she was going for a cuddle but decided against it last minute

Mock up the courage

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, just pure fluff. 

A/N: Bucky is tired and needy and just wants to cuddle. (who. fuckin’. wouldn’t?!)

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If there was ever something more adorable than Bucky being tired or in any way not feeling well, you’d never seen it. Now, the serum made sure he was never not feeling well, but it didn’t help exhaustion after a week long mission with only 2 hours of sleep a day.

This is why he came stumbling into your floor, somehow overriding every security protocol with his left over spy-skills, calling out your name at two in the morning.

Actually, it was more like a drawn out whine.

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Merciless Princess

Pairings/Characters: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: smut smut smutttt, Sub!Seb (do I hear a fuck yes?), oral sex (both receiving), face riding, orgasm denial

Summary: You’re extremely busy but Sebastian doesn’t care, he needs to be near you. He needs to be touching you. Always.

Word Count: 1559

A/N: I hope this was okayyy! Please leave me some feedback I’m sweating loRD! Based off of this request :)

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customer satisfaction

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woozi x reader smut

20,480 words

a/n: my first woozi fic, my first seventeen fic, my first kpop fic. this was supposed to be something really simple and silly, but my dumb ass had to go and add a bunch of sadness and backstory to it, as always. as you can see, it got dramatically out of hand. i’m so sorry, i hope someone likes it

~ in which you haven’t gotten off in like six months, and lee jihoon is the pleasure specialist, himself. (he’s also a little bit more than that.)

     “I promise you, you won’t regret this,” Wendy reassured you, but they were words she always said right before she convinced you to do something that you definitely would regret. She’d used them very often over the past year, during which she’d somehow convinced you to go on roughly thirty blind dates that she’d set up in her desperate attempts to get you “back out there.” You knew her heart was in the right place, but every single date had been a disaster. The problem was that if she knew a guy who wasn’t already taken, there was a reason for it. The first set-up been with a guy named Jinho who still lived with his ex-girlfriend (in a one bedroom apartment) and adamantly refused to wear deodorant; one guy, Jinwoo, told you he had recently quit his job and moved back in with his parents because he hadn’t had enough time to play League; you’d tried so hard to will yourself to forget the second to last guy, but how could you forget the name (Daehyun) of someone who sat down across from you and proceeded to ignore you for the whole two hours it took him to eat a salad, baked potato, and two steaks before “suddenly realizing” he forgot his wallet, telling you he didn’t think you were his type, and leaving you to foot the bill.

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Anger, Sex and Confessions (Road Trip Series - Part Three)

Quick note: Please keep in mind while reading this that I’ve written it over such a long period of time (and that’s no one’s fault but my own) and that means it could honestly be the biggest pile of crap you’ve ever read, and totally not worth the wait that it has been. I’m nervous as fuck. Enjoy!

Part One: Warmth x If Looks Could Kill

Part Two: Wrong Directions and Shower Secrets

He suppressed a growl when he felt his body stiffening. The pleasure was too great for Justin to feel any sense of guilt or embarrassment when flashes of [Y/N]’s bare body entered his mind.

With care, his hand moved up and down his length but he knew it wouldn’t be long before his speed increased. His heart thumped rapidly against his ribcage and the steam started to suffocate him, he was determined to see himself through, despite having a lightheaded sensation in his head.  

He did with success. He knew he’d spent far too long in the shower, so long that the rest of the group were likely to be getting suspicious, but all of those worries left his brain when he felt himself falling over the edge.

Leaving his lips, pants and gasps bounced off the shower wall and returned back to their rightful owner almost immediately. Justin tried to bite the inside of his cheek to hold back the voicing of his pleasure but he knew he could only do so much.

The hot water mixed with his juices that managed to reach his stomach while he continued to stroke himself through the bliss that took its time to subside, as though it didn’t want to leave him. Justin would admit the feeling was mutual.

Feeling dizzy, he took a few minutes to let the water wash over his body and cleanse him of his actions that he was starting to feel slightly regretful of.

Stepping out of the shower only minutes later and panting breathlessly, Justin quickly trapped the heat against his body by wrapping the towel around his waist. He felt his cheeks burning and he was sure if he wasn’t dripping wet, he’d have sweat running down his forehead.

He felt relaxed, and at ease with no tension anywhere in his body. Looking in the mirror, even as it was steamed up, he could see the deep redness in his cheeks.

He shut the shower door before opening the bathroom one in front of him. The fact he’d made sure to wrap the towel around him quickly meant nothing when the cold air sent a shiver through his entire body and gave him the sensation of being given shock treatment.

The rest of the group were lounging around in front of the TV, and [Y/N]’s eyes met his own and he couldn’t help but smirk as she rapidly switched her attention to the TV once more, pretending their gaze hadn’t clicked momentarily.

He walked into the bedroom and didn’t bother turning the light switch   before closing the door and walking around to the far side of the room where his things were sprawled carelessly. He couldn’t help but catch a glance of red lace poking out of [Y/N]’s suitcase, and he had to quickly turn away to forget about it.

He dropped the towel from his body and pulled the boxers up his legs and over his junk. He grabbed some sweatpants out of his bag and threw them on. Water droplets hit his cheeks as his hair stuck up without direction. He ran his hand through it before grabbing a shirt and pulling it over his head as he aimed for the bedroom door.

Out in the main room, things were just as they were a few seconds ago, just as he expected. Once again, [Y/N] shifted her gaze onto him for only a moment. She was spread out across the couch that would have otherwise had a free seat. The floor was cold beneath his feet and he refused to sit on it. She didn’t budge as he walked closer to her.

“Move,” he said. She didn’t react nor did she show any sign of acknowledgement. “Move,“ he repeated, just a little louder.

"As you can see, this couch is currently taken,” she replied, her eyes on the TV.

“Maybe so, but it could also be taken by two if you moved your fat ass,” he hissed, taking a hold of her legs and trying to pull them off of the couch.

“Fucking hell, sit here,” Kylie said, standing abruptly. Justin watched in annoyance as [Y/N] moved her feet out of the way so Kylie could sit down.

The room was quiet apart from the TV, and Justin could sense it was almost awkward, no one was in a hurry to say anything to break it however. He bounced his leg on the floor mindlessly and rested his hands on his stomach.

“Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer. We saw you guys cuddling this morning,” Khalil exclaimed as a grin burst out onto his face. He looked like he was ready to explode.

Justin instantly scoffed, and [Y/N] imitated him. “You’re talking shit, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he muttered, feeling his heart rate pick up.

“I figured you’d say that,” Khalil replied and did the one thing Justin was silently praying he wouldn’t do; he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

Looking over at [Y/N], he could see she had a mix of panic, worry and confusion across her face. He shifted his gaze back to Khalil who was ready to reveal the proof. And when he did, Justin held back a groan.

On his phone was a photo Justin was expecting simply because he remembered exactly how he’d woken up that morning; [Y/N]’s back pressed against his chest, his arm around her comfortably.

“Care to explain?” It was Kendall’s turn to grin.

“You want an explanation?” Justin asked while [Y/N] sat quietly, almost stunned. “We’re secret fuck buddies. Yeah, I’m surprised you didn’t hear us last night the way I was giving it to her-“

"Justin!” [Y/N] hissed. “That is not true.”

"Well, that’s what they want? Isn’t it?” he spat and shocked expressions took over three of the faces staring at him. “Of course nothing’s going on between us. I can’t stand her, I can’t stand her bitchy attitude, and anyone who’d be willing to even hold her hand must be out of their mind, besides,” Justin muttered mindlessly, pointing in [Y/N]’s direction before slumping back against the couch. "I can do way better than a bitch like her.”

She didn’t want to be quick to say it hurt, but she could feel a deep snag in her heart, as though someone had shoved a knife through her chest but it had caught and tangled in her veins.

The silence made it worse; it either meant no one was fazed by Justin’s comment, or they had realised it was a little too much so sudden. Either way, [Y/N] jumped to her feet and aimed for the door without letting the thought process. It was as though all of her insecurities had been brought to the surface in a harsh attempt to drown her and she couldn’t help but feel her eyes swimming in tears.

Justin watched the TV without taking notice. She slipped her shoes on and thanked the warm weather that she was able to leave without grabbing a coat. She made an effort to slam the door behind her.

The air gave her a hard slap to the face, but she felt better with the fresh air filling her lungs, even the sight of the trees waving softly made her feel somewhat at ease.

She walked, she wasn’t sure what direction or how far, but she passed nothing but green land and the odd yellow patches until the sun started to sink before the landscape. It caused her to flinch away as it glared at her, burning her retinas without remorse.

Birds flew over her head, chirping excitedly and frightening her when they swooped just a little lower than usual. There was soft rustling in the bushes but she decided it was nothing she should worry about.There was a gush of wind attacking her back with so much force, she felt her body being ushered forwards.


It’d been a few hours since she’d left and since she hadn’t even thought of her phone as she stormed out, there was no way for her to have contact with anyone. She was grateful for it a few hours ago, but the sun was leaving her and she was no longer as warm as she had been, and suddenly, not as confident that she’d be able to get back.

She turned around on her heels suddenly and started to stumble back where she’d come from. With a little bit of panic in her system, the ground no longer seemed so perfectly laid out before her. The air seemed like ice on her skin, she wrapped her arms around her body.

The sky looked as though it was ablaze; the blue that once looked like an ocean in the sky had transformed into a mixture of reds and yellows, it looked like someone had painted it, maybe even just for her. She could see the last edge of the sun leave behind the hills and the sky became even darker. She tried not to worry but the air was getting colder by the second and she could no longer feel her fingers.

She wasn’t sure how long it had been; minutes, possibly hours, but she managed to find her way back eventually. It was just as the sky turned a deep blue, going on black, colour. She felt fatigue wash over her body while walking towards the door. The lights were still on and the place looked just as it had done when she left, with a little more life to it now that it was the only light source outside.

