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I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day… When it’s cold outside, I got the– OH MY GOD JAGGED FLAMING ROCKS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY CORAN WE NEED TO SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY

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Headcanons for losers club meeting in group therapy.

I took this a bit further than I meant to, I hope you like it though because I love addressing mental health
(I based it off my own experiences and knowledge so I’m so so sorry if anything is not accurate)

- They all have the same therapist (she’s called Jackie) but they’ve never met each other

- she takes them all for different things

- Bill has depression from loosing his brother (‘n-n-not dead…j-j-just m-m-missing) and anger issues from getting frustrated with his stutter

- Beverly has depression and PTSD from her father and addiction to smoking

- Ben has social anxiety and topophobia from moving so much and getting bullied

- Mike has insomnia and PTSD from his parents death and having to work on the farm

- Richie has ADHD, bipolar disorder and addiction to smoking just from genetics and how his parents treat him

- Stan has chronic OCD and anxiety from his father being a perfectionist

- Eddie has chronic Mysophobia , anxiety and is the worst hypochondriac she’s ever seen

- She has problems with all of them being closed off for some reason

- Bill doesn’t like talking because when he tries to talk about loosing his brother his stutter gets worse, then he gets frustrated and gets overwhelmed

- Beverly just can’t bring herself to talk about it, talking about her dad sets off her PTSD and she gets super defensive about her smoking

- Ben is actually quite intimidated by Jackie, he knows deep down that she wants to help but can’t help but feel like he’s just putting his problems on someone else’s shoulders

- Mike is the easiest one to open up, he needs to know that someone is there and supporting him but at the same time he can’t talk about his parents without tearing up

- Richie talks about everything that isn’t his problems and wastes their hour pretty much every time, although some days he comes in and pours his little heart out

- Stan has told himself if he lets people know about his problems and says them out loud then it’ll make it all worse

- Eddies the only one who’ll willingly talk about what’s happening although he’s insecure about telling her incase she thinks he’s stupid

- so basically, she has a hard time with all of them but she still wants to help them all so bad

- So she proposes to her team leader that she should have an extra session with them once a week where they’re all together

- once she gets the all clear, she tells them about it

- They all agree sounded slightly worried and unwilling, other than Richie who was having a fantastic day and is ready to meet his new fucking friends

- the first session was…interesting to say the least

- Jackie set the chairs in a circle

- the first to arrive was Stan, he always needed to be early no matter what incase he missed something and took the seat next to Jackie

- Eddie was the second to arrive, he took the seat on the other side of her

- As a therapist, this warmed her heart as she knew they did that to feel safer

- She introduced them and got them talking about why bedrooms should be kept tidy, needless to say they become friends right away

- Bill was the third to arrive, he had gotten the wrong room at first and was kinda upset

- he walked in whispering the paragraph that helped his stutter, looking down

- He didn’t look up until he was sitting down at the furthest seat from Jackie in the circle

- She started to introduce them but he honestly wasn’t listening, he was too busy staring at the cute boy with curly hair in front of him

- Stan catches him staring but that doesn’t stop him, he just watches as Stan’s cheeks redden

- next to arrive is Ben and Mike, they weren’t really friends yet but they helped each other find the room

- And finally, Bev and Richie walked in taking as if they had been friends for years (slightly late)

- apparently Richie’s lighter had given up on him so Bev offered hers up, they became friends pretty quickly

- Ben is awestruck by Bev

- They both sat in the remaining two seats left

- As soon as Richie sat down he noticed the small boy next to Jackie and ended up doing the exact thing Bill did with Stan

- Jackie goes around the circle, asking everyone to introduce themselves and their problem and also say how they’re feeling today

- When it comes to Richie, he’s still looking at Eddie

- ‘I’m Richie, I have ADHD and I’m so fucking gay right now’

- Everyone (including Jackie) laughs, they like Richie already

- The session went okay, nothing too interesting happened and they just talked about stuff

- Jackie definitely noticed how they became more open as the hour passed by

- Although Richie spends most the time flirting with Eddie

- Stan leaves last, Bill waits for him by the front door and Stan swears he didn’t tear up a little

- Bill does this and walks Stan home after every session, after the sixth time they start holding hands

- Eddie eventually grows super fond of Richie so one day when said boy walks in and doesn’t talk or even really look up the whole hour, Eddie is pretty worried

- after the session, Jackie asks to talk to Richie privately and Eddie waits by the front of the building even though it’s raining

- Richie comes out after ten minutes, sniffling with red tearful eyes

- ‘Oh hey, Eddie spaghetti….isn’t your mom worried you’re not home yet?’

- 'I’m more concerned about you than my mom right now’

- Richie offers to walk Eddie home, giving Eddie his black denim jacket littered with patches somewhere along the way

- Richie also uses this time to explain his ADHD and bipolar disorder to Eddie

- 'Is there any chance I could get my jacket back? I’ll probably stay out for a bit’

- 'Sure…why are you staying out if it’s raining?’

- 'Just, parents and stuff yanno’

- with that, Eddie demands Richie stay over until his mum comes back or the rain stops

- Ben starts writing little notes and poems which he puts on Bev’s seat before every session and are signed anonymously

- Bev thinks it’s Bill at first but she sees Stan and Bill holding hands on the way home so she crosses him off the list

- one day, whilst she’s out smoking to get away from her dad she bumps into Richie

- she decides he’s a good smoking buddy and they become close, sneaking out pretty much every night to smoke together

- Richie saw Ben putting a note on Bev’s seat one day and honestly he just can’t keep it to himself

- 'Why don’t you ask Ben if he’s your secret admirer?’

