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Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full
  • Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full

This is a long ass rant about how much I fucking love this song and if you are into Miraculous as much as I am, you will agree with every point I make here.

So ever since I heard the dual version of the French and English one together, I’ve been hyperventilating. I am so much in love with the French version that I just don’t even. Like, nothing against the English dubbing, but there’s something SO SEXY AND SO SINFUL ABOUT THIS SONG IN FRENCH. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN.

So, she starts off the song that’s all, OH I’M JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL NAMED MARINETTE - I HAVE NO OBVIOUS SIGNS OF BEING THE MOST BADASS HEROINE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL FRENCH, KOREAN, AMERICAN, WHATSOEVER LIFE. But then she’s Ladybug and she’s so beautiful and wonderful and sassy and confident and not like any other girl - she’s just so damn badass it makes me want to punch myself in the face she’s awesome. Like I want to be like her, but I have no coordination left in me to do all her acrobats.

AND THEN SHE’S ALL, OH CHAT NOIR IS NO ANGEL. As Adrien, he is totally an angel that I want to squish. AND SHE SAYS HE’S IN HER HEART??????? MY GOD. BUT AS CHAT NOIR? OH HELL NAW. Like, he is the most sinful thing ever with his innuendos and his puns and his flirting and his winking and his mrawrs and smirks. MY GOD. I just want to eat him up. But I ship him so hard with Ladybug/Marinette and they are most least problematic ship in the world in the fact that THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. NO ONE. IT’S JUST THEM IN A LOVE SQUARE AND THAT IS SO DAMN REFRESHING TO ME.

Then you get to Chat Noir’s part and I don’t know why, but the voice for him in this song is so hot and so yummy and I just wanna curl up and suffocate on my lust for this voice. Especially when he’s all “I’m Chat Noir” with that French SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT NOERRRRRRRRRRRR. And he’s all, I’m no bad cat - I fight for the good like YOU DO, LADYBUG. AND THAT HE WILL FIGHT DESPERATELY??!!?! YAS. AND THEN HE’S ALL IM SCARED TO LOVE IN VAIN BECAUSE THE ONE HE LOVES CAN’T LOVE HIM BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BE LADYBUG AND CARRY OUT HER DESTINY. Why you gotta make me hurt in all the ways, FRENCH THEME SONG? PLUS, at the END OF CHAT’S PART, he’s all RAWRING and then belting OUT THESE AMAZING TOP 40s R&B “MIRAAACUUULOUS” notes like it’s some power ballad. LIKE WHAT THE HELL.

I’ve listened to this song like 15 times while I’ve written this out and I would also like to point out that the person who sings Marinette’s part is so fresh - like her voice could make the world better if she sang everything. ESPECIALLY ALL THE ‘ah ah ah’s. Like come on. COUPLED WITH THE GUY’S “OOOOOOOOOOOOH”s and “OOOOH, LADYBUUUUUUUUUG”s.

-chokes- I’m done.

Yeah, sorry, Octagon’s traumas don’t excuse her behavior and the fact that she doesn’t feel sorry about what she did (to her brother, her people, etc) AT ALL.

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would you happen to remember who coined that whole idea with Shiro and the Black Lion melding their minds together as a post season 2 what if? I can't remember if it was you or someone you reblogged from. I was writing something for it and wanted to get proper permission to post it and a source to credit.

@Demenior is the one who came up with it


A cliff note version of Reimu’s “canon” DPOE timeline. I’ll expand on things, write drabbles, move things around, ect. eventually, but with all the info out here we go kids, the:
                    “How the Hell Did Reimu End Up In This Mess In the First Place ???” 