She felt a sense of awkwardness crawl into her body when she walked inside; her hurt and embarrassment had somewhat subsided and she wasn’t feeling at all up to the possible gazes she may just get as she meets their faces. It happened, no matter how much she wanted to run away for a few more hours.

"Where the fuck have you been?!” Kylie shot towards her and grabbed her by the arm, her hands were warm and [Y/N] appreciated it. “You’ve been gone hours.”

"Sorry, I just needed some fresh air, that’s all.” She shrugged as though it was nothing, as though she hadn’t gotten lost and began to panic. “I’m fine, honestly.”

"Yeah, now, we didn’t know that an hour ago,” Kendall pointed out as she sat on the edge of the couch. Khalil was stood behind her, leaning against the back of the couch.

A sudden emotion set into [Y/N]’s body and she knew all it could be was guilt; she’d been so caught up in thinking about herself and her own emotions, she didn’t seem to think about the fact that she’d left with no explanation.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. I should have said something, I didn’t mean to worry you.” She sent them an apologetic smile while a flush creeped up to her cheeks. “Forgive me?” 

The worried looks were still being sent her way, but after hugs and more apologies from [Y/N], everything was resolved, much to her relief. Sighing, she dropped down onto the couch.

“Are you okay?” Kylie dared to ask what the other two seemed to be wanting to by the way they nodded.

“Yeah, I’m okay, just needed to clear my head, that’s all,” she replied with a strong element of truth behind her words. “I think I’m gonna go get some rest though.”

“Do you wanna swap-“

“I’ll be okay, he’s probably asleep anyway. Night.” [Y/N] sent smiles to the three of them before making her way across the room to her bedroom door, kicking her shoes off as she did so. She could see the light through the small gap underneath the door and felt her heart come alive in her chest.

Her eyes met Justin sat on the edge of the bed with his phone in his hands. When the door opened, he was quick to turn to see who had walked through it and when his eyes clocked [Y/N], he jumped to his feet.

“Where the fuck have you been?” he hissed the same words Kylie had, taking her by surprise. “You’ve been gone for hours!”

“That’s none of your business,” she muttered, suddenly avoiding eye contact as though if she met his eyes, she’d lose all strength.

“Well, believe it or not, it kinda is. If you hadn’t have come back, I’d never have been able to live with myself.”

“What you said hurt,” she murmured, “but don’t flatter yourself.”

“Where did you go?”

“Why do you care?”

He sighed heavily. “I don’t know, [Y/N], okay? But I do.”

[Y/N] didn’t know what to say so she didn’t attempt to think of anything. The mere fact that Justin had been worried about her while she was gone was enough to throw her off track. It stayed quiet for a while, Justin’s confession was hanging painfully exposed in the air, and she used that time to climb under the warmth of the covers.

“I’m sorry,” Justin rasped.

“What for?”

“You know what for, for what I said.”

“I’m over it, I don’t care.” She played with the edge of the covers to stop herself from looking over at Justin’s bare back.

“Are you?” he asked and, finally, laid back against the pillows. They laid side by side, completely still, as though they were scared that whoever moved first would lose the battle.


Justin rolled over onto his side. His head rested against the palm of his hand and his eyes burned into the side of [Y/N]’s face. She itched to return his gaze.

“..I enjoyed being with you, holding you, I mean. It felt nice.”

His confessions were piling up and she knew his ways too well to not question whether it was just another one of his games. She stayed quiet.

“Why won’t you look at me?” he asked with confusion lacing and decorating his tone.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” She finally found the strength to look at him, and when she did, she could see colour swirling around his pupils.

He shrugged and bit the inside of his cheek. “I guess I’m just tired of pretending that I don’t care for you when all I want to do is compliment you.”

“Where is this coming from?” she asked; she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Justin sighed again, and ran a hand through his jungle of hair. “I guess when you left, it scared me. I didn’t know where you were or if you were okay, or even if you were coming back. It made me realise that I do care about you,” he said before letting out a large breath of air. He looked worried, he’d never looked like that in front of her.

“I don’t know what to say,” she whispered. She wanted to tell him that she was enjoying his warmth, and that she’d like him to come closer, but she didn’t.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to say anything. I know this is sudden. We can just go to sleep and forget everything if you want.”

His words echoed in her mind like a record threatening to skip and start all over again. She didn’t want to sleep, at least not without him close. She wanted him to keep saying nice things to her, as selfish as that sounded. She liked the new Justin, and she couldn’t help but remember how his arms felt firmly around her waist.

He was still watching her closely, and she hadn’t any control over the next words that left her lips.

“Kiss me.”

His eyes widened and he took the characteristics of an ice statue for a few seconds. [Y/N] half expected water to start gliding his temple at any moment, and she was sure if it reached his cheek it would sizzle.

However, in the next few seconds he transformed into something wild. He leaped forward and grabbed her face in his hands, making her gasp, but not in surprise. His lips were hot and relaxed her whole body immediately. Their kisses were hungry, that kind of hungry you feel when you haven’t eaten since breakfast and it’s late in the evening.

She’d never heard him moan before, only groan in annoyance at her. She quickly decided she loved the sound and wanted more.

Justin hovered about her, careful not to touch her too much in case she didn’t want to go further. He moved his fingers up her arms and pulled her hands up over her head and held them tightly in his grip. Her tongue grazed against his own and he wanted nothing more than to bite down.

Taking a chance, he abandoned the grasp he had on her hands and moved his left hand to the end of her shirt, letting his fingers wander underneath. When she didn’t resist, he moved them further up towards the very edge of her bra. He could feel lace and growled like a hungry animal into the back of her throat. This made her curve her chest up into him.

“Justin,” she whispered because again she was lost for words.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his eyes switching between hers. She nodded and threw her head back against the fluffy pillows.

His hand almost ripped the shirt from her body with eagerness. A rush of lust released into this body, causing him to grip her hips tighter than he planned. It wasn’t long before the fabric hiding her boobs was thrown behind him. Justin didn’t hesitate to bring his mouth around her left nipple to hear her whimper.

He realised he took great pleasure in hearing her make such delicate noises that floated so wonderfully into his ear and sent tingles running down his neck and spreading to deeper parts of his body. It was something - after all the arguments and miscommunication - he never thought he would feel.

“Definitely,” she replied, pulling his lips against her own by grabbing his neck. “Please don’t take your time.”

He didn’t have to be told twice and became increasingly eager as he took the beginning of her sweatpants in his fingertips. [Y/N]’s skin was warm under his touch. He pulled them down her long legs with a rapidly beating heart, and felt as though it was seconds from coming to a halt once they’d been dropped to the floor and her legs were for him to look at.

An almost inaudible moan left the back of his throat, it would have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for the strong silence around them, almost like it was waiting for what was to follow.

“I didn’t realise just how much I wanted this until now,” Justin murmurs quietly, unsure if [Y/N] caught what he’d said. His hands venture to the hem of her underwear. “May I?”

“Please,” she whispered.

With a pounding heart and a threatening hard on, Justin just managed to take his time while dragging her underwear down her legs, giving them the same destiny as her sweatpants as he launched them to the floor.

“You’re wearing too much material,” [Y/N] said, indicating to the shorts he was wearing. Justin merely smirked and got to his feet.

With a heart racing wildly in her chest, [Y/N] watched without trying to look too eager. Although when his shorts were off and laying discarded on top of her own, she was sure her breathing was about to stop.

“D’you want a little strip tease?” Justin asked, his infamous grin plastered on his lips as he swayed his hips from left to right gently, wiggling his ass to nonexistent music. “I’ve been told I have excellent stripper skills.”

[Y/N] couldn’t help but laugh, and realised it was probably the first time she’d laughed at him without the joke being at his expense. “Just get over here before I dry up like the desert.”

“Oh, I love it when you talk dirty,” he smirked and gained speed while pulling his boxers down the bottom half of his body. She took the inside of her cheek between her teeth as she felt the heat rush to her cheeks.

He reached over to his bag with a rapid pace and returned with a condom packet that was ripped open and covering him in a matter of seconds. The look of desire in his eye was obvious if the sudden movements didn’t make it clear.

“Ready?” he whispered, towering over her body with his hands resting firmly beside her head. [Y/N] could see his breath becoming heavier by the second.

“More than.”

Justin let his hands slip up and down her sides before pushing his hips forward. There was a tense moment between the two while they allowed reality to set in, but Justin smashed through it was a moan of appreciation against the skin of [Y/N]’s neck.

“How I’ve managed to resist you for this long is a mystery,” he muttered, holding back the desire to bite down on her neck.

She didn’t reply, but simply pushed her hips up as far as she could, feeling Justin’s own slam against hers as a result. [Y/N] watched his jaw tightened for a mere few seconds.

“Talk to me,” he breathed as he lowered himself so that he was closer to her. Their heat radiated off of each other without any trouble. “D’you like that?”

She nodded before she responded. “Y-yes,” she said, needing to catch her breath. “Please don’t stop.” Her nails were digging exceptionally hard into his shoulders, but he didn’t seem to have a problem.

“I’d be an idiot to stop, I wanna know what you’re like when you cum,” he grinned madly, and [Y/N] sensed movement lower down her body. She thought nothing of it until a warm sensation, similar to before, pressed down on her clit.

“Oh fuck,” [Y/N] whispered, letting her eyes fall shut while her body stayed tense. She gripped Justin’s shoulders with the tips of her fingers instead of her nails. “Justin..”

“I know, I know, I know. That’s good, right?” he whispered, becoming impossibly close to her. “All those arguments seem so pointless when we could’ve been doing this the whole time,” he rasped, slamming his hips closer to her.

“We’re idiots,” she chuckled in agreement, but was quickly taken over by the tightening in her stomach. Her heart began to race rapidly.

“I’m not gonna last much longer,” he muttered so quietly [Y/N] had to wonder if he was talking to her or himself.

It was clear he was coming close; his thrusts took a turn and became harder as each one took place, but they became less coordinated, like Justin was losing control of his hips.

“[Y/N]..” Justin’s voice trailed off into what was barely a whisper, as though the intended words had been stolen from his lips.