- 'I might just do that’

- She leaves a note on his seat one day, with her number and the words 'my heart burns there too’

- To say Jackie is pleased with them and her decision to make their group is an understatement

You know what to do (add more) - xo


As my Halloween gift to you all, I present:

The Duck of Oz AU

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In which H longs to be selfish


angst, fluff


Any parts after this are linked at the bottom :)

When Anne gave Harry a ring on a Sunday morning in March, asking whether he was awfully busy one weekend the following month, him being the humble mumma’s boy he was, said he could likely rearrange some things for her and the gathering she had planned back in Holmes Chapel.

Although, he was in two minds since he was raised to act both warmly and professionally in character by none other than Anne herself and didn’t want to screw anyone over by moving, for instance, that informal dinner-come-meeting with a new company he and Jeff were looking in to.

However when Anne elaborated further as to what the event would entail – a relatively intimate reunion of sorts at his childhood home, with old school chums of his and Gem’s, with the parents that Anne got on well with alongside family friends both old and new – Harry couldn’t help but wonder about one person in particular who’s attendance was likely up in the air.

She probably won’t be there, he thought to himself. But it didn’t take long for him to pick up the phone and cancel the damn dinner.

Enveloped by his mother’s arms and the scent of sandalwood and home cooking, Harry allowed himself a content smile. He was now just Harry. Harry the son. Harry the brother. Harry the neighbour. Harry the friend. Harry from Chemistry class. Harry the man pining after a woman he didn’t stand a chance with.

After being hit by the initial flood of honorary relatives and the like, half-filled glass of red wine in hand, Harry was free to roam around in search of the few people he had yet to greet. When he had come full circle and reentered the living room, the first thing he saw caused him to stop dead in his tracks, at a standstill in the doorway as a stunned expression found his face.

He didn’t think she’d be there. That didn’t mean he hadn’t hoped.

She was stood a little ways off, back against the fireplace with a glass of wine that was mostly untouched by her full, smiling lips. Harry concluded that it was due to being caught up in so many conversations that she had yet to catch a break. Like now, those sumptuous lips were far too preoccupied moving in eloquent patterns in synch with her speech that her drink was entirely discarded. His thoughts briefly wandered to what those lips would look like if they were busing doing…something else, but was quick to reprimand himself for thinking that of someone whom he respected so much.

If Harry had been thinking clearly he would know that it was more than likely that she would come. But he had hoped for her presence a little too much and seemed to be more so convincing himself that she wouldn’t be there as opposed to actually believing it, like he was subconsciously bracing himself for the slim chance she really wouldn’t turn up.

The crowd around her was far larger than any that he had encountered himself today, since the initial awe had worn off for the people he was currently surrounded by from when he first made it big with the band. This made him smile, since he knew very well that the next one of these he attended would be after he released his solo work and people would flock to him once again.

But she was a real gem. No wonder all eyes and attention were on her, since Harry wasn’t the only one to fly in from another country for the occasion. She had managed to land herself a mighty impressive scholarship to a uni abroad, and following her graduation it seemed she was only moving on to bigger and better things. His chest simultaneously swelled with pride and ached at the thought of her moving on to better people too. But he wan’t allowed to have these thoughts for a number of reasons, one being that she was never his to begin with.

Harry liked to consider himself a fairly selfless man, but he yearned - painfully so - to be selfish with her.

“Oh sweetheart,” The level, motherly voice of Anne Twist broke Harry away from his longing thoughts as her hand was placed on his pink cotton clad shoulder, “I wish you wouldn’t do this to yourself. You’re both adults now, by this time I’m sure that time you could-”

“No, mum,” Harry cut her off with a quiet murmur, “I can’t.” He said to his polished Gucci boots.

Anne sighed, in two minds over her son’s situation. She knew that to some degree he was right in his reservations, but how could anyone ignore years of such tenacious love?

When her eyes finally found his from across the room all of a sudden Harry seemed to go a little lightheaded. Her natural reaction was to smile that glowing smile bright enough to melt Harry’s insides, though her beam shortly became laced with a nostalgic sadness. The same sadness that had often been the devil to keep Harry up at night, urging him to have one more drink in order to forget and inducing an all too familiar ache in his chest.

Due to his drowsiness, it took a while for Harry to take note of y/n excusing herself from the hoard of people and her figure quickly approaching him.

“Hello Harry.” She breathed.

“Hullo, love.” He replied, wondering if it was even acceptable to call her  ‘Love’.

There was a brief pause which was enough for Harry to panic that she was going to say something like “well it was nice to see you again” and then leave him before he’d even said more than two words to her.

Instead, she made to end the formalities between the two of you, thinking it downright silly for a pair that had once been so comfortable together to act like strangers.

It practically knocked the wind out of him when she hugged him. Though he quickly fell back in to the pattern of her embraces that had become second nature.

Her entire arms wound around his waist in order to come in contact with as much of his skin as possible. From doing this they had both discovered her penchant for settling her hands on his love handles, usually squeezing them or caressing them or tracing over them or something of the sort. Sometimes he joked and said things like “Trying t’ feel me up love?” or “Copping a feel there moppet?” to which she either hummed in response or gave a defiant pinch to the aforementioned skin.

The first time she had ‘felt him up’ by sort of massaging the skin emerging from his pants - which sounded far more peculiar when you worded it like that - Harry had felt erotic tingles more powerful than any sexual act he would experience from such an innocent gesture.

He’d proper moaned, but tried to cover it up by saying “Wha’ was that for then love? Hmm?” His voice was low with strained pleasure and he’d tried to come off as teasing, but regardless of what he sounded like, she began to pull back her hands. He’d immediately corrected any doubtful thoughts by softly grasping her hands with immense sureness and returning them to where they had previously rested. Her face had been buried in his neck but he could feel her smirk and he struggled not to cry out in ecstasy when she lured goosebumps on to his skin once again.

