she wants him to come back for goodness sake


#the thing i love about bellamy #is that he’s protective but he’s not possessive #he considers what’s best for clarke and not what’s best for him #even though clarke was walking into danger the first time #he expressed his concern #he tried to help #but he didn’t stop her #he opened the door for her #because he believes in her #and the second time he didn’t want her to leave #he was crying for god’s sake #he wanted to help her #and he knew the only way to do that was to give her what she needed #let her be her own person #and come back on her own terms #if that’s not a prime example of a good fuctional relationship in the media i dont know what is

One Chance [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 1582
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Sirius Black wants to be with Y/n L/n, but can he prove that he’s more than just his one night stands?
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

“You know love, you look rather ravishing this early morning,” Sirius said with a smirk as he sat beside you in the Great Hall. “Go away Black,” you sighed, turning away from the black haired boy.

“Don’t be like that baby girl! I’m just telling you the truth! Don’t you want someone telling you that you look beautiful?” Sirius faked hurt.

“I do want someone to tell me I look beautiful. I don’t want you,” you told him as you pushed your food away from you.

The smirk on his face is unmistakable, “Oh, you don’t want me? I think you’re lying.”

“Why would you think I’m lying?”

“Because I’m irresistible,” Sirius said smugly.

“You’re so up yourself. Just leave me alone,” you said as you stood up. As you began to walk off, you heard Sirius say, “Just you wait, baby girl. You’ll realise how much you want me.”

“That’s likely,” you muttered as you walked out.


“Hey L/n!”

You rolled your eyes and groaned, tucking your textbooks under your arm, “What do you want now Black?”

“Same as before. I want you,” he said, reaching over to push a lock of your hair out of your face. You pulled away from him and narrowed your eyes, “Look, Black. I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again. I’m not interested in you. I’m not interested in being your toy of the day, or the week if I’m ‘lucky’. I don’t want to sleep with you! Why can’t you accept that?!”

“Hey now,” Sirius faked shock and hurt, “I don’t just want to sleep with you. I want a relationship with you.”

You scoffed, “Oh yeah? I’ll believe that when Lily Evans agrees to date James bloody Potter. And, considering how things are going with them, that’s never. Why don’t you just go back to Marlene McKinnon or something? Weren’t you fucking her last week? You’re all she can talk about anyways.”

Your voice sounded bitter though you didn’t mean it to.

“I don’t want to be with McKinnon! I want to be with you. Yes, I’ve slept with her. I’ve slept with a lot of people, and I know you know it. There’s no point denying it. But don’t judge me based on what I’ve done,” Sirius said.

“Considering that I’ve literally watched nearly every girl in our entire year, the year below and the year above crying over how you played them, I’m gonna have to go with the likelihood that if I were to go out with you, I’d be the next girl crying in the toilet cubicles,” you moved your textbooks under the other arm.

Sirius was silent, and you rolled your eyes again, “Look, if you have nothing else to say then we’re done here. Just accept the fact that I don’t want you. I never have, and I never will.”

You turned around and began to walk off, though before you got too far away, you could have sworn you heard him say, “I’ll win you over, just you wait L/n.”


“Come on Evans, just say yes to him! It’s just one date. I know he’s a dork, but you know he means well,” Sirius pleaded with the redhead.

“You just want Y/n to go out with you,” Lily accused, frowning at the taller boy. “Well, yes. But Prongs deserves a date too. Why can’t you do it? For me?” Sirius pouted, but Lily just raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not saying yes to James just so you can break Y/n’s heart. Go find a new hobby,” she said, “But if you really want to be with her that badly, why don’t you just prove it to her? Stop sleeping around, and flirting with other girls. Make her realise you’re serious - excuse the pun - about her. Now, I’ve got to go, hun. I’m late for class. But good luck!”

Sirius cursed to himself, leaning against a wall. All he wanted was a chance with you, but you wouldn’t give him it. He could see why, but he hated it nonetheless.

He watched as you walked past him on your way to class, admiring how beautiful you looked. You may have been wearing the same robes as everyone else in the school, but to him, you somehow made them look… better.

Maybe Lily was right. He’d have to prove to you that he wanted to be with you.

“Hey Sirius, want to skip class and…” Marlene smirked suggestively, appearing at his side as she stroked up Sirius’ bicep slowly.

Sirius closed his eyes and pushed her away, “Not now, McKinnon.” As he walked away, his eyes still trained on your retreating form, Marlene frowned.

Sirius never said no to being with a girl.


“He’s acting strange, I’m telling you,” Marlene said as she reapplied her lipstick, “I keep offering myself to him and he keeps denying me! He never used to do that! I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” Lily acted like she had no idea why Sirius had been acted the way he was, but secretly smiled to herself. He was listening to her advice for the first time ever.

“Maybe he just doesn’t want to sleep around anymore,” Lily said, making Marlene sigh. “I never thought the day would come.”


You sat beside the Black Lake, enjoying the summer breeze as you sat reading a book you took from the library earlier.

It was a perfect afternoon, and you were enjoying the peace and quiet until your reading was disrupted by a voice.

“Y/n, babe,” James said as he sat down beside you. You looked up at the messy haired boy, raising an eyebrow, “What’s up Potter?”

“Nothing! Can’t a guy sit with one of his best friends on a nice afternoon and not want anything?” James said in fake shock.

“You’re right, they can. But not when the guy in question’s best friend has been almost stalking me for weeks now,” you said as you marked the page of your book and closed it.

“I wouldn’t call it stalking as such,” James said with a smile. “What would you call it then?” He paused for a moment, “Okay, no, you’re right. He has been stalking you a little. But only because he’s crazy about you. You’re the only thing he’s been taking about for weeks now.”

You almost blushed at the new information, your heart starting to beat faster, though you’d never admit that aloud. “What’s he been saying?”

“Just how much he loves you. And that he wants to be with you. And some other sickeningly lovey stuff that I’d only repeat if it were to my Lily. The point is, he’s head over heels for you babe,” James said as he leant back to lay across the grass.

You didn’t say anything, trying to hide the small smile that was making its way across your face.

“Why doesn’t he just say that to me?” You asked, laying down next to James. He shrugged, “He’s not good at feelings.”

“Do me a favour and convince him to tell me his feelings? I want to hear it from him,” you said as you reached over to grab your book again.

“Will do, babe.”


“Come on, Padfoot! She told me herself, she wants you to tell her how you feel! Women love words! So tell her for Merlin’s sake!” James said to Sirius as they walked out of the Great Hall.

“I wouldn’t know where to begin. How am I supposed to put into words how much I love her, and how much I hate it when she’s not around?” Sirius asked in despair.

