she was just really cute here okay

Heeeeey at least you tried this time!

Maybe by next month you’ll be able to move your entire arm.


And Amethyst has that look of “Oh boy here they go again”






“It’s okay there’s really no need to..”

“Just let her do the muscles things, trust me it’s best if she does.”


Title: Confusing 

Pairing: Zack Addy x reader

Based off this request from @sunfirestrike:

Okay, the second one is where Zach is rambling on about a case in the lab, and the reader and he have been awkwardly trying to figure out what to do about the fact that they both like each other, so she just kinda leans up a kisses him cause he was being really cute

A/N: I knew Zack was a little muffin! He could never hurt anyone! Thank you for requesting! XOXOXO

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BTS Reaction To- Confessing To Them And Telling Them Their Girlfriend Is Only Using Them

Requested; Yup. 

anon asked:  can you do a BTS reaction where you lowkey confess you’re in love with them by yelling at their girlfriend who only wants them for money/recognition in front of everyone

a/n: not sure if i 100% like this but here you go! sorry if it’s trash guys. also my tiny child @pastaelv was super cute and made my day today so im posting this early for her.


Jin- Whoa man he would be so shocked okay. Like you guys would be hanging out with everyone and she would say something (really dumb) and you would just snap and everyone would get really silent and Jin would just look at you like a deer caught in headlights and you would be so embarrassed cause you 120% did not mean to do that so you’d get up to walk away and said girlfriend would say something about you under her breath and Jin would hear it and be like “don’t talk about her like that she’s important to me” and she’d be like “more important than me?” and instead of saying something Jin would get up and go find you eeeeey all this drama.

Yoongi- Imagine this. You guys are backstage after a show and she’s being all clingy and gross and you make some offhanded comment not really meaning for anyone to hear it and yoongi would be like ‘what did you say?” so you would laugh and say it louder and he’d be like “why would you say that” and you’d be like “cause it’s true! She’s only with you to get something out of it! Everyone knows it except for you! You deserve someone who actually wants to be with you cause they love you like i do!” and he would have this look on his face as he turned to look at everyone and he would ask if they all thought that to and they’d be super quiet cause whoa you just confessed and now things are awkward as FUCK and yoongi would storm off leaving all of you there just staring at each other not knowing what to do.

Hoseok- Oh boy. My sunshine my hope he would be so sad to find out that you think someone is dating him just because he’s famous. He’s so kind and sweet he wouldn’t think anyone would actually do that and when you tell him he would be like “how can you tell” and you’d say something like “if she really cared she would treat you better. She would treat you how you deserve to be treated” and one of the boys would say something like “yeah like how you treat him cause you love him” and without thinking  you would say “exactly” and then it would get reeal silent real fast as everyone looks at you and you would just shrug because yeah you love hobi who the fuck doesn’t and he would have to go sit down and think really hard about what to do yup.

Namjoon- He would get kind of angry i think. He would be mad that you would say something like that in front of everyone because it makes him look like a fool? If that makes sense. But they he would take a step back and be like “wait, did you just confess to me in front of everyone?’ and you would blush and yell back at him “yes i did you big idiot!” and storm off cause he’s being dumb and someone (jin probably lets be real) would tell him to go after you before he fucks it up even more.

Jimin- Nope. i don’t want to  think of someone using jimin like that not gonna happen. He is my child nope. He would be so sad that someone would do that to him and embarrassed that you said it in front of everyone but they he’d realize that you just confessed and he’s so confused my poor chimchim he would need time to think about everything before saying anything so he would probs walk away.

Taehyung- He would be in denial about like for reals. It would probably start a fight of him saying that you were wrong and everyone would just be watching you two argue and then someone (jimin or jungkook) would say “she’s actually right. Blah blah isn’t good for you and she’s just using you. y/n wouldn’t do that to you cause she cares about you too much” and you would be like “see jungkook can see it why can’t you?” and the the conversation would flip to “wait since when do you like me y/n” and that’s when it gets awkward oops.

Jungkook- first off if anyone ever did this to my tiny son i would have to hurt them not gonna lie. I feel like he would be a mix of taehyung and and namjoon. He would be mad that you would think that and he would feel like you thought he couldn’t take care of himself. And then you’d say something like “you should be with someone who loves you for you and not what you can give them” and he’d be like “like who? You? Since you seem to care so much?” and you’d be like “yes you idiot” and storm off and everyone would be like ‘what the fuck kookie you moron” and he would be so confused and yoongi would have to tell him that he just fucked up big time

Fe Femslash Week- Day 1: Armor
she’s happy she can fly through the sky with her gf :) //Olivia is supposed to be a Falcon Knight but asbjdkdjfn I did this at 10:30 I’m tired.

this is such a crack ship but I really love it??

like,,, Cherche saying “oh yeah we’re dating now, speaking of dating let me tell you the million things that make Olivia perfect okay” and being really calmly excited about her, she won’t stop talking about how much she loves Olivia. Olivia just stands to the side blushing like her gf is so embarrassing but she’s cool with it because she loves her too and just isn’t as open about it.