He always placed one hand firmly on her back, fingers spread wide like a shield which he sometimes rubbed up and down her spine in reassurance or had each finger work out those knots she got from stress. The other hand always lovingly followed the curve of her neck to the nape and, depending on the type of hug required, either remained there or went the whole way round so that his hand rested on her shoulder and her neck was nestled in the bend between his upper and lower arm.

“Missed you.” y/n murmured, voice muffled by his neck, her hot breath sending shivers coursing through his entire body. She was wearing heels today, and that factor usually determined if her head would nestle in his neck or on his chest. He preferred the former, more intimate of the two and often tried to bend down going in to the hug in order to secure her head there.

He swore he saw stars at her last statement and replied wholeheartedly. “Fuck, my angel, missed yeh so much.”

He said it breathlessly, and for once he didn’t debate if it was okay for him to say that (had he asked himself ten minutes earlier it would have been a vehement no). Because her cold nose was rubbing against the prominent vein in his neck, the one part of your body that had yet to adjust to the temperature of the household, and fuck if he didn’t want to treasure this moment forever, and her along with it.

“Staying in Cheshire for a bit. Mum n’ Dad are on holiday and your mum said I could stay here. Wanted to make sure you were okay with it.” She said all of this from the warmth of his neck, the one cheek that was squashed altering the clarity of her words but he heard her perfectly.

His eyes widened in excitement that she was asking him about staying in a home that he no longer really lived in just because she still cared about his opinion.

“O’ course love. Always want yeh around.”

“Hmm, wouldn’t be the same if I was staying here without all the people who mean the most to me. Be a bit silly really.” She hummed like a satisfied cat and at her words Harry felt like he might have a cardiac arrest.

“Yeh always were a silly one.” He recalled, noting that she had yet to remove herself from his arms and prayed she wasn’t about to.

“S’ why you always called me goose.” She chuckled.

His heart squeezed further that she had remembered.

Anne had always called Harry a silly goose as a child, usually it was whenever he did something adorably naïve or childish. And he seemed to have pertained a knack for repeating words or phrases he particularly enjoyed, sometimes not even fully understanding the meaning, which is what inspired him to call her ‘goose’. Being so young, he’d unknowingly discarded the first word, opting to call her only by the second, and with age the use of the word changed.

As youngsters he’d sporadically point at you and proclaim you “Goose!” with a gurgling giggle. Then as children he became more playful with it, saying it in the appropriate context, like when you wore horribly mismatched socks and he’d jokingly chide you by shaking his head and saying you were “such a Goose” though his trademark grin gave his lack of seriousness away.

Then when they’d become teenagers, he’d gotten a little cocky and used it solely as a pet name, oftentimes smirking at the fact that no one else knew what had coined their little title when he teased her after she made mistakes or got embarrassed. When she’d fallen over a protruding tree root once during a walk in the woods with Harry and their respective families, still wearing her school skirt mind you, Harry had just chuckled and offered her his hand whilst saying “If yeh wanted t’ flash me yeh underwear love yeh could’ve just asked.”

It was late, or early if you were being smart about it, and Gemma had just banished Harry from interacting with any of the stragglers that had yet to be politely dismissed because of his incessant, though unintentional, knack to draw people to him, which was the exact opposite of what he should’ve been doing.

Anne busied herself in the kitchen, sending the dishwasher in to overdrive with all the glasses and plates she’d stocked it with. When Harry entered the room, he noticed that she’d left a few odd pieces of cutlery and crockery by the sink to clean by hand.

He smiled, Anne was a strong, independent woman and had been all his life and, from what he’d heard, all of hers as well. Despite having a dishwasher he knew she enjoyed doing some of the cleaning for herself, partly because she’d never shed the need to do things for herself every once in a while and partly just for something therapeutic to keep her occupied.

Anne would never admit that to anyone else though, and would simply say that she was merely doing the dishes that had been left since the dishwasher was too full. Though Harry knew full well that this was the second round the dishwasher had done tonight, the activity brought his mum happiness and was a little idiosyncrasy of hers that he appreciated the few times that he could.

Y/n was the first person to tell him about that word, it was one of her favourites. It was when they were sixteen, and Harry took her out to eat at her favourite place, which was a forty minute drive and he wasn’t old enough to properly get his license but he couldn’t care less. That was what she did to him, she always had and always will have him voluntarily wrapped around her finger and she never even knew it. She never asked for anything extravagant but he was always on his knees ready to exceed expectations.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell,” Harry muttered the same words he had all those years ago “she literally drove me to commit a proper crime and she didn’t even ask me to.”

But he didn’t care, and he’d do it all over again if it meant getting to experience the happiness radiating from her the whole journey home, which, in fact, hadn’t been long enough.

Harry peered sombrely down at his glass, memories of that night staining his memory like the wine, and glanced longingly at the stairs leading to the woman he loved.

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Lucien and Jean in Season 5
5.06 - “First Dance”

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty-Two

Summary: Keeping the adoption a secret for so long comes back to bit you in the ass, and Jared has some age-related hang ups
Words: 3.5k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Danneel, Zep, Tom, Shep
Warnings: mild angst, bearded Jensen, shirtless Jared
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

Everything had been going great until you woke to eight missed calls from your agent and three group emails from higher-ups at Supernatural.

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Numinous [Stop 1]

Summary: (Roadtrip!Au) In which you and the one person you hate get stuck together while venturing across the country in search of change.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, angst!


