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Season’s Eatings {A Nessian Thanksgiving Oneshot}

Well, friends, sorry that this is so late! I got stuck at family shindigs later than I expected to and the wine was free flowing. So this was written half drunk. (I’m not even sorry.)

Shoutout to @nerdperson524 for guessing correctly! It is Nessian centered. But come on, are y’all even shocked at this point? You all know I’m Nessian trash.

With out further ado, please enjoy!

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Peeking into the oven for the 10th time in 5 minutes, Nesta groaned and slammed the door. She threw the oven mitts onto the counter and rested her forehead against the fridge. This was not supposed to be this hard.

When Nesta and Cassian moved into their house just before Halloween, she informed everyone that she would be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year. As the day grew closer, and Feyre, Elain and the rest of the group offered to bring different dishes and desserts, Nesta was adamant that she could handle it and the only thing they needed to bring were themselves and their appetites. The tree was up, the decorations were hung, and the outside of the house was twinkling with Christmas lights everywhere you looked.

But ever since she started cooking at 7:00 this morning, one thing after another had gone wrong. She accidentally used baking soda in place of powder in in the cornbread and it looked like a frisbee. The cranberry sauce looked more like a pan full of blood. And now the pecan pie she’d put in the oven over an hour and a half ago was still a bubbling vat of goop, not the delicious, golden-brown delicacy she’d seen her mother bake when she was a child.

She glanced at the clock and gasped, running out to the garage. She opened the fridge where the turkey had been brining since last night and pulled it out, balancing it in her arms and bumping the door closed with her hip. As she made it back up the couple of steps to the back door, she saw the door had clicked shut, where she thought she had left it cracked. Carefully resting the pan and bird on the door, she let go to reach for the doorknob.

The next few seconds happened in slow motion and Nesta was powerless to stop any of it.

When she reached for the knob, her arm tipped the pan, pouring the brining liquid down the front of her t-shirt and jeans. She gasped and jumped back, jostling the bird and then the unthinkable happened: the turkey hit the garage floor, where it bounced and clattered across the floor. It was still frozen solid.

She fell to her knees and screamed, all of her frustration and stress coming out as she gripped her hair.

The door flew open and Cassian appeared in the doorway, still wearing his Velaris Police Department uniform. His hand was instinctively reaching for his gun as he said, “Whats happening? Nesta, baby, what’s wrong?” His eyes were shooting around the dusty garage, looking for an assailant or something that caused his fiancée to be on her knees, with tears streaming down her face. When his eyes landed on the uncooked turkey next to his police cruiser, he tried not to laugh. He really did.

As his booming laughter filled the small room, he kneeled down and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“It’s not funny,” she groaned into his shoulder.

“It kind of is,” he said, leaning back to wipe the tears from her face. He grabbed the empty pan, stood, walked over and leaned down to pick the bird up.

“Uh, Nes,” he said. “You know this thing is-?”

“Yes, I know it’s still frozen, Cassian!” She screamed, burying her face in her hands. “Everyone will be here in two hours.” She paused and the words were so quiet, he barely caught them. “I ruined everyone’s Thanksgiving.”

Leaving the turkey where it was, he stood Nesta up and wrapped her in his arms. “You did not ruin Thanksgiving. I’ll take care of it. You just go upstairs, put on that beautiful green dress that I know you’ve been saving for today, and leave your hair down.” He pressed a kiss to the tip of her nose after she looked up at him. “You know I love it when you leave your hair down.”

With that, he ran out of the garage and left without another word. She heard the front door open and close and she just stood there, staring after him.

Taking his advice, she went upstairs, hopping in the shower, and got ready. He was right, she had been saving the green dress for this occasion and she decided to wear her hair down, letting it curl around the open neckline. She spent extra time perfecting her make up and by the time she opened their bedroom door, voices were floating up the stairs and she knew their guests had arrived. She fought back the urge to slam the door shut and stay in her room for the rest of the night, but instead, she took to the stairs, head held high. She would own up to her mistake. This was all on her.

She would serve her salty green beans, lumpy mashed potatoes, and burnt sweet potato casserole. She’d give them goopy, undercooked pecan pie and flat cornbread. And next year, she would do better. Next year, she would plan better. Next year, she might even swallow her pride and accept help.

But as she descended the stairs, she was met by the most amazing array of smells; savory, sweet and delicious.

She saw Lucien was sitting on the couch with a red-haired woman, his arm slung over her shoulder. They each had a beer in hand and Lucien nodded at her in greeting. She heard Elain and Feyre’s voices bustling around in the kitchen, her kitchen, as if they owned the place. Steeling herself, she walked into the kitchen and ready to see her sisters.

“Nesta, by the cauldron, everything looks amazing!”

She was caught off guard as Feyre through her arms around her neck. An arm wrapped around her waist and her hand rested on her back. Feyre’s growing belly was pressing against her own stomach. “It- it does?” She asked, steadying herself.

“Of course!” Elain beamed, taking a sip from her glass of wine. “I never expected you to make such a spread.”

Nesta felt a groomed eyebrow quirk and glanced over Elain’s shoulder to the dining room.

There was a feast fit for a king spread out on her dining room table.

She tried to hide her shock, but her sisters knew her too well. “What is it?” Feyre asked as she leaned back and got a good look at Nesta’s wide eyes.

“I don’t- How did- I didn’t-.”

Two strong arms wrapped around her waist. “I set the table for her while she was getting ready. She hasn’t seen it with the full effect yet.”

Feyre’s eyes filled with tears as she looked from Cassian to Nesta. “That is so sweet,” she whispered, sniffling.

Rhysand stepped around Cassian and groaned. “These damn pregnancy hormones. Did you know that last night, she cried during a Black Friday commercial?” He pressed a kiss to his wife’s forehead and laid a tender hand on her growing belly.

Azriel wrapped an arm around Elain’s waist and said “It’s getting awfully chummy in here and I’m starving. Why don’t we sit down and start eating?”

Cass flung a hand out towards the dining room and said, “I like how you think, brother. Lead the way.”

As everyone headed into the dining room, Nesta said, “We’ll be right there,” and gripped Cassian by the wrist.

After the room had emptied, she turned to him and laid her hands on his shoulders. “How?” was all she asked.

“Rita’s brother owns a meat and three. She owed me a favor after I personally ran security for her Halloween party last month. She convinced him to help us out.”

Nesta was speechless, so instead of saying anything, she kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him tightly. Breaking away, she whispered, “Thank you.”

“Next year,” he whispered, “maybe take the bird out of the freezer a few days before, yeah?”

She smacked his chest and blushed.

But she wouldn’t worry about next year. She was going to focus on this year, on the friends and family that were piled into her home. On the love and happiness she could practically see radiating out of the dining room. Who cares if she hadn’t cooked the entire meal herself.

There was always next year.


TITLE: disturbance


AUTHOR: hiddlemediddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you had a bad day at your job, from rude customers to men giving you looks that made you feel uncomfortable in their presence. When you get to the apartment you share with Loki, you break into sobs. Hearing you from another room, Loki approaches you and asks you what is wrong, but you don’t say anything, not wanting to trouble him..


NOTES/WARNINGS: Rated as mature as the wonderful man does end up unclothing you.. but not for that reason! I’d say it is a strong -M rating ;) Other than that, enjoy the Loki fluff!  x

“I’m sure I could - ”

“No, thank you, Miss. I will be just fine with the order that I initially placed.” The woman that had arrived at the Law firm you worked for was complaining rather briskly concerning the order she had made to an adjacent company. You had endeavoured to appease her anger, yet she insisted upon shouting the odds and making your life trickier by the second.

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Rick saving the reader when she is in trouble and surrounded by other ricks who want to cause trouble ??

