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Isn't it possible that the woman everybody guessed is Gon's mother was actually a Mito prototype like some others suggested? What do you think?

(in ref to this)

It’s all up for speculation! Since this mystery lady is drawn with Ging, the most we can really assume is that Togashi came up with a female counterpart to him, be it a romantic relation or family member. The original tweet speculates that she is a “mother-like” figure, and TONS of us want at least a hint of who Gon’s birth mother could be… 

It’d be really cool if she was a scrapped idea for Gon’s mom!! To me, she doesn’t look anything like Mito, and since other characters are virtually unchanged from how they look in the finished product, I personally kind of doubt she’s Mito. Maybe her role evolved and Togashi decided to change her design along with it? We might never know, but it’s still fun to wonder!

Watching Giant Woman. Steven’s voice really IS more nasally in the newer episodes.

Garnet materializing a lavaproof visor is cool.

Really not feeling the sudden musical overture, but Amethyst turned into a shark and that’s great. I knew I liked her.

I know they’re all technically his guardians, but Amethyst acts more like a sister to Steven than a mom. I almost like that dynamic better.

The whole fusion thing was something that drew me to the show in the first place, and I’m more curious about it now. Pearl and Amethyst only formed Opal after being forced to work together, even though their personalities obviously clashed the entire time. Makes me woner how much of fusion is an emotional alignment and how much of it is, like, gem compatability or something. Under what conditions would two gems be completely unable to fuse?

Garnet throwing the beetle into a tiny terrarium before bubbling it is pretty cute. I wonder where it came from.

On to Rose’s Room!

hey. not wanting to date a trans person because they’re trans is actually 100% transphobic. it’s not up for debate. nobody’s saying you have to date every trans person you meet, but let’s say you’re attracted to women, and you meet a cute girl and you hit it off, and you decide not to date her when you find out she’s trans: that’s transphobic! that’s not a preference!!!! you liked her before you found out she was trans!!! the real problem here is you’re not viewing trans women as women (or trans men as men). you’re viewing them as a different gender than their cisgender peers. that’s not okay. trans woman = 100% woman. trans man = 100% man. unlearn your transphobia. trans people are really cool ppl with a neat perspective on life and if you don’t wanna date us because you can’t get over your nasty preconceptions then it’s your loss tbh


phew! so, there’s a lot to say but i’m not going to ramble on if i can help it. this is probably my first comic commission ever, for a very patient (and regular) commissioner over email! i’m not happy with how long it took for me to get it done, considering i should have planned my holiday better (forgot my laptop charger when i went home for christmas), and kept a better hold on the files as a whole page was lost at one point.

the point of this comic was to address an interesting dream – the text for it is word for word what was told to me by the commissioner! (what i’m saying is damn don’t they have a way with words) another point of this was to play with dimensions, reality and space. 

overall, this was a good project for me to work on, and i’m more than happy for this experience. hope you all enjoy it as much as i did making it!


How cool is it that this woman is a badass cyborg cyberneticist working in a shop modifying a woman’s actual spine like she’s casually giving her a sweet tattoo because it’s really cool

The kindness of strangers

I was at the gym and had was starting my cool down and silently pouting about an injury (which I’ll write about later) when I was approached by a woman I’ve seen here over the past few months.

She motioned for me to take out my earphones, which I did.

“I wanted you to know we’ve seen you here working hard every day and it’s so impressive and motivating to us all!”

“Keep up the great work. It’s really impressive!”

Needless to say I was surprised and practically giddy. I thanked her and went back to my workout with a spring in my step and increased confidence I’ll push through this little setback and keep kicking butt.

Never underestimate the importance of a simple act of kindness.

I figured out what's really bothering me about Malec in this episode

Jace is torn up over Clary, goes on a womanizing bender, snaps out of it when he realizes Clary is in danger, thus proving that he can’t move past her and she’ll always come first

Simon has a date with Maia and wants to learn how to be cool, then ends up messing up before redeeming himself by being himself, and learns from Maia that he will always love Clary and should go for it.

Isabelle is getting deeper and deeper in her drug addiction and is on a journey to find her next fix.

Luke doesn’t know whether to trust his sister. Clary goes against his wishes, leading him on a journey to Valentine, where we learn more about his past.

Alec and Magnus… Come back from a date. Kiss on a balcony for 5 seconds. Alec decides he wants to have sex and pushes Magnus into the bedroom.

There’s no… There’s no story there. There’s no plot. It is literally quick Malec scenes just for the sake of having Malec scenes. The other characters are so deep in their character arcs and their journeys, and are helping develop the whole story. And Malec was just… There. Click-bait

Boss (Part #2)

Ahh! Part #2 to Boss is here! First off, thank you thank you THANK YOU for the  amazing and supportive response to the first one! I’m really hoping that this part doesn’t disappoint! The way this one leaves off, there’s definitiely enough plot for a part 3, just let me know if you want it! If you want to read the first part, click here. Thank you to the moon and back for reading! I hope you enjoy!

The lady in the white coat looked at you kindly before she spoke.

“Will the father be joining us today, or shall we begin?” There was a hint of sympathy in her tone but you could tell by her cool professionalism that you weren’t the only woman to ever show up alone to an appointment such as this.

You bit your lip, hoping to buy Harry some time. This wasn’t something you wanted to do without him but you didn’t exactly have all the time in the world to wait for him.

“We can get started,” you said finally.

With a small smile the nurse gathered her supplies and lifted your hospital gown up towards your breasts, exposing your slightly swollen stomach.

“The gel will be a little cool to the touch, but nothing too unpleasant,” she explained, slathering the cold substance across your skin. “Miss Y/N, you might want to look at the screen now.”

Emotion clogged your throat and tears sprang to your eyes. Your baby. Yours and Harry’s baby. Such a tiny thing that somehow managed to be the biggest thing in your life. It was so precious you almost didn’t think that you were worthy to have something that perfect inside of you. But the moment was bittersweet. There was nothing you wouldn’t give to have Harry’s hand in yours, his lips whispering sweet nothings in your ear about how the two of you made that little peanut.

At this stage, there wasn’t much to be said about your baby’s condition. After the nurse cleared you both for being healthy and at the right stage, you took the gown off and slipped your street clothes back on. You were placing your right foot into your shoe when your former boss came charging into the little room. His hair was neatly gelled to perfection and his black suit fit him snugly in all the right places.

“I’m sorry I’m late. Did I miss anything?” Harry asked frantically.

