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Sweet Family Ghost Story

I’m not sure if you would call up @sixpenceee for a story like this one, but paranormal things have always been happening to people in my family. This isn’t a scary story. It’s more sad than anything, but it is about the paranormal, so take it however you like. You don’t have to believe it. You can make your own assumptions. Nothing will change the fact that it happened, & that the conclusion we came to was one that gave us a sense of comfort. Read on …

I have three older siblings. While irrelevant to this story, it will just sort of help you see the relationship here.

My oldest sister gave birth to my niece when I was 8 years old, giving me more of a little sister than anything else. And, we didn’t just gain a cute little baby when she was born; we gained the whole family on her dad’s side too. My niece’s aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone got closer. Her grandparents were always especially close to us. So close in fact, that for a long time I called them Nan & Pop. They felt like my own grandparents, because they treated us kids all just like they treated my niece. They adored our parents, & especially loved our grandparents. The feeling was mutual.

So, my niece’s Nan & my Nan were especially close. From stories of the good old days, to cooking, to sewing, crocheting, knitting, it seemed like they had it all in common. Especially in common, their sense of humor. They were, as we call it, “hard tickets”, “full of their badness”, & they were hilarious. They were everything you imagine Nans should be.

My Nan got real sick after my Pop died. Her mental health deteriorated as her heart broke more & more with each day that passed where she had to live without him. She took care of him until the doctors told her she couldn’t anymore. Until the hospital claimed him for its own, she washed, fed, changed, & looked after him, because to her, that was what you did when you loved someone. He was her whole world, & she wasn’t letting go of him that easy. Even after he was gone. I remember her face when she would look at me & say, “I don’t know why I’m still livin’.” When I would reassure her that she still had us, she would smile softly, but then screw her mouth up & shake her head softly & say, “It’s just not the same.” Of course not. The love of her life was pulled from it slowly, & she still seemed to have hold of his hand.

After living with my sister for a while, she came to live with us. She took my room, & I moved into the basement. She was with us for a couple of years, my Nan. We loved her so much. So did someone else …

My niece’s grandfather passed away in 2011. He had been sick for a while, & his sickness & death, it took a toll on her grandmother. Within just a few months later, in October, she passed away of a heart attack. We didn’t see it coming. She had her conditions, but she seemed perfectly healthy & fine. Which is what made this situation very … strange.

Let’s set this up: Since I can’t remember the day she died, we’ll say she died on a Thursday. Wednesday morning I got out of bed & came upstairs to pee & wash up for breakfast. My Dad had gone to work, & my Mom, & my Nan were both still in bed. All the same, I heard a woman singing. Naturally, I figured it was my Mom, or my Nan. It seemed to be coming from the direction of their rooms.

So, at breakfast I said to my Mom, “Someone was quite cheery this morning!”

She just gave me this look like she was wondering why I said that & goes, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I heard you singing! Or humming?”

She just shook her head & said it wasn’t her.

“Nan, then. Was Nan singing? How long have you been awake?”

“It wasn’t Nan. Our room is right next to hers, I would have heard her. I’ve been awake since your father left at 5.”

“Then who was it?”

“I don’t know. Did you leave your T.V. on?”

“No. I always shuts it off before I comes up here. Plus, I didn’t have it on last night.”

“Hmmm … then, I don’t know. Let me know if you hears it again.”

So, I put it out of me mind. Until that night …

Thursday morning, sometime after 2A.M. I’m sitting in my bed looking at things online. All of a sudden, here she goes again. That same voice. Coming from the same place. I listened. I couldn’t make out the words, all I knew was it sounded like a hymn. This person wasn’t singing anything sad, but they were singing joyfully. It carried on for a while. Long enough after a while that it started to bother me, so I turned up the music on my computer. Yeah, that didn’t help. She got louder. It was almost as if she wanted to be heard, but as far as I knew, I was the only one who heard her. I got out of my bed & made my way to the steps. I was going to go up & see just who it was, but something stopped me. I shut the door & went back to my room, shutting the door, getting into bed, & covering up to my ears. I went to sleep.

The next morning I told my Mom about it. She rarely sleeps through an entire night, because she has fibromyalgia & it makes it difficult to sleep sometimes. She heard nothing. I figured it would have woken her up. No. Nothing. Just me, again. I never mentioned it to Nan. Maybe I should have.

“Let me know if you hears it again.” Mom repeated.

Later that morning, my Mom & I were both outside at the same time. I brought in wood & she was pinning out clothes. My Nan was napping. When we both came back inside, we discovered that my bunny had peed on the couch, & my niece had called home from school.

I called up to the school to see what she wanted & for the first five minutes of our conversation she argued with me thinking I knew “what was going on” & just wasn’t letting on. When she realized I really had no idea what she was talking about, or what was going on, she told me that it had been going around school that her grandmother had a heart attack that morning & had passed away.

We were in shock. Apparently, my niece’s cousins had known, but hadn’t bothered to come to school to tell her that morning. One of their mutual friends had seen her in the hallway & said she figured she would have stayed home today. When she asked why, she spilled the news. She broke down & her friend went into the bathroom with her as he grieved & wondered if it was true. She hadn’t heard it from anyone’s mouth, so she called home. Her parents were both working, & neither Mom or I knew. So, we started trying to find answers. Sure enough, after a long, strange day of confirmation & rumors, we let my sweet niece know that yes, her Nan had passed away that morning. It shook us all.

Later that evening, when it was all over & we finally knew what was what, I had remembered the singing from the wee hours of the morning. My Nan & her were especially close.

“Mom, do you think maybe … it was her? Like she left her body to come say goodbye to Nan?”

“Could have been. They were really close. Maybe she did come to say goodbye. Let me know if you hears it again.”

I didn’t. I never heard another mysterious woman singing in the morning, or in the middle of the night. That was the end of it. My family is extremely close. We always have been. And, no one can convince me that it was anything other than my Nan’s best friend, come to say goodbye & sing with her for the last time.