You were surrounded, having somehow found yourself in the wrong place in the wrong part of the Citadel. After getting accidentally separated from your Rick, you’d wandered, hoping that among the sea of lab coats and blue-gray hair you might get lucky and stumble upon each other. But your luck ran out when you encountered a group of Ricks on a side street you’d sworn looked familiar. 

One of them had singled you out immediately, coming up on you fast and forcing you to retreat until your back hit a nearby wall. He took a strand of your hair in-between two fingers and twirled it. 

“Heeey, you’re - you’re pretty. What’s a - a sweet thing like you doing around here?”

You’d tried slipping away from him, but then another Rick was to your left with a third flanking your right, blocking any escape. There was a hand on your hip, another on your shoulder, you felt your thighs being kicked apart and then a knee was pressing into your crotch. Cringing, you’d brought your hands up against the chest of the Rick in front of you, preparing to shove him so you could attempt to flee.

“HEY! H-hey you goddamn vultures, back up off my girl before there’s a - a fucking problem.

All three of them stopped and turned towards the voice. This momentary distraction proved enough for you to squeeze past, and you threw yourself into the arms of your Rick, clinging to him. He had his laser gun pointed in their direction, the look on his face brooking no argument. 

“C’cmon, baby. L-let’s get the fuck out of here.”

You couldn’t agree more.

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In regards to the Anastasia dress, do you have any theories as to why (from a design perspective) they put her in all bright pink? I didn't see anything wrong with what she wore in the show and I thought the pink was a little jarring but I don't have a design background so that was just my impression of it!

My best guess would be that they wanted a memorable design for the two Anya’s to wear this time around. The parade performances are designed to be eye-catching on television and to the crowd surrounding them (and, if I recall correctly, the jumbotrons set up along the parade route). Unless there is inclement weather, the performances also all take place outside–which means a much different type of lighting. The costumes that Ms Cho originally designed work best in the lighting you get in a theatre: fundamentally a dark environment, but with stage lighting. There’s no ambient sunlight to contend with, as there was here.

Making the two Anya’s (Nicole, the young one, and Christy, as adult Anya) stand out can be a challenge with richly designed costumes, so I think Ms Cho wanted to use a bright color to ensure they stood out on television. With ambient sunlight, you need a little brightness to avoid the color getting washed out or looking too pale/muted!

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I'll play! Which one of your fics is you favorite that you've written? And which (if any) is most inspired by your real life (or took elements from your life, etc)

Thanks for playing Nonnie!

I swear every time I get asked this question I give a different answer but I think it really does depend on my mood. SO at the moment I would have to say Wrong Place Right Time I also think it’s the ‘hottest’ thing I have written.

It was written after the season finale and the only way I could get to like the idea of a serpent!Juggie was if he was doing an undercover mission of sorts. I also love an in control, taking what she wants Betty and that is what we have here.

In terms of which fic is inspired most by my real life it would be my social workers AU, especially the first installment ‘Meeting Time’.

Although just for the record I have never had a hot hookup at a work Christmas party. But the elements of the meeting, someone turning up late, another keeping a record of dumb things another team member has said and the snarky, sarcastic team mate have all been adapted from real teams that I have worked in.

taylor swift invites me to her Reputation Secret Session listening party. i know that this means taylor’s read my blog, and she must know i’m not super happy with this album cycle. so i’m on my best behaviour, trying hard to be nice and not kill the joy of the fourteen-year-olds around me. we all sit down on her living room floor and chat for a while. it’s nice. taylor swift is nice. i’m starting to feel more relaxed, but i’m definitely still trying to keep the peace though. i tell her that fearless was a formative album for me and she thanks me and says it was so sweet of me to say that. taylor swift announces that she made snickerdoodles and she has to go pop them out of the oven. the fourteen-year-olds cheer, and as taylor walks away, they begin to talk amongst themselves. i happen to look up. the kitchen door is slightly ajar and taylor swift is staring at me through the thin crack, her eyes twin coals of searing, black hatred. i gasp a little. the fourteen-year-olds ask me what’s wrong. i say that nothing is wrong. taylor swift comes toward us with a tray of piping hot snickerdoodles and invites us all to take one. i decline and tell her i just ate. she insists that i take one. i tell her that i’m sorry but i’m really full and they smell delicious. she forcibly places a snickerdoodle in my hand. she tells me to eat it. there is no way i am going to eat this snickerdoodle because i am genuinely afraid that taylor swift will kill me. i am seriously afraid that taylor swift has put poison in this snickerdoodle and is trying to kill me. one of the fourteen-year-olds asks if the cookies are gluten-free. taylor swift’s mother andrea swift calls out from the kitchen to say that the cookies do, in fact, contain gluten. i loudly announce that i have celiac disease and then i toss the cookie into a nearby artisanal woven wastebasket while loudly announcing that nobody wants a cookie that has my germs all over it. taylor smiles at me. she says nothing. the fourteen-year-olds demand to finally hear Reputation and she presses play and the living room’s surround sound system begins to play the album. i am sweating. the fourteen-year-olds are having fun. we get to the part where she says “island breeze” in a caribbean accent. i visibly wince. taylor swift affects a friendly voice and asks me if i like the song. i tell her that i do. i announce that i have to go to the washroom. my thought is that i can walk down the main hallway and escape through the front door. taylor stands up and says she’ll walk me to the washroom. i say that it’s fine actually and i can hold my pee. taylor swift says that’s silly. she tugs at my arm until i stand up and then she very lightly holds my arm and guides me down the hallway, out of the view of the fourteen-year-olds. i am very scared. we reach the bathroom. taylor swift releases her hold on my arm. she looks very intently at my t-shirt. it’s an animal collective 2017 tour t-shirt. i got it when i went to an animal collective concert back in may. “i see you like animal collective,” she says. “please don’t kill me, taylor swift,” i reply. “there was VX nerve agent in that snickerdoodle,” taylor swift says. “oh my god,” i say, and i say, “taylor, please, i know i said the singles were bad, but that was only because i believe so much in your potential.” taylor swift levels her eyes at me. kubrick stare. “you’re seriously going to stand there,” she says, “wearing a t-shirt plastered with the cover art for painting with, and you’re going to tell me that my album is bad.” i am crying now. “floridada is a really fun song,” i whisper, through phlegm and tears. taylor swift’s eyes roll back into her head and an ancient voice echoes forth from her throat, intoning in latin: “Vos ipsi deceperunt me, quia novissima hora est.” somehow i die just from that.

What Taylor did for Jimmy Fallon warms my heart. Simple, but very meaningful gesture. And to the people saying “she talks about herself too much”, you’re never been so wrong. One thing special about her songwriting, is that even if she’s talking about her experiences, it feels like she got into your mind and wrote a song about your life, and suddenly her stories becomes your stories. That’s why it’s beautiful to see Taylor singing the “squeeze my hand 3 times” line right after Jimmy told that story about his mom, because despite what you think, she writes lyrics anyone can relate to, in one way or another.


this is gospel // panic! at the disco

most of us know how important representation is, but i feel like we don’t always realize how vital it is for white cishet people to see representation as well. like my white cishet 65 year old mom’s favorite show is brooklyn nine nine, and when she first began watching it she was so perplexed by ray holt. she had never really seen black gay characters in television before, and the very few times she has they were stereotypes, so she was just so interested by him bc “gay people can be like this?”

like obviously it would be great if she already knew lgbt+ people aren’t the tired stereotypes that society tries to portray us as, and it would be great if she was more educated that Yes black gay men exist and are common. but she didn’t know that, because she’s never really seen it. but just watching brooklyn nine nine has educated her so much!! she’s seeing a black gay man run a police squad, she’s seeing a large black man be one of the most gentle people ever, she’s seeing women of color empowering each other and totally kicking ass, she’s seeing a jewish man repeatedly talking about issues such as transphobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, racism, and she’s also seeing all these characters understand when it ISNT their place to talk about certain issues

so my mom sees stuff like this and thinks “oh i was so wrong about these groups” and then she recommends these types of shows to her other ignorant friends, and she also corrects people when they say bigoted things that enforce the toxic stereotypes she is now educated on. all from some proper representation on a half-hour tv show!! like representation doesn’t just help minorities, it helps the privileged people who have ingrained bigotry in them to see what minorities are really like and what they can be and it’s so important!! and then these privilaged people can move forward and use their privilege to try and help minorities. representation of minorities helps the privileged too, and helps society to evolve!! so can bigots stop saying that it only benefits minorities. even if it did only help minorities that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but that isn’t the case so?? stop??

