she was his number one


I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day… When it’s cold outside, I got the– OH MY GOD JAGGED FLAMING ROCKS ARE FALLING FROM THE SKY CORAN WE NEED TO SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY


The Blacklist Rewatch: The Alchemist

My fiancee came up w the best Gency AU;

Genji is an actor in a really overly dramatic day time drama and Angela is his NUMBER 1 FAN. She writes him so much fanmail.

One day during rehearsal he’s hurt and needs surgery or something and flown to her and SHE HAS TO STOP FANGIRLING BC OH MY GOD WE NEED TO GET HIM TO THE ER.

She’s a little giddy for a while before he realizes “my #1 fan is the top surgeon in the US.”

Plz and thank u

Isn’t this a great photo Judy Murray with the young man she helped fulfill his dream of being the number one tennis player in the world, and as big a grin as you can get from Andy!! Well done, you have done Scotland Proud.

Seventeen’s Ideal Types

 (( This is all IMO. It won’t really be based on physical appearance bc I don’t think these boys are judgmental or fuckboys like that. Organized by age.))

S. Coups: 

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I feel like Coups would be with someone extroverted. She’d have to have kind of thick skin and be able to dish out sass. She’d also have to have a big heart because dating Coups means being a mom to all of Seventeen. She’d have to like hip hop and rap. She should be his number one supporter and fiercely protective, even though he doesn’t need to be protected. I think Coups would be with someone who has their own style and has a sort of confident air about her, regardless of if this confidence is genuine or not. I also think he’d like someone who lets him spoil them, but he’d respect your independence.


Originally posted by parkthejimin

Despite what some people think, I don’t think Jeonghan would want to be with someone very shy. I think he’s fine with an extrovert or an introvert, but he wouldn’t want to be with someone very loud or very quiet. He’d be with someone a little more serious, but with a quirky personality. Someone not afraid of changing their look often and going against the grain. He’d be with someone chill who doesn’t always want to go out or have fancy dinners. He’d love to be with someone smart.


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Joshua would be with someone with a big heart- a total Mom friend. He’s more talkative than people think (have you SEEN One Fine Day??) so I think he’d be fine with being with someone either extroverted or introverted, as long as they’re okay with not always going out and not always staying in. I think he’d need someone with passion and drive. He doesn’t care about appearance or fashion. I think he looks past all that stuff. (And, like he said before, race doesn’t matter at all. Love this guy.)


I think Jun’s ideal type is someone extroverted. He’s energetic and teasing, but also kind of shy. She’d need to be able to think on the spot and snap comebacks easily. He’d be with someone supportive. You have to understand him and encourage him. He’d be with someone who wants to have fun and is always thinking about him, but also ready to hang out with Minghao and the others. 


Originally posted by infinitblaq

Someone eccentric and marches to the beat of their own drum. Someone goofy, but nice and thoughtful. He’s said he likes someone “homely” who makes him feel good. I think he’d be with someone extroverted, but with a cute, shy side. Maybe someone who blushes easily. A girl who prefers to hang out with a small group than go to a party. Someone who wouldn’t mind going out often. Super supportive of his career! Definitely can’t be high maintenance. 


Wonwoo is such a sweetheart so I think he needs to be with someone similar in that regard. Very kind! Someone more on the introverted side or maybe just a calm extrovert. Someone respectful and a bit more serious, but willing to be dorky and cute. Someone who isn’t afraid to get deep. He’s said before that he wants to be with someone who makes him feel comfortable. I think he’d like to be with an intellectual girl who loves to read. 


Woozi would be with someone introverted, but not overly shy. Someone who is a bit stubborn so she can get him to take care of himself and not overwork himself. She’d need to be calm and focused, but caring. Someone honest and kind of similar to him (without swearing at the members, hopefully). He is insecure about his height, but I don’t think that would be a deal breaker. He’s one of the least likely to be with a foreigner, I feel. Also, I think he’d be with someone who  is passionate about music in some way. They’d need to bond over their work.


