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The Real You--Imagine #24

“megababygirl1678: Hi i was wondering if you could do one where like you tell him that you like him through a note and he doesnt say anything for a couple days but for some reason you find yourselves alone in a room and he tells you he has feeling for you and you become bf/gf you probably wont read this but it would literally mean the world to me Thanks

A/N: Thank you for being patient and waiting for this! Hope this lives up to your expectations, love! <3 Keep dreaming!~Logan

I drew in another deep breath. I could do this. I folded up the confession of my adoration of c/n that I had written on a small piece of paper. 

Lifting myself up from my lunch table, my friend patted me on the back, smiling up at me encouragingly. With another deep sigh, I let my feet carry me over to c/n’s lunch table. 

C/n along with a couple of his friend’s eyes turned to me as soon as I uttered a greeting. The attention made my heart skip beats, and I extended the note tightly clutched in my shaking hand.

“Umm, I-I just wanted t-to give this to y-you,” I mumbled, blushing furiously, as his fingers brushed mine when he grabbed the folded paper. 

He smiled softly up at me from his seat, and I gave him a flustered grin back before scurrying away. 

“Well?” y/f/n asked

“Umm, I don’t know,” I muttered, sneaking a glance at c/n’s table.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” y/f/n practically shrieked, gripping your arm.

“I sort of just gave it to him and ran back,” I mumbled, pushing some strands of hair behind my ear. 

Y/f/n stared at me with a disbelieving expression on her face. Without warning  she smashed her face into the lunch table, banging it while asking “why” repeatedly. Finally, she lifted her head, looking at me exasperatedly. 

“Why would you do that, y/n?”

“Because I got nervous,” I flung my hands up, annoyed with her. 

“Well, I can’t be too hard on you. You have a billion times more courage than most, being that you actually confronted him,” she smiled. 

“I just hope he answers me at least by the end of the day,” I muttered, looking again to where he was sitting, now laughing with his friends. 


Two days had passed since I had given c/n the note. All I had scribbled on there was that I liked him. It wasn’t the most clever thing ever but what else was I supposed to say? I figured being straightforward was the best thing to do. The only other thing I’d put had been ‘Do you like me back?’. Only he hadn’t even glanced in my direction these past two days and I was beginning to feel as if I had messed everything up. 

I walked into class, then remembered I had forgotten one of my notebooks for my class. Hurrying quickly so as not to disrupt my teacher’s delicate emotional balance, I reached my locker. 

A large hand landed on my shoulder, and I gasped, turning around so abruptly my locker slammed close. 

C/n leaned into me, his other hand resting on my locker behind me right next to my head. Our eyes met and I felt like the air had been knocked out of me. The scent of his cologne engulfed me and I had to keep my legs from shaking due to our close proximity. 

“I believe I have something that’s yours,” he murmured, pulling a small slip of paper from his hoodie with the hand that wasn’t on the locker behind me. 

I gingerly took it from his hand, my mind still muddled by his sudden closeness. 

“Open it,” his voice rumbled, grazing my ear with his nose. 

I shuddered and prayed that he didn’t notice, while I shakily unfolded the slip of paper that was all too familiar. Underneath the question I had written, in his boyish hand-writing he had answered, ‘Go on a date with me and I’ll let you know’. 

My face grew hot. Confused, I looked up from the note to find his face creased with worry. It made me feel better to know I wasn’t the only one who was anxious about this whole thing. 

“I don’t,” I pushed my hair back, clearing my throat, “I don’t understand?”

“What’s not to understand?”

“Well, why do you need to go on a date with me to tell me if you like me or not?” I was shocked at my own inquisitions since I normally couldn’t get a full sentence out around him. 

He shook his head, a small smile softening the lines that had formed between his eyebrows. He leaned forward even closer and my breath caught in my throat. 

“Y/n, if I didn’t like you I wouldn’t have asked you on a date. But I don’t know anything about you really except that your smile can light up a room and you have an incredible ability to make me really nervous and sweaty–wow, umm, TMI, sorry,” he pushed off the lockers and scrubbed his hands through his hair. Taking a deep breath, he set his hands on my shoulders, his thumb caressing the side of my neck. “What I’m trying to say is that, I want to like more than just the fantasy version of you that I have in my head. I want to know the real you,” he finished, letting out a shaky breath. 

“What would the fantasy version of me do in this case?” I asked, barely getting the words out.

A scarlet blush crawled up his neck and settled over his face, his thumb stopping its ministrations on my neck.

“I-I-you’d-Jesus,” he breathed out. “You’d kiss me. But, obviously that’s just my thoughts and you really don’t need to and I don’t expect you to even go on a date with m–”

With more courage than I knew I even had, I lifted up on tip-toes to press a feather light kiss on his pink lips, silencing him effectively. When I pulled back, I tried to regain my breath because I still was in shock at myself and what I had just done. I was never one for bold moves. What was this boy doing to me? 

His e/c eyes flitted open and drank me in, face slack with awe. It was probably my favorite sight ever. 

“There’s more where that came from. But to get them, you’ll have to take me out on that date,” I smiled, blushing. 

He looked at me with that awe on his face, and then suddenly ran down the hall muttering something about having to tell his friends. Before he made it around the corner he stopped, abruptly, turned and ran back. 

I didn’t have time to register anything before his lips met mine and pulled back swiftly. 

“I’ll pick you up at your house. 7 o’clock. Tonight. Wear whatever. You’d be stunning even in sweatpants. I’m taking you to your favorite restaurant.”

And he was sprinting full speed down the hall. I snapped out of the reverie I’d been in.

“How’ll you get to my place? You don’t have the address!” I shouted.

“Text it to me!” He shouted back.

“I don’t have your number!” 

“Flip over the note!”

And sure enough, on the back of the note he’d left his number. 

Repressed Crush - Mitch Marner

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Note: lol bois its been like 6 weeks since I’ve been productive, so sorry. But here’s the long awaited imagine, love yall. also pls enjoy my meme.

Mentions: Auston Matthews, JVR

Warnings: like idk man, rude mitch

Requested by Anonymous: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and auston are best friends but the reader and marner act like they hate eachother but they actually love each other? Maybe they figure out that they love each other by auston teasing them that the reason they act like they hate each other is because they both secretly have a crush on each other? Maybe Marner kisses her to prove that there are no feeling but there actually is? idk if that makes sense but thank u :)            

Up Next: Man, who knows. Probably Jesse Puljujarvi

Teaser: “cOnGRaTUlaTe hIM oN tHe gOaL (Y/N).” Your mocking tone inspired the glare that your best friend sent to you, as a few of the surrounding Leafs chuckled.

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Riverdale’s Pagliacci-Riverdale Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: some depressing thoughts and it’s pretty long

A/N: I really like Riverdale and had this idea in my head while watching it. Hope you enjoy it! Slight Y/N X Archie

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There’s an old story about a man who goes to the doctor because he’s depressed and feels all alone in the cruel world. The doctor tells him to go see the great clown Pagliacci since he’s in town tonight and is sure to lift his mood. The man looks up at the doctor and bursts into tears and says that he is Pagliacci. It’s an old trope about how the funniest people are really the most depressed people. It helps explain things like how the great Robin Williams, who brought joy to so many people, would kill himself. However, when we really think about it, it makes sense: funny people make jokes about the crappy things going on around us to not only distract us but themselves from the horrors of the world. Sure, they’re known as a bright light, but it’s also hard for funny people to express how sad and in pain they really are because they’re supposed to see the humor in everything. Little did my friends and I know that we had our own Pagliacci: Y/N Y/L/N. She used to say that she came out of the womb pulling a funny face and then her mom dropped her so her face would straighten out. It was definitely one of her darker jokes, but it always made people laugh. She always had this look in her y/e/c eyes that said “If you thought that was funny, wait until you see or hear this…”. However, a little after the death of Jason Blossom, the brightness in her eyes was fading away and it was almost too late before my friends and I noticed it. It started off as a normal night at Pop’s for me, writing and brooding until Y/N walked in.

    The bell on the front door of Pop’s dinged as someone else walked into the dinner that fateful night. It was only eight o’clock but Jughead was already three pages into the latest part of his novel and he was in a zone if he did say so himself.

    “Pop’s, the usual please but make my milkshake a double, it’s been one of those days,” Y/N said as she sauntered over to Jughead’s booth.