how could i forget madara

inspired by ch. 13 of Under the Rabbit’s Moon by @vesperlionheart

sound the drums of war

okay so i’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a retold fairytale about pocahontas, which is a really reasonable thing to request since i’ve done so many retold tales about disney movies, but here’s the thing

pocahontas the movie is easily one the most messed up things that modern media has ever produced, and i’ll belt out color of the wind like nobody’s business, but that doesn’t change the fact that disney took a history about lying, abduction, rape, and torture and … turned it into a love story. which. what. who thought that was a good idea???

so. look. this is the only retold fairytale i have in me for pocahontas. i know it’s not what anyone who requested this actually wanted, so. sorry.

we’ll keep disney’s aged up premise and characters, because the truth is just too sad to touch at all. we’ll keep pocahontas as her name, because it wasn’t her real name (her real name was matoaka).

okay here we go

we have pocahontas, the young daughter of chief powhatan. she is spirited and flighty, having no fear of jumping off waterfalls or any other manner of dangerous things. what does she fear? growing up, responsibility, having to be a grown woman in her tribe and all that that entails, of being forced into a marriage she doesn’t want.

she grew up with kokoum, she knows him, he is a good man and a strong man, he will provide for her everything she could need or want – but she doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason to marry him. he’s a good leader, he’ll probably be elected to replace her father when the time comes, and she will move on from being the daughter of the chief to the wife of the chief.

something in her rankles at being the daughter of, the wife of, to being just ‘of’ anything.

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“It’s My Job” protective!harry

Authors Note: Guess who’s back after a long ass hiatus. I had some free time and magically got a request so I'm convinced that yall can feel my lack of busyness. Anyways here it is I hope you enjoy, this is dedicated to my baby Carolina aka @antisocialandcute stay strong babes and I love you.Credits to whoever created the gif, I legit got it off google search lol/ Enjoy and find more of my writing here 

Warnings: Mild violence

Request:  Could you write something about a similar situation happening in between harry and the misses like the one that happened with louis and el at the airport? Maybe a bad fan experience and and protective!harry?

To say that you were two were tired would be a complete understatement. The travel back from Holmes Chapel back to New York wore you out every time you and Harry chose to visit Anne and his family. You spent most of your flight snuggling into each other and catching blissful Zzzs as your private plane took you home. But alas your privacy wouldn’t last long, after your seven and half hour flight you still had to make it through the terminal and drive home. This wouldn’t be that big of a challenge, except your boyfriend just so happens to be Harry Styles and traveling with him means being met with annoying paps and angsty fans at almost every corner. You held onto Harry’s as you entered the terminal, he kept you behind but as close as he could knowing how bad it can get when the paps are involved. It was not long before you two finally encountered a pap, Harry tried his best to use his charm giving the pap a wave and a half-hearted cheeky smile but it wasn’t enough. This pap was determined to bother you, his camera constantly flashing in your direction shouting your name and snapping at you to get your attention as if you wee some type of dog.

“(Y/N)!(Y/N)!(Y/N! Look over here doll face!  I won’t bite hard cutie!”

You heard Harry let out a small growl, the tone territorial and annoyed. He pulled you in front of him swiftly, his forearm securely wrapped around your torso.

“Listen to me kitten, I need you to go ahead of me”, he whispered in your ear.

“Wha-Why? “

“I’m going to get rid of this asshole and once I do I will be right back beside you”, he glared at the pap as he continued his slur of perverted comments.

“Are you sure”.

“ ‘solutely, I’m right behind you love.just speed walk as fast as you can and I’ll be there soon”, he assured you. You nodded your head agreeing to the plan, Harry placed a kiss on your forehead before letting you go from his grasp.

You immediately began to pick up your speed, trying your hardest to not look back at Harry and the pap. So caught up in your own movement you didn’t realize that the pap was the least of your problems. The fans caught word that you and Harry were now exiting the terminal, while some were lined up outside two had found their way to the gate you had exited from.

“(Y/N)! Can we get a picture please”

Despite the pap situation, you didn’t see the harm in taking 2 minutes to take a picture with the two fans.

“Why of course”, you smiled walking toward the girls. As one girl held up her camera and posed with you other went behind the two of you.

It all happened too fast. The camera went off. You let out a small laugh. Next thing you knew you were on the floor. The girl behind you had pulled your hair and the one by your side had smashed your face with her phone.

Your initial shock prevented you from reacting, but you heard Harry’s voice yelling your name which instantly snapped you out of your shock. You brought yourself to your feet, the girls’ steel crowding around wiggling as you gained your balance.  

You felt the anger rush over you but just before you could swing your arm to clock one of the girls in the jaw, Harry had already come running toward you picking you up and pulling you away from the girls.

“What’s wrong(Y/N), can’t defend yourself”

“She always makes Harry do all the work, lazy bitch”

You pushed against Harry trying to break from his grasp. “Harry let me go! Let me go! They can’t just get away with that”. Harry placed you down and cupped your cheeks, still holding you back from attacking the girls.

“(Y/N) look at me. Hey hey look at me !”, you tried your best keep from making eye contact with him. You never got angry or cared about what people have to say for the most part, but this was different. They touched you and that couldn’t be taken lightly.

“(Y/N) please. I will never let anyone hurt you again, that starts by getting you out of here. ‘S not worth it”.

You knew he was right and you hated him and loved him for it.You let out a huff,”Okay let’s go “.

He placed a kiss on your forehead and whispered a thank you before wrapping his arm around you and guiding you out of the terminal

Once you two arrived home, Harry treated you to a bubble bath and your favorite takeout. He apologized over and over again for not being there when you needed him most, each time you shut him down not wanting him to feel guilty for something he could not control. As Harry washes the dishes, you walked into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his torso.

”Thank you”, you mumbled as you kissed bicep.

”For what”, he turned  around placing a kiss on your lips and stroking your

“Protecting me today”, you smiled as you looked up into his eyes.

Harry let out a slight snicker, making you smile slightly fall

“What’s so funny?”, you pouted crossing your arms”

“You thanking me for doing my job”. His hands pulled your arms apart pulling you close to him.

“Well I like being polite”

“And I like protecting my baby”, Harry smile beamed down at you before leaning down and kissing your lips.


Summary: You’re on pain meds, and won’t stop running your mouth.

Word Count: 876

Warnings: swearing, talk of drugs, implied smut, mentions of leg fracture

A/N: Just a small drabble-ish piece that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while :) It’s been hard for me to write part 3 of Fading because I haven’t been in the mood to write angst lately :/

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Sam gestures to you with a nod of his head, referring to your current state. You rest your chin on your hand, propping your elbow up on the table as you stare directly at a water bottle, facing the living room.

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halloween [s.h.]

Originally posted by ilovenarcisse

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Request:  Could you maybe do a stranger things Steve imagine when you go with Billy to the Halloween party (even though you hate him) to get Steve jealous?

Warning: Billy Hargrove being a dick. 

(this is the longest thing I’ve ever written tbh)

“Come and get sheet-faced,” you snorted, reading the words off the paper that Jonathan had just handed to you. “As tempting as that sounds, no thanks. I’ll be at home, binging on candy bars and watching whatever crappy horror movies come on the TV.”