I’ll probably clean this up later but for now here, cute pink gays.

Family AU.. kinda :D?

I just imagined this really cute modern cartinelli au:

Angie is a preschool/kindergarten teacher and Peggy has a son/daughter who is in Angie’s class and i imagine Angie as this cute young teacher who loves teaching children and she does cute little crafts, now imagine Peggy’s kid struggling with doing activities and Angie is like ‘‘Oh honey, you’re okay, it’s okay, here let me help you’’ and when they do something good she acts so proud and always cheer them on and encourage them. Now imagine the kid running to Peggy and talking about how Ms.Angie is their favourite teacher and how she is really nice and pretty. Also omg what about when Angie and Peggy meets at the parents day and the kid says ‘‘ Mommy, can Ms.Angie join us for dinner sometimes?’’ and Angie suddenly becomes flustered plus very shy bc of Peggy and how ‘’holy hell she’s a goddess’’. At dinner Peggy explains about her job and how she rarely gets to spend time with her child, So Angie helps out by doing a little activity with Peggy and her child, like playing board games or card games or even having Disney movie marathons, she’d do a Disney playlist and they’d have karaoke’s or they can do a baking activity while singing or have a flour fight. They get so close that they can almost pass as a family and when they go shopping together people compliment them all the time that they got used to it so both pegs and angie gets flustered and just mumble a ‘‘oh heh yes, thank you.’’ oR Angie driving the child back and Peggy’s and Peggy cooks her something and insists on her staying for dinner bc ‘‘Angie, darling, you must be starving after a long day at work!’’

phaticromantic  asked:

It'll be okay sweetheart, stay strong and take care of yourself you're loved and wanted!!♥

thank you so much, kayla! i’m really trying! 

i’ve been having problems with the toxic people i used to know that i’m trying to get away from and just my relationships in whole. i talked to my little sister last night though and she told me “they aren’t here right now, kate” and that made me feel a lot better. 

anyways i love u! thanks again for the cute message ♥

Sick Cuddles

Anonymous asked: Hello! I know you have a lot of requests but may I request a Bucky x (fem)reader fic? Something where the reader is sick and has a fever and Bucky takes care of her and is really cute and in the evening she doesn’t want to be alone so he stays with her over night and there is a lot of cuddling and lots of fluff. I just love your fluff. You are the fluff queen. Sorry it got a little bit messy, I hope it’s okay. Have a nice day!

Here’s your one-shot, anon!! I do not own Bucky, Steve or Tony. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: mentions of illness, fluff

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader; mentions of Steve and Tony

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“Oh, no!” you groaned, forcing yourself to sit up in bed. The sunlight burned your eyes and you could feel the pain in your stuffed nose. You dragged yourself out of bed and downstairs. “You look like hell, Y/N,” Tony said taking a sip of his coffee. “Thank you, Tony. Remind me to kick your butt when I’m feeling better.” You groaned again as you slowly lowered yourself into a chair. Your entire body hurt. You felt like you’d been run over by an eighteen-wheeler.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so I need advice. Currently in a long distance relationship. My girlfriend is here visiting me for the week and things are just off for me. Like we are connecting physical like we always did but that's about it. I just kind of seeing things that almost turn me off, ya know? Like little things I used to thing were cute or just kinda being annoyed with things she does. I don't know what to do. It's making me question if I still really want to do this with her.. what do I do?

I think that you need to consider how long you’ve been with her. Relationships are full of ups and downs. You have to decide how important this person is to you and think about her as a person and if she is worth holding on to. You won’t ever be in love with someone forever. Part of being with someone in a long term relationship is growing with that person even when you feel like you might be growing apart… if that makes sense.

ruelf  asked:

Ah okay so, I'm just a homosexual from the Netherlands~ My fave colour is blue, sometimes eye-hurting pink is cool too. My fave ship is KumiRei, I love reading and writing fanfiction including them :'v My fave Ice is strawberry I have a cat, she's really cute, 8 years old and called Sidney, I loved Ice Age when I got her.. But yea, I like ur blog!~

Ahhhh, THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE MEETING HOMOSEXUALS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. God bless your love for kumirei… I totally feel you on that one ofc. ;P And shiiit, you write fics? Which one of yours would you say is your favorite that I should read first? :D Also, Sidney sounds adorable and Ice Age is a 10/10 movie. Thanks for sending this in!! 