    The owner chuckled behind the counter. “Right away, Miss Y/L/N.”
    “A double chocolate milkshake with extra whip cream? You must plan to die a heroic death by diabetes,” Jughead said without looking up from him laptop screen.

    “My body needs sugar. Without it, it goes all haywire,” Y/N said as she sat in the seat across from Jughead. “Who are you writing about this time? Is it the mysterious Veronica? The golden Archie? Or is it your beloved blonde, Betty?”
     “None of the above,” Jughead said, but not without a notable bristle at the word “beloved”. 

     “Then who could you possibly be writing about?” Suddenly, Y/N’s eyes widened and she placed a hand over her heart. “Is it about me? Are you writing about how impossibly charming and witty I am?”

      Jughead couldn’t fight the smile off his face as he tried to remain serious. “I see you’ve humbled with age and no, I’m not writing about you.”

      Y/N scoffed and stole some fries off his plate. “Whatever, I do expect a full chapter of me in that finished novel though. We both know how much amazing material I’ve given you over the years.”

     “Yes, but we’re not all talented at writing jokes about our dearest friends,” Jughead said.

     Y/N’s eyes widened as she remembered something. “That reminds me, I came up with some new jokes.”

    “Have you been invited to perform somewhere?”

    “No, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.” She began digging her notebook of jokes out of her backpack without waiting for Jughead’s response.

     “Y/N, I’m kind of busy.”
     Y/N narrowed her y/e/c eyes at him and Jughead couldn’t help but smirk. They had a tradition of meeting at Pop’s and they would run their ideas by each other. Jughead would critique Y/N’s jokes and Y/N would critique Jughead’s stories. Sometimes, Jughead would get annoyed with all the physical humor Y/N would do in her acts because he thought she was being lazy while Y/N didn’t always appreciated Jughead’s use of prose nor his metaphors. However, their writing relationship worked and helped strengthen their long friendship.

     “Alright, I’m all ears.” Jughead closed his laptop and leaned forward, giving Y/N all his attention.

     “Okay, I came up with this one during history,” Y/N said.

     “You were writing jokes during history class? No wonder you have a C minus.”

     “It’s not my fault Mr. Sherman isn’t giving me good material. Anyway, it’s all about feminism and how I’m the worst feminist ever,” Y/N said.


    “Alright, so, you know how all these girls are upset about getting catcalled. I can’t go five minutes without hearing some girl complain about how a guy whistled at her or fed her a stupid pick up line. Yes, this is probably one of the most common ways that women are degraded by men but you must notice that it only happens to the hot girls. Think about it, when was the last time you saw an ugly girl walking down a street and some guy whistled at her and she rolled her eyes or told him to shut up. Because it doesn’t happen!”

   Jughead started chuckling. “That’s horrible.”

   “I’m not done. When you have a face like this,” Y/N gestured to her own face, “you take what you can get. I am probably the only reason catcalling still exists because when I guy says ‘Yo baby, you got some fries to go with that shake?’, I say, ‘Honey, I don’t just have fries, I also come with a burger and your choice of toy’.”

    Jughead burst out laughing and he held his stomach because it hurt so much. He had tears in his eyes and when he wiped them away, Y/N was smirking. “Do you really say that stuff to guys?”

    “Yes, yes I do. It’s amazing that I’m still single, right?”

    Jughead sighed. “You know, you’re not hideous, Y/N.”

    “Gee, thanks, Jughead. You really know how to make a girl feel special.”

    “I didn’t mean it like that,” Jughead said.

   “Didn’t mean what like what?” Veronica asked.

   She and Betty had just walked in and were standing at their booth.

   “Jughead just said that I was not hideous and it’s probably the most confusing compliment I’ve ever received,” Y/N said.

   “Well, he’s right, you’ve got great legs,” Veronica said.

    “See, Veronica appreciates me!”

   Y/N moved over and Veronica sat next to her. Jughead rolled his eyes.

  “You’re so sensitive.”

   “Your face is so sensitive!”

   “Oh, could you stop being a child for a second?”

   But Jughead had to fight back a laugh since Veronica and Betty were already in stitches. As the two girls laughed, they had genuine joy in their eyes but when Jughead looked at Y/N, there was something missing. They didn’t sparkle like they used to when she told a joke. Sure, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat but when the emotion didn’t reach her eyes, something was up.

   “So, Y/N, do you have any new material?” Betty asked.

   “Yes, but it will definitely trigger all the feminists. It’s going to be great.” Y/N grinned again.

    They quickly fell into a conversation concerning Jason Blossom and Polly which Y/N was barely paying attention to. Whenever Jughead looked her way, she was staring out the window, looking at the pitch black night. Something was definitely wrong but he couldn’t say anything, not right there. 

    Suddenly, her phone dinged and Y/N jumped before answering her phone. Her eyebrows furrowed immediately and then she stiffened.

    “What is it, Y/N?” Veronica asked.

   “I have to go, the maternal parental unit is beckoning me home. I must bid you all adieu.” 

    Veronica let her out of the booth and Y/N turned to Pop’s and told him to make her special to go. 

   “What’s going on?” Betty asked.

   “She’s just worried that something’s going to happen to me if I don’t come home before ten o’clock. Parents, right?”

   “And you will take my suggestions on your catcalling joke?” Betty asked.

   “I’ll see what I can do with fitting the playbook in there but I’d rather not have to worry about the football team coming after me,” Y/N said.

   Betty shot her a look. “Y/N…”

   “Come on, did I not hold the camera while you scared the crap out of Chuck? I am a feminist, Betty, I just like having the door opened for me, I prefer not to pay for the bill at the end of a dinner date, and I really, really like having heavy things carried for me.”

    Betty smiled. “True, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
   “Okay, and Jughead, please mention my amazing charm and wit in your novel.”
    “We’ll see.”

    Y/N playfully rolled her eyes before strolling away and grabbing her dinner from Pop’s. Archie nearly ran straight into her as she tried to leave and he was entering.

     “Oh, sorry, Y/N! You okay?” Archie asked.

     “Yeah, you just nearly knocked the breath out of me. Someone’s been lifting.” Y/N playfully grabbed his arm and squeezed.

    “You’re leaving already?”

    “When my mom calls, I must answer. You do not want to see that woman angry. She puts Godzilla to shame.”

     Archie chuckled a bit. “That’s too bad. I was hoping we could talk.” 

    “About your deep, passionate love for me that you thought was unrequited for all these years?” Y/N spoke in a mock passionate voice. “Of course, my dear ginger, we will speak about it but at some other time. I really must be off.”

    Archie laughed nervously as he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. “Yeah, uh, you know me so well. I’ll talk to you later?”


   If only she had stayed at the diner a few minutes longer, if only Riverdale High’s talented class clown had decided to stay with her red-headed knight and the rest of us. Then maybe, just maybe, she would have avoided witnessing a tragedy. Nothing changes a person’s life like a parent dying, especially if that parent’s death was because of the other parent.

   Police cars surrounded the humble Y/L/N house and the neighbors were all out in the driveway and on the road, trying to get a peek at what had happened. The sheriff and the rest of the policemen did their best at trying to keep them away, but it wasn’t every day that a man killed his wife in cold blood and their daughter witnessed it. Kevin, Veronica, and Archie were three of the first people there while Jughead and Betty came a few minutes later. No one saw Mr. Y/L/N get led into a police car by the sheriff nor did anyone get a glimpse of Mrs. Y/L/N’s body in a body bag, but everyone kept trying to get a peek.

    “Is Y/N okay?” Jughead asked.

    “I think so, she hasn’t come outside at all, though,” Archie said.

     “I can’t believe this happened to Y/N of all people. She must feel awful,” Veronica said.

    “Part of me thinks this is some sort of horrid, cruel joke or prank, but it can’t be,” Betty said. “I just want to talk to her.”

    “Well, they’re not letting anyone in,” Archie said.

    Veronica turned to Kevin and his eyes widened. “Oh, I don’t know, V.”

    “Come on, Kev, you have strings, pull them.”

    Kevin gave up quickly but managed to convince his dad that at least one of his friends should be allowed to go see her.

    “Who’s the closest to her?” the sheriff asked.

    “Well, Jughead, Betty, and I have known her since we were three,” Archie said.

    “You should go see her, Archie,” Jughead said. “I’m not good in these kinds of moments.”

    “Are you sure? You’re her best friend.”

    “Yeah, I’m sure.”