Nancy whined slightly, grasping your arm. “(Y/N) please. Just join us for that one night.”

You shook your head, gently shaking Nancy off. “Nope. You kids have fun. I’ll stay at home, it’ll be fun.”

“I heard Steve is thinking about asking you to go,” Nancy sing-songed into your ear, causing your face to heat up. 

Jonathan smirked, slinging his arm over your shoulder as you started to walk. “It’s true.”

You hesitated slightly, slowing down. “I’ll think about it okay?”

Jonathan fist-pumped the air as Nancy let out a slight cheer. You rolled your eyes, smiling fondly at your friends’ antics as you turned the corner, only to stop in your tracks.

There, standing in front of you, was Steve Harrington. He was holding a bouquet of…were those candy bars? and smiling as Stacy threw her arms around him. You looked up at Jonathan and smiled tightly. “So much for him asking me to the dance huh?”

Nancy’s mouth was open in shock as you slipped out from Jonathan’s arm and walked off, watching the scene in front of her play out and wincing at Stacy’s loud voice.

The crowd gathered around Steve and Stacy dispersed quickly, and Jonathan & Nancy made their way towards them. 

“I can’t wait to go with you Steve!” Stacy exclaimed. “Pick me up at 7 okay?”

Pressing a kiss to his cheek, Stacy bounced away, looking down at the candy bouquet in slight dismay.

“What the hell was that?” Jonathan asked as Steve turned to them.

“I though you were asking (Y/N) to the party,” Nancy spoke quietly.

Steve looked after your retreating form, bewildered. “I am! Or I guess I was. I was waiting in front of her locker but I guess Stacy thought I was waiting for her. You gotta help me guys.”

Jonathan grimaced slightly. “I think you messed up. Badly. (Y/N) didn’t look very happy when she walked away.”

“You don’t think I could tell?” Steve exclaimed. “Stacy just happened to appear at the wrong place at the wrong time and now, I probably messed up any chance I had with (Y/N)!”

Nancy and Jonathan frowned as Steve marched away. 

“We have to help him Jon.”

“Yeah, we do.”

You sighed softly as you opened your locker, exchanging your books for the ones that you needed. You closed your locker and twirled, ready to go to class, when you bumped into something hard. 

Your books went flying everywhere and you gasped as you dropped to your knees, muttering apologies as you scrambled to gather your things. You heard a slight chuckle as you stood up and you couldn’t help but flush.

Your blush only deepened when you realized who you had bumped into.

Billy Hargrove. The new kid.

You gulped slightly, glancing up at his wide smile. You smiled tightly at him as you apologized once more and walked away from him, heading to class. 

“Hey wait up!”

Your cursed softly as Billy caught up with you, smoothly taking your books from you as he walked alongside you. “Let me help you with those.”

“Thanks Billy,” you spoke quietly.

“Listen, now that I know that you’re not Harrington’s little galpal, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Tina’s party with me?”

“What?” you asked in disbelief. Billy Hargrove had never shown any interest in you.

“I’m asking you out (L/N). Now that I know that King Steve is not your man, I want to take you out,” Billy spoke smoothly, leaning against the wall as you approached your next class.

You glanced inside the room, locking eyes with Steve. He glanced at you and tilted his head towards Billy, silently asking what was going on.

“You aren’t together, are you?” Billy’s voice broke through your silent conversation. “I thought I saw him asking Stacy to the party.”

You took a deep breath and turned back to Billy. “No, we aren’t together. And yes, I’d love to go with you.”

“Great. I’ll pick you up at eight,” Billy leaned down. “Wear something…nice.”

With a wink and a smirk, Billy handed you your books and walked off. 

You stood there in silence. Yeah, Billy Hargrove was a prick and always antagonized Steve, but it wasn’t like Steve was going to ask you out. Besides, you couldn’t deny that Billy had a great ass.

You bit your lip slightly as you watched him walk away before slinking into class and taking your seat near the front, ignoring Steve’s questioning gaze.

“Hey (Y/N),” you heard Jonathan’s voice behind you.

You turned away from your locker and faced the couple.

“So,” Nancy began. “I know that today didn’t play out the way any of us wanted it to, but I was hoping that you’d-”

“Don’t worry Nance,” you cut her off. “I’m still going to Tina’s party.“

“Really?” Jonathan and Nancy chorused.

You couldn’t help but smirk as Billy walked by, shooting you a wink. “Yeah, someone asked me out and I said yes.”

Jonathan and Nancy followed your gaze, eyes widening when they saw Billy.

“You’re going with Billy?’ Nancy hissed. You nodded.

“Why?” Jonathan questioned.

“Listen guys, he asked and I said yes,” you replied. “Shouldn’t you guys just be happy I’m going?”

“Steve is not going to like this,” Jonathan muttered as you walked off. Nancy nodded in agreement. 

Together the couple walked out to the parking lot, where Steve was waiting or them, leaning against his car.

“Well?” he asked impatiently as they approached him. “Is she going to Tina’s?”

Nancy and Jonathan exchanged uneasy glances. 

“Yeah,” Nancy spoke softly. “She’s going to the party.“

“Great,” Steve spoke, smiling widely as he thought of the various ways to blow off Stacy and spend time with you.

“She’s going with Billy,” Jonathan added quietly.

The couple stared in silence as Steve’s smile faltered and he averted his gaze.

“Oh,” he whispered, looking down at the ground. “Well I should get going. See you guys tonight.”

As he hopped into his car and drove off, Nancy and Jonathan exchanged worried glances, concerned about the way that the evening would play out.

You shivered slightly as you slid into Billy’s car, nodding gratefully as he cranked up the heat.

You noticed Billy staring at you out of the corner of your eye and bit your lip slightly. 

Billy looked you up and down appreciatively, nodding slightly as he smirked. “Nice costume.”

You looked at him the same way, noticing the way that his shirt was almost completely unbuttoned. “Nice shirt.”

Billy laughed loudly as his car roared to life. “Trust me princess, you haven’t seen the best part yet.”

You were still blushing by the time that you arrived at Tina’s. Billy exited the car before walking over to your side and opening the door for you. He leaned down as you stepped outside. “You do look really nice in that outfit by the way.”

You simply smiled and winked before walking up the pathway. Billy quickly caught up and fell into step next to you, placing his hand on your back.

As you walked into the outdoor patio, you could feel the shocked gazes and hear the quiet whispers of everyone observing you.

I thought she and Steve were dating.”

“I heard that she and Billy are!”

“I guess her and Steve aren’t best friends anymore.”

You swallowed uneasily as you reached the front door, squealing slightly as Tommy popped out of nowhere. “Billy my man! C’mon there’s a keg waiting out here with your name on it.”

You had buried your face in Billy’s chest when Tommy had pooped out, and Billy’s arm was resting comfortably around your waist. When you finally looked up, you noticed Tommy’s face twist into a sneer. 

“Oh, (Y/N), I didn’t see you,” Tommy drawled before turning to Billy. “I can’t believe you came with Steve’s bitch. You have balls dude.”

As Tommy cackled, you felt the anger rise up in you. Stepping away from Billy, you spoke calmly. 

“Tommy? That’s you. I’m sorry I got so terrified by that monster mask you’re wearing,” you took a step closer to him, gingerly poking his cheek. “Oh shit! My bad, that’s just your face. How tragic.”

Tommy took a threatening step forwards before Billy interrupted. “Ok dude. Let’s go check out that keg.”

As Tommy glared and walked away, Billy pulled you in. “Try not to get into any trouble while I’m gone, okay princess?”

“No promises,” you chuckled humorlessly, walking towards the door.

“Here let me g-get that for you,” a voice stuttered behind you, reaching forwards and opening the door.

“Thanks,” you smiled, looking up only to lock eyes with Steve.

You stood in silence for a few seconds before Steve cleared his throat. 

“Uh, I really like your costume. Lana right?” Steve smiled cheekily. 