The nurse mashed her lips into a thin hard line and turned her back away. Obviously, it was a question she wanted you to answer.

“I…I’m done. I’m ready to leave,” you said slowly, wishing your words weren’t true.

Harry’s face fell and guilt filled his eyes. “My God, baby, you have no idea how…”

“Harry, Harry. Shh. It’s okay, we’re okay. Actually, we’re more than okay,” you soothed, placing your hand on your stomach.

He sighed and shook his head. “I wanted to be here. I should have been here. But the meeting ran late and I…”

You cut him off again. “I don’t want you beating yourself up over this. I was the one who insisted you go to work this morning. Right now, I just want to go home. I’m tired.” As soon as you spoke, a yawn left your mouth.

Harry nodded once and wrapped his strong arms around your body. Your face nestled into his warm chest and you breathed in his cologne. You were happy he still smelled just as delicious as ever. Unlike some other scents, this one didn’t cause you to run to the toilet with your hand over your mouth.

Harry’s hand rested on your knee the entire car ride home. Every chance he got, he apologized, until you finally shut him up by pressing your lips to his at a red light. You ran your hand through Harry’s hair for the remainder of the drive to relax him. The stress of work and missing your appointment were weighting heavily on him.

After he pulled into his driveway, Harry immediately stepped out of the driver’s side and jogged around to your door. It was cold for early December, and ever since you slipped on a patch of ice the previous week, Harry refused to let you walk unassisted. His concern was sweet and slightly unwarranted, but you didn’t want to protest against any opportunity of having Harry’s arms around your waist.

Dinner was a quiet affair that evening, but it wasn’t an awkward silence. Instead, it was spurred by the fact that Harry couldn’t stop looking at the picture of the ultrasound you had shown him. His thousand watt smile took up the majority of his face as he lightly brushed his thumb over the image. He almost couldn’t believe that something that beautiful was real. And his.

“So beautiful,” he murmured. Placing your fork down on the table, you covered his hand with yours.

“I know. She’s something, isn’t she?” you asked.

Harry’s eyes widened and his body froze. “It’s a girl?”

Part of him was overjoyed that he was having a daughter but the other half was torn up over the fact that he missed that announcement.

Hastily, you backtracked.

“No! I mean, I don’t know. It’s too early to tell. But it’s just a feeling I have. I keep seeing this little girl in my dreams. She has green eyes and curly brown hair and she’s just the most beautiful little thing,” you sighed dreamily.

Harry squeezed your hand. “Whatever it is, I’ll love it more than anything else. I already do.”

He took a sip of sparkling water and proceeded to eat his dinner. After a few more bites, you decided to bring up work.

“So Harry, you know how we have the budget meeting next week, I was thinking we could…” He didn’t let you finish.

“Woah, Y/N. I thought we agreed you weren’t going to work any longer.” His fork was frozen mid-air and his eyebrows were drawn over his eyes, the expression you saw a countless number of times in the board room.

You sat back in your chair. Technically, you had agreed to that, you just didn’t mean it when you did. The first few weeks had presented you with terrible morning sickness that prevented you from going in the office. You stayed at Harry’s and your sister came to keep you company.

The thing was, you wanted to work. You enjoyed the challenge and liked when your ideas were valued. Even though you were still in the first trimester, it wasn’t just the physical challenges that had Harry wanting you at home. Deadlines and pressures were stressful. So was office gossip. Which was another reason you thought Harry didn’t want you at work. Maybe he wanted you hidden.

“Harry, please. I haven’t been as sick lately, and I miss work. I won’t work throughout the entire pregnancy, but can we at least play it by year?” you asked.

Harry crossed his arms over his chest. The expensive white fabric strained against his shoulders. “Trust me, I miss having you at work, too. But I can’t risk the stress messing with you or our baby. Please. I have enough money for the both of us. You don’t have to work another day in your life if you don’t want to.”

You scoffed. This was the last thing you wanted. You were with this man because you loved him. Not because you wanted a free ticket.

“How about I work half-days?” you compromised.

Harry just rolled his eyes in response.

“Why don’t you tell me why you really don’t want me in?” Your voice lowered. “Are you embarrassed of me or something? Are you ashamed to have gotten the new employee, straight out of college, knocked up?”

The only sound was that of Harry’s chair scraping against the hardwood floor.

“Up,” he said in a clipped tone.

You complied, and suddenly Harry was sitting in your chair with your legs straddling either side of his waist. His hands soothingly rubbed circles into your lower back which seemed to always be tight nowadays.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, about you is shameful. The fact that I’m your boss and you’re my employee doesn’t change the fact that you’re the smartest, most beautiful and kindest woman I’ve ever met. I’ve wanted you since the first time I’ve set my eyes on you, and I always will.” His lips gently pressed onto your forehead.

You let your body warm with his words before you spoke. “It’s just that I know what Lindsay and Abby say about me so I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to keep your distance from me at the office.”

Harry’s jaw tensed and he tightened his grip around you. “They bully you? Since when?”

“Um, since my first day,” you said, surprised Harry had no idea.

“Okay. Well, they’re fired,” Harry said matter-of-factly.

“Wait, what?”

“You think I’m going to keep those who make others uncomfortable, especially when the one they’re hurting is you? I don’t think so, Y/N.”

You smiled against his chest. Your fingers traced the tattoo peeking through his shirt. You were shocked to say the least when you first discovered them. But even more so when you flipped through his old photo album and saw the long hair he sported in his early twenties. You had to admit, he rocked the man bun.

“Harry,” you said suddenly.


“Why didn’t you tell me about tomorrow?”

Harry sighed. “Because I don’t know if I’m going yet.”

You looked up at him. “What do you mean? It’s your parents’ Christmas party. You have to go,” you said.

You had found the invitation in a kitchen drawer after looking for a recipe. The card was cream and heavy, and an indicator that Harry wasn’t the only successful person in his family.

“Do you want to go?” he asked you. “Because I’ll only go if you want to. I won’t go alone.”

You plastered on a sweet smile and flustered your lashes.

“Looks like we’re going then,” he said. He smiled but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

You didn’t think you personally knew as many people as the number that occupied the ballroom.

With wide eyes, Harry took in the scene in front of him. “I swear, they invite every bloody person they know.”

Everyone in attendance looked so put together and just… expensive. The only reason why you might possibly fit in with the crowd was the man on your arm. The black dress you were wearing was classy and concealed any bump you might already have, but no matter what, you doubted you stood out as much.

