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  • genuinely believes every person he’s ever been attracted to, even the most minor attractions, are automatically better than him in every way
  • he has a lot of conflicting feelings about… his biological mother. a part of him wants to know who she is and why she left him, but he also doesn’t want to invade her life and potentially ruin things for her by just popping back in? he’d have a lot of daydreams in his foster home about her coming to take him back, and he still kind of?? idealizes what she must’ve been like in his head, but he tries not to so much anymore bc he knows it’s not right to put her on that pedestal without even knowing her. the only thing i’ll say about her is that she was 18/19ish when she had dmitry, but i don’t care to elaborate beyond that bc it’s not fair for other people to know if dmitry will never give himself the chance to.
  • owns so much nightmare before christmas shit. it’s incredibly cliche, but it’s his favorite movie
  • has never had like. a real genuine birthday party in it’s life, outside of get togethers with friends. but nothing with a cake or anything
  • deep and smooth voice, and a decent singer. not fantastic, but good enough

Behavior experts explain Trump and Melania’s strange inauguration behavior

  • Body language experts told Mic behavior like this could be one of many signs of an unhappy relationship.
  • “If you didn’t know that they were married, you wouldn’t know that they are married,” communication and body language expert Susan Constantine said in a phone interview Monday.
  • “Not only did he not wait, he went up the stairs and greeted the Obamas,” body language expert and professional speaker Patti Wood said in a phone call. “He didn’t even look back to see if she was there or help her up the stairs.”
  • Wood elaborated: “He does not, as she comes to his side, hold her, greet her, bring her in close. He does a quick glance as if she was anybody and he doesn’t touch her.
  • Constantine believes the Obamas’ body language demonstrates a much stronger relationship. "Melania is an object to [Trump],” Constantine said. “I don’t see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever." Read more
IMPORTANT note regarding Mitsurou Kubo’s Twitter

It seems that some fans are sending artwork/fanart by other people to Mitsurou Kubo via Twitter, and she is NOT comfortable with that. She just tweeted about that as in the picture below. You can find the exact translation after the picture.

“I’m happy if you send me pictures drawn by yourself. However, even if you send me pictures drawn by others, they did not draw them for them to be seen by me. Please be careful”.

“There are fanarts drawn to be seen by the creators of the anime, and fanarts that are NOT drawn for that purpose. I am not sure that I’m in the position to discuss in detail about the type of fanart I’m referring to, but in all cases, the feelings of the person who originally drew the picture must come before anything else.”

I think there is no need to further elaborate on what she is referring to, as it’s pretty obvious.

1) Please do NOT send her artworks/fanart/gifs drawn by other people or that you randomly found on the net.

2) If you wish to send her a picture, please only do it if you have drawn it yourself.

3) Please think carefully whether the picture you want to send her is appropriate or not. (I can only appeal to your common sense here…)

4) The same applies to questions. She cannot reply to fans via Twitter on delicate questions regarding the series, therefore please do not send her awkward questions or comments.

Please kindly share this post or at least her tweet…
Thank you in advance, and let’s try to be respectful of her wishes.

Sleep Talking RFA++


  • Sometimes, Yoosung yells in his sleep
  • And not like screaming because a monster is chasing him
  • He’s shouting about LOLOL gameplay
  • More than once, MC is jolted awake by Yoosung screaming out an attack
  • MC will get him back sometimes by smacking him with a pillow and waking him up
  • One morning, she’s really angry because she got maybe two hours of sleep that night because of all his yelling, so she texts Seven and they set up an elaborate prank and screw with Yoosung for a solid 48 hours


  • It can vary wildly with Jaehee
  • If she’s having a nightmare, she usually says the words “Mr. Han” “C-hair” or is muttering something about cat projects or so much paperwork, etc
  • If she’s having a good dream she usually mentions Zen, Jalapeños, or coffee
  • MC gets kinda jealous because Jaehee never mentions them
  • And Jaehee sleep talks constantly
  • Like, every night for at least an hour
  • At some point, MC needs to go out of town for a week
  • First of all, without the sound of Jaehee’s voice, they have trouble sleeping
  • Second, when they get back, Jaehee acts pretty cool about their absence… but then cries out their name in her sleep
  • MC cuddles the crap out of Jaehee’s back that night because they feel loved


