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Oh, Baby! | 01

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Sehun series | ‘Life As We Know It’ AU | Fluff (involving babies!) | Angst

Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby? Together?

A/N: I think this series is going to be a whole lot of fun to write, because ‘Life As We Know It’ is one of my favourite movies. Also, Sehun with a baby?? Yes please!

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It's Grammys 2019. Taylor wins AOTY. She walks on stage, a ring on her finger, thanks her label and her fans and her family and then goes: "I also wanna thank my best friend. Joe... Baby.. I.. I don't even know what to say. But what I know is that.. I love you more than any love song I could ever write." ❤️

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It looks like Star's first crush on Marco had the same foundations of her crush on Oskar, meaning that it was more than likely just physical attraction and nothing too deep. Hopefully, if they are ever going to become a thing, they will make sure to clarify that their relationship is more than a simple 'crush'.

Yeah I thought the same, that’s why I think it’s not THAT tragic (but offputting, I’m the first to admit it) if Star actually got over her crush for Marco, because she possibly still saw it as something separated from their friendship, from their relationship, as if it was just an extra on top, and not something that’s an essential part to it. “Marco is my best friend and I love spending time with him. He’s also cute, I’d like to smooch that face!”, while it should be something like “Marco is my best friend, and he’s the person I like to spend time with the most. I like him because that’s all I’d like from a relationship: dating is an important experience, and I want to share it with my favorite person”. Physical attractions is important, so it’s a good think that Star already thinks he’s cute; now we just have to hope that she’s going to see soon enough that, as the Jarco breakup and the demons on the Lava Lake beach implied/said, you’re not forced to date your best friend, but the person you date should also be your best friend. Or you’re going to end up like Marco, who couldn’t make up for the lack of “interest” in keeping the relationship going just with effort. And Star and Tom apparently not being on the same page, relationship wise, as shown in Monster Bash, might be a sign of a similar issue (or something that’s going to be worked out - I don’t want to assume to know how the story is going to end).

And Marco is hopefully already in this kind of mindset, ready to smooch the Star as soon as they’re both going to want it.

Seven Minutes In Heaven - Yixing Smut

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“I’m not doing this,” I protested, “how old are you guys? Sixteen? Seriously?!”

I had thrown a party at my apartment tonight. Everyone had gotten substantially drunk, and someone had suggested playing Seven Minutes in Heaven.

“Oh, come on, (Y/N),” Yixing nudged me, “it’ll be fun.”

I blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. I had an intense crush on Yixing, and the alcohol was making him extra flirty tonight. It was hard to decipher if it was because he became this way when he took one shot too many, or if he actually liked me, but I also was not going to stop him.

He offered me his hand. I rolled my eyes at his offer to join the group, but allowed him to help me off of the couch.

I sat on the floor next to my best friend. She was too busy making eye contact with Baekhyun, who nibbled his lip and winked at her, to notice my arrival. Yixing parked himself on the other side of the group from me.

“Okay, (Y/N), since you wanna play the least, you have to go first.” Junmyeon pointed to the empty wine bottle in the middle of our circle.

“Why,” I whined and made sure to draw out the word as I let my shoulders slump.

After the whole group yelled at me to hurry up, I raised my hands in defeat and reached for the bottle. I took a deep breath and spun it, which was met with a chorus of cheers.

I held my breath, anxious to see where the nose of the bottle landed. I nibbled on my thumbnail; my heart raced so hard that I could hear it in my ears.

Finally, it completely stopped moving. I did not even have to follow its direction to know who it was pointing at.

I made eye contact with Yixing, and saw a smirk cross his lips. It was a smile laced with both cockiness and excitement.

Our friends let out hoots and hollers, causing my cheeks to flush bright pink again. Chanyeol and Sehun both nudged Yixing until he finally stood up. He walked over to me and, for the second time of the night, offered me his hand to help me up.

Our fingers laced together as he guided me to the coat closet in the hallway. He flipped on the lightswitch before shutting the door behind us.

I stared at the ground and crossed my arms.

“Um, you don’t, y’know, like, have to do this. If you don’t want…” I didn’t get to finish my thought, however.