“Cum for me,” she whispered encouragingly, meanwhile feeling her own climax approaching.

“I want to see you cum first, I want to feel you cum first. Do that for me.”

There was a certain pressure that did [Y/N] a world of favours; the idea of Justin watching her, his eyes burning into her, send her stomach doing backflips. She pushed her hips up confidently and felt the familiar feeling of falling over the edge.

“C’mon, baby,” he muttered into her ear. His voice was shaky, as though he was holding back on something he was seconds from losing control of. “Cum for me. Right now.”

[Y/N] did just that. Aware of the fact that there were three other people currently in other rooms, she bit down on her bottom lip, but it didn’t stop a squeal emitting from the back of her throat thanks to Justin’s fingers working their magic on her clit faster than she thought possible. It calmed down into a whine that caused Justin to slam into her with what felt like his entire power.

“Fuck, I’m there,” he panted and took a firm hold of her hips. The speed in which Justin began to pound into her extended her orgasm for a few moments longer, letting the bliss last.

His eyes scrunched closed while his jaw clenched tightly. He looked absolutely wonderful and [Y/N] soaked in his beauty in that moment. The moans and grunts that clashed together in the air around them caused an entire new wave of pleasure through her body and she had to try to not let it show.

A minute later and the air was filled with heat, panting and awkwardness. Justin had sunk down beside her and they both lay staring at the ceiling, not touching each other for the first time in a long while that night. Suddenly feeling very bare, [Y/N] pulled the sheets over her body.

“Are you regretting it?” Justin asked.

Alarmed, she answered. “No, are you?”

“Not in the slightest.” He rolled over to look at her, she stared a little longer at the ceiling. “Is it gonna be awkward between us now, or can we just skip over that and do it again?”

“It’s only awkward if we make it awkward,” she replied and shuffled further down the bed and rolled onto her side so that her face was in line with his own.

“..You’re so beautiful.” It was unexpected, and it sent a red hot flush to [Y/N]’s cheeks. Justin noticed. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve called you over the years.”

“We both said things, it was fair. Good game, by the way, you can definitely throw some hits,” she chuckled. ‘We’ll call it a tie.”

“Deal,” Justin grinned. “Can I kiss you now?” he asked, before leaning closer. [Y/N] happily closed the space between them.

It felt strange to be happily kissing someone she thought she despised for such a long time, and Justin wondered how he’d been missing something so wonderful for far too many years. He didn’t dwell on it for too long however; [Y/N]’s ran her tongue across his own and he realised there were far too many new things to experience with her to be dwelling on the past.

Embrace Mischief

Based on:  Imagine Loki just wanting snuggles all the time… 

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 1131

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: @pastapizzacheesedragon I hope you can forgive me taking so much to write this. But I hope this is good and I hope y’all enjoy a fluffy Loki!

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You slowly opened your eyes when you heard voices from outside the room. But it was short.

Steady, warm breaths on your neck made your eyelids heavy again and you closed your eyes and decided to go back to slumber.

You took a deep breath and you noticed that something makes your chest raise heavily.

That was the moment your eyes snapped opened and you turned around.

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Drabbling drabbles that drabble. Based on OTP questions I found when I was bored, thought I’d share them, hope you like it… *hides under the bed*

Unbeta’d AF.

Who usually has nightmares?

Betty wakes up in her college room, looking for the source of whatever it is that woke her. After a second, her phone vibrates again and she picks it up, instantly more alert as she reads the name of the caller.

“Jug, hey… are you okay?” she asks, rubbing her eyes,  as soon as the video call connects showing a rather disheveled Jughead on the screen. His hair is sticking in different directions like it does when he passes his hand through it several times­.

“Yes… I’m sorry I woke you up, Betts.” Jughead says, sighing, not looking at her directly. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“I don’t mind, dummy.” She tells him, wishing she could brush her fingers through his hair herself. “Did you… did you have a nightmare?”

Jughead stares at his screen with his lips pursed, looking at her face and pang of longing rushes through him. “Yeah.” He answers, voice suddenly hoarse, and he rubs his eyes. “Shit, I feel like an asshole having a nightmare, calling you, waking you up in the middle of the night when you’re tired. You’ve been busting your ass working and I’m an idiot calling at 2 am,  I’m-”

“Hey, hey” She interrupts his agitated rant. Jughead is breathing hard on the screen.  “None of that. I don’t mind, you know that, Jug. I always have time for you… I’m glad you called me, do you wanna talk about your nightmare?”

He sighs again, his bottom lip jutting out in a slight pout as he collapses onto his bed. “Not really.“ he mumbles. “The details are fuzzy but… I remember you were the one who turned up dead instead of Jason, my dad standing over you with a gun…” his voice drops on that last sentence, only barely above a whisper.

“Oh, Juggie…” the mention of their teenage years making her stomach flip a little.

“It felt so real… that’s why I called you, I wanted to hear your voice.” His cracks a little as he speaks. He moves to lay on his side, looking at her. “I miss you, I wish you were right here with me, stealing the covers.”

Her chest tightens as she chuckles at his words. She feels his absence like a phantom limb sometimes, a part of her that should be there but isn’t. Betty thinks of his (their, a voice in her head provides) appartment in New York, their save haven and the strong sense of longing makes her close her eyes for a second. She misses life next to him, the domesticity they had so carefully built.

“I miss you too, Jug. Every day.” she tells him with a sad smile. “But that was just a dream, I’m still here and I’m okay… scout’s honor.”

“You were never a scout, Betty, though I do appreciate the sentiment.” Jughead says, smiling softly.

“Just two more weeks, okay? Then I’ll be home…” she tells him, not knowing who she’s really trying to comfort.


“And, Juggie?” Betty starts. “Don’t ever hesitate to call me or feel bad about it.”

Jughead’s face softens when she says it, his throat bobbing.

“Scout’s honor.” He says, smiling at her chuckle. “I love you, Betty.” His voice is as intense as his eyes.

“I love you too, Jughead.”

Who asks who out on the first date?

Jughead hangs up the phone in a haze.  As he talked with Jellybean she, bless her beautiful soul, had asked a question that had knocked him off his feet.

“So, where you did you go for your first date?”

Logically, he knew he might be overreacting but logic was somewhere else right now, leaving him with a thousand awful thoughts and questions. Sure, they’ve been busy with the whole solving-a-murder-and-getting-Polly-back thing but this felt like something he should’ve notice.

He still remembers the quiet dreams he had to himself once he realized how fast his heart beat was around her. The dinners, the movie dates, the sleepy smiles and lazy cuddles on a sunday… and even deeper within the darkest lands of his heart, the white picket fence, the same green eyes every day of his life and a ring that once there, would never be removed.

Shaking his head, he removes himself from his mind and back into the present.

The Blue and gold offices are quiet. Most of the school is already home as Jughead and Betty type away on their laptops. Well, at least Betty was. Jughead himself was pretending to work as he furtively looked at the blonde on the desk at his right, trying to decide what to do or say. The irony of a wanna-be writer being speechless was not lost on him, but hey… everyone had bad days.

“What?” Betty says, frowning slightly at him.

“What?” Jughead replies intelligently, still a bit lost in his thoughts.

“You were looking at me funny… why were you looking at me funny?” she asks, leaving the pen and folding her arms across her chest, leaning them on the desk.

“I wasn’t looking at you funny.” Jughead tells her. “I was thinking.”

“What about?” Betty continues, getting up and starting to walk in his direction.

“You?” it sounds like a question as she finally reaches his desk, leaning her hip against it looking down at him.

Betty’s expression softens a little.The sun is hitting her just right and green eyes shine like two beacons, her hair turning almost gold in the light. She’s beautiful. She’s so beautiful he feels his throat close a little, making it difficult to breathe.

“Will you go out with me?” He blurts, the words escaping before he can stop them. Jughead feels his eyes widen and makes a choked off noise.

“I mean…” Betty’s frown is deep. She takes a step forward before sitting in Jughead’s lap, looking directly at him. “Correct me if I’m wrong but… I thought we already were.” She says, the smallest of smiles on her face now. Jughead chuckles nervously. What the hell was wrong with him?

“No… I mean, yes. I meant going out on a date with me.” he replies, boldly snaking his arm around her waist. “I’ve noticed we still haven’t been to one and I’d like to take you.”

“Oh…” Betty says, eyebrows rising and smile growing. “Of course! I’d love to.” She puts her hand on his cheek, softly caressing it with her thumb. “What did you have that face, then? You looked preoccupied.”

“Not preoccupied… just thoughtful.” He says, leaning into her touch and kissing her palm softly.

Betty pulls him closer, her arms around his neck as she rests her cheek on the top of his head. Jughead relishes on the closeness, closing his eyes hoping his heart doesn’t burst out of his chest. These are his favorite moments with her, when the world seems to stop just for them.

They share the silent for a few minutes until he speaks.

“I was thinking I’m scared. I’m very invested in… whatever you wanna call this.” Jughead’s voice is only barely above a whisper but she hears him nonetheless.

Betty pulls away from him enough to look at him in the eye. “I’m just as invested as you are, Juggie. I want this to work. I honestly didn’t think about the dates thing because to me it doesn’t matter as long as I get to spend time with you… be it pursuing clues or on an official date.” Her smile is bright, eyes piercing. “I do like the B word, though… it fits.” she says, suddenly shy.

Jughead can’t resist it anymore so he leans forward, brushing his lips against her in a gentle kiss, trying to convey all he’s feeling through that contact. The kiss turns feverish for a second before softening again, leaving them breathing mouths inches apart.

“An impromptu trip to Pop’s sounds amazing right now. Just the two of us… what do you say?” Betty asks him, bumping her nose with his.

Jughead grins at her, borderline wicked.

“It’s a date.”