  • Sometimes he recites his lines in his sleep
  • Especially if it’s something he’s currently working on
  • More than once, he recites really cheesy, romantic lines
  • And because he’s the kind of guy who always wants to be cuddling while sleeping, and loves being the big spoon, he usually says it into her hair or the back of her neck
  • During one musical, Zen has to say some super raunchy, sexual things, and he mutters all of it into MC’s ear
  • It completely wrecks her system
  • One night, she needs a break and goes to sleep on the couch after he’s already asleep
  • Halfway through the night, he wakes up because he’s cold without her
  • When he realizes she’s gone, he freaks out
  • After discovering her asleep on the couch, Zen picks her up and carries her back to bed


  • He rolls over just as MC is waking up and pulls her into his arms while he’s fast asleep
  • He says, “I love you… Elizabeth….”
  • MC only wakes up enough to register another woman’s name leaving his lips and get angry but not enough to remember Elizabeth is the cat
  • So she shoots up in her spot in bed, jolting Jumin awake and shouts, “Who the FUCK is Elizabeth?!”
  • A small argument ensues with both of them in a sleep fog when Elizabeth herself hops up on the bed
  • “Oh right… the cat….” MC says.
  • Jumin can’t help it, he starts laughing
  • She’s horribly embarrassed
  • All through the next day, Jumin can’t stop smiling and has to excuse himself from a meeting because he can’t hold in his laughter


  • Okay, Saeyoung sleep talks in all the languages he knows at once.
  • All of them
  • At the same time
  • MC just starts recording what he’s saying so that she can figure it out in the morning
  • Sometimes Saeyoung translates, sometimes he doesn’t
  • The stuff he translates is usually super random and funny
  • “Don’t let the duck escape! Ah! It’s got a jet pack! Watch it gooooo!”
  • “You can’t brush a cat with a pickle, silly!”
  • “I can’t find my computer. Did it marry the toaster like it threatened?”
  • One time, he blushes super deep (he practically turns into a tomato) when he hears what he said and refuses to answer
  • MC tries everything in her power to translate what was said, but can’t figure most of it out because it’s all different languages
  • Eventually Saeyoung takes pity on her and whispers the answer in her ear
  • It’s her turn to turn into a tomato


  • When he’s only half awake, he sometimes forgets he’s blind
  • Like, he thinks it’s still night and goes right back to sleep
  • One time he got up and went to turn on the light, but when there was no light, and V was super confused
  • He kept flicking the switch until MC told him to knock it off
  • He started freaking out, “MC I can’t see!”
  • “Yeah? What’s your point?”
  • “This is serious!”
  • “I’ll take you to the hospital in the morning. Now turn off the light and come back to bed.”
  • In the morning she teased him about it
  • “Oh no! You still can’t see! Lets get you to the hospital! Something could be seriously wrong!”
  • The next time something like that happens, she just convinces him the lightbulb is out


  • When he sleep talks, it’s nightmares
  • MC usually just rolls over, holds him from behind, and tells him everything is going to be okay
  • He doesn’t care for cuddling that much (mind you, he’s not opposed, he just likes his personal space), especially when he’s sleeping
  • But when he wakes with MC attached to his back he usually thinks that maybe MC had a nightmare
  • Then she has a real nightmare, is tossing and turning all night, and immediately tells him once they’re both awake
  • Pretty quick he realizes he’s having nightmares and what she’s doing for him
  • He becomes slightly more affectionate after that
  • kanaya, leaning from the window of the gorgeous home she and rose share: Rose If I Discover You And Our Children As Ice Sculptures In The Morning I Will Be Very Cross
  • rose, calling back to her from the elaborate snow fortress she is building: We'll be in in a minute, darling, we just need to finish setting the stage for the first assassination that kick-starts the beginning of a century long war. Isn't that right, Grand Wizard Gwendolyn?
  • a grub snugly wrapped four cozies: ghghghghghgh!
Journey to the Past (from Anastasia)
  • Journey to the Past (from Anastasia)
  • Laura Osnes
  • 4.22.16 San Francisco

The Paths Not Taken - April 22nd, 2015 | Feinstein’s at the Nikko - San Francisco

