she was his number one


I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day… When it’s cold outside, I got the– OH MY GOD JAGGED FLAMING ROCKS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY CORAN WE NEED TO SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY


Making History | 1.01

I’m from the future, 2016. 

And I was bored there, and lonely, and living in the shadow of my father. So I found a way to travel through time, and every place I went I’d try to become someone else, until I met you. 

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hey isaac got any jake dillinger hcs?


  • jake figures out he’s bi bc he has a sex dream abt harry styles when he’s like 15
  • speaking of one direction, he goes SO damn hard for them and he cried when he saw them in concert in middle school (tbh 75% of the time he’s crying over 1d)
  • speaking of pop music that just really rustles jake’s jimmies, he would literally take a bullet for carly rae jepsen. like she’s his number one and everytime she goes on tour u will see his ass there. he has a fan twitter an everything. he once gave rich a black eye for saying she’s overrated (”She Saved The Gays Rich You Dumb Fuck Respect Her”)
  • he makes friendship bracelets for all his friends and he never takes them off like he would rather die (michael cries when jake gives him and jeremy theirs which makes jake cry and jeremy is just like ??? wtf guys its just some strings and michael tells him to shut his whore mouth lmao)
  • he has three (3) pet hermit crabs and their names are homerun, chicken nugget and mustard. he posts daily pics of them on his snapchat
  • all of his socks are neon (most of them are knee high, he wears them with shorts like a dumbass) and he refuses to wear any other kind
  • he makes chloe a smoothie every morning and brings it to her at school. every month is a different flavor and he always adds whipped cream
  • on special occasions (or when he;s just really feeling himself) he puts glitter in his hair
  • the first time his group of friends all come to one of his Big Games togther he cried and got yelled a by his coach bc he stopped in the middle fo the field to wave to them (michael actually comes to a lot of his games, i mean they all do but michael goes to the most)
  • he’s on the chess team. he’s their worst player but no one has the heart to tell him bc he gets so excited while playing
  • if he sees a hula hoop. he’s gonna hula hoop. and he will not stop, his hips keep spinning. the colors r whirling around him. everything is begging him to stop but he’s running so no one can grab them to end this hell. he’s unstoppable.
how would you feel ; riarkle

summary: the four times farkle doesn’t say he loves riley, and the one time he does.
author’s note: my computer is being so irritating so i had to post this w my phone so sorry if the formatting is gross!!!!! the formatting on ao3 is fine and the link to my ao3 profile is in my bio.


It’s freshman year and Riley is trying out for cheer, again. Even though she made it last year, she still wasn’t satisfied with her “pity acceptance” and vowed to make it this year (I have to prove myself this time Farkle. We’re in high school now, it’s the big leagues), but for real this time.

The whole gang was going to come and support her again but everyone besides Farkle was preoccupied. Lucas and Zay had football practice, Maya had independent art study with Mr Turner, and Smackle was tutoring Yogi in biology. Farkle also had plans, the robotics club was about to make a huge breakthrough with their most recent endeavor, but when he saw the way her face fell when everyone bailed, he couldn’t do that to her. He knew that if she knew he had somewhere else to be, she would make him go, so he made sure she felt like his number one priority. At least, that’s what he told Smackle when she accused him of having feelings for her (again).

“She’s our friend, Smackle. My best friend actually, and I promised her I would be there for her. Always.”

“I thought I was your best friend, dearest? Match made in heaven?”

“You’re my girlfriend. There’s a difference.”

Smackle pretended his comment didn’t sting, and didn’t question it further.


He was gathering his stuff from his locker when she anxiously floated over to him the day of the try outs. She looked adorable in her high ponytail, pom poms in hand. Not that he noticed.

“Farkle, I’m so beyond nervous!” Her words zoomed off her lips as they walked to the gym. “I’ve been working with Zoe all summer, you know that, but what if it’s not enough? These girls have made this their lifestyle and I only started this summer. I want this so bad, my head could burst.”

“Riley,” he paused, stopping them and grabbing her hand, platonically, “You’re going to be great. You have never failed at anything you put your mind to. Don’t freak out, Riles. I’m going to be in those bleachers cheering you on the whole time.”
She looked up at him with her big, doe eyes, “Always?”

His heart broke at the sight of her vulnerability so he squeezed her hand, “Always.”

Her try out went great, he knew it would. She danced and laughed and even though she tripped at least seven times, she had more cheer than anyone there. He reminded her of that when they sat outside of the school waiting for their ride as she cried into his shoulder. As she cried, he held her tighter than ever before. Platonically.

The results got posted the next day and Farkle picked Riley up in his dad’s car even earlier than Cory could have taken her so they could wait outside and eat bagels. She wanted to be the first one to see the list, and for Farkle to be the second. When the school finally opened, Riley ran to the bulletin board outside of the gym before Farkle could even make it two feet inside. When he got to the bulletin board, she was standing in front of it, motionless.

“Riles,” he began cautiously.

“I, I made the team,” she whispered as if she didn’t even believe the words coming out of her own mouth.

It took him exactly .2 seconds for him to run to her and sweep her into his arms. She giggled wildly as he lifted her off the ground and twirled her around, embracing her as they celebrated this triumph.

Setting her down but not letting go of her, they looked at each other from a dangerously close perspective. His breath was heavier than he ever wanted it to be when he was around her, and her face was flushed pink with something she could only describe as pure exhilaration. Of course, at the time, she blamed it on the good news.

“Riley,” he paused, I love you,“I’m so proud of you.”

Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at him in a daze, I love you too “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

That night, he thought about the words he thought in that moment of pure bliss and reminded himself that it was platonic. They had said it a thousand times.

So why could he not say it then?


Freshman year quickly turned into sophomore year and sophomore year brought more challenges than any of them could imagine.
After the London Debacle the six had faced at the end of the last school year, Riley and Lucas had decided to stay broken up and a long three months later, Lucas and Maya had decided to put themselves, and everyone else, out of their misery and try dating again. They were now almost four months in things had settled. They were happy. Everyone was happy. Until the night that Smackle became very unhappy.

“Really, Smackle, I can leave. I don’t want to get in the way. I shouldn’t have come anyway.”

Smackle and Farkle were having a fairly innocent make out session in Farkle’s room when Riley barged in with bags full of snacks and all of the back to the future movies in hand. Ever since Maya and Lucas had started dating, Farkle had been there for her to lean on and she naively didn’t notice the effect it had on Farkle and Smackle’s relationship. That is, she didn’t realize it until she saw poor Smackle freaking out on Farkle.

“No, Riley, you’re fine,” Farkle said for the umpteenth time that night. Riley could very clearly see that things were not fine, that she was most certainly was not fine and that she should leave, so why did she believe him? Why did she take her word for it and sit there, knowing it was only making things worse?

Smackle scoffed, “Classic.”

Farkle’s finger were going to town on his temples, trying to soothe his mind in anyway possible, “Isadora, if you have something to say then say it.” He never called her by her full name.

“Fine,” she began, stronger than a bull, “If you want to really hear it then here it goes. Riley is using you, Farkle, and you’re letting it happen because you’re too nice. Ever since Lucas and Maya started dating she has needed someone to be there for her 24/7 and you became that person. But guess what, babe? I need you to be that person because you’re my boyfriend,” she paused and turned to Riley, “You hear that? My boyfriend. I get that things have been hard for you Riley but things get hard for everyone and you’re not the center of the universe. You don’t have dibs being treated right and you definitely don’t have dibs on being treated perfectly by my boyfriend.”

“You don’t get to talk to her like that, Smackle!” Farkle’s hands were balled and his neck was bright red. Riley had only ever seen him like that the time that Maya’s dad showed up drunk to one of her art shows over the summer. He was always the first one to start swinging for his girls but she wasn’t going to let that happen tonight. Smackle was right, she was being selfish.

“Farkle! Enough!” Riley yelled as she stood up and walked in between them, facing Farkle. “She’s right. I mean, for God’s sake it’s a Friday night and I barged in here with no warning just assuming you’d be available. That’s selfish, Farkle. Don’t defend me. Your relationship with Smackle is more important than my bruised ego. I’m going to go now,” she turned to Smackle, “I really am sorry, Smackle. I hope you can forgive me and realize that I never meant to hurt anyone,” she paused for a moment to gather herself, “Right, I’m gonna go now. So sorry. Ok, bye,” and with that, she slipped out the door and slid down against it, letting her head fall into her palms.

What the hell is wrong with you, Matthews? Get it together.


She woke up the next morning with a knock on her bay window.

Groggily and even more clumsily than normal, she made her way from her bed to open it up and let whichever one of her friends had decided to disturb her slumber this time. However, when she saw it was Farkle, she instantly sobered up.

“It’s seven am, what are you doing here?” She asked with a yawn.

He scooted in and sat next to her, head in his hands, “Smackle dumped me exactly six hours and forty seven minutes ago. After you left we kept talking and then talking turned to arguing some more and then arguing turned to tears and tears turned to slammed doors. I can’t believe I messed things up with her so bad.”

Riley’s heart broke at the sight of him. Now that she was really paying attention, she noticed that he was wearing the same outfit as yesterday and his hair was sticking up in every direction besides the one it was supposed to be.

She sighed and put her arm around him, resting her head against his crouched frame, “I’m so sorry, Farkley. This is all my fault. Do you want me to talk to her?”

He laughed dryly, “Actually, I feel like you’re the last person she wants to talk to. Well, second to last, actually. I think you’ve finally beaten me at something,” he joked as she playfully shoved him.

The two sat in silence for a little bit, just enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies.

“Are you wearing bunny pajamas?” He asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

“Excuse me for not expecting company at seven am.”