“Actually, I think you just did,” James said with a grin as he saw you rounding the corner at that particular moment. He slapped Sirius on the back as he began to walk away.

“Did you hear that?” Sirius asked you, wincing a little. “Maybe,” you said, tucking your hair behind your ear, “But just in case I heard it wrong, maybe you should say it again. But this time to my face.”

“I erm… I… I don’t… I mean… Damn it! Why is this so hard to say?! Why can’t I just tell you how bad I want you?! And not like a ‘I want you in my bed’ want you, but like… Merlin, Y/n, I just want to be with you! I want to be able to kiss you whenever I want, I want to be able to hold you, touch you, make other guys know that you’re mine! Because whether you know it or not, you are mine! And I’m going to keep on asking you out, because I’m not going to give up on you, on us! You belong with me, in my arms!” He grabbed your hips and pulled your body against his as he slowly walked you backwards. You felt the wall behind you, and all you could focus on was the love and lust clouding Sirius’ eyes.

“Please Y/n. Just give me a chance!” He pleaded quietly.

“You know, that’s the first real thing you’ve said to me,” you said with a small smile, “Without all the flirting and all the other charm crap.”

Sirius grinned, “So you’ll give me chance?”

He looked at you hopefully, and you pretended to think for a minute, before smiling back, “One chance. If you blow it, it’s not my fault.”

“One chance is all I need, baby girl.”

oh look another oliness fic
actually, this is more of a scene that would fit probably pretty nicely somewhere much later down the line. it’s cute fjflksfd and it doesn’t really have too much direction but its CUTE

this is completely sfw btw!!!! also a couple notes:

-PDA makes nessa so embarrassed lol
-Oliver speaks Aelish, a language from the country of Aelia, which is where this takes place

i think that’s about it lol i hope u enjoy it!


She wonders how Oliver would kiss her if there was no reason to hold back.

Nessa draws forth the memory of how he looked today. He’d been wearing a loose, white shirt with short sleeves and a slight v-neck to give him better mobility as he swung his sword around to parry off Adam’s blows. He’d carried a smug air of confidence and it was incredible, she thought, how he was able to hold his own so well against someone she knew was military trained. His slick brown skin had been warm with the flush of exercise. Even now, she can still hear the chorus of his laughter as he stumbled and narrowly missed being cuffed by Adam’s sword.

She shivers. He hadn’t known she’d been watching - Nessa hadn’t even meant to stop and stare. She was merely passing the training yard on her way to the stables when she saw him. He was mesmerizing and he’d made her weak. All she could do was remember how good it feels to kiss him, how he graciously responds to her touch, the way he chases after her even as she pulls away to breathe.

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Finding Lucille

This is for “Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge.” My prompt was “Negan x OC x Lucille.”

Negan x Reader (y/n)

Warnings ~ Negan language

2000 words

I am tagging my usuals. If you want on or off my list, please let me know!

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ichigo and rukia are so extra like

when she used her body to shield ichigo from the hollow the first time they met

when he obtained the power to protect that he wished so bad rukia willfully gave it to him

when she fought in his place a number of times because that’s what rukia does for him

when he trusted her with his mind, body, and soul because rukia understands him

when she walked out of his life because ichigo dying is like rukia dying a thousand times harder than being burned by a fucking phoenix

when he saw her walking out of his life is like ichigo dying a thousand times harder than being left wounded in the fucking rain

when he cannot simply think that the world is going on without rukia

when she cannot simply feel that the world is going on without her and ichigo still wanted her to be in it

when he declared a hundred times that he will save her, her, her, and her

when he finally saved her

when he said ‘the power in his hand was gained for her sake’

when he said 'let’s go home’ even though rukia has a family once more

when he said home. HOME. HIS AND RUKIA’S HOME.

when he remembered the reason for going through shit was to see her smile again

when she returned to the living world because everything, always, comes back to him

when she wanted to sleep in his goddamn room

when she worries as fuck for his well-being but also wants to sleep in his goddamn room, in.his.closet.

when she respects whatever he does as long as he’s safe 'then it’s good enough’

when he was furious about losing to someone who seriously hurt her

when he didn’t want to be separated from the group because rukia

when he turned around from an enemy because rukia

when he went through shit again because rukia

when he NEEDED to end a fight abruptly because rukia

when he remembered the day they had a misunderstanding about his mother’s death, but it was her gentle words to him that resonated with him

when he said that those words 'put him at ease’ and repeats them to his own father

when their fates are intertwined, aizen-fuckery or not

when he lost her again

when she came back again

when a fucking candy shop owner knows all these

i cannot for the life of me take it all

ichigo and rukia are so extra

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: FINAL PART! Later than I wanted tonight, but I was held after again. It’s been a long journey, and thank you all for sticking with me! It means the world. I hope that this does everything else justice! Enjoy!

Previously: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty One | Twenty Two | Twenty Three | Twenty Four | Twenty Five | Twenty Six | Twenty Seven | Twenty Eight | Twenty Nine | Thirty

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Warnings: Some mild smut. Pregnant/Mommy Reader. Birth Scene. Flashback/Memories. Some death. Time Skip. Daddy!Sam. Some fluff mixed in. Real light editing. I believe that is all, and apologize if I missed anything!

Word Count: Roughly 3900

“Daddy?” The soft feminine voice called, making Sam stop at the door. His hand clenched around the frame, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, the question mirrored what she asked every night the past week before bed. “Can you tell me more about mommy?”

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Prompt: Fear/Black
Soft warning: A little violent, but not too much and not for long.

“Kagome! Where the hell are you going?” Inuyasha yelled after her, staring at her pale legs trudge through the dirt as she stomped forward.

Kagome turned around angrily—her hair fluttering with her movements, her face shaded by the mass of trees protecting her sides. The brilliant sun shone behind her in the clearing where the well was several steps away.

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rebelcaptain; flatliners au pt v

Some discussion of death and assisted dying (I don’t know if you’d call this suicide though it is technically by definition??) in this, but, y’know….Flatliners.

Also, Jyn is too demiromo for Han and Leia’s allo nonsense. 

“Right,” says Leia, and shucks her sweatshirt. “Take your shirt off.”

“Didn’t think it’d be that easy to get your clothes off, Princess,” says Han.

Gross,” says Jyn, pointedly, and hooks her laptop up to the MRI machine. Leia won’t look at her. Han’s ears are a bit pink. “But she’s right. Solo: shirt off. It’ll be easier to resuscitate if there’s no cloth in the way.”

“You don’t have to tell me that, Ice Queen,” says Han. His hands are trembling, a little, as he undoes the buttons on his shirt—and he’s actually wearing a shirt that buttons up, which is rare for him, honestly, he might be trying to impress Leia—but he shucks it without a word, and boosts himself up onto the table. “You’re sure you can bring me back?”