  1. Every chapter has a different P.O.V., switching from the reader to Bucky and back
  2. @aya-fay has the key to my heart, thank you for beta-ing this 3 times after I made minor changes every 2 seconds. I adore you.

Previous part

Bucky’s P.O.V.

“What?” I could hardly believe my ears, my jaw dropping open instead.

“Get in. Don’t make me repeat it again, or else I swear-” she sounded tired, exasperated, but Lord I missed her voice.

Before she finished her threat, I scrambled to the passenger’s side door and nearly ripped it open, flinging myself into the car with my still heart racing.

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#Marcos number one priority #his magnetic powerful soulmate (✿◠‿◠)



Making History | 1.01

I’m from the future, 2016. 

And I was bored there, and lonely, and living in the shadow of my father. So I found a way to travel through time, and every place I went I’d try to become someone else, until I met you. 

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hey isaac got any jake dillinger hcs?


  • jake figures out he’s bi bc he has a sex dream abt harry styles when he’s like 15
  • speaking of one direction, he goes SO damn hard for them and he cried when he saw them in concert in middle school (tbh 75% of the time he’s crying over 1d)
  • speaking of pop music that just really rustles jake’s jimmies, he would literally take a bullet for carly rae jepsen. like she’s his number one and everytime she goes on tour u will see his ass there. he has a fan twitter an everything. he once gave rich a black eye for saying she’s overrated (”She Saved The Gays Rich You Dumb Fuck Respect Her”)
  • he makes friendship bracelets for all his friends and he never takes them off like he would rather die (michael cries when jake gives him and jeremy theirs which makes jake cry and jeremy is just like ??? wtf guys its just some strings and michael tells him to shut his whore mouth lmao)
  • he has three (3) pet hermit crabs and their names are homerun, chicken nugget and mustard. he posts daily pics of them on his snapchat
  • all of his socks are neon (most of them are knee high, he wears them with shorts like a dumbass) and he refuses to wear any other kind
  • he makes chloe a smoothie every morning and brings it to her at school. every month is a different flavor and he always adds whipped cream
  • on special occasions (or when he;s just really feeling himself) he puts glitter in his hair
  • the first time his group of friends all come to one of his Big Games togther he cried and got yelled a by his coach bc he stopped in the middle fo the field to wave to them (michael actually comes to a lot of his games, i mean they all do but michael goes to the most)
  • he’s on the chess team. he’s their worst player but no one has the heart to tell him bc he gets so excited while playing
  • if he sees a hula hoop. he’s gonna hula hoop. and he will not stop, his hips keep spinning. the colors r whirling around him. everything is begging him to stop but he’s running so no one can grab them to end this hell. he’s unstoppable.
Mike Wheeler x Reader

     Well, this is my first fan fiction I’ve ever posted on tumblr, so please forgive me if this is complete shit. I’m going to say before hand, in this fic, we’re in an alternate universe where the Stranger Kids™ are 15 instead of 13, for reasons you will soon read. Technically, Finn Wolfhard is 15 so… Anyhow, enjoy!

Edit: Send me requests! I’d love some more Finn/Mike ideas!

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1022


   It wasn’t until Steve was down and out on the floor when they realized how deep into shit they were. When Billy saw that Steve was definitely out for the count, he got up and faced the terrified teens. (Y/N) stood her ground as Billy stalked his way towards them, ready to punch out whoever he could get his hands on first. 

   “So, you’re the dipshits that my bitchy step-sister has been hanging with. Bad luck for you guys.” He said, grabbing Mike’s arm. (Y/N) quickly jumping into action and attempted to punch Billy in the stomach. He let go of Mike and bent down for a moment, before recovering and grabbing (Y/N) by the throat and pushing her against the wall closest to them. 

   “(Y/N)!” They all shouted. (Y/N) felt herself slowly getting dizzy, her vision going fuzzy. She could vaguely see a syringe full of the drug they had used to make Will sleep on the cabinet next to her. She grabbed it, she shoved it in Billy’s neck.

   She felt herself blacking out as Billy was also getting closer and closer to unconsciousness. “Don’t mess with my friends, asshole.” She said between coughs, stumbling as he let her go and stepped back.  As (Y/N) looked up, Billy took one final swing at her, effectively knocking her down, but not out. She slid down the wall, sitting with her knees to her chest as Billy fell down and out, ending the fight once and for all. The other ran to her, Mike kneeling next to her.

   “Holy shit, (Y/N)!” Dustin yelled. (Y/N) groaned, putting a hand to her eye, right where Billy had hit her. She pulled it back as skin touched skin, feeling a burning sensation in her eye.

   “Fuck, he hits hard…” She said, looking at her friends with a sad smile. Dustin ran a hand through his hair and Lucas ran his hand over his mouth as Max and Mike helped (Y/N) up. She took some deep breaths and she rubbed her throat lightly. Looking in the mirror, she saw the red marks Billy’s iron grip had left there, and her eye almost swollen shut.

   “Oh my god… (Y/N)… I’m so sorry.” Max said, putting a hand on her shoulder. (Y/N) chuckled. 

   “Not your fault your mom married the man with that dick for a son.” She said, hugging Max. (Y/N) smiled as she felt the boys join the hug, happy they were all safe. Once they all let go, they hauled Steve’s ass to Billy’s car and Max drove them to the tunnels.


   It wasn’t until the they were in the tunnels when Mike finally spoke to (Y/N). He pulled her so that they were a bit behind the group.

   “(Y/N)… what were you thinking?” He asked, sounding hurt. She looked to him confused. 

   “What are you talking about?”Mike sighed and stopped her, putting his hands on her shoulders.

   “You put yourself in danger. He could’ve easily killed you, (Y/N). I can’t loose another friend. With everything that’s going on, we don’t know if everyone will make it out of this alive. I sure as hell wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if you died on our watch.”