Silence fell upon them again.

Until Farkle was, once again, the one to break it.

“It wasn’t your fault, ya know. I’m the one that kept putting everything before my relationship. Don’t feel bad about it,” his voice was a whisper and she could tell he was incredibly serious and even more so remorseful at how he handled things with Smackle.

She sighed and started fiddling with the loose strings on the friendship bracelet she made him for his birthday last year as a joke. She ignores the fact that he never took it off, “You can say it wasn’t my fault all you want but the way she looked at me just goes to show that it was. She had every right to look at me like that.”

“Riley, you’re talking as if you’re a homewrecker.”

“I might as well be. You two were the best couple I had ever seen and here I come in like a bulldozer, messing everything up.”

He laughed the littlest laugh at that, it was just so absurd for Riley to think that she was anything less than perfect, “If we truly were the best couple, then some weirdo girl in bunny pajamas wouldn’t stand a chance against us.”

This made Riley laugh and bury her head into his shoulder, which felt like a victory.

I love you, “You’re the most important person in my life,” so much, “I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.”

I love you more, All she did was smile at him and continue fiddling with his friendship bracelet.


New Years Eve was a time of revelations for the group of six. Sophomore year had finally reached the halfway mark and the friends were celebrating with another New Year’s Eve party. However, to avoid the bad luck of the eighth grade party, they had changed locations to Maya’s apartment. Katy and Maya moved in with Shawn into a much nicer place about three blocks away from Riley and it seemed like the perfect location so Zay, Smackle, Farkle, Riley, Maya, and Lucas, along with the rest of the class of 2020, set up shop and got the party going.

Midnight was in exactly three minutes when Farkle found Riley on the roof of the apartment building. It was rare how bright the stars were shining that night.

She was leaning against the railing, head dreamily placed in the palm of her hand.

“Whatcha thinking about?” He asked as he mimicked her stance.

“Just how glad I am that this year is about to be over, and all of the possibilities that next year has to offer. 2018: the year of hope.”

He smiled warmly at her optimism, it had always been one of the many things he had loved about her. But up until recently, he thought it was all strictly platonic. But, when him and Smackle broke up a month and a half go, he began to realize that he had been lying to himself all along. It was never strictly platonic. It was hardly platonic period. Farkle hadn’t just loved Riley since the first grade, he had been in love with her since the first grade and he hadn’t been able to shake the realization since. Especially not with them being alone on this rooftop and her cheeks being as red as the day he first almost told her he loved her. It was all of the almosts that made him realize that it was more than friendly. Because friends don’t need almosts.

After a little bit of silence and a whole minute of the countdown gone, Riley asked, “What are your resolutions this year, Farkle? Now remember, nothing is too big.”

He looked at her and then he looked back up at the night sky. My resolution is to get the girl. “I don’t know. What’s yours?”

Nervousness suddenly washed over her as she looked down at her glove clad hands and then back up at him, “Promise not to laugh?”

“When have I ever laughed at you?”

“Almost everyday!” She joked, causing him to laugh out loud.

“Ok, ok I promise not to laugh. But hurry up, there’s only twenty seconds until midnight.”

Between the time it took for him to finish talking and for her to build the courage to speak, the time had dropped to ten seconds. They could faintly hear the countdown from their party downstairs.

She looked at her hands and whispered quietly, “I want to fall in love.”

Five seconds.

“What?” He couldn’t hear her above the countdown.

Two seconds.

“I want to fall in love!” she screamed giddily to the streets of New York City as the party downstairs and all across the east coast screamed “Happy New Year!”

With the new knowledge of her resolution, he didn’t waste another second.

I love you. He kissed her.

I know. She kissed him back. I love you more.

Riley and Farkle weren’t dating. Unless you call him giving her rides everyday, waiting for her at her locker, and sneaking kisses under the bleachers in between classes dating. Because if that what dating was, then they were definitely doing it, and had been for the entire second half of sophomore year, the whole summer, and the first few months of junior year. But they would go to the grave saying that nothing had changed. They even said so when Farkle showed up to school with a hickey peeking through the collar of his shirt after a long weekend. The same long weekend that Riley had told Maya she was busy the entire time of.

“Hey Farkle, what’s that on your neck?” Zay asked at lunch that fateful Tuesday back at school, trying to feign innocence.

Maya sat down next to Lucas and decided to join in on the phone, “Yeah, Minkus, what is it? Did you ‘fall’ again?”

However, Farkle didn’t back down easily, and he had been playing Maya and Zay’s games for a few years now, he was no Novice. “Actually, it is. In fact, it looks just like the bruises that were all over your neck freshman year right after you and Lucas had made it official. You must have ‘fallen’ a lot too. What a cowinky dink,” he finished as he took a bite into his apple, giving a smug look to Maya who just glared in response.

“Hey guys, what are we talking about?” Riley asked as she sat down, right next to Farkle of course. “Sorry I’m late, I had to stop by my physics class and ask a question. That class is so insanely difficult it’s driving me cra-” she halted as she saw the death stare Maya was giving Farkle, “What’s happening here?”

Without looking up from his casserole, Lucas nonchalantly explained, “Farkle and Maya are slut shaming each other.”

“Are you serious? That’s the third time this week!” Riley sighed annoyingly, hitting Farkle on the arm.

“Hey! It’s not my fault that your girlfriend keeps coming at my bruises. It’s not my fault that I uh, fall down a lot.”

Maya snickered from across the table, making Farkle snap his head back to her direction.

“What’s so funny, Hart?”

She laughed harder and then tried to calm herself down, “Woo, man,” she wiped tears from her eyes, “I just think it’s hilarious how easy it is for you to call Riley my girlfriend when I’m not even the one sleeping with her.”

Suddenly, the whole table turned to a ghost town aside from Maya’s uncontrollable cackling. Riley sunk her arms and Farkle’s ears, neck, and chest turned bright pink.

“Oh my,” Smackle squeaked from next to her boyfriend of three months, Zay.

Lucas wrapped his arm around Maya and looked at the group awkwardly, “Alright honey I think that’s our cue to leave. Bye everyone,” he said as he ushered a still laughing Maya away from the table, grabbing both of their trays in the process.

“Yeah uh, Iz I think we should head out too. You promised me you find that one book in the library, remember?” Zay said, very clearly trying to make a break for it in anyway he could.

“No, I have no memory of this.”

Zay opened his eyes wider, signaling urgency. Finally, Smackle caught on, “Oh yes. That book,” she fake remembered. “Let’s go,” and, with that, they ran off after Maya and Lucas.

It was quiet for a little bit, with Farkle trying to piece together what had just happened and Riley trying to find the courage to come out of the hiding place under her arms.

“Well. At least Maya and I won’t slut shame each other anymore?” He reasoned weakly, as he stared at his unfinished peanut butter and jelly.

Riley groaned.

“Hey, I mean, this isn’t that bad,” he continued, swiveling to face her this time, “I mean, it’s not like we were keeping it a secret or anything. Were we?”

Finally, Riley uncovered her face and looked at him tiredly, “I don’t know Farkle. I mean, we’ve been together but not together for like nine months now and we’ve never even talked about what we are or what we’re doing or where we’re going. What are the rules here?”

Farkle’s mouth was dry. He never brought up the talk because he didn’t want to scare her away. Neither of them had ever been good at relationships and now that he had her in his grasp, he didn’t want to lose it.

“I didn’t realize that there were supposed to be rules,” he trailed off.

Riley scoffed and gathered her things, trying not to let the tears fall in front of him, “Yeah well you also didn’t realize that all I want is to be your girlfriend. And they call you a genius.”

And then, it was just Farkle at the lunch table, and it was his turn to hide and groan.


Over the past nine months, Farkle’s bay window visits had grown substantially in frequency, but this time he was nervous. It probably had something to do with the fact that he hated himself for ruining the best thing that had ever happened to him, but he ignored that and tapped on the locked window. She must have known that he would try to stop by.

“Go away, Farkle,” he heard Riley snap, muffled slightly by the glass.

“Please, Riley, can we just talk about this? Unlock the window, please.”

He rested his head against the window in frustration and sighed, You really did it this time, Minkus.

And then suddenly, his head was no longer on the window, but inside of Riley’s room, landing with a thump.

“Sorry,” Riley apologized, completely deadpanned and full of zero remorse.

He climbed in and rubbed his forehead, “It’s fine. I deserved that.”

She had moved back to her bed and was facing the wall in front of her instead of him, clutching a pillow, “Yeah. You did.”

Farkle then noticed that the pillow had mascara stains on it and his heart sank so deeply.

“Riley, I know I handled this whole situation, you and me, the complete wrong way. I just, I don’t know what’s wrong with me sometimes. I just got so caught up in how great things were I forgot or didn’t realize how amazing things could be if we just talked about it. I was selfish. I didn’t want things to get ruined so I strung us both along for almost a year and I’m sorry. I understand if you never want to talk to me again but,” he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, I love you, “But, please just know that I would never want to hurt you.”

Her eyes broke away from the wall and turned to him. She saw how tired he looked and it had only been three and a half hours since they had last spoke. She knew she shouldn’t let him off that easily, but she also knew she wanted nothing more than to have him hold her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

“Farkle,” she began as she moved off of her bed and next to him, clutching his hand into hers. The bracelet she had given him had lost almost all of its integrity and color, but it was still seared into his skin. “You’re not selfish. I didn’t speak up either. But being scared isn’t an excuse, for either of us. So, right here, right now, we need honesty. One hundred percent, complete, and total honesty.”

He smiled at her, “I can do that.”

Placing her free hand over their conjoined ones, she whispered, “How do you feel about me? Am I just a nine month long booty call to you?”