Originally posted by jiminteresante

Someone extremely kind and sweet. A chill extrovert probably. Someone he can have fun with but someone who will also balance him out. Someone younger than him I think. Someone genuine and with a heart of gold. Someone who prefers to stay in. Someone who is open about their feelings and is a good listener. Someone who looks past DK’s seemingly happy go lucky personality and sees his insecurities.


Mingyu’s ideal type is someone charming and likeable, but on the shy side. I think she’d be the classic romantic type, kind of sweet and homey, but also independent and different. Someone kind of innocent. She’d have to be a bit sophisticated and more mature. Someone who can put up with him being adored by thousands of girls. He’s said before that he likes understanding girls who are gentle. Someone who’s a bit more chill. I feel like he looks at style a bit more. He’d prefer someone with a chic kind of style. He’d also want someone who wants a family later. Someone who is a good listener.


Minghao’s ideal type is someone caring and more introverted. Someone who is into helping others. He’s said before his ideal type is someone with a personality similar to Joshua’s. Someone who he can trust will always be thinking of him. I think he’d love a girl who takes pride in what he does, but isn’t necessarily into music or dancing. Someone down to earth. I think his ideal type is someone who is creative. Probably a worrier.


Seungkwan’s ideal type is someone sassy and extroverted. Probably loud too. A girl that is independent. He’s said before that he likes easygoing girls. I think his ideal type is someone who is ambitious and has a passion for music. Someone who appears confident. Someone who is a huge dork and loves Kwan’s dorky side. I feel like she’s someone who pushes Seungkwan to reach for the stars. Someone who is outspoken, but highly likeable. Very similar to Seungkwan. ((I could rant all day. He’s my bias and my baby.))


Vernon’s ideal type is someone chill. That would honestly have to be the biggest word to describe her. Also, she’d have to be supportive and listen to his insecurities and not be afraid to talk about feelings. She’d have to be ambitious, I feel. I think he’d be more into an introverted person, but might be into a calm extrovert. Someone who’s cool with nights in and lowkey dates. Someone with a good heart. He’s said before that he doesn’t have a type so I think he’s willing to date anyone who’s kind to him and is generally a good person. Looks also don’t matter to him. (He’s my amazingly mature son.)


Dino’s ideal type is around his age if not a little older. I think he’d be into someone extroverted and dorky. He’s said he wants a girl who’s cute acting, which I think is true, but I don’t think he wants someone who acts like that all the time. I think his ideal type is someone sure in themselves who are supportive of him and can help him grow as a person. He’s young so I think he’d need someone patient who doesn’t want to rush into things and will help him navigate dating life. Someone energetic who doesn’t just see him as a kid.  A total noona. 

Luciano watched as she moved closer, her fingers running down the side of his face.

Thania:  “So handsome….  I’m thirsty, you were gone a long time.”

Luciano offering her his wrist:  “Take what you need……”

Luciano let his mind wander as she drank……

They’ve been together a long time, ever since he’d been a young man with big political dreams and she was still the number one pollination technician.  She’d funded his campaigns and helped him gain power.  

And now he helped her…….he’d been the one to find her half dead after her granddaughter had tried to kill her.  He was the reason……no, he didn’t want to think about that because what other choice had he had?  She would have been lost to him forever otherwise.

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

My Hoperai Opinion

So, out of all people, ONLY Hope who could actually hear Lightning’s call for help because deep in her heart she actually spoke of what she really wanted, and that is “Being Loved”. All this time she thought nobody loved her, including Serah, and that made her always felt sad and lonely. But after that scene, it proved that she’s wrong. Hope answered her call for help and saved her after refusing Lightning’s offer to be reborn with his parents in the new world. Remember that time when he said “Don’t worry, even if the world hates you, I’ll always be by your side, Light” and during the ‘Meeting You’ scene when he said “Because of you, because I always believed you were with me, I was never afraid of the future…..I’m so glad to have met you” I think that pretty much confirms Hope’s love for Lightning. It’s like she’s the number one person in his heart (More evidence of Hope’s love for Light in Rose-Haired Phantom episode). And after he rescued her, there’s a glimpse of Serah confessing her sincere love to her sister. That’s why after Lightning Returns and Reminiscence: Tracer of Memories, I’m not afraid to say that Hoperai ended up being “Heavily Implied Canon” Even though without the famous “I Love You” from their very own mouth, there are so many hints that we can find about these two, either through words or visuals, and even the symbolism (Oh, and also the epilogue soundtrack *wink**wink*)……