Harry swore under his breath when his eyes landed on a slightly older couple by the grand piano. Her sequined dress was long and silver and the man’s tie was a near exact shade. As soon as you saw them, you knew they had to be Harry’s parents. But they weren’t behind Harry’s curse. It was the willowy beautiful woman standing beside them. Her lips matched the vibrant red of her dress. Her black hair was up in a chignon and her level of sophistication was something you couldn’t even dream of matching. Luckily, by the time you and Harry approached Eileen and Tom, the statuesque beauty was long gone.

“Mom. Dad.” Harry said in greeting. “What the hell is Alisha doing here?”

His words shocked you. Surely he wasn’t going to leave you to introduce yourself?

“Darling,” Eileen said. “She’s an old, dear friend. It’s a shame you just missed her. Hopefully you’ll see her around.”

“Who’s this new friend, son?” Tom looked at you with an amused gleam in his eye.

Harry cleared his throat. “This is Y/N. My girlfriend,” he said.

Eileen smiled at you and the word “fake” rang through your mind.

“Nice to meet you both,” you said shyly.

A waiter with a tray of champagne passed by and left the entire thing on the piano.

“Harry, Y/N, have a drink,” Tom said, helping himself to a glass. “You won’t find a better champagne anywhere else.”

You politely declined. Harry took one but had yet to take a sip.

“Oh come on, I insist.”

Still, you declined.

“Oh, come on, now!” Tom was persistent.

“Dad!” Harry said.

“God, Tom, have you gotten that old?” Eileen sneered. “She’s pregnant. Look at her. How else would she be here with Harry right now?”

You had never felt smaller in your entire life. When the sting of Eileen’s venomous bite subsided, a dangerous thought occurred to you.

“Pregnant?” Tom was puzzled, as though the concept was foreign to him.

“You haven’t told them?” you whispered.

For his part, Harry stood frozen, his mouth fallen in a small ‘o.’

Excusing yourself, you walked further into the crowd, just wanting to be lost for a few moments.

“Y/N! Wait,” Harry’s arm lightly grabbed onto yours. You slowed.

“What Harry?”

He licked his lips. “See this is exactly why I didn’t want to come. And why I didn’t tell them. My parents, they’re freaking crazy, okay? And I don’t care what they say. I only care about you.”

He leaned in and kissed you. Well, it certainly made sense.

“Can we go now?” you asked.

“Of course.”

As the two of you were walking out, a jovial looking man with white hair stopped Harry. You had seen this man’s picture in Harry’s office. He was the one who helped him found the company. Harry gave you a look as if to say, only for a few minutes. You excused yourself to use the ladies’ room.

By the time you returned, Harry was nowhere to be found. You explored the grand room with little luck. You heard hushed voices from a hallway. You were about to turn around when you realized one of them sounded all too familiar. As if in slow motion, you looked down the hall, and saw Harry’s lips pressed against the red of Alisha’s.

Heartbroken and humiliated, you turned on your heel to get the hell out of there. Harry was too preoccupied to even notice you.

“Leaving so soon?” Tom asked as you stormed past him.

“Of course, dear, it’s passed her bedtime,” Eileen said. Maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

For the first time in two months, you slept in your own bed. Your pillowcase was soaked with your tears. They still continued to fall long after you listened to Harry’s message. Your dad picked you up from the party and drove you home with no questions asked. He was a man of few words, but his comfort was exactly what you needed. Harry had guessed what you saw and insisted that she was the one who kissed him. You didn’t care. He kissed back. But that wasn’t even the root of the problem. Seeing her with him reminded you of how little you belonged with him. That was what hurt.

Your sister came over the following day, intent on having a junk food and movie day.

“Chocolate won’t hurt the baby,” she promised.

But maybe it did. Halfway through the second movie, unbearable cramps pierced through your back, causing you to scream in agony.

“You okay?” your sister asked. “I’m pretty sure a pregnant woman isn’t supposed to sound like that.”

The pain refused to subside and you felt wetness in between your legs. Slowly, in your living room, you pulled your pants down and saw the one colour you were praying you wouldn’t see.

Within minutes, your sister was driving you to the hospital. The nurse on duty was slightly worried when you explained your situation, which did nothing to calm your nerves.

You were lying flat on your back staring at the ceiling when Harry came into the room. Your sister must have called him.

His finger lightly caressed your cheek. You recoiled from his touch.

“Y/N? Are you okay, please tell me you’re okay?” He whispered.

You shut your eyes and turned on your side away from him.

“Please, Y/N, don’t shut me out. Let me be here for you.”

“Go away, Harry,” you cried.

“No,” he said simply.

“Yes!” you cried even harder. “There’s no reason for you to be here. I’ve lost the baby.”

All the air was sucked from the room. You weren’t sure when, but Harry eventually left and the nurse entered.

“Okay, Y/N. We have the results from your tests. Make sure to get more fluids and rest, but other than that, you and the baby are perfectly healthy.”

When I was a waitress I had this woman who wanted to ask me something about her drink. I thought she just wanted to know if it was alcohol in it or something (which is something you should check before you order btw), but no. She wanted to ask what the ice in her drink was for… What?! She asked what it was for and if she should eat it with her fork. Ma'am, it’s a hot day, you ordered a cooling drink, I really think you should know the purpose of the ice in your glass… The fact that it is in a glass in the first place should give you a hint that you are not meant to eat it with a fucking fork

The Real Deal

by Andy Weir

“I tell ya, it’s the real deal!” Ray said. “The real deal!”

“Oh yeah?” Bobby replied. “Tell me more.”

“She’s the most amazing woman I’ve ever met!” He snatched his cigarettes from the coffee table. “I mean, we’ve only had one date, but wow! I never met a chick I could really talk to before, ya know?”

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ok so like

im doing volunteer work this weekend for my old dance academy. everyone there knows me, even people that i don’t know. they all know who i am because i used to be one of the most advanced dancers in the whole school

and today a grandmother of a little girl who i think is cool tbh came up to me and asked me if i missed dancing and when i said yes she said “good. you were really really good. you danced so beautifully” and then before i walked away she told me that i was such a good role model. she emphasized this. she told me her granddaughter looked up to me so much

i didn’t even know this woman, you know??

i almost started crying it was the best feeling in the world. it makes me feel good about myself.

i am dirt poor and i struggle with my weight and my confidence but i am a role model and i think if i never accomplish anything else in life, its worth it to know that people i don’t even know think so highly of me. that i’ve made that sort of impact on someone. im so blessed.

Thank you so much! and Oh god Zarya is VERY anti-omnic. 