Friends, tell me about yourself if we haven’t talked yet! I want to get to know you all~

mad-boggart  asked:

I will burn in Hell, but honestly I'm okay with that. Jokes aside, how did I fall so much for this goddamn priest? X'D If my family knew, they would disinherit me. And my friends are still convinced that I'm joking about loving Gabe (oops) I'm such a dirty sinner :>

Awesome, we’ll be two in hell for this XD Lol 😂 for real i feel the same XD It’s like how did i suddenly feel this way for him? I really think it’s because of you and everyone here XD Lol me it’s out of hand XD my family knows (like way too much, my aunt bought me his funkopop XD for Christmas) and they just think i’m weird which is okay because I am 😂My friend at school thinks i’m joking too when i say he’s cute and all and it’s worst when i tell her about the nasty request for him XD she’s just in disbelief and doesn’t want to imagine him that way (it’s because she watches Teen Wolf and knows Seth as Deaton)

~BAP Reaction~

**BAP GiF Reaction when u watch a movie together and you suddenly fell asleep pls ♥

(I’m going to assume you two aren’t dating yet because that would be cute ^_^… enjoy!)


*thinking to himself* 

“Hmmmm… this must mean she really likes me, huh?…” 

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*beyond excited*

*realizes he woke you up*

*pretends he’s asleep too so you’ll stay*

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*sits as still as possible* 

“It’s okay Daehyun… she’s just sleeping… on your shoulder…” 

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“How… what…. what do I do now?”

Originally posted by deidrastic


“Me…. She’s on MY shoulder… guys?” 

*Looks around and realizes the room is empty* 

“Oh no one’s here… oh well, go me.” 

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*videos it for proof* 

“Look guys! hehehehe She’s so cute right?” 

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Meet Delinah and Delilah Boone!

Okay… this is me just being in the “It’s so fluffy i’m gonna die” mode😂. My rebuild worlds are far from finished and I’m working on a kitchen series so there won’t be any playing in the near future for now but I just had to…

This is my Maxis Match Iva with here totally cute twin-girls (she has no bf or husband so a classical case of Mother Mary😉). Like how they listen to their mother talking?! Like really?! And those hugs and asking for flash cards?

It’s a pan Delilah, a pan… confussion all over! me too hon! 😉. I’ll stop spamming you guys but i’m just so exited! haha!

“(Anon who sent about Mike cleaning up Harvey’s hand after he punched Travis Tenner here) Can I continue?

So, after Mike done with Harvey’s hand, he will pull Harvey to stand up with him and he will wrap his hand around Harvey’s (toned) torso (and of course Harvey will hug Mike back) and after few minutes Mike whisper quietly “As much as I wanna stay here with you, I really have to meet some witnesses for our case. You’ll be okay in here, till I get back?” Harvey who is completely melted into puddle now just shyly mutter “yeah”. Then Mike kiss Harvey and smile before walking out. But he was stopped by Jessica, right outside Harvey’s office because she need to ask him, “How did you do that? I never seen him calm down so fast”, Mike just smirk (but still looking cute) and lift his left hand to show the (crazily expensive) wedding band (that Harvey design himself) and shrug “I’m his puppy. It’s my job” and walk away. And Jessica smirk and mumble quietly to herself “You’re one lucky bastard Harvey” and told Donna “when Harvey comes out, tell him that if he ever stupid enough to hurt Mike Ross, I will have his head for dinner”.

P/s: I had to use the submission box because I get carried away (as always) whenever I write/talk about this two beautiful men. Sorry for spamming your inbox….”


do not be sorry ever like literally y’all can come into my ask any time with lovely lil snippets like this and i’ll be smiling for days fam



also i am living for donna being the badass best friend because literally that’s what she should be and i am crying for it jesus christ 

#teammarvey xo

Kastle AUs I Sorely Need:

- College AU. Military vet Frank just wants his goddamn degree but here he is getting tangled up in the lives of these three fckin freshman and one of them is really cute and he’s super angry about it. 

- Bodyguard AU. Just…just think about it, okay? Karen is a movie star and she’s been getting threats and someone recommends FRANK GODDAMN CASTLE OKAY. HE PROTECTS HER AND CALLS HER MA’AM ALL THE TIME BUT HE’S GOT THIS DARK PAST AND SHIT. AND JUST…THIS IS SOMETHING WE NEED. 

