she wants her safe

You know what strikes me most about this scene is the fact that alex is in the most relaxed position of the three. She’s just leaning on the balcony so calm and I think it really shows how happy and content alex is with herself now. In this moment she has both her sister and her girlfriend standing proudly with her and she couldn’t ask for anything more.

i keep seeing people hating on Caitlin for no reason yeah i agree she did wrong by hidding the stone but what else she would have done huh? no one of her so called friends helps her nor cares about her, she is so damn afraid of her powers and they keeps on asking her to use them without caring about her and they saw a future where she will turn killer frost and what they all did oh nothing? so for once she thought about herself and even then she wasn’t totally selfish she wants to get rid of her powers because she don’t want to hurt others, don’t want to hurt her friends, so i don’t see how this is even *selfish*, even her hiding the stone actually helped the team in the end she was indirectly stopping savitar from coming out of the speedforce,she was so afraid and had no one so she did what she thought was right what she thought would keep the team safe,would keep everyone safe.

Caitlin Snow is the most selfless person ever, she always helps others without her team would be dead by now,she lost so much and never asked for anything she always stayed by their side,all she always want is to keep her friends safe caitlin snow deserves the world and all of the happiness and friends who cares about her.

I just love Iron Bull and Vivienne’s relationship so much. She teases him and gets this giant, violent qunari completely flustered. He knows she’s messing with him, he’s been trained by the best spies and manipulators in the business and he still can’t stand up to her. 

Thank you darling! 

But at the same time she genuinely cares for and appreciates him. Her teasing is never cruel and her criticism is never harsh. She wants to keep him safe and look out for him. 

You do so much to protect us, if there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know. 

She wants to introduce him to court, get him involved in the game at Orlais. She genuinely thinks he’d do well there. She teaches him to dance and plans to dress him up to fit in the court, but never in a way to embarrass him. It’s not sticking an oxman in a frilly ruff to amuse herself, it’s designing an outfit that makes use of his best traits.  

Every woman will want you. Every man will want to be you. 

It’s her world, her court, and she wants to bring him into it. I can’t think of any higher compliment from Madam de Fer than to have her think that with just a little polish – never to rewrite your personality – you could succeed in playing the Game. 

Vivienne has a great heart under the ice and she shows it in her own way. She calls everyone ‘darling’ but the way she uses it with Bull, she genuinely means it. 

I just…their relationship is so good??? It gives me the heart feels??? It’s so sweet and caring and I just ffffffff


AhRo is everything to me. Not because I want or need her. She is the reason I’m still alive and breathing.

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My favourite thing about that episode was actually the fact characters acknowlegded and actually discussed the fact that as soon as Carol finds out about Glenn & Abe she would start a war. That she would march on up to Negans compound and fuck. That. Up.

None of this passive “She can take care of her self” just flat out, Yeah she would march into battle and kill a bitch.


The Thenardiers finally get caught for money laundering through their shop and get arrested and thrown in jail.

Eponine gets custody of her siblings (yay!) but is suddenly left with an empty shop that she suddenly owns.

Eponine starting starting a LBT cafe-by-day/bar-by-night.

She has no idea what she’s doing but she happens to know Cosette makes the best coffees on the planet. 

She also knows that Musichetta mixes wicked good cocktails and has been meaning to leave her job for ages because  her boss still uses incorrect pronouns.

She lines the walls with bookshelves with pull down covers for the night, lovingly painted by Grantaire with LBT flags.

Feuilly and R both make buttons and crafts for her to sell as well as helping design the shop and the brand.

Lesbian Eponine creating the safe space she always wanted and needed and turning her what was and could have remained a horrible memory of her parents into a place of sanctuary and acceptance. 

just a reminder that raphael’s mother was sacred to him. she was the most important person in his life and he would have done anything for her. she was also a struggling immigrant in the 1950s, a single mom of several sons, and all she wanted was for her children to be safe and happy. having to watch her grow old, and slowly forgetting memories of her is probably one of the hardest things raphael has ever experienced. keep that in mind when you consider what he said to simon about his mother, and the “threat” he made to her. (it was not a threat)

imagine if m'gann had been in the pod alright listen this is cool bc like:

- she could have pretended right from the start to be a green Martian bc j'onn was there so that plot point is safe
- she could have said she didn’t want training she just wants to hide cue Kara wanting her to be safe & to learn how to use her powers so that she doesn’t hurt someone or herself
- maybe she slips & turns into a white Martian & Kara is like . oh no & m'gann runs & shes become close to everyone so alex & Maggie are like yeah we will help find her & j'onn says he won’t & Kara understands but then later when they do find m'gann he appears & hes like come back ur training isn’t done & they get to have a proper talk later
- m'gann gets comfortable w her powers & with the super gang & she helps Kara defeat a big bad & eventually it gets to the point where she’s like i have to go home & help ppl escape & Kara tries to talk her out of it they all do but she is adamant so Kara pushes her hard when they’re training & then leaves & it’s m'ganns turn to go after her & Kara is like everyone leaves & m'gann is like im coming back. I can stay a bit longer & Kara is like tonight u stay bc we have a goodbye party planned that u totally weren’t supposed to know abt sorry but tmrw u go bc I am not going to stop u from saving ur ppl. I wouldn’t let anyone stop me if there were the slightest chance to save my planet