   “Mike, you know me. I’m loyal that way. When I see a friend in trouble, I react. I don’t think about the consequences beforehand. I see and act. I’d rather be the one to die then any of you guys. You mean the world to me. You know that my family doesn’t give a fuck about me. They wouldn’t care if I died. Better me then any of you guys with your families who love and care about you.” She explained. She took off her goggles and wiped her eyes, sighing as she looked away, embarrassed to be crying in front of her best friend. Mike took off his own and looked her straight in the face.

   “You don’t think we wouldn’t miss you, (Y/N)? It pains to even think about loosing you! We lost El, we’re loosing Will, I can’t loose you too! I’m sick of loosing my friends, because it hurts! Okay (Y/N)? It hurts.” He said, his own eyes welling up in tears. Mike pulled down his mask, his lip beginning to tremble. “I love you, (Y/N). And I’m sorry that it took us being in a life or death situation for me to realize it, but I love you.” Mike said, a small smile on his face. She had never imagined that Mike could love her… she always thought Eleven was the number one in his heart.

   “And I love you, Mike, but… you and El… I thought you loved her?” (Y/N) asked, scared to believe that this is was happening. Mike sighed.

   “I care for El a lot, but so do the rest of us. That was more just… infatuation. I was impressed by her powers… and, I don’t know. I thought the world was going to end. This-” He said, grabbing her hand, “-This is real. I think we’ve been through to much together to not have ended up falling for each other. I mean, look at Johnathan and Nancy!” He said with a smile. There was a small silence, until suddenly, Mike reached up, pulled down (Y/N)’s mask, and kissed her. (Y/N) stumbled for a moment, before kissing him back, Mike’s arm reaching around her back. (Y/N) and Mike both smiled into the kiss, euphoria filling both of their hearts. 

   “The others are going to look for us eventually, Mike.” She said with a small giggle. He pulled her back in, making in her smile.

   “Who cares. Pretty sure they can light up that shit on their own, (Y/N/N).” He said between kisses.

   “Mike… come on… I’d love to… keep doing this… but you realize… we’re in an… upside down tunnel… about to… light it on fire? Maybe we should… do this later?” She asked. Mike kissed her one last time before unwrapping his arm. 

   “Last one.” He said, before grabbing her hand and beginning to walk towards the others. “Come on, we have a world to save.”

anonymous asked:

I know you wanted to do some matchups but can I ask for headcanons or a scenario👀?? How about a female reader was dared to go up to Bakugou to "confess" (they didn't know she really did have a crush on him) but she ends up telling him what she really thinks?? That she believes he's her number one hero because of his determination to be the best as well as his (brutal) honesty? She totally respects that and even though others doubt him she never would?

It’s totally cool, I really just wanted to write like… anything. lol. I decided to make this one a scenario because I had a good(?) idea on how to write it. It’s kind of shorter than I wanted it to be, but I added a bonus part for you! Anywho, enjoy!

How did you get yourself into this mess?

It was going so well, a simple sleepover with the girls of class 1-A. Then, Uraraka suggested truth or dare. Now, here you were, the next day, sitting in class anxiously as you wait for the bell to ring. As you wait for a moment alone with Bakugou. Oh boy, this would not go well. The girls giggled, all of them staring at you. The pressure was on.

The bell rang.

Everyone began to leave. You however waited. Waited for Bakugou to leave. When he did, you moved quickly, hoping to do this without other people around. When he was alone, you called out.

“Hey! Bakugou!” you yelled out nervously.

He turned around with his usual bitch face.


Well if that didn’t scare the hell out of you, you weren’t sure what could.

“I have something i-important to tell you” Aw man, you stuttered. Why did you have to stutter.

You thought back to the sleepover now. They couldn’t have known you had a crush on Bakugou. How could they? But this, was ridiculous. 

“Well, what is it?” he got impatient. 

You gulped, now or never.

“I really like you… More than a friend, and I know it may sound strange but… I think you are my number one hero. You’re brave and I admire that about you. You’re so honest, and you don’t care about what anyone else has to say. I know the rest of the class thinks you’re a hothead, but I really like that about you. When everyone else is doubting you, I’m routing for you. I believe you will be the best hero. You have the determination for it. I guess that’s why I have a huge crush on you,” Fuck! That was so much more than you needed to say!

You looked down, you couldn’t bring yourself to look at his face. You couldn’t even begin to prepare yourself for the huge rejection. You-

“Do you mean it?” He asked.

Your breath caught in your throat. All you could do was nod.


Did he just? You looked up. Did he seriously just- Wait. He was blushing.

“Well?” he asked.

You tilted your head,”Well? Well, what?”

“Do you wanna… go on a date… or something?” he asked.

You almost cried. You let out a small giggle before smiling.

“I’d like that, a lot”

He reached out and grabbed your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours before leading the way.

“Alright, then let’s go” he said.

Maybe, that dare wasn’t so bad after all.


The girls of class 1-A had been hiding and watched the entire thing. All of them had one thing on their mind. ‘Did (y/n) really have a crush on Bakugou?’ Well, all except for Momo. She figured it out right away.

