she was cute in this :)


(Read the tags for a shitpost :3)


On last Saturday, the 24th, my girl had her Birthday. And I wanted to get her something really unique and precious. So I did a fast - like SUPER FAST - research for hedgehog sweaters, but couldn’t find one. (i liked) 

Then it occured to me: Why not designing one myself??? But I had not much time on hand, thus drawing it myself would take to long and she would notice. Luckily I found the wonderfull Artwork from Faylahh on deviantart. Thank you very much again for drawing such a cute Hyde Hedgehog! <3 (visit her DA account she got some talent!)

Thus this unique sweater with colourful, glittering gemstones was born. (they are ironed on by me) And as wished: my girl didn’t expected to get it! It turned into her most precious sweater instantly.

NOTE: Art is not mine! Its originally from Faylahh :D