  • At first Zarya wouldn’t let them anywhere near her. She doesn’t trust omnics and she wants them all as far from her as possible.
  •  The fact that they are always looking at Zarya unnerves her, she thinks its from ill intent. Not admiration
  •  Then they keep trying to get closer to her and now she’s REALLY on edge. She thinks there’s no reason for them to be near her. So surely they must be up to something
  •  One day she can’t take it anymore and confronts the recruit. And boy oh boy is she intimidating when she does. I mean the woman is a mountain of muscle and she doesn’t look happy.
  • Its only after the recruit stutters out how they think she’s really cool and they look up to her that she realizes they actually meant no harm.
  • After that she makes an effort to be nicer to them, but it takes her a while before she’s completely comfortable around them. And even then she’ll still slip up sometimes and say something rude.
  •  But she makes the effort and eventually they’re pretty inseparable
  •  Overall the recruit would have to just be very persistent and patient with Zarya, considering that years of hate and fear don’t just disappear in a day.
BunnyRibbit - Flashbacks

Lucio rolled over and reached for his lover. Hana usually liked to steal all the pillows for herself, so it wasn’t uncommon for him to reach for her and some of the stolen pillows in the middle of the night. The pillows were just a bonus though. What he really wanted was to feel the warmth of Hana pressed into his chest. He loved that feeling, and it helped him get to sleep, even though they often separated within the first couple hours due to the heat. Scrounging around for the tiny young woman, Lucio felt a coolness where she was supposed to be laying.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Lucio removed his earplugs. Despite loving his music, and everything else, he couldn’t sleep if there was a whole lot of noise—and with Overwatch, there was a lot of noise. It almost made him wonder if the Junkers ever slept or understood something without exploding it first. However, tonight was rather quiet. It was a little odd, but perhaps, for once, everyone was either asleep or they had finally understood the idea of quiet time. Neither of those was very likely, but he could hope.

Placing his feet on the floor, Lucio gave himself a second to stretch as he stood up. He may be only twenty-six, but man did he feel old first thing after he woke up. There were a few small audible cracks as he straightened his spine along with a groan as the still groggy Lucio stood up. Looking up, Lucio noticed a dark figure standing next to the doorway. This realization woke Lucio up instantly, and he let out a small scream as he fell backwards onto the bed. And with that, the figure was gone. Lucio cursed himself as he got up. He hated when that happened, and had asked Hana many times if they could move the mirror so that he wouldn’t scare himself half to death if he had to get up in the middle of the night to pee.

As Lucio searched around the watch point for Hana though, she was in none of her usual spots. Not under the Cherry Blossom tree that both she and Genji liked to sit under to chat and watch the sun rise or set, nor was she in the game room, or cleaning her mecka either. Finally, Lucio came across the mess hall. Some of the lights were on, which wasn’t unusual as Angela liked to stay up late and would regularly get up to get coffee to help keep her focused on her research. But tonight there were voices emanating from the far end of the room. They were low voices, but could still be heard from the doorway since the silence rang through the halls.

Lucio could smell the sweet smell of the creamer that Hana liked to put into her coffee. He could never pronounce the Korean name for it or remember what it was called for that matter, but he knew that smell. It was a distinct smell that always reminded him of his little Honey Bunny. That’s when the shrieking voice of Junkrat chimed in and broke Lucio out of his thoughts.

“We all go through this. Don’t worry about it too much! Maybe they deserved to get blown to all hell, ya never know!” Junkrat let out his chirpy laugh.

Lucio ducked back out of sight from the group sitting in the single light shining over the table near the coffee pot. He could tell that the group was having a moment and didn’t want to interrupt—especially, because he knew that Hana had been really struggling with all that they had been doing lately and had been having nightmares about it all. There had been more than one occasion that he had to comfort Hana out of a screaming or crying fit in her sleep. It had all really started to take a toll on her mental and emotional health, and Lucio wished that there was more that he could do to help her. Yet maybe, talking could help her, and the much needed support of her fellow teammates. He had about walked away when he heard Hana speak up.

“I just don’t know anymore,” she ran her fingers along her coffee mug, “I used to just think of all of this as a game, but now, I just don’t know. I can’t seem to sleep anymore, the nightmares keep coming. Every time I close my eyes I just keep seeing all the faces. All the faces of the people that we couldn’t save or the destruction that has been caused—it all haunts me.”

The pain in her voice broke Lucio’s heart. He couldn’t bear to see her like this anymore. He just wished he could take away all her pain. She was still so young, yet forced to grow beyond her years in what she has seen and done. Of course doing what they do there was going to be a lot of struggle, and all of them knew that. Sighing to himself, Lucio was about to walk away and let Hana have her moment, but something in him made him stay longer.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself Ms. Song,” Angela’s soft tone seemed barely above a whisper, yet outweighed that of Junkrat. “We’ve all done things we wished we could have done differently, and there are certain things that will haunt us for the rest of our lives.”

The mechanical monotone voice of Zenyatta spoke up too, “Yes Hana, even I have some regret of what has happened under my watch. Sometimes I wonder, myself, whether or not this is the right path. However, there are things that do make all of this worth it. You just have to wait for them to show up.”

Hana sighed. “Thank you, guys. I think I feel a little better. I just wish-”, she stopped. “I wish I could forget that littles boy’s face.” She was sobbing now. “I could have saved him if I hadn’t froze. He would still be alive and his family could hold their child again. Every night he calls out to me for help, and every night I freeze again. I just want it to stop.”

Angela had her arms around the emotional girl all while rocking her and petting her hair. Before he knew it, Lucio had moved his way across the mess hall and next to Hana. She was crying too hard to notice that he had approached. Angela had released Hana so that Lucio could take her spot. She knew that Hana was going to need to be alone with him for a while, so she motioned for Junkrat and Zenyatta to follow her out.

Holding his beloved in his arm in such an emotional state made Lucio emotional too. But he knew that he had to be strong for Hana in that moment. He hated seeing her like this, but she needed to cry, to let it all out. The only thing he could do for her in this moment was be with her, be there for her. Even if that was all he could do, he was going to do it. Blinking away his tears, he stroked Hana’s soft messy bedhead hair. “It’s going to be okay Hana, it’s going to be okay,” he whispered.

