she was 14 then awww so cute

Useless Pet (chapters 1-6)

Tags: Neko!dan, Punk!phil, past abuse, abuse, rape/nonconsent, height difference, age difference, dan is 14, phil is 18, dan is 5’4, phil is 6’2, kinda kinky?, parental death (talks about it), depression, eventual smut, masturbation, mutual masturbation, hate to love, discrimination, called a pet, nekos are treated poorly, dan is phil’s new pet, phil only has a mum, drug use, alcohol use, swearing.

Summary: Dan had been in a breeding house for nekos all his life, he was abused there constantly. He is still only 14 and yet to be adopted. That was until a nice lady adopted him for her son, Phil. Phil always got into no good, and didn’t care about people. He didn’t really want Dan to begin with. He strictly treats Dan as a pet, until things start to escalate..

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Shit Ukitake might say (while babysitting baby Sentaro and baby Kiyone)

As requested by sogyokun. :)

Previously, we imagined Ryuken being a babysitter for Ishida and Ichigo. Now it is time for a sort of sequel - if Ukitake were babysitting baby versions of Sentaro and Kiyone, what kinds of things might he find himself saying?

1. “Sentaro! Kiyone! What are you two cuties fighting about?”

2. “Oh. You’re fighting over a plushie that looks like me.”

3. “Naturally.”

4. “Come on, now, you two need to learn to share! Kiyone, why don’t you give the plushie to Sentaro? It’s his turn now!”

5. “Don’t cry, Kiyone! Here, you can sit on my lap, okay?”

6. “…or you both can sit on my lap. That works too.”

7. “Good thing I have two knees!”

8. “Now, now, you two! There’s plenty of room for both of you on my knees! No need to fight!”

9. “…maybe I need to separate you two.”

10. “Okay, so now you both have a pad of paper and some crayons, so you can draw to your heart’s content!”

11. “Awww, Kiyone, are you scooting close to Sentaro because you two are buddies?”

12. “Or is it more that you want to copy his drawing?”

13. “Sentaro, calm down! Kiyone is just saying that she likes your drawing!”

14. “By trying to draw the same thing.”

15. “Which appears to be me.”

16. “Wearing a crown.”

17. “And holding…balloons?”

18. “You are both so cute!”

19. “And apparently obsessed with me.”

20. “Okay, while you two are coloring, I’m gonna go make you a snack!”

21. “Juice….cookies….hmm….anything else?”

22. “…I can see you both behind the door.”

23. “Want to help me make a snack?”

24. “And now let’s eat while watching the fish!”

25. “Bored? What do you mean bored? Look at the fish! They’re jumping!”

26. “Well, okay. I guess we could play ‘Chase.’ How do you - ?”


28. “Kids…I think I…..”

29. “Yup. I’m down.”

30. “Why, Sentaro! Did you bring me some water?”

31. “Kiyone! Did you bring me water too?”

32. “Gah!!!”

33. “No, no, it’s okay. The water poured over my head was…refreshing.”

34. “Why don’t we just have some candy and relax?”

35. “…unless of course they candy makes you want to run around more?”

36. “…I think I need a babysitting buddy.”