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Since I have seen people reposting art from Takaya’s second account I would like to remind you all that she has explicitly stated NOT to repost her art without permission. (which I’m assuming none of you have). 
Please respect her art and her wishes and stop reposting anything from her second twitter, and please don’t reblog these reposts either.


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if it was in the realm of possibility, would you want a rika route?

Of course I would. There’s so much to Rika’s character that hasn’t been explored, questions about her that are unanswered, and as someone who likes Rika but hates how everything turned out– if Cheritz were to make a route for her, they’d be able to flesh out her character to reveal qualities about her that are redeemable. With all of the horrible things she’s done, I’m sure people want to understand why guys like V and Jumin were so attached to her. A Rika route wouldn’t make the stuff she did justifiable, but it would give Rika more depth and layers to her character. She’s got so much potential as a character, and when I listened to what her voice actress was saying about her in the little free talk thingy, I was disappointed that Cheritz didn’t do more with her. I probably already went past my point already, but that’s how I personally feel about it. 


yuri and soohyuk

Tessa and Scott grace the cover of Macleans


im sorry fOR BEING SO INACTIVE school is kicking my ass… but i made more antags *tired jazz hands*