Mute Marinette/Ladybug Headcanon
  • Adrien is surprised to see this mute girl in his class who’s livelier than the most talkative of students when he first arrives in Collège Françoise Dupont
  • When she’s excited, her hands aren’t even fast enough to say all she wants to say so she uses actual people and objects to mimic her ideas
  • He’s so curious about her that he wants to learn the hands language because he wants to understand what she’s saying everytime
  • Ladybug is mute too, and Chat asks her to teach him the hands language
  • He grows so close to Ladybug that he actually becomes able to voice her thoughts before she even says them with her hands
  • When she’s excited, he elaborates what she can’t
  • Sometimes, she angrily hand curses the Akumas and the Akuma is confused, but Chat just translates before cracking up because wHAT THE FUCK LADYBUG
  • Chat fakes not understanding what Ladybug says when he flirts with her to piss her off. Like “Oh, I’m flattered you like my purrfect pun, My Lady” or “Excuse me, My Lady, I didn’t quite get what you’re trying to say? Did the cat catch your paws?”
  • Adrien takes the habit of voicing through hand language what he’s not allowed to voice because he’s a model boy, because not everyone gets the hands language. Marinette notices his hands frenetically moving sometimes, and understands what he says but doesn’t tell him. He thinks no one notices.

  • Bonus: Marinette has that one project, and Alya is struggling to convey everything she’s saying, and Adrien instinctively starts to translate what she wants to say
Lena tells Kara that she and Supergirl are her only friends, so Kara decides to do something about it.

But instead of introducing Lena to Winn and James and Alex like a normal person, she breaks into the undercover supplies room in the DEO. 

Elaborately disguised, Kara proceeds to bump into Lena at various locations across the city regularly, for weeks, with the goal of befriending her as different people and ultimately raising her friend count.

However, things get complicated when Lena just won’t stop hitting on them all. 


anonymous asked: can you make a shiva edit? your edits are amazing! – an in depth look: shiva.shiva is a woman with pale blue skin, purple eyes with white eye shadow, pointed elvish ears and hornline protrusions that resemble icicles. she wears her long silvery hair in elaborate braids, and her body is covered by lace-pattern frost. she has sheer white sleeves made of frost and a filigree choker made of ice. she is the most friendly and compassionate of the six, and is a messenger of the gods to mortals. 

Sorting the Disney Princesses #3: MULAN
For those who are unfamiliar with our system, at @sortinghatchats when we say “Primary” we mean WHY people do things. When we talk about a “Secondary” house we mean HOW they do things. For more description of what we mean for each house, see our basics page here.

If I were truly to be myself, I would break my family’s heart.
- Reflection

Whereas in Disney’s Moana, Gryffindor Primary Moana thinks she is a poor daughter because she isn’t the good Hufflepuff Primary she ought to be, Mulan’s conflict lies in her secondary. She’s a strategist, a Ravenclaw Secondary who makes up elaborate systems to get her chores done quicker, who solves her problems through brains, rather than brawn or beauty.

But at home, people would rather her be patient than clever, conventional rather than imaginative– a good wife, a good daughter, a rather flattened type of Hufflepuff secondary. In the army camp, she’s supposed to be determined and strong, throwing herself at obstacles. But Mulan’s strengths lie instead in observing and finding a way around or over her problems, rather than smashing herself against them. She fires at the mountains, rather than the Huns, to bring the avalanche and turn their odds. She climbs the pole that Shang challenged them with not by struggling against the weights, but by using them to her advantage.

Because her story–both her struggles and her successes–hinges so strongly on her secondary, Mulan’s primary is a little harder to suss out. You could probably argue any Primary House for her, but I’m going to go with Gryffindor Primary. She’s certain and brave. When Mulan listens to herself instead of listening to claims of what she’s “supposed” to be, she tends to find clear forward paths for herself.

She joins the army to save her father (something that looks a bit Slytherin, actually), but as she travels further, she takes on fight after fight that doesn’t belong to her. She tries to solve problems that aren’t her responsibility– her father’s conscription to the army, the war itself, all of China.

When she rides to save the emperor, she has finally dropped all facades of being either the proper daughter or the proper soldier. Nothing shakes her resolve. She knows what she needs to do, no matter what obstacles, friends, or enemies stand in her way, and she does it. She has a Gryffindor’s certainty and a Ravenclaw’s toolkit and this is very, very effective. 

Also why Mary might not be dead:

- Only John tends to her when she’s injured; no one else approaches to check for a pulse or anything after the fact, not that we can see.
- We see a shot of a coffin, and fire. Implying…. Cremation?
- But then we see John walk in the cemetery…. and never see him stop at a grave.
- When he returns home, he’s clearly reeling over something. But maybe it was some other reason he was there—maybe he met Mary there. Maybe this is all an elaborate plan so that she can live in safety, with a new identity. Like Irene Adler. If the world thinks her dead, she’d be safe, right?
- And the final line: “But what if Samarra can be avoided?” Well, maybe she did avoid it. And maybe John helped her avoid it. He wasn’t happy to, but he did.
- Things are just too fishy. Pun intended.

