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omg you have a sister?? how cute!

YEE we’re 11 years apart but get along…..a little too well.. probably bc of our gigantic interest in cartoons lmfaoo (she binge watched bnha in 2 days can u look at my lil prodigy weeb)

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What do you mean by wider cirucumstances? Btw to me he doesn't look not happy, just not confortable with it 'cause he's not used to a normal life...

That was the point I was trying to make! He isn’t used to normal life and I don’t think the prospect of one would be a repose for him. Despite this, you do see people hoping for a “happy ending” where OC escapes the contract, going on to live a normal life with Lizzy (either with or without Sebastian) as if that’s something he’d want. 

Though this is kind of ignoring the fact that RC has returned, but for a theoretical purpose let’s pretend that didn’t happen! :’D

Ahem. By saying “wider circumstances” I was referring to both the contract and OC’s fake identity. These aspects would make it quite hard for OC to marry Lizzy and I’d say–since he expects to die prematurely–he has never prepared to live life alongside her. OC hasn’t really laid the foundations for his future life because he does not believe he has one, so if the situation did occur I’m not sure things could even work out! He’d be living a lie, awaiting his impending death via the contract.

There’s also the fact that OC doesn’t seem to consider himself a true member of the nobility, of course he is but he does not speak as if they are “his people”. He clearly doesn’t spend a lot of time associating himself with them, though Lizzy does and this makes them a little incongruous.

Of course, the Midfords are well aware of the job OC does for a living (Francis is Vincent’s sister after-all) but I wouldn’t say they truly know the extent of it.

It would depend on how you see things, but due to OC’s contract with Sebastian I’m inclined to believe the “supernatural threat” the Watchdog faces is higher than ever before. Vincent likely had some dealings with them (Undertaker for one) but whether Francis knows about that is debatable. Therefore, Lizzy is not prepared to deal with the reality of OC’s existence.

EG: she does not know the true extent of OC’s ruthlessness. Even if Baron Kelvin deserved to die (and he did) it takes a lot to shoot a man down without hesitation. OC also killed Doll and Joker, with Doll being especially questionable since it isn’t clear how much she knew about the kidnappings:

Or that OC has (partially) burnt down buildings:

Or that he has murdered children under questionable circumstances:

She also finds it upsetting to witness OC’s cold personality and this often results in him having to “put up with her” and compromise, though they both do this I believe OC does it far more often.

I really do believe OC loves Lizzy a lot! But their lifestyles aren’t always that compatible since OC has to put up a front around her, mostly due to his fake identity but also because of the contract.

In the past, OC hasn’t acted like he expects to marry Lizzy either. Since he hides his brand from her I’ve always assumed that means he doesn’t consider marriage (and thus consummation) a likely possibility. If he expected to one day marry Lizzy then there’d be little reason to hide the brand? The fact he hides his asthma from her is also indicative of this, these are not things he could expect to hide forever.

Then there’s the added factor of OC knowing he is stealing his brother’s wife, all whilst she thinks he is his brother. As Soma has pointed out, OC wouldn’t allow himself to be happy in those circumstances. It would result in a situation full of lies, where both parties are miserable and unable to truly be themselves around each other.

Perhaps Lizzy and OC could have a positive relationship, but I believe the “wider circumstances” they experience prevent that from happening! :(

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can u believe that blue sargent is a chubby girl? not the kind of "thicc" that goes around the media with a flat tummy and a big arse. but like, just soft. everywhere is soft. girl looks like one of those old lovely paintings, with the tummy and the round face that reminds gansey of a sunflower and the mermaid-thighs-that-touch that people call "thunder thighs" because, god, does that girl bring storms. she wears what she likes, even if people think she shouldn't and she never apologises for it.

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!! furious applause & a standing ovation!!!!!

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People complain about every little thing that isn't perfect in a character, but boy do i have news for them about actual people


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I read the email they sent to you. Tbh I didn't understand a thing bc it was just all over the place.

That’s a huge mood!!!! It’s not only rude, condescending, and threatening in tone but it actually addresses about 4% of the things I said and also barely has a structure so 🤷🏽‍♀️

What not to do with a woc fc!

1.  Erase her identity as a woc by using her as the younger version of your white muse. And no, saying she’s white passing is not excuse. Neither is saying how many icons you already have.

2. Use a psd that lightens her skin so much that your white muse looks tanner. As this point, you’re purposely making her white. Again, saying how many icons you already have is not an excuse.



I have no idea what to do as a thank you, I might have a giveaway or something. Lol if anyone has ideas please let me know lmao.

Also I am pausing Akechi asks for the time being. I feel like I will have to remove him as a partner with Haru and instead have sessions where other PT members come and answer asks with Haru, that way things are a little simple for me. So I am scraping recent asks to do with Akechi, ((I’m Sorry!!)) but when I have a session with Akechi, you guys can send those asks again! <3

Anyway! Thank you all again!! <3

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Friendly reminder it's canon that Molly Hooper solved a case at practically the same time as Sherlock Holmes the man synonymous with deduction.

I still think about this and smile like an idiot.

Also me: *sobbing over how brilliant she is*

Sherlock: *trying not to burst over how amazing she is*

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Flint lying to Eleanor about Rogers. Oh my god! That was... She was so brave. She knew she's dying and in that moment all she could think of was did her husband betray her. *sob* And earlier Flint saw how much she needed to believe in Rogers and he couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth and lied to her to spare her the pain. I'm crying. They were so beautiful together. I'm so sad she's dead, but at least someone was kind to her in her last moment and it was Flint.

why’d u have to bring that up again anon?!?? ? i was having a nice, not at all depressing evening enjoying not thinking about flint’s sad forehead veins popping out when he holds her in his arms and gently caresses her face. [sobs] he was her real dad. even when they were on the opposing sides his respect for her didn’t waver, he still tried to achieve a reasonable outcome so as to avoid pain on each side of their war, he offered her comfort and safety when she needed it most [wipes tears and snot with sleeve], HE LOVED HIS WAYWARD DAUGHTER SO MUCH