she was hilarious omg

sometimes nick and judy go out at night and judy ends up being overserved cause even a little bun has its limits #drunkjudy


‘55 Steps’ starring Helena Bonham Carter and Hilary Swank will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, running from September 7th to 17th. The film, directed by Bille August, is a fact-based drama about a mentally ill woman fighting the powerful psychiatric establishment for greater self-control, and the lawyer who becomes her champion and friend. Further details to come next week.

my mom is making me cornbread and chili and talking to herself.

“eight teaspoons. that’s quite a bit of butter. quiiiiite a bit of butter. let’s just see what it gives me.”

“sugar and honey, ahhhh… don’t count the sugar. where is it…? there you are!!! okay.”

“half a cup of honey! baking powder baking powder… *sings* where are you baking powder?

“this calls for two cans of beans. I really don’t like beans. Hmm. One can then.”

“Oh… oh so many veggies.”


“It’s like the most dysfunctional brother and sister relationship. This is like the sister I can go to bed naked with and not worry about. And trust me.. we have.”

taz 61 spoiler but

like the whole scene with lup and the crew in regards to world-destroying was so emotional and well-acted. and then taako immediately backtracks to ‘oh shit i fucked up’-ville. honestly everything about it was wonderful

but i also spent the whole scene thinking of lup doing that one game grumps moment. “You gotta draw a line in the sand dude. Draw a line in the sand and say ‘what am i willing to put up with today? NOT FUCKING THIS”


remember when graham showed mcfassy my sister @margawart‘s cute art?

So i introduced my friend to Dghda, basically by us forcing one another to watch the first episode of eachother’s favourite shows (I had to watch a Kdrama for an hour) and was rewarded with messages with gems such as these:

- There’s two of him wtf
 - Eyebrows 😂
- The guy with the yellow jacket is me
- Wtf what is that girl doing above his place
- I thought that guy had a deathly hallows tattoo

- She proper went in for the kill, literally 😂
- I’m sorry but the way she just flopped on the curb that was hilarious
- Omg I just realised that dirk guy kind of reminds me of drop dead Fred 😂
- Wtf are they listening to kpop in the car
- “MAN”
- I just started laughing the black guy looks so shook in the car with that woman 😂
- Wtf is a “coinkidink”
- I used the have the cupboards that his sister has
- “THe rOwDY tHrEe”
- (about vogel)That girl is terrifying. Oh is it a boy? 😂 The Gollum looking one 😂😂
- Wtf is that purple shit (referring to the energy sucked out of Dirk, which is blue)
- (referring to Dorian’s death) Well that backfired, literally.
- “Did u find a kitten? In da pent house.”

*I feel like this was all of us when we saw it for the first time 😂 She thinks that Dirk is an autistic alien, which I don’t entirely deny, plus he apparently reminds her of Rik Mayall*