Yixing placed a hand under my chin and raised it so that I was making eye contact with him. He had a gentle smile that comforted me instantly.

“Believe me. I do. I have for a very long time.”

His words were barely above a whisper leaving his lips before he crashed his to mine. Our tongues danced and we kissed passionately. His fingers laced in my hair, and he spun me around to press me against the closet door. We only broke apart to gasp for breath. His mouth began to trace down my cheek, leaving kisses along my jawline and neck. Occasionally, he would let out words like, “so beautiful,” and “wanted this for so long.”

He pressed against me as our lips met again, and I felt his cock press against my thigh. I moaned sightly, realizing how turned on we both were just by the simple act of kissing.

I felt a surge of bravery as I reached forward and palmed him through his pants.

“Don’t be a tease,” he chuckled against my mouth.

“I’m not teasing,” I whispered as I guided his hand from my hair to the hem of my skirt. I led his hand up my thigh and placed it at the top of my panties. 

Yixing hummed his approval, but made sure to ask if I was sure.

When I nodded, he wasted no time from there. He pulled my underwear down and his fingers slid into my already wet core. He pumped them in and out of me at a slow pace. I started to moan out loud, but his free hand flew to my mouth. 

“Gotta be quiet, baby girl. Everybody is on the other side of that door.” His breath ghosted across my ear, which did nothing but turn me on more.

“Do you want me? Do you want more.”

I said a quick, “yes,” against his hand.

He pulled his fingers from me, and I whined at the lack of contact. 

He smirked at my response and said, “it’s kind of hot that you want me that bad.”

He relieved himself of his pants and boxers. He pumped his length a few times before coming back to me. Hiking my leg around his waist, his lips began to trace my skin again as his tip teased my entrance.

“I had hoped that, if I was ever lucky enough to sleep with you, it would have been a bit more romantic the first time. I’m not going to turn you away right now though. No way in hell.”

“Yixing,” I responded.


“Hurry up and fuck me already.”

He obliged. He slid into me, slowly. I took a moment to adjust, and then nodded that I was ready for him to move.

Yixing’s hips snapped into action. He did a spectacular job of balancing me on one leg, meanwhile maintaining a steady pace while he slid in and out of me. 

It did not take long for the heat in my stomach to rise. I was tightening around him, and I could feel his pace faltering. 

“Are you ready, babe,” Yixing managed through ragged breath.

“Yes! Yixing, I’m gonna… I’m about to…” I did not finish my sentence before my orgasm poured from me. I felt myself come undone as Yixing finished immediately after me.

He put my leg down, and immediately put an arm on either side of me, pinning me against the door. I thought it was to balance himself so that he could catch his breath, but instead, it was to hold me in place while he slammed his lips against mine again. 

He continued to kiss me for a while longer until there was a knock against the door. 

“Busy,” was Yixing’s response, and that was answered with a sea of giggles.

I heard my best friend and Baekhyun on the other side of the door.

“Yeah, um, you guys realize you’ve been in there a bit longer than seven minutes? Some of us would like to use some time now,” Baekhyun laughed.

“Fine,” Yixing said. We put ourselves back together, and before he opened the door, he whispered, “I’m absolutely not done with you tonight, baby.”


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its been like 3 days and im still not over finding out that in my friend circle my friend’s best friend slept with her boyfriend and then told her she didn’t know they were dating and then also said that fucking is just fucking and she shouldn’t be upset that it happened.

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I'm thankful for pete cause of his break deaths heart speech during wintour. I had lost my grandma the week before & it hit me hard cause we were so close. But the night she passed miss missing you came on and the line "now you're gone but I'll be okay" really hit close to home too, and someday I'd like to get those lyrics as a tattoo to remember her by. also, I got to know one of my bffs bc she came to work in a fob tank top the first time I met her & we instantly clicked bc of that!

What makes you say “Thanks, Pete”?

That brings us to the present day; a few years after graduation. Let’s clear some things up before we continue, yeah?

So, I’m not with Adrian anymore. We broke up a few months after graduation, we had a really good run and he’ll remain the best thing to ever happen to me - but our lives were going in different directions. He was heading off to university in San Myshuno and I stayed here to work for the SimNation Space branch out here in Windenburg. We’re still on good terms but our contact is limited, though I wish it weren’t; I understand he’s busy.