Can I also add that Lightning Returns made Hope ‘The Saviour’s Saviour’ teehee

i really like the idea that rudy and louise are always gonna be friends

like she’s his number one contact other than his parents for the paramedics to call if there’s an emergency

imagine rudy and louise going on adventures and rudy of all people unintentionally getting them into really serious trouble and louise just lighting up because, yes, i like this kid

but he’s also the one who kind of slows her down because “you can’t do that louise you’ll hurt people oh my god stop”

louise helps him sneak out at night because his mom never lets him do anything fun but always makes sure he’s back in time for his nebulizer treatments (it’s a treatment for breathing, they can be daily, twice daily, or more)

rudy helps her get into a few books and movies she’s never heard of because being chronically ill means you have a lot of time in the hospital and in bed and on the sofa where you can’t do much, so he’s culminated quite the library of books, movies, video games, etc. 

whenever he comes into the restaurant she makes sure to cook his food herself even if she’s on like register duty or something because goddammit that boy has a lot of allergies and medical concerns and she’s not letting her incompetent family (and, as an adult, her employees) mess up this burger and send her friend to the hospital

i don’t see louise getting married (my personal headcannon is she and the pesto twins are all on the aromantic spectrum and they all live together to get jimmy pesto sr. off the twins’ backs) but i could definitely see rudy getting married so just imagine for a minute louise, still clad in her by now old, ragged and patched bunny ears, in a suit as rudy’s best woman, completely micromanaging the wedding and getting shit done and probably scaring the poor bride a bit

imagine louise being like godmother to rudy’s kid, and whenever this kid needs their meds or whatever (some of rudy’s conditions are hereditary) auntie louise is in charge, hand me that freaking inhaler and oxygen mask, i can do this

imagine rudy having a bit of money set aside at all times because of how many times louise has had to ask him for bail

imagine rudy sometimes not being able to pay bail because he’s behind bars with her, and that was really dangerous louise why would you drag me into that that but in all honesty it was fun and adventurous and he’d totally do it again

louise and rudy being best friends forever even as adults and never being condescending towards each other and being supprtive please

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               ❝Master Mahad is an amazing and POWERFUL magician that serves the Pharaoh. He is incredibly gifted and that makes me an apprentice to a super talented sorcerer of BOTH upper and lower egypt! Of course, SOMETIMES I wish he wasn’t that great… or you know, super SERIOUS about my studies. I mean I heard the ‘why its necessary’ speech over and OVER by now, but sometimes I just want to go out and have FUN like when we were kids! Ever since he and the Prince became these super IMPORTANT people, they’ve been so incredibly boring. It’s always WORK, work, work, and work with them! I miss the OLD super fun Mahad and the not so busy Prince! ❞

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So this is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and was actually inspired by a fic. If we see Hook and Emma having sex, I want it to be at the end of the episode. Then the next episode starts with flashbacks of 20+ Emma, getting up from the bed and putting on her clothes, and we see that she’s leaving a guy’s house with whom she’d had a one-night stand. The guy gives her his number on a paper, she says she’ll call him, and as she walks out of the house, she immediately throws the paper in a garbage bin. She drives home and lies on her bed alone.

And then the normal timeline starts and we see her waking up happy in Killian’s arms, of course being the one waking up first, looking at him while he sleeps.

I don’t know why I wrote this sorry.

“Before the death of Future Lucy, Natsu will always hold Lucy’s left hand. But after that, when he learn about Future Lucy who lost her right hand, Natsu will always hold Lucy right hand (where she got her FT mark). Because, for Natsu, its a symbol that remind him when he invite Lucy to join Fairy Tail for the first time.”