“My Weakness” Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,798

Sam Winchester x Reader

Request: Can you do a one shot where Sam doesn’t want the Reader to hunt because he wants to keep her safe, but she thinks it’s because he doesn’t trust her. But she ends up taking a bullet or getting hurt for him (she lives) and saves his life? Fluffy end please

Warnings: Mentions of nightmares, blood (from gunshot wound), language, fluff

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“Sam, wake up.” You stand by the side of Sam’s bed. The clock on his nightstand reads 3:04am, and you’re impossibly tired. It’s not that you want to be awake- no, trust me, you’d much rather be sleeping at this ungodly hour. But after what happened to you last year, you have a hard time sleeping. The only thing that helps your nightmares and leaves you with a sense of peace at night is your best friend, Sam.

Last year, you were on a hunt with Sam and Dean. It wasn’t even a hard hunt, it was only vampires. You guys had killed vampires a ton of times, and you thought you had it in the bag. Unfortunately, you were a little too confident in your skills, and you ended up being kidnapped and almost dying. Sam and Dean got you in time, but it definitely left you with some nightmares you wish you didn’t have.

“Hm?” Sam mumbled, half asleep. “What time is it?”

“Three.” You bite your lip, hoping he wouldn’t be mad. You normally would just slip into bed with him and not bother waking him up, but you just wanted to hear his voice. It’s comforting.

“Come ‘ere.” Sam moves over, making room in his bed for you. You slide into bed with him, and he wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer to him. “You’re okay.”

The next morning, you wake up alone in the bed. Confused, you look over on the nightstand, and there’s a note sitting there.

‘Last minute hunt. Be back tomorrow. –Sam’

You groan, and shove the blankets off of you, getting out of Sam’s bed. You’re frustrated, you admit. It’s not that they left to go on a hunt- you don’t mind that they go out on hunts, it is their jobs after all. But it’s your job, too.

Ever since last year, they’d been reluctant to even let you out of the bunker. At first, you’d figured it was just because they were making sure that you were alright after what happened to you. It was a traumatizing experience, and they probably just wanted to make sure you were in your right mind. But months went by, and you’re fine. You feel fine, except for at night when you wake up from your nightmares. You certainly don’t think that’s any reason to keep you from hunting- you know for a fact that Sam and Dean both have nightmares as well. You’re desperate to hunt again, you want so badly to get back out there and “gank some sons of bitches” as Dean would say.

You know that Sam cares about you, and that he wouldn’t do anything to purposely hurt you. You know he’s probably doing what he thinks is right. But you can’t help but feel like they don’t trust you anymore. You did fuck up their hunt, and it ended up with almost the entire nest of vampires getting away because they were so focused on helping you get out of there. You feel like they don’t trust you go to on hunts anymore because you’ll get hurt. You know you’re probably being ridiculous, but it’s how you feel, and you can’t help that.

You walk into the kitchen, annoyance still running through your body. You try and distract yourself by making breakfast, but anger is blinding you and you can’t think of anything else. You want nothing more than to just show them that you’re not this little girl who can’t take care of herself anymore, that you’re not going to get hurt. You’re a hunter and you want to hurt.

Letting it get the best of you, you go over to the computer. You learned some tracking/hacking skills over the years, and it was finally going to go to use. You quickly track Sam’s phone, which says he was in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Damn, boys, you couldn’t have chosen a hunt that was closer?” You groan. Thankfully, it was only four hours away, and not halfway across the country.

You go into the bunker’s garage and take a car, determined to find them and show them you can still hunt. The drive goes by rather quickly, and it doesn’t take you long to find them.

They were inside of a house- a pretty nice house, at that. It was like the one from The Notebook. You can see the impala parked about a half mile down the road, and seeing how it was empty, you figure it’s a safe bet that they’re already inside.

“What the hell are they hunting?” You mumble to yourself, parking the car next to the impala and putting your gun into your holster. You walk up to the side of the house, and press your body up against the siding near a window. You peer your head into the window, and you don’t see anything. No sign of anyone being home.

You take your gun out of the holster and break through the front door, holding the gun in front of you just in case. You walk upstairs, and see no one. You’re beginning to think maybe you were in the wrong house when you hear yelling coming from below you.

You sprint downstairs, and open the door to the cellar. Sam is standing beside Dean, and Dean is being held at gunpoint by a blonde woman.

“Y/N? What the hell are you doing here?” Sam looks nervous. He goes to walk over to you, but the woman pulls back the hammer of the gun, indicating that she was ready to shoot.

“Who the hell are you guys? I swear to god I’ll shoot if I don’t start getting some answers!” The woman looks terrified. You glance over at Dean, who is trying to stay calm, but you can tell by the look on his face that he’s getting worried.

“Look, we aren’t bad guys, we thought something was going on here. We’ll just leave, okay, and no one has to get hurt.” Sam puts his hands up in the air. Dean looks over at you, and mouths “bad intel”.

Oh, shit.’ You think to yourself, and you put your gun down. Whoever told them there was a hunt here was obviously wrong