Glory Days Sentence Starters

** WARNING there are sexual themes present in many of these songs so please proceed with caution if you are uncomfortable :) ALSO words that are in [  ] these brackets are added by me but recommended and words in (  ) these brackets are part of the lyrics but are optional based on your intended use

shoutout to my ex

❝ i heard he’s/she’s in love with some other chick/dude ❞
❝ forget that boy/girl, i’m over it ❞
❝ i hope she’s/he’s getting better sex ❞
❝ hope she/he ain’t faking it like i did ❞
❝ took four long years to call it quits ❞
❝ guess i should say thank you ❞
❝ i’m cool, by the way ❞
❝ ain’t sure i loved you anyway ❞
❝ you’re really quite the man/woman ❞
❝ you made my heart break and that made me who i am ❞
❝ i’m all the way up i swear you’ll never bring me down ❞
❝ oh, i deleted all your pics, then blocked your number from my phone ❞
❝ you took all you could get ❞
❝ you ain’t getting this love no more ❞
❝ i’m living so legit ❞
❝ you broke my heart in two ❞
❝ i snapped right back i’m so brand new ❞
❝ read my lips, i’m over you ❞


❝ you and i… and nobody else ❞
❝ don’t you keep it all to yourself ❞
❝ i feel like for the first time i am not faking ❞
❝ just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet all week ❞
❝ just a touch of your love is enough to take control of my whole body ❞
❝ why you making me wait so long? ❞
❝ i promise to keep this a secret ❞
❝ i’ll never tell ❞
❝ my whole week is golden ❞
❝ can you see me glowing? ❞
❝ that’s how i feel ❞
❝ i’m not afraid to fade into emotions ❞
❝ i know that this could be something real ❞


❝ all damn night i was here waiting ❞
❝ cooked your favourite ❞
❝ i know you were with her/him ❞
❝ i know that you kissed her/him ❞
❝ you came home late ❞
❝ you’re dirty… disgusting ❞
❝ i can’t get enough of your loving ❞
❝ my mama said i should date you ❞
❝ you cheat and you lie ❞
❝ i know you’re hiding two cellphones ❞
❝ i don’t wanna be friends ❞
❝ why am i such a fool when it comes to you? ❞
❝ a, b, c, d, e, f u ❞
❝ all my friends say i’m a sucker ❞
❝ i wish you were dead– ❞
❝ oh them _____ eyes and that body ❞
❝ i’ll get my revenge, take my key to your benz ❞
❝ cupid ain’t coming to warn us ❞


❝ you woke up in my bed ❞
❝ we broke up… we’re better off as friends ❞
❝ i accidentally need you… ❞
❝ i don’t know what to do ❞
❝ i messed around and got caught up with you ❞
❝ i’ve got these feelings ❞
❝ it’s nothing new ❞
❝ i can’t get enough of you ❞
❝ we had a good run ❞
❝ we messed around and had some good fun ❞
❝ it turns out i lost a good one ❞
❝ i’m wishing every morning would come with you next to me ❞
❝ now i accidentally know that you’re in love with me too ❞
❝ if it was up to me _____ ❞
❝ don’t you tell me goodbye ❞

you gotta not

❝ [ you ] call your mama, mommy? ❞
❝ [ you’re ] asking her for money? ❞
❝ [ you ] never keep your house clean! ❞
❝ [ you’re ] wearing dirty laundry? ❞
❝ you ain’t even working, go and get a job! ❞
❝ when [ do ] you wanna start growing up? ❞
❝ oh you like kids? ❞
❝ you used to smoke cigs? ❞
❝ are you afraid of blue’s clues? ❞
❝ do you still use a bluetooth? ❞
❝ i need a man/woman, a man/woman who can act like a man ❞
❝ i don’t get to babysit no one ❞
❝ i’m out here looking for the one to love ❞
❝ you don’t bump to the weeknd? ❞
❝ you argue with my best friend? ❞
❝ everybody warned me ❞
❝ you’re kinda hot so i thought why not?❞

down and dirty

❝ i’m rough around the edges ❞
❝ my minds is obsessive ❞
❝ teachers teach you not to be a dreamer ❞
❝ i don’t mind offending, i ain’t about pretending ❞
❝ my fashion is trending ❞
❝ check out the stamps on my visa ❞
❝ if we’ve only got one night, forget about the world outside ❞
❝ get down and dirty ❞
❝ i know you heard me ❞
❝ i know i’m the fairest ❞
❝ i’m bringing the fire ❞
❝ they wanna know who’s sneaking into my place ❞
❝ they don’t need to know, no one’s business how i play ❞
❝ plenty room in the royce if you’re rolling ❞


❝ i ain’t the chick/dude to walk behind you around town ❞
❝ i’m never gonna take it laying down ❞
❝ i’ll be catching fire, gasoline when i do it ❞
❝ you’re the man/woman, but i got the power ❞
❝ you make rain, but i make it shower ❞
❝ you should know i’m the one who’s in control ❞
❝ you come take the wheel ❞
❝ my turn ❞
❝ i make this look easy ❞
❝ i know just what i’m worth ❞
❝ i got you wrapped up in the arms of an animal ❞
❝ got you thinking that i’m all innocent ❞
❝ wait ‘till i get you home ❞
❝ if you don’t, you should know i’m the one who’s in control ❞

your love

❝ if i ain’t got nothin’ least i got you ❞
❝ deeper than oceans, as sweet as devotion, it’s all i need ❞
❝ you pull me close and there’s no way that i can describe what your love makes me feel ❞
❝ your love makes me feel like dirty dancing in the moonlight ❞
❝ your love makes me feel like come and kiss me like the first time ❞
❝ let’s pack up and run away, just me and you ❞
❝ come closer ‘cause i want it all over my body ❞
❝ boy/girl there ain’t no heartache you can’t undo ❞
❝ take my hand, please ❞

nobody like you

❝ living’s just a beating heart ❞
❝ we won’t admit we’ve taken it too far ❞
❝ i’ll always be the first to start making up excuses when it hurts ❞
❝ i’m alone again ❞
❝ all i want is to feel again ❞
❝ there’s nobody like you ❞
❝ i’ve tried goodbye a hundred times, not one of them true ❞
❝ i don’t want you ❞
❝ you only see me when my guard is down ❞
❝ i hate that it’s the truth ❞
❝ i only like myself when i’m with you ❞
❝ all you left me with was scars ❞

no more sad songs

❝ i keep trying, nothing’s working ❞
❝ i still wanna know if you’re alone ❞
❝ i keep trying to put this behind me ❞
❝ i still wanna know who’s taking you home ❞
❝ i’m gonna get my mind off it ❞
❝ i’m begging please don’t play no more sad songs ❞
❝ [ i ] don’t care where i go, just can’t can’t be alone ❞
❝ they’ll never know me like you used to know me ❞
❝ take the long way ‘round ❞
❝ [ i’ve ] still got you on my mind ❞
❝ no matter what i do i will only hurt myself tryna hurt you ❞