Meeting the Mistress (Cuckquean short story #1)

When I told my Master I wanted to be his cuckquean, he was shocked. If you had even mentioned the topic a week ago I would have gotten uncomfortable and possibly cried. For no particular reason (other than concentrated masturbation) I had not only accepted the idea of my Master fucking another woman, but I yearned for it. Just as odd, I went from wanting to have complete control over these acts, to wanting to simply submit to my Master and his future lover. I feel my brain is trying to make things easier for itself. It knows I’m tired of fighting with myself when I know I’ll never be enough to satisfy my Master, so instead it’s allowing me to indulge in the fantasy of him fucking a prettier, younger and tighter cunt. I’m already wet thinking about it…

He was ecstatic to hear that I had overcome my fears and insecurities; in fact, I don’t think he’s ever loved me more. As I told him in further detail of my wish to be submissive to both him and our cuckcake, he admitted his cock was very hard. After we’d fantasized about various ways our cuckcake could degrade and humiliate me, it was obvious we wanted to make it happen as soon as possible. A few hours later, he told me he would arrange everything. He instructed me to be ready for a potential cuckcake as early as noon the next day. Master would not lock the door as he left for work, and I would not lock it. I was to wait patiently on my knees, wearing nothing but my butt plug, collar and leash. When Sara came in the door, she immediately burst into laughter.

“Wow, you’re even more pathetic than he described you!” she chuckled, grabbing onto my leash. “C’mon little piggy, show me where my new bedroom is!”

She walked behind me as I crawled, and I could feel her eyes on my imperfect ass and pussy. “I see why your Master needed to call in some help, that bejeweled plug isn’t fooling anyone, piggy.” Shamefully and without a word, I led her into the bedroom and sad myself in front of the bed. As she laid down, I could feel her taking my old place as she put me into my new one. I am her bitch now just as much as I am Master’s. Remembering my presence at her feet, she said “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Sara, but you can call me Mistress. Your Master told me you’ve been wanting to change your name to bitch, is that right? Works for me, we can start using it right now. Take off my clothes, bitch.” After I’d removed the last piece of her clothing, she ordered me to begin licking her pussy. I remembered suddenly that I would not be fucked by my Master tonight, and quite possibly for a very long time. I dove into her pussy, feeling my cunt ache as she rode my face. “Good little bitch, get your tongue in there. I heard you lick Master’s asshole, huh you nasty whore? I’ll have you on that next, my dear.” As my face became soaked along with my pussy, I heard the apartment door open. I shot up to greet Master at the door, but Mistress stopped me.

“That’s not your place anymore, bitch. Down. And stay quiet while the adults talk.”

I sat on the floor, my face covered in Mistress’ pussy juice. It tasted so good, and I began to lick around my lips as I played with my clit, imagining her riding my face all over again. Suddenly, Master and Mistress entered the room.

“Has she been good?” Master asked her without even glancing at me.

“Of course, she has. Just like you said, she’s a desperate little cuckquean. She also laps like a puppy, just like you said!” They kissed in front of me as Master began to rub Mistress’ pussy. “I need to fuck you right now. It’s a good thing our little slave got you ready.” I watched as Master threw our cuckcake onto the bed and spread open her toned legs. He began to fuck her tighter pussy when he looked down and saw his little submissive looking on with hungry eyes.

“Does the little bitch want some too?” I nodded. Master grabbed me and pushed my face right next to Mistress’ pussy. “Go ahead, bitch. Lick. Lick. Lick. Do you taste that? That’s a superior pussy. You will serve this pussy because you will never be as good as it. I will fuck this pussy everyday to remind you. You will be a good slave to Mistress and I, yes? She’ll be very nice to you, sweetie. She even told me she’s going to let you lick her butthole tonight! What a lucky girl; I’ll leave a present in there for you.” After a quick kiss on the forehead, I am back on the ground, reaching for my moist pussy as I shamelessly watch my Master and our cuckcake.

Watching him fuck her is so surreal. His cock is so mesmerizing as it pumps in and out of Mistress’ pussy. She notices I’m staring and calls me out.

“Bitch, if you’re so hungry, why don’t you eat?” She snaps and motions me to place myself in front of her pussy. As I’m face-to-face with Mistress’ pussy, I take in the sight of my Master’s cock buried deep inside. He can barely fit inside her tight cunt. “Lick, bitch” she reminds me as she forces my mouth onto her sex. I latch on and begin sucking, licking, everything I can do to make her moan even more as my Master’s cock runs in and out of her. As she begins to buckle in orgasm, I move down to lick my Master’s balls and asshole. Her pussy juices are everywhere. Everywhere I lick on him, I taste her. Master decides to have Mistress rest for a few minutes, as he will soon be fucking her ass. I, on the other hand, will be busy cleaning out Master’s asshole as he and Mistress have an adult conversation. I don’t hear much of what they’re saying; Master is moving his ass all over my tongue tonight. I suppose he just wants me to enjoy it, as I will be nothing but a cunt, ball and asslicker for the foreseeable future. When I’m finally brought up from under his ass, Master pushes me aside while he strokes his cock against Mistress’ asshole. It’s so tight and puffy. I beg until they let me lay down with my face underneath Master’s balls. I love to feel them slap against my face as he fucks her ass, but also to lick them knowing he will soon give her a huge load, and I’ll want it to be warm. As Master begins to cum, I beam knowing I will be sucking every last drop out of Mistress’ delicious butthole. As I begin to devour Mistress’ ass, Master pats my head and tells me what a good, desperate little puppy I am. “I’m so glad you’re getting along with my new fuck doll, little bitch. You saw I was having a good time fucking Sara’s ass, huh? I bet you want me to keep fucking her, don’t you?” I nod in shame, but know that I am getting wetter by the second. I continue to scoop and collect his cum out of her hole, listening to her moans as she pushes my head deeper.

After I’ve gotten all the cum, Master and Mistress cuddle with me and tell me what a good girl I was. They tease my cunt and nipples and they talk about all of the ways they’re going to degrade me tomorrow. They do not let me cum. I am a happily enslaved cuckquean.

Please let me know what you guys think! I would love any comments or criticism. This is one of my favorite stories I’ve written I’ve written so far :) Writing is one of the best ways for me to explore my kinks and desires.

Okay so I’m having to post this again because I was going through my page and for some reason this piece got deleted! Dunno how! Anyway, there’s a part two to this and it just doesn’t make sense without the first!


Y/N loves flying out to see Harry. She loves hearing the enthusiasm in his voice when she tells him her vacation’s been approved at work. She loves when Harry picks her up from airports, holding up the cutest handmade sign that reads ‘Y/N!!(:’. Especially because he draws happy faces, or hearts, or loads of x’s, and goes overboard with exclamation points sometimes. She loves hearing Harry go on and on about the town(or city) he’s in at the time. Loves it when he talks about the locations that are popular, as if he really is all familiar, when in reality he’s only just gotten there himself a day prior and hadn’t even heard of the place before then. It makes her think that maybe he lays awake at night, before her arrival, studying these places, just so he can tell her all about them. She loves going out to sight see with him, wonderful spots she’s never even dreamt of visiting. She really loves hanging out with the boys and the crew, and engaging with fans when they come up to Harry, or Liam, or Louis, or Niall. More than anything though, she loves spending time with Harry.

This time it’s different though, and if she’s being honest, she’s feeling a tad nervous. Well, that might be an understatement.

Harry’s quite excited though. It’s been a while since he’s seen his best friend. Sure, he’s constantly phoning her, or messaging her, but it’s not the same. So when he sees her with her luggage, the escalator moving too slow for his liking, he smiles wide in adoration. Definitely not the same.

But here he is, his hair short and slicked messily to the side. With a sign that reads 'Y/N ♡ (:’, just like
she has missed. And as soon as she steps off the escalator, she drops her bags with a thud and Harry’s striding towards her, arms open.

“Missed you, kitten.” He smiles into her hair, inhaling the refreshing yet familiar scent of vanilla.

It’s quite easy for Harry to pick her up and spin her then, and she gives a small squeak, but laughs anyway.

“Been missing you since you left, you big movie star, you.”

And her voice is music to his ears, can never get enough. It’s why their conversations always go into the wee hours of the morning.

Harry sets her back down, gently, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “M'still the same ole lad that liked to work at a bakery.” Harry never really does change. Always been so humble. “Hey! Did y'know-”

“That you used to work at a bakery!” Y/N joins in, and they finish the sentence together. “I might’ve heard something about that, yes.”

They both chuckle before Harry takes her suitcase handle in his hand, “lemme help you with these, love.”

“How was the trip?” Harry questions, leading the way out.

Y/N hasn’t really known anything but quiet airports when it comes to visiting Harry. Always been best to arrive at night so the possibilities of getting swarmed are to a minimum.

“Slept a lot. Got a bit of work done-”

“You never really understood what a vacation was,” Harry chuckles. And it’s quite true. She can never really not do anything, and in that aspect, Harry and Y/N are much alike. But that’s why she likes vacationing with Harry, he’s able to distract her and really help her relax.

“That’s why m'here, darlin’.” She retorts, “anyway. It was sort of weird, too. Couple of people came up to me, no idea who they were, and asked about ya.”

Harry raises an eyebrow at this.

“Mhm-” she hums. By this time, he’s loading her belongings into the back of a rental, before opening the passenger door for her, “one guy even asked for a picture with me.”

Harry makes his way around the front of the car, jumping so into the driver’s seat.

“S'now y'think you’re all high an’ mighty?” He teases, giving her a smirk and putting the car in drive.

“Don’t worry, you’ll always be my number one,” Y/N giggles, patting his hand set on the arm rest.

Harry nods and laughs in amusement, “m'just glad you’re here, poppet. M'excited for you to meet everyone.”

“Me too,” she answers, unsure.

And if it were anyone else, she might’ve gotten away with that, but it’s Harry, and Harry knows her too well, so he takes her hand in his and gently squeezes it, smiling a reassuring smile “they’re gonna love ya’.”

And just like she predicted, Harry’s making sure to note places he’s either read about or has been to on their way to the hotel. The pub he and his cast mates went to on a day off, restaurant they celebrated a crew member’s birthday, park he likes to take a run through.