 – Gensokyo is a land of Fantasy. A “Paradise for Both Humans and Youkai", a realm which does not really exist, at least not in a logical way humans can truly comprehend. It is not unlike Wonderland, a separate realm connected to this world ( the Outside World, the real world, the world of humans, OUR world ) and can only be entered by very specific means.
– Reimu Hakurei is the Shrine Maiden of this land, and she will do anything to protect it. For it is her job to maintain its delicate balance. The Outside World and their going ons is NOT her problem, she is GENSOKYO’S shrine maiden first and foremost.
– But still, Gensokyo is reliant on the continued existence of the world outside it’s Illusionary Boundary; Fantasy can’t exist without Reality; if the world outside where to be destroyed, Gensokyo would fall with it.
Yukari Yakumo ( @deadlyfantasia ) is a powerful Youkai Sage which watches over Gensokyo and protects its boundaries. She is too a frequent traveler of the Outside World, and keeps her eye on the events which take place there. She found out rather quickly about the chaos of the human’s world ending, a apocalypse started by a certain strange bear @desbearer​ ( # thanks based monokuma ) and as soon as the youkai figured out this wasn’t simply a normal human war ( she had seen plenty of those before after all ) as soon as she realized the Outside World was at the threat of being completely destroyed: she took action. For she would NOT let Gensokyo fall because the humans outside of it decided to all up and die.
– So, she came up with a plan. A mission for Gensokyo’s shrine maiden, the one person Yukari KNEW she could count on in a situation like this: Go outside of Gensokyo, fight with the humans who live there, HELP THEM, help the Outside World STABILIZE, help humanity not get WIPED OUT. If she could do that, Gensokyo would be SAVED. In the meantime, Yukari would stay within Gensokyo and help defend / protect it ( strengthen the boundaries, work her powerful magic to try to keep Gensokyo as functional as possible while the whole endeavor sorted itself out ) Confident the Red-White would surely be of help to the humans dealing with the chaos outside.
Reimu joins up with Concordia ( both out of Yukari’s insistence and her own morals ) and helps them fight back, helps them in anyway she can. Despite herself, she makes friends. ( Adrien @mcncheri and Kirigiri @kyoukokiwigiri in particular ) and despite herself she grows to care for them. ( “Maybe once this is over I can show them Gensokyo I just need to help them, save their home just like how I’m working to save my own” )
– She eventually gets a tattoo of the cause, ( on her mid back, between her shoulder blades ) and soon enough Reimu becomes as wholeheartedly invested in Concordia’s success as she is in her personal mission to help secure Gensokyo’s safety.
– Cue Monokuma fucking everything up and throwing them into Murder Disney
– Cue 6 chapters worth of bs she had to go through
– And once she’s out, she finds out that the Outside World ( for better or for worse ) is stable enough that Gensokyo is no longer in any danger of ceasing to exist. She can go home, she can put all this behind her ( she can try to ignore the voice in the back of her head telling her she is just running away. What would her friends think if she just ran back home and left their world in ruins ruled by a tyrant and a deranged self proclaimed queen ? )
– But… her job isn’t to PROTECT the Outside World is it ? She is GENOKSYO’S shrine maiden, everything she has done and will continue to do is for the sake of her HOME, for the place she misses with all her heart. For Reimu Hakurei above all other things has and will always be, The Shrine Maiden of Paradise.

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HI BUNNY NONNYYYYY :^) i love you as well thank u for giving ty love and bunny bennett will return tomorrow or monday depending on how long i have to be out tonight but! please continue to smile you deserve to be smiling every second of every day!!!! and ,,,,,,,,,technically im only 4′11 but i round up shhhhh,,,,,, i hope you’re having a nice day my dear and if you’re not then i hope it improves immensely <3

one punch man au where everything is the same except genos is really bitter and sarcastic and he's constantly gossiping about the other S class heroes and saitama loves it

i hate it so much when amazing people are trying to befriend me but i’m too confused, anxious, tired and awkward to actually give them some of the affection back

An Open Letter to Men in Relationships

There is some things you should know that might help you in your relationship before it’s too late.

1) Thank her. Thank her right now for putting up with you and all your bullshit. (Because trust me she’s probably wanted to punch you in the face a few times)

2) Be honest with her. Relationships are built on honesty so don’t mess it up.

3) Pay for her on dates. Pay for her, treat her to dates and not just chipotle, she’s supposed to be your princess so treat her as one.

4) Be a gentlemen. Open the car door for her, walk closest to the street if you’re walking down the sidewalk, drive her places, pull out her chair for her. Just treat her nicely overall.

5) Do things with her that she likes. If she likes to dance, take her to a party. If she likes to read then read with her. One of the best feelings is seeing the one you love get excited over something they love to do, no matter how dumb you may think it is.

6) Buy her nice things just because you can and want to make her happy. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It could even just be some tampons, that shits expensive.

7) Save money. If you think you have a future with this girl than you should start saving money. You can use this money for her in the future, whether it’s for a ring or an apartment for you guys. it doesn’t matter what it’s for but the earlier you start the better.

8) Have confidence in yourself. Be a man. it’s okay to not be confident every single moment of the day but you need to be confident in yourself. And if you’re not then do a couple sit ups and push ups, it wouldn’t hurt. You some how got this girl to date you so you must be doing something right? 

9) Have her make a list of a couple things she may not like about you. try and fix them. They can be simple things like your beard is too long or bigger things like you don’t go out on enough dates or don’t always listen to her. Either way, try and fix them so you can be the best man you can be for her.

10) If she’s sad or stressed then drop whatever it is you’re doing and help her. You find out what’s wrong and you fix it.

11) It’s okay if it’s nothing fixable. Instead you just hold her tightly and let her know that you’re there to support her and love her. You can’t always be superman and fix everything, sometimes you just need to show her you care

12) Probably the most important one, tell her you love her. If you’re ever feeling it or the thought of her randomly crosses your mind then tell her because one day you won’t be able to anymore. It’s inevitable. You’ll either break up, or even worse she may pass away.

13) Cherish every precious moment you have with her. Hold her tight. Shower her with kisses. Show her how much she means to you.