He scoffed, “Of course not. Are you serious right now?

She looked incredibly serious.

“Oh my God you are serious. Alright, well. No. You’re not a booty call. You never have been and you never will be. You’re my best friend, and you’re also everything I’ve ever wanted or needed out of a partner, a teammate. Riley, you’re everything to me.”

“But you told Smackle that being a girlfriend and being a best friend are different,” she asked warily.

“With her, they were. Smackle and I never had what we have. We have,” he turned to face her and grabbed both of her hands, “We have history. We have a near life long bond. For us, being best friends and being more isn’t that far of a stretch. Name one thing that is noticeably different from before.”

Riley giggled and traced the bruise on his lower neck, “Well, this is certainly a new development.”

He laughed and grabbed the hand she was using to trace the bruise and brought it to his mouth, kissing it sweetly. “Besides that, nothing has changed. We are still us. Late night movie marathons, bagel runs, and mix cds, everything that we had is still what we have. And what we have is perfect.”

“But what is it that we have? Are we dating, are we friends with benefits? What is happening?”

He looked into her eyes deeper than he ever had before and drop his voice to a more serious tone, “What do you want?”

“I wasn’t lying when I made my resolution this year. I wanted to fall in love.”

The past tense stings, “Oh, well what do you want now.”
“I don’t want anything more. I already have you,” she pauses and smiles at him, “My resolution has been fulfilled.”

His heart stops and then starts going again at a mile a minute.

“Wait so does that mean that,” he was trying to stay calm but he couldn’t help the goofy smile breaking across his face.

“Yes. I love you, Farkle Minkus,” the goofy smile mirrored on her face as they giggled ridiculously.

“I love you too. So, so much,” he held his hands and kissed her knuckles again, “Since the first grade.”

She smiled back at him, “I can’t believe it took us ten years to get here, and the whole time we were right under each other’s noses.”

“I know, and now we’re dating,” he said with his smile wide and smug.

Her eyes widened with excitement and she squeezed his hands a little tighter, “We are?”

He laughed excitedly, “If you would do me the honors then yes, I would be honored to be your boyfriend. Beyond honored actually,” he paused, “I can’t think of a word that means more than honored right at this very moment, I’m a little flustered,” Riley laughed at that, “But yeah, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Riley cheered as she wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling him in for an embrace.

They stayed like that for a little while until Farkle started giggling.

“Why are you laughing?” Riley asked as she pulled back to look at him.

“I just think it’s funny that we did everything so out of order. We kissed, had,” his voice dropped to a whisper as a joke, “sex, and said I love you all before we started officially dating. Why are we like this?”

She laughed too, resting her head against his shoulder, “Oh well, I guess. Who cares. We’re together now,” she looked back up at him smiled.

He leaned down and rested his forehead on hers, “I’m never going to get tired of saying ‘I love you’ to you.”

Smiling and leaning in to kiss him, she hummed against his lips, “I’m never going to get tired of hearing it. I mean, it took you long enough.”

“That’s really rude, I’m fragile.”

“Whatever. Shut up and kiss me.”

“I mean, if you insist.”


The Blacklist Rewatch: The Alchemist

They Meet Again

Three years, three long years, with her by his side. She had been there when he was nervous, she had been there when he was sick, she had been there when he was happy, when he was sad, when he was mad, she had been there for everything. She did just about anything and at first he did the same for her, if she needed him, he was there, but one day it all changed. 

Y/N was one of the phew that the fans liked, she was kind, she was just like Harry. She was humble, she loved everyone, and she just wanted for everyone to be happy. She just had a vibe that made everyone in the room love her, she had a smile that would warm people’s hearts, she was kind and gentle. 

Their relationship was what everyone wanted. The looks they gave each other, the smiles they shared. Harry would whisper something in her ear that would make her laugh, and she would respond with something that would make his face light up. To the outside their relationship seemed easy, it seemed effortless. They seemed happy. 

But Y/N was tired, she was tired of sitting at home waiting for his phone call. She was tired of him cancelling last minute because he would rather see his friends, she was tired of calling out of work for him to just back out of their plans. But none of those made her reach her breaking point, they really didn’t. She reached her breaking point four months after Harry returned from filming his movie.

He had been home for a month and it was her birthday, she was never one for attention. And after three years, three birthdays, Harry knew that. But it seemed like this year it slipped his mind, when he woke up and went out for the day she was mad, but it wasn’t anything they couldn’t work through. She was willing to sit down and talk, and so they did. In which Harry claimed his fame, his job, was more important than her turning a year older, his fame was more important than her, and he would be damned if he let one girl, one person, ruin it. He didn’t apologize, so she grabbed her bag and left. He was her number one, but she wasn’t his, and she couldn’t be in a relationship where she gave her all and he didn’t. 

The break up was bad, there was screaming. He kept yelling how he didn’t need her, how he could have anyone he pleased, and she kept begging him to stop. He kept reminding her that he made the income, that he was better, that he had the fame, not her. She had never seen this side to him, and she hated it, she hated the new him.

“Thank you for coming,” Niall smiled.

It had only been six months since the break up if you asked Y/N. Six months of her couch surfing because she couldn’t find an affordable place to live. Six months of crying herself to sleep, six months of her forcing herself out of bed and into work. 

If you asked Harry he would tell you it had been 192 days or 4,608 hours since he stopped being happy. He would tell you it had been 192 days since the last time he felt complete, 192 days since he felt like he could breathe, 192 days since he could sleep. 

Y/N didn’t want to go to Niall’s. But it was his day, he had thrown a party together to celebrate his album, his new solo album, and he had to invite the women who had also been by his side for three years. The friend who he could always count on. And she couldn’t let him down, this was his night, he worked so hard and who was she to not support him because she dated his friend. 

“I’m just so proud of you Ni,” Y/N smiled, hugging him.

She felt him rub her back in a gentle manner, “I’m so excited,” Niall pulled back, “and it means a lot that you came here, I know you didn’t want to see him.”

“This isn’t about him, it’s about you,” she says, “don’t worry about me.”

She feels her heart drop to her stomach, she thought she could do it, she really did. But when she looks up she sees him, and he looks just as handsome as he did when they were together. His eyes were focused on the drink in his hand, nodding as someone spoke to him.

But then he looks up and he sees her, the real her, not what everyone else sees. He sees the pain in her eyes, he sees her hands shaking slightly, he sees her biting her lower lip that was trembling, he sees the dark circles under her eyes that she had tried to cover with makeup. He sees her, and his heart leaps for joy. He had missed her, the moment she walked out the door he knew it was a mistake that everything he said was a mistake. 

She walks over to the table, grabbing a drink. “Y/N,” a voice comes from behind her, making her turn. 

“Kendall!” Y/N smiled, hugging her. 

“Look,” Kendall steps back, “I know pictures of Harry and are out, but I just want you to know nothing has happened, I would never do that to you, we’re just friends, I promise.”

“I know,” Y/N squeezes her hand, “you’re a great friend.”

“How have you been?” Kendall asked. 

Terrible, I can’t sleep, I cry all the time, every time I see him out with a girl my heart breaks, I just want him, “I’m good,” Y/N lies.

“Really?” Kendall asked. 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good. I’ve been busy,” she says, bringing her glass to her lips and drinking the alcohol. 

They all knew it was a lie, a fan saw Y/N crying in her car just last week. The video of Y/N’s head on the wheel, sobs leaving her mouth, were evident. 

“Y/N,” the familiar voice that use to mean home, that made her feel safe, that made her laugh, fills her ears. She turns, Harry stands, his dull eyes on her, “can we talk?”

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GOM and their gf broke up leaving the boys emotionally shattered. They meet reader-chan (you) who slowly mends their broken hearts piece by piece. Eventually they start to fall for each other then BAM, ex wants to work things out. What happens next?

Kuroko: “_____-san, will you be mine ——“ Kuroko starts, but is interrupted by a shrill cry. “KoKo!! Oh my gosh, I’ve been looking for you for so long! I want to get back together!” ___ looked at the other girl as she grabbed onto his arm and pressed her boobs against him. “This is the girl who broke his heart? Well, my chance is gone now.” ____ thinks as she looks away from the situation, about to cry. Suddenly, ____ feels an arm wrap around her waist before she looks up to Kuroko, seeing him pull her closer. “(Ex’s Name), I’m actually glad you’re here. I want you to meet my new girlfriend, _____. She’s the one that showed me what real love is.”

Midorima: “Shinshin? I can’t believe I finally found you here! Fate must want us to be together!” A high-pitched voice cuts through the air as ___ and Midorima pull away from their kiss. “Uhm, who is this?” The mystery girl says as she realises ____’s presence and position. “This is ____. My girlfriend.” Midorima says as he pushes up his glasses. ____ is surprised at the fact he does not pull away from their close position. “But..we’re supposed to be together? Remember! Your psychic even said so!” The girl pouted, obviously annoyed at the fact someone had taken Midorima’s attention and pain away. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but our signs are not compatible at all. She actually told me that you were bad, but I didn’t want to listen. However, ____ and I are perfect for each other, and that’s approved by my psychic. Do not get in my way with happiness this time, nanodayo.”