But Y/N still can’t help the uneasiness that creeps back up, because when she visited Harry on tours, she knew mostly everyone. Even when Harry wasn’t around because he was rehearsing, or in wardrobe, or performing, she still had Lou and Lux, sometimes Gemma and Meredith. But now, she’s not going to know anyone but Harry, and that’s a little scary when she thinks about it. Who is she going to talk to when Harry’s on set. She really doesn’t want to come off as a loner. And she’s naturally super shy, so she doesn’t want his cast ages to think she’s stuck up either.

“Here we are,” Harry’s voice cuts through her thoughts, “you’ll be sleeping in the room next to mine. S'got a door that connects 'em, so I’ll be a step away.”

Harry’s always been so considerate with her, to the point where it feels like she’s being babied. But she doesn’t mind, cos he tells her he’s just being cautious. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, and she knows, he’s always been real protective.

“S'that mean I can come over to yours?” Y/N doesn’t mean to sound like a child. Usually the first night in a foreign city she spends in Harry’s room. They’ll be watching movies or just talking until Y/N is more at ease, and eventually he’ll get her to sleep. She always tells him she’ll try her best not to bother him, but she can’t think of anything better than cuddling up to Harry. And Harry assures her he doesn’t mind. Not at all. He’s always said he sleeps much better when he’s got someone to cuddle.

“Door’s gonna be wide open-” he smiles, pushing his floor number button with his thumb once inside the lift, “-figuratively, o'course.”

Y/N smiles at him, her way of saying 'thank you’, before she yawns and rubs at her eyes.

When the lift comes to a halt, Harry helps a now very sleepy Y/N out, leading the way with the palm of his hand on her back. Times likes these he’s got to make sure his steps are shorter, wouldn’t want to hurry her up. He slides the keycard and opens her suite door, setting her belongings down next to the TV stand.

“Up you go,” he whispers now, noticing how droopy her eyes have gotten.

He pulls the covers back, letting her slip under before he’s taking off her sneakers and settling her into bed. The upside in having her arrive at night is that she always wears bed time clothes to ensure she’s comfortable.

“I’ll make sure to wake you for brekkie. G'nite, kitten.”

With a light kiss to her temple, Harry makes his way next door into his own room. A room that feels just a little empty now for some reason. And Harry stands here in the dark, a feeling of relief washing over him as he runs his fingers through his hair. He slips off his boots, then his shirt, and lastly his pants before deciding on a warm shower, excited that tomorrow, Harry will finally be able to introduce to everyone the girl he’s been going on about for a while now.


Harry wakes up to a slight stream of light coming in through the curtains, a hand instinctively feeling the spot next to him, in hopes that it wouldn’t be empty, but when he feels nothing but cool sheets, he can’t ignore the feeling of disappointment in the pit of his stomach.

One thing Harry always counted on is Y/N’s body next to him. Doesn’t matter whether she’s cuddled up to him, arm flung across his torso and face buried in his neck, or if she’s a ball of limbs sleeping inches away from him, hair laid messily against white sheets. He finds comfort in the way she breathes, her hands mindlessly reaching over to him to touch him, any part of him. That’s why she’s his favourite to cuddle. Let’s him move her around any which way he wants, and only nuzzles into him closer. When it’s hot, she settles for Harry’s arm around and under her neck, slung lazy on her shoulder, her head on his chest. When it’s cold, she lets him spoon her, his torso warm against her back, arms locked around her waist and their legs tangled. Sometimes he rubs her tummy, too. Knows she likes it when he rubs her tummy. It’s why he prefers it when it’s cold.

“Morning sunshine!” And just like that, a smile creeps over him as he looks over at Y/N make her way to the edge of his bed laying out his clothes on top, “completely knocked out last night. Woke up real early! I’ve picked out your outfit! Now let’s get going before you’re late!”

Y/N’s not sure what got into her. The sudden confidence seems to have her over excited now, giddy and in a hurry to get to Harry’s work.

“Woah! Whas’ gotten into yeh?”

Y/N knows the drill the second Harry sits up and reaches for the cover, so she turns around and stares at the wall so he can change.

She shrugs, “figured I should make the most of it. S'not everyday I get to hang out with famous people!”

“Ayeeee! S'not nice!” Harry would be offended if he had an ego, but it really only reminds him that Y/N doesn’t care that he’s Harry Styles.

“M'joking!” She turns around after hearing the sound of a zipper being pulled up.

Harry gives her a playful glare before sliding his shirt over his head and his arms, tugging at the bottom and stretching it down. He looks at her through the bathroom mirror, talking to her about the people he’s been spending time with as he washes his face and brushes his teeth.

Minutes later, they’re out for breakfast before heading to set.


Y/N’s having a grand time. She honestly doesn’t know why she was so worried. Everyone’s been so lovely to her. She was timid at first yeah, practically clinging to Harry when they arrived. But when he was taken to get into costume and she was left alone, a few of his cast mates approach her, making small talk before excusing themselves. She’s observing, watching everyone scrambling around to their positions when one of the crew ladies offers her a donut, and she doesn’t want to be rude and not take one, so she does, and boy is she glad she did. Because at that moment, a guy clad in a soldier costume, his face covered with what she’s assuming is mud, reaches for the last glazed just when she’s about to grab it.

He apologises and hands it over to her, claiming he likes the chocolate ones better anyway. He politely introduces himself, jokingly tipping his imaginary hat. Fionn is his name, and she remembers him from a few of the first leaked pictures of Harry on the set. He asks her name, and when she tells him, he hmm’s knowingly and says “so you’re the famous Y/N” before taking another bite of his donut.

Y/N’s not sure how long they’ve been talking for, all she knows is that her face is starting to hurt from so much smiling. The sound of a train whistle brings her back, and she looks up to see Harry looking back at them, a look on his face that she can’t make out. She waves at him, a huge smile on her face because she’s finally here, looking at her very handsome best friend in action, and he doesn’t wave back, rather keeps his stare stern before tucking his body back into the locomotive, causing her smile to fade.

Remember to Love (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Prompt: Poly!Hamilsquad Amnesia!Reader happy ending

Summary: To forget is easy, to remember is hard
You weren’t sure who you “met” first. Maybe it had been Alex at a bar and he introduced to, he clung to that story like a lifeline. Maybe you had come up to them and just sat down and started talking, you were prone to do that after a few shots of tequila. You didn’t know you couldn’t really remember that night. You remembered the day after though.

You’d woken up between Alex and Laf warm and sated, but with a huge headache. Flashes of the night before flashes through your mind. Four guys, who were very attentive, you shivered at the memories. It had been you and them against the world since then. You loved every second of it.

Tomorrow was your two year anniversary. They each had their own, John and Alex had been together first, then they’d met Laf, and Herc had joined after a New Year party. You always did something big, this year you planned to go upstate for a few days. You had planned it all, they had all protested that you shouldn’t have to. That they would. You told them that they didn’t know the first thing about planning anything.

“But we’re so non-heteronormative, we shouldn’t conform to gender roles either.” Alex grumbled.

“How come I never hear this argument when I’m cleaning the bathroom?” You asked and he shut up rolling his eyes. Laf, Herc, and John were laughing their heads off, you continued on.

It was the night before your anniversary when someone had asked for an ice cream run. You being you went, you didn’t know what was headed your way.

The empty streets of Washington Heights were always nice to drive through. You could put your windows down and listen to the music that flooded the streets from the homes of the people that lived there. You decided then and there that moving into Alex’s apartment with the rest of your boys was the best decision you ever made.

You could see the bodega at the end of the street you were driving on. There was an intersection that was clear and so you decided to forgo the stop sign. When you got past the stop sign, like lighting, a car came out of nowhere and slammed right into you. It had been going ninety miles per hour and you never saw it coming. You could feel it though, the way your car flipped from the impact. The last thought you had, before everything went blank, was if you’d ever see your beautiful boys again.
“How long does it take to get ice cream?” Alex asked a little grumpy. Everyone had gotten a bowl, but him. You had told him you’d go get some, gently kissed his cheek and left. That had been almost an hour ago.

“You’re right, I’ll call her.” Herc said as he pulled his phone from his sweatpants. He dialed your number put it to his ear. Waited, and waited, the rings stopped, you hadn’t answered. You could still be driving, it’s what they told themselves as they waited for you to call back. You didn’t call back. Thirty minutes later the land line blared through the house. Laf rushed to the phone,”Oui, Gilbert speaking.”

The person on the other end of the line talked for a while. “Is she okay?” That got l the rest of their attention.

“She was hit by a drunk driver, she’s in the hospital.” Laf said as he hung up the phone.

Your mind was muddled with fuzzy dreams? Memories? You didn’t know, what you did know was that everything always led to the clearest memory: the crash. You were driving, bodega right in front of you and then you were flipping.

Your eyes snapped open and you jackknifed up in bed. You looked around panicked, this wasn’t your bed room, was it? No it couldn’t have been, it was completely white, and you had… What were those things called. Glass, but they had pictures on them, strange shapes you didn’t understand. Started with an ‘M’ maybe it was an ‘S’. Monitors? Screens? Those were words right, that had meaning. You decided that yes, those were the right words, and that this was not your bedroom.

Usually it was warm in your bed and you had something to cuddle. This bed was cold and so lonely. A nurse rushed inside your room, you didn’t say anything as she talked to you. Asking you questions, she seemed to do everything like a routine.

“Sweetie I need you to answer me, what’s the last thing you remember?” Your eyebrows knitted together.

“Um, I- um right before the um- uh-” what was that word dammit.

“The crash?” She asked and you nodded. She sighed and moved around doing a few more things. You didn’t really pay attention just laid back in the bed, the nurse had propped it up for you. You felt sore, and dizzy, and so confused. Why couldn’t remember past the crash. You had been so happy, so content. What had you been doing.

There was a commotion outside your room. Voices shouting and they sounded so loud, you whined and covered your ears. You closed your eyes as the noise quieted down. “She’s suffering from a head injury, she had a lot of stitches put in, and… she’s got amnesia, she might not remember you. It’ll come back if you’re lucky.”