    The sheriff let Archie through and instructed him to be extremely careful about walking into the crime scene. The CSI team was spread throughout the Y/L/N home, looking for any sort of incriminating evidence against Mr. Y/L/N. It was like a ghost house now because Y/N’s house used to be so light hearted and filled with light. Mrs. Y/L/N would offer Y/N’s visiting friends cookies or other baked goods and would ignore Y/N’s comments about how cannabis would make her baking taste better. Mr. Y/L/N would seem like a threatening shadow since he was about 6′3″ and made of pure muscle—-doing four tours in Iraq could do that to a man. However, he seemed to be a big softie when Y/N was around.

    Archie didn’t even know what to say when he would see Y/N. She was never a super sensitive person but she rarely showed any emotion besides being goofy or taking things not too seriously. He wasn’t surprised when he found her leaning against the kitchen wall with her arms crossed tightly over her chest. She looked up when she saw him and smiled.

   “My knight in a shining letterman jacket.”

    Archie couldn’t find the words to speak. They seemed to be caught in his throat and it wasn’t the first time Y/N had such an affect on him. She had done it the first time he saw her in preschool. She had been running away from Jughead because he was upset that she’d tried to steal his hat. She was laughing the whole time and teasing Jughead to come get her. When she ran smack into Archie and knocked him down onto the grass, all he could do was stare into the prettiest y/e/c eyes he had ever seen before in his life. So, yes, Y/N was right about him being in love with her. He just never had the guts to admit it. There was no way he would admit it right then and there. So, he did the next best thing: he held her in his arms.

    Y/N didn’t hesitate to wrap her arms around him and bury her face in his neck. She didn’t cry or shake or do anything that most people would do in that situation. She was just quiet.

     “Are you okay?” he finally whispered.

     “Peachy,” Y/N muttered into his skin. She pulled away a little. “My house has turned into a Law & Order crime scene. I’m just waiting for Olivia Benson to walk through that door and ask me questions.”
    He knew it was an attempt to make light of the situation, so he just smiled. “Still joking around.”

    “I have to.” Y/N looked at him. “Hey, so, is everyone else here? I’m dying to get out of this house.”
   “Are you sure? Don’t they have to question you?”
   “Yeah, but they can’t be too mad at me wanting to get some air,” Y/N said.

   Archie nodded and they walked outside together. Y/N paused for a split second when she saw how many people were standing outside of her house. Then, she strode confidently over to her friends with Archie at her side.

   “Y/N!” Betty, Veronica, and Kevin immediately hugged her while Jughead simply watched on.

    “Don’t squeeze the life out of me, ladies and Kev. I’m fine.” She pulled away from them.

     “What…what happened in there, Y/N?” Betty asked.

      Y/N glanced around before leaning closer to her friends. “There isn’t much to say: my mom told my dad that she was leaving him for the man she’s been sleeping with for the past three months and my dad responded by shooting her in the face.”

   “I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Veronica said.

   “Did you see it happen?” Kevin asked.

   “I heard it. My dad was sitting at the table, drinking a beer while my mom bled out onto the kitchen floor. He called 911 and now we’re here.”

    None of her friends knew how to deal with it, not really. Jason Blossom still had just died but this one hit far too close to home for all of them.

    “I hate to break this up but Y/N needs to come to the station for some questions,” the sheriff said.

    “But she didn’t do anything,” Archie said.

     “Of course not. We just want to clarify the story.”
     “I’ll be fine, Ginger.” She squeezed his hand. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”
     As Y/N walked along with the sheriff with her head held high to begin strengthening the case against her father, we couldn’t help but be amazed. Most people would have been crying or screaming at that point. But Y/N was still joking around. It was as though none of this had really happened. Then again, Y/N Y/L/N was certainly not like most people, but she still felt grief and sadness, she just wouldn’t show it to anyone for a long time. For the next few weeks to come, Y/N acted completely normal. She continued cracking jokes in class and in the hallways. She would go to the Vixens practice and make fun of Cheryl’s instructions or see the Bulldogs practice and cheer for Archie. When her mother’s funeral came around, her eulogy was full of humor and hope. She didn’t dare mention how her mother died nor that she was having an affair. We all became concerned that Y/N wasn’t displaying grief or any kind of emotion besides happiness at the funeral nor at the wake. In fact, when our dear Pagliacci finally expressed her feelings, it was on a normal night.

     “Just you, Jughead?” Pop asked as he slid him a milkshake.

     Jughead nodded. “It seems as though I’ve been stood up, this never happens.”

     “Maybe she’ll show up, still,” Pop said. 

     “It’s almost nine thirty. She never comes later than eight.”
      “Still can’t believe what happened to her. First Jason Blossom and now Y/N Y/L/N. A real shame.’

     Jughead nodded, closed his laptop, and called Y/N.


     “Where are you? I’m still waiting for you at Pop’s,” Jughead said.

     “Ha! I probably fooled you, didn’t I? I’m probably busy writing a new joke or I’ve gone underground because I’ve been a spy this whole time. Leave a message at the beep!”

     Jughead groaned and hung up. Y/N never let her calls roll to voicemail. Something was definitely wrong.

     “Hey, Juggie, where’s Y/N? She’s usually with you by now, isn’t she?” Betty asked as she slid next to him in the seat.

     “Yeah, but she isn’t answering her phone.”

      “What?” Veronica asked as she and Archie sat on the other side of the booth. “She always answers the phone, even during class.” 

     “Especially during class,” Archie said. “We have to go see her.” 

     “It might not be a good idea for all of us to rush her at her house,” Jughead said. 

     “But we still all have to go. Y/N’s our friend too, Jughead,” Veronica said.

     “Fine, but we have to do it gently.”

    As they all headed out, Veronica grabbed Betty. “You don’t think she hurt herself, do you?”
    “I would say Y/N would never do that but I don’t know. She was always super close with her parents and one of them just killed the other in front of her. There’s no telling what she might do,” Betty said.

    They got to Y/N’s house in record time. Archie rang the doorbell and knocked on the door without any answer. The group quickly got more anxious and Jughead grabbed the spare key under the potted plan on the porch and opened the door.

    “Y/N, are you home?” Jughead called.

   “I’ll try her room,” Betty said.

    “I’ll try her parents’ room,” Veronica said.

    “I guess we’ll all split up until we find her?” Archie asked.

    They nodded and went their separate ways. Betty ended up being right because when she knocked on Y/N’s door, she heard something shifting around.

     “Y/N?” she tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. “It’s me, Betty, I just want to know if you’re okay.”
    “I’m fine.” Y/N’s voice sounded muffled through the door. “I’m just sitting against the door, I got tired of sitting on my bed.”

    Betty slid down to sit on the other side of the door and texted the others that she had found Y/N. “Why didn’t you meet Jughead tonight?”

    “Oh, that’s what I forgot about. To be honest, Betty Blonde, I don’t have any new material right now. I’d hate to just be critiquing JJ’s work the entire time.”

    “He wouldn’t have minded if you would’ve just called. He was really worried about you. We all were.”
    “I’m fine, though. I just wanted to take a nap and then I think I overslept. All I wanted to do was sleep today, honestly.”

    Y/N definitely sounded sleepy and quite sad. The need for sleep was a symptom of depression and it would make sense for Y/N to be depressed in that moment. Betty definitely had to handle this carefully.

    “Do you remember the time that Polly and I got into a big fight and I went to my room crying?”
    “You have to be more specific.”

    Betty smiled slightly. “We were eight and I called you because I thought that she would never speak to me again. Then, you came over with your CD player and the soundtrack to the Aristocats and demanded that I dance with you to “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat”. So we dance and sang around my room for hours just listening to that song on repeat. Then, you told me that if Polly didn’t want to be my sister anymore, I would always be your sister. And that’s when I knew that you were my very best friend. You made me forget about my problems and I can only hope that one day I can make you forget about yours.”

    “Yeah, I remember your mom yelling at us for being too loud and then banning me from coming over for a week,” Y/N said. “Did anyone else come with you?”

    “Yeah, Archie, Jughead, and Veronica.”
    “Tell them to please not eat all of my food. I can barely cook, let alone shop for food.”

     Betty laughed a little. “Okay, I will.”


     Betty went downstairs and was nearly knocked down by Archie since he was the first one to reach her.

     “How is she? Is she okay?”

     “I think she’s suffering some form of depression. All she wants to do is sleep and she wasn’t motivated to do her favorite thing in the world: write jokes.”

     “That’s so sad. Do you think we could talk to her?” Veronica asked.