Kise: “___cchi, I want you to be my girl—Huh? (Ex’s Name)? What are you doing here?” Kise starts before looking past ___’s shoulder, behind her. ___ turns just in time to catch the picture-perfect girl give Kise a flirty wink and an alluring smile. “Kise-kun! I’ve missed you! I’m a little bit insulted that you’ve dropped ‘cchi’ on my name, but I’ll forgive you this time. I want to get back together!” (Ex’s Name) murmurs while walking past you and up to Kise, leaning a bit too far in for ____’s liking. “And just when he was going to ask me out, she comes waltzing back into his life. Absolutely stunning and the number one female model of the year, how the hell could I compete? Just walk on out quietly before you lose any more dignity, ____.” ____ thinks before trying to turn and walk out before Kise can catch her. Kise immediately sees that ___’s trying to leave so he speaks up. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but I don’t have time to talk. My girlfriend’s leaving, so that’s my queue!” He starts walking over to ____ as ____ and (Ex’s Name) turns towards him in shock. “Girlfriend?!” (Ex’s Name) beats ____ into questioning him as his ex flip her silky hair as if she was insulted. Kise gives off a cheeky smirk as his aura changes into a little less ‘happy-go-lucky’. “Yes, you heard me. Girlfriend. Bye, (Ex’s Name).” Kise grabs ____’s hand and looks down to her blushing face, pecking her on the lips, before quickly turning back to his ex one last time. “Oh! And (Ex’s Name)? My model agency says we won’t be working together anymore. They found a new girl who’s beautiful inside and out.” Kise remarks, looking back towards his girlfriend and giving her a wink.

Aomine: “No you do it like this, baka.” Aomine’s voice vibrates through ____’s ear as his arms have a secure hold on her waist and he guides her body to shoot correctly at the hoop. She giggles in response and glances into his eyes, her eyes twinkling, before she turns her attention back towards the goal. Just as she’s about to shoot, a voice cries out making ____ miss the goal. Aomine’s eyebrow twitches in annoyance at whoever interrupted their cute little moment (although he would never admit that). “Dai-chan!” The stranger’s voice squeals making Aomine flinch again. “Who is this? Why help her when you can help me! I want you back, Dai-chan!” His ex comes running up and pushing ____ out of the way, making her fall in the process, before running into Aomine’s arms. ___ cries out as Daiki’s eyes widen, concerned. Quickly he forcefully pushes his ex out of the way before running over to ___ to make sure she’s okay. Once he realises nothing is hurt, he fiercely glares back up to his ex. “I’m not taking you back, (Ex’s Name), and if you ever touch my girlfriend again, we’re going to have a major problem.”

Murasakibara: “____-chin, doesn’t it taste good?” Murasakibara says as he shoves a little cake down ___ throat. His hand then goes to rest on her arm as he caresses it. “Mmpft!” ___ chokes before reprimanding him. “Sushi-chan, I can’t eat as much as you can at once! Be careful before I cho—“ Suddenly, Atsushi’s arm is ripped from ___’s as someone tugs him up out of his seat. “Atsu-chin, what the hell are you doing with this girl?!” A cry yells out from the stranger girl, as she stares up to the giant with a glare. Murasakibara’s mellow expression drastically changes as he directs an intimidating glare to his smaller ex. He tightly grabs onto his ex’s hand that was on his wrist and throws it off with a force that’s just enough to leave a red mark so she knows he’s seriously pissed. “(Ex’s Name), we once had a thing, but it’s long gone. I love ____-chin now, and if you get in the way of that, I won’t hesitate to crush you.” And the red mark on her arm says just that.

Akashi: Akashi knew his ex was going to try something the moment she passed ____ and him in the park. A swift walk-by before she turns around and runs back up to him. “Sei? I knew it was you! This must mean something. I’ve been wanting to get bac—“ She interrupts the special moment between ___ and Akashi did not appreciate that. “Excuse me, (Ex’s Name), but it seems that I was in worse condition than usual back then.” “What?” She’s taken aback by the riddles Akashi was giving her; meanwhile, ____ was just looking on, hoping and praying that Akashi would not take her back. He did just admit his feelings to her. “I must have been at an all-time low when we were dating because I see things so clearly now. You were into me because of my status, that much I knew, I just always thought that you had enough class to fulfil your part of being my significant other. But it seems now that you are nothing but home-wrecking trash. Excuse us.” ____ blinks as she’s tugged along with Akashi. Omg the sass, though.

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What would the the chocobros romantic ideal date be with their s/o. (I would love to read some sweet fluffy stuff :'))

Originally posted by gigglincactus

Headcanon/scenario’s revolving each of the guy’s individual preferences for a rare day/night off to spend with their partners.

Noctis is a lethargic type of person. He has his reasons – the guy is draining a lot of energy to fulfil his Royal duties so he wants a whole day to relax. He will invite you to stay over at his private chambers in the Citadel, Crown City.

Following a much needed sleep-in, he will make the effort to get out of bed and make you a hot drink before proceeding to shower – he wants a fresh scent and is paranoid about his appearance around you. Whilst you’re sipping your beverage in bed he will quickly grab some of his hair products from his draws and rush in the bathroom, frantically looking in one mirror to the next to ensure his hair is styled adequately. Post hair woes, Noctis informs you the bathroom is free provided you want to use it so you quickly wash and put casual clothes on – you know you’re not going to be taken anywhere fancy but that’s what he adores about you. You love him for who he is and not because of his Royalty.

Noctis decides to surprise you to visit an old play area him and the bros would hang out in during their school years. The place holds a lot of sentimental value to him and you’re touched he opened up to you. Noctis takes your hand and leads you to sit on top of a long slide – it’s a little claustrophobic because of the lack of room, yet you both feel so cosy and snuggle up to each other. He places his arm around the back of your neck, ensuring his hand is respectfully away from your chest area and place on your forearm.

Noctis strokes your forearm now and then between sentences to ensure you feel loved and acknowledged. His other arm is awkwardly wrapped around the ladder connected to the slide.

Noctis: ‘Look, I know I’m not the sort of guy to say everything and anything about how I’m feeling but….I…’

He sighs and continues.

‘Those guys are my life and my family and….and I want you to be part of it. You’re my world Y/N – my one constant and damn it, I know, look, I know I don’t show my gratitude enough….’

Y/N: ‘It’s okay Noct, please continue.’ – You want to cherish this moment he pours his heart out to you.

Noctis: ‘Just promise me one thing. I swear, I hope it’s not too much. Stay with me, always Y/N.’

You simply nodded your head before proceeding to rest it on his shoulder. He smiles and you both enjoy absorbing your surroundings.

The old run down play area held a greater significance than ever……

One of the reasons Gladio fell for you is because you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty for a prize! You worked a busy shift at the power plant and were surprised to see Gladio sitting outside your car.

Y/N: ‘Er Gladi, aren’t you supposed to be escorting Noctis to Altissia’s Fishing Tournament tonight? The paparazzi are going to be in full force, he needs you right?’

Gladio: ‘Not tonight Princess but don’t worry, I got it covered. Tonight, it’s about me and you.’

You kinda despised being called Princess for a nickname but hey, the guy took a night off for you. Since you were off this weekend, you didn’t have to worry about an early start to sleep for so you were motivated to make the most of your night! Gladio suggested you went on a little hunt, to which you responded.

Y/N: ‘Behemoth time, right Gladio? What say we get some proper meat, OUR way?’

Gladio: ‘Oh, I’m on it!’

Gladio high fives you and insists on driving your car due to your tiring day at work. You both arrive in run down deserted plains situated between Goldin Quay and Hammerhead. You both swing out your weapons and temporarily separate to increase the chances of what becomes a successful pre-emptive strike on a huge 20 foot Behemoth with claws so sharp and strong they could break a human’s bones in seconds.

You both perform one last strike together, Gladio grabs your hand and swings you to the opposite side of the creature, delivering a devastating blow to its back leg whilst Gladio pierces its chest. You both gather your prize and go back to your apartment, in which he carefully stirs your hard earned meat into yours and his favourite limited edition sweet and sour chilli Cup Of Noodles you managed to acquire for free as a thank you for your efforts at work.

You both sat on your sofa, watching horror movies accompanied with your delicious noodles before he grabs your hips gently, placing you on his lap, massaging your back whilst enjoying your favourite horror movies.

Prompto’s purchased you both some tickets to the Moogle Chocobo carnival – an annual event you’ve sadly never attended due to your work commitments as a full time environmentalist, educating citizens across the globe. He’s already liaised with your management, practically begging them to let you have a weekend off to unwind and what better way to let loose than find yourself surrounding by mascots, fun and games whilst being surprised to a free fireworks display as a thank you for your services to the people of Eos.

Prompto has you blindfolded whilst he drives you to your special getaway. He asked you to pack beforehand so everything was organised and going smoothly! Whilst you wondered what was occurring, you heard unfamiliar noises and the sounds of huge gatherings and popping balloons.

Prompto escorted you out of his auto mobile with your luggage, leading you to what sounded and felt like a hotel suite. He then led you back outdoors again before ripping off your blindfold.

Prompto: ‘Ta da sweet cheeks! This is for you. Take a break, relax and enjoy!’


You immediately ran over to the coins counter, learning what prizes are to be won before Prompto grabs your arm, leading you to the chocobo races to which you gladly volunteered to participate.

Talk about an amazing day. You were both on a sugar high from the Moogle Edition candy floss and choco-banana ice cream consumed. You’d participated in various activities, including the findings of moogle models, shooting cactuars, photograph competitions. Prompto had never seen you so happy, even though you beat him at chocobo racing which would normally frustrate him. You even won a plush chocobo for him at the stall as a way to say thank you which gets him emotional. As the evening would draw closer, he decided to take you out for a meal at Altissia’s finest establishment before inviting you to the special fireworks event. You both refreshed yourselves at your hotel room before Prompto escorted you to a small boat, controlled by a member of staff for tour guides and just generally enjoy the scenery and see all the sights whilst admiring the beautiful fireworks!

As the sparks would fly, you closed your eyes, taking in the sounds before grabbing Prompto’s camera and getting plenty of landscape shots of multi-coloured fireworks – the colours perfectly contrasted the dark night sky.