“And if we’re not?” You heard someone ask. The voice was sleepy and tired like they stayed up past the early hours of the morning a lot. It was familiar, but you didn’t know it at the same time. The doctor didn’t answer instead opened the door to your room and four men walked in.

“(Y/n),” was that your name, it felt right, it was pretty,”Some guests came to see you.” The Doctor said and you nodded. The four men stood around you, the one with freckles looked like he’d been crying. The tall, dark, lanky man still had tears running down his face.

“Thank God, you’re okay.” The shortest of them said and rushed to your side. He grabbed his hand and you didn’t move away. You probably should, you didn’t know this man, or did you. He looked familiar though, safe, they all did. You heart was hurting at the tears that stained their cheeks. You didn’t understand why though.

“Who are you?” You asked and his face crumbled. You could tell he was the sting one, because as soon as he started to cry the others were as well. “I’m sorry, please don’t cry.” You said. You felt awful, you wished you could remember them so bad. Just to keep them from being upset. They all seemed to stop and look at you, wiping their tears.

“I’m Alex, Alexander Hamilton.” You nodded, and then winced. Flashes of someone hunched over a computer, salsa music (?), and the words clear in your head,’Take a break.’

“Are you okay?” The one with freckles asked and you nodded.

“Just a little headache.” You told him and shrugged it off.

“I’m um, I’m John Laurens.” Another flash of pain but it didn’t hurt as much. You tired to keep it under control as small fuzzy memories flashed through your mind like before. Paint, sun shining through curtains, a turtle swimming through a tank.

The other two men in the room seemed hesitant to speak, the buffer one gave you a small smile and nodded,”I’m Hercules.” More memories flashed, spinning in a beautiful dress, hot chocolate, and riding through fields on horses. The pain flashed behind your eyes, and you blinked hard to try and make it go away.

“I am Lafayette.” The man next to Hercules said and kissed the top of your hand. Food on the stove, deep kisses, and French flooded your mind. The pain from these memories was bearable the remnants of them fleeting. You only had a vague picture of each man, you still had no idea what these things meant about them, you had a feeling you once had.

“Well it’s nice to meet you all, but um can I ask how I know you?” You asked them and they all glanced at each other. Alex was rubbing the back of his neck. He had let go of your hand and you felt colder than you had before.

“Well you see, we have a very unconventional relationship.” Alex started. He looked to Herc, he was the explainer you decided. When someone had a question and didn’t understand the answer he explained it.

“We’re all together, in a romantic way.” He said and knitted your eyebrows together.

“Like I’m dating all of you, you’re dating each other, and we’re all together?” You asked and they nodded.

“Cool.” You said, it was a little overwhelming. Four really hot guys, that our your boyfriends, and you don’t remember any of them. You pulled your knees to your chest and put your head on them.

“Hey are you okay?” John asked. You shrugged, you weren’t okay. You couldn’t remember the most important people in your life.

“Let’s let her rest.” Herc said and they all filed out of the room. You didn’t want them to go, but at the same time you did. You didn’t want to be alone with no memories, but you needed time to process. You sighed and slumped in your hospital bed. You hated this.

“Hey, good news,” Alex said coming a few hours later. “They’re discharging you, and you can come home.” He smiled and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“Do we all live together or something?” You asked. He nodded and you instantly felt a little queasy. Yes these were people you cared about, but at the same time you didn’t know them at all.

“Don’t worry, we have a guest room that you can stay in if you want.” Alex said as if reading your mind, or maybe you had said that outloud. You didn’t know.

Soon you were out of the hospital and in new clothes. Apparently yours had blood and rips in them. All four boys led you to car, carefully watching your every step. It was nice, to know that they cared so much about you. The ride to the apartment was a blur, the unfamiliar streets singing kindly as you drove slowly. The windows down and as you continued into a more familiar neighborhood the music filled your ears. You closed your eyes and tapped your fingers to the familiar beat.
The first few days back home were terrible. It was like you walked into a stranger’s life. You didn’t recognize the walls of this home, the clothes in your closet, the work on your desk. It was all from a different person’s life.

You sat in the office, everyone used it. Everyone had their own little corner. Alex had a desk and a computer with books stacked around it. John had art placed in one corner. Pictures of you and the others, you would have found it a little weird if you didn’t remember you were supposed to be dating them. Hercules had dresses on hangers in the little closet. They were gorgeous and bejeweled and flowing. You wondered if you could wear one some day. Lafayette… Gilbert… the Marquis? His corner was full of junk and pile up. You thought it was a little annoying, but you couldn’t help but think how endearing it was.

Then your little part of the office. It was small and neat and you felt calm looking at it. There were playbills, and scripts, and a scrapbook. You brought the scrapbook down from its place on a shelf and sat in Alex’s chair. When you got a closer look at Alex’s desk you saw small sketches bg John and coloring pages done by you. You smiled at them.

“John, you’re so good at art, I wish I could do that.” You said as the two of you sat at the kitchen table. You were watching as he sketched you laying your head on the table.

“All you have to do is practice sweetheart.” You smiled as he said that and shrugged. The next evening John had bought you a coloring book. You had spent many nights coloring in it and sneaking into the office attaching them to Alex’s desk along with John’s sketches.
“(Y/N)? Hey you back here?” You looked up at John who had come back to check on you.

“Oh yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” You said and nodded. Then the pain came, it always did when small memories came to you. Like it did at the hospital with meeting the boys.

“Dinner’s ready.” He said and you nodded. You set the scrapbook down and walked with him to the dining table. As you were sitting down a hot and sweaty Alex stumbled in.

“I am a lawyer, a good one, i’ve written three books in one year. I should not be fixing the car. This is bullshit.” He yelled and threw a dirtied rag into the sink. You couldn’t help but stare at him. He looked really nice sweaty and in a pair of jeans and a tank top.

“Have you been down in the parking garage all afternoon?” Herc asked and Alex, and the man nodded.

“What’s wrong with it?” You asked and they all looked at each other. They hesitated and you stood. “I mean I might not be able to help, but I mean- I don’t know.” You sat back down.

“No, after dinner, we’ll go work on it.” Alex said and gave you smile. When everyone was sat down to dinner it was tense. It had been ever since you got home. It felt unnatural, to be sitting with so much pressure to act certain way, especially when you didn’t know what that way was.

“I remembered something today.” You said after you sipped your drink.

“Oh tell us about it mon ami.” Laf said and you nodded.

“It was short but it was of John. I don’t remember exactly how we got there but we were sitting here, and he was sketching something. I told him I wanted to be able to draw like he could, he told me I could if I practiced. I told him I didn’t have the patients, the next night he brought home a coloring book. I saw some of them on Alex’s desk.” You said and looked up. Your boys were smiling, whoa where did ‘your boys’ come from. Were they really still yours? Did you even want them still? Were these thoughts running through their mind?

After dinner Alex led you down to the parking garage. It was small and help only a few other cars besides your own. You walked with him to the car. He popped open the hood and secured it. You knitted your eyebrows and bit your lip looking. You didn’t know exactly what you were looking for. Then you found it.

“Got it, Alex hand me that screwdriver and some duct tape.” You said and pulled off your top leaving you in only an undershirt. You didn’t want to ruin it with grease and anything else in there. When you got the tools you wanted it was like muscle memory took over.

After a minute you pulled back, you have fixed half the problem and you didn’t know how. You had just done it, all the information running back to you like you’d never lost it. “I do this a lot, this is my job isn’t it?” You asked and Alex nodded.

“The doctor said to not tell you everything, it could fry your brain or something.” He said and shrugged. You nodded and looked back at the car. You thought for a moment and sighed.

“What if I never remember you guys. What if I just remember small bits and pieces, but never the whole thing. What if I don’t remember I love you guys? Because I do, I can feel it when you guys smile at me. Half of me doesn’t know why my heart speeds up and my breath catches. But I don’t remember why. Sure we can make new memories and I can learn again, but I want to remember the first times. The way you kissed me the first time, the first time John sketched something for me, the first time Laf took me to a museum, or the first dress Herc made for me. I want to remember it.” You and in the middle of your insecurities Alex brought you to him.

“If there’s one thing I know about you, is when you want to do something, you do it. No matter what it takes. It’ll come back, but you have to be patient, your memory may come back and you won’t even notice it.” He said and you nodded. Did he always just know what to say? Yes, he did he always knew what to say, how to comfort you and the others. It was part of his charm, he never shut up, but he always knew what to say.

“Now come on, let’s finish this and you get ready for bed. I’ve got to deal with Jefferson tomorrow.” He said and you laughed. You didn’t know who Jefferson was but you knew that was a long running joke between all of you.

“Hate the sin, not the sinner, Love.” You said and he stopped. You looked back at him and rose a brow,”What?”

“You just, you always say that.” He said and smiled, you smiled back.


It was storming, you hated storms. You weren’t sure why, but you were starting to. Every time lightning struck you caught a flash of a young you standing outside looking up at the tornado swirling in the distance. You shivered and when the next thunder clap sounded you got up from your bed in the guest room.

You walked to the boys room and you were hesitant to knock. You started to walk back and saw lightning flash through the window. You turned and knocked on the door, it opened and revealed Herc.

“Hey are you okay?” He asked and you shook your head. Then he realized something and ushered you in. “Come here, you can sleep in here tonight.” He said and helped you onto the king size bed Laf was the closest to you. John was wrapped around his side and Alex tucked into him. You snuggled yourself into Laf’s front and he opened his eyes just a crack and wrapped his arms around you.

“Mon ange, are you alright?” He whispered and you hid your face in his neck as thunder rolled. He shushed you gently and Herc joined you pressing his front to your back. Your conscious brain didn’t quite understand the difference, but your subconscious brain did. You felt safe and warm and almost instantly dropped into sleep.

It was your turn to cook tonight, it had been three weeks since the accident. You had been remembering a little bit at the time. You’d gone back to work after a week, you were on the middle of taking one of those refresher courses while assisting with the cars. Your personal life was coming back together too. You didn’t remember everything you use to do with the boys but the memories you’d made over the past three weeks were the best. Tonight they were dancing, they danced a lot.