You nodded in response as you looked him over, blushing when you realized who he had dressed up as. “I see you came as Joel.”

Steve chuckled softly before leaning down. “You look amazing (Y/N).”

You kept your gaze down as you stepped inside, quickly making your way towards the kitchen. Steve followed quietly, wanting to make sure that nothing happened to you.

You took a cup from the counter, dipping it into the large punch bowl and bringing it up to your lips. You were stopped by Steve, who had grasped the cup himself and poured the contents back into the bowl.

“Steve, what the hell?” you asked, slightly peeved off because of what he had done.

“Careful (Y/N),” Steve murmured, dangerously close to you. “Are you sure you should be drinking that? It’s pure fuel.”

You looked up at him and smirked, a blush making its was across Steve’s face as you glanced at his lips. 

“I’m a big girl Steve,” you whispered. “I’m sure I can handle it.”

Steve’s eyes lit up and he opened his mouth, no doubt to make a cheeky remark, when you were suddenly pushed away.

“Steve!” you heard someone shriek. Stacy. 

Steve stumbled back as Stacy launched herself at him, embracing him tightly. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

You regained your balance quickly and reached for the empty plastic cup next to you, dunking it in the bowl once more and downing the contents. 

Steve’s eyes widened at your actions, slightly (very) impressed with the way that you didn’t flinch at all as the alcohol burned down your throat. 

“You look so good. Just like Tom Cruise,” Stacy exclaimed, glancing at you as she took Steve’s hand.

Steve kept staring as you refilled your cup and downed it once more, before looking up and smiling. “Well, it was nice catching up with you Steve. I should really be looking for Billy.”

“No need,” the blue-eyed boy spoke, coming up behind you. 

Steve glared at Billy as his arm wrapped snugly around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest. You couldn’t help but gasp at the action, nibbling your bottom lip slightly as you realized that his shirt had come off sometime during the brief time you had been there.

Steve’s eyes hardened at the sight of Billy, who, upon noticing, simply smirked and pulled you closer. You felt yourself flush at the close contact. Your hands pressed against Billy’s (admittedly) toned chest.

As you noticed Steve staring at you, you couldn’t help the small spark of satisfaction that flared up within you. 

Steve was jealous.

You smiled to yourself and wrapped your arms around Billy’s neck, bringing him down to your level.

“Wanna go dance?” you whispered. 

Billy’s eyes widened momentarily before he nodded, leading the way. 

Steve clenched his jaw before picking up a drink, downing it, and slamming the empty container back on the counter. 

“C’mon Stacy,” he muttered, grabbing her hand. “Let’s dance.”

Nancy nudged Jonathan as Steve walked by them, fuming. Together, the couple got some drinks and sat back, patiently waiting to see the night play out.

When Billy first started kissing you, you didn’t mind. Hell, you responded immediately, knowing Steve was watching.

But when Billy’s hands trailed below your waist, you knew what you were doing was wrong. You shoved Billy back, eyes widening in shock as you pulled your skirt down, anxious now that Billy had ruined the semi-peaceful atmosphere that had surrounded you two. 

“What the hell (Y/N)?” Billy hissed, placing his hands on your waist. You immediately slapped them away.

“Stop Billy,” you muttered, not looking at him.

“C’mon. We were having fun,” Billy taunted, leaning down once again.

You panicked slightly and rushed backwards, only stopping when you felt a hand gently grasp your arm.

“Is there a problem here?” you heard Steve ask calmly.

Billy scoffed and stepped closer to Steve. “How about you go back to your little slut and leave me alone with mine?”

You responded immediately, your hand coming up to slap Billy’s face, causing a loud smack that caught everybody’s attention. Billy glared at you, taking a threatening step forwards in your direction. 

Steve smoothly pulled you behind him, stepping forwards and meeting Billy’s gaze. Billy chuckled darkly before turning to the crowd. 

“Gather around everybody,” Billy spit out. “Come see King Steve try to protect his bitch.”

You flinched slightly at Billy’s words before quietly tugging at Steve’s hand. “Please. Let’s just go.”

Hearing your quiet whisper, Steve looked down and nodded, making his way towards the entrance. He was stopped however, when Billy made yet another comment.

“Take a grand look everybody,” he spoke loudly. “King Steve can’t even make his own decisions anymore.”

Steve’s jaw tensed, and you reached up, cupping his cheek as you stared at Billy. “Don’t listen to him Stevie. Please. He’s just trying to rile you up.”

Steve looked down at you, his eyes softening. He wordlessly wrapped his arm around you and kept walking, leaving the party with you in his arms.

And there goes King Steve. I’m in charge now.”

The ride to your house was silent, the soft sounds of The Cure floating through the stereo. As Steve pulled into your driveway, you glanced at him shyly, getting out and thanking him quickly before making your way up the walkway.

“Why’d you go with him?”

Steve’s voice stopped you immediately, and you couldn’t find it in you to turn and face him.

“What do you mean?” you asked, your voice wavering slightly.

“Why’d you go with him? With Billy? You know how much of an asshole he is and yet, you still went with him,” Steve’s voice grew closer as he approached you.

You gulped slightly as Steve came to stand in front of you. 

“You knew he was a bad person (Y/N),” he continued. “Out of everybody that you could’ve gone with, why’d you choose him?”

You swallowed harshly as you replied. “He was the only one who asked Steve.”

Steve’s gaze hardened as you looked up at him. “I didn’t know what to do. I had already told Nancy and Jonathan I was going to that stupid party so as soon as Billy asked, I said yes.”

“Do you know how much I want to be with you?” Steve asked, leaning in slightly. “I wish it had been me dancing with you, not Billy. It should’ve been me.”

“But it wasn’t, was it?” you asked quietly. “I actually believed Nancy when she said you wanted to ask me out. It was the only reason I ever agreed to go to that dumb party. Are you kidding me? I could’ve stayed home all night eating candy, but no! Instead, there I was, being groped by Billy Hargrove like some kind of-”

Your words were cut off as Steve cupped your cheeks, leaning down and planting his lips on yours. You stood there, shocked as Steve Harrington kissed you.

Steve Harrington was kissing you.

You stared at Steve as he pulled back. “I was going to. Ask you, I mean. I was going to ask you to go with me to Tina’s dumb party but Stacy got to me first and assumed that I was asking her. When I saw Billy kissing you I got so angry. I regretted not asking you out earlier.”

You stared at Steve for a few moments. 

You are an idiot Steve Harrington.”

You pulled him down into another kiss, this one slow and soft and better than anything you had ever imagined.

“I really really like you,” Steve whispered as you pulled away slightly.

“I really really like you too,” you replied softly.

Nancy made her way into the girl’s bathroom, slightly worried after the events from Tina’s party. She hadn’t heard from you since and was growing more worried with every passing minute, not knowing what had happened after you left.

As she approached the stalls, Nancy averted her eyes. In one corner was a couple, the girl pressed up against the wall as she ran her hands through the boy’s hair, said boy who was currently trailing kisses down her exposed neck.

As Nancy entered a stall, she doubled back, noticing a very familiar pair of sneakers on the girl’s person.

“(Y/N)?” Nancy gasped, causing the couple to spring apart quickly.

In front of her was you and Steve, lips swollen and hair (and clothes) askew, panting slightly from the rush that came with being caught.

“Nance?” you exclaimed, fixing your shirt. “It’s not what it looks like!”

Your protest fell on deaf ears, seeing as how Nancy had already made her way out of the bathroom, a huge grin on her face.

“You think she’s gonna tell Jonathan?” Steve asked, a cheeky smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around you.

You threw your head back and groaned lightly. “Jonathan? More like the entire school!”

“Good,” Steve murmured. “At least its not a secret anymore.”

As Steve pressed his lips against yours once more, you couldn’t help but agree completely. 