     “Yeah, one at a time, maybe,” Betty said.

     And that was how it went, one at a time, the four of us tried to talk to Y/N and get her to let us in, not just into her room but into her mind and emotions. It proved to be a difficult feat. 

    “And I must say, the best thing you ever did was ask Cheryl if all her hair was hers in front of all the River Vixens.” Veronica chuckled. “Her face had to have matched her hair. And it was really nice of you to not judge me because of what my father did. No one really does that in this town.”

    “You’re not your father, Veronica,” Y/N whispered. “You must dress a lot better than him.” 

    Veronica laughed a little. “Do you ever stop joking around?”

     A few minutes later, Veronica walked downstairs and she shrugged. “She seems to be acting fairly normal with me, just a little more subdued.”

    Jughead played with his hands. “She’s definitely down but she’s still acting like she’s not. Maybe I should go to talk to her next.” Jughead turned to Archie. “If that’s okay with you.” 

    Archie nodded. “Of course. She’s more likely to open up to you anyway.” 

    “Maybe,” Jughead said. “She wasn’t very open for these past few weeks, though.”

    “Trust me, she’ll say something to you.” Archie didn’t seem bitter about this at all, rather just sad that Y/N hadn’t really confided in him.

     Jughead opened his mouth to speak but kept it close as he went upstairs to talk to Y/N. He didn’t bother knocking on the door as he sat with his back against it. “So, is your phone dead or something? I called you.”

    “I was asleep.”

    “I heard. Are you having fun in there?”

    “No, not really.”

    “You know what would make it a lot more fun?”

    “Dave Chapelle?”
    “No, if you let me in. Come on, Y/N. Two’s better than one.”

     “But there’s five of us in this house.”

     “Yeah, but let’s be honest: you are more likely to let me in than the rest of them.”

    “And why is that?”

    “Because we are the most alike. Because we share so much time together. You don’t have to be so happy all the time, you know. It’s okay to be sad, or melodramatic, as long as it isn’t constant.” 

    There was a long pause and for a moment, Jughead thought he lost her.

    “I don’t like feeling sad, Jughead. It feels like a huge weight is on my chest and shoulders. Joking around makes me and everyone else feel better. How could I be sad?”
    “You’re allowed to be upset, Y/N. Especially after what you’ve just been through. It isn’t healthy to keep all this stuff bottled inside or keep joking about it. And it definitely isn’t healthy to try to push the people who care about you away.”

     There a long, tension-filled pause before Y/N spoke again.

     “My dad did four consecutive tours in Iraq. He became a decorated officer in the US Navy and did a lot of covert stuff. I was proud of him, though, because my dad was a big, brave soldier. Mom didn’t feel the same way, though,” Y/N said. “She felt lonely because he was never around for four years. So, she started staying out later and coming home later. I knew about the men, all of them. I’ve never seen them, but I would hear her talking to them when she thought I was doing homework or sleeping. I hated her for doing that to my dad, the hero, and hoped it would stop when he got back. Well, it didn’t because for all three months he’s been back, she’s been screwing some other guy. I wanted to tell him but I couldn’t. He seemed too happy to be home but he wasn’t as happy as before he left. He would get real moody sometimes and real unpredictable with his actions.”

     Y/N sighed. “They started fighting a lot and the more they fought, the more jokes I wrote to try and forget about it. Jokes are an escape because if I joke about it, it’s not real. That night, my mom told my dad that she was leaving him for the guy that she’s been sleeping with for the past three months. His PTSD was triggered and he shot her, right in my kitchen.”

    Jughead swallowed and he could only imagine what Y/N must have been feeling. Suddenly, the door opened and Y/N stood there, looking like a dejected doll. Jughead scrambled to his feet.

    “Then, he sat there, drinking a beer as though he had just shot and killed a dear rather than my mom. He went on a mini rampage throughout the house, breaking things and screaming but he never touched me. All I could do was stare at my mom’s dead body as she kept bleeding until there wasn’t any blood left,” Y/N whispered. “And the worst part is he didn’t say anything to me.”

     And that was the first time I ever saw Y/N Y/L/N cry. She is going to hate that I wrote this, but to be completely honest, it’s necessary to explain the kind of person she is. She has to be one of the most stubborn but funniest people I ever met. To see her so vulnerable and miserable in that moment was nearly too shocking. She cried for about twenty minutes, not wailing or wheezing or making any other sort of sound affect. Her shoulders shook as tears ran down her face and I hugged her, feeling tears of my own well up. Misery certainly does love company.

    When Y/N pulled away, she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. “Sorry about that meltdown.”

    “It’s fine, I’ve seen you at your worst before.”

    “This isn’t my worst?” Y/N teased gently.

     “No, I do recall a time where you forgot to bring swimming clothes with you to the pool but still jumped in.”

    “Yeah, I spent the whole day soaking wet,”  Y/N said. “But I was seven.”

    “The most stubborn seven year old I’ve ever met.”

    Y/N shrugged. “I’m sorry if I worried you about me.”

    “I wasn’t that worried, but the others thought you might be suicidal.”

    Y/N scoffed. “I could never hurt myself. All the possible ways are horrifying. Plus, I’m a bit of a wimp.”

    Jughead smiled. “Same old Y/N.”

   “Same old Jughead.”

   Y/N followed Jughead downstairs and slowly approached Archie. Betty and Veronica sat up in their seats at the dining table while Archie just kept staring at Y/N, looking anxious.

    “Hi, guys, sorry if I made you think that something bad happened. I was just a little down is all but I appreciate your concern,” Y/N said. “It’s good to know that I’ve got people looking out for me, even if it is this motley crew.”

    They all laughed except Archie who walked slowly towards her as though moving any faster would scare her away. “Please, try not to scare us like that again. I hate to think that something else could have happened to you or—”

    Y/N cut him off by cupping his face in her hands and pressing her mouth to his. Betty looked stunned, Veronica seemed smug,and Jughead fought the urge to roll his eyes.

     “Perfect timing,” Jughead muttered as he walked to stand by Betty.

    Archie kissed Y/N back almost immediately but pulled away. “I, uh, what was that for?”

    “I knew you wouldn’t do it and I felt a little sentimental, Ginger,” Y/N said with a smirk.

     And that is the story of Riverdale’s Pagliacci. While she couldn’t cheer herself up, her friends definitely helped her. 

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  • @KarenDavid: Jasmine would send Emma & Killian a hook-shaped lamp via magic carpet express for their wedding (x)
  • Someone asked: if @emiliederavin was Belle, would she have given Rumple that many chances: “Hell no, and no one should either” (x)
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  • @sean_m_maguire would give Emma & Killian a robotic hand b/c their wedding night is coming up. HEY to bring Emma champagne, okay? (x)
  • Sean doing an impression of Colin O'Donoghue video


A Friend In Need

Four days after Barry walked into the Speed Force, things are just starting to hurt a little bit less for Cisco. He’s just starting to get used to the empty lab. To stop expecting that rush of wind tangling his hair when Barry sprints in. To stop grabbing food out of the fridge without expecting Caitlin to yell at him for taking her last pizza pocket. To stop imagining the sound of a drumbeat he’ll never hear again.

Cisco’s in STAR Labs, tinkering with an update to Wally’s suit when the phone rings. He sees Lyla’s name on the display and knows it’s nothing good. She never calls with good news.

“Johnny’s missing,” she says without preamble. “He and Felicity were taken while leaving Star City, and now Oliver’s not answering my calls.”

“What do you need me to do?” Cisco asked.

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Just thought I’d make this clear.

If you’re talking to somebody who you don’t think is educated about nonbinary identities? Someone who you don’t feel like sitting down and giving the Gender 101 talk to? Someone (like family) you’d rather keep on good terms because you have to continue to deal with them?

You’re allowed to misgender me to them.

Even if you’re safe, if you just don’t feel like having that confrontation. Especially if I’m not in the room.

It’s easy to talk about your trans friends without outing them if they use he or she pronouns, but it’s impossible to go stealth using they/them pronouns, and given the choices a) insisting you have that conversation with everyone you talk to unless it’s actually unsafe, b) having you edit me out of conversations entirely, or refer to me only in passing, or c) having you misgender me? I choose C in a heartbeat.

We talk a good game on this site about ‘unless it’s not safe’ and I just wanna say, sometimes it’s safe and you just don’t wanna do it, and, not speaking for everyone, just myself–that’s fine.