private show 

❝ you’ve got my adrenaline pumping ❞
❝ i can’t help imagining all the things we’d do with no clothes. ❞
❝ i’ve got a feeling that soon we’ll be leaving ❞
❝ you had me at hello ❞
❝ i can’t wait so let’s go ❞
❝ you’re the only one that’s taking me home ❞
❝ who said we gotta go slow? ❞
❝ turn down the lights ❞
❝ this is your private show ❞
❝ [ i ] ain’t here for playing these games ❞
❝ if you want to touch then baby you should ❞
❝ you got my permission to do what you like ❞

nothing else matters

❝ sometimes we take it too far… ❞
❝ no matter what the deal, you know that i’ll be here ❞
❝ [ we ] can’t let nobody’s words be why we ain’t speaking ❞
❝ only the birds and the bees know where we go ❞
❝ we’ve come so far ❞
❝ too much is not enough ❞
❝ the things that we do for love ❞
❝ nothing else matters like us ❞
❝ i don’t wanna fight, not tonight ‘cause we’re having fun now ❞
❝ you just gotta believe ❞
❝ if it leaves then it’s coming back around ❞
❝ and i don’t really care about nothing else ❞
❝ i told you don’t let me down ❞
❝ i don’t want you this time ❞
❝ look at us now ❞
❝ we got it all babe right where we want it ❞

beep beep

❝ i’m suck in traffic, bumper to bumper ❞
❝ i blew my engine, i think i popped the stick ❞
❝ i’m going crazy ❞
❝ the thought of you is driving me wild ❞
❝ won’t you help me? ❞
❝ boy/girl you’re so sexy, just like your cadillac ❞
❝ just come and get me ❞
❝ i can’t hold it back ❞
❝ i would run from the law ❞
❝ i need you ( baby ) ❞
❝ i want you ( baby ) ❞


❝ you don’t get these kisses for free ❞
❝ it’s getting late ( baby ) your dinner’s cold ❞
❝ i tried to call ❞
❝ [ the ] last thing you said you were on your way back to me ❞
❝ i can tell you think there’s nothing wrong ❞
❝ don’t make it worse lying to me ❞
❝ you’ll be sleeping in the bed alone ❞
❝ don’t want to make me sorry ❞
❝ you ain’t making a fool of me ❞
❝ you’d better run ❞
❝ i’ve got two sides of me boy/girl ❞
❝ listen to me now it’s critical ❞
❝ get your story straight ❞
❝ i can’t wait all night ❞
❝ i won’t forgive you for your mistakes ❞
❝ don’t try to turn this around ❞
❝ it’s too late ❞
❝ go ahead boy/girl live your dream ❞
❝ don’t come crawling back to me ❞

anonymous asked:

Ok but what if instead of Harry being the "commitment phobe", y/n is? Like, he really likes her, but she never has serious relatioships and she's a natural flirt? I've seen it around a lot with Harry playing the womanizer, but never seeing anyone talking about the other way round

Me: feeling severely @ed right now, lmao. (Except I’m not a natural flirt – I can’t flirt very well, although I might know the theory.)


This would probably frustrate him to no end. And his frustration would frustrate him even more, cause most of the time he probably tries to play it cool, and there he is trying to figure out how to lock this down and it’s giving him more difficulty than usual. He’s probably used to being able to charm his way into any situation, and it isn’t that he ISN’T charming to her – he is, he knows he is – but he’s not getting that attention. He’d likely have a limit – as we all do – but I could see him taking it as a challenge and trying to employ different strategies if he really likes her and really wants a shot with her. 

Side note: I feel like some of our resident astrology experts around here could have some interesting insight into how he could react to this based on his general himness and any potential facets his chart could bring into play – regardless of whether or not you believe in that, it offers interesting interpretations and fleshes out things in a different way than usual! x

people will be like hamilton isn’t problematic at all but like…. explain then why there are only 2 women with speaking roles beyond singing “and peggy!” or “you’re too kind sir/this one’s mine sir” and over 12 speaking roles for male characters and why eliza and angelica literally never get to talk about anything except how great hamilton is and why hamilton cheated on his wife but it tOTALLY wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of the woman he cheated with, because she ~seduced~ him, and why when eliza gets a song to express her feelings about her husband’s cheating, all she gets to do in the song is talk about how amazing hamilton is and not how he’s a cheating lying piece of shit. anyways my point is i guess hamilton has cool music and ~sick verses~ or whatever but actually it sucks and really failed at trying to be good representation and also i hate a lot of you

Heart of Gold- (𝐶𝑜𝑙𝑑)

Summary: When Sara decides to let Leonard spend Valentine’s day with her, the two soon realize that there are quite a few unresolved issues… and feelings, between them. -CCBMV- 

For @agentmarymargaretskitz​.

Notes: Written for AgentMaryMargaretSkitz, and she asked for no smut and she was cool with a little angst.
Well… you know me when i start writing “a little” angst.
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this Happy Valentine’s day Kate. <3
Also, many thanks to @freyreh​ for organizing this whole thing and I really hopes she does something similar in the future.
Happy Valentine’s day everyone, and I hope you like this.

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“Care for some company in this holy day?” Echoed a drawl from outside Sara’s quarters and the woman lifted her eyes from the book she was reading to face Leonard Snart, who was currently leaning against the frame of her open door.

“You are aware that Valentine’s Day isn’t an actual holiday; right?” She questioned as she sat up in her bed and her eyes glared at the man suspiciously. “Because I would hate to pop your bubble.”

“I am aware that there isn’t someone named Saint Valentine, who we somehow choose to celebrate with heart shaped pillows, sweets, sexy lingerie and motels.” Leonard stated and he began to make his way closer to Sara, who had tensed immediately.

“Why are you here, Snart?” She demanded; one hand now set atop her duvet, ready to inch towards the knife she was hiding under her pillow. “Cause I am pretty sure you are not in a celebratory mood.”

“Come on; can’t an ex-prisoner… and now teammate…visit his fellow teammate and just ask her to spend the evening with him?” Sara looked at him with a guarded look and lifted her eyebrow.