Also, I got a dog! The best dog, in fact. His name is Brutus and he’s the sweetest German Shepherd to ever grace this earth. He’s my best friend, I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Mum and Dad are getting older and it’s really starting to show, they also got a cat, Kiri! She’s a funny little creature. Lily has gotten really into fashion and social media which is super weird but to each his own I guess. Other than that, not much has changed for us Biancos. We’re still the same family we’ve always been.

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Joyce and Karen have been friends since they were babies and karen is the one who kisses Joyce at an after party because even though Joyce is a badass she’s kinda drunk and doesn’t know how to tell her best friend that she might have a huge crush on her. Karen is kind and nice and also kinda drunk so she puts her mouth on Joyce’s mouth because she’s beautiful and her best friend and nothing has ever been this perfect in her seemingly perfect suburban life.

I’m crying this is so perfect I love this so much oh my goodness


Karlie’s POV

It feels like Taylor Swift, the famous country pop singer, have been my best friend in an instant. It’s not hard not to like her. She’s tall like me, she’s also stunning and talented. She’s very genuine and kindhearted person.

I remembered that time when Taylor, very radiant and charming, said in an interview that she loves to bake cookies with me. I obviously agreed on that because who wouldn’t want to bake cookies with Taylor Swift??!  

Pretty soon after that, I can’t help myself to gush about her. I’ve become obsessed! I am her number one fan!

I think some people noticed our awesome bond! Our fans actually called us ‘Kaylor’. 

The two of us start to sleep together, but not in a sexual way. 

Taylor usually have nightmares and I was the one who comforts her in her sleep. 

After a year, we celebrate special events and enjoy each and every moment that we are together, we both realized that we want our relationship into the next level. When we felt something special, we both knew that we want us to be more than best friends.  


 Tonight, we cooked dinner together. I mean, I just messed the kitchen :p

I am just a baker and Taylor is the great cook! And she always does the dishes! My lovely wife!!!

After having a nice dinner, we sat on the couch and watch a romantic movie. We spent some time cuddling and giving light kisses to each other. 

I looked at her confused when Tay abruptly stopped our kiss.

“Hey baby what’s wrong?” - I asked.

“I remembered that I wanted to show you something! Wait here!” - She ran quickly to our bedroom and I waited for her patiently.

 When she came back, she’s only wearing this sexy bra-less black dress on. I looked at her like a predator hunting a prey. She’s smiling shyly at me while waiting for what will I say. I was speechless for a moment but soon I found myself complimenting her.

“You look so hot on that Taylor!”

Her face turned red and played with the hem of her dress as she don’t know what to do next. I stood up and held her hand. I kissed her right cheek, “You”, then her left cheek, “are”, then the tip of her nose, “so” and then her lips “gorgeous”.

As our kiss deepened, she starts removing my clothes. She placed my hands on the hem of her dress. She pushed me unto the couch and sat on top of me.

“Baby can I take this dress off?”

Taylor smile naughtily and said, “Of course baby! I only bought this dress so you could take it off..”

And I obliged…


Inescapable I’m not even going to try

And if I get burned, at least we were electrified
I’m spilling wine in the bathtub
You kiss my face and we’re both drunk
Everyone thinks that they know us
But they know nothing about

All of this silence and patience, pining and anticipation
My hands are shaking from holding back from you (ah, ah, ah)
All of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting
My hands are shaking from all this (ah, ha, ha, ha)  

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Hey! So, I’m a writer, and I have several trans guy characters, and I tend to refer to all of my characters as my children, but I have this one friend who always calls one of them her ‘smol trans boi’. It makes me really uncomfortable, especially given his personality and experiences. I don’t really know how to talk to her about it. She also jokes about me breaking the dresscode bc I’m ‘biologically female’. If y’all have any advice, that’d be really appreciated. Thank you!

I think the best way to deal with this is talking about it in person with her. She needs to know she’s making you uncomfortable
That’s what I’d do anyway, try talk in person -Matt

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Drabble request. Xena: Xena/Gabby.