An Extra…

See what I mean here??? (From FT Chap. 425)

  • what she says: i’m fine
  • what she means: that photograph from the Lady Layton trailer of hershel and luke sitting on the couch in hershel’s office kills me every time they are such great friends i really hope that, in Lady Layton, when hershel goes missing, kat calls luke and he returns to london to help her find hershel i just want him to be safe and sound and for the puzzle buddies to be reunited i know Lady Layton is about kat and she seems great but hershel needs his apprentice number one please, level 5, that's all i ask

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Omg Ghost Enzo stroking Bonnie's cheek ruined me. Tbh even though he's probably very happy she's making good on her promise to live her life, he looks pretty effing sad. And no afterlife reunion makes me heated. That whole episode was a load of garbage lolol

I’m crying again just thinking about it. The way he’s always watching over her… 

Originally posted by begavet

He’s sad because Julie fucked him over one last time. He’s incredibly selfless when it comes to Bonnie. Her happiness will always be his number one priority and when she decided to keep her promise to him and live her life to the fullest, that was the most important thing to him. But it also meant she wouldn’t be able to see him and touch him and that’s fucking sad, man! Enzo deserved the world, I will never not be bitter about what they did to him. After all the future/wedding/growing old together talk…

And I totally agree about the afterlife reunion. That should have been included! I need to know they met again! But that’s what Enzo believed so I’m gonna believe it too.

I remember watching TVD casually for six seasons. Good times. And then Bonenzo happened and I went full on cray and obsessed and now they took them away from me and that’s just NOT COOL. Sigh. Nevermind, I’ll just go back to drowning in bitterness…and rewatching all the good stuff, like 7x19..on repeat…forever

Send ¡ for my muse to call yours suddenly, panicked and possibly in pain. |♥| Accepting!

Why the hell was she calling Papyrus about this? What made her think he was going to be mature enough to handle this situation? Was she hoping deep down that there was some way Papyrus would be able to comfort her?

Or perhaps it was because his phone number was the only one she had in her phone…

She hadn’t wanted his number in the first place, and outright refused to give her own phone number to him. That didn’t stop him from dialing every phone number sequentially until he finally got hers. Now that Papyrus had acquired her phone number, he wouldn’t leave her alone, so she decided to humor herself by giving him an insulting caller ID. Perhaps… it wasn’t so bad now that he’d ended up getting her number.

She dialed up his number, using a shaky claw to bring the phone up to herself. Once the phone picked up, she attempted to speak clearly, only to stutter over her words.

“P-Papyrus…?” Came the choked-up reptilian voice. “A-are you th-there?”

You know what hurts me the most?

Carolina loved her father. She loved him so much that even though she could see him ripping her team apart with his experiments she still did anything he asked of her.

She loved him so much that everything she did was to gain his approval. She fought tooth and nail and climbed her way to the top of the leaderboard and stayed there because as long as she was his number one she had his approval, and if she could just be good enough maybe he would love her again.

Carolina was probably a daddy’s girl. Leonard was a man whose core trait was devotion, he absolutely doted on his baby girl. He gave her everything.

And then he lost Allison and his grief twisted him and he pushed Carolina to be stronger, faster, better and he kept pushing and pushing and she convinced herself that if she could just be good enough they could have that back.

And he knew that and he used that so that he could keep her loyal to him.


With a pillow on your head you’re laying in bed, trying to ignore the groans and screams from the room next to you.
Negan and Amber.
Probably she lets him fuck her in the ass to be his number one.
After you became one of Negan’s wives you were his favorite, because instead of the others you can fight, defend yourself against walkers and other people. But then they were this night where you accidentally said ‘I love you’ during your orgasm. Since this night he avoids you, even when all of the others would have their period he wouldn’t talk to you.
“NEGAN!” Amber shouts and you’re sure that even the guys in the Sanctuary heard her.

