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She's Like The Wind - Part Five

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language. moderate violence. verbal harassment.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, of course.” You responded to Marie in confusion. You opened your door and stepped inside, letting her enter as well. You shut the door behind her tightly.

Following her to sit on your bed, you fiddled with your thumbs in anxiousness. You were nervous and confused as to why Marie had been waiting for you at your door. She sounded desperate to talk to you, and your mind instantly went to the worst possible scenarios. Had Jesse gotten hurt? Had she gotten hurt? What had happened that was that drastic while you were gone?

“What’s going on?” You finally asked her, feeling the bed shift slightly as she adjusted her position. “What happened?”

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And here I promised myself I wouldn't get ragey over anything else dog related for awhile.

But today, after getting off the phone with the vet, my mom told me that I should let her have one of Opal’s puppies.


I need some very strong drugs to be able to deal with this entire situation, I fucking swear.

The 100 and the “Oh, come on!Again with Greatest Leader of All?!”

Ok, I’ve got to say this. At first I was “Oh no!Again with using Lxa to help Clarke being a leader”! I mean, I get that Lxa was important for Clarke’s development and they’re forcing the audience to not forget her (believe me when I say that it’s impossible since her name has been pronounced more time than the one of the protagonists!!!) but enough is enough. Lxa wasn’t such a good leader (and she’s dead because of one of her own!), she wasn’t perfect and she could never be the right leader for Skypeople, who have a different culture, not war linked.

But then the final scene (the one when Clarke injected herself) made me of think something else. They use Lxa’s name only to help Clarke being ruthless (just like Lxa did in her all life!) but then Clarke - in an episode full of remindings of Mount Weather - chose to follow a different leader, someone who sacrified himself for his people (like her father or the president of Mount Weather) - I bear it, so they don’t have to - and she chose to follow her friends (the horrified looks on everybody’s face was distressing) and HER instinct.

I think this is the first time since second season and her meeting with Lxa, that Clarke thinks with her brain. She let go of Roan’s words and she chose to be HER kind of leader. She’s choosing WHO she wants to be. She’s regaining self confidence. Even when Roan was talking to her, I didn’t see her so stroke by his words, she was doubtful, puzzled not entirely believing the King’s words (I’m not a King).

I feel that in this season they’re slowly beginning to built her character and her leadership making her free herself from everybody’s influence, especially the shadow of Lxa. And particularly, they’re freeing her from her “God’s Complex” (and there goes the title of the episode).

Ps. The scene in the Woods between Bellamy and Jasper was so beautiful. I love it! The best scene of the episode, no doubt about it.

All Caryl interactions in Season 7 (indirect or direct) and what it means:

Season 7 Episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be:
Daryl, injured and hopeless, kneeling, facing potential death, thinks of mostly Carol in his potentially last moments. He could be about to die any second here and he thinks of her, mostly. He remembers the Terminus hug (5x01) and he remembers when he gave her a shoulder massage (3x01). 

Now, let’s think: Why would he remember those specific moments out of any other? Terminus reunion was probably because that was the happiest he’s been. He lost Carol out of his own control (like he has with his mom and Merle), he, perhaps, even though she was dead. He thought he would never see her again. He missed her so much. 
But then, he sees her. She FOUND him. She SAVED them. There she was, in all her precious flesh, apprehensive, wondering how they would all react. The woman he loves is alive and she found them, in a hopeless world. She found them. Happiness can exist even in that world. As hopeless as it seems, in the misery of it all, they reunited. 
And he runs to her. He hugs her so tight, lifts her off the ground. Teary eyed. So happy. Nuzzles her. Just can’t get enough of her. 
‘’ You’re here. You found me. You’re here again. I’m never going to let you out of my sight, I love you. ‘’ (he didn’t say those words specifically, but with his actions, his facial expressions, says it all.)

Why did he remember Terminus? Because of everything I stated above.

Why did he remember giving her a shoulder massage? He was bringing her comfort. He was going out of his way to do something for somebody he loves (something he’s never done for anyone else, I may add). She looks at him with a huge smile and he stops. ‘’ We should get back… ‘’ he says.
‘’ Pretty romantic. Wanna screw around? ‘’ she asks. 
He scoffs. He looks back at her almost like ‘’ wait… is she serious? ‘’ and instead, they both laugh. 