Alex would turn on the radio to his favorite station and he and John would dance through the apartment. Herc and Laf just swaying together. You would watch and smile, you knew it was familiar, but you didn’t know your place in it.

Tonight though as Alex turned on the radio you quickly put everything in the oven and made your way to John. You smiled and put a hand on John’s shoulder. “Dance with me?” You asked and he nodded.

“Of course.” He said and spun you around. You waltzed around the open space with him. Alex stood watching you grumpily as Herc and Laf danced together as well. Soon enough you were spinning into Laf’s arms. For a moment it was like you’d never forgotten, you remembered all the nights you’d done this before. The evening spent spinning around from one pair of arms to another.

You eventually ended up in Alex’s arms,”See what I tell you.” Like he knew you’d remembered something. You kissed him slowly and deeply. Which surprised him, you hadn’t kissed any of them since the accident. It paused everything, it short circuited your brain. That in turn gave way to a tap on your shoulder. John stood there expectantly looking down at you.

“I wanna kiss too.” He whined and you laughed. You kissed him and it was blur of lips and hands and maybe a few tears. You felt better than you had in weeks.


It was your first fight. All five of you standing in the living room. You couldn’t even remember what you were arguing about. It had twisted and turned into something completely different.

“Guys let’s just calm down.” John said after taking a breath and stepping back from all of you. You turned to him,”Of course you’re just running away, like always.”

“Says the woman who can’t even remember what she does for a living.” Alex said. He hadn’t participated much in the fight. Which was strange, he lived to argue. When you turned he rolled his eyes,”Oh now she’s mad.”

That triggered it, every memory you’d ever had came rushing back at once. Even the ones you didn’t remember before. You had met Alex first, you’d met him two days before the rest. On spring break, you’d been drunk the whole week. Alex had found you charmed your pants off, convinced you to meet his boyfriends, they’d gotten you drunk and taken you home.

He’d always done this, when you friend on one of them he always pulled your attention to him. Like you were his responsibility, he was the only one who could say these kinds of things and not completely ruin things between you.

“What got nothing to say? Come on.” He said and took your hand. You pulled back and he glared. “You gonna fight?” You could feel the tension grow. You stood there, the three of them staring at you and Alex.

“No.” You said and just as you knew it would the pain in your head came with all the remembering. You were on the ground cradling your head. John was wrapping an arm around you instantly.

“What’s wrong, I- I remember, everything.” You said and you were scooped up in hugs and laughs. You remembered your beautiful boys. Everything about them, Alex’s affinity for red grapes, that Laf would only ever drink red wine with dessert, John’s love for grasshopper catching, and Herc’s shyness when singing, everything. You loved them, you remembered you loved them, why you loved them.

“I love you.”

Something More - Theo Raeken

Originally posted by hugwithsleep

Summary: Theo and Y/n are fwb, the pack has no acknowledgement on their status. 

Warning: some smut,fluff and terrible writing 


“Hey Princess” Theo smirked making his way toward Malia and I “ugh get a life Theo” Malia groaned he stopped in front of me “can I catch you after school?” he looked at me expectantly “in your dreams” I fought back the small smile that wanted to make an appearance “your already there” he winked walking away to his locker near the end of the hallway. Damn that boy really knew how to make me melt.

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Romantic Date

SUMMARY - You ask Bucky out on a date.

A/N - Send me prompts guys . I want to write them . 

PROMPT LIST      I  want to thank @themanwithovtfear for allowing me to use it . 

#15 - Are you naked under that thing 

#27 - This is what you call a romantic date 

#45 - WOW , you should invite me to dinner first 

Its my second fluffy I think . Taw @supersoldierslover I hope you like it . 

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

Leaning back against the sofa with Bucky on your lap you were watching TV . Your fingers were in his hair , running through them , untangling the knots . He moaned every time you pulled a little hard . But he was so engrossed in the TV , he wouldn’t even turn his eyes away from it for a second .

Randomly as you were going through some channels you came across a show . A show where  the girls asked guys out on a date . Arranged something that the girls thought the guys would like and enjoy .

A few of them chose hiking , while a few took them to see the planetarium . Some girls went with the typical , dinner at a fancy restaurant while a few thought to go fishing .

“You never asked me on a romantic date .”, Bucky said turning his head and looked  up to face you . He was pouting like a fucking child .

He looked so adorable . Two years you were with this man and to this day , just looking into his eyes could melt your insides .

“You asked me before I could babe.”, you answer .

He whined and turned his head back to the tv with a frown on his face .

“But we could still go out on a date .” You say trying to lure him in the idea.

“Really?”  He had the brightest smile on his face as he jumped off your lap and sat facing you .

“Really . James Buchanan Barnes , would you like to go out on a date with me .”, you propose to him , like the first time he did to you .

“Hmmm , I don’t know .” IDIOT . Acting hard to get . You could still see his smug smile though .

“I don’t see any harm . I would love to go . When and where?” He was so excited that it was contagious . You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face .

You would do anything to keep Bucky happy . After all he deserved it . He deserved all the world . And if you could help him forgetting even a little of his past for him to see that he deserves happiness you would do it .

“Umm , tonight at 9 and on the rooftop .”

You say as you run out of the hall and into the kitchen .

“WANDA!!! “, you shout as you find her looking into the kitchen .
“Y/N!!!”, she says with equal excitement , mocking you . You both start giggling at the stupidity .

“I need your help.”

“Okay . For what?”, she asks as she comes to stand in front of you .

“So….I asked Bucky out on a date and I know he loves loves looooves carrot cake and I don’t know how to make any . Pleeeeeeease help me . Please.” You plead .

“You are dating right? So whats with the date . But it’s a cute idea . I will definitely help you .”

You both spend the next hour or so trying to make the batter and grate the carrots . After you are done you put it in the oven to bake and walk to your room to get dressed .

As you reach the door you hear Steve and Bucky talking .

“So…I like the maroon one , but she likes the red .”, Bucky says holding both the shirts .

“Both are good  . But what is it for again?”, Steve asks confused .

Bucky turns around and looks into the mirror. He puts both the shirts in front of him for comparison .

“She asked me out on a date . And it’s tonight . And I wanna look good . So , if you don’t mind , without asking questions can you help me decide .”

You walked away from your room and decide to go to Tony’s lab in hopes that he has a tent .

“Hey Tony.”, you greet him with a peppy tone .
“Hey kid . What do you need?” he says not looking away from what he was doing .

“Ummm ,  just wanted to know if you had a tent .”, you ask, uncertainty laced your voice .

“It’s in the storage room.”
Even before he could complete the sentence, you murmured a quick thank you and made way to the storage . You rummaged through it to find a cute pink tent , enough to fit the both of you .

You looked at the clock and realised it was 8:30 . With the cake in one hand and the tent and a few blankets in the other you entered the roof . The sky was beautiful , littered with millions of stars . The wind blowing slightly , though not enough to uproot your tent .

You cover the cake with the lid and try to get the tent up .After 20 minutes of hard work it was finally up . You lay the blankets in the tent making it extra fluffy and wrapped one around your body .

After a few minutes you heard Bucky open the door of the roof .You waited for him to come into the tent . He peaked through the crack of the tent .

“Hey baby.”, he said with his beautiful smile . How you wanted to kiss him just then .

“Hey pretty boy . Come in .”, you say as you move aside to give him space to settle in .A blush creeped up his face at being called pretty and it was adorable  . He always blushed hard when you complimented him .

You pull out  the carrot cake from behind you and put it in front of him .

“You made me carrot cake? It’s my favourite.” , he said it like a child who just received candy .

All you could do was chuckle . He picked up a piece and started eating . He eyes you up and down as he ate .

“ Are you naked under that thing?”, he says pointing to your blanket .

“Umm , yeah . I just thought …..”
“This is what you call a romantic date . WOW . You should invite me to dinner first .”, he says offended .

“Bucky!!” you say slapping his arm .

“It is romantic . There is cake , and we under the stars in a tent with fluffy blankets .And I thought we could cuddle . Naked….”, you argue as you whisper the last part and look down at your toes .

He lifts your chin up and places a gently kiss on your lips . It feels like the first kiss you shared with him . You didn’t want this to stop . But he pulled away quicker than you’d like .

“It is romantic . I love it babe.” , he says wrapping his arm around you as he pulled you closer to his chest . He got inside the blanket to get more comfortable .

Originally posted by lilypadss

You both laid on your back and looked at the stars through the transparent top of the tent .

“I love you Y/N.”, he says turning his face to you as he nuzzles his face in you neck .

“I love you Bucky.” You kiss the top of his head and pull him closer to you .

You felt like the luckiest girl in the world . To be loved by Bucky was everything you hoped .

You prayed this happiness stayed forever .

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Post 5x20 fic - my take/hope on what happens after that last scene. Available on AO3.

I’m winging it without a beta on this one - so all mistakes are mine.

“You know, you said you didn’t know what kind of person you are. I think you should figure that out.” Felicity looked at Oliver with sincerity and hope in her eyes.

Oliver looked down, his eyes filled with tears. He could see her hand in his and it gave him an immense sense of comfort.

All of sudden he noticed Felicity was beginning to sway. “Hey, are you okay? Did they check you out?”

“I’m okay, just tired. Big day, you know?” She smiled.

“Come her and lay down with me for a minute” Oliver held his arm out and scooted over a bit on the bed to make a little room.

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Just a Prank (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Request: Hello! Can i request an imagine, that the reader is grayson’s girlfriend and she helps ethan prank him (you can decide what kind of prank) but it all goes wrong and Gray gets hurt and the reader feels very sad and feels guilty, and when they make up they just cuddle and are really cute ajdjsj i love your stuff! Have a good day💖

Warnings: sad Grayson, swearing.