Prompto: ‘That’s my girl.’

He watched you with utmost pride and smirked. How did he ever get this lucky? Seeing you smile made him feel warm and fuzzy inside and you’d never forget this thoughtful gesture.

Ignis is the only bro who evidences balance and structure in the event of planning a date. For Ignis, he would need to outline the pros and cons of a particular location and recipe before inviting his loved one into what could be a night of turmoil and trouble. He hides it well normally but the guy was rather anxious when it came to pleasing his partner. They’re the sort of couple of love each other dearly but enjoy pursuing their own interests and investing in their own individual time – the pair’s schedules are packed to the brim with Royal duties; Ignis serving Prince Noctis and Y/N attending to the cleanliness of the Citadel quarters. So a date night was a pretty big deal as far as Iggy was concerned.

He gave notice to Noctis concerning his ‘night off’ and ensured Y/N followed suit. So it’s now a Saturday night and Y/N has spent the day sleeping and catching up on her historical readings leant to her by Ignis himself. Ignis has been preparing the setting for Y/N, hoping the date would prove she is his number one priority, despite his commitments to the Prince. He requested she dresses in ‘comfortable’ and ‘warm’ attire and meet him outside the Citadel. She proceeds and he takes her arm, escorting her to his car, driving with the roof lowered. He then leads her to a quiet area full of grasslands situated on the outskirts of Insomnia. You’d read about this little known location in one of your books Iggy leant you. You were most impressed.

Ignis: ‘Follow me and please, remain seated. You need not lift a finger for tonight’s activities.’

You followed him to a beautiful campsite, clearly set up during the day (good job it didn’t rain), the tent was pretty huge and you took a sneak peak – he’d filled the tent with your favourite blanket you keep in his accommodation to preserve his scent, all accompanied with a thick duvet and cushions. You smelt the scent of your favourite dish, Spaghetti Bolognese complete with Sea salt bread with a large bottle of balsamic vinegar – your favoured flavour of dip.

Y/N: ‘How long have you been out here today, cooking this?’

Ignis: ‘Ah, the best part of the whole day, crack of dawn to set up camp, followed by food preparation back home, not to forget the……’

Ignis was interrupted by you dramatically running over to him standing at the stove. He paused whilst you hugged him tightly, almost trapping his oxygen supply, thanking him repeatedly.

As you eventually dined outside the huge camp/kitchen set up he suggested a spot of stargazing before wrapping up the date. You assisted him in tidying the crockery and sat a few meters away from the tent on the grassy floor. You felt Ignis wrap his hands around your waist as he placed himself on the floor, carefully seating you on his thighs whilst he stretched out his legs.

No words were needed, the ambience of the night and the most wondrous view did all the talking for the pair of you. Eventually you fell asleep, so peaceful and content whilst stargazing. He lifted you in his arms and placed you in the tent, wrapping the blankets around you both.

Ignis: ‘Sleep well my beloved Y/N. Sleep well.’

Thank you for your request! I hope this was okay! :D


ARIES - Dating


Dating an Aries never lacks excitement. She is hot-blooded and forceful, so you had better be able to handle the heat! The Aries woman is for the person who likes an independent self-driven woman who can fend for herself and is not clingy and needy. An Aries woman requires freedom. For the Aries woman, the best part of the relationship is the beginning, then the spark is there and she is trying to catch you to be hers.

She will find happiness in a long-term relationship because she enjoys sharing everything with her partner. She will not only have a romantic partner but a best friend too. She has a great need for love and passion but she will never let a man become the master, she considers her partner to be equal. Aries women are not for domineering men. She will be faithful but she expects the same in return.

She can be jealous because she wants a man to give her all of his attention, “all or nothing”, so her jealousy is rooted in her possessiveness, she has to be number one in his eyes. She will always encourage and give strength to her partner so an Aries woman is great to have in times of despair or need, she will always be there for you. In order to have this happy ending, she needs to feel appreciated and loved.


An Aries man has a lust for adventure so if you are thinking about having a relationship with an Aries man, be prepared for fast-paced adventure, novelty and excitement. He is always eager to try new things - including relationships. That is not to say that every Aries man will only provide an exciting and short-lived relationship, but this is usually the case. He might stick around if you are the type of woman that enjoys having the man take the lead and basking in his glory.

He enjoys challenge so if you are the woman to offer challenges to him - like playing hard to get - he might stick around longer. Remember, this man is all about the thrill of the chase. Do not however, act as if you don’t care about him. He needs you to be “swept off your feet” by him. Appear innocent- hard-to-get and he will be wrapped around your little finger. Never take advantage of the Aries man because his short temper will turn into a fury of anger and he will leave and never look back.

I Got 99 Problems and You’re Number One

… Yes, this is what you’re thinking. Me being super late to start @starcoweek3 


So.. yeah, I’m a bit ashamed it took me this long to finish, like, we are almost over it…

Also, guys I didn’t give up JanTom Week, all the fics have half done but I had a major block with Jantom (probably due to EA just wanted me on the climax chapters and I’m still finishing it) I plan to finish before next jantom week lol

Also,, huge thanks to @mrevaunit42 and @axis2600 for helping to post this anyway, you guys are awesome! *hugs*

Also a special mention to @fullertoons for creating this amazing au! 

I hope you enjoy :D

PS: lots of people identified this as the Starco song because of EA, and I ended up using to write in this too along with this one.

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I 99 Problems and You’re Number One

Marco sat in the waiting room annoyed. He and Star went to Mewni to come kind of ceremony that she was obligated to comply and for whatever reason, he got into it too. The princess had asked him if he could wait for her to get ready to give an opinion to her dress and how he was supposed to say no when she looked at him with those blue eyes full of hope?!

He had a major problem, not only because he was completely hopeless for those blue eyes sparkling hope, or the cutest heart marks she had, or how she was enchanting on every single way, or how Star walked like floating like she was a ballerina… No, all that was consequences of his number one problem.

The fact he was falling for the princess.

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Small Miracles

Written for @leiascully‘s XF Writing Challenge: May.

Not sure what this is. I started out with the realisation that I’d never written a one-bed fic but this thing ended up as something entirely different. Set during the cancer arc, a bit funny, a bit angsty, just a bit odd.

It wasn’t the fact that it was freezing or the fact that the nearest decent town was fifty miles away or even the fact that the wallpaper in the reception area was the same colour as the dried blood under Mulder’s fingernails. None of those things, either individually or as a collective of annoyances, got under Scully’s skin more than the fact that Mulder knew damned well this whole couple of days had been a charade.

           “Didn’t you good folk see all the posters around town?”

           Scully twisted the sole of her shoe on top of the cockroach that skittered out from behind the desk.

           “I didn’t even see the town,” she muttered to the roach.


           “Just give me my key, Mulder.”

           “Head on over the parking lot there and number four is just to the right. Next to number three.” The clerk gave Mulder a key so large it looked like a novelty one from a joke shop.

           “And I’m guessing that number three is just next door to number two?” Scully held out her hand, preparing to take the weight of her own key.

           The clerk’s eyebrows sunk low. “No, ma’am. Number two is behind the reception, here. Next to number one.”

           She caught Mulder smirking into his hand, fist under his nose, key ring looped over a blood-streaked finger.

           “Scully,” he said, straightening up. “I’m afraid there’s only one room left.”

The words fell out of his mouth with more than a shade of that same smirk tinting them.

Number four was missing a working heater, two-thirds of the thread in the carpet, a wardrobe door and the expert work and tools of a good cleaner. Water dripped into the rust-stained sink, a fly clung to the tar-stained net curtain that barely covered the window. Scully pulled the drape across to blot out the the neon glare of the motel sign. The curtain rings uncoupled from the runner as she pulled on the wand and entire thing down crashed to the floor.

           Mulder laughed.

           Scully dug her nails into the palms of her hand. Angry felt good. In fact, angry was pretty much all she’d felt since the car hit the outskirts of Ira Springs.

           He had taken up residence on the bed, arms under his head, tie flung off and collar opened, television already breathing life into him like a ventilator.

           “Why are we here, Mulder?” She opened the fridge and sniffed. There had been something dead in there recently.

           “Enjoying the Ira Springs MayFest with the good folk of the town, Scully.”

           She pushed the door and it wheezed shut like dying fly. “Now tell me why we’re really here, Mulder. We’ve driven across the country to investigate what is likely a weather or environmental or atmospheric phenomenon, you’ve managed to get yourself into a fist-fight with the local hoodlum and you haven’t even washed his blood off your hands yet, and now we’re in this…” her hands flung out from her sides, “I don’t even know what this is, but we’re here and there’s only one bed and you’re…God, Mulder. Why are you smiling like that?”

           He patted the bed. “Chill, Scully. Didn’t you read the literature I gave you? The Ira Springs MayFest…’

‘Runs for the month of May and offers therapeutic healing, yoga and meditation classes, hot stone and Reiki massage, auric readings…’

‘But aside from those, the festival has a renowned reputation for calming the souls of even the most uptight of folk. The story of Ira Iremos, the town’s founder, told how before he came here he was filled with uncontrollable rage, but no sooner than he settled in what is now the area the motel is built arond, his anger seeped away and he lived the rest of his days mellow and relaxed. He claimed there was a lighter atmosphere, a calming aroma in the air, spiritual fingers that massaged his soul. The now kinder and more generous Ira wanted other good folk,” he used air quotes, “to take the waters too.”

She stalked into the bathroom.

           She filled the sink as Mulder rattled on behind the door. If she didn’t know any better she’d say he was drunk or high. Always generous with his words, this was another level of liberal. She lifted the grey water to her face, splashing it as though it might obliterate not just the continuous hum of Mulder’s voice but the entire day. She looked up at her face in the mirror and sighed. She would go a Reiki massage right now.

