she was acting

(2/3) “One day I found a box of old love letters that my dad had written to my mom. They were romantic letters. They said nice things. I was surprised because I’d never seen him say those things. All of that had disappeared before I was born. My father had never told me anything about himself. Everything I know about him, I learned from my mom. She told me that the romance had been an act. She told me that she later realized he was a very cold man. But Mom always told me that we shouldn’t blame him. She said he had a very rough childhood. His father abandoned the family when he was very young. His mother married another man, and sent him to live with an uncle. She raised an entirely new family and left my father behind. He had a very lonely childhood. So my mother always told me: ‘You must not blame your father.’ She told me that always. Especially after she got sick.”

(Santiago, Chile)

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I think it's a little tricky. I mean Gemmas reaction yesterday. It is pretty obvious that these 2 men were together at some stage. I find it very hard to believe that they were always only friends. So when someone says Larry is real. What does that actually mean. That they are together now? Have been? Either way. Fans are not just taking it out of thin air and she knows that. So her reaction must have a different reason.

Everyone around the boys: No, Larrie isn’t real, you constantly take everything we say out of context to try and keep it real, please leave us alone.

All of you Larries:

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Hi! I love your art. What do you think Pumpkin would do on the surface, once the monsters go free?

She gets to act as the magical companion on some live action magical girl series. It’s the closest to becoming a magical girl, at least.

Whatever she does once the series is over is an absolutely mystery.

name: Sprinkle Star

fusion of: Twight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie

specie: alicorn


she’s a pony who knows how to organize her time

she knows when it’s time to party and when it’s time to study

she loves organizing parties, but mostly just the “organizing” part, 

when the actual party starts, she just corners herself with a book when everypony else parties

she loves reading all sorts of books, mostly comedy

she loves making puns but most of them are library related

she’s always herhyper happy self aroud her friends and family but she acts normally around others she doesn’t know

can’t control my feelings, can’t control my thoughts [clarke/bellamy, the 100, 6K]

When Jasper accidentally gifts Clarke a love potion, everyone she interacts with starts acting…weird. Everyone, that is, except Bellamy. Hogwarts AU featuring a healthy side of Monty/Miller.

“Are people being weird today?” she asks Bellamy, over lunch. They sometimes eat on the stairwell leading up to Gryffindor tower, next to the painting of the goddess Athena that Bellamy befriended in his first year. Growing up in a muggle neighborhood where the pictures don’t move, he’d been ecstatic and overwhelmed by the opportunity to get to talk to actual pieces of history. The nerd.

Bellamy shrugs, brushing some of his chips onto her plate. He pushes his glasses, black and square, up the bridge of his nose. Glasses are such a good look on him. (Though honestly, every look is a good look on him.)

“People are always weird,” he says.

“I mean, like…weirder. Jasper was being weird. Monty was being weird.”

“Maybe they found another secret passage,” says Bellamy. “And are smuggling in more cats.”

“Ugh,” says Clarke, knocking her knee against Bellamy’s. “Don’t remind me.”

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Imagine some person see Supergirl fly into her apartment's window (really though it's a thing she does in the show and she's so careless 😂) and the person, not knowing better took a video of this and posted it on social media. The internet basically assumes that Supergirl is dating Kara Danvers and Lena's really pissed about it cause they're dating but haven't told anyone and she also doesn't know about Kara being Supergirl so she acts all salty about it in social media.

tbh I think no matter how pissed off Lena is she’d never cause any unecessary public attention to kara’s dating life.. and if Lena would mention something on social media it would get A LOT of attention..