“If I don’t,” says Jyn, “then at least there’ll be two of us to hide your body in the morgue.”


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a short story by moi (part one)


Sirius and Remus sat on the baby blue sofa, their hands intertwined and shaking. Marlene comes out of the kitchen, carrying a little tray laden with three mugs of tea. She sets the tray down on the little wooden coffee table and passes Remus and Sirius their individual orders of tea, before taking her own mug and sitting back in her favourite armchair.

“So what’s up?” she asked, taking a sip of her tea. “You both look really nervous.”

Remus looked at Sirius, who wordlessly told him to tell Marlene. Remus opened his mouth to speak, but all that escaped past his pink lips was an excited gasp. He turned to Sirius desperately, who rolled his eyes and looked at Marlene.

“We wanted to come and tell you that … erm … we … uh … Remus?” Sirius anxiously turned back to Remus, too full of happiness to say anything more.

“Oh for goodness sake, WE’RE GETTING MARRIED.”

There was a moment of total silence, and then an ear-shattering squeal of joy from Marlene. “Oh my - what?! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for you two! Oh! When - what - how - wow!”

Sirius laughed and got up to hug Marlene, who had leapt up off her seat. Remus stood up and was pulled into a tight hug after Sirius had finally been let go. They sat down again, and Sirius took Remus’s hand in his own. Remus’s right hand, Marlene now noticed, had a ring on his finger. It was silver and looked old, with a single diamond studded into it. It was beautiful.

“Oh, I’m so happy for you two!” she squealed again. “Who proposed? When?”

“I did,” Sirius said proudly. “It was at lunch with James, Harry and Lily. I jokingly asked Remus to pay for all of our food, including Harry’s knickerbocker glory, and Remus, being the lovely little fluff-puff he is, kindly accepted just as we ordered dessert-”

“Ooh, did you hide the ring in the cake?” Marlene clasped her hands together.

“What? No! How tacky do you think I am?” Sirius stuck his tongue out in disgust as Remus and Marlene cracked up at his response. “We ate dessert, then when the bill came, I handed it to Remus-”

“Grinning uncontrollably.” Remus added. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay, babe,” Sirius smiled. “Anyway, I gave him the bill. He opened it, saw the ring inside, and nearly dropped it! Bless his heart, he looked at me really seriously and his cheeks were getting redder by the second. I got down on one knee, and he burst into tears.”

“Oi! You did too!” Remus hit Sirius on the arm softly.

“I didn’t bawl like you did. A few tears leaked from my eyes.” Sirius mumbled.

“I didn’t bawl either! I was crying of happiness!” Remus retorted cheerily, tears running down his rosy cheeks. “It was the greatest moment of my life.”

“Well, it sounds wonderful.” Marlene beamed at them. “I can’t express how happy I am for you two.”

“Thank you.” Sirius replied. “I put a lot of effort into thinking how I could propose to him. I didn’t want to be clichéd, but I didn’t want to be too spontaneous.”

“I thought it perfect.” Remus admitted quietly. Sirius looked at him and squeezed his hand.

“So that’s one thing.” Remus grinned toothily at Marlene, who gaped at him in confusion. “The second thing is really difficult for us to ask.”

“You’ve done so much for us, Marley,” Sirius started. “We’re so happy to have you in our lives. But there is one last thing that we’d really love for you to do for us. But it is such a big thing to ask, so of course we’ll understand if you say no.”

Marlene stared at them. The happy smile had been wiped from her face, and anxiety was bubbling inside her throat. “What is it?”

“Would you surrogate for us, please?” Sirius asked earnestly. Marlene took a second to respond. Her expression was neither shock nor disgust: it was blank. Even Remus, who was the champion at reading anyone and everyone’s expressions, couldn’t make out what Marlene’s face was saying. After a minute or two of absolute silence and suspense, she looked at the couple unsurely.

“Are you two absolutely sure that this is something that you want?”

“We’ve been thinking about for like, two months now.”

“But that was before you were engaged! How were you so sure that you wanted a baby before you knew that you were going to spend the rest of your lives together?”

“We’ve thought about it. It’s something we want. Something we really want. And we want you to be the mother, if that’s okay with you…”

“Remus, are you sure you want me-”

“Marlene, I could not think of a person better fit to be the biological mother of my child.” Remus said kindly, warming Marlene’s heart.

“Well, I love you both very much, and…” she trailed off nervously, wanting to take a few moments to consider everything. Was she really ready to carry a baby around for nine months and then give it up? Then again, it would be the baby of two of her greatest friends, who were incapable of having children on their own, so it would be a decent thing to do.

Remus and Sirius mumbled to each other on the sofa opposite Marlene, who was deep in thought. They waited patiently for her to come to a decision, and readied themselves for whatever the outcome.

“Yes.” Marlene said quietly.

Remus and Sirius did a double-take. “What?”

“Yes.” Marlene repeated. “I’ll surrogate for you.”

Remus and Sirius leaped up off the sofa, squealing with delight. They first hugged and kissed each other excitedly, then launched themselves over the coffee table to hug and thank Marlene. The rest of the evening was spent discussing baby names, nursery ideas and wedding plans over Indian take-away and Sherlock.


Part 2 to be released soon.

(when i say short story i mean it hasnt got a million chapters. i know this wasnt as concise as some may have thought, but hopefully you all enjoyed it anyway!)

[MurdocxReader] Hades & Persephone

I posted this on the Gorillaz Amino and it went over well…might as well post it here.
I was going to leave this as a oneshot, but if people like it I may turn it into a series.

- - -

You were a rose among weeds. At least, that’s what people would say whenever someone asked about you. You found it a bit cliche - sure you worked in a little flower shoppe, but you were far from anyone special. You were well liked in the community for your kind nature and can-do attitude. But what made you stand out was the fact you had a habit of going out every weekend and handing out flowers to you friends, neighbors and even strangers. Many found it odd, but you thought it was the best way to brighten up someone’s day, or to make someone feel good about themselves in the form of beautiful flora. Hell, it even got you quite a number of new customers, which was another bonus.

You were out on your rounds again; there was an overdraft in the sky that made the world look grey and dark, with the air becoming a little cooler due to the lack of sunlight. It was the perfect opportunity to lighten up your neighborhood, and what better way than to pass out more of your famous flowers to other members of your community. Basket in hand, you walked from block to block, handing out a flower or two to a passerby you happened to walk past, whether they were walking or sitting out on a porch or patio of a restaurant or cafe. When you saw their faces brighten up with smiles, or the constant streams of “thank yous” and “you’re the sweetest,” it made it all worth it.

