she was absolutly amazing


Sorry i have to do this, i can’t stand Reading comments like i tought Belle was beautifull? Could they just pick a better Belle?

For me Emma Watson is a perfect and beautifull Belle, i always hoped that she would play Belle, she is a beautifull young woman, and does tell beauty and the beast that beauty lies within? Well Emma Watson is beautifull on the outside but also from the inside i am sure if that, all that hate towards her, you didnt even saw her as Belle right? So why don’t give her a change? Stop seeing her as Hermione see her as Emma and as Belle

From what i saw it looks absolutly amazing and she does a great job, and i am a very big beauty and the beast fan, i am not saying the biggest because that doesnt excist everyone who loves the movie do it with their own special way.

So everybody is making these since 2016 is ending (thank god). I made this blog seven months ago and since then I have met all these amazing people. Even if 2016 was the worst year ever. I hope 2017 is going to way better. Also my banner is really bad im sorry

mutuals are bolded 

the special mentions

@captainriphunter: Meg is actually the first person I talked too on this site and my first friend. She absolutly amazing and dragged me into watching black sails and the person I go to yell about htgawm.

@starklinqs: Janie is so nice like ????? her headcanons are canon in my heart. We can talk about talk about the most random things honestly she is the best.

@clexamas: Kyria is so salty , we both hate Rose Geller and Finn Collins with a burning passion. She is such fun person to talk to

the cardamothers : @simonlevvis @daixyridley @faenies @mnyardjsten @glitteryteaworld @vangoghandsleep @deerjily @evakskamyou guys know how much I love you guys I say it everyday


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