she was flirting that one time and you can't tell me otherwise

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headcanon about the lords being inlove to mc but shes inlove with someone else?

MC is in love with someone else

  • Nobunaga tries to show off how he can be a better partner because he’s Oda fuckin’ Nobunaga. Has zero qualms about intimidating the other guy. Will constantly show favour to her via gifts and treats, arranges for her to spend more time with him, tries to show off his best side. Tempted to send the other guy away but decides not to because he wants to win fair and square.
  • Mitsuhide is an honourable man who is not going to try and move in on someone else’s partner, especially if she’s in a stable relationship. He’s just going to pine and be sad and drown his sorrows in copious amounts of tea and work. Wishes so, so hard that he had met her first.
  • Yukimura is so oblivious he doesn’t even realise she’s interested in someone else. And she’s pretty damn dense too, so she doesn’t know he likes her. At first Saizo finds it amusing, but after a while it becomes kind of awful. He keeps telling her that he’s going to get stronger so he can protect her, and she’s just like Lord Yukimura, you’re such a good samurai! You take your duty so seriously! Somebody save these fools.
  • Saizo is going to shove those feelings down into the depths of hell. And he’s also going to run a background check on that guy. Can’t be too careful, after all.
  • Masamune quietly simmers in confusion. What are these feelings? What’s happening? Shigezane finds out what’s going on and takes Masamune out drinking somewhere nice. He then proceeds to get drunk and flirts with all the ladies while trying to encourage Masamune to do the same. Masamune sits there in stony, uncomfortable silence and kind of wants to slam Shigezane’s face into the table. None of this is helping.
  • Is the other guy Masamune or Shigezane? If no, is she already in a stable, loving relationship? Kojuro is definitely going to make a move otherwise. It isn’t over until she picks someone, and he’s going to do his absolute best to make sure that he’s the one she ends up choosing. He doesn’t need to be her first love, as long as he’s her last.
  • Ieyasu does not like her. Why would he care about who his chef is dating? He doesn’t care. Not at all. Shut up, Tadatsugu. Will basically just stand back and watch and try to convince himself that he’s not hurting. Will be extremely harsh and demeaning with her in an effort to drive her as far away from him as possible.
  • Mitsunari knows that love is a fleeting, useless illusion that only fools try to hold onto. He is many things, but a fool isn’t one of them. He rededicates his existence to Hideyoshi and buries himself in his books.
  • We’ve already been through this in every route except Inuchiyo’s own, please don’t make me do this again, this poor puppy has suffered enough
  • Hideyoshi just keeps cockblocking the other guy and gallantly flirting with her. He helps her with her chores, surprises her with constant tiny gifts (e.g. flowers or sweets) and is basically That Sweet Guy Everyone Wants You To Date. Won’t give up until the very end.
  • Kenshin is conflicted but also a little apprehensive about being in love since he had that whole hangup with his ex… So he really tries to support her as a friend, encourages her and gives her advice while secretly hoping that the situation might change. But he’d rather be close to her as a friend than not at all, so he’ll take what he can get. Comforts himself with friendly hugs and head pats.
  • Shingen is all for having a fair competition with the other guy, and won’t back down easily. May the best man (him, obviously) win. It’s up to her to choose who she wants to be with, after all. Gets really handsy and affectionate in the hopes of winning her over because he’s more confident with actions than words.

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Prompt (take it where you will): Olicity + "Are you at the restaurant already? I'll be slightly delayed…" - "Oliver, are those gunshots?" - "…No?"

Her phone buzzes on her dresser counter, Oliver’s face lighting up the screen, and Felicity swears, throwing a panicked glance at the digital clock on her nightstand. God, she’s running late – so very, very late. He’s probably calling to gloat, especially after she teased him about his lack of punctuality earlier in the week; he had promised to be on time for once, after all, and Oliver Queen’s good about keeping his promises.

Felicity shoves the post of a glittering earring in her ear before she snatches her phone up and hurries over to her closet.

“Oliver! Hey, I am so, so sorry,” she says quickly, searching for a pair of heels. “Are you at the restaurant already? I got delayed at the office and I’m still getting ready, so I might be a little — ”

Felicity drops her heels, startled, and pulls the phone away from her ear as the unexpected din of automatic weapons fire roars through the speaker. Holy shit. How is it possible that she’s been getting calls like this for almost five years and she’s still not used to it?

“Funny,” Oliver says, breathing heavily on the other line. “I was about to tell you to hold off on the whole restaurant thing.”

“Oliver, are those gunshots?” Felicity asks and then nearly kicks herself. What a stupid question. Of course those are gunshots; what else would they be? “Wait, wait. Let me rephrase: are you calling me while you’re being shot at? Again?”

