she was cute in this :)


He reads all of your comments.

I don’t know if he gets courage from them or if he wants to go hide under his bed though.

One way or another, I know I love them all 💜💜💜 They’re precious.

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The Glaives cooing over baby!Prompto some time once they get over the 'why the hell do you have a kid, Nyx' reaction?

“Oh no,” Crowe says, quiet and full of despair, “no, fuck, Nyx, that’s so cute.”

“I know,” Nyx muses wryly, watching the boy quietly napping in the carpet, face buried into the ugliest motherfucking stuffed griffon in the world.

“I need to punch something, someone, shit,” Crowe whines, as Prompto sucks on a thumb and surrenders to sleep entirely.

“Yeah,” Nyx laughs quietly, pushing himself off the couch to go collect his son, because as cute as he looks sprawled on the floor, he should probably not sleep there for long. “He can be cuter, though, if you can believe it,” he adds, and then makes soft, soothing noises at Prompto, as he settles him to sleep with his head pillowed on his shoulder.

“Shut the fuck up,” Crowe snorts, but she’s quieter, clearly not wanting to disturb the boy, “that’s illegal.”

“I have pictures,” Nyx insists, as he sits back on the couch, and settles Prompto in place, one tiny hand reaching out to grab a braid on reflex, even in sleep. Nyx snorts, and digs out his phone from his pocket. “You could say I needed to… immortalize the moment.”

Crowe gives him a stern look for the pun, but then he manages to pull out the right picture… set of pictures, and she’s too distracted to punch him for the audacity.

Fuck,” Crowe insists, as Nyx passes her the phone and sits back to watch her whine and make tiny, wounded noises over every shot he’s got of Prompto falling asleep on Cor.

!!!!!!!! omg I just realized I’m going to be able to show my mom the ryan cafe and make her drink and eat some cute ass shit !!!!!!!! holy shit 

omg I can’t wait

omg she’s going to hate me. I sent her so many of the pictures from kkt at the cafe during the summer because everything was sO CUTE AND THE VIEW FROM THE WINDOWS IS SO NICE SNJDKNFSD AND NOW SHE’S GOING TO HAVE IT ALL IN HER FACE !!!!



Tomokazu Sugita as Lee Fowler
Masaki Terasoma as Wilhelm Casper
Marina Inoue as Sabine Lefnio
Aya Uchida as Sachi Shinohara
Minori Chihara as Nami
Kenjiro Tsuda as Michel Lemon