You had went down to your last flower when you decided to call it a day; The week had been particularly busy on you and you were looking forward to spending the rest of your weekend to relax at home. You were walking down the block when you passed by another. He was an older man leaning against one of the buildings, a cigarette dangling between his index and middle fingers. He had dark raven hair with thick bangs that almost completely obscured his eyes, but what stuck out to you the most was the fact his skin was…green. He had a frown plastered on his face, his eyes looking on at nothing, as if he was deep in thought. He didn’t even notice you were there…not until you came closer, that is.

Without turning his head, his eyes snapped towards your direction, which made you freeze. His black eyes stared back into your [e/c] ones, there was nothing but silence between you two for a few seconds before you cleared your throat and wore that little smile across your lips. “You look like you’ve had a rough day.” You say, but earned a dismissive grunt in return. This didn’t deter you of course, as you immediately reached for the last flower in your basket - a rose.

“I hope your day gets better!” You chime as you extended it towards the man. He looked at the rose pensively, then at you, then back at the rose several times before he gingerly took it into his slender fingers where you noticed that he had long nails that gently grazed you skin. He looked over the bright red flower as you went on your way, and while the exchange was wordless, you knew that you made the man’s day much better.

The following week you were back in your little shoppe, serving customers and tending to your flowers as always. You were half way into the day when you heard the bell chime as another customer entered, but the entire shoppe fell into silence right afterwards. This puzzled you, of course, and you looked up from the register only to see that same man from the other day approach the counter. Your other customers looked at him with looks of bewilderment, which was understandable. He didn’t looked like he belonged in the shoppe to begin with, but you never discriminated against any of your customers, no matter what they looked like. You finished tending to the first person at the counter (who avoided the man like the plague), and you smiled sweetly at him, like you always did. “Hello! How can I help you?”

There was a pause as the man looked over the plethora of flora around him, before his eyes finally fell back on you. “You wouldn’t happened to have anymore roses, would you?”

“I have plenty!” You chirped, immediately going over you your prized rose bushes. “Any color in particular you wanted?”

“Red.” You smirk to yourself as you picked out the roses as requested. “And black.”

How gothic, you think to yourself, but you remain silent until you had created a bouquet of black and red roses, returning to the counter to wrap them up proper. Once he paid for them, he walked out without another word, cradling the bouquet in his hands. You tilted your head has he walked out, finding the man to be enigmatic at best, but also interesting in his own little way. The atmosphere of the shoppe seemed to return to normal upon the man’s departure, and you continued on with your day as normal.

However, you didn’t realize that you would be seeing that same man on a regular basis from that day forward.

For the weeks that follow he would either come to the shop and always ask for a bouquet of black and red roses, or you would encounter him out on the streets making your weekly rounds around the neighborhood. The two of you began to talk during and soon outside of these visits, the two of you getting to know each other better than just strangers on the street or a customer and a cashier. You found out his name was Murdoc Niccals, and he was the founder and bassist of a popular band in the UK. He seemed to open up more with you, and you realized that he had a rather expressive, sassy and snarky side to him that never failed to keep you entertained. He would walk with you on the weekends, always sticking to your side as he spoke of wondrous and almost outlandish tales about his life and many misadventures with his band until he would walk you back to your flat that evening. And he even introduced you to his beloved pet raven, Cortez.  His visits to your shoppe were lasting longer and longer with each visit until he would stick around for the entire duration of your working hours. You didn’t mind it though - in the shoppe he helped you with various tasks, as long as you asked him nicely. Nevertheless, he was happy to lend a hand.

However, it seemed like your regulars didn’t like Murdoc’s company as much as you do. You could tell by the disapproving and almost disgusted looks on their faces as you walked past them on the weekends or how they would eye him suspiciously as he helped you around the shoppe. You didn’t like how they treated him, and you could tell it was effecting Murdoc as well. He would have left long ago, but he only stuck around for you and only you.

It was a slow day in your little shoppe when you asked Murdoc you fetch some more wrapping paper from the back. He was eager to obliged, giving you a quick “be right back, love” before he disappeared around the corner.

“…[Y/n], honey,” an older woman and a regular you knew as Doris spoke quietly. “I have to ask….why do you hang around that man?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You frown. “He’s a good friend of mine, and if he wants to come around to help me around here, he has that right.”

“Well, yes but…look at him!” She emphasized, her eyes darting towards the direction Murdoc vanished to. “He wears an inverted cross around his neck for goodness sake!”

“Plus he wears black, like, all the time.” Another regular, William, scoffed and deciding to join the conversation. “And he always smells like cigarettes and alcohol.”

“He has a pet raven. I mean honestly, who has an evil creature like that as a pet?”

“And he says shit like ‘I swear to Satan.’ And it’s always cloudy and dreary when he’s around.” William finished with a frown. “Face it, [y/n]. The guy’s either a Santanist, a weirdo, or both.”

“Not to mention he looks to be twice your age…” Doris noticed your glare and quickly cleared her throat nervously. “What we’re trying to say is…well…you’re too good for him. For his type. You’re a rose compared to–”

“Okay, I’m stopping you both right there.” You huff as you fold your arms. “Let’s get a few things straight here: 1. Neither of you are my parents, I can talk to whoever I want. 2. You’re judging him before you even get to know him! He’s actually a great and sweet man who happens to be eccentric and has eccentric tastes. And finally, I’m not better than him or anyone else, and stop trying to make it seem that way.”

“[Y/n]…” Doris sighs as you briskly walked past her. “We’re only looking out for you. We want what’s best for you and…he’s a bad influence. You need something better.”

The conversation immediately came to a halt when you heard the familiar clacking of Murdoc’s heels enter the room. He handed you the wrapping paper, but you could tell that he was in a sour mood, and you immediately knew he had heard the entire exchange. The tension in the shoppe was thick, but Murdoc decided to excuse himself earlier than usual and left that afternoon. Doris and William couldn’t have been more relieved, but you didn’t share their feelings as the shoppe felt emptier.

You were saddened when Murdoc didn’t show up the next day…but Doris nor William didn’t show either. Nor were they at their usual spots on the weekend as you and Murdoc made your rounds through the neighborhood. They didn’t show up at the shoppe the following week either…

You were closing up the shoppe for the weekend when you noticed something out of the corner of your eye. Turning, you saw a single red rose stuck in between two woven baskets you used as a display out front. Curiously, you took the rose and examined it, realizing that it was very similar to one of the many red roses you gave to Murdoc when you first met. But that wasn’t all - there was a trail of rose petals leading from the shoppe and down the street. This could have only been another one of Murdoc’s games and/or shenanigans, but you decided to humor him and followed the trail.