RFA guys + Minor Duo react to MC having Superpowers

Hi anon!!! I haven’t watched Stranger Things but I looked up Eleven’s telekinesis video and also basing this from Jean Grey from X-men and Matilda :)) Also, I was halfway through this hc when @justanuser1​ ‘s request came in about MC having superpowers so I kind of just combined them, I hope you guys don’t mind! 😃

Hope you guys like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • He’s rushing home because he can’t wait to see you
  • So he’s back a little earlier than you expected
  • And what does Yoosung see when he opens the door?
  • Carrots being chopped by the kitchen knife
  • Just the kitchen knife
  • He watches as the knife hovers in the air and comes down on the vegetables
  • You had your back turned and you were listening to music so you didn’t see your pale husband
  • But you heard his blood-curling scream
  • The whole neighborhood heard him ;;;
  • “Yoosungie, it’s not what you think!”
  • “Yoosung—“
  • “No we’re not! It was me! It’s my fault!”
  • You calm him down long enough to explain about your powers and you thought it would freak him out more
  • Nope
  • This guy is such a huge geek that he immediately fanboys over you and asks you a million questions
  • “But Yoosung this has to be a secret.”
  • “Of course! I know how superheroes work.”
  • And you’re laughing because he goes from panicked to adoring in 5 seconds
  • He loves that you have powers but he still freaks out whenever he sees things hovering in your house
  • He adjusts eventually though, and now that he knows he encourages you practicing your powers at home
  • Always goes to get a physical check-up with you though, because he doesn’t want you straining yourself physically and in movies don’t people who use their powers too much end up suffering physically?
  • And Yoosung will always be careful not to brag about you too much because he doesn’t want anybody else to find out about your powers
  • He enjoys playing pranks on Saeyoung with you though
  • REVENGE!!!! ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻


  • Sometimes he’s not sure if he’s had too much to drink or if his girlfriend has superpowers
  • Because things are floating around in the apartment you guys shared
  • He tries to stay sober most of the time but then the floating would stop
  • But then he comes home after only having one beer with his coworkers
  • And suddenly his keys are hovering in the air in front of him?
  • He’s genuinely freaked out
  • Until he hears you giggling
  • “Jagiya, do you have telekinesis?”
  • And you’re shocked but then you confess that you do
  • He thinks you’re amazing
  • Because he had prophetic dreams ever since he could remember and now he feels like you guys are connected
  • And he’s even happier that you guys have something that’s both unique, that you have a secret only he knows of
  • He loves it when you use your abilities around the house, it’s so fascinating to him
  • He would try to research on it with you on his days off, because he also wants to find out more about your abilities and how it would affect you
  • Ehem this guy may also have to look up how to keep you from making objects fly around in moments of extreme pleasure (  ͡°  ͜ ʖ  ͡°)
  • “Babe, I’m going to rock your world.”
  • Pretty sure it’ll be the other way around, Zenny~


  • You confess to him that you telekinesis over dinner
  • And you’re super nervous, watching his every move
  • But your husband just continues to eat his dinner, unperturbed
  • It’s like you told him something about the weather instead of saying you have supernatural abilities
  • “Honey, did you just hear what I said?”
  • He would look at you and say, “Of course I did. I find it highly interesting and I have a lot of questions but if I asked them now you wouldn’t be able to finish your meal. Is it alright if we discuss this after we’ve had our meal?”
  • Your well-being always comes first
  • So after dinner, he begins his barrage of questions
  • “Does it affect you negatively in any way? Do you feel tired after using your powers? How much weight can you lift with your abilities?”
  • And you answer him as best as you could, because there isn’t exactly a guide book for telekinesis ;;;
  • And he knows that too
  • Jumin also knows he can’t ask anybody about this because it’s too dangerous for you; he knew a lot of people would try to kidnap you and use you for their own profit
  • So you two learn about your abilities together
  • He’s so fascinated by you —everything about you
  • And he already thought you were perfect
  • But now you’re more than perfect, if that was possible
  • He makes sure nobody comes into your apartment when you’re there, not even the maid because what would happen if she accidentally saw hovering objects? ;;;
  • Also tightens security; your safety is his number one priority


  • He always wondered why you had so many profile pictures in the RFA app
  • And they’re all of different women with very different features
  • You tell him it’s photos of your friends
  • ??? O-kaaaaaaay…
  • He starts researching about your “friends” and is shocked to find out they all have the same birthdays
  • And “they" all work from home
  • And “they" all listed Honey Buddha Chips as their favorite food
  • But “they” all have different names though
  • This guy already knows what’s going on, but to be sure, he calls out to you using one of your “friends” names
  • And you turn around, “Hm?”
  • Ahhh holy shit ;;;;
  • You freeze as you realize what you just did
  • And Saeyoung comes up behind you and hugs you tight from behind
  • “I know what you are…” he would whisper in your ear
  • “Say it. Out loud.”
  • “…a vampire.”
  • Lol what Saeyoung no
  • But then your hair gets shorter and you get taller and suddenly Saeyoung is hugging Edward Cullen from Twilight????
  • Miind. Blown.
  • This guy doesn’t let you go though and he only presses his lips against yours
  • “Saeyoung, aren’t you weirded out by me?”
  • Your ability to transform into anyone —anyone at all —is the coolest thing ever
  • Apparently you had so many identities because a few government people were looking for you and you had to be prepared, just in case one cover gets blown
  • Agent 707 on the job!
  • Hacks into the government database and makes sure all data about you is deleted, all leads wiped clean
  • He will protect you at all costs, but he also loves cosplaying with you
  • Lol if you can call actually transforming into Jumin cosplaying
  • You scare him a lot by transforming into Vanderwood and creeping up behind him
  • That is until Vanderwood walks in on you looking like him but hugging Saeyoung ;;;
  • Poor Vanderwood is scarred for life
  • Lol Saeyoung is too tbh AHAHA he hates it when you transform into Vanderwood ;;;
  • And now Saeyoung makes Vanderwood swear never to tell another living soul about your abilities ;;;


