be rough." 

 "It is, but I’m getting over it. This was a great start. Besides, he was always doing these little irritating things that I overlooked just because I felt like he was the only one that’d ever love me. But, enough about me. Why can’t you sleep?”  

“I don’t really know actually.” He says, and I can feel him shaking his head. “My career is going through the roof, my music is more popular than it’s ever been.” Ah, he’s a musician. “I guess, since I just got off tour, I’m kind of tired. It was the best time of my life, though. I just have to get back into the groove of my everyday life." 

 "That’s cool. So, what was touring like?” We talked on and on for hours until we were both too tired to continue. 


I woke up to a slightly bright room and the sun rising. Arms were loosely wrapped around my stomach and I could feel someone’s warm breath against my shoulder. For a second I thought it might be Josh. Then I remembered everything from the past week. 

 I slipped out of Nate’s bed and scurried around trying to find my clothes. As soon as I had them on, I got out of his apartment. I always hated the awkward goodbye that came once you woke up. It was kind of like trying to say ‘Get out’ really politely. 

 It only takes me a couple minutes to get home and get ready for today. The whole time I thought about Nate. He was definitely one of the best people I met and I was sad to not be able to see him again. But after hearing all of his stories about touring and the crazy stuff he did, I knew when he woke up he wouldn’t be interested in me. 

 I headed to my day job, which was at a cute little bakery in town. When I was off, I did photography jobs for anyone who would hire me, but that wasn’t a steady income source. 

 On my lunch break I got a call. It was from Amanda, who helps me with the photography stuff. 

 "Hey, there’s a group of guys who say they want some photos for their record label.“ Talking about music made me think about Nate. But practically everyone in LA was either trying to start a blog, record label, or acting career. There are thousands of other people it could be. 

 "Did you get their names?” I ask. 

 "No, but who cares? They’re willing to pay good money.“ 

 "Good point,” I agree. “If they can do anytime tomorrow after 2, I’m in. " 

"Cool,” she says. “You want them to meet you down at the beach?" 

 "Sounds good." 


Nate’s POV: 

 Waking up alone this morning was one of the most frustrating things. You’d think after you shared everything about yourself with someone, they’d at least stick around for breakfast. But nah, she was gone before I could even roll over. She had to be tired. We stayed up until like 4 in the morning and she was long gone before I woke up at 8. 

 Then I headed up to the studio and met with the boys, who were talking about doing a photo shoot to promote the music and get everyone hyped for the next album release. 

 When they were looking, Sammy called out. "Aye, ain’t this that girl you hooked up with last night?” I shot up faster than I should have. 

 "Ain’t that the girl you was tryin to get with, Sammy?“ Swazz said. 

 "Shut up, bruh, you know you was all over her too." 

 "Aye, don’t matter who was tryin, I was the one that got her,” I say, feeling proud of myself. 

 "And why ain’t she here now?“ 

 I ignored Sammy’s question. "Book her, now. Whatever it takes.” I wanted her back. What we had was more than I’d felt in months and I’d be damned before I let it go. 


Y/N’s POV: 

 I hurried after work to the photo shoot. They wanted it during the sunset, so I had to get there by 6 in order to get some good pictures, but I didn’t get off work until 5:30, and I still had to deal with LA rush hour traffic. 

 I made it there with barely enough time to prepare my camera and gather my thoughts. Nate was still on my mind. I kept getting flashbacks of the night we spent together. I sat at a picnic table and waited, hoping these guys could be bothered to be on time. 

 Looking up, I saw Nate, along with most of the guys from the other night. I looked down, hoping they’d pass without recognizing me. It took my slow self a minute to realize. Nate said he and his friends were rappers/producers/managers. And I was meeting a group of guys promoting their record label. 

 Why didn’t I try to push for their names? Whatever, too late now. This is my job, I need to be professional, bombarded what’s happened over the last few days. I approach them. 

 "Hey, you guys ready?“ I say. 

 They nod,half of them on their phones. Nate won’t stop looking at me. I can’t read his expression. 

 I get them all to follow me to a more private spot on the beach where there are few people and a great ocean view. 

 "Who’s first?” I question. 

 One by one they step up and I pose them a little, get some natural looking shots, and try to time it certain ways for the best lighting. 