The petal trail would eventually lead you to the very street the two of you first met. You found another rose taped to the building he was leaning on, except now it was black and was pointing into an alley not too far from it with black petals leading into it. Alarm bells started to go off deep in your mind, but if this was Murdoc - and you were sure it was - you knew he wouldn’t lead you towards anything dangerous. So you followed the trail, the sun slowly beginning to set.

You would follow the trail for a full minute until you came to one of the old, abandoned apartment buildings hidden away from the rest of the world. You managed to find the back entrance with a black and red rose taped together on the door frame. You heard cawing in one of the windows, and you looked up to see Cortez cawing at you before he flew into the broken but open window. Of course, any sane person would be weary to even approach…but you wanted so badly to know what kind of trick Murdoc was trying to pull on you, and seeing Cortez reassured your nerves. So you took the roses and - against better judgement - entered the building.

The apartment was completely dark save for the last rays of sunlight that came in through the windows. The building smelled musty and old, and you could feel your skin crawl from the abundance of mold on the walls. The floorboards creaked loudly under your feet with each step, causing an echo to go throughout the building. “Murdoc? Cortez?” You call, but was greeted with silence. “I know you’re in here - where are you?”

More silence…at least until you heard the door creak behind you, followed by a soft click as the door shut itself. Before you could turn to see who it was, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and pinning both of your arms. You opened your mouth to scream, only to have a rag cover you mouth and muffled any noise you could have made. The rag had a bitterly sweet scent to it, and you immediately began to feel dizzy and drowsy, your vision blurry as your limbs steadily started to go limp. However, just before you lost full consciousness, you were able to catch a glimpse of dark raven hair and greenish skin…

Murdoc held on to your body tight until you went still and slumped against him. He immediately scooped you up into his arms after tucking the chloroform-soaked rag into his back pocket. He gently brushed your [h/c] bangs from your face, before leaning down to kiss your forehead. Night soon crept in, the last rays of sunlight disappearing and was replaced with moonlight…until dark clouds rolled in, shrouding the world in darkness.

Murdoc carried your unconscious form out of the abandoned building and followed the backstreets towards what would now become your new home. Perhaps you were better than most…perhaps you were a rose amongst weeds. But as far as anyone else was concerned…

You were his rose.

- - -

Part 2

Thoughts on Various Nico Robin Ships

So lately I’ve seen several comparison posts made about the two main Nico Robin ships, Frobin and Zorobin, with all of them favoring the former. While on one particular post the viewpoint was very fair and kindly worded in regards to both ships, which was quite refreshing compared to some of the less polite posts I’ve seen from that fandom, the others were about the norm of what you get from shippers when they speak on their NOTP. Thus, I’ve decided to present my own thoughts and opinions in regard to the various Nico Robin pairings with as much objectivity as I can.

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I don’t understand all that mockery in the tag. 

No, I get it why there’s such a reaction [haters, haters everywhere], but why people don’t think before they post things? 

Remember when Kaname appeared last time in October chapter, his scene ended with Ai telling that she knows what’s engraved in Yuuki’s soul. And then the line of the past has started [which explains WHAT exactly is engraved and how Yuuki overcame that] and we have it in progress until now and will have in further chapters. If to analyze the plot quietly and adequately one gets that Hino’s decided to lead chronologically direct narrative. Because previous type of narration was a bit hectic and, I believe, difficult for good realization. Which means that when chapters about past come to their end, present/future will come into force. 

And this is just obvious, because no matter how much haters want Kaname to disappear fully, Hino doesn’t forget about him at all [for God’s sake, he’s on the cover of the chapter!], as if she signals, ‘Just wait a bit, I need time to finish the past lines and then I come back (or forward in this case?) to the present and future to tell you what will happen to Kaname, Ai and Ren”.

The question is how many chapters we need to wait, but that’s just a matter of time.

And don’t forget. One laughs best who laughs the last.


“Can I please have some ice cream?” he asks.
May I please have some ice cream,” he corrects.
MAY I PLEASE have some ice cream? PLEEASSEEE…” he begs.
“Give the boy some ice cream,” he commands.
“I’m not your assistant, Sherlock Holmes,” she scolds him.
“You’re my wife, Irene Holmes,” he smiles.
“Mummy, ice cream! Pleaseeeeee…” he pleads.
“Alright, Nero. Stay with your dad. And you, two, for goodness’ sake, don’t go looking for trouble,” she says sternly.
“We won’t!” they exclaim.

She shakes her head, knowing she’d find them in some odd situation when she comes back. Looking back at the boys she loves the most, she smiles when she sees her husband carry her son.

AU: Sherlock, Irene, and Nero Holmes in 1930.

Things I Hated About Disney's Descendants (2015)

Before I begin, I’d like to state that though I like the Descendants film just as much as the next fan, there are some things I need to get a few things off my chest. (I’m speaking of the first film here. I’ve never read the book.)

Firstly, why do so many of the fans assume that Ben and Mal will end up married years down the road? Can we just talk about how unrealistic that is for a second? I mean, they’ve known each other for what, a week? Two weeks, tops.

The beginning of their relationship was a lie, for starters. Mal gave Ben a potion - a frickin’ love potion. She manipulated him for her own purpose and separated him from his current girlfriend. Sure, Audrey seems to be a clingy, annoying, and possessive kind of girl, but whether they stay together or not shouldn’t have been anyone’s business but theirs.

Secondly: Even if Mal did end up with real affection for Ben (whether it’s platonic or romantic remains to be seen, kiss be damned) and even if she did choose “good” (and WTF Disney? Good and evil is not black and white! More on that later) it doesn’t excuse any of her previous actions. It doesn’t matter that Ben forgave her without a second thought, or that she shared a giggle with Audrey at the end. That doesn’t fix anything!

What about Ben and Audrey? As I stated before, Audrey seems to be possessive, clingy, and generally annoyingly gushy around her “Benny-boo”. Meanwhile, Ben doesn’t seem all that attached to her, as he is able to wave away Mal’s trickery just like that, never mind that she basically forced him to break up with Audrey. What’s the story behind that?

I can think of a few theories.

One, and most likely: This relationship was a first for the both of them. They were too eager for love, and rushed in headfirst without thinking. As time wore on, the passion Ben felt for Audrey in those first weeks faded away.

Two: They were in an arranged marriage. Even though many of the first-generation royals resented this practice, it’s difficult to ignore the political advantage arranged marriages can bring. While Audrey is giddy with elation at the prospect of a handsome prince and a happily ever after like her parents, Ben felt neither one way or another towards her; he was resigned to his fate - until Mal came along, that is.