  • He has to remind himself that yes, he’s gotten the treatment for his eyes
  • Yes, he’s not seeing things
  • Yes, you’re actually floating in the air in front of him
  • You were nervous about telling him about the fact that you can fly, but you also didn’t like keeping secrets from him
  • V is quiet for a long time
  • And then he grabs his camera and takes a photo of you
  • He loves you and accepts you for what you are and what you can do
  • In fact, he wants you to become his new muse
  • “But V, nobody can know about my powers” ;;;
  • “Ah, people know I’m very good with Photoshop anyway.”
  • He loves taking photos of you while you’re flying around the house and sometimes you’d even surprise him by flying behind him and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek
  • He thinks of you as his angel and sometimes he realizes that he’s staring at you too long, grinning like a fool
  • A fool in love
  • He’d make sure to get curtains for the windows in his house though, to make sure no one ever finds out about your powers
  • He would love to work on an exhibit with photos of you flying
  • He would call his exhibit, “Angel from Heaven”


  • He always wonders why you were always so damn cold
  • Even when all the aircons, fans, windows are closed and he’s sweating profusely, your skin is still cold to the touch
  • Until finally you tell him you never feel hot or sweat because you have superpowers
  • And he just blinks at you
  • And you create a small flurry around him and Saeran is shook
  • He’s never one for words but you can see it in his eyes that he’s awed by you
  • “Show me more.”
  • And so you do
  • When Saeyoung isn’t home, you freeze the floor of his bunker and Saeran immediately slips, falling on his butt
  • And you’re laughing because he’s angrily avoiding your gaze, cheeks red
  • You teach him how to skate and you two end up slipping a lot, but that’s okay because Saeran is actually laughing and having fun
  • You also make him bing su (shaved ice desserts?) right from your fingertips and top it off with loads of sweet toppings and he’s the happiest man alive
  • Seriously, he will never let you go, this man wants you all to himself
  • He would never tell anyone your secret of course, except Saeyoung
  • And he would encourage you to be yourself when you’re at home, not holding back your powers or anything
  • He’s secretly glad that you have powers so you can defend yourself, but he’s also scared someone might take you away from him (because he’s afraid something bad will happen to Saeyoung one of these days too) so whenever you’re not looking, he’ll go through private companies’ databases to make sure no one knows about you


  • You were curled up in bed by the time he finished cleaning the apartment you shared
  • And as he stepped out of the shower, he hears you cry out
  • “No! Get away!”
  • Vanderwood rushes out of the bathroom wrapped only in his towel and he immediately scans the room for signs of any intruders
  • But he sees that you’re still in bed, eyes shut tight and he realizes you’re only having a nightmare
  • It looks like you’re reaching for something though, because your hands are pointed at the ceiling and holy shit everything in the room was hovering in the air
  • Vanderwood just stands there and blinks, not knowing what to do
  • “Help!”
  • Everything starts shaking and Vanderwood rushes to your side and grabs your shoulders
  • “MC! MC, wake up!”
  • And when you open your eyes everything falls to the floor
  • And you’re staring into the anxious eyes of your boyfriend
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Yeah, but what’s going—”
  • You see the mess around you and realize you must have used your powers in your sleep
  • Lol now Vanderwood would have to clean the room again hahahaha
  • So you tell Vanderwood everything and he only sighs
  • “I thought I had secrets,” he would mutter
  • He’s more worried about you now because if the wrong people found out about you, you’d get taken away
  • He knows how these things work, he’s a secret agent
  • So he always makes it a point to check whether anybody has any leads on you but thankfully there aren’t
  • Insists that you don’t walk around alone at night and asks Saeyoung to fortify the defenses around the apartment
  • He’s amazed at your powers but mostly this man would be concerned for your safety because he doesn’t want anybody to perform experiments on you
  • Of course he’s also fucking turned on because he’s into weapons and his girlfriend doesn’t even need weapons, you could defend yourself with just your thoughts omfg

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warnings: spoilers for homecoming

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Los Angeles

The second installment of The Live On Tour Series:

Y/N admits she loves no-one in the world more than she loves her best friend,Harry.

She loves everything about him.

She loves the colour of his eyes,loves how bright they get when he starts talking about something he has an interest in but what she loves most are the way his eyes look on a sunny day as they begin to resemble the brightest emerald in the world.She loves how light the colour of his eyes are (she’s never seen someone with green eyes that suit them),she likes how soft they look; though just because she likes his eyes when they’re light doesn’t mean she hates them when they begin to darken.Sure,she does get a bit antsy staring at him when his eyes have darkened,wondering how he’ll react to the situation he’s stuck in.She doesn’t hate any of that though, but what she does hate is when he looks at her with such intensity in his eyes,she begins to blush very hard.

She also loves his smile.It’s the number one feature of his that she loves, a feature that’s the sole reason she fell for him.And despite the fact that she has no words to describe his smile,she knows exactly how it makes her feel - like her insides are screaming ‘Oh my God.Is he real?’ .Y/N admits that before Harry,she’d never seen a person who looked beautiful with a smile graced on their face - they all looked weird,according to her.And now,she wishes nothing but to see a smile permanently etched on his face. 

However,as hard as it may seem to believe,she doesn’t only love his physical characteristics.She loves and adores how he is as a human - he’s the most kind-hearted,warmest person she’s ever met.Even after being friends with him for years,she doesn’t know how he does it,how he’s so nice and polite to every single person he meets, how he makes them feel so comfortable in a matter of time.It puzzles her to see someone with so much love in them. 

Y/N loves Harry - that’s the real reason why she took the plane to San Francisco and is now in L.A.

Y/N loves Harry but he,he’s interested in somebody else.

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Rockabye baby part 2

Soooo you guys seemed to like my new multichapter so I thought I’d give the second part a go! Tell me what you think! Love you all!