Slow burn, people. Slow burn. 
Why did he remember the shoulder massage? Because it was physical affection. It was him bringing her comfort. His memories with Carol, his happiest one’s, are ones that include physical touch. He could have remembered literally anything else. But he didn’t. He remembered memories that include him initiating, all on his own, physical touch and affection. THOSE are Daryl’s happiest moments. 

Moving on. That was Caryl interaction in Season 7 Episode 1. It was indirect, but it was there. In his last thoughts (for all he knew), he thought of Carol.

Season 7 Episode 9: Rock In The Road:

Rick: Did you find Carol?
Morgan: I did, yeah.
Daryl: Where is she? Is she okay?
Morgan looking at Daryl: Well, she was here and then she left. 
*If you notice, Daryl stops in his tracks. No movement. None. You cannot even tell he’s breathing. 
Morgan: You know, she wasn’t too happy with me following her. She wanted to get away from us. From everyone.
*Daryl starts pacing side by side*
Morgan: But when I found her, she was shot.
*Daryl stops moving again*
Morgan: Just a graze, I got her back here, they got doctors. They good. 
Daryl: *angry, grunt voice, almost snarling* Was it them? 
Morgan: It was. 
Morgan: She had crossed with some of them and one of them followed her and tried to kill her.
*Shot of Daryl’s face, who swallows as he’s told someone tried to kill Carol. He looks very angry and upset.*
Morgan, who by the way is looking straight at Daryl, almost with an apologetic look, continues on saying:
I killed him. I had to. Carol was here. She got help. *looks at Daryl*
Morgan: Now she’s gone. 
Daryl: Looks sad and destroyed, confused. 
*Shot of Rick also looking at Daryl.

Now… this scene wasn’t for nothing. This was to show how close Daryl and Carol are and how others around them, even others who don’t know them that well (Morgan) know how close they are and how important Carol is to Daryl. This scene had Daryl pacing, frozen, swallowing, angry, concerned and sad. This? It wasn’t for nothing. This was yet another indirect Caryl scene that didn’t necessarily need to be there and wouldn’t have been there had they planned on erasing Caryl.

Moving on to one of our favorite episodes (yes?)

Season 7 Episode 10: New Best Friends: 

Scene 1: Daryl brings up Carol out of nowhere. (Necessary? No.)
It starts off with…
Daryl: Hey. Where’d you go in them trucks?
*Morgan walks over*
Daryl: You went to see them, right? 
Morgan: Yeah. 
Daryl: Part of your deal?
*Morgan looks away*
Daryl: What the hell is wrong with you?
Daryl: You’re bleeding. They did that to you. You know what they are.
Morgan: I do. 
Daryl: You know…if Carol were here, she saw all that, if she knew Abraham… and Glenn… she’d be leading us right to them, ready to kill them all.
*evaluate Daryl’s voice… his voice is low. Almost angry. Snarling. Almost mocking Morgan.
*Morgan is quite obviously a bit offended*
Morgan: She would. And that’s why she left, man.
*Daryl, looking at him with anger and walks away*

This scene, was it necessary? No. What did it show? That Daryl is thinking of Carol. He knows her. He knows how badass she is and how she takes no shit. He admires her. He’s PROUD of her. He knows this woman is fierce and he has no problems randomly letting Morgan know. Out of nowhere. Because he is thinking of her.

Scene 2: Richard set up a plan to get Carol killed in the hopes to push Ezekiel to want to fight. Let’s skip that dialogue and get to what matters.

