she was dead!

y’all yesterday sucked but please don’t compare this to lexa……. that was months of manipulation and queerbaiting and there really has never been anything like what happened in 307….. so yeah be sad and angry and upset (i am too) but leave lexa alone


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Woooooooooooooo someone else with the lesbian miyadera headcannon. Did you read that one fix about it? I can't remember the title but there's one from her opinion and one from Korekiyos

Ooh no I haven’t seen that but I should go find it
but in my attempt to form reasons for why they’re like That I just. Imagine she’s gay af and needed some ghost gfs and made her lil bro do it
“What do I tell them if I get caught bc I’m p sure ‘my dead gay sister wants girlfriends’ is a reasonable alibi”
“Idk bro make something up”
“Ok it’s fuckin uuhhh *spins wheel* a ritual to bring u back to life”
“Sounds ok”
“*throws dart* bc u possessed me and told me to do this”
“Ok that should be good-”
“*pulls paper out of a hat* because of some fuckin uuuhh Idk in//cest or something”
“Kiyo. No. No sweetie. No”
“I think that should cover the tracks tho”
“No honey. No. That’s. That’s too much.”
“Nah it’ll be aight.”
“Korekiyo no I just want girlfriends kiyo”
“I’m borrowing ur lipstick we can make this work”


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other