“You should see the scratches on his back.” Amber giggles and you roll your eyes.
“Yeah, because he likes that sooo much.” You say sarcastically and she sends you deathglares.
“Hey (Y/N). When was the last time he fucked or even talked to you?” She says with an evil grin and the others laugh.
In your head begins to form an idea how you get rid of her, how to get rid of all of them.
But you have to wait.
You act inconspicuous, planning every kill to the last detail while you still hope that you don’t have to do this and Negan at least talks to you.
But nothing changed over the next weeks and so you sneak one night out of your room, looking around if someone’s awake. Without a sound you open Amber’s door and you’re lucky, she’s laying on the back and sleeps peacfully. On tip toes you go to her with your pillow and presses it on her face. She fights against you, but you’re stronger and soon her body gives up, but you still wait a few minutes before you take the pillow from her face. With a satisfied smile you disappear out of her room and let the door a little way open.
“(Y/N)! HELP US!” You’re hearing the voice of Sherry and you hide your giggle behind your hand before you run with widen eyes out of your room.
“What happened?” You ask 'worried’ and Sherry points her finger to Amber who walks towards you. “Oh shit, gimme the knife from the table.”
Of course you placed the knife there yesterday and now you run to walker Amber with a little smile and kick against her legs so that she falls on the floor before you stab her with the knife in her head.
“What should we do?” Elisa asks, her voice is shaking.
“Negan will come in a few hours, he’ll know what to do.” You whisper before you turn around to them. “We should cover her body with a blanket.”
The whole night you sit together and speculate about what happened to Amber.
“Maybe she was sick.” Sherry says and the others nods in agreement.
“It’s the only-.”
“WHAT THE FUCK?” Negan yells as he sees the covered body.
“Negan, thank god.” They run to him and explaining everything to him.
“…and (Y/N) saved us.”
“Alright. Go to your rooms expect you, (Y/N).” Negan looks at you and you look on the ground, nodding.
He lifts up your chin and asking you again what happened last night.
“I was sleeping when I heard Sherry screaming a-and Amber was already turned. I only did what I have to do.” You lie to him.
“Good.” He presses his lips on yours, kissing you deeply. “Go to your room. I will take care of her body.”
Satisfied with yourself and happy about the kiss you’re laying down on your bed and taking a nap.
What you learned from the whole situation is that Negan is really grateful for saving his wives. He spent hours between your legs, drinking from you like a thirsty man and you enjoyed every minute of it.