           She ran a bath, hoping that Mulder would run out of oxygen before the tub filled. And on the off chance that he had developed the lung capacity of a cave-diver, she consoled herself that if she slipped away in the murky depths of the Ira Springs Motel’s dubious water supply, at least she could go out with the knowledge that Mulder might momentarily enjoy seeing her completely naked, for the first time, before the utter desolation of her death would propel him back to the impulsive, reckless shell of a man he was always just a whisker away from inhabiting.

           She giggled out loud. Where the hell had that come from? The motel shampoo smelled like toilet cleaner. Probably was. But infused with magical properties. She giggled again and rubbed it into her hair.

Mulder had moved to the chair and was asleep, shoes kicked off, legs splayed open, one hand tucked under his cheek, the other resting on his lap. His mouth drooped open. She studied him for perhaps a moment too long – just like he looked at her ass when she bent to retrieve a file he’d requested, or down her top as she sat and he stood over her, lecturing her. She had a sudden yearning for a slide projector and a full five minutes of watching his jawline. She pulled the robe tighter around her and sat on the bed. It was soft and lumpy but a warm fatigue was making her drowsy. Or something.

           The television played on, casting an otherworldly glow in the room. It picked up the blood on Mulder’s knuckles and she dampened a flannel to wipe his hand. He stirred, snuffled out a soft sigh, and shifted to face the other way. His neck was going to ache tomorrow. She slid under the blanket and enjoyed the sensation of peace and calm that slithered down her body. How had a bath in this joint after the couple of days they’d had, managed to leave her feeling so relaxed. It made no sense. But then again, she was in a motel room with Mulder in the middle of nowhere investigating yet another trumped-up case. And she had cancer.

Her life made no sense.

It was freezing again. Why was it so cold now? She snuggled further under the bedding but the odour of mothballs was too much and she inched her way higher. A frigid breeze hit her face and she opened her eyes. Mulder was trying to shut the door, arms full of booty.

           “Mulder? What the hell?” She pulled the blanket up around her chin.

           “I got hungry, Scully.”

           “So you got scooby snacks from the diabetes and heart disease machine?”

           “Funny, Scully. Want to die with me?”

           His face fell as the words hung in the cold air.

And so did the bags of chips and candy. All over the floor. He scrabbled around apologising and gathering the feast in his arms.

           She pushed herself up against the bed head, guilt thrumming through her. “It’s okay, Mulder. Sit here with me. I could go some M&Ms.”

           He handed her the packet and she pulled it open, raising her eyes to his. His puppy-dog expression melted her heart and she couldn’t decide if she wanted to pull him into her arms or to sink into his. She shifted on the cooling sheets.

           “Are you going to tell me why we’re really here, Mulder? What’s the deal with the Ira Springs MayFest? There’s something about this place. I know that.”

           He quirked an eyebrow. “You can feel something here?”

           The chocolate candy shell cracked between her teeth and the sweet filling oozed out. “It’s like the most maddening of feeling stirs you up and then you just mellow out. What’s your theory? Is there a giant marijuana crop growing in the hills?”

           How could he look so hot stuffing chips in his mouth?

           “I don’t have a theory, Scully. But I really wanted to hit that man earlier. Smash his nose over his face. What he said about you…”

           “What, Mulder? What did he say about me?” She lay a hand over his forearm. The cold had left a trail of goosebumps under the fine hairs. “Come under here, you’re freezing.”

           “It wasn’t exactly what he said, it was the way he said it.” His long legs slid next to hers, lean and hard, through thin material of his pyjama bottoms. “Jeez, Scully. Your feet are like blocks of ice.”

           “How did he say what he said?” She pushed her feet under his legs.

           He flinched. “He said you were beautiful.”

           She looked at him. “And you hit him for that?”

           He had the decency to look guilty as he shrugged. “Sounds stupid now. I can’t really explain it, but he sort of leered when he talked and he raked his eyes over you and he stuck his pelvis out and…”

           She ate another M&M. “He deserved it. How’s your hand?”

           His knuckles were lilacy-purple in the odd luminescence of the room. She kissed them.

           She kissed them?

           His mouth popped open. His breath smelled salty. He took a while to speak, just stared at their hands, joined still.

           “Do you get much pain, Scully?” The hitch in his voice took her breath away.

           “I get headaches, deep behind my eyes. They make me nauseous.” She rubbed her thumb over his fingers.

           “Have you had any pain since you’ve been here?”

           She shook her head. “Well, at first I felt so angry – with you, mainly – but then last night I felt this amazing calm descend over me. No pain. No nausea. But that doesn’t prove anything. We’ve only been here a day.”

           “People come here, during May, to get well. It’s been happening for years. Documented cases of the incurable being cured, of the terminally-ill living.” This time he kissed her hand.

           “Mulder, this town is different, but I promise you, it’s not going to stop my cancer from spreading.”

           “But you’re feeling better. You said so yourself.”

           She nuzzled into his neck. “Maybe it’s just the company I’m keeping.”

           “You know I can’t give up, Scully. I can’t stop looking.”

           “I know. And I’m grateful for your persistence. But Mulder, whatever it is in this town, and I suspect it’s something not quite legal, is no doubt just an extravagant placebo. And someone is getting rich off the hopeful and the desperate.” She looked at his profile and added, “there are no miracles in Ira Springs. In May or any other month.”

           His exhalation was long and mournful. She turned towards him and he pulled her closer. “Can we stay a while longer anyway?”

           She chuffed out a laugh. “So you can make more friends?”

           “No, so we can test how long we can sleep in one bed before we’re forced to cross the line from platonic to romantic partners.”

           “Did you really just say that, Mulder?”

           He laughed into her hair. “It’s this place. My inhibitions are all over the place.”

           “I can feel them,” she said, smiling into his chest.

           He moved away. She clasped his lower back and pulled him closer. “I like your inhibitions.”



           “If I said you were beautiful and I stuck my pelvis out at the same time, would you hit me?”

           “Only if you leered at me too.”

           “You’re beautiful. My eyes are closed.”

           She chuckled. “There is a swathe of scientific evidence that suggests the hormones released after sexual intercourse are as effective at treating some medical conditions as conventional pharmaceutical therapies.”

           “So are you telling me that we didn’t need to drive all the way to this hinky town to discover that fucking is better than drugs?”

           “You could have just asked me.”

           He kissed down her face and neck. “Perhaps I could just show you. If you’re sure about this. I don’t want to…hurt you. In any way, Scully.”

         Her fingers grazed the elastic around his waist. “If there’s one thing this disease has taught me, Mulder, it’s that being the sensible one doesn’t always pay. Rationally, I should say no. But I feel more certain about this than about anything in the past few months. And sometimes life offers small miracles.” She kissed his mouth, enjoying the salty residue on his lips.

            “Thank you, Scully. For me, this is a big, hulking, king-sized miracle.”

After, in the eerie glow of dawn, they both silently thanked Ira Iremos for the small miracles of life.        

catchthespade  asked:

JUMIN/MC ;^))))))) (the light of my life)

:O!! You got it fam, same here I live for these two <3 (I’m sorry it’s so long I always get so carried away when it’s Jumin OTL)

Who’s the cuddler: Jumin! Though MC likes cuddling a lot too, I am a stalwart believer in the notion that Jumin is touch-starved. When he finally finds somebody he is comfortable with and actively wants to be close to, it’s almost subconscious. He’ll pull her close and reach for her hand, play with her fingers, kiss her ring while tracing her skin with words of loving gratitude. He’ll embrace her from behind if she’s cooking/baking, make a home for himself where her neck meets her shoulder before they both go to sleep, spend winter nights with her swaddled in his arms as she nods off.

Who makes the bed: MC! Jumin tends to start the day rather early because of work, so he’s usually up first. After a long, consuming kiss and several reluctant pecks, she’ll be left to curl up in his lingering warmth and scent for a few more hours before she starts the day herself. He would probably insist that she leave the tasks to the maids, but MC just used to doing it herself. 

Who wakes up first: Jumin! Judging by the life he’s lead for a while now, he’s used to waking up early and tends to be an early riser on his own. That being said he counts it as a blessing, as he often loves to marvel at the way the break of dawn dances across MC’s hair and bathes her in its glow; seraphic and radiant as the angel he believes her to be. Most of the time he’ll be patient and unwilling to wake her up when she appears so tranquil in the land of dreams, but from time to time he’ll be unable to help himself and kiss her softly awake, murmuring “My Sleeping Beauty” as he holds her close.

Who has the weird taste in music: Depends on how you define weird, but for this one I’m going to go with MC. Since Jumin tends to have a very refined taste in music–with preferences for classical, opera, and orchestral music– MC’s tastes are a bit more strange and myriad. She would probably listen to a wide variety of music if she were musically inclined, and enjoy anything from theatre music to punk rock to a little hip-hop and pop. I think they would both respect the other’s taste, and find that a few of the other’s selections would appeal to them greatly. Phantom of the Opera music can often be heard playing in the house after MC moves in oooops

Who is more protective: That’s actually a tough one, in that I think they’re both fiercely protective of the other (though sometimes I wish Cheritz made MC speak up more ugh). So I’d say both but in different ways. Jumin is protective in just about every sense of the word, though he would grant his MC complete autonomy so long as she exercised basic precautions. Her safety is always his number one priority. He knows what he can’t live without, and that fact tends to make him extremely careful about her physical health (security guards everywhere lol), though he’s also very attentive about her emotional/psychological health. MC on the other hand works to protect him from harm inflicted by those who objectify him and neglect his feelings, particularly the female sycophants we often see buzzing about him and his father. She’s very conscious of how he’s feeling and can read him easily, with open arms, a comforting murmur, or a sweet lip-lock at the ready the moment he needs it. 