Three: Audrey is queer and/or genderqueer, but she’s too afraid to come out. She’s so desperate to look normal and fit in that she somehow snags Crown Prince Benjamin of Auradon, the catch to catch them all. Ben has always sensed that Audrey’s feelings for him were never genuine (hence gushy nicknames, possessiveness, and clinginess).

Now, about this whole good/evil nonsense.

Seriously, what. The. Fuck. The villains in Descendants are clearly evil for the sake of being evil. Sure, they want revenge for being banished. But all the rest of the time? They’re completely OOC. Completely like, over the moon and back completely.

Cruella’s actions were motivated by vanity and pride. Jafar’s actions were motivated by a thirst for power. The “Evil Queen” (dammit Disney her name was Grimhilde! That was your idea! Get your shit together) was motivated by vanity and jealousy. And Maleficent’s motivation is pride or bitterness (depending on which version you’re going with).

The REAL villains had motivation. They did not do things “because is was evil”. If curing cancer helped Jafar obtain power, would he do it? HELL YEAH.

And on the topic of good/evil: what kind of “good” ruler tolerates imprisoning children? Or hostility towards children for the sins of the parents? King Adam (please stop calling him “King Beast”) may be on the winning side, but he isn’t a saint. Not by a long shot. It’s difficult to be a politician and keep one’s nose completely clean, after all. Just look at Albus Dumbledoore.

I’m sure I had other things to complain about, but I’ve lost my train of thought. I guess I’ll continue this some other time, but to recap:

What’s wrong with Descendants (2015)
1. While Ben/Mal (Men? Bal?) may be your OTP, realistically speaking it’s not set in stone that they’ll marry in the end because
- they’ve only known each other for less than a month so far
- Growing up on the Isle CAN’T by any stretch be good for one’s mental health
- Mal’s first motivation in making this relationship was for self-gain, and ruined a relationship in the process.
2. Good and evil is not black and white
3. Disney should stick to canon names. No more of this “Evil Queen” and “King Beast” nonsense.
Save the Boy

Band Member: Calum Hood

Type: Hunger Games AU

Description: You won last year, you fought tooth and nail to make it home to the boy you loved. But the person who came home pushed him away until he left. Now you’re forced to mentor him and perhaps kiss goodbye to the boy who loved you too.

Your thoughts were of the forest that stretched beyond the chain-linked fence. It was a place you went to escape. You wasted your time identifying herbs and gathering them or throwing knives at the tree trunks. You stared out longingly at it then towards the beach and ocean that skirted the edge of District Four. The television rambled on about how hard the times of war were. They claimed it was so that history wasn’t repeated twice, so the Dark Days were a thing of the past, but humankind were fickle and tainted in your opinion. Nature, on the other hand, was stable enough for you to trust. Your mother told you that you had healer’s hands, which was why you were less suspicious of the wilderness. You could almost imagine the soft grass under your bare feet by the lake your parents took you to when you and your sister were children. Your mother taught you to swim one summer in the lake since the ocean filled you with dread. You were almost into your father’s arms when you had fallen under the calm water from the shock that you were actually swimming. Your mother had screamed in horror until your father had pulled you back up and she’d hugged you close to her chest in fear it might happen again, that was your last memory of her. Alive, at least.

You heard the front door close and assumed it would be your sister. It was never going to be your father this early on Reaping Day. He was going spend the entire thing in the tavern, trying hopelessly to drown the memories of when you were reaped. You were happy to have the Victor’s house to yourself. Leah was the social butterfly, with a seemingly never-ending string of boys that chased after her. She was exactly like your mother apparently. Leah had to tell you stories about her since you were almost too young to remember if she even existed at all. Your father never spoke about your mother except on her birthday when he brought home a single water lily and left it next to their wedding photograph.

“No time to sit around, you have to be at the Justice building at two,” Leah called out from the kitchen.

She appeared a moment later, wiping her hands on an old towel. She’d had her hair pinned up for the ceremony which made her look even more like your mother. You were glad your father wasn’t around to see her. Leah looked worried again, the threat of you being reaped had ended but now you had to be a mentor, her fear had renewed itself but nowhere near the levels you were feeling. She was concerned the stress of mentoring would be too much while you were worried about President Snow, he wasn’t known for his kindness or fairness.

“You have to look your best for the cameras!” she argued as she walked closer. “What would Mum think if—?”

“If she was here? She’d want to know how her little girl was capable of murder,” you fired back before shuddering.

Leah flinched, she hated you calling yourself that. But it was true, wasn’t it? Twenty three children hadn’t returned home last year. The physical scars had been wiped away in the days after you’d made it out but the mental ones weren’t so easy to airbrush out. You still slept with a knife tucked under your pillow, you still screamed yourself awake – your only comfort was knowing the big house was too well built for the screaming to wake Leah and your father.

“I know you’re worried about Calum—”

“Why would I be worried about him?” you fired back with raised eyebrows.

“You still love him for goodness sake!” Leah snapped at you before her expression softened. “It’s his final year. After this, you can forget the Games. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

You bit your lip rather than retort. Your sister was so naïve and trusting of the Capitol. You weren’t stupid, you knew they’d take every cheap shot they could manage and Calum was a perfect way to get to you.

“Come on, I’ve laid out a dress,” she said quietly. “Dad wanted me to say good luck, he’s bartering the daily catch in the tavern like usual.”

“Don’t lie to me, Leah. He’s getting blind drunk to forget last year, it’s just a shame I can’t join him.”

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CEO Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.056


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

Originally posted by crybabymichaelc

It was just another normal day at work, if you consider killing people normal… Yeah I know it sounds bad but this was what I was trained for: protecting people, even if that meant killing others.

I started at this since I was a baby. My mom was a spy for the government. She was one big ass spy and that was the reason she is dead now. Everyone knew she was good so everyone wanted to be better, which means killing her.

She would always take me with her to the secret company and I grew up there and eventually I started training.

I was good, I am good. Just like my mother. But I was not making the same mistake she did. I left the ‘company’ my mom worked for. The big boss there helped me erase any identity I had, I don’t know why he helped me but he was always there for me since I was a kid.

Now no one knew my mom had a daughter. They thought I was dead like her and no one knew who my father was so he is safe if he’s not dead already.

The big boss also helped me find another job which was working for this CEO called Luke Hemmings.

I didn’t know anything about him. When I was working at my mom’s company I never knew nothing about the outside world I only did my job.

I searched him on the internet and apparently he was very famous but that wasn’t a problem because I was doing his dirty work so I can’t be known or seen with him.

He had an illegal ‘lady business’ going on, so he needed me to do my work if one of if ‘ladies’ decided to make money on her own. Yes he had girls selling themselves for sex. You would thought no one would do it, especial young girls but you are so wrong. Young girls were almost all of the girls and the line of them that wanted to work here is very long.

