she was his wife


Request:  What about like how ed announced he’s engaged and like shawn does that with his girl. And like fast forward a year and he’s in an and they something about his fiance and he says how’s he’s not engaged anymore and everyone is like woah and after the interview he goes over to his wife thinking she will be mad and she’s nod “so now the world knows youre mine.” She says and he kisses her.

He announced that you guys were engaged over twitter and Instagram. 

He announced it three months after you guys got engaged. He wanted the crazyness with the family and between the two of you to die down before he told the world. 

That way it wouldn’t overwhelm you or him. 

But that was a year ago. And you both are no longer engaged.

Watching an interview you realize that he just told the world that.

“So we saw your engagement photo.”

“Yeah.” He nods.

“That was about a year ago, how’s being engaged?”

“It was great.” He laughs a bit.


“Well I’m no longer engaged.”

“Oh.” They say as their faces fall. 

“Yeah, I mean I’m married now.” He shrugs casually.

“You’re married?”


“Oh my goodness, since when?”

“Five months ago.”

“Oh wow.” 

“So I feel like we’ve got to change our questions. How’s married life?”

“Amazing, my wife is the best.” He says, blushing lightly.

“You are so sweet.”

“She’s gonna kill me when she sees this. I didn’t tell her I was telling you guys.” He laughs running his hand through his curls.

You click out of the video and call him.

“Hey,” He answers the face time call.

“So everyone knows were married now?”

“I worried that was what this call was about.”

“Well I called to say Hi, but to also discuss this.”

“And what do you think.”

“Think it’s about time.”

He almost drops his phone in shock.


“I’ve been dying to post pictures of our wedding.” 

“Babe, why didn’t you?”

“I wanted to wait till you told the fans. I didn’t want to be the one to tell them.”

“Well post them now Love.”

“Wait I wanna talk to you.” You whine.

“We’re talking, let’s talk.” He smiles.

*this was shit*

jane eyre au where wade is a 19th c. man of wealth and great status, peter is the private tutor he hired to teach his ward, ellie, who only speaks french

peter learns that wade, despite his rough demeanor, is a gentle soul and they fall in love, his dreams are dashed when peter discovers the secret room hidden deep in the house, a woman pale as death tries to kill him while screaming nonsense

wade explains that the woman is his wife and peter is scandalized, he leaves at once, not at all sure what he’ll do next, he visits his aunt who he learns is dying, she holds him close on her death bed and tells him that she just wants him to be happy

so after the funeral peter goes back to the manor with a broken heart, just to find it burned to the ground, by asking around he manages to find wade who had been hideously scarred in the fire trying to save his wife, she died and wade barely made it out alive

wade asks if peter could still love him after seeing him like this, and peter says of course, they move to france and take ellie with them, wade buys peter a ring with a perfect pearl set in it, it’s as good as a promise

God i really do not give a hoot nor holler about endeavors fucking redemption arc he abused his kids and his wife so bad that she ended up in the hospital where she has stayed since.  I Just Dont Give A Shit. Rot Endeavor 

You dare to insult Takumi-sama? Then, prepare to be punched into next week by his wife

Some people say that she punched someone so hard that it landed in the capital of Nohr

Takumi can’t deny it, he loves how strong Oboro is.


                                   That’s my wife

PS: Lulz what are backgounds? I don’t know lol

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How do you see Shawn helping his wife or s.o while she's pregnant, and when he's a dad? Sorry English isnt my first language

We all know Shawn’s gonna be the freaking cutest when that happens, oh lord have mercy


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

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if charity barnum isnt the best wife shown in the cinema for many years, i dont know who is

To all those who are going to watch The Greatest Showman

P.T. Barnum owned a blind, paralysed slave woman over 90 years old who he used to make money by making her an act as the oldest woman alive. When she died he had them perform a public autopsy of her body without her consent.

Charles Stratton, General Tom Thumb, was not 22 as he’s said to be in the movie. He was 4 years old. Yeah. Barnum had him drinking and smoking as part of his act, and lied that he was 11 years old so it wouldn’t be illegal.

Jenny Lind was known to be shy, devout, and humble. She worked hard to get the tickets at a reduced price for the people, whereas Barnum was auctioning them off at ridiculous prices. When she argued with him regarding her salary it was only because she wanted to be able to give as much money as possible to charities. Lind donated most of her earnings to mutiple charities and left Barnum, not because he wasn’t willing to cheat on his wife with her but, because she was uncomfortable with his relentless marketing. He earned almost double the sum she did.

He had white actors perform with black face, making speeches to prove that white people are the “superior race”.

He was famous for tricking his customers, saying “I don’t believe in duping the public, but I believe in first attracting and then pleasing them.”

His deal with Lind took place in 1850, and the rest of the events of the movie took place almost 30 years later when he was 60 years old.

It’s a wonderful movie, but please be aware that the real life P.T. Barnum was nothing short of an absolute rotten human being who only wanted to make money off of other people.

Patater Week (Feb 6) Get Together

you know how i said i wasn’t doing this

apparently i am a liar.

(all the week’s fics will go onto ao3)

They literally slam into each other at a roller rink.

It’s a You Can Play benefit thing for kids. Kent’s too busy watching to make sure he doesn’t run over one of the mini-tots that he completely misses the giant headed in his direction. And you would think, wouldn’t you, that a guy whose career involved balancing on knives on ice would take a check on skates as well as he did in an ice rink, but nope. Kent hits Alexei Mashkov head-on and sends them both into a pile on the ground.

The icing on the cake is Kent’s arm clotheslining a six-year-old on the way down.

So now he and Tater are both sitting on the side of the roller skating rink, holding matching cold packs to their faces while a small child stuffs tissues up his nose to stop the bleeding.

“I’mb gonna tell everybody at school that Kent Parsob hit by face!” the kid tells Kent happily, oblivious to his dad’s efforts to keep him from talking and thereby snorting blood everywhere.

Kent gives him a weak thumbs up. At his side, Alexei makes a noise that might actually be a giggle.

“You so cute with kids,” Alexei says.

Damn language barriers, Kent thinks. “You mean I’m good with kids. And I’m not that great. They just like me because I’m ridiculous.”

“You are very ridiculous,” Alexie agrees. “But I’m choose right word, ‘cute.’ You are cute being with kids.”

Kent thinks the head-on collision must have knocked something loose in both their heads. He twists sideways and gapes, the effect of which is probably lost due to the ice pack covering half his face. “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

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oh my god these two capercaillie cocks are fighting each other and then this golden eagle just lands on one of them and stands there waiting for him to die, and the other capercaillie just keeps fighting. you can see the eagle watching him like “buddy…. buddy i am in the middle of killing a guy.” and then they slap each other a bit and the eagle the whole time is just staring at him like

and then the dude just… does not stop interrupting this murder, so the eagle has to let go of Slowly Dying Capercaillie #1 to kill this second dude, and then there’s two dead cocks and 1 very confused eagle


I mean, seriously, who makes their own brie?