Who sings in the shower: Haha, MC, assuming she’s musically inclined as I mentioned earlier. The first time Jumin caught her doing that she was mortified and crimson, hiding behind the bathroom door and apologizing for disturbing him as soon as he came home. He drew her close and reassured her that it was quite alright, stroking her hair as he told her she had a lovely voice and that she shouldn’t silence herself on his account. From then on MC could often be heard trilling about the house now and then, and Jumin would lean back wherever he was, close his eyes, and enjoy the euphonious melody. If he knew the song, maybe he’d join in for a bit in a low bass.

Who cries during movies: MC! Though it’s rare as they tend to prefer watching uplifting things, anything heart-wrenching or terrifying will often cause MC to tear up. Whenever Jumin would spot the liquid crystals clinging to her eyelashes, ready to fall, he’d embrace her tightly without another word. MC would listen to the sound of his heart and cuddle into his warmth, content and calming quickly in his arms. Gentle fingers would smooth away what was left of her tears and soothe her with gossamer kisses, murmuring words of comfort.

Who spends the most while out shopping: LOL Jumin, hands down. This man, this adorable donut, literally spares no expense as showcased by the Valentine’s Day dlc. Whenever he goes out, his mind will wander to MC no matter what he’s doing. Whether it was something that matched the color of her eyes, or a dress that complemented her skin tone perfectly, or an ornament that was perfect for her person you better believe he will buy it no further questions asked. Then he’ll come home with bags upon bags of beautiful, classy things; all things he insisted were too perfect for MC to ignore. I’d wager MC would tell him there was no need to go so far and that all she needed was him, but Jumin–albeit melting at her insistence–only wants to spoil her even more upon hearing it.

Who kisses more roughly: Jumin. Han. Granted he tries to be gentle, and succeeds most of the time. But on those days where his need to be with her–to drown himself in the delights of her body and lose himself in the person that loves him for all he is, the person he never thought might exist–wins out; his kisses are desperate and consuming and raw. Additionally, when MC is feeling forward and expresses a bit of excitement herself he can get lost in sheer passion along with her. MC never has any regrets though hot damn

Who is more dominate: Jumin, again. This is a man who is very accustomed and most comfortable in control, so he often takes a lead that MC readily allows him. Though he may be coaxed into a more submissive role from time to time, he has a natural tendency and preference for the former.

My rating of the ship from 1-10: Based on the canon content from Cheritz, I’d give it a solid 9/10. I love this ship, I’m an absolute sucker for it. Jumin is such a wonderfully complex man, with a benevolent heart despite his routine sass and default stoic demeanor. He’s endlessly devoted and loving, and wants nothing more than to see his MC happy by his side after everything she’s done for him in loving him unconditionally. MC takes the initiative to help Jumin when he needs it, and understands that the mental turmoil he’s suffering is a result of years of unhealthy stifling of his emotions. She coaxes those feelings out of him, taking great care to be gentle, and helps him understand a part of himself he’d never been able to express safely all his life. My only gripe is with how insensitive her dialogue and reactions can be in the game sometimes (really, we have to interrogate Jumin about Rika and Elizabeth the Third eighteen times, really) in that the phrasing can be hurtful or MC doubts his perception of reality. And while that’s somewhat warranted, I think Jumin is pretty clear that the love he develops for MC is profound and separate for the love he holds for his cat, which he explains he knew was a bit excessive but chose to believe it was real and reciprocated for his own peace of mind. That, and MC definitely could have defended him and communicated his struggles a bit better to the rest of the RFA throughout his route. 

Jughead x Betty

It was a lazy kind of Monday afternoon as Betty Cooper lounged on her bed, feet swinging in the air, next to Jughead Jones. There was a half eaten bowl of popcorn between them as they both attempted to get some actual homework completed; more often than not whenever Betty and Jughead were together they ended up chatting more than they worked. That, however, didn’t stop their stubborn insistence that they’d be more productive with company and snacks. It was just ticking past 5 when Betty rolled over onto her back and stretched her arm out sleepily, her book tucked neatly under her head.

She glanced at Jughead, whose eyebrows were drawn slightly as he struggled with the Shakespearean text in front of him. Betty smiled softly at his concentration before letting her eyes wander to her vanity and the pictures of Archie dotted around the border of her mirror.

“Hey, Juggie. Do you think I’m wasting my time?” Betty worried her bottom lip with her teeth and turned her eyes back to Jughead.
Jughead looked at her relaxed position with a smile. “Considering you’re using your play has a pillow, I’d say probably.”

She chuckled slightly before sitting up and facing him completely, “Not with homework, Jug. With Archie.”

He had to double check to make sure her face wasn’t worried, if she wasn’t serious all Betty wanted was a quick, ‘of course you’re not’. However, today her eyes were furrowed and she was twirling her hair around and index finger tighter and tighter. “Oh Bets. What’s happened?”

She flushed, frustrated with his immediate reaction. “No, no, nothing. It’s just. He dates so many girls, Juggie. So many. And I can’t even remember the last person I kissed other than Archie.” It had to have been years ago; she had been so committed to Archie she didn’t even want to see anyone else. Now she wondered if she had missed out on something; maybe that’s why he dated around so much. Jughead waited for her to go on, moving his books and the popcorn to the side so she could shift over beside him. “Maybe I should, you know?” She was thoughtful for a second before she crawled over next to him and snuggled next to his side. “Have you, Juggie? Kissed anyone other than Ethel?”

He snorted unceremoniously before glancing down at her. “I didn’t exactly kiss her, Bets. But no.”

Her hands tightened slightly as she slipped her fingers between his, cradling his hand in hers. “Have you wanted to?” Her eyes were wide with honest curiosity, not criticism, so Jughead decided to quell his instantaneous reaction for a calmer more honest one.
“I don’t really know, I guess? It all seems a lot of trouble.”

Betty laughed in that high tinkling way she had, and lifted the arm she rested against over her head so it draped around her shoulders, being affectionate as only Betty was allowed to be with him. “You really do overthink it, Jug. Maybe I could put in a good word for you with one of the girls…” Betty mused. “Maybe if it was someone you didn’t really know you wouldn’t be so against it.” Jughead could see the gears turning in Betty’s mind so he was quick to put a stop to her sure to be terrible plan.

“Let me stop you right there, Bets. I’m not kissing any of your friends.”

Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout. “Aw, but Juggie… There’s no one you would consider?” He was sure she was going to start listing the entire female population at Riverdale any moment now, so he cut off her thought process again.

“No, no. There’s perhaps one girl in this entire town that I would ever consider kissing, Betty, and she’s sitting right next to me. So your plan to set me up with everyone you can think of isn’t going to work.” He said it so offhandedly, so unashamed of the truth of his words, he was almost taken aback when she was stunned to silence. Although that only lasted 10 seconds.

“Are-are you being serious, Jug?” Her voice was quiet as her hands gently played with his.

He tried to lighten the quickly sobering mood. “It’s okay, Bets. I promise I’m not confessing my undying love for you.” He gave her a quick smile, which she returned. “But you’re my best friend. It’s not so odd that out of everyone, you’d be the one I’d be most comfortable with, is it?”

She gave him a full blown smile then, her eyes crinkling around the edges. “Oh, Juggie. Of course not.” Releasing his hand, she shifted to her knees and hugged him tightly around the neck. His hands instinctively came up to rest on her back as she squeezed him. Betty let out a small gasp into his ear, and pulled back from the hug fractionally. “Jug. I have an idea.”

Of course she did. “Which is?”

“Kiss me, Juggie.” She was still close to his face, her hands laced behind his head from the hug she gave him, but she was grinning, clearly impressed with her own idea.

He quirked an eyebrow at her. “No.”

“Aw, c’mon Jug. It’s perfect.” He pulled back his hands from where they rested on her arms, and folded them across his chest defiantly. “We’d both get more experience, and it wouldn’t be weird and with a stranger.”

“Yeah, no.”

Betty pulled back from him for a moment, folding her legs under her contemplatively and sitting back. “Jughead.”


She gently pinched his ever present crown from his head and deposited it lopsidedly on her own. “You’re fine with letting me wear your crown. I can weasel hugs out of you when no one else can. You’re fine with laying on my bed with me. But you won’t let me kiss you.” Her eyes were pleading, or eye, seeing as his crown was covering the other slightly.

He reached over to straighten the crown on her head, pulling her ponytail gently so the hat sat upright. “I’m fine with those things because we’re friends. You don’t kiss friends.” Jughead leaned back against the wall, his arms coming up so he could rest his hands behind his head.

Betty snorted and threw him a look. “Seriously? You should only kiss friends, Juggie.”

“You know what I mean.”

She tilted her head to the side slightly, examining him. “What are you worried about?”

The answer was so obvious he was surprised she was going to make him say it out loud. She was always good at weaselling words out of him though. “It’ll ruin things. We’re great, we’ve always been great, and that’s because we’ve kept my inexperienced lips out of our equation. I wouldn’t even know what I’m doing.” The admission felt shameful, but he’d at least been honest.

She had leaned in towards him and cupped his jaw in her tiny delicate hands. “Juggie, there is nothing that you could possibly do that could ruin us. I promise you. You could turn around and declare you were in love with Archie or move to Italy tomorrow, and we’d still have the same easy-going wonderful friendship.” He started to interrupt, and she shushed him gently. “And the point is I’d be showing you what to do, and vice versa. We’d be helping each other, Jug, like we always do.” She was looking at him so genuinely he had a hard time not believing her words, not being soothed by them.