There is a long pause on the other end, during which Felicity’s wishful fantasy that Oliver might’ve forgotten their plans and then remembered them during the middle of a showing of some dumb, loud Michael Bay movie is quickly dashed by the sounds of panicked screams and shattering glass in the background —  something else she’s, depressingly, become very used to hearing when her boyfriend calls.

It’s just one of the many perks that comes with dating the Starling City vigilante. (Up close and personal time with his fantastic abs, thankfully, are included in that.)

“Possibly,” Oliver admits at last. “Though you’ll be happy to know I’m not the target this time.”

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TIMELINE: Set during season 3 finale. Minor spoilers.

Also on FF.Net and AO3


“Can you please slow down?” Emma Swan grumbled in annoyance as she tripped over yet another tree root. “I can barely breathe in this get up let alone chase after you.”

Killian Jones slowed his pace then turned suddenly, his long leather coat swirling around his legs as he waited for the blonde to catch up.

“I apologise, Swan,” he said tersely, his expression unmoved as he watched her stumble again even though she shot him an angry glare.

“I can’t believe you’re still mad about what happened,” she stated incredulously when she finally reached him.

“I’m not,” he refuted indignantly, the tense line of his jaw and unhappy frown suggesting otherwise.

“Really?” she scoffed with a roll of her eyes and shake of her head. “Whatever you say, Hook.”

She went to walk past him but his next words stopped her in her tracks.

“I remember what you did, you know,” he muttered with a hint of resentment. “What you said to him…me, how you acted. It’s hazy, but as I stand here, I can recall everything, Emma.”

He looked at her then and she gasped as she saw that it wasn’t the expected anger or even jealousy reflected in his oh so blue gaze…but rather hurt instead.

Guilt crashed over her like a waterfall, almost robbing her of all her breath as she opened and shut her mouth trying to say something, anything to justify her actions. But she couldn’t, because in all honesty she’d revelled in playing the part of a bar wench.

Even now she could see his look of utter enthralment as she’d leaned over the table provocatively, trying to tempt him with her…charms. To his credit, he’d kept his eyes locked on hers and even though that wasn’t the man she now knew, the connection was still there, still real. It was like a tangible thing that she could almost reach out and touch. From then on it had been all far too easy to just go of her inhibitions. To be able to flirt and tantalise Killian…Hook without having to worry about any of the consequences, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Except, apparently, there were consequences after all.

“Look, it didn’t mean anything…” she began.

“Aye, I know that all too well,” he cut in, a tinge of bitterness colouring his tone.

“I was just doing what you asked,” she snapped irritably, taking a step towards him.

“Were you?” he challenged, his voice rising a little. Off her nod, he asked, “Then tell me why, when you suspected that I had already left the Jolly, did you agree to go with him back to my ship?”

Emma’s eyes widened at the accusation and her stomach lurched. She wasn’t ready to have this conversation, didn’t even expect that he would bring it up.

“I…I…” she stuttered, trying to desperately think of something that sounded remotely realistic rather than admit to truth.

“Because I’m certain I gave you a chance to decline my…invitation, such as it was,” he continued, his distaste with his past self obvious from the way he spoke.

The hurt look was back in his eyes again and Emma found she wanted nothing more than to ease it anyway that she could.

“I didn’t want you taking someone else back instead, okay?” she blurted out loudly.

His eyebrows rose at her admission, the surprise shining bright in his eyes.

“What?” he asked incredulously after a few moments shocked silence.

Emma sighed and raised a hand to rub her temple lightly, trying to ease the tension that she could feel beginning to radiate through her body.

“You heard me,” muttered grouchily as she let her hand drop back down to her side, feeling suddenly weary. “And just so you know, I wasn’t actually going to do anything…apart from knock him out and then you did that anyway.”

His eyes narrowed consideringly then he tilted his head to the side a moment before taking a step towards her, then another and another until he was as close as he could be without actually touching.

Holding her ground, she looked up at him and felt her heart begin to pick up speed in her chest. The familiar scent of his leathers filled her senses and her traitorous body swayed towards him slightly, remembering exactly what it felt like to be held in his arms and wanting nothing more than to be there again.

“So, what you’re saying, love, is that if you couldn’t have me tonight, then no one could?” he suggested softly, a small smile now playing at his lips.

“Maybe,” she murmured in response, her gaze flicking down to his mouth then back to his eyes again.

“Good,” he acknowledged on a whisper.

It would have been so easy for her to just kiss him then. She wanted to, so much, but it wasn’t the right time, literally and figuratively.

Disappointment clouded his eyes as she forced herself to take a step back from him and she had absolutely no doubt that her own expression mirrored his exactly.

One day soon she knew she’d have to address whatever it was that was slowly but surely blossoming between them but until then her only focus had to be on getting her parents to fall in love.

Once they’d achieved that and returned to Storybrooke, well then, she decided to herself with a smile, was when the fun would begin.