Your Bed Was Soft

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Summary:(Y/N) is Scott’s cousin and best friend of a certain spazz. What will happen when she falls asleep researching?

Setting:Season 3a,Episode 2


Pairing:Stiles x Reader

Fandom:Teen Wolf

“Call him,again!”,suggested Lydia to Allison,referring that she wanted her to call my cousin,Scott,again. “I heard Scott talking about Stiles taking him to some party ”,I piped up from the back seat. Both of the girls turned in their front seats and faced me. “Where?”,they both exclaimed and I told them the directions to the party. Once we got to the party, Allison and Lydia pulled Scott aside and told me to go get Stiles. Scott told me he was in the basement.

I was carefully walking down the wooden creaky stairs. “Heather?”,called out Stiles,mistaking me for another girl. “Nope! Just (Y/N)!”,I said as I faced him. He looked sad and a little disappointed with my entrance. “Oh! I thought you were someone else”,said Stiles. “And who is Heather?”,I questioned sternly. Why was I mad? Was I jealous? No,I can’t be. I should be not jealous. Did I seem jealous? “She was my…..we were gonna…..”,Stiles tried to explain. And then I saw the XXL condom in his hand. Ohhhhh. Sex. They were going to have sex. “Allison and Lydia found something! They’re outside.”,I stated,trying to break the (oh-so) awkward tension.

The Next Day………

“What are the two basic principles of the stock market?”,asked Coach,his boomed throughout the Econ classroom. Scott raises his hand. “Yes,McCall,you can go to the bathroom.”,Coach excused Scott. “Actually,Coach,I have the answer. It’s risk and reward.”,said Scott. “Who are you and what have you done with McCall?”,exclaimed Coach and then he stated,“Don’t answer that I like you better! Does anybody have a quarter?”. Stiles fidgeted through his pocket and then pulled out something was not a quarter. A condom landed on the floor. Stiles sat dumbfounded. He was totally shocked.


Wow,Stiles! Great move on your part! Really! I applaud you! God,why am I so jealous? I should be happy for him! My best friend was going to have sex. Finally! I’m not jealous! I’m zealous! I am overjoyed with the fact that my best friend of 14 years was given the opportunity to have sex. Am I?

Coach picked up the condom on the floor and handed it back to Stiles. “Congratulations”,said Coach softly. Scott looked at Stiles with a surprised expression.

(Stiles POV)

After the most embarrassing class of my life, I quickly caught up with (Y/N) in the hallway. “(Y/N)! Hey! Wait up!”,I exclaimed,running after her. She finally stopped and faced me. She had the most beautiful (Y/E/C) color eyes. And glistening (Y/H/C) hair. I sometimes found myself staring at her beauty. “Stiles!”,(Y/N) exclaimed slightly aggravated. “Oh! Yeah! Sorry! Ummmm….. Do you wanna maybe research with me after school?”,I said nervously. “Sure…. I’ll by your house after school”,stated (Y/N).

The Next Morning…….


“Stiles!”,I heard a voice boom in my ears. I was barely awake. I realized that an arm was wrapped around my waist and another arm was interlocked with my fingers.All of a sudden Sheriff Stilinski came crashing through the door. That was enough to wake me and the person who was basically cuddling me up. We jumped off of each other and looked at one another. Stiles. Oh my god! The person who was sleeping with was Stiles. Well,this is fan-freaking-tastic! Just when I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t like Stiles, there we are sleeping and cuddling in the same bed. His bed hair was covering some of his face,but he was still beautiful. His mouth was agape and his eyes wide. He,along with me,realized that we had slept in the same bed while we fell asleep researching last night. I quickly said my goodbyes to Stiles and the Sheriff and walked my way to school.

At School……

“And then my dad came in and woke both of us up”,continued Stiles,droning on about his very eventful morning to Scott. “So you guys…….”,said Scott,hinting that (Y/N) and Stiles had sex. “No! We didn’t! We just fell asleep in each other’s arms. I mean it was really a beautiful thing if you think about it! I mean my arm was around her waist and my face was in her hair and…”,Stiles droned on before Scott cut him off, “Okay! OK! I get it! Do I need to remind you that this is my cousin?”. “I know,dude. I just been freaking out all day!”,said Stiles. Meanwhile, (Y/N) is telling the same exact thing to her best friends,Allison and Lydia. “Awwwww”,Allison and Lydia say when (Y/N) tells them it was one of the best things to wake up to. “I know,right. It’s so romantic! But I don’t know what to do! I mean he’s been avoiding me all day.”,(Y/N) stated worriedly.

At Derek’s Loft….


The plan is in action. Scott and Derek are going to Beacon Hills National Bank where we think Boyd and Ericaare being held. Nervously,I sat on the table in the center of the room. Then suddenly, Stiles right next to me. I jumped at his movement. “Oh sorry!”,said Stiles. “It’s okay! You just caught me off guard.”,I explained. “I can move!”,suggested Stiles. “It’s fine,really!”,I said. “Oh my god! What heck is going on with you two?”,piped up Peter annoyed. “Nothing!”,Stiles and I exclaimed at the same time. “Really?”,said Peter,gesturing his head to Stiles and mine interlocked fingers. I retracted my hand from Stiles. Even though, I didn’t want to so badly.

Then I thought to myself. You know,what he can just ignore me because of what happened! So I did something completely out of the ordinary. “Your bed was soft!”,I blurted out with pride. “What?”,said Stiles,clearly confused. “Your bed….from this morning…was really soft”,I said unsurely. “Thanks….well….your hair smells really nice”,said Stiles. “Thanks….we should do that more often…”,I said confidently “Fall asleep in each other’s arms?”,Stiles questioned. “Yeah. It was so …”,I said before Stiles cut me off, “Romantic”. I was going to say ‘nice’,but…… “Yeah,romantic!”,I said. As I was slowly walking towards him,Stiles took my face in his hand and kissed my lips.

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A—Age: 24

B—Birthplace: Kalundborg, Denmark

C—Current Time: 22.45

D—Drink You Last Had: Elderflower presse, like a fancy fuck

E—Easiest Person To Talk To: A friend of mine named Kalina. I can tell her literally anything, which is refreshing given the amount of closed-minded people I am regularly surrounded by (she was my first port of call when I wanted to come out, and when my anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks), and we can talk literally all day and all night if someone doesn’t stop us.

F—Favourite Song: atm, You Don’t Own Me by Grace

G—Grossest Memory: oh jesus, probably watching the ‘monkey raping a frog’ video that I was explicitly told not to look up but did anyway and then switched off immediately and that I regret watching to this day (DO NOT LOOK IT UP I SWEAR TO ERU IT WILL SCAR YOU FOR LIFE)

H—Horror Yes or Horror No: No to blood horror. I enjoy paranormal horror but can only watch it if I have a friend beside me for the night, yes I am that sad.

I—In Love: No, and I’m probably good for a while xD

J—Jealous of People: Oooh yea, I can be. I don’t suppose it’s something we can help.

L—Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: Walk by again. Walk by many, many, many times before you start calling it the L-word.

M—Middle Name:  I have none. Russians don’t do middle names

M—Memory: I have a great memory for things that have happened to me, useless shit I don’t need, and I know far too many books/movies practically by heart. But if you want a specific thing done, you’d better remind me 50+ times.

N—Number of Siblings: None :(

O—One Wish: A direction in life. Pls just give me one, time is running out

P—Person You Called Last: The friend mentioned in E

Q—Question You Are Always Asked: “Why are you so quiet?” “SO HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THAT?”

R—Reason to Smile: Cat waking up and doing the ‘mrrr?’ thing. Cat blinking slowly at you. Cat draping itself over your lap and purring loudly. Just….cat.

S—Song You Sang Last: Gahhh probably something from a musical, likely Les Mis

T—Time You Woke Up: Like….past 1pm. It’s sunday, shush.

U—Underwear Colour: Purple

V—Vacation Destination: Iceland. I really wanna go to Iceland. Also China, Mongolia and obvs New Zealand

W—Worst Habit: I’d have said smoking but I quit that weeks ago after a massive health scare soooo….procrastination?

X—X-Rays: Quite a few at this point. Teeth, leg, several of the chest.

Alternate question:

X—Men: Not my fandom really. The girl played by Sansa Stark? not cos I have a crush on her nope not at all

Y—Your Favourite Food: Sweeeeet thiinggssss

Z—Zodiac Sign: Aries.

