she was completely in awed with the japanese fans

I’m actually getting really pissed at how the white tumblr/sjw community is completely ignoring the actual Japanese input on Avril’s video and telling them what to be offended by. On one hand you’re accusing her of using them as props but at the same time you’re ignoring all of the Japanese writers and directors who worked on it, the Japanese fans she wrote it for and Japanese pop culture in general. (Have any of you broads *seen* a J-pop video? This shit was awful but tame.) There’s a post right now outright dismissing the actual Japanese input, completely brushing their say about something that’s supposedly offensive to them aside, devaluing their say as if they’re ignorant children, getting major support. And yet Avril is racist for making a tribute to this particular fandom over there? Nigga please. Stop infantalizing an entire culture so you can feel intelligent and offended because you all look like assholes.