Happy Holidays @waifre! – From Your Secret Santa.

Who says you were just a cover? | Bellarke ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ AU

Clarke Griffin is a contract killer, and a good one at that. Concealing her true profession from her husband, she lives under an elaborate cover involving a house in the suburbs and truly insufferable neighbours. She keeps her secrets, she kills her targets, she lies to Bellamy, and she lives her separate lives.

Until she is assigned to kill Cage Wallace, and discovers her husband has been given the same exact assignment. After failing to assassinate Wallace, Clarke receives a new target: Bellamy Blake.


Could I get a fluffy Pietro imagine where he runs off after a stupid fight with his s/o and when he comes back after a while he notices that she cooked his favorite meal and is asleep now at the kitchen table because she waited for him to return? Like a elaborated version of your headcanon with some fluff? -Requested by anon
Based on this post

As soon as the door slammed shut, your strength faded. A sudden overwhelming sadness fell upon you like a sack of bricks as you collapsed to your knees. You cried, hot, ugly tears pouring down your cheeks.

You and Pietro had just gotten into a fight over something so small, so stupid. Both of you said some pretty harsh things that neither of you meant, but the damage had been done. It was too late to take everything back, because Pietro was… gone. He had sped off somewhere, and you knew you wouldn’t be able to find him no matter how hard you tried. All you could do was wait and hope that he would come back.

The wait was terrible. Every minute, every second, he was on your mind. You tried not to think about the worst scenario- what if he never came back?- but it simply couldn’t be helped. But the more you envisioned your life without him, the more upset you got. You realised that maybe the speedster meant more to you that you originally thought. Every time the window would blow or you heard a small sound, your head whipped to the front door. Each time you prayed it would be him, but it never was.

You tried to get on with your day, but you couldn’t focus. You spent most of your time sitting on the couch with a box of Kleenex, replaying the horrible scenes in your mind. Eventually you had to convince yourself to get up and make dinner.

Without even meaning to, you ended up preparing one of Pietro’s favourite dishes: chicken paprikash. You’d prepared it hundreds of times before, since he always made him happy by reminding him of his childhood in Sokovia. At the back of your mind you thought maybe, just maybe, by making his favourite he would come back. It was ridiculous, you knew, but you had to hope. But once you were finished and you had set the table, you realised you weren’t hungry. You didn’t have the appetite to eat by yourself. So you set out another plate for Pietro and waited.

At some point you must have fallen asleep, because when you woke up you saw that it was noticeably darker outside. But you didn’t care about that. A hand on your shoulder had woken you up, and as soon as you saw whose hand it was your heart soared.

It was Pietro. His eyes were still slightly red from being upset, but then again, so were yours. He had lines around his eyes that made him look tired, exhausted, like he’d just run around the continent a few times. But despite his terrible mood, he managed to smile at you.

“Hey, (y/n),” he said. “I… I see you made paprikash. Was that… for me?”

You nodded. “I waited for you to come back,” you mumbled, tears collecting at the corner of your eyes. “I was… I was worried you wouldn’t come back.” You threw your arms around his neck and pulled him close, sobbing into his chest. You couldn’t stay mad at him for long.

Pietro responded by rubbing your back soothingly. “Of course I came back,” he said softly. “I could never leave you, (y/n). I love you.”

Oh What Needful Things We Are (2/5)

Update a little earlier than expected! Please refer to Part 1 for any edits that were made!

Part 1

“Mrs. Graves?” The boy whispered, stepping into what he had dubbed, in his mind, as Antigone’s parlour. It was deep blues and browns and filled with vases of white, yellow and red flowers, some that Credence recognized from the Solarium. White gardenias, yellow irises, and bloody red poppies splashed together. She was sitting by the window currently, working on a needlepoint that looked elaborate and done entirely in gold and black thread. After a few moments of watching Credence began to recognize the MACUSA symbol, as vague of an image as he had of it, from peering at Percival’s letters and such for any clues about his work.

“Yes, Credence?” The woman didn’t even look up at him.

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“In that moment, we were just kids.”