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Percy Jackson AU (sorta)

ok so i love percy jackson and i love ladybug so here we go. Also this got crazy long and I didn’t mean to do that

  • Adrien is a son of Aphrodite. Its stated in the books that Aphrodite is attracted to actors, designers, models, etc. So it would make sense that she is attracted to Gabriel. Gabriel doesn’t tell Adrien about his half-blood status so he just think she left/disappeared. This is until he receives an Iris message saying that his mother went missing he’s very confused on why he got a message from a rainbow and why they called his mother Aphrodite. He demands his father to explain everything. After everything is explained he runs away in a fit of rage.
  • After running away he meets up accidentally with Nino,a son of Apollo. Nino’s family has always embraced his half-blood status and has been going to Camp Half-Blood (I’m like 99% sure there would be no European equivalent because its super dangerous for half-bloods to be in Europe and stuff so bear with me) since he was like 7. Nino knows right away that he’s a half-blood and tells him he can take him to a place where there are others like them, even some half siblings of his. Adrien at this point is still incredibly confused but because of Nino’s laid back personality and naturally friendly nature he agrees to go and oh no he’s in America now.
  • (also all the gods and councilors are the same so like chiron and mr d and such, but none of the original characters in percy jackson are in it. none of the 7 basically) Once they have arrived Nino takes  Adrien to Chiron and introduces him. He asks Adrien if he knows his parentage because some kids do. Tells everything about the Iris message. A grim look passes over Chiron’s face but he says nothing. Adrien is concerned but doesn’t ask about it (because that’s how Papa Agreste raised him)
  • Nino also tells Adrien about how there are actually quite a few kids from Europe and Paris specifically and go and meet them. 
  • First he meets Alya, a daughter of Aletheia (goddess of truth), She surprises him immediately with how she speaks her mind and is not afraid to be honest…At all. But overall shes very nice and he warms up to her very quickly. She takes a little longer to warm up to him because hes a) a son of Aphrodite and she is cautious of children of Aphrodite. Not that they’re mean or anything but when charmspeak is an ability that comes from that parentage and no one is that good looking with out some flaw (Alya you suspicious pansexual) somethings got to be a little off, b) he is also a model. its like he knows hes attractive and might be arrogant (this isn’t from a child of Aphrodite but just in general), and finally, c) he is exactly her type. she is going to fall hard and she is going to fall fast and doesn’t want to see her get hurt (I wonder who this refers to)
  • Soon after Alya’s best friend Marinette, a daughter of Athena (just trust me on this ok?) comes along to talk to Alya and Nino. She see this new camper and knows exactly who it is. She is introduced to Adrien and is absolutely floored with feelings. She manages to stutter out what closely resembles an introduction and then the Athena given wisdom starts to run (internal thought process) “ok he’s a son of aphrodite its probably charmspeak or just his dashing good looks” “get a grip marinette”.
  • That night at campfire everyone waits for the claimings. All new campers are claimed except one. Adrien. Everyone knows who his parent is (he had a small group of fans by dinner), but why wasn’t he claimed? Aphrodite is usually very meticulous and thorough on claiming her children, she wants everyone to know that this is her child, but it never comes.
  • What does come however is a prophecy from the camp oracle, Juleka (she’s also a daughter of one of the muses but has a gift from Apollo)
  • “Across the sea to darkness’s door” “Will demigods travel one through four” “Two will wield the gifts of Gods” “To save the Goddess against all odds” “A husband scorned, till final breath” “A deserted son with no one left” “A friend you fight, brave and kind” “You must save from the darkness in their mind" (i made that up in like 5 minutes im sorry)
  • Chiron finally reveals aphrodite was abducted. He is not sure about who is going on the quest. It is a waiting game at this point on who gets ‘The Gift of Gods™’
  • Adrien doesn’t know how but he knows he is meant to go on that quest.
  • Days go by and there is still no sign of ‘The Gift of Gods™’
  • Until one day The squad (Adrien, Marinette, Alya, and Nino) are just chilling and suddenly bam Athena appears in the sky all Mufasa like to Marinette and gives her ‘The Gift of Gods™’ and she becomes Ladybug the Defender, granted powers of luck and wit. The gift comes in the form of Tikki a magical being that transforms her into a deadly warrior. Before Tikki, Marinette mostly relied on her wit in tough situations, not that she couldn’t use a weapon (her preferred choice was a mace) but she preferred to create strategies from a distance.
  • So Marinette is a guarantee for the quest. Alya insists on going too and when Alya says she’s doing something, she’s going to do it. Even if she was told no she would have just found away to go too so it is just easier to accept Alya’s plans. So there are the first two.
  • Flash forward like 3 days and suddenly Hecate is in the mess hall during breakfast. She just kinda shows up nothing big heroic and magnificent like Athena she just kinda shows up, stands on a table and calls for Adrien. “IS THERE AN ADRIEN AGRESTE HERE?” “y-yes that would be me” “heres your Gift of Gods™ from me.” “what do i do with it?” “i dunno go save your mom i guess?“ 
  • With 'The Gift of Gods™’ Adrien becomes Chat Noir the Catalyst, granted powers of bad luck and destruction. The gift comes in the form of Plagg. 
  • Adrien is less than thrilled with that title
  • And so there is the third member of the quest.
  • Chloe, a daughter of Eris. demands to be the fourth member.
  • Juleka cant directly say who is meant to go but she definitely knows its not chloe 
  • She begins to wander through the camp and finds the three preparing. Nino is helping them
  • That is how she determines the fourth and final member of the quest
  • "You’re going” “…Excuse me?” “You are going on the quest” “why me?” “yous is kind yous is loyal” “…alright”
  • So off they go
  • The door of Darkness is somewhere in Europe. They can’t fly because that’s too high risk
  • Only one of them normally would attract a lot of monsters (Marinette) but since they have 'The Gift of Gods™’ It makes them easier to find.
  • So they sail after making offerings to legitimately every sea god there is (Poseidon mostly)
  • and stuff that i havent figured out yet happens (they fight stuff) and also some adrienette and djwifi happens because im always a slut for adrienette and djwifi. also friendship. yay.
  •  And Alya and Nino get possessed. They become Lady Truth and Lord of Sound (different from akuma forms but still sorta the same)
  •  Lady Truth basically is Lady Justice in appearance. She has scales (not the skin ones) and a really big sword. She tricks you into playing her game. In her scales she has the weight of your soul in one side and the weight of your lies on the other. If the lies become too heavy, you die. if your soul becomes heavy enough you win. She doesn’t ask simple questions either. if you don’t answer them you die. The questions are ones like “who on this quests life would you end for your freedom?” real dark stuff. And the people dont forget after Ladybug cleanses them. Adrien is forced to play the game. It weighs heavy on him for the rest of the quest
  • Lord of Sound (i can’t think of a better name) has the ability to produce sound bubbles he can trap you in. He can create any sound imaginable. It is awful. Marinette fights him because Adrien has enhanced hearing and that would not be good.
  • more stuff happens that i haven’t figured out yet
  • and then they find the Doors of Darkness. Back home in Paris. Aphrodite’s kidnapper is Hawkmoth, a former lover of Aphrodite she left scorned. He was given a gift from Nemesis to get revenge on Aphrodite by spreading hate through out the world.
  • Adrien manages to demask Hawkmoth to find it is his Father. 
  • “A husband scorned till final breath”
  • Adrien is heartbroken begging to know why, why would his own father do this? cause him, his friends, his mother, and innocent people so much pain?
  • cue tragic backstory on how gabriel loved aphrodite and she just left. no goodbyes. nothing.
  • Gabriel captures the squad
  • He leaves them in the same cell as aphrodite
  • and she does not look good at all
  • he has been draining her power. converting her love into hate. he is powerful af
  • Aphrodite tells them that the only thing powerful enough to defeat hate is love
  • cue heartfelt moment between adrien and aphrodite
  • they break out of the cell but aphrodite is too weak to move.
  • they keep fighting
  • alya is badly injured so nino tends to her
  • so its up to adrien and marinette
  • “love is the only thing powerful enough to defeat hate” rings through marinettes mind
  • so in the middle of battle marinette confesses
  • and adrien is so relieved because the boy had it bad
  • they defeat hawkmoth/gabriel but not without sacrifice
  • he held so much power within him that his body couldn’t take it so he dies
  • Aphrodite is back to her full self and turns into her form of when she was adriens mom (when she met gabriel)
  • more heartfelt moments
  • after aphrodite returns to olympus, adrien realizes his father is dead
  • “A son deserted with no one left”
  • the prophecy is fulfilled
  • after grieving his fathers death when returning home he realizes that the line of the son with no one left isnt true. he has people back at camp waiting for him, he has his mother, he has nino and alya. he has marinette. it still hurts about his fathers actions and his fathers death but he has people who will help him though it. he will be ok.