Girls these days are ambitious and only have eyes for money. And believe me you did a pretty good money here. You earn in one night what other people earn in a year.

“Y/N?” Dave called me. Dave was this big guy that you would piss your pants just looking at him but once you get to know him he is a sweetheart.


“Mr. Hemmings called you.” He explained motioning with his head to the stairs that lead down to his office. Not the CEO office the other one.

I was currently at the bar where the girls met their clients, rooms where upstairs and Mr. Hemmings office downstairs.

I nodded my head at him and went to his office.

“Mr. Hemmings?” I asked as a knocked at the door.

“Y/N, yes. Please come in.” He said in his sweet voice. Sometimes it was hard to believe he was a ‘bad boy’.

“You called me sir?”

“Yes. Apparently one of our little bunnies is eating out of her lair.” He explained.

“I understand sir. Which one?” I asked him.

“Jessica MacDonell.” He said has he gave me her file.

“I’m on it sir.” He gave me a smile and then I was out the door.

“And Y/N?” He said and I turned back still at the door. “This is the fifth one. I can’t lose money like this. Make an example of her.”

“Another one?” Dave asked has he followed me out of the club.

“Yes, and Mr. Hemmings said to make an example out of her.” I said to him.

“Are you ready for that?” He asked with worry on his voice.

“I’m ready for everything.”

We found the girl, she was having sex with one of the best lawyers of this country, which meant he paid good and it also meant that Mr. Hemmings was losing a lot of money too, unfortunately for her.

The ‘make an example’ meant, instead of killing, beating her up and craving my knife on her face. No one wanted to have sex with an ugly girl right? 

I know it’s not the prettiest sight but I was trained not to feel just accomplish.


“Mr. Hemmings?” I asked as I walked in his office. “It’s done.”

“Good job Y/N.” He complemented with the sweetest smile on his face. I was taught not to smile so I didn’t.

“Luke?” I turned back and there she was my competition, the other one that did Mr. Hemmings dirty work. Well not just that, come on she called him Luke for fucks sake. “Oh you’re here.” She said acknowledging my presence.

“Maya.” I greaten. “If you don’t have anything more for me sir, I’ll go.”

“Actually you can go home Y/N. Luke doesn’t need you anymore for today.” She said as she hugged him from the back. Where the fuck was she trained? She throws herself at him since day one. Doesn’t she has some respect? He is her boss.

I looked as Mr. Hemmings and he nodded his head which meant I could go. Well everyone knows what happens here when they are together so I’m sure he wouldn’t need me anymore.

“Going home already?” Dave asked.

“Yup. Maya is horny I guess.” I sassed and he started to laugh.

“Oh God. You’re amazing. Are you good leaving alone?” He was always concerned about me and I don’t know why.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

I was already outside preparing myself to ride my bike. As I was putting my helmet I heard someone call me.


“Mr. Hemmings?” What did he want?

“Hey. Hum, you let this fall.” He said extending his hand. My mom’s bracelet… Fuck it was broken.

“Oh, thank you Mr. Hemmings.” I thanked him taking my bracelet from his hand.

He smiled at me. Why did he had to smile like that at me?

“Have a good night princess.” He said as he put his and on my left cheek and kissed my right cheek and left.

What the fuck was that? He’s my boss. He’s not supposed to kiss my cheek or call me pet names.

I was trained not to feel not to let men get to me. So why I had this butterflies in my stomach?

Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

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Strictly Professional - a BeckWatney Fic

It was only a matter of time before BeckWatney decided to start fucking with my fic writing. At least I’m not alone in shipping these two. Anyway, here’s my first attempt at a BeckWatney fic - obviously based in the bookverse.


Strictly Professional


“Vogel.” Beck stared at the other astronaut’s back waiting for him to turn around.


Beck met the other man’s eyes. “If I can’t reach Mark, I want you to release my tether.”

“Dr. Beck,” Vogel said, “the Commander has said no to this.”

“I know what the Commander said, but if I need a few more meters, I want you to cut me loose. I have an MMU, I can get back without a tether.” He argued, wanting Vogel to understand how serious he was.

“I will not do this, Dr. Beck.”

“It’s my own life at risk, and I say it’s okay.”

“You are not the Commander.” Vogel countered. Personal preferences held little with in a command environment.

“I’m not, but you’ll do it because letting him die again will kill me anyway. At least if you cut me loose we’ll both have a chance to live.”

Vogel glared at him, searching Beck’s expression for a long moment.

“Fuck it.” The astronaut sighed. “This whole mission was a mutiny to begin with. What’s what more order disregarded.”

“Exactly.” Beck clapped him on the shoulder.

Fortunately, when push came to shove, Vogel didn’t have to make the decision. It was a game of inches, but Beck reached Watney without needing to cut the tether. Closing the airlock, Vogel and Beck shared a brief, but meaningful look.

“I’m glad I didn’t have to cut you loose.”

“Cut him loose? Why the fuck would you even thing of doing that?” Watney screamed at Vogel before turning on Beck. Exhausted as he is, the rescue and Vogel’s comment have enough adrenaline coursing through him that he is surging with energy. “Please tell me he’s not actually implying you told him to do something that fucking stupid!”

“It wasn’t stupid,” Beck shouted back as he freed himself from his suit with a bit less care than usual.

“Yes! It was! How could you think I’d be okay with that?”

“If it worked, we’d both be alive, and I figured you would get over being mad eventually. If it didn’t, then you wouldn’t survive long enough to worry about it, and at least I’d die knowing I did everything I could.” Beck’s voice cracked, his own adrenaline beginning to fade and the emotional strain of everything since having to declare Watney dead on Mars hitting him all over again.

Vogel slipped out of the area, understanding this was not something Beck or Watney needed an audience for. Running into Lewis, headed to greet her newly reacquired crew member, he grabbed her arm to stop her.

“I wouldn’t if I were you, Commander.”

“Wouldn’t what?” She looked at him, brows raised in confusion.

“Go in there.” Vogel smirked. “Give them a bit of time first.”

Commander Lewis stared blankly at him for a bit. “But I thought Beck and Johanssen …”

“No. Just good friends. More like siblings.”

“Oh.” Lewis’ mouth hung open.

“Come on Commander, I’m sure Mark will want to see us all, but let them work it out. Not to mention the poor guy needs a shower before he faces the team, as much of our sake as his.”

“Right.” She followed Vogel back away from Beck and Watney, still processing this revelation.

Out of their suits, Watney stared at the doctor, mouth gaping open.

“But …”

“I’m just glad you’re back … safe … alive. That’s enough.” Beck closed his eyes, trying to ground himself in that information. Mark was alive. He could go back to watching him, pining, and knowing he was okay. That would be enough.