He mutted, defeated, “I’m not in love with Archie, though. Or moving to Italy.”

She just smiled, confident. “That’s a yes, then?”

A world-weary sigh, but a quiet, “Yes.” His heart kicked up a notch, even though they were in the exactly same position. Something in the air had changed.

She squeaked excitedly and hugged him again, pulling him tight against her. He let her hold him as long as she wanted, his braining kicking into overdrive with the thought of how exactly he should go about kissing Betty Cooper.

“Hey Betty.” He could feel the quiver in his voice, and detested it.

Her pretty blonde head with his crown still sat upon it, came back into view. “Yeah?”

“Uh…what do you want me to do?” She gave a little giggle and kissed him gently on the cheek before edging closer. Betty positioned herself so she was almost nose-to-nose with Jughead, and smiled kindly. “I’m gonna lean in really slowly Jug, just close your eyes.”

He followed her instructions, his heart beating frantically. She was a hairs breath away, her nose ever so gently skimming his; her soft breath tickling his lips.

And then nothing. He waited a second. Five, before he opened his eyes slowly, only to find a grinning Betty staring at him.

“If this was an elaborate joke, Bets, I’m gonna get you.” He flicked his crown so it was lopsided atop her head once more.

She let out a tinkling laugh and smiled wider as she brushed a black lock of hair from his forehead. “Rule number one of kissing, Juggie. Make it a surprise.” With that she delicately hoped from her bed, and skipped out her bedroom door leaving a perplexed and slightly flushed Jughead in her wake.

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I haven't been paying attention to the show really, by that I mean not watching the past few episodes, but I have to know. What is the importance of Bellamy and Clarke signing each other's names? What is it for? What does it mean?

Well, anon, I’m so goddamn pleased you asked. 

Effectively, 403 starts us out with Raven putting pressure on Clarke to make a final list the 100 Skaikru who get to ride out the end of the world back inside Alpha Station, meaning Clarke has to make a call to sentence 400 of their people to death.

Obviously, she’s feeling a little resistant about having to do this, but one thing she won’t tolerate is Bellamy Blake saying he won’t be on the list (I think it’s probably the most emphatic we’ve seen her in a while, tbh. Anyway, push comes to shove and Clarke makes a deal with Raven that she’ll make the list by the end of the day if a potential lead on another bunker where more people could survive doesn’t pan out.

Shockingly, because this show is this show, turns out the bunker isn’t sealable, so now Clarke has to face her list.

Naturally, Bellamy’s keeping her company while she does it, and they’ve made it down to the last two spaces available when the audience joins them, and Bellamy’s drifted off, maybe in the span of a few second prior, maybe Clarke’s let him sleep for a while IDK BUT I LOVE IT (shout out to those kabby parallels).

Anyway, Clarke looks over at the sleeping Bellamy and we get just the slightest relief in her face before she writes down his name as number 99. With one spot left, Clarke can’t bring herself to write down her own name because, you know, she really doesn’t think she deserves to survive. Obviously, that’s the kind of thing that is hard to wrestle with, and Clarke lets herself have a cry that she’s been way overdue for, honestly, since 216. 

Naturally, Bellamy wakes up, and in seeing his name on the list doesn’t fight Clarke on it, just does that lovely soft husk he uses when he talks to her, and tells her that if he’s on that list, then she is too. Bellamy insists she write her own name down, and when she can’t, he takes the pen and writes her name for her.

Basically, bellarke just wrote each other into life, and as a lot of really smart other people pointed out, it’s Bellamy and Clarke going beyond needing each other as leaders, moving to the point where they can’t imagine surviving without the other. 

GOT7 Reaction

Anon asked: Can you please do GOT7 reaction to meeting their idol crush for the first time?

Sure !

Meeting their idol crush for the 1st time


Originally posted by defwang


He would gulp as soon as she came over to him. A person who he admires so much is right in front of him, plus, she’s also his crush. He would most likely blush (barely noticeable), not being able to look her in the eyes, feeling embarrassed. Luckily, Jackson comes to the rescue, serving as his wingman.


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*smiles awkwardly, nodding*

Awkward JB. He thought that as soon as he opens his mouth, he’ll say something stupid or embarrassing (like Jackson). Thankfully, his crush notices this, and does most of the talking. Although they chatted for 5 mere minutes, he felt like he was on cloud nine. He even managed to get her number!


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*stares at her, licking his lips unconsciously* *she turns to him* “Um, hi.”

Cute, shy Jackson, which is rather odd. But don’t be mistaken. He’ll still flirt with her, make corny jokes and lame pick-up lines, making her laugh. Point for Jackson!


Originally posted by ceohan

“Uh, ah, um, nice to meet you.”

He’ll most definitely stumble over both his words and his feet, not believing his luck. There would be a small chuckle or giggle here and there coming from him, his crush cooing over his cuteness. She would be the one that would ask for his number, though.


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*makes eye contact with her* ‘She’s so pretty. Aaaand she’s looking at me.’ *averts his eyes somewhere else*

*contemplates everything in his life*


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*laughing* “Oh my god, hyung–”

*eyes widen* ‘When did she get here?’

Confused Bambam. Besides wondering when she got here, he had also wondered if she heard everything they’ve been talking about before she came (including some comments about her).

…..she did.


On the outside:

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(Ignore the caption on the gif. Or don’t.)

On the inside:

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kc + "i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet"

We loved filling this prompt and hope you like the result as much :)


I was wondering if, after all these years, you’d like to meet.

It comes in the post and she almost drops it after she pulls it from the envelope. The simple card contains nothing else, not even a name, but she doesn’t need one.

Even if she didn’t know his handwriting, hadn’t kept his Save me a dance card, she’d still know – instinctively.

She ponders how she is supposed to reply to it. Sure, she could call him, but he just the same could’ve called her.

What is he playing at?

And, more importantly, does it matter?

No, she decides, burying the card in the first drawer she can find.

I was wondering if, after all these years, you’d like to meet.


The sentence keeps flashing through her mind and she’s annoyed as hell with herself. Sure, she’s successfully managed to ignore the note for a week, but it hasn’t exactly been easy.

She’s considered burning it just to get rid of it, somehow, but she knows that won’t fix anything.

“Damn you, Klaus,” she mutters under her breath.

How is it that it had been thirty years and he still manages to get to her with just a few words?

I was wondering if, after all these years, you’d like to meet.

She’s looking at it again. Another three days and she’d reached her breaking point.

Damn him.

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Could you pretty please do a Monty having a little sister (like preschool age) and having to take care of her would include? I love your blog💕💕

If their parents we’re around much (and I have a headcanon that they aren’t), Monty would basically be raising her himself. 

No matter where he was or what he was doing, she would always be his number one priority. If she was with his parents or a babysitter, he’d constantly be calling and texting, just to make sure she was okay.

Her being completely in love with him (as a big brother obviously), and bragging to all her friends about him when he comes to pick her up. “That’s my big brother, he’s the best, he takes my nose sometimes ‘cause he’s a wizard.”

Monty would hate for people to know, but he was actually a really good singer, whenever his sister couldn’t sleep, or felt nervous or scared, he would wrap her up in his arms and sing her a lullaby to try and rock her to sleep.

Like I said before, she loves him so he would be the person she went to whenever she wanted to talk because she knew, even at a young age, that Monty was there for her more than her parents and that she could trust him more than anybody.

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Hello hello, can I request headcanons for Aizawa, Toshinori and Hizashi with a female S/O who is constantly making them flower crowns, flower bracelets, etc.

*cracks knuckles* you have come to the right place



Aizawa Shouta

-is highly perplexed

-he will be working on reports or grading papers or making assignments and then

-she’ll just appear

-put a flower crown on his head, kiss his cheek, tell his to keep fighting the good fight and leave him 

-he knows that she leaves because she sees he’s busy but

-flower crowns and bracelets?

-he secretly loves them but they bother his eyes a little bit

-does he take them off?

-hell no

-his love made them. they are a part of him now

-plus he is a bit lazy about non job stuff

-will try to make one for her

-not do so well

-i bet she’d wear it anyways and take pictures with it

-he would save those pictures

-doesn’t he seem like the guy with old school photos in his wallet

-”like this is my cat, this is my s/o she made that flower crown, this is my class, this is a tree, etc. etc. etc.”

-i dig it

Yagi Toshinori

-is so friggin touched

-loves that she thinks of him when she sees beautiful nature

-wishes his unnecessarily large hands could make things this beautiful

-tells her that only she can make beautiful things because she is perfection

-or some poetic shit

-he’s a total romeo

-like he shmoozed the world

-his love would have him wrapped around her finger though

-and each flower on each crown and bracelet just reaffirms this

-because he is so proud to have her in his life 

-and is so vibrant about her talents, he will tell everyone at UA

-”__________ made me this beautiful flower crown! This one means…”

-and go on to read into the meaning behind each flower you chose specifically for him

-big baby

-so sweet though

Yamada Hizashi


-each flower accessory that his beloved creates for him is immortalized on his social media with various captions about love and good looks

-probably says ‘yeah baby’ every time he sees his s/o while wearing one of their creations

-would so wear it in the bedroom

-would call his lady love his “flower queen”

-if she doesn’t make him one one day, he’d be hella bummed

-and ask her what he did to lose her 

-like he thinks she dumped him

-girl just took a break boi calm down

-no part of him is calm

-she would most likely laugh and reassure him that she is still his number one fan

-and she is schmittywergermanjensen to him 

-they are probably a super famous social media couple

-i bet they’d have groupies who beg her to make them flower crowns/bracelets/tombs

-and Hizashi is most likely “My flower queen, my flower crowns”

-honestly couple goals