 Taking pictures for Nate was the hardest. All of the other guys seemed uninterested in me, which I was glad for, but as soon as Nate stepped up I knew I was in trouble. 

 He came close to me, whispering in my ear, “We need to talk after this." 

 I could only nod. As I took pictures of him, I could already tell he was a natural. And the looks he gave me, or the camera, were enough to melt my panties.

 After we finished it was nearly dark. My heart beat fast as I packed up a few of my things. "I’ll have the pics edited and developed by tomorrow afternoon. And, um, if you guys want, tomorrow we can head to another location. It’s be this kind of vintage playboy abandoned mansion. It looks like it’s straight out of the 60s." 

 They agreed and we set up a meeting time. Before I could walk off Nate caught up to me. 

 "Hey,” I said. 

 "Hey? That’s all I get?“ Okay, so he’s angry. 

 "I’m pretty sure that’s a proper greeting?" 

 "You know what’s not proper? Ditching a guy without so much as a goodbye after a great night." 

 "Well, I figured it was just a one night stand so.." 

 "Well, it wasn’t, not for me, Y/N,” he said quietly, but I could hear the frustration in his tone. “Why would I tell you all about me and ask about you if I was gonna kick you out in the morning?" 

 "Look, I don’t know okay? I haven’t had to do this type of thing since high school, and after everything you told me I figured that I wasn’t enough. I’m not like the people you’ve met and hooked up with before. I’m a normal human, with a normal job and life and everything else." 

 "Is that why you left? You thought you weren’t enough for me?" 

 I nodded, it sounded horrible now, hearing it out loud. 

 He surprised me by coming to hug me and kissing the top of my head. He smelled so good. 

 "Ma, you are more than enough for me. I feel like I don’t deserve you. You’re sweet and funny and I’ve never seen a sexier dancer. Go out with me." 

 "I don’t know, Nate,” I say. 

 "Please,“ I have so much I want to show you. Like my studio, and I wanna see that museum you were talking about, with the infinite lights,” he squeezed me a little tighter, and leaned closer to my ear. “And then I wanna take you home, and wake up in the morning and see you still there. What do you say, Ma?” He kisses behind my ear repeatedly. It felt so good. 

 "You don’t lay fair,“ I said with a moan, and he chuckled. 

 "Never have, never will,” he said continuing the onslaught of kisses. 

 "Okay,“ I say, "you and your goddamn lips convinced me." 

 "Yes,” he called out, and kissed my mouth deeply. “Come on, I wanna go show you off." 



A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I took a break for a while I’m sorry, I was just having some issues, that I’ve hopefully fixed and I’ll hopefully be back on actively now. 😊 To the requester: I’m so sorry this toon so long, like 2 weeks. I just really couldn’t find a way to do it justice, and my mini-break didn’t help. But I hope you liked it!

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Bellamy takes a truly horrendous picture of Clarke while she was sleeping which, naturally, she assumes is for blackmail but really he just thought she looked cute.

we keep this love in a photograph

a/n: I am a puddle of feels because of this prompt my gosh it was so cute! Yet again the title is from ed sheeran’s photograph because I am a sappy fool who loves that song.

Clarke woke to the sound effect of a camera click and Bellamy swearing under this breath.

“Delete that,” she moaned, yanking the duvet over her head. Her hair stuck to the fabric, no doubt tangling the strands together even worse than her night of sleep had.


Bellamy sounded way too pleased and not nearly sheepish enough, and Clarke wished she was awake enough to emerge from her cocoon and wrestle the phone away from him.

“Delete it,” she whined, clutching the covers tighter when he tried to tug them down. 

“Nope,” he repeated happily.

Then a warm, heavy weight bore down on her, and she groaned, wiggling to try to displace him from on top of her.

“Get off,” she complained, voice muffled as she pressed her face into her pillow. “I’m trying to sleep. Your nefarious blackmail scheme is interfering with my REM.”

“I made coffee.”

She paused for a minute, contemplating, before resuming her (admittedly half-hearted) struggle to push him off. He just laughed, the vibration from the sound passing through the layers of fabric separating them until it reverberated in Clarke’s chest, spreading warmth and grudging affection through her.

“Then go get me some,” she ordered, though sleep didn’t cloud her words as heavily now. She even managed to sound a bit happy about the prospect.

“Sit up first.”

“Get off of me first.”

With another chuckle and a brief full-body hug, he rolled to the side, letting Clarke claw her way to the surface. She glared pointedly at him when she emerged, but Bellamy just grinned, pecked a satisfied kiss to her lips, and then left to go get them coffee.

After he turned the corner, she realized he had left his phone out on the bed. Lunging for it, she tapped in his passcode–Octavia’s month and day of birth–and went straight to the photos. His collection of albums was already open, and she scanned the tiny images for the pattern of white and blonde that would be the photo taken only moments ago.

She finally found it tiled into an album marked ‘princess’, and she clicked on it to enter, though her thumb froze over the screen when she realized what it contained. There was the picture from their first date as an official couple, when they went to the pier, and he had painted ice cream all over her nose. There was also the one from her mother’s benefit gala last summer when she had snapped a post-closet-sex selfie when he had been looking for his suit coat to put back on and hide the lipstick marks she had left on his neck. There was the one of her holding his niece, her face scrunched up and her tongue stuck out as she made a funny face for the camera. A dozen more pictures of her, and sometimes both of them, over the last three years–some she remembered, and some that she didn’t–stretched up the screen, and her throat tightened with emotion, because she knew these were his favorites: favorite memories, favorite moments, favorite pictures. And there, at the bottom, was her from earlier this morning, asleep, contorted weirdly among their billowing white bedding, hair splayed messily, and drooling.

It had all the embarrassing requirements for blackmail, but now, as she considered the context, her cheeks were heating because of an entirely different, much fonder emotion. 

“Don’t delete it,” Bellamy pleaded from the doorway, balancing a plate of toast on one of the two coffee cups he was clutching. He looked so distraught that she almost laughed, but she managed to keep a straight face as she shrugged.

“Only because you got my good side,” she teased as he walked over, trading the phone for a mug.

He immediately slipped the phone into the pocket of his sweatpants, patting it as if for safekeeping, then crawled back into bed with her, tucking her into his side. Clarke wiggled in closer, sighing contentedly as she took a sip of her coffee, deciding to let him keep the photo.

There were worse things to wake up to in the morning, after all.

EXO reaction to them not wanting to wake you up cause you haven't slept good in a while

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*Trying so hard to not wake you up* “She is… drooling… omg she just moaned my name… no wonder why she is still sleeping”


*Is about to wake you up but has second thoughts* “Maybe I’ll let her sleep some more… stay all day in bed… yeah~”


*Stays next to you all morning just thinking how much he loves you* “Nothing like.. having your girl in your arms..” *Forehead kisses here and then*


*Definitely taking pictures of you and him in bed* “I’ll show her later.. we look so cute..that’s my angle! Say whiskey… oh you are asleep… right”


*Don’t worry he won’t wake up until you wake him up*


*Doesn’t want to move* “Did she just… got on top of me… jagi even in dreams. Where are you touching” *Awkward giggle*


*Starts to get sleepy again* “If I don’t wake her up… I might fall asleep again.. let’s sleep” *Squishy Baek*


*Probably he is the one who doesn’t has enough rest because he works too hard for his baobei*


*Tries to make your breakfast* “Maybe… I’ll do this again… yes… that way she’ll have more time to sleep…” 


“I’ll go back to sleep… she needs rest..” *Cuddles you until you finally wake up*


*Doesn't move an inch because is scared of waking you up with any movements* “I need to scratch my nose…. damn”


*Can’t stop watching you sleep* “This must be real love… her hair is a mess and she still looks beautiful” *His intense stare kind of wakes you up*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Exo Reactions To them Finding Their Foreign Girlfriend Asleep At Her Desk After Studying Korean

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Baekhyun: “Why is she so thoughtful? I can’t handle how cute she is.” 

Chanyeol: *is surprised & just stands there looking at everything with a smile*

Chen: *cuddles up & sleeps with you*

D.O.: “She didn’t have to do this, I told her not to worry about it.”

Kai: “I don’t know what I’m going to do with her. She can’t be doing such adorable things all the time.”

Kris: *flattered & just smiles to himself like a dork*

Lay: *puts you in bed & kisses your cheek* 

Luhan: *gif* 

Sehun: “She knows I don’t care about stupid things like this. She’s so difficult.” *puts you in bed, covers you up & puts all the things on the desk away*

Suho: *so overwhelmed with flattery that he can’t stop doing the weird head-rolling thing in the gif*

Tao: “This is why she wasn’t answering my texts this whole time. What a sweetheart.”

