she was awesome and nice

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Jeremy definitely Jeremy 

we have been best friends for over twelve years and i doubt i could live with out him around…also uh *cough* gay *cough* he’s an all around great dude. 

My Bro!

he is family of course i love him! and don’t see him all to often but he sends me links to places i can buy awesome stuff from!

Christine because Mom! 

she so nice and knows how to like handle all of us… were a mess of a group.

Rich because he’s *unexplainable noise* dunno what that emotion is.

but he is cool!

Brooke! she is the sweetest!

Honestly she is super nice! and i think she claimed me as her gay best friend..

obliviously everyone in the group is awesome but like… picking five people was hard…  


Story aesthetics: Japanese Snow white and Rose Red (Followed)-requested by @wormwoodandhoney

虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず ( If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub.)-Japanese Proverb

Once in that enchanted kingdom,there are two very special girls named Shiro-ko (Nana Komatsu) and Aka-ko (Emi Takei) ,they both loved each other and lived their lives quietly in that strange forest. Aka-ko longs for adventure beyond the peacefulness of the village as she absorbed herself with stories of wandering samurai batting youkais and women transformed into strange creatures. On the other hand,Shiro-ko plays the koto,engulfing herself writing haikus about fleeting nature,for she was timid of the busy world that is beyond their village.

One day Shiro-ko could see in her dreams,a bear-like spirit whispered to them to move off from their comforts of home to find its owner. For she felt frightened by the calling of the bear spirit and thus whispered that little secret to Aka-Ko being intuitive could feel a spirit came from that creature wandering around their village. And thus their adventure begins,to search for the bear spirit that enter in their house,towards strange perils and dangers. However they are not alone as there are two mischievous guardian spirits rooted in their bodies since the day they are born (A Rabbit for Shiro and a Fox for Aka) , to guide these girls along the way. They just need a little nudge to go to the big and wide world.

SINCE SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I HAD TO coughstrycoughs REDRAW IT ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

May Kirishima Touka be always with us, amen.

My ECCC Experience

Warning – This turned into a book. I will put the bulk under a cut.

 Well, what a weekend that was. I see many people have shared their experiences & I wasn’t going to cause I didn’t want to be repetitive (plus I hate writing), but what the hell – here we go.

 It all started on Thursday night when my husband & I checked in at the Sheraton & then headed over to The Whisky Bar to meet up w/ about 25 other fans for whisky tasting & general mayhem. It was such a blast to meet other fans in the flesh & everyone was so lovely.

 Friday was very long & tiring, but also quite exhilarating. It started with waiting 3 ½ hours in line for the panel in VERY tight & warm conditions, but a good number of people had to wait in the cold rain, so I won’t complain. We ended up in the 8th row on the center aisle. We had a perfect view of the stage, but a bit far for any great pics from my camera phone, but I’ll share a couple here anyway.

 Since everyone saw the panel already, I won’t get into that except to say it was absolutely marvelous. Sam & Cait were glorious live & the energy in the room was palpable. Everything they said is pretty much a blur & I still need to rewatch it to make it all real.

 We went straight to the autographs after the panel, but they were already capped off, so we hung out for a bit & then headed to our dual photo-op w/ Sam & Cait. The organization was a complete shit-show and they had no idea what they were doing. We were moved all over the place & then smooshed all together against the wall to wait again while they figure it out. After about an hour, they got it together & we were on our way to stand in line.

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Unexpected (Ethan x Reader)

Requested : Yes, by the wonderful @kissdolan, thank you so much for requesting this

Summary : Ethan is chasing after a beautiful model until he notices her average, photographer friend. 

Word Count : 2665

Warnings : Fluff, very cute Ethan

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Allura is not a Bad Guy ™

Somehow, I feel quite bristly towards vld fics that demonize Allura as an insensitive, demanding dictator in the castle. This happens in at least 50% of the langst fics I read. Look, Allura is not my favourite character, so I’m not defending her because I like her, but yo. We’re talking about Allura, the woman who befriends mice. Allura, who finds out about Pidge’s gender but doesn’t prod her to reveal her secret. Allura, who was willing to admit she was wrong for being prejudiced against Galran Keith. There are Canon instances in which she is more princess than lady, but I think she does what she has to do without being a complete ass. Therefore, I think any fic that makes her yell at sick Lance for something minor is unjustified and not true to her character. Demonize someone else. Gimme the fics where Allura is the most sensitive of the bunch, notices the problems faced by the paladins and singles them out to have Feel Good talks with them. Gimme the princess being a princess.


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Can We Keep Her?