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My Brother’s Enemy

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Request: Sweet Pea x Andrews Reader where Archie see Sweet Pea dropping off his little sister at night. And he sees you sneak into the house and decides to confront you about it.

Archies POV

Movie night with Ronnie was a success. No one was barging to keep my door wide open, no one to tell me to turn down the tv, and no one to ruin the moment Ronnie and I had in the middle of the movie. I was cleaning up after Ronnie left when it hit me I knew my dad was at a town meeting but Y/N was quiet. Too quiet if you ask me, She would have done something to interrupt Veronica’s and I little moment. But there was nothing she didn’t even come down when I said I brought her Pop’s. She loves Pop’s I should probably go check on her. I went upstairs to knock on her door but there was only silence

“Y/N you okay? Can I come in ?”

Again nothing at this point I start freaking out. I try to open her door but it’s locked she never locks her door. Something is wrong what if the Black Hood came back to hurt my family? What if Y/N was his next target and I was with Ronnie the whole night in my room not giving a second thought about my sister. I knock down the door at once only to find her room empty. Everything in place no sign of struggle. Where the hell could she be? I reach for my phone in hopes she answers and she does.

“H-Hey Arch whats up”

It sounded like she had a frog in her throat like something was distracting her

“ Where are you and why was your door locked? I thought the Black Hood broke into the house and killed you.”

“I’m fine Archie I just went to Pop’s to get a milkshake since you forgot to get me one. I’ll be home soon kay. Bye”

“ Y/n”

She did not just hang up on me.


I did not want to be in the same house as Archie and Veronica, yea I get it you guys are horny teenagers but seriously when I’m home.Archie could have told me to leave so he could have his moment. so before their thing could even get started I decided to call my boyfriend Sweet Pea. we have been dating ever since Jughead transferred to Southside High. He acts all tough on the outside but on the inside when he’s with me he is the sweetest boy in all of Riverdale.

“Hey baby girl whats up”

“Pea can you come pick me up at my place?”

“Sure are you okay?”

“ Yea I’m fine its just Archie and Veronica are having a date night and I don’t feel like hearing them having sex next to my room you know”

“One gross and two I’m on my way beautiful”

“Thanks, Sweet Pea call me when your here”

It didn’t take Sweet Pea long to get to my house. I knew I could leave throw the front door, so I locked my door so Archie thinks I’m asleep and I’ll leave throw my window. I mean Sweet Pea sneaks up here all the time I mean how hard could it be to get down from a two-story window right. Boy was I wrong, how does Pea even get up here. My phone rings interrupting my train of thought.

“Babe I’m outside”

“ Sweets Could you come to my bedroom window, please?”

“Oh trust me I have a perfect view “

I look down my window to see SP looking up at me with his famous smirk.

“Need some help escaping your castle, Princess?”

“I don’t get how you do this so easily”

“Just jump I”ll catch you”


“Promise… now hurry up before your idiot brother hears us”

I grabbed my bag and my jacket and looked down my window. Even with SP ready to catch me I was still scared. But I know Sweet Pea will catch me he would let me get hurt. I closed my eyes and jumped down to him nearly letting out a scream. I open my eye to meet beautiful dark brown eye that belonged to the one and only Sweet Pea.

“Told ya I would catch you. You wanna head to my place?”

But before he put me down I grabbed his face a gave him a long-awaited kiss.

  “Lets bounce Sweets”

At Sweet Pea’s Trailer

I get out of SP truck and follow him to his trailer. It’s funny how I spend the majority of my time here. Jeez, I even have some close here and same at my place with SP’s clothes. Well mostly because I steal them from him.

“Home sweet home am I right baby girl”

 “Home Sweet Home is right Pea. So what do you wanna do?”

“You wanna watch a movie or something”

 “Sure sounds great.”

Halfway throw the movie I got a bit warm so I took off my jacket leaving me in my white tank top. SP took this as an opportunity to put his arm around my shoulders to bring me closer to him. He then started to play with my hair I didn’t think anything of it because he usually plays with my hair if we are spooning in his bed. I finally noticed once I felt his lips on my neck. In all honesty, I didn’t want to stop him it felt too good. So I move my neck more to the side to give him full access. Who would have thought my night would end up like my brother’s. I let out a soft moan as SP finds my sweet spot.

“You wanna take this to my room?”

 Before I could answer Sweet Pea’s question my phone starts rings. Pea lets out a low growl and grabbed my phone to see who was calling me and I see that it was Archie. Sweet Pea answers the phone and hands it to me as he continues to kiss my neck and jaw.

“H-Hey Arch Whats up?

  “Where are you and why was your door locked? I thought the Black Hood broke into the house and killed you.”

“I’m fine Archie I just went to Pop’s to get a milkshake since you forgot to get me one…. I’ll be home soon kay. Bye” 

After I hang up on Archie I let out a moan. The whole time I was on the phone with Archie I knew Sweet Pea was giving me a hickey.

  “Your an asshole you know.”

“So, you love this asshole.” he just keeps kissing my neck trying to give me another hickey.

  “Pea seriously stop I have to go home. Archie already knows I’m not home I have to go.”

SP lets another low growl and pulls away from my neck. He looks at me with the most serious look and says

“You so owe me.”

  “I’ll make next time worth your wild Pea”

“I’ll keep you to your word. Now let get you home Princess before the dragon comes looking for you.”

At the Andrews Residents

  “Did we really need to take your bike?”

“What can blame me for wanting my girls arms around me. Well we have made it to your castle Princess and with the dragon looking right at us.”

  “Well then why don’t we give him a show to look at.”

And with that you got off Sweet Pea’s bike and gave him a long passionate kiss. SP pulls away only to get off his bike to give Archie another show, him making out with his little sister. This made Archie so made He came out the house ready to punch Sweet Pea but by the time he got to his sister SP was long gone.

“What the hell Y/N! Why were you with that thug of a serpent. He could have killed you, you know. Wait are you two dating?”

You just simple walk you to your house and go upstairs and ignore Archie until he got upstairs

“You are not allowed to see him ever again. You hear me he’s dangerous.”

  “Oh like your girlfriends dad. He is who you should be worried about not me and Sweet Pea now if you don’t mind I have to fix my door because someone knocked it down.”

“Hey this conversation isn’t over Y/N”

  “Yea it is”

I hope you enjoy your request and I’m sorry for any error this is my first Imagine and I hope I made you all proud

Ok so I’ve cooled down a bit from the initial shock and anger from the episode and have formed a coherent post so lets go.

Riverdale is smart. Just go with me here. The writers are smart, we may not like them right now but they are, why? Because they write these characters and let them live and breath and act like they would if they were real people. (I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve watched where plot dictates the characters actions.)

Jughead: he is a self loathing 16 year old with LARGE abandonment issues, his mother left him, his dad for the better part of his life was not a very good father. He has always been looked down upon, bullied, treated like he didn’t matter and never thought he could ever matter. And THAT influences his decisions. He is told BY Archie that Betty does not love him and sees the dark turn he is taking and does not like it so she wants nothing to do with him. Now a person with severe abandonment and trust issues is inclined to believe his BEST friend. He is self deprecating and was honestly just waiting for this moment to happen in the back of his mind. And it hurts it hurts SO MUCH more coming from a guy who is like a brother to him. He doesn’t believe Archie would lie to him what does he have to gain from that, so he believes him.

Betty: She is a 16 year old girl who tries to appease everyone, a person who tries to protect everyone and will do anything for the ones she loves even if that mean it brings harm to herself. And these character traits influence her actions. she can’t hurt Jughead she can’t even bring herself to end things with him because it hurst so damn much she is being put in an impossible situation and she asks for help from someone who has been with her since day one someone she can trust. This kills her but she believes she can fix it she’s Betty Cooper she can solve anything she’s Nancy Drew meets girl with the dragon tattoo, but really she is just a broken girl trying to do her best to keep the people she loves safe.

