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Falls (Part 4 of the Party) READ WARNINGS!

Quick Info - Jensen and Y/N are in Vancouver with the kids. Danneel is with Kevin and Mia. Huge changes coming for all
Word Count - 3882
Warnings - Open relationships, talks of open relationships, angst, tiny bit of fluff. discussion POSSIBLE TRIGGERS - pregnancy discussions, hints of an abusive jackass. Verbal abuse, physical abuse, drug use mentioned,
A/N - No disrespect to the Ackles or Collins intended. Crazy story idea cousin Beka encouraged after we started talking about writing the other day. Idea came from a conversation with another friend.

NO HATE TOWARD DANNEEL INTENDED!!! Just telling a story here..


The Party Part One
Aftermath Part Two


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You know salt shakers, there is one major thing that I don’t get about Scalia.  

Malia wanted to fly to freaking France. She wanted to meet French guys. She wanted to leave everything behind, Scott included. She wanted a fresh start.

But this show wants to tell me suddenly, that she or fell in love with Scott in few days or was already in love for some time, she just didn’t realize it (what makes her another Lydia, but whatever) or she knew she was in love but wanted to leave without even trying a shit (and we know the fact he is Kira’s ex was not an obstacle here *sarcasm*), what doesn’t sound like Malia at all. I know Malia said in s4 she was not very good with the relationship stuff, but she was never shy about feelings.

So, seriously?

Cece is -A Theory

In 3x07, when the girls mention how Cece sounds like Ali. Immediately Cece turns her head and responds to them, saying “Something wrong?”

Also Cece says to Aria that if any of them want to go free shopping that she would look the other way. How did Cece know that one of them shop lifted? Hanna’s shop lifting started a year after Alison’s disappearance.

In 3x11, Cece tells Spencer about Alison’s and Paige’s history. Because of this, Spencer suspects that Paige is -A. Later on when Spencer and Hanna come to help Cece, Paige and Emily tag along. Spencer then looks in Paige’s purse while Paige is with Emily and finds the other earring that Aria put in Ali’s casket. Paige, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Cece were all there and why would Paige have Aria’s earring when she went out? I believe that Cece Drake took the earring and put it in Paige’s purse to make the girls think Paige was -A.

In 3x19, right when Emily finds out Wilden, Cece, and Alison knew each other (she sets a trap for Emily and Jason, nearly killing Jason.) Later, Emily goes to Cece’s house and asks who took the picture of Alison, Wilden, and Cece. Cece points the finger at Melissa and makes the girls think that Melissa is -A just like she did with Paige. Another thing Cece lies about is that Wilden got Alison pregnant and that Wilden killed Alison because of it but Cece Drake knew that Alison was alive so this is another lie.

In the end of 3x19, Cece said that she owed Aria one for helping her out and we see that she switches the bottle to Spencer when it landed on Aria.

In 4x10, we meet Cece’s roommate and find out that Cece Drake got kicked out of UPenn due to Alison’s stunt (in 1x18). We find out through Cece’s roommate that she called Alison’s friends ‘She-Devils" and that she hated all of them for getting her kicked out of UPenn. So why would Cece Drake help Alison and pretend to be all friendly with Alison’s friends?

In 4x10, Mrs. Dilaurentis tells Hanna and Spencer about the time Cece Drake went to Radley and acted like Alison, dressed from head to toe in Alison’s clothes. Dr. Palmer even told Mrs. Dilaurentis that Cece’s and Alison’s friendship was toxic. Mrs. Dilaurentis tells Alison that this is the last game that they are going to play together. She also tells Hanna and Spencer that Alison and Cece wore each other’s personalities. Also, remember when Dr. Palmer told Toby that Toby’s mother needs to stay away from that blonde girl? We find out in 4x10 that Dr. Palmer knew Cece Drake so could he be talking about her? He said, “There’s something wrong about the air with that one, very troubling.”

In 4x24, we find out that Mrs. Dilaurentis buries Alison. I don’t think that Mrs. Dilaurentis was protecting someone, I think Cece Drake was forcing her to bury Alison. In 5x06, Alison gets a text saying that “I buried her, the same way I watch her bury you. -A” But this leads me to believe that Cece Drake was watching her do this. We find out in 4x24 that Mrs. Dilaurentis is protecting Cece Drake (buying her clothes and giving it to her in 4x23). She is probably doing this so Cece Drake could keep her mouth shut about what happened 'that night’ because if the police found out about it, she would be arrested.

In 4x12, we find out that Cece was on Ezra’s payroll and was paying her for information because of how close Cece and Alison are, Cece knows a lot about Alison and the actress that plays Cece Drake (Vanessa Ray) says that Cece Drake has many secrets. In 3x23 we find out that Wren was almost suspended for letting Cece Drake visit Mona when Mona wasn’t allowed visitors. Now why would Wren do this when he could lose his job doing something like that? I’m guessing it was because Cece threatened him. Cece was very desperate to see Mona and wanted to help Mona. Why would Cece want to help Mona when Mona was tormenting the four girls and her 'friend’ Alison? This proves that Cece Drake and Alison are not really friends. Cece Drake thought she could serve as a role model for Mona and because Cece went through something similar when Alison got Cece kicked out of UPenn. This also makes me believe that this is when Cece Drake stole the game from Mona.

Shana tells us that Jenna is afraid of Cece Drake after Emily’s birthday and Jenna nearly dies due to someone trying to down her. A few episodes after, Shana has to leave Rosewood because someone tried to kill her. Whenever anyone tells any information about -A, -A makes sure they get rid of them. Now remember in 3x07 when Cece called Jenna and threatened to scratch her eyes out? That sounded like an -A message and which is probably why Jenna is afraid of her.

Take a look at this picture, the girl from Alison’s twin story in 2x13 and how they both look similar and have the same type of smile.

More clues:

In 4x01, we meet the Black Widow at Wilden’s funeral. Black Widow has a connection to Wilden which is why she is at the funeral and as we know, it was confirmed that Cece Drake killed Wilden. Cece doesn’t show her face because she doesn’t want the girls or the police to question her. In the end of 4x01, we see that Black Widow’s Alison mask is burned because of the incident at the lodge in 3x24.

Cece Drake’s initials are C.D just like Courtney Dilaurentis. In the books, Courtney and Alison would wear each other’s personalities and they were close when they were little girls. So could Cece Drake be Alison’s enemy just like how Cece and Alison are enemies in the books? I think all these clues show that Cece is playing Alison. 

A lot of -A messages are written in French even after Mona stopped being -A. Cece is fluent in French which is why she fled to France.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you guys caught some things that I didn’t. :)