Richard: It’s just some loner he met 
Richard: Sometimes he brings food their way.
Daryl: Why don’t they live in The Kingdom?
Richard: I don’t know. She lives out there, she’ll die out there.
Daryl: … it’s a woman?
Richard: Does that matter? She’s got more balls then you and me. She’s gonna die either way.
*Notice the sounds, the music* 
Richard: When the saviors come and find their buddies dead, if they know their elbow from their asshole, they can follow an obvious spore. They are going to go to the weapons cash and into the cabin. They are going to attack this woman. 
Daryl: What’s her name?
Richard: Maybe they kill her, maybe they don’t. But it’s going to show Ezekiel what he needs to do. 
Daryl: Her name. What is it?
Richard: She’s tough. Maybe she’ll live.
Daryl: *raises his voice* Say her damn name!
Richard: … Carol. I hoped you didn’t know her. But I didn’t think you’d care. Cause you know what needs to happen.
Daryl: No.
Richard: Maybe she’ll live. Look this is how this can happen. This is how we can get rid of the saviors. This is how we all can have a future (A future for Daryl without Carol? NO. That’s what the show is saying).
Richard: She’s living out there alone just waiting to die.
Daryl: *raises voice again, walking away* NO.
Richard: If we don’t do anything, a hell of a lot more people are going to die, people who want to live.
Daryl: *immediately turns around and gets right up to Richard’s voice* 
You stay the hell away from Carol, you hear me? 

Saviors driving up, Richard still wants to go with his plan and Daryl, realizing that he’s going to do it, throws Richard to the ground, beating him up. 

After, Richard talks some more nonsense, prompting Daryl to say:
‘’ She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever… she gets taken out by a walker… she gets hit by lightening. Anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you. ‘’

Was this scene necessary? No. This scene just showed us how much Daryl loves Carol and how she is the most important thing in the world to Daryl. That’s not for no reason. Nothing is wasted screen time. This is to remind us, after all this time, Daryl still loves Carol and will protect her by any means necessary, even if it means beating or killing someone. 

Scene 3: The Grand Reunion:

*We see Carol opening her door and is just looking annoyed. Ezekiel and his people are there. Carol says she only opened the door because they tripped her wire. Jerry gives her cobbler, she takes it and tells them to go.*

*She’s seen sitting down, picking up a romance novel called Denim Dreams, when she hears a knock on her door*

*She opens the door, ready to rip Zekeyboy a new asshole, when she loses her breath, realizing it’s Daryl* 
Who, by the way, is wearing denim and so is Carol.

Daryl is looking apprehensive. Sad. Carol is beginning to cry. She walks forward in his arms and he hugs her back with one arm (because crossbow on his arm), he sniffles and moves her arm gently to look at her. Because he needs to know. He needs to know why she left. 

Daryl: Jesus took us to The Kingdom. Morgan said you just left… I was out here. I saw you.
Daryl: *voice breaks* Why’d you go?
Carol: I had to.

This scene shows us how upset and devastated Daryl was finding out she left. 
This scene highlights to us, again, how important she is to him. How much she matters and how much he loves her. How much he doesn’t feel okay when she’s gone away.

Scene 4: 

Carol: I couldn’t lose any of them. I couldn’t lose you. 
* Daryl raises his head to look right at her*
Carol: I couldn’t kill them. I could. I would, if they hurt any of our people, anymore of them… that’s what I would do. And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.
Carol: The Saviors. Did they come?
Daryl: …. Yeah.
Carol: *crying* Did anyone get hurt? Is everybody okay? Did the saviors… is everybody back HOME okay?
Daryl: *hesitating* 
Carol: Daryl.
Daryl: They came. We got em all. Made a deal with the rest of them like Ezekiel. Everyone’s alright. *Carol here is starting to breathe more easy… and Daryl reassures her again… ‘’ Everyone’s alright ‘’ in such a comforting voice. 
Carol: *crying out of happiness with a huge smile*
Daryl: We gonna eat or, or I got to be a king or somethin’ to get food around here?
Carol: *laughs* softly responds ‘’ shut up ‘’.
She brings the food over and pours some in Daryl’s bowl. Looking at him. Smiling.
Daryl: Ezekiel. Is he okay?
Carol: Yeah, I think he is.
*Daryl starts eating, has wonderful table manners around Carol by the way and meanwhile, she’s smiling at him, barely taking her eyes off of him