And that became longer than expected whoops. Sorry about that! Also I know I didn’t really explain the parent choice on a few characters but I am really tired and this is really long. If anyone is interested about the parent choices I can explain them later!

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Marry Kara, that one’s a no brainer. She’d be an amazing wife. And I know Mick’s mostly asexual but… fuck Mick. Another no brainer, have you seen him? And, last but not least, the pretty boy scout. Given he’s kissed some of my friends already, it’d be interesting to see what it’s like. So yeah, make out with Ray.

MCL: Castiel & Candy’s Fight - Rewritten

NOTE: This is a rewritten fight between Candy and Castiel at the end of episode 16 in the Deborah arc per a special request. All characters and some script belong to Chinomiko and My Candy Love. I am mostly doing dialogue in this piece and not from either person’s point of view. Enjoy!


Previously on My Candy Love:

Candy has been blamed by everyone for allegedly dumping toilet water o Debroah. But little do they all know that it was actually Amber and her friends doing. After Candy is berated by the school principal and given detention, Castiel approaches her in the hallway, absolutely fuming.

Castiel: “YOU!!!”

Candy: “What?! C-Castiel? What is…?”

Castiel: “Toilet water?! Seriously? I would never have expected this kind of behavior from you. Ever! You could have hurt Deborah! What is going on in that head of yours!?”

Candy: “Hey, that’s enough! It wasn’t me!”

Castiel: “Are you kidding me? So the water fell on Deborah all by itself? Or are you going to pass the blame again like you’ve been doing all day? Actually no, you’ve been doing that she arrived!”

Candy: “IT WASN’T ME! It was Amber and her friends! I was trying to sto-”

Castiel: “Don’t start! I warned you not to pass blame. Even that stuck up little harpy wouldn’t stoop so low! Just leave everyone alone! I didn’t think you were capable of such antics to oust a girl you think to be a rival or whatever!”

Candy: “Are you joking!? You’re sticking up for Amber now?! What the heck has gotten into you?!!”

Castiel: “I asked you first! And the reason I have a hard time believing you didn’t do this is because a lot of other people saw you in the window with the bucket next to you! So yeah, for once, I guess I am taking Amber’s side.”

Candy: “Castiel, I swear I didn’t do anything! If you would only listen to me, you would understand. Deborah manipulated you, and she wants to do it again! She is manipulating everyone! I’m trying to expose her so that everyone opens their eyes. Especially you! Because I don’t want her to hurt you again.”

Castiel: “…So let me get this straight, just so I’m hearing you clearly. Another girl, whom we’ve all known before you arrived here, have known longer than you in fact, somehow makes you obsessively jealous with all the attention she’s receiving now that she’s back.”

Candy: “THAT’S NOT TRU-”

Castiel: “AND you fight with her which, was recorded on a voice recorder, you stalk her around the school, you make Deborah cry and then to top it all off you dump toilet water on her…all to ‘open my eyes’ on what a terrible person she really is? If anything, you’ve opened my eyes and the entire school’s on what terrible person YOU actually are. You’re the one who is hurting everyone here.”


Castiel: “YOU HAVE HAD PLENTY OF CHANCES TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF! And so far all you’ve been doing is trying to cover your actions with lies. And really bad ones at that. No one is buying it!”

Candy: “I’m not lying! And no one will listen! You know me, I’m NOT capable of all these things I’ve been accused of. It’s all bad luck and coincidence! And you’re so blinded by Deborah’s offer and your past with her, that you can’t remember our history. I’m here for your well being. She’s here to use you for fame, and then she’ll break your heart again and leave you behind once she gets it. Just like last time.”

Castiel: “SHUT UP! That’s not true and you know it. I thought I knew you, I’ll admit that. But these past few days have been a very rude awakening. I’m not falling for it anymore, I’m not stupid.”

Candy: “If you accept Deborah’s offer to join her band, you’ll be the stupidest person I’ve ever known. And a fool.”

*Castiel stares at her, a look of utter rage and disappointment*

Castiel: “….Go away.”

*she was beginning to cry now*

Candy: “No. Not until you listen. Please…please hear my side of the story, please…no…I didn’t do it, I didn’t do any of it…but…but…I just wanted to…I just wanted to get the truth out in the open…a-and you, you…you…”

Castiel: “Enough. Go away now, stop talking to me, don’t even look at me, and leave Deborah and everyone else alone. You haven’t helped anyone lately. You’ve only burned bridges. And now, you’ll stand your side, alone while the rest of us move on. You’ve brought this upon yourself. You can only blame yourself.”

Candy: “…………….you’re such an IDIOT!!!”

*Candy runs off down the hall, sobbing*

Roundup of Amber Heard’s case

I got into an argument about why I support Amber Heard so wholeheartedly in this so I thought I would do a Real Evidence roundup of why I stand with Amber Heard, which honestly shouldn’t need saying, but apparently some people still need this. 

The Against case: 

1. They married without a pre-nuptial agreement, she’s worth less than him career wise, and she’s suing for spousal support. Granted, that could possibly be fishy. But that’s a matter of context, which we don’t have. 

2. There was that whole debacle about the dogs and Australia, where they were charged with smuggling their dogs illegally. Johnny claims Amber didn’t know about it. I don’t know what to think of this but it was raised as a Fishy Point. 

3. She’s bisexual. Meaning that she is attracted to women as WELL as men. Wow what an alien concept.

Conclusion of those who are not me: she’s a LESBIAN and a GOLD DIGGER who’s LYING to go after his MONEY, which as you can see is pretty much completely based off your own prejudice rather than any hard evidence. 


The For case

1. Amber and Johnny started dating in 2012, just after both of them got out of long-term relationships. According to all reports, she insisted on not dating so soon after their respective breakups, but he was the one who persuaded her to date him. 

2. Further reports of Amber breaking off the relationship while they were still dating in 2013,  and he apparently did a lot to get her back. 

3. They get engaged, but there were numerous reports of her getting cold feet during her engagement party. 

4. Even after they get married, up until now, Johnny has been making public appearances clearly drunk, and even failed to show up for shooting for his movie Pirates of the Caribbean. 

5. She comes forward with charges of domestic abuse, with a HUGE BRUISE on her face, with testimonies from people who were on the phone during the incident, and from someone who was actually there, and a police report. 

6. She broke down crying the moment she got out of the public eye. And she’s doing this despite all the hate that women get in the media for coming forward about domestic abuse, especially when the abuser is a man and famous. She’s getting attacked by many websites for being influenced by her “lesbian friends” or just wanting his money: why would a woman honestly put herself through that. 

Honestly, there’s evidence that a) she didn’t initiate the relationship, b) she has no significant reason to bring this media shitstorm on herself, c) the incident in question did actually occur. 

I’ll admit that the details are shady either way, but given what we know for sure, it’s clear to me that she wouldn’t be coming forward with this and facing all these attacks unless she really felt that she needed to, for her own protection. 

So I stand with Amber Head, not as a fan or out of a need to make a grand gesture, both of which are completely legitimate, but because I think that given what we know, she deserves our support and love and care during this difficult time, and while I think we should wait for more details to surface, you shouldn’t pledge your support to a potential abuser oh my god. There is nothing that Johnny Depp would lose if nobody sided with him and it turns out to be untrue, but it will be hell for Amber if people blindly throw their support behind him and the abuse turns out to be true. 

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That article in the Mirror of Sam Bailey saying how pleased she is to be rid of Simon Cowell is tip of the iceburg. I met her about a year ago when she accompanied a friend to a house viewing for my uncle in laws house. She acted like a bit of a diva angrily shouting at somebody on her mobile about Simon and his twisted mind games while her friend was being shown around the house and I was sat in the kitchen drinking tea with her. She mentioned to me after her phonecall that she wasn't given c

C the focus and attention she was supposed to recieve. She said pretty much the same in another Mirror article from August were she was saying that Simon was playing games and putting more attention and focus on the xf tour to his prefered winner Flur East, who had come second rarther than the winner Ben Haenow. She said he was vindictive and manipulative and would drop you as soon as you had served your purpose. All things I had already gathered of course but she was fairly candid. Kay x


Well, damn.

