she was blair's sister in law


Well, uh, we…were going to wait until later, but I think maybe this is as good a time as any.” Flynn cuts through the tension that had taken over the room, looking from Ianthe, to Gen, and then finally to his little sister, hoping she would stay just a little bit longer. The only thing keeping her in her seat was effort to stand. He swallowed hard, standing and making his way over to Blair, who had been silent the entire time.

Uh, Flynn, don’t you think…maybe we should wait?” She asked, her cheeks tinting a bright red. Genevive put on a smile that anyone could see as fake from a mile away.

It’s okay, Blair. Tell us.” She asked, looking over towards her wife, who was smiling from ear to ear, as if she didn’t have tears streaming down her cheeks. Flynn placed a hand on his wife’s shoulder as she sat up in her chair, hand coming up to hold onto his.

Go ahead and tell everyone, honey.” The young couple glanced at each other, their unmistakable glee radiating off of them, which seemed to lighten up the room, even despite the disruption of a moment ago.

I can’t wait any longer, what is it?” Ianthe asked, bouncing in her seat. There was a pause, and finally Blair spoke up, however, hesitant. 

I’m…I’m pregnant!” Both parents gasped, the table erupting into talk and chatter, the moment long since forgotten. 

We wanted to tell you tonight. Happy anniversary, moms.” Flynn grabbed hold of Gen, wrapping his large arms around the older woman, as Ianthe stood and grabbed hold of Blair, tears welling up in both of their eyes. Karson had broken out into tears as well, coming over to congratulate her sister-in-law, already comparing sizes of their bumps. More congratulations came from everyone else at the table, apart from one.

Everlie stayed seated, her hands gripping either side of the chair so hard it felt like she was going to burst. The moment the words left their mouths, Everlie’s heart had stopped beating, her breathing still in the overheated room. Images flashed in front of her eyes, memories, nightmares of the past, what if’s and could have been’s beating around in her mind. She frantically looked between her sister and her sister-in-law and only saw one person. She pushed her chair back from the table thunderously, her heels clicking against the wooden floor as she made a hasty retreat out of the restaurant, leaving her past directly behind her.

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Author’s note: This is the longest chapter yet! A lot going on, especially for our two couples. Enjoy!

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Chapter Nineteen

“Any idea what the ladies are up to?” Liam asked as they headed toward the docks. He knew Elsa needed time with her friend, but they looked very conspiratorial as they bid the brothers farewell after breakfast.

Killian kept his face impassive, or he tried to. Emma had confided what Elsa wanted; it was now his task to keep his brother in the dark. This was far more participation in his brother’s personal life than he wished (there were just some things he didn’t need to know) but he couldn’t resist Emma’s pleading green eyes. It was important to her, therefore he would do his best.

Although he had to admit that this went against his instincts. He knew Emma could look after herself, but he would feel better when she was in his arms again. He had to trust her.

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