This scene. All of this here, is important. This is Daryl lying to Carol because he loves her. Sounds weird, right? Hear me out.
This is Daryl, who just finished hearing that the woman he loves couldn’t kill anymore because she was afraid there would be nothing left of her after that. 
Daryl lies because he wants to keep her safe. Protected. Away from this war. He lies because he loves her, and like Norman said ‘’ He doesn’t want her to get hurt and fuck her up basically. ‘’. 
This is a selfless act. This was for her. Him and Team Family could benefit from having Carol fight alongside them. Hell, Daryl even brought up Carol’s badassery to Morgan. He knows she could help them win. He knows she’d be a huge benefit and asset. But he doesn’t care. 
Not at her expense. He needs her. He needs her alive and healthy. If this means potentially sacrificing everyone else’s life, so be it. They can find another way. They can find another way that doesn’t involve the woman he loves. For her.

Scene 5: 

Daryl is walking out of the house when he suddenly turns around and looks at Carol for a second. She looks awkward, putting her hands in a pocket. Daryl doesn’t want to leave. But he knows he has to. So, he walks to her and gives her a hug. She grabs his hair and he puts his face down in her shoulder. We see Carol, her face, clearly shows she doesn’t want Daryl to leave. 
She nuzzles his shoulder and breathes him in. You can hear her. This is incredibly intimate. Neither of them want to let go, but Daryl knows he has to. Every moment that he lingers is tempting him to stay more and more. He knows he has to go. So he raises his hand up her back and moves away, looking right in her eyes… ‘’ Watch out for yourself, alright? ‘’ he says, in a very quiet voice. 
He walks away, without turning around. Because he knows he can’t stay. Not yet. 
Carol, however, is about to go back inside before she turns around. She’s struggling. She wants to go after him. She wants him to stay. (Melissa McBride confirmed that Carol was obviously struggling with Daryl leaving) 
But she goes inside anyway. 
(May I add that the music, to me, was pretty romantic? I loved the sounds. So calm, gentle and loving.)

Scene 6:

Morgan confirms that Daryl is holding onto Carol. Daryl is holding onto Carol because he loves her. 

Moving along to…

Season 7 Episode 12: Say Yes: 
(This is more a parallel)
Rick says to Michonne: ‘’ I can’t lose you. We say that to the one’s we love. ‘’
Carol just got done telling Daryl that she couldn’t lose him in Episode 10. 
Because she loves Daryl. Daryl’s actions prove that he can’t lose Carol. Because he loves her.

Season 7 Episode 13: Bury Me Here:

Carol knows something wasn’t right. Why did Jesus bring the group to The Kingdom… what happened? She can’t sleep. She goes to find Morgan.

Carol: Why did Jesus bring Daryl and everyone else at The Kingdom? 
Morgan: They, um… They wanted to see if we could all start working together on things. 
*Carol getting teary eyed* The saviors are still here. They are not fighting with The Kingdom. Daryl said they beat em back at Alexandria… Is that true? That they made a deal with em? Is everyone okay? Just tell me if it’s true.
Morgan: You need to talk to Daryl about that… You wanted me to keep the whole story about you from everybody. Told me not to say where you were and I did what you asked. Daryl didn’t find you because of me. And what was said between you and him was said between you and him. I will go with you to Alexandria if you want to make the trip. If you want to talk to them. 
You shouldn’t go alone. 
You found what you wanted, right? You got away from everyone. Is it what you wanted? Or was it just too late to get away?
*Carol is crying at this point*

This scene is also important because it shows that no, Carol didn’t really want to be away from everyone. Especially not Daryl. This conversation was mostly about Daryl here and Morgan understands what’s going on. She already loved Daryl. She already loves him. It was confirmed Carol was running away from love. Carol was running away from Daryl. That’s what was happening in Season 6. 

It was also confirmed by Melissa McBride, that when Morgan does tell Carol what happened at the end of the episode, Carol was thinking of Daryl and how she’s sorry that he felt he couldn’t tell her.

And now… here we are, rolling into Episode 16 and her running away? It’s done. The ‘’ One Way ‘’ sign was pointing backwards, away from The Kingdom. She calls Alexandria her ‘’ home ‘’… but there’s someone there specifically. Daryl. 

