she wants the doge

                         very stitch

much cross

                                    so craft


Yup, it’s a doge! Well, three of them. I think the colours are more accurate in the second one, but they don’t stand out from each other as well as the first. I might mess around with colour combinations a bit more, but it’s very hard choosing several shades of thread that work well together.

There’s a reason for the pink doge, and that reason is carouselcycles. ;) She’s been joking about wanting a doge-themed wedding some day, except she also wants a PINK wedding, and doge doesn’t quite fit that colour scheme. So I fixed it. ;)

Edit: Doge buttons and charms are now in my store!

some geniuses in my town decided to make a facebook page for memes relating to things that happen here and its introduced this generation’s parents to memes. everyone’s parents have started texting their children outdated memes. grumpy cat and dos equis guy have made quite the impact on today’s adults. its annoying and scary and i want my mom but all she does is talk like doge