A/N: I switched up your request a little and I know this isn’t what you meant by Grayson getting ‘hurt’, but technically he did get hurt ;) Apologies if this is really rushed, this has probably been done so many times before too oops

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Summary: Based on this request by @diving-down-to-wonderland

Hey doll :) I wanted to ask for an imagine where you’re Buck’s girlfriend but are also a bit shy. One time you visit him after work (you work at a Little cafe) and surprise him in his Apartment in the Tower just as he Comes out of the shower. You’re flustered at first and turn around but he Comes and hugs you. Then you tell him you’re finally ready to lose your virginity to him and he’s all gentle that night and later you cuddle :) and also something with his metal arm if you like hihi Thanks❤️❤

Bucky x reader. FLUFF/MODERATE SMUT. Word count: 1,749

TW: sex

A/N: Sorry this request took so long to finish, but I hope you enjoy it!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N, are you alright? You’ve been staring at the same spot on the wall for the last fifteen minutes,” asked your coworker Megan as you leaned on the counter by the espresso machine with a blank stare on your face.

”Oh, sorry Megan, I was just thinking. Slow night tonight, huh?”

“Yeah. You were thinking about Bucky, weren’t you? I can tell by that silly look in your eyes.”

“That obvious, huh? I just haven’t gotten to see him much lately with work and all. These evening shifts are killing me,” you explained.

“Look, it’s quiet in here anyway—just go see him! I’ll cover for you,” said Megan as she motioned to the back door. You smiled and took off your barista apron, hanging it on the hook by the door.

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Had to Give You Away: Part 2B (Lin/Reader)

Summary:  Lin was the foundation on which you built your life, until he wasn’t anymore. The two of you decide to rebuild.

You can find the first part here.

You can find Part 2A here.

Note: This is the happy ending!

A huge thank you to @thatoneimaginesblog and @fragmentofmymind for reading this as it progressed.

Word Count: 3172

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Reconsider. (ii)

or… y/n rethinks her decision about leaving harry

category: mild angst & fluff 

part i. part ii.

two months later…

She wakes up to the heavy sound of pans crashing to the floor downstairs, and a cold draft of air brushing over her bare shoulder. Harry had told her that he liked to sleep with the ceiling fan on, but the A/C as well? Was the man raised by Father Christmas himself?

Her hands press around Harry’s white comforter in search for a shirt or maybe a robe to cover her barely clothed body. She’d find some way to keep more of the chilled air to hit any more of her skin. She eventually finds the silk button-up she planned on going to sleep in, down on the floor near Harry’s side of the bed; in the process of picking the shirt up, she finds herself feeling somewhat like a 5-year-old with her very first crush when she thinks about her having her own side of the bed. Of his bed.

When her shirt is somewhat buttoned up, she slips on Harry’s house shoes left by his ensuite bathroom and begins to make her way down the steps. There’s a bit of smoke clouding the area around the kitchen, but the smell coming from the large space was anything but unpleasant. She watched his bare back plate the food on a cute breakfast tray she remembers him buying the other day. He jumps, turning around to face her when he hears his shoes she was wearing slide against the marble tile.

“What are y’- Babe, no.”

She laughs at his peeved expression moving around the counter to press a chaste kiss to his lips. “Harry, it’s 6 in the morning. What are you doing up?”

“I was makin’ you food. Breakfast on your first night over, you’ve gone and ruined that now, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I was the one that dropped whatever woke me up.”

He can’t help but crack a sheepish smile. “The oil splashed all over the damn handle– impossible to get a grip.”

“Do you need help carrying it to the table?” She moves to pick up a slice of a strawberry before Harry moves to swat her hands away.

“Breakfast in bed, minus the sausages I dropped. Get y’cute ass upstairs and pretend to sleep.”

She’s now the one to swat as his hands with a smile when he tries to grab squeeze of her bum. “One night of sex and you’ve already had a confidence boost?“

“Can’t help it.” he calls as she begins to scurry up his stairs.

“Give me 3 minutes to brush my teeth!”

He’d surprised her with a desk that morning, the main reason he had woken up at 4 in the morning and slept the rest of the day. She appreciated his gesture nonetheless, thankful for him taking the time to build the pesky (and very complicated) piece of furniture.

Every morning since he’d placed the desk on the left wall of his room (right under the window so that she could have the best amount of light), she’d be sat in the comfortable chair he’d provided just a few days later, doing last minute paperwork or typing away for an essay due the following night –her favorite morning talk show playing in the background.

He’d always toss a small pillow at the back of her head when he was finally awake, then spend 10 full minutes trying to convince her to get back in the bed for one last cuddle before she left for school.

When he looks over at the desk now, it’s empty. Her plush fleece sweater was no longer hung over the back of her chair, her laptop wasn’t sitting atop of the surface, displaying a PDF of a book she’s never been able to go out and buy a physical copy of. The desk looked dead, in fact– the light poking through the blinds brought anything but nice thoughts. She left her favorite pencil holders and he wonders if she’d be able to write a “good arse essay” without her lucky pen that was now sitting in an unused cabinet with the rest of her things she forgot.

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The Cure For Insomnia

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 666
Warnings: Fluff. Sweet Lucifer
Request: ( @castiels-ass-butt-1967  ) Can I please request some fluffy Luci? Reader has insomnia so she goes to the kitchen to make some tea. Decides to go to library to find a book and bumps into Luci.He asks why shes up at 3 ish in the morning and reader explains that she can’t sleep. He offers to cuddle with her while they read.(There is some mutual affection but neither is ready to admit it) They talk for a bit and reader falls asleep while cuddling with Luci. He takes her back to her room once he’s sure that she is fast asleep

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Prompt from kimberlyhartz: could you write kim being the track star (or cheerleader for canon’s sake) and trini being the girl on the bleachers??

Also posted on AO3

Trini dropped her bag next to her on the bleachers and sat down with a huff, staring out at the students stretching their muscles before they’d begin warmups. Her eyes automatically sought out Kim, who could be spotted from a mile away in her bright pink tank top. Trini shook her head as she remembered the conversation they’d had about the Pink Ranger joining the track team.

Well, it was actually less of a conversation and more of Kim just telling them all that she was doing it no matter what.

“What about your powers?” Trini said. “You can run circles around those track geeks and not even break a sweat.”

“I’ll hold back,” Kim replied. After a moment of uneasy silence from her friends, she’d said, “Look, I’m not doing cheerleading anymore and my parents are getting on my case about extracurricular activities and how good they look on college applications and all that shit. They’re basically forcing me to do this and track’s the only team that’ll take me after that whole…naked picture fiasco.”

“I still don’t like it,” Jason chimed in. “You could easily slip up.”

“Well how about Trini comes to practice with me.”

“Excuse me?” Trini crossed her arms.

“That way one of you can keep an eye out and let me know if I need to tone it down or not.”

“Why am I the one that gets volunteered for this?” Trini asked.

“Because I’d much rather have you there watching me than any of the boys. No offense, guys.”

“How do you know I don’t have other things to do after school?”

Kim gave her a look. “Trin…you never do anything after school.” Deciding to change her tactics, Kim changed her expression into a pout. “C’mon, it’ll just be for, like, the next few months. When the year ends I’ll just tell my parents I tried, but didn’t like it. That should get ‘em off my back.”

“I guess there’s really no harm in it,” Zack said. “As long as it’s only for a couple months.”

Trini shook her head and sighed. “Fine. I’ll go to your stupid practices and make sure you don’t fuck up.”

Kim grinned and pulled her in for a bone-crushing hug as Trini tried to ignore the fluttering feeling that stirred in her stomach.

So here she was, five minutes into “Kimberly Watch” and was already bored out of her mind. Trini stared at Kim as the other girl bent over and touched her toes, back facing her. Inadvertently, Trini’s eyes strayed just below the waist and locked onto Kim’s ass, clad in tiny running shorts that also made her legs look like they went on for miles.

Initially, she didn’t notice that Kim had straightened up and turned her head to look over at her sitting on the bleachers. When she finally realized that Kim was looking at her, Trini’s eyes snapped to her face and took in the smirk that was firmly fixed there.

Shit, she totally caught her staring at her ass. But…did Kim…like it? Because her reaction certainly seemed that way. But then again, maybe Kim was just one of those girls who knew she was hot and liked the attention. But then again Trini knew for a fact that she wasn’t one of those girls. Sure, Kim knew she was good-looking, but she hated it when people stared at her like she was a piece of meat. She was more than just looks, you know.

So why did she seem to like catching Trini staring at her?

Fuck, Kim confused her. Sometimes it felt like Kim was flirting with her. She’d constantly be touching her: an arm thrown around Trini’s shoulders, her head laying in Trini’s lap. For fuck’s sake, they would even cuddle whenever they’d sneak into one another’s rooms in the middle of the night. Did that mean Kim actually might…like her or was she just blowing everything out of proportion? It didn’t help that Trini had the biggest crush on her, but wasn’t Kim straight?

Trini watched as Kim laughed at something some tall, dark, and handsome guy said. She laid down on the ground and he grabbed her foot, helping her to raise it up and stretch it out. Trini felt the burning sting of jealousy and insecurity flare up inside her. Crestfallen, she leaned back against the bench above her and popped in her earbuds, turning the music up as loud as her eardrums could handle.

Yeah, she had to be wrong. There was no way a girl like Kimberly Hart would ever go for a girl like Trini Gomez.

i’m sorry, did you hope i was done with these? ha, no@onceapoet asked for some more krypto headcannons, so part . . i don’t even know anymore

there are two different ways it can go when they take krypto out while it’s raining

  • sometimes it is met with Refusal
  • krypto is a proud, proud dog. how dare kara try to take him out, there’s mud
    • so he does what any dog would do. he plops right down in front of the door when kara tries to urge him out
      • it’s ridiculous. kara shoving against him and just getting an inch further every time. sometimes krypto will move at the last minute and kara will go through the door
        • the first time lena came home and the door was destroyed. she just crouched down and peered through the hole to see kara sprawled out in defeat while krypto sat happily on the couch
          • she doesn’t question it anymore, just orders another one 

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