-now these are traits that influence the choice these characters are making, its natural, its real, its painful, and heartbreaking… but its honest.-

Now on to that pesky kiss… its a strategical move on Toni’s part 100% she saw Jughead in a vulnerable place and took advantage of that. And going back to Jughead’s personality traits and personal issues it makes logical sense that he would succumb to this very human (and also tv dramatics but whatever) reaction. He hates himself more than anyone ever could and he is being show affection in a vulnerable and heartbreaking moment so he gives into his self hatred to feel connected and to quite the voices telling him he is not good enough not worthy. So many people make the wrong choices in moments of self doubt and loathing its what he does after that that shows who he really is and whats worth it to him.  

so lets not demonize these kids until we have the full story and let the traits of these characters infilucen their choices becasue trust me its better that the ooc bull I’ve seen on other tv shows.

What are roommates for?

Summary: She has an Anatomy exam tomorrow that is really important. Tom and Haz, being the wonderful roommates they are, take good care of her.

Pairings: Reader (?) x Tom Holland x Haz Osterfield 

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: None?

A/n:  I could have used roomies like this (Tom and Haz specifically, is what i mean) when I was dying over exams two weeks ago tbh. Man I hope you guys enjoy this, its been like a month and a half in the making. It’s basically a fluffy domestic piece and I really pray to god its not boring af :/ This part of @spxderman-s and I’s Roommates Collection. We’d love to hear what you guys think of that, our collection. Any requests or ideas maybe? Anyways, hope y’all like this and I’m so sorry it took me so long to get something posted, I appreciate your patience x

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She came out of her room, messy bun drooping to one side, feet dragging with each step. It was late. She rubbed her temples with one hand, her empty mug loosely grasped in the other. She was drained. She had one final exam tomorrow – Anatomy, her worst subject. Despite managing to ace all her assignments throughout the semester, this exam would determine whether she passed or failed.

Stupid exams worth 70%. Ugh.

She heard the television playing quietly in the living room and found herself wandering in, drawn to the emanating light like a moth. She needed a break anyway. Harrison was on the couch, a Friends rerun playing in the background as he scrolled through his phone. She flopped down beside him with a heavy sigh.

“How’s the study going?” he asked, locking his phone and turning to her.

“I just can’t wait for this thing to be over,” she groaned.

“You’ve been studying your ass off for the past fortnight. If anyone is going to ace it, it’s you,” he encouraged, patting her leg.

“Thanks, Haz,” she smiled half-heartedly.

“You look really tired though, shouldn’t you sleep?” he questioned, voice full of concern.

“I should. I feel a headache coming on, but I feel like there’s mo–,” he cut her off.

“Nu-uh, no more; you’ve studied as much as you possibly can. You literally can’t cram any more information into that brain,” he stated matter-of-factly. “You know everything. You’re going to nail it tomorrow, ok? I believe in you. And so does Tom.”

“Now, I’m going to make you some tea, and then you gotta go to bed, alright?” he finished, standing up and taking her mug.

She nodded helplessly, accepting his truth. As he left, she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She settled in, watching Chandler and his own roommate, Joey, up to their usual antics.

Not too long after, Haz returned with a steaming cup of tea. He lowered it into her outstretched hands and sat back down beside her, careful not to spill the hot liquid.

“I added some honey and lemon, I know that’s how you like it.”

“Thanks,” she smiled gratefully, taking a sip.

“No problem.”

When her cup was empty, she placed it on the stool and snuggled into his side, resting her head on his shoulder.

“How’s your head?”


“Good,” he leaned his own head atop hers.

As she watched the television absentmindedly, her eyelids began to feel heavy. She strained to keep them open, before she finally gave in, closing them and stilling her mind. She fell asleep, snoring softly.

As the credits started rolling, Tom walked in. He noticed that she was asleep and gestured at Harrison.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s really tired,” he responded in a whisper. “Can you put her to bed? I don’t want to wake her.”

Tom walked up to them and slowly slipped his arms beneath her knees and around her shoulders. He gently picked her up, so as not to interrupt her sleep. As he cradled her against his chest, she nuzzled her face into his neck, seeking warmth. She seemed so small, curled up in his arms. He carried her to her bedroom where Harrison pulled back the covers of the bed. Tom lay her down and she turned onto her side into a more comfortable position. He tucked the covers around her and stroked the loose strands of hair out of her face.

“Goodnight, love.”

The boys tiptoed out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind them.

“Poor thing, she’s exhausted. I’ll be glad when she’s done tomorrow,” Harrison said sympathetically.

“We should do something tomorrow night.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, a movie night or something? Just buy all her favourite stuff and watch whatever she wants,” Tom suggested.

“She’d love that,” Haz agreed.

“Sweet, it’s sorted then.”                                                


The blaring alarm woke her with a start. She poked the screen blindly until it shut off. Snoozed for nine minutes. Warm and cosy under the covers, she sunk a little further and drifted off again.

The second alarm made her sit up straight, disoriented. She checked the time as she turned it off. She had four hours before her exam, plenty of time to get a little extra revision in. Clambering out of bed, she headed straight for the kitchen to make herself some coffee. She wasn’t normally a coffee drinker, but exam season was brutal and she needed all the help she could get.

Wafting down the hallway was not only the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but bacon as well.

“Mmmm,” she swept in through the doorway, mouth watering at the delicious smells.

“Hey, you’re up. How did you sleep?”

Harrison was at the stove, stirring eggs in a pan.

“Great, but I need coffee. And some eggs. And some bacon too, please,” she beamed.

He poured her a mug of coffee and handed it to her.

“Waffles, too?” he asked.

“Mmm yes, please. You’re too good to me, Harrison Osterfield.”

“Well, we need you at your best today. Don’t get used to this though, alright? It’s only because you have a super important exam.”

She poked her tongue out at him as she took the heaped plate. She was pouring maple syrup when Tom walked in. He yawned, rubbing his eyes and pushing his unruly curls to the side.

“Morning,” she said to him cheerfully.

“Morning, love. You seem to be in a good mood… which is a little strange considering what today is.”

“I’m just excited to nearly be free, I guess.”

Tom took a mug from the cabinet and poured himself a coffee.

“What are your plans? Anything special?”

“Mm, not really, I might just sleep,” she shrugged, scooping a forkful of eggs into her mouth.

“Fair enough,” Tom nodded, taking a sip from his steaming mug.

“What time do you finish?” Haz asked, sitting next to her at the counter.


“I’ll pick you up after your exam,” Tom said.

“What, no, you don’t have to do that.”

She stood and picked up her plate.

“I’ll just catch the train home.”

“It’s fine,” he insisted. “You’ll be burnt out after your exam; I’ll pick you up. We can grab dinner on the way home, it’s no biggie.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to go out of your way,” she was still unconvinced.

“Yes, I promise, it’s totally fine. I’m happy to do it. What are roommates for?”

“Okay, fine,” she laughed, rinsing her plate and mug at the sink.

“Thanks for breakfast, Haz.”

As she moved past him to the door, she gave him a peck on the cheek.


“Where’s my kiss?”

She turned to a pouting Tom.

“Oh, sorry, kisses are reserved for those who actually do things for me.”

“What? I just offered to pick you up.”

“Ah, but you haven’t picked me up yet,” she pointed out.

Haz sneered as she spun on her heel and left.

“I see how it is,” Tom grumbled, finishing his coffee.

“Smooth, mate.”

“Shut up, Harrison.”


“Students, you have five minutes remaining,” a monotonous female voice rang over the speaker system.


She reread the last couple of lines she had written before hurriedly adding a concluding statement to her answer. Her hand cramped and she shook it vigorously. Oh come on, not now. She had one question left. Almost done.