“A teammate can.” She answered with a bitter smile on her lips. “You on the other hand…”

“You are not considering me your teammate? Ouch, that really hurt my feelings.” Leonard fake-mocked as he settled next to Sara in her bed; leaning against the steel wall. Sara looked at him, eyes trying to hide the uneasy feeling she had in the pit of her stomach as the man had chosen to sit the exact same way Leonard did.

Well, he was Leonard too.

Just not the one she had come to know. Not yet.

After the team finally got rid of the Legion of Doom; saving Rip in the process, along with the universe… they had to decide on what to do with Leonard. He had no memory of them whatsoever and the only thing he was aware of was that three crazy men abducted him from 2013 and brought him to fight a team of heroes.

Once they saw him; the team… they had had hope. Hope that Leonard was back and in some magical way, the men who did nothing but destroy lives had found a way to save his. But the moment he removed his goggles and looked at them… It was all they needed to see to realize that this wasn’t Leonard.

The only person he recognized was Mick and the first thing he did was demand answer to what the hell he was doing in 1945, and more importantly, what he was doing with these heroes.

They had thought they lost him.

They did.

At least the man that he had become.

That man was gone forever, blown into pieces and then atoms… his life being the price for every shred of good that he had done.

Instead, they faced a different Leonard Snart. A man who only cared for himself, Lisa and occasionally Mick. But somehow, that man had betrayed his so-called teammates and helped the Legends.

And now he was on board the Waverider.

A member of the team once again.

“Canary?” The man’s voice broke Sara out of her thoughts and saw Leonard looking at her with furrowed eyebrows.

“What… were you saying?” She questioned; shaking her head to keep her thoughts away. Leonard eyes drifted to the book that was open in the woman’s bed.

“What were you reading?”

“You honestly asked me what book I am reading? A week ago you were trying to freeze my heart.”

“I’m just trying to make a conversation.”

“Yeah, I could tell that by the way you were staring at my ass.” Her response was automatic and the moment the words left her mouth she had regretted it.

Even Leonard’s present on board was tinkering with her emotions and the last thing she needed was to mar her memories with Leonard; corrupt them with the ghost of his self.

“It’s the Beautiful and Damned.”

“I would take you as more of a Great Gatsby type of woman.” Leonard said and she lifted her eyebrows. “But, yes… I can see the appeal to the book…”

He looked at her thoroughly…

She really was beautiful… and damned, at least from what Mick had told him. The relationship with his partner was still on edge, but he was the only person that would trust Leonard and actually engage a conversation with him… at least without some sort of a weapon hidden.

“I will ask you again and you better answer truthfully… or as truthfully as you can. Why are you here?” He raised his hands in mock surrender and smirked.

“Fine, you caught me.” Leonard exclaimed but his voice was blank as he spoke. “Let’s just say that I am done throwing a ball against the wall and I can’t exactly find anything more… productive to do alone.”

“Wouldn’t you go to Mick then; or Stein and Jax?” She questioned with a raised eyebrow; mirth evident on her voice.

“Believe it or not, my former partner got his head out of his ass and he went to a bar with Pocahontas.” Sara’s eyes lightened; Mick and Amaya finally hit it off. She had been rooting for the two of them since when Amaya got first on board and she was glad that two people could find each other under these unique circumstances.

All that seemed to happen ever since Rip recruited them… was losing people… and losing each other.

It was an ongoing circle of loss and pain that was doomed to go on again and again… And Sara hoped that Mick and Amaya could change that.

“It was about time. They had way so much tension between them that they would have blown up if they wasted any more time.” She said and stood up from her bed. “So where are you taking me?”

Leonard smirked.

Out of every place Sara expected a known criminal to take her; a diner may have been the last place she would have thought of. With the help of the calendar that Ray helped keep up to date, the crew decided to land on Valentine’s Day in 1962.

Ray and Nate offered to go and check on the Aberration they detected, leaving the rest of the team to enjoy their day and be on hold for a call from them. Currently, only Professor Stein and Jefferson seemed to do that… while everyone else was exploring San Francisco.  

“Is this some kind of a redemption plan; being nice to me and buying me lunch, so I can forgive you for trying to kill us?” Sara asked as she sipped her strawberry milkshake, and she had to admit that the 60’s food was pretty good.

She had ordered a chocolate sundae along with the shake, while Leonard got a mushroom omelet and a juice. They had mostly eaten in silence; occasionally looking at one another, but mainly trying to focus on the other people in the diner or the bypassing strangers on the pavement.

“From the time I know you, I am sensing that you forgiving me… is going to take a little bit more than a cheap lunch.” He pointed out, as he ate the last piece of his omelet and set down the fork. “Even though I think we are even, since I saved you about as many times as I tried to kill you.”

Touché. Also… You didn’t know me, so… no reason to not follow the Legion’s orders.”

Sure, Leonard was now a part of their team, but he was a member of the Legion of Doom first… At least this Leonard.

“But, you did. And everyone else on the ship.” He stated and Sara’s eyes locked with his.

They didn’t discuss about their Leonard at all; if only it was an off-limits topic among them. And now that Snart was suddenly talking about it… she realized the meaning behind this lunch… dare she say… date?

“You can stop pretend you are enjoying this and just ask me what you have been wanting to.” She told him coldly; crossing her hands defensibly in front of her chest. Leonard remained calm and leaned back against the leather seat.

“You are acting like I am going to kill you; calm down.”

“Even if you wanted to, you would have been dead the moment you would think of moving even your little finger.” She smiled at him… and it was a smile full of menace.

She didn’t trust him.

She trusted Leonard Snart blindly and with her own life, but this version of him… no. She knew that he would throw all of them under a bus if it meant saving his own skin.

“I know you don’t trust me… and I really don’t blame you, Sara.” It was one of the few times he had referred to her on her first name and it never ceased to amaze her how different it sounded from the way Leonard used to say it. “But I had the chance to let you die a lot this past month, and during all these missions… but I saved you. Cause like it or not, I am now a part of this team.”

“Leonard used to say that people change… and I really want to believe that.” Sara said and Leonard raised his eyebrow.

“Doesn’t sound like something I would say.”

“But you did; because you changed. And I think that somewhere beneath this asshole, is the man you came to be… a hero.”

“I’m not hero material, Canary. As you said I throw people under the bus just so save myself, but… I do value my crew.” Sara instantly relaxed and finished her milkshake; pretended not to be utterly stunned at how Leonard knew exactly what she was thinking.

“That’s good, but I hope you are willing to show it. Because the newbies will be a lot harder to convince that you are not going to ice them while they sleep.”

