she was 22 i'm cry

I had a lot of ideas about what it’d feel like when I finally turn twenty-two, but I honestly don’t feel anything, right now. All I keep thinking inside of my head is Taylor’s song – ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ twenty-two..’ – that keeps playing over and over again, in my head. I’m pretty sure it’s around four or five out in America, right now, well in California, but it’s my birthday today – nearly one o'clock in the morning, out here, and I feel like a sixteen year old, instead of a twenty-two year old. I’m so close to thirty now, and that’s the only thing that sucks about this. But I’m feeling so good, right now, and I know that I’m gonna’ have a lot of fun, today. 'Team No-Sleep’ all day, every day, y'know? Everyone is gonna’ hate me by the end of today. I wish I were back in the States, though, since I left in a rush earlier.