so I think she’d be really upset, probably crying a little when noone sees her and then distract herself with work, she’d need some time to process what she just saw, she and Kara haven’t been dating that long, it’s still a secret, they haven’t been on that many dates yet and only made out a few times..  so she’d wait for Kara to come over to her office for one of their lunch dates the next day. and when Kara comes into the office she’d notice that something is really wrong because Lena is always happy to see her but this time she looks really sad and doesn’t even get up to give her a hug.. so she asks what’s wrong and Lena would be like “why?” Kara is really confused at that. “why what?” and Lena would be like “Supergirl?” Kara lets out a deep sigh and continue “so you heard about that? It’s not how you think it is…” “Oh really?” “Yes!” Kara walks around Lena’s desk to be closer to her and Lena trusts Kara so much and really wants to believe what she says so she gives her a chance to explain “then how is it?” and that’s how Lena finds out Kara is Supergirl and when Lena asks “Would you have ever told me on your own?” Kara answers with “of course!” right away. “I’ve been trying to for a while now but I never knew how to say the words, I didn’t want you to be disappointed in me.” “why would I be disappointed” “because I didn’t tell you the truth when we started dating. you deserved to know the truth from the start and I just didn’t know how to tell you” “because I’m a Luthor” “No!” Kara nearly shouts and gets down on her knees before Lena so Lena doesn’t have to look up to see her. she catches her eyes. “Because I love you” Lena’s mouth falls open slightly at that “and I didn’t know if you still would have wanted me if you knew the truth. My cousin.. he’s the one who arrested your brother and I know how much he still means to you” Kara looks down at that. Lena raises her hand and touches Kara’s cheek slightly “I love you too Kara, and nothing will change that. Lex deserves to be locked up and” she shakes her head, deciding that’s a conversation for another time.  “you know, I always thought Supergirl was really hot” “Oh really?” Kara blushes. “I mean have you seen her arms? They’re really strong… and the way she held me” she adds with a smirk. “If I hadn’t already been infatuated with you I might have asked her out.” “So you’re okay with it?” “Darling, I’m so okay with it” and with that Lena leans in to kiss Kara who responds very enthusiastically..

..and that’s how they accidently broke Lena’s desk..

“Don’t worry Kara, I wanted to get a new one anyway, this one was a little.. unstable” 

If I was a writer on Legends of Tomorrow for Season 3

So let’s say I became a writer for LoT next season here are some things I would change / fix. I’ll probably be adding to this list since the finale episode hasn’t aired yet and I’ll probably be let down by the upcoming episodes :).

  1. Only add one more cast member and that would be Snart. I don’t care if a character has to be traded out for him to join, bring Snart on the ship.
  2. Have Jax and Stein suit up more. In season 1 I really liked when they became Firestorm but for some reason in season 2 they hardly do that.
  3. Have Sara be in a long term (season long) relationship. Either that would be with Snart, Rip, or a female character. I feel like constantly seeing Sara flirt around through out time is getting boring and expected, I would like to see how she acts in a more serious relationship with a female or male character.
  4. No more Amaya and Nate pairing. I can’t tell if they’re broken up or what, but I would write them to be just friends.
  5. Have Amaya go back to forming her relationship with Mick. Start off slow, but as the season goes we see how they both are helpful to each other and how they become romantic with one another. I REALLY WANT MICK AND AMAYA TOGETHER. IF YOU FOLLOW MY BLOG YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! But of course I would write Amaya’s story arc to be more than just romance.
  6. Have the team respect Mick. I want them to apologize to him and start considering his opinion.
  7. Write Stein to be less of a rude old man, it’s not cute, nor funny.
  8. Rip and Sara as co-captains. 
  9. In season 3 have one villain.
  10. I want Kendra and Carter make appearances through out the season 3.

To be continued…

so here’s the thing

Hylia is Zelda - she reincarnates as Zelda every time. so Zelda trying to connect to Hylia and tap into her divine powers by going to the shrines should really, in essence, be about her trying to understand who she is in each incarnation (and other games, particularly WW, show that the shrines aren’t necessary for a Zelda to tap into her own magic)

but BotW’s Zelda has phenomenal pressure put on her by her father to do as her ancestors did, be like the other Zeldas. and it doesn’t work because that’s not who she is (and thus she can’t connect to Hylia because that’s not who she is anymore either)

and like the Silent Princess flower, Zelda is unable to flourish in what is essentially captivity - and so wasn’t able to tap into what came so easily to all those who came before her until she had to act on instinct

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Autumn's two emotions: 1. "I AM SO GREAT!!! I AM SO GREAT!!!" 2. "I hate myself so much. . ."

you’re gettin too real in my inbox, anon


Finn: Listen here, you shut up about Charlee. You’re jealous because she’s a genuinely fun person to be around and she doesn’t need to act like a fake bitch to make friends. I actually feel bad for you, it must suck to only care about yourself and your stupid “standards”. You are really pathetic. Don’t you dare ever speak about her like that again or I will make your life living hell. 

Grace: Woah.. calm down. I didn’t know you guys were lovebirds. 

Finn: Can you go away already? I can only loose so many brain cells in one day. 