“Well, Palmer’s twin is kind of pissing me off… so I might just do that.” Sara rolled her eyes, but didn’t say anything against it. “And Mick would burn me to the crisp before I touched Amaya. Not that I would do anything to her.”

“They really grew on one another… seem to have a strong connection.” Her voice, as she said that made Leonard wonder… about her… and him.

“Sounds like you had one yourself.”

“Are you trying to fish me into telling you if you and I slept together?” He chuckled and Sara tried her best to ignore the fact that she licked her lips at the sound of his voice, combined with the movement of his Adam’s apple.

“I wouldn’t say it that way, but…” He shrugged. “You did seem… distraught when you saw me with the Legion and you didn’t even try to fight back or hurt me during our encounters. So you were either my long lost daughter, or we were sleeping together. And it would be really awkward if you were my daughter.”

The way he said that last sentence made a shiver run down her spine.

“We weren’t sleeping together.” She stated firmly and she saw the faintest glimmer of disappointment in Leonard’s eyes. “We kissed. One time. And then you blew yourself up…”

“Still doesn’t sound like me….”

“It was you. You sacrificed your life so Mick could live and you saved all of us; and died a hero.”

“I’m not planning on being one any time soon; I’m smarter now…”

“Or you are just being an asshole.” She stood up; setting a 10 dollar bill on the table. “This was a mistake.”

She didn’t even look at Leonard as she turned and exited the dinner… leaving Leonard Snart utterly startled… wondering why he was even hurt that the woman just walked out on him.

He found her sitting on top of a tree in a park a few blocks away; the skirt of the white dress she had chosen to wear not even wrinkled. Sara had settled on a large branch with her head leaning back against the wood.

“What are you doing here?” She questioned; closing her eyes and trying to ignore the man’s presence. “I think you said all you needed to in the diner.”

“You don’t take shit from anyone. That’s another thing I… like about you.”

“I don’t want to hear it.” Sara snapped and immediately jumped off of the tree; landing softly on the grass. “I wasted my time with you today. Because I thought that somehow…. You could be him. I was a fool to have hope.”

“So the only reason you recruited me was so you could turn me to your bed-buddy?”

“You almost sound hurt. I’m impressed; you’re a better actor than I thought.”

“I don’t get hurt Canary.”

“Sure you do. You just hide it behind your sarcasm and mask it… but…You- Leonard… wasn’t my bed-buddy. And you are him. Or at least you will be. And having you on the ship again is…. confusing me…” They had started walking towards a bench under a large oak tree and the two sat there; silence lingering between them for a few moments. “Some days I wake up and I see you in the hallway… and for a moment I think it’s him. And all I want to do is run up to you and wrap my arms around you… and then the moment passes and I realize that the Leonard I knew is dead. And all I have now is the painful reminder of the man he was.”

He looked at her then; right in the eyes, for the first time in what seemed like forever… and he smiled sadly. That was much more than the smirks she had gotten from him since he left the Legion and joined the Legends.

“Now I’m hurt.” The sincerity in his voice was unmistakable and as Leonard looked away from the woman, she felt a lump on her throat.

“Snart… Leonard.” She trailed off and the man seemed to ignore her. Her hand reached for his and he didn’t jerk it away. “Things have been hard lately and I didn’t mean this.”

“The thing is that you did. And you’re right.” He answered then and let go of her hand; standing up in the process. “I’m not the man you knew or the man you might have loved. I’m a criminal and… I’m not planning to stop being one.”

He left her there; sitting alone in a bench as raindrops started to fall from the darkening sky and Sara had no intention of getting inside. Instead she wanted to sit there forever; hoping that the water could wash away everything, that somehow she could get rid of Leonard; both of them, because he is truly under her skin.

He had stopped in the corner and watched as she cried in the rain, and even though his brain said no… his feet were itching to move; hands wanting to hold her tight and tell her that there was a part of him that wanted to change.

A part that wanted to be in the light.

For him.

For Lisa.

For Mick.

For her.


After shimming out of her wet dress, Sara took a long shower and enjoyed the silence that lingered everywhere in the ship for once. She had sent Professor Stein and Jefferson to the town and told them to have a good time; ignoring their concerned looks.

She wrapped the towel around her body and walked over to her room to put on clean clothes, when she noticed a small package on top of her neatly-made bed.

Her previous goal was ignored and she immediately sat in her bed and reached for the box. She tore the brown paper and saw a velvet blue heart-shaped box inside.

Her eyebrows furrowed, as she opened the box and saw that inside nested a silver necklace with a silvery ice-blue snowflake.

In the middle of the box was a small card, where Sara immediately recognized Leonard’s neat handwriting.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Sara.”

The woman felt a smile rise on her lips.

Maybe the man wasn’t as cold as she thought after all.

And when Amaya asked her where she got the necklace from the other day at breakfast… she just looked at Leonard and smiled.

And the most surprising thing was that he smiled back.

rav-aged  asked:

hey, could I ask you and/or your followers for a suggestion on a project I'm doing? Idk if you've heard of the Dangerous Woman project, but basically I need to pick a dangerous woman. Any suggestions?

I hadn’t heard of this project but I looked it up and it seems really cool.

Here’s the link describing it for others to check out…

My pick would be Hillary Clinton. I know it seems obvious and I know she’s a very controversial person but it’s for that reason I think she’d be a good pick.

She has been on the condemning end of a witch hunt for 40 years. Why is that? What makes her so dangerous? Such a threat? Why do republicans HATE her?

Some people believe the all the things that have been said about her over the decades. I think those things were made up or twisted by people who fear a smart, capable, educated, liberal woman.

Anyone else have any women for her that would work for this project?

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or most holidays really. I got a new (used) camera today. Not film but digital. I went out to use it and ended up at Dahlak but it took a long time to get drinks so I went to The Barn. This is the second time I’ve been here. The first was for 15 minutes during a dollar stroll. It’s cool, and they play more interesting music (E-40 is playing now). A woman who was sitting next to me started talking to me and said she was Armenian but from Syria but grew up in LA and is Christian but half her family is Muslim as well. She doesn’t get why people don’t get that people are just people and I don’t get it either. My family is Christian and Muslim, too. She said I had a kind face and gave me a kiss on the cheek when she said goodbye. I had a Tully on the rocks at Dahlak, a double of Powers here, a double of Tito’s here, and now just a Tito’s. Vodka is easier to drink. It’s probably better for you, too. They’re playing country now so I should hurry up and kill this drink. I was premature regarding the interesting music. Oh wait, Kendrick now. It’s alright.