Thank you for this. :D This request officially makes Xena the 10th fandom I’ve written in! <3

Xena x Gabby, Xena: Warrior Princess. Also on AO3:

“Xena, you want to hear my new story?”

She turned over to face Gabrielle. “What’s it about?”


“No thanks,” Xena scoffed. “Whatever you wrote, I already lived through it once.”

“But…” She frowned down at her scroll. “Don’t you want to hear about it, the way I witnessed it? Don’t you want to know how I see you?”

Xena smiled, facing back up at the sky. Today it was as sunny and cheerful as her best friend. “I don’t need a story to tell me that.”

Gabby’s disappointed silence was palpable.

“Oh, all right.” She settled in. “Go ahead.”

it’s my birthday week!!! send me drabbles

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What's the deal with the red crystal you wear? It looks good on you, I'm just curious if it holds special meaning

my best friend gave it to me for christmas last year and i never took it off bc she lives like an hour away and i dont get to see her as much

we used to live together and i miss her constantly so i wear the necklace she gave me all the time. also it fits my aesthetic perfectly so i love it

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fic title: Orion!

I would definitely read something called “Orion.” I love titles that are just one word.

Quick fun fact: the first tattoo that my best friend from high school ever got was actually something that I designed for her, which was the Orion constellation and a quote underneath. She got it on her rib cage, where I also put my first tattoo. <3

I associate Orion very strongly with her and with that tattoo, so I want to say like a poetic and angsty college AU, maybe some kind of friends with benefits situation where Dean is covered in various tattoos, one being Orion and which fits perfectly under the palm of Castiel’s hand when he holds him. Maybe Cas is an astronomy student, wants to be an astrophysicist someday. There are lots of things left unspoken between them, you know the deal - great distance even between people that get as close as two people can be. I can see Castiel pulling a Me and getting a tattoo to commemorate Dean on his side as well. Maybe Dean goes with him to get it!


Send me a fic title!

Also at my therapy thing today, my therapist Sarah asked what’s up. I told her about how I started a crappy comic and people actually started liking it and stuff. She was happy for me, but then asked what it was about. I had to figure out how to stop laughing from awkwardness and explain my comic as basically a magician got taken and his superhero best friend has to save him. It was so hard to explain because I didn’t want to say it was the ego characters of an Irish youtuber and that part alone makes the comic make sense. It was funny though haha

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This is gonna sound rude and I don't mean it like that it's just as a person with an autistic sibling I don't think Jeremy is autistic, he shows no major signs of it BUT I do think he could have aspergers (if you research it he shows alot more of the signs, like not knowing what's okay socially ect.) Sorry if I'm taking this too seriously, I know none of it is canon, just thought I'd say something? I just think fandoms should do their research before assuming what serious issues characters have.

It didn’t sound rude at all!

But, isn’t Aspergers on the Autism Spectrum? I’m asking because my best friend from when I was little has Aspergers, and his mom always said he was autistic. She could be wrong though.

Also, many of the people in this fandom do use the characters as a projection point, which leads to Jeremy (or any other of the characters) with the authors using that character as a way to show a snippet of their life.

But!! I do see where you’re coming from. I do agree that some fandoms don’t do a lot of research on serious topics, and that needs to stop. Serious topics need to be taken seriously.

Went therapy yesterday and my therapist was concerned about the Venlafaxine cock up, so had to contact my GP today who also has no idea why people can’t obtain it so now they’re having to urgently get people on the case to find out what the heck is going on. She agreed you can’t just stop it either so they need to sort something out - not cool!! In other news, some things seem to be looking up although I’ve made myself somewhat more poorly by trying to help a friend and now I don’t know what to do. My therapist said I need to tell her I can’t cope and I’m sorry but I know it’s not very helpful for me to drop out either 😓. I feel like a let down but I should have listen to Nic - she said I couldn’t cope with it and she’s right.

Hi I’m pretty busy at the moment but I just want to wish my best and cutest and kindest friend @jingogi happy birthday 💖💖💖💖 she’s been with me through thick and thin and I can’t believe we’ve been friends for 2 years but also I can believe that because I feel like I’ve been friends with her since forever AH I LOVE YOU SARAH!!! IM SO THANKFUL FOR YOUUU 💕💕💕