Grace: Fine, fine. I’ll leave. Jeez. 


my dogs name is Stryker, he’s a long haired chihuahua and hes 13 yrs old! he runs around like hes still a pup though

my cats name is Angel and she is 4 years old. she acts just like a pup

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Supercorp and/or Sanvers go to a bar/club. Who would be the one to get hit on the most? Does the other get jealous? What are they wearing?

Kara gets hit on the most! Guys and girls alike send her drinks, people come up and ask her to dance … She’s just so approachable and nice and pretty.

The rest of them get their fair share but Kara is hands down the most flirted with. And she doesn’t even notice half of it! She just thinks people are just being nice! It drives Lena up the wall!! anytime someone comes over to their table she has to act a little possessive, of course Kara loves it, and everyone thinks that she doesn’t know what’s happening, but later she confesses that she realizes at least some of it but she just really gets off on possessive Lena! - of course Lena is happy to oblige!

Maggie and Alex - jeans, boots, and matching badass leather jackets!

Kara - something bright - per usual - probably a belted dress OR my personal favorite - a button up shirt tucked into dress pants!

Lena- Skinny jeans and ridiculously high heels with a nice soft oversized sweater!

Later that night, Luke caught me outside of the nursery.

“Is Pippa annoyed at me?” he asked, catching me off guard. I hadn’t told Luke that Pippa knew that he wasn’t her real father.

“Not that I know of, why?”

“She’s acting stand-offish towards me and trying to dismiss me a lot. It’s not like her at all..”

“Hmm, that’s strange. She’s probably just having mood swings, I wouldn’t worry about it.” I lied. Luke stroked my cheek with his thumb.

“Okay, if you say so. Hey, we should start planning our wedding soon.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

Twice Reaction To You Grabbing Their Butt

Mina: She wouldn’t really know which reaction to express apart from smiling and taking your hand away from her butt.

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Momo: She would turn into flirty mode immediately. She would start to grab your butt too in an really suggestive way.

Originally posted by alltwice

Dahyun: She would be shook and startled at first cause she’s a baby and it’s not used to being touched like that all of sudden.

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Jeongyeon: She would think it was very inappropriate at the moment. She would try to disguise her surprised face and would probably glance at you with an “not right now” look on her face.

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Tzuyu: She would froze and pretend she didn’t felt a thing. She would try to act normally but would feel weird. But then she would feel it again and she would quickly turn around to look at you and avoid you from doing it again.

“Um… what are you doing?”

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Chaeyoung: She would be really similar to Momo, but less flirty and more embarrassed. Only if you’re in public, of course, cause if it’s in private, she would do the same with you.

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Sana: She would be shyshyshy over it. She would be really shocked and would try to hide her embarrassment the most she could.

“That was unexpected.”

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Jihyo: It would surprise her. She would pretend to be shocked but would secretly like it. Would also probably scold you for it later.

Originally posted by fantasjihyo

Nayeon: She would be shocked. She would stop everything she was doing to look up at you. She would be also shocked by seeing you walk away like nothing happened. Then later she would scold you for getting her so off guard like that.

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Oh… this moss is living. Is it gem-possesed like most things they’ve been dealing with before?

She did? Why would Rose need to plant that?

I guess she really liked flowers, and nature in general, judging by all the roses on everything related to her, she might’ve been some kind of a gardener.

If Rose could create living mosses and overpowered laser light cannons, imagine how much of a powerful person she was, holy shit.

I just want to point out how sad Pearl sounds when talking about Rose being gone. I noticed that in Laser Light Cannon as well. The three of them (plus Greg) apparently had to deal with the grief, but perhaps Pearl was the one who took it the hardest, or at least this is how she’s been acting.

I mean that’s… an extraordinary fetish, Rose. Not going to judge you, though.

Interesting, apparently Rose was really loving and caring, this explains some traits of Steven’s personality.

I’m happy we’re finally getting somewhat a sense of what Rose was like.

the waitress totally forgot to put in the order for my food at the restaurant we just went to: they brought out my bf’s food and she acted like we were just sharing it, and when she came back to ask if we needed anything else, we asked about my food and she got this “oh shit” look on her face. -__-


oldest sibling Fervis Fire and over all badass the one everyone knows and love because of how epic and cool she is.

second sibling Avala Fire the assassin of the trio and quite nerd who secretly reads comic books and apparently has a snake wife he hides from alot.

youngest sibling Iris Fire the baby of the group and the only one who truly fits the role of princess since she acts prim and proper and loves all things involved with gardening.