The best is coming. Her and Morgan’s arc is officially closing. Carol is fighting alongside them. She will reunite with Team Family in Season 8. She will reunite with Daryl in Season 8. It’s been set up for us to see them have a conversation about this. Season 8 is a NEW chapter. Caryl is coming, slowly. But it’s coming. 
Also, we have a great reputation with season premieres for Caryl. ;) 

Stay strong, guys. Season 7 DID show us that Daryl loves Carol and Carol loves Daryl. 

Olive Thomas, late 1910s. Her death in 1920 was one of the first scandals to rock Hollywood. She was found dead in Paris from mercury poisoning, and although it was ruled accidental, rumors of suicide continue to this day. (The mercury had been prescribed to her husband, Jack Pickford – Mary Pickford’s brother – to treat skin lesions he suffered due to syphilis.)

So Much Has Changed

A/N: A request from @moreid-shematthew for some Prencia fluff, around the beginning of season 7 when Emily returns. @coveofmemories


“I’m so sorry,” Emily cried, placing her arms around Penelope after walking into her apartment. For nearly eight months, she’d been presumed dead by those she loved most. One of the last things she’d said to Penelope was how much she loved her outlook on life - that no matter what came Garcia’s way, she was able to work through it with grace and joy. Emily had always admired that about her and had never told her. She meant it then and she still meant it now, but now, she realized how much of a ‘goodbye’ that was, and what that must’ve done to her. How much it must have hurt to have those be her last words to her. “I’m so sorry I did this to you.” Hotch and JJ obviously knew. Rossi technically didn’t know, but had definitely suspected, which left Spencer, Garcia and Morgan. Both Morgan and Spencer were having a difficult time with being lied to, but Emily wanted to make amends, so she started with Garcia - the only one open to having her right now. “I never meant to hurt you. Any of you,” she cried, her tears darkening the bright pink cardigan she was wearing. 

Without saying a word, Garcia wrapped her arms tighter around her friend’s neck. “I know you didn’t. And they know too. They just need a little time to work through everything,” she cried. “I’m just so glad you’re okay. You’re alive!” As she wrapped her arms tighter around Emily, something scared them both.

“Sergio!” Emily said, laughing as the cat curled up into her waiting hand. “I’ve missed you.” Since Emily had ‘died,’ Sergio had stayed with Garcia, so over the past months, he’d become accustomed to her, but as Emily let her hand fall to the cat’s side, he jumped into her arms; he’d missed her just as much. 

“I need visitation rights,” Garcia said, petting the content kitty as he sat in Emily’s arms. “He’s a love. Like his mom.” For a few minutes, the two of them just stood in the middle of the room, saying nothing as they doted on Sergio. “You wanna stay over tonight?” she asked. “Watch a movie.”

“That sounds…completely…normal,” Emily sighed happily. “Yes, please. Do you have Legally Blonde? Because I’m in the mood for some Elle Woods right now.”

“Of course I have Legally Blonde,” she laughed. “I had that the day it came out, and have since upgraded to the blu-ray.” Garcia had an array of movies. Superheroes to chick flicks, and horrors (although just a few) to rom-coms. “Can we watch Miss Congeniality after that? Because Sandra Bullock is my queen.”

As Emily lowered Sergio to the floor, he was reluctant to leave after so long apart, but she promised him he could follow her to the bathroom so she could get changed into some pajamas. “He’s in your sink, Garcia,” Emily laughed as she pulled on her top. 

“Oh he likes it in there,” she replied. “He chills in there a lot.” Within minutes, both women were changed in pajamas and sitting on the couch in front of Legally Blonde, just as they’d done nearly a year ago. It was just like old times, and yet so much had changed. As soon as Emily plopped into the couch, Sergio jumped in her lap, falling asleep almost immediately. 

“Bend and snap!” Emily said, just as one of her favorite parts came up. She and Garcia continued the mantra, petting Sergio simultaneously, until all of a sudden, Garcia turned to the side and saw that Emily was crying.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, surprised to see her friend weeping at a time like this. She was alive. They were watching movies. Everything was as it was. “You okay?”