You became Negan’s favorite again, but it wasn’t enough.
Not anymore.
You want to be his only wife, living with him in the Sanctuary and hell, he could do everything he wants with you.
The next kill will be more difficult, you can’t kill one of them like Amber.
So, one night you sneak in Elisa’s room and stealing her favorite lingerie before you place it in Sherry’s room.
On the next day the drama begins, Elisa screaming around and accused you.
“You can look in my room.” You offer Elisa, but she shakes her head.
“No, I don’t believe it was you. You’re too smart for this.”
“Excuse me, but are you saying we’re dumb?” Sherry asks in disbelief and before you can even blink they start to scream at each other.
“Sherry no.” You shout after she hitting in Elisa’s face.
'Sherry yes.’ Your brain singsang.
After Elisa found her lingerie in Sherry’s room she sent her the rest of the day deathglares and talking with you about revenge.
Finally everyone is asleep and you can sneak in Sherry’s room with a scissor and multiple times you stab her in the chest before you before you leave her room to go to Elisa’s.
Suddenly someone grabs your arm and as you turn around you look in Negan’s face, his eyes glimmering dangerous and as you want to say something he pushes you against the wall.
“Shut the fuck up.” He hisses, taking the scissor from you and goes in Sherry’s room to stab her in the head.
“You fucking come with me.” Again he grabs your arm and you can’t do anything else than to follow him.
“Did you killed Amber?” Negan asks after you reached his room in the Sanctuary.
“With a pillow.”
“Jesus fucking christ, woman. What’s wrong with you?!” With each word his voice getting louder.
“Why do you avoid a woman who said the three words to you?” You hit him against the chest until he has enough and takes your wrists.
“I will not justifying myself.”
The way he looks at you with so much anger and his hot breath making your panties wet and you hold back a moan.
“What now? Will you smash my head with Lucille?” You whisper provocative.
With this words he turns you around and presses you against the wall.
“I will fuck your fucking brain out, but” He bites your neck rough “you’ll not come until I say it.”
“And if I can’t do it?”
Instead of an answer he pulls down your pants and panties and starting to spank you. With each slap you let out a small whimper in pain and pleasure, making you more wet than you already are.
“Fuck.” Negan growls as he slides his fingers between your legs. “On the bed.”
You pull your shirt over your head, a bra you don’t wear and laying down on the bed while Negan takes off his jacket then slowly his other clothes to tease you.
“We will see if you still fucking love me after I’m done with you.” He says and kneels down in front of your face, the precum of his cock distributes on your cheek.
You open your mouth while Negan guides his cock to your mouth and tugging your hair. Merciless he pounds it down your throat, watching you with a smirk how you suppress your gag reflex and the first tears streaming down your face.
“So fucking good.” Negan grunts and you hum around his cock, tasting the salty precum on your tongue. “But enough of this.”
Quickly he stands up and you catch some breath.
You spread your legs and look at him with a cocky smile before he lays down on you, his cock pressing on your hips.
His fingers wander to your pussy and without a warning he thrusts three of them into you.
“Negan.” You moan as he finds your g-spot and starting to fuck you roughly with his fingers.
Your back arches and you move closer to his hand, his thrusts getting faster and your walls tight around his fingers. But then he slips them out of you, making you whimper.
He repeats that, over and over again until your pussy aches and is oversensitive.
“Please Negan, let me come.” You beg while he strokes over your inner thigh with his wet hand.
“Mhh.” He mumbles with a smirk before he crawls between your legs, his hard cock pressing against your clit. “No, not yet.”
Another whimper escapes your mouth and you’re one step away from crying or pushing Negan away and making yourself come. But suddenly he thrusts into you and the pleasure shots through every inch of your body and your back arches again, stars flickering in front of your eyes and you collapse on the bed.
Your mouth is dry after you screamed out his name and he doesn’t give you a pause, thrusting merciless into you.
“Come in my mouth.”
Without waiting for an answer you turn you around and kneel down between his legs, licking your own juice and his precum from his cock. You bob your head fast, licking and sucking his shaft while you stroke his ball, making him growl quietly. He groans your name as his cock pulses and he spills his salty cum in your mouth.
“What will happen now?” You ask him a few minutes later after he stands up to get dressed.
“Let yourself be surprised.”

Referring to Joseph’s tweet, I don’t think Klaus did anything in this episode that needs forgiving. I’m proud of him.

They all deserved it for betraying him. Especially Hayley and Jackson for trying to take his daughter away from him. Rebekah and Elijah have to realize what they did to Klaus by standing against him in the time he needed them the most. They have spent centuries trying to get him to feel something and when he started to, they betrayed him.

I’m on Team Klaus. Always and forever.

The small Klaus and Hope moment almost killed me. I’m sure Hope missed her daddy. She is his number one and nobody can say that he doesn’t love her or that he is a bad father because he is an amazing one.

Little Things, 50 (Epilogue)

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here.

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading this from the beginning, your comments and tags and encouragement have been nothing short of wonderful. Have a fantastic upcoming holiday season, and enjoy this final chapter :)

Moving through the kitchen into the living room and then into his bedroom, all the while keeping their lips in full contact had been one of the best ideas he’d ever had. Top ten. No, top five. Maybe even top three. As her tongue found its way into his mouth, he revised the ranking: number one of all time, definitely.

She fell onto his bed, looking at him with what he could only imagine were what poets meant when they said ‘come-hither’ eyes, and he was summoned like a rocket into outer space, joining her on the old, squeaky mattress. He couldn’t quite believe it.

Of course he’d fantasized about getting Rose in the exact spot she was currently occupying, but the reality of it was a thousand times better than in his imagination.

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