she was dead!

When the new Dead by Daylight Killer is exactly like the spoilers said and like you predicted but on top of it all you apparently have to do skill checks to get the key, that frees you from the Reverse Bear Trap, out of the Jigsaw Boxes. Btw the Boxes auras are visible to the Killer. As I predicted.

OKAY SO about three people at once asked me how i make my icon borders and cause i’m lazy i decided to make it into a post instead of explaining it individually. if i explain this badly i apologise, its 7am and also i’m not used to putting my photoshop stuff into words but HERE GOES. if you want borders made from the image you’re using, i hope this helps you out!

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The Last Jedi spoilers

Ben (voice over during flashback): “He had sensed my power, as he senses yours. And he feared it.”

Oh my god, I just realized - Ben is afraid that Luke is going to kill Rey. 

Rey is on the island with Luke, and Ben thinks Luke wanted to murder him in his sleep as a boy. Ben is trying to warn Rey to get off the island before Luke kills her. Ben was trying to protect her; he was concerned she was going to get murdered in her sleep.

And think about it - this hand-touching scene ends with Luke bursting violently into Rey’s hut in the middle of the night, and exploding the entire building. And that’s the moment the force bond vision cuts off for Ben, with that image of a furious Luke in Rey’s hut.

Ben probably thought Luke had come to kill her. I can just picture him shaking as the feeling of her hand fades.

i just remembered that taylor was talking to us about the magazines and she said i quote “we didn’t want you guys to have to pay like $100 or something crazy for these and so we figured some things out and we got them all the way down to like $20 or something” and i remember just smiling in awe of her because she thinks about every! single! detail! and tries her best to make everything work for us as best as it can and just please know that she really is trying. she’s trying to make our lives more special each day. she loves you all.


Behind the scenes of Sonequa Martin-Green’s Good Housekeeping photoshoot [x].