Three marks, three key points. She knew the answer to this one. She scribbled out a short paragraph. God, please let them be able to read my handwriting. The muscles in her hand were tight as she released the pen from her grip, having stabbed a full stop onto the page. She flicked through her exam in the last two minutes, making sure she hadn’t missed anything.

“Pens down, students. Your time is up. Anyone caught writing after this time will immediately be given a fail.”

She fell back in her chair with a sigh of relief. Done.

Ten minutes later she was outside, allowing the filtered sun to shine down on her. She faced the great hall in which she had sat so many exams. Ugh.

Turning away, she walked down to the street, checking her phone. There was a message from Tom. He was parked near the fountain. She made her way there, spotting his car immediately. She strode over and swung open the door, getting in.

“Hey, how was it?”

She pulled the door shut and looked down at her lap.

“Not great,” she said forlornly.

“Aw no, what happened, love?”

He waited for her to answer, ready to offer comforting words.

A grin spread across her face and she looked at him, eyes twinkling.

“Pretty sure I totally nailed it.”

Her contagious joy spread and he grinned too.

“Yeah! See? I knew you could do it,” he raised his hand for a hi-five. She slapped her palm against his.

“Couldn’t have done it without the support of my loving roommates,” she nudged him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he started the car.

“Seatbelt,” he reminded as he checked for traffic. She pulled the strap over her body and clicked it into place.

“What’s for dinner?” she asked. “I’m starving.”

“Up to you. What do you feel like?”

“Pizza, duh.”

“Of course, how stupid of me.”

“Tom, if there is ever a day where you ask me what I want and I don’t say pizza, please know something is very wrong.”

“Yes, princess,” he teased, rolling his eyes at her dramatic words.


Soon after, they were walking through their front door.

“We’re home,” she sing-songed.

“Haz! Guess what?” Tom called out.

“I’m in here,” came a shout from the living room.

She and Tom took off their coats and went in. They found him with a stack of blankets and pillows so high, only the top of his blond quiff was visible. He dropped the pile onto the sofa with a huff and put his hands on his hips.

“So?” he asked, looking between the pair.

“Our girl totally nailed the exam, Anatomy has got nothing on her,” Tom answered proudly.

“Well done, babe! I knew you could do it.”

He stepped over to her and gave her a hug.

“Thanks, Haz.”

“But, is, uh, someone sleeping on the couch tonight?” Her face expressed confusion at the heap of blankets.

“Actually, this is for you.”

I’m sleeping on the couch?”

“No,” Haz shook his head.

“We’re celebrating,” Tom clarified. “We’re celebrating you finishing all your exams. We thought you’d like a night in, just the three of us.”

“It was Tom’s idea. We bought those sour strips you like, mini m&m’s-”

“Because they taste better,” Tom added excitedly.

“And ice cream. Plus you pick the movies.”

“Triple chocolate ice cream?”


She squealed. She threw her arms around their necks and pulled them into her.

“I love you guys!”

Upon release, she smiled broadly.

“You guys are actually the best. Thank you!”

“We know,” Tom said with mock arrogance.

“Get comfortable and choose something good. We’ll get the snacks.”

“Pizza should be here soon too.”

The boys left. When they returned, they were confronted with the sight of their roommate cocooned, head to toe, in fabric. She was scrolling through Netflix’s rom-com selection.

“What do you think of 27 Dresses?” she asked, eyes not leaving the screen.

“If that’s what you want,” Harrison replied, sitting on her left and opening the tub of cold dairy. He handed her a spoon and dug his own into it.

“It is. James Marsden is gorgeous,” she swooned.

“He is.”

She clicked play and spread the blankets over herself and Harrison’s laps. She held up one end of the covers.

“Hurry up, Tommy.”

He jumped in next to her and the three of them wiggled closer together. He held a piece of candy out to her whilst popping a piece in his own mouth.

Shortly into the beginning of the film, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Harrison handed her the ice cream and stood up.

She paused the movie as he left and looked at Tom.

“Thank you for this, and for picking me up today. It’s really sweet of you.”

“Anytime, darling.”

She leaned over and lightly kissed his cheek.

“I owed you.”

Harrison entered with the pizza, managing to catch the tail end of his roommates gazing at each other. He subtly smiled to himself.


Full stomachs, multiple bathroom breaks and a rom-com and 80’s adventure movie later, they were struggling to decide on a third film.

“Maybe we should just go to bed,” said one.

“It’s only nine o’clock. I’m not tired.”

“Me neither.”

“Nor me, to be honest.”

“Then what should we watch?”

“How about something Disney?”

“Yeah, I love Tangled!”

Two heads turned to look at Harrison in surprise.

“What? It’s a great movie about finding yourself and being your own person.”

“Right,” Tom said skeptically.

“I love it, too,” she declared. “Actually Haz, Mother Gothel kind of reminds me of you.”

“It’s the eyes, right? Same blue,” Tom teased.

“Absolutely,” they cracked up.

Muttering curses at them, Harrison reached over and picked up the ice cream. He shoved a spoonful into his mouth, brow knitted in annoyance.

“We’re just kidding, Haz,” she soothed. “I happen to think you have very pretty eyes.”

Having been appeased, he put the ice cream on the stool and shoved her into Tom.

“Move over.”


“I wanna lie down.”


She and Tom scooted over, Tom into the corner with his body angled towards her. She pressed her back against his side, resting her head on his chest. He let his arm fall around her waist loosely, content to have her in such close proximity. Harrison shifted his body to lay down on what was left of the space. He rested his head on her knees. She grabbed a pillow and tucked it under his head, stroking his hair.

“Everyone comfy?” he asked.



He found Tangled and put it on.

By the time Rapunzel had discovered she was the lost princess, the three roommates, cuddled together, were fast asleep.

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She loves Me Not

Warnings: none :)

Summary: You’re Shawn’s new girlfriend, but for some odd reason, Aaliyah doesn’t like you.

Word count: 1.7k

A/N: if you read this and you like the fic down below, send me your favorite line from it ;) I didn’t think this was gonna be more than a one parter, but oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Beta: @hazeleyedcat (angel? angel.)


“What if they don’t like me?” You break the silence of movie night with the question you’ve asked about a million times. “What if- What if they think I just wanna be with you for the fame or the money or the exposure or-or I don’t know! What are people in a relationship for if they don’t love each other?” 

“Well, we wouldn’t know. Because we love each other, remember?” Shawn asked calmly, a smirk on his face. 

 He found the whole situation hilarious because his family was not only gonna like you, they were gonna love you.

“Oh, right, right. We love each other. Sorry, forgot for a second there.” You rolled your eyes at him in annoyance.

“y/n, just calm down. They are going to love you.” He smiled, bringing you closer to him and kissing the top of your head.

“You think so?” You whispered into his chest.

“Baby, I know so.” 

“That was so fucking cheesy.” You giggled softly. 

“But you like cheese!” He retaliated.

“I never said I didn’t babe.”

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Jimin’s runaway daughter. pt.4

Jimin’s DaughterAU!

Genre: Angst

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5 Finale]

Warning: Sensitive Content (mentions of abuse; read at own risk)

Originally posted by ciutae

This morning was somewhat peaceful, in comparison to other days anyway. Dad was here to stay for breakfast and maybe even lunch before he had to head out for late rehearsals again. Now, I say somewhat peaceful because mum would still give me death glares when dad wasn’t looking and when I was helping out in the kitchen, and mum would walk into me on purpose and because she did it as I had a knife in my hand, I ended up cutting my finger. Yelping out in pain, I dropped the knife I was holding. I turned and saw dad looking at me as he walked over to me.

“What happened?” He asked me, with concern in his eyes and a glint of something else. Something else that I couldn’t read. Mum rushed over from behind me at this moment calling out in panic.

“Baby, what happened?” The fakeness in her voice was thick, but only I would notice that.

“Grab the first aid box.” Dad said to mum, not taking his eyes away from my bleeding finger.

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