Crying, shrieking, screaming. The halls of Riverdale were filled with the sounds of electronic home economics training baby dolls and overly stressed teenagers.

“It’s been two hours and Rex hasn’t cried since that first time, do you think he’s broken? Is he okay? All of the other babies are crying.” Betty held the tiny plastic doll to her chest, rocking slowly and humming softly under her breath as they walked the halls. It almost seemed too natural, too real to be strolling beside her as she cared for the fake infant.

Jughead ducked his head towards Betty’s shoulder pressing his ear to the dolls chest.

“Nope definitely not broken, I can hear him making that creepy breathing noise.”

Betty gasped swinging an arm out to whack Jugheads chest

“Don’t call our baby creepy! He’s perfect, maybe we’re just good parents! He doesn’t have to cry because we’re just such awesome parents.”

The dark haired boy snorted

“Yeah because we’ve got such great examples to model our parenting techniques after.” Images of late nights waiting for his father to come home, six year old Jughead sleeping on the couch by the front door to make sure no one came in and hurt his baby sister, flashed through his mind.

“Oh please, if anything our…… childhood experiences will benefit us as parents! I know for a fact I’ll never tell my daughter what she can and can’t be, if she wants to wear sweatpants to school well than she can wear them!” An indignant huff slid through the tiny blondes lips, Rex seemed to choose that exact moment to start whimpering causing both the teens to go stone still, Betty staring expectantly at Jughead as he nervously glanced around.

“He’s umm… he’s gonna start crying any second.” He offered.

Betty raised a brow

“I can see that, here take the baby, I have to find his pacifier, it’s somewhere in this bag.” She thrusted the doll forward, placing him in Jugheads arms as she rustled through the deep blue baby bag.

“Oh noooo, I don’t know how too… it’s small and…how do you even..” Jughead shifted the doll in his arms, awkwardly holding it in the stiffest way humanly possible.

“Aha!” Betty exclaimed! Pulling the pacifier from the bag and holding it up victoriously, her eyes fell on Jughead and she stifled a giggle. Moving closer Betty gently positioned the doll in the proper way and smiled “see, just like that.”

Jughead sighed in relief, already he felt more comfortable holding the baby, maybe it was Betty’s gentle way of teaching or maybe it was just the doll but for the first time all day he felt like maybe they could do this.

“Soooo…” betty broke the silence “I think you should take the baby home tonight. It’s the first night and I have cheerleading until 8.”

“What?! No I don’t think…”

“I’ll take him tomorrow Juggie, he’ll be fine! Just feed him and give him lots of cuddles! That’s all babies really need… oh and maybe… keep him away from some of your… friends okay? I know they ….play rough and we can’t afford to have little Rex all scratched up.”

He knew who she was referring too. The Serpents. He did a fairly good job at hiding his gang affiliation but she knew. Betty Cooper knew everything.

“I’ll keep him away from the Whyte Worm, they might try to fill his bottle with beer.” Jughead teased, wiggling his eyebrows playfully as Betty scrunched her nose and bit back a smile.

“Yeah yeah yeah. You’ll be fine Jug, it’ll be a piece of cake.”

He had believed her.

She had been wrong. So so wrong.

1:30 in the morning, the flashing red numbers on the bedside clock mocked him as the shrieking Screams of the baby doll in his arms pierced his ear drums.

“What do you want?! What can I do?!” The tired teenager moaned, rocking the baby quickly. Rex didn’t stop, he had been crying for two hours straight now.

“Screw it. If I can’t sleep your moms not sleeping either.”

He dialed Betty’s number so fast he didn’t even realize she was his number one on speed dial.

“Hello?” The sleepy voice of the long legged cheerleader answered from across the line.

“You were right, he is broken. Either that or he’s possessed, and honestly that second one is looking mighty plausible right now.”

He could hear sheets rustling before she spoke again.

“Mrs. Beasley said these dolls are just like real babies, they have all the Sensory features newborns do, tap his back, super slowly and super softly and use your fingers to tap out a rhythm.”

Jughead stalled

“Betty what are you..”

“Trust me Okay?”

Of course he did, he always would. And so he tapped, happy birthday, twinkle twinkle little star , the pledge of allegiance, until sure enough silence filled the tiny trailer.

“Did it work?” Betty’s questioned sleepily as Jughead placed Rex back in his carrier and dropped onto his bed.

“You’re a magician.” He answered.

He could almost hear her smile through the phone.

“Actually, that ones all you Jug.”


“We were seven I think and your mom, she got sick and she put us in charge of Jellybean, she was only a few months old, we were terrified, we sat by that crib in absolute silence for at least an hour, Afraid to even move. You held my hand for the first time that day remember?”

Jughead couldn’t keep the smile off of his face, Yeah he remembered, her hands were soft and tiny and he remembered squeezing so tight he was afraid her might hurt her

“Anyway” she continued “she started crying, really bad and your mom wasn’t waking up.” Sleeping pills, his mother was an addict, Betty was the only person who would ever know that “so you started tapping on her back because it was the only thing you could reach in between the bars, I sang have yourself a merry little Christmas and you tapped it out on her back and she stopped crying. It was the most relived I had ever felt in my seven year old life, do you remember?”

It was silent for a moment before Jughead spoke, voice barely above a whisper

“I remember.”

A pause

“I miss you Juggie.” She whispered.

“I miss you too betts.”

They stayed like that for a few moments before Betty yawned into the phone.

“Okay now that our child is sleeping I better get some rest of my own. I’ll see you tomorrow, and don’t forget to bring the diaper bag.” She hung up before he had a chance to respond but..

He felt lighter than he had in years.