“I thought you … Johanssen …” Mark couldn’t even get the full sentence out.

“Fuck no! She’s like my sister.” Beck shuddered at the thought.


“Listen Mark, just forget everything you’ve just heard. You’ve been through hell. You need a shower, and I need to examine you to make sure you really are okay.” He watched as Mark’s expression shifted, but couldn’t decide what it meant before it shifted again. “Strictly professional. I assure you.” And it would be. He wouldn’t let himself make this any more awkward than it already was.

Mark stared at Beck, taking in the longing and hurt Chris tried to bury, cataloging every line of worry and fatigue on the doctor’s face, remembering all the smiles he’d seen on those lips before.

“I’d be okay with less than strictly professional. You know … if that options on the table.”

Chris started to speak, but choked on the words. Of all the ways he’d thought this conversation might go - many of them leading to him with a black eye - he never considered this one.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind a hand in the shower. My hair is a disaster, and I don’t think I can left my arms that high at the moment.”

“Shower …” Beck stared at the other man before finally moving. “Right. I can help with that.” The two started toward the crew quarters. “Heat’s all jacked up in your bunk, so we’ll have to use mine for now.”

“That’s fine. I’m not feeling overly picky at the moment.” Mark reached out, grabbing Beck’s hand as they floated toward the doctor’s quarters. “I was prepared to settle for just standing under water and rinsing off, so this is already light years ahead of that.”

Beck laughed. “Well, don’t get any crazy ideas. I may not have examined you yet, but I can already tell you are in no shape for fooling around.”

“Oh come on. Not even a little?” Mark pouted at him as Beck gently shoved him into his quarters.

The doctor stopped just inside, pulling Mark close. Watney tensed for a split second at the unexpected contact before letting himself melt into the doctor’s lean but solid frame. Arms wrapped tight around him, long fingers stroking the back of his neck, Watney’s composure cracked. Everything he’d been through, all the risks he took, all the endless days without any physical contact with another living being caught up to him.

“Ssshhh. It’s okay. You’re back with us. You’re safe. I’ve got you.” Beck murmured reassurances into his ear. “You really do need a shower, but I can hold you as long as you need. As long as you want.” Beck amended his statement.

Watney couldn’t find the words to reply, instead letting himself sink further into Beck’s embrace. By the time his tears slowed, he felt a bit more prepared to stand on his own.

“Shower?” Watney asked Beck once he’d put all of three inches of space between them.

“Yes. Shower. Then I am going to examine you. As much as I’d like to just curl up around you in bed, I have to know what kind of condition you’re in.” Beck gave him a pointed look.

“You mean everybody on the ground will be on your ass if you don’t hurry up and report.” Watney snarked, familiar with NASA’s never ending need to know every little details of their astronaut’s physical conditions.

“That too, but I need to do it for me too. I …” Beck wasn’t sure how to explain the deep-seated need to catalog every single inch of Mark, to know every little hurt, to find a way to fix them all.

“Hey, this isn’t your fault.” Mark raised his hand to wipe away the tear that fell down Beck’s cheek. “You had no way of knowing, and if you guys had waited any longer to go it would have been all of us stranded on Mars, and even my botany powers aren’t enough to keep six of us alive long enough for a rescue mission.” He laughed at his joke, but quickly quieted when he saw the pain etched in Beck’s eyes. “Okay, too soon to joke about surviving on Mars. I get that. I’m sorry.”

“No. You don’t need to apologize.” Beck hurried to reassure him.

“Come on, you promised me a shower. Maybe we should just hold off on the talking thing until I’m clean and feeling a bit more human, and a bit less like toxic waste.”

“Right. Shower. Let me go start that.”


I’m debating whether or not to continue this, so let me know if you have an opinion.


A/N: CS Bodyguard AU. You can blame this little verse on these photos and swans-and-scoundrels’ enabling.


(I’m Gonna Love You) Even If My Heart Would Break (¼)



Stubborn. Insufferable. Pain in the damned arse. Spoiled brat.

He hitches her further over his shoulder, ignoring the drunken giggle that leaves her mouth. It’s immediately followed by a hiccup and the grip of her hands and those delicate fingers on his hips for purchase — he ignores that too. Stupid, stupid, stupid woman.

Killian Jones has always considered himself a patient man, but for some reason his supply of it always seems to wane where she is concerned and now is no exception. It’s a bloody mess she’s made of herself again, and directly in the spotlight no less. He can practically hear her PR team already, Ruby’s incessant yelling and murderous looks aimed his way because he was supposed to be watching her. 

Well he bloody would be watching her if she didn’t keep trying to give him the slip at every opportunity. He’s starting to think she means to make his life miserable (or a complete living hell) on purpose — either way, it ends tonight. He’s put up with her behavior for long enough and he’ll fucking handcuff himself to her if necessary.

“Your ass is in my face,” she tells him suddenly, like she’s answered the very mystery of the universe, and giggles again.

“How very astute, darling,” he mutters.

“So grumpy, Jonesie.”

He hates the nickname, grits his teeth against it, and wonders where the hell he went wrong in his miserable life, wonders what the hell he was thinking when he signed on to be the head of security for  Emma Swan, pop star extraordinaire. 

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anonymous asked:

Got a prompt for you that was inspired by that post you made earlier: Padme and Anakin go to a ball or some fancy party for politicians and rich people. Since everyone knows now that Anakin and Padme are married, they can go as a couple. However that doesn't stop people from wanting to snatch poor Ani. Cue jealous!Padme

Yeeesss, I have an excuse to write the thing!! Thank you, Anon, you wonderful person.

It starts with a reunion. A reunion that goes on a little too long, a few more kisses before she can bear to let him go, a few more moments of her hair in his hands before he can release her. And when he finally wrenched himself from her grip, he looked like he wanted nothing more than to go right back into her arms. He couldn’t though, because they both had duties and responsibilities. She touched his face anyway, tracing the newest scar that that cut open his flesh, a light line down his cheekbone, almost gone. He turned his face to press a kiss against her palm.

“I’m tired.” She said and he looked at her questioningly. She pulled him down to kiss him again, wrapping her arms around his neck, pressing close. He wrapped his arms around her, almost lifting her off the ground, and made a soft, keening noise as she bit at his lower lip. She gripped his soft hair and tugged his head back to press an open mouthed kiss to his neck, high above his collar and bit down hard. He shuddered against her, breathed her name, and she sucked. This man was hers, this Jedi Knight belonged to her, and she wanted people to know. She was tired of hiding, tired of not knowing who would be the one to tell her Anakin was injured or dead, tired of having to pretend that they were just friends or political allies.

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