“Sorry,” Emily said, taking a tissue from the side table and wiping away her tears. “It’s just…I was only over there for eight months…but I was over there for eight months.” She sobbed. The reality of what she’d been through finally coming to the surface. “I thought about you all every day. How much I missed you. Wondering if I would ever see you again. Maybe I’d end up staying there my entire life. It’s just all so surreal. And I can’t believe I’m finally back watching Legally Blonde with one of my best friends.”

Pulling her into her shoulder, Garcia said, “No matter where you are now. No matter what happens. You are never going to be without us again. That isolation won’t ever happen again. I promise.”

A Strange Tale: 8

“You seek a god to undo what another god has done.”

Sevras woke. She was not dead, in a pale blue room that smelled like fresh-cut grass. Nomen lay unconscious beside her, breathing slow and steady. Her heads hurt, though not unduly, and the air was damp and cool against her skin. The voice seemed omnidirectional as she sat.

“You were in our heads?”

“Somewhat. Yours more than your friends; they will remain unconscious.”

She stood up slowly. Her body ached, though not from a sickness without end. “You healed us?”

“It is the function of this room.”

“And you?”

“I exist here. Waiting. Curious. A god, some would say.”

Sevras said nothing. The voice wasn’t toneless. There was an edge under the words. “You do not believe so?”

“It is the nature of religion to tell stories and they pretend they are not stories. I do not do such things.”

“But you told me you might be a god?”

“I have no worshippers.”

“I do not think that is a factor. What I know of that world is what what makes gods is power more than knowledge. There are many shades of power; many gods seem to prefer the kind that allows them to dominate others. It is dangerous to love what one fears, but love always contains fear. I was taught that, in Mox. This, too: that doubt is an essential element of faith.”

“A god does not need faith.”

“No. But most entities need validation, especially those who claim they do not. Power is a way to that. Nomen and I never sought power, not in the way gods would understand it. I wonder if that is why we were given the gifts we were, as punishment for not daring enough.”

“I heal. I have been here long,” the voice said flatly.

“What do you desire?” Sevras parried.


“That is, I think, a different desire, at the core of it. There are terrible gods out in the world. There are wars we barely understand. Forces we scarcely grasp that we are caught up in. And this is explained, in the temples, that it is not the fault of the gods. The gods cannot be blamed for the failures of godhood.”

“Power corrupts. It is an old truth.”

“But not a whole one. Power corrupts, yes. But the god Nomen and I met – he said that all the ways of attaining power also corrupt. One must desire things other than power. I think freedom can be part of that. And Nomen can help you, if you allow my friend to wake.”

The voice was silent. Silent. Then: “You are confident I will do this. Why?”

“Nomen can free you. And I can hear better than others, just as I see more than others see. It is sometimes useful. But only sometimes.”

“Whereas godhood always is?”

“I don’t know. I might, when we reach Kish.”

“That is a far journey.”

Sevras said nothing, taking care not to smile at all when Nomen woke. Nomen was awake, aware, not thirsty so they’d been given enough water. “We need a door,” she said, flat and commanding.

Nomen turned slowly, seeing with more than eyes, touched a spot of the wall and electric energy surged from inside flesh. There was no sound, only a door opening. Nomen drew back tentacled fingers slowly, flexing them and turning to Sevras. “One door forced. May I ask why?”

“The room was controlled by a healing entity that wanted out. I thought it best we try before it killed us.” She stretched her necks, not protesting as Nomen needed the shoulders below both her heads. “I was keeping it amused. Occupied. Even as fast as I can think, that would only have lasted so long.”

“We have a hallway ahead of us that is silent.”

“We do. We’ll need light from you; I have no idea what is beyond it. Only that Kish is our goal.”

“Yes.” Nomen let go and stepped back; there was something in their voice she couldn’t place, but Sevras didn’t even try. Nomen wasn’t human anymore – it was part of what made the journey bearable for her.

She wondered if she helped Nomen in turn, but wasn’t sure how to ask that without wounding.

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Man, if Iris ever saw what Future Barry looks like after her death, she'd be very upset. She wouldn't want him to suffer like this.

She wouldn’t. It literally hits me that she’s dead, and Barry is truly broken.