When John Constantine has to take care of Annabella she accidentally gets teleported to another dimension. Now she wants to bring back someone who she thinks will make her dad happy. (this was inspired by this post)

Word Count: 786

Tagging: @speedypan @coffee-randomness @cupidjayne @insideoflit @uncpanda

A/N This is going to be a series

“Alright squirt here you go. This seems harmless enough for you.” John handed Annabella a rather large book.

“What does it do?” She asked.

“You open it and ask for any story you want and it will show it to you.”

“Ohhh.” Annabella opened the book and paused for a moment. What should she ask for? Fairytales? Adventure? Then she figured it out she didn’t have anyone to tell her stories about her dad. “I wanna see stories of my daddy.”

The pages of the book began to shift and slowly started to show her different stories. Some talked about the past. Some talked about what could have been. But there were some where some that seemed extra special, they talked about her dad in a way she never realized, they gave him happy stories with a happy life. She was a bit confused at to who the boys being mentioned were but she was glad to know that whoever they were made her dad happy. At the end of every story it was marked by panda. A panda wrote stories about her dad?

“I wish I could meet this panda.” Annabella whispered.

“Wait no!” Before Annabella could register what was happening a cloud of smoke shot up from the book and suddenly she was in a different room.

The book in her hands had disappeared and she looked around curiously. She jumped when she heard someone eep and turned around to face a young woman.


“Um hi? Wait how did you get in here? Who are you?” The young woman questioned as she stared at the little girl sitting on her bed wearing a mask.

“Well I can’t tell you my name my daddy won’t let me. And I’m not really sure how I got here. I asked to meet a panda and then there was a poof of smoke and here I am!”

“Okay sweetie listen I know you are pretty young but I’m going to need you to tell me a bit more and I really need to know your name.”

Annabella huffed but nodded in understanding and began to explain her story a bit better. When she finished explaining the girl blinked at her several times.

“Okay my family is playing a prank on me right?”

“Um no? It’s the truth I swear.”

“You’re telling me that you’re the daughter of Bruce Wayne and that you ended up here because of magic?”


“Sweetie that’s not possible. Bruce Wayne is a comic book character. He doesn’t exist.”

“Yes he does he’s my dad.”

“Okay I’m going to call my family and get you to your real home.”

“But I’m telling the truth.” Annabella huffed, but she realized the girl wasn’t going to believe her. She just hoped her dad would find her soon. In the meantime. “Do you have any peanut butter?”

“Um I think so.”

“May I have some?”

“Sure.” The woman picked the girl up and took her to the kitchen as she tried to get a hold of her family.

“Oh kitties!” The girl squealed as she went to pet the cats laying on the floor.

“Here you go little one.” Said the woman as she set a small bowl of peanut butter with apple slices on the table.

“Thank you. So what’s your name?” Annabella asked as she sat on a chair and began to eat.


“Sara… that’s a nice name.”

“Thank you.”

“I like your stories Sara you make my daddy happy.” Sara smiled at the girl and decided to play along with her game.

“Well I’m glad you like them though I don’t think you’re old enough to be reading them.”

“Well the book would turn them into pictures and it would mainly show me the happy ones. But why did the book say it was written by a panda?”

“My friends call me panda.”

“Oh like Uncle Flash calls me baby bat.”

“Yeah sure.” Suddenly a thump was heard from upstairs and two sets of footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

“Annabella!?” Said Bruce as he appeared in the kitchen doorway in his Batman suit.

“Daddy!” The girl squealed as she got off the chair and ran to hug her father.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine the nice lady took care of me.” Annabella pointed to Sara who was starting wide eyed at both of them.

“There you see mate the little squirt is perfectly safe.” Said John.

“Daddy can we keep her? She’s really nice. I think she can make an awesome mommy.” They heard a thud and the three of them turned to see Sara passed out on the ground. “Whoops.”

Let's be real

People need to start appreciating Nam Ji Hyun when the woman is a legit goddess and too good for all us. She was slaying in Shopping King Louie with Seo In Guk and with Park Hyungsik in What Happens to My Family, and I feel like people keep boosting her male costsrs when she’s pretty awesome herself. She’s so nice and beautiful and definitely underrated. I love Ji Changwook and believe he’s an amazing actor but that doesn’t mean we all can just ignore Ji Hyuns skills as an actress.

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Just wanted to let your followers know that your are the most amazing person on this planet, what am I saying in the entire universe! ❤ y'all missing something out, just saying.

sdfjkhafjklhlkgfklj… omg Mar, stop it, I’m not :) But thank you, you are amazing yourself ❤ This one here guys? Such a gem, i love you Mar ❤