It had been a privilege to help train the baby negotiators. That was what she had said when offered the opportunity at least, but anyone that knew Harlowe Samson knew that the only reason she had looked forward to spending two weeks in Quantico was to watch the trainees fumble and trip over themselves. On the more serious side of things, the refresher had been much needed not that Samson would ever admit such a thing. It wouldn’t stop the tremors, but she was satisfied that she could properly clean her gun without winging it. Taking a leisurely sip of her coffee, Samson offered up smiles when appropriate at each greeting - though tired, she had to make sure her little “friend” knew she was back. Given how often she bothered the woman she was looking for, she wasn’t surprised when she was pointed in the right direction at the elevator.

“Nina,” the brunette cooed her greeting affectionately once she found who she was looking for,, holding up her spare cup of coffee. “Hope you didn’t miss me too much. Want some?” ( @theforgottenwanderers )

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Tex and/or Allison please? :)

I know I keep saying ad nauseam that there are characters I still don’t have a good handle on, characters I wanna think way more about, but holy crap is Tex ever at the top of the list. I still wanna rewrite The Enigma Variations sometime.

1. She manages to make close friendships during PFL. This gets forgotten so often. She and North hit it off, and she and York are friendly enough that he (a) abandons the Project along with her, (b) breaks back into the MoI with her to rescue the Alpha, and © is willing to go with her on a dangerous mission years later at a moment’s notice. She thinks fondly of Wyoming and Maine: “big dummies”. Connie signs off on her note with “Your friend.”

2. “She told me once she would’ve given anything to save you.” Tex and Carolina are complicated.

3. All through s8, she’s after knowledge. Not revenge. She’s absolutely, tunnel-visiony motivated by trying to figure out what was done to her. She doesn’t really know what’s next, except that finding out who the hell she is–well, that’s important. That’s the most important thing.

4. She personifies failure? I call bullshit. She succeeds in mission after mission after mission. She picks up after the others’ failures. But the Director is constantly, relentlessly pitting her against the others–I mean, he starts the training scenario by either purposely giving only two out of the three agents fighting her live ammo, or by looking the other way when that happens. What did he expect? That York would get killed in the crossfire? That Wyoming and Maine would take her down? That she’d have to get a whole lot more lethal and wind up killing one or more of them? That wasn’t a failure; she succeeded, despite having the deck stacked against her, in getting everyone off that training floor alive–including York, who was at point-blank range when the grenade detonated. Her later failures are the inevitable result of the downfall of the program itself. She fails in scenarios that are rigged by the Director. That’s an important distinction. He finds ways to slow her down, maybe not always consciously, because that really is all he remembers of her: that something went wrong and she never came home.

5. She’s not just a shadow.

Preference #20 - I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith (part 2)

Anon: Can you please make a part two to I’m not the only? Please and thank you if you do

Anon: You should do a part 2 of im not the only one by sam smith Imagine!! It was so good

wOW sorry this took so long omfg

Read part 1 here


I stood in the kitchen, attempting to make dinner. As I chopped an onion, I tried hard not to notice how bare my left hand looked without the ring that had made its home there for the past four years. I heard a car pulling into the garage and the fumbling of a key in a door followed. “Hey babe,” I heard as Ashton made his way into the kitchen. I didn’t turn around but I soon felt a stubbly chin nuzzled into my shoulder and a kiss on the cheek. I walked to the fridge and he followed. “Babe?” he tried again, met only with my stalking away to the kitchen table where I sat silently and averted Ashton’s suddenly concerned gaze. He sat down across from me. “Y/N, talk to me. Whatever I did, I’m sorry.” Wordlessly, I slid the bill for flowers I’d gotten earlier in the mail over to his side of the table. Once he registered what it was, he visibly gulped. “Y/N it’s not what you think…” He tried. At this, I couldn’t help it and burst out in cynical laughter. “Don’t even try that with me. There’s more. And that’s not our address, Ash.” He opened his mouth to speak. “Save it. I’m spending the night at Y/F/N’s. I’ll come back when I’m ready for you to explain yourself without murdering you, because frankly, I’m barely controlling it right now. Goodbye,” I said, taking the bag I’d packed and closing the door on the cheating scumbag who I’d thought was the love of my life.


I thought I’d been crying quietly unheard in the bathroom, like I had every night for the past few months. But when I finally wiped my eyes and opened the door I was met with a concerned Calum. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked, and attempted to fold me into an embrace. I backed away and tried to stop the next flood of tears his action triggered. “I’m fine,” I tried, but my voice broke and betrayed me as the first tear leaked out. “I wish you would just be honest with me, Y/N,” he said, wiping the tear with the pad of his calloused thumb. “You would, wouldn’t you?” I whispered. “What?” He asked as I lowered his hand from my face. “It’s you, Calum. It’s you that’s got me this way, and it’s taken you this long to even notice anything was wrong.” A weak laugh shook through my body. “What are you talking about?” He said, looking scared. “The girl in England, Calum,” I said, a shocking calm in the words despite the turmoil they’d caused me for months. “How…how…” He trailed off and took a few steps back from me. “I’ve known for six months, Cal. It’s okay. I think I’ve almost forgiven you.” “Then why have you been crying in the bathroom every night? If you’ve forgiven me?” He questioned. “Because it hurts. It hurts because you betrayed my trust but I still need you. I cry because I’ll never be able to be without you, even though you did this to me,” I said and saw tears clouding his own eyes. “I’m so sorry, Y/N, I’m so, so sorry,” he said and I pulled him into an embrace and we stood there and cried, the pain of what he had done taking over both of us.


I woke up the next morning laying pressed up to a sleeping Luke and with a killer headache. I rolled out of his grip and groaned, waking him in the process. “Morning,” he said, his voice heavy with sleep. “Yeah,” I said, getting out of bed and heading down to the kitchen in search of coffee and an Advil. I was just pouring myself a cup of black coffee when I heard Luke’s footfalls behind me. “Can I have some?” He asked. I wordlessly shoved the pot into his hands, the annoyance I’d felt towards him last night coming back. He looked taken aback but didn’t say anything. I took my coffee and went to go sit in the living room, Luke not far behind me. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Did I do something?” He put his hands up as if to surrender. “Can I see your phone, Luke?” I asked instead of answering. His eyes widened. “What — why do you—” “Hiding something?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow at him. “No, I just—” “Then let me see your phone,” I cut him off. He slowly reached into his pocket and handed me his phone. I opened his snapchat and scrolled through the list of people he’d been snap chatting, seeing more than a few girls who I knew were trouble. He looked over my shoulder, hanging his head. Then I opened his iMessage, revealing similar evidence. “That’s all I needed to see,” I said. “I suggest you leave and come back when you’re ready to apologize for being such an idiot.” He silently complied, leaving me to wonder if he would ever actually stop this nonsense.


“Y/N?” I heard behind me at the 5SOS concert I’d attended, still friends with the other boys despite my break-up with Michael four months ago. “What are you doing here?” The fan who had recognized me asked. “Are you back with Michael?” I smiled through the sharp pang the question had given my heart. “No, just here for the same reason you are,” I grinned at her, the understanding look she gave me reminding me just how much I’d always loved Michael’s fans. After snapping a picture with the girl, I made my way to where Luke had told me to wait after the show. Not long after that, a member of the crew found me and escorted me backstage, where I was greeted with a bear hug from Luke, Ashton, and Calum. “Hey guys,” I said, laughing. I quickly scanned the surroundings for Michael and Luke noticed. “Don’t worry, he’s back in the bus,” he assured me. “How…how is he?” I asked, the pang from earlier returning. “He’s good,” Ashton answered, averting my eyes. “Honestly, guys,” I pleaded. “Not so good,” Ash amended. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “Tell him I’m still sorry,” I said. “I’m still sorry, too,” I turned to see a sheepish Michael leaning up against the doorframe. “Oh! Hi,” I said, the familiar green eyes looking sad and tearing me apart. The other boys must have left to give us space because the next thing I knew we were alone and I was warily walking towards him. “I made a mistake,” I whispered. “I shouldn’t have thrown us away, you were right.” “Y/N—” he started but I cut him off with a kiss. “I need us to try at least one more time,” I admitted. Maybe I would regret this, but as he pressed his lips to mine again I knew he was already healing the part of me he’d broken before.