- Pirates AU. Frank used to be an honest man but shit happens (family dying + that fckin awesome Jack Sparrow backstory maybe?) and he becomes a pirate who goes after shitty military ships because like “At least pirates stick to their code of honor, ma’am.” 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do genderbend chanwoo? I know you've already done some asks related to this, so you don't have to answer if you don't want to. Thank you!

i actually really love the idea of a genderbent chanwoo, just cause he’s an actual sweet heart to pure for this world and must be protected. Here is more female!chanwoo ft the rest of ikon as boys (cause for the lols) thanks for requesting and have a great day/night! also #Happy19thChanwooDay!

- admin em

  • is a cute lil shy pumpkin
  • she is intimidated by scary looking people
  • for instance, bobby and hanbin, in all their hip hop gear and scowls on their faces
  • she is walking one day and trips
  • falls over and is super embarrassed 
  • “you okay?” she look up and sees bobby offering a hand
  • but in her eyes, this gangster guy was near her
  • runs away at the speed of light and writes it down in her journal
  • entry 13: i encountered two very scary looking gangsters today! >.<
  • tends to judge people on appearances, even though she knows its bad
  • like when she saw her co-worker jinhwan for the first time she though he was younger that her
  • “are you lost? what school do you go to?”
  • “i’m 21″
  • she may be young but cause she is tall, she can get anywhere
  • gets hit on by older guys a lot
  • probably has a job as a waitress at a cafe and even though she actually doesn’t have a clue on coffee, her friendly cheery personality is breath of fresh air
  • hanbin and bobby like to tease her a lot cause she’s pretty naive and innocent, they visit not to drink coffee but to pester her
  • bobby be like “hey wanna go on a date , we can see an 18+ movie if you wanna ;)”
  • and hanbin be like “we can have dinner then go back to my place for dessert ;)))”
  • her manager donghyuk always has to shoo away these guys and protect her cause without him she’d probably be on dates all the time
  • her co-worker junhoe is super awkward with her and its all an awkward mix
  • he’s not very good with girls, and she scared of scary looking people
  • but after a while they become good friends and play pranks on jinhwan their other co worker and their boss
  • she has a slight crush on yunhyeong, the regular who is like a prince in her eyes
  • but senpai won’t notice her :((((((
  • wears fluffy jumpers and woolly anything, pastel/cream colours
  • likes to have cute little jewels and designs on her nails
  • kinda gyaru but toned down at work
  • actually very mischievous when you get to know her
EXO when they come home late to you sleeping and cuddling with a stuffed animal

o–taco this is such a cute idea. Here you go! ^_^

Xiumin: “How is it possible for you to be this adorable?”

Luhan: “I’m keeping my eyes on that toy. I won’t be replaced.”

Kris: “You really couldn’t stay up? I didn’t take that long.”

Suho: “That should be me you’re cuddling up next to.”

Lay: *losing it* “My baobei is just too cute.”

Baekhyun: “She’s curled up with a toy when that could be me instead.”

Chen: “You should have waited for me~ This’ll come in handy for future trolling.”

Chanyeol: *trying not to wake you with his laughing*

D.O.: *jealous soo* “Time to stage a mysterious disappearance for that stuffed animal.”

Tao: “You chose that old toy over me?”

Kai: *climbs into bed with you* “Okay, come here, cutie~”

Sehun: “Hey, quit hogging Pinku Pinku all to yourself.”

Fic: “Sweet Plans”

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1300

Genre/tags: Fluff, pure absolute unadulterated fluff. Alternate meeting.


“Please tell me you’re kidding.”

Blaine scrunches his nose up apologetically. “I’m desperate, here, okay! I just need a reas-”

“Blaine,” Santana hisses as he starts taking a few steps forward. She grabs his arm. “Are you seriously going to do this? Are you really going to stoop that damn low, Anderson?”

“…Maybe? Look, I’ll just ask! No harm done!”

The look she gives him then is one of pure judgement. “You’re gonna make us look like tourists! You hate looking like a tourist, Ohio boy, I know you!”

Blaine winces with an awkward laugh.

“I have to do this,” He tells her resolutely with a nod. “I have to ask him to take our picture in front of my own work place.”

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PART 2: A reaction of them after knowing the girl for a little while and finding out that she is actually kinda sarcastic/sassy and high energy.

Here’s part 2 for you! <3 Thanks for the request!!! Enjoy!


Jin: It’s okay, you’re still cute~ **blows a kiss**

Suga**after you begged him to pay attention to you** I JUST WANTED TO REST!!

J-Hope: **surprised** WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH (Y/N)? **jokingly. He really does love this side of you, secretly**

Rap Monster: **after you say something sarcastically to him for the first time, confused** Oooookay?

Jimin: **once you open up to him** YAH. I like this side of you!! **smiles bright**

V: **you two literally become aliens together… No lie…**

Jungkook: **surprised** Alrighty then…


Hope you liked it!!! ^_^ Click HERE for Part 1! ^_^

~Admin VJinHope<3