Xiumin: “I wish she’d called me. If she asked, I could have helped her. Then we could have spent the time together. But look how cute she. I can’t be mad at that face.”

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Steve x reader

Warning: None 

Word count:857

It’s just something short and cute that I thought you’d enjoy.


“Daddy!” Your little four year old girl,Bella, went running into the room where Steve was currently sleeping “Wake up it’s your birthday.Happy birthday” She shook him up causing him to roll over.

“Hey sweetheart.” His voice came out raspy “Thank you for remembering.” He hugged her as she laid on top of him he was falling asleep again but your little girl wouldn’t let him.

“Get up daddy mommy and me made you breakfast, it looks yummy.” She squealed in excitement.

“Alright alright but first..tickles.” He started to tickle your four year old as she giggled and screamed for him to stop “Alright now let me brush my teeth and we could go down stairs deal?”

“Deal.” Bella squealed as she sat in the corner of the bed swinging her feet waiting for Steve “Daddy hurry up I’m hungry.” She sighed and fell back in the bed.

“Alright missy I’m done.” Steve came out of the bathroom with a freshly washed face and teeth.

As Steve and Bella walked down the stairs they smelled the fppr and moaned “Wow that smells amazing.” Steve said as they made their way into the kitchen.

“Morning babe, happy birthday.” You leaned and gave him a kiss, he deepened the kiss just a little more by pulling the back of your neck but pulled away from the shrieking of you four year old.

“Eww mommy daddy that’s nasty.” She covered her eyes in temptation of not seeing the both of you.

You both chuckled “What can I say sweetheart mommy and daddy are just so inlove with eachother, now let’s go eat.” You took her by the hand and sat her on a seat.

“Is that why your having two more babies?” She questioned and soon digged into her pancake and eggs that you sat in front of her.

“That is correct Bell.” You told her and kissed the top of her head “And how do how feel old man?” You teased Steve and leaned to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m feeling great I think 98 years will be my year.” He joked “How about my lovely wife and my boys?” He questioned and leaned down to place his head in your shoulder and a hand rubbing your belly.

“We are doing well we just felt a little sick this morning but everything is better.” You smiled at him as you placed more food in his place.

The thing between the two of you was that you still had the same effect on each other for when you started to date more than five years ago, you guys do have you up and down but you always got pass that.Right now you are expecting twins,four months you were along,and you had Bella of four years and you couldn’t be happier.

“Well that is great.” He kissed you and finally sat down at the table but not before the door ringing.

“You sit I’ll get the door.” You told ore like order him and walked to the door when you opened to door you were greeted with Bucky “Hello Buck you are just in time we are just sitting down to eat.” You greeted him with a hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek.

“Hi doll how are boys doing today?” He asked and returned the hug and kiss.

“They are doing fantastic now come on and eat.” You told him as he walked into the house and into the kitchen leaving you behind and you shut the door.

“Uncle Bucky!” You heard Bella scream when you got to the kitchen you notice that Bucky was carrying her as she hugged with her arms around his neck.

“And how is my lovely nice this fine morning ?” He questioned her.

“I’m good did you know that today is daddy’s birthday,he’s so old.” She tried to whisper the last part but it came out just like the rest.

Bucky ended up laughing when he finally calmed down he spoke up again “You know I’m older then him.”

“No way, how old are you?” She questioned getting eager to hear his answer.

“I’m 99 years old can you believe that.” He placed her down and she grabbed on her hand.

“That’s so old.” She giggled and sat on her seat again “You can sit next to me uncle Bucky.” She told him.

“Why thank you I’ll be honored.” He told her and bowled and caused her to giggle “Steve buddy happy birthday.” He pulled Steve up and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Thanks Buck.” Steve told him still not pulling away from the hug. Even with everyone that Steve and Bucky had in there life they always stuck together they didn’t want to lose each other again.

Once they finally pulled away they both sat again “Now eat up we have a big day ahead of us.”

“Were going to Uncle Tony’s house to watch the fireworks and we are going to eat cake and ice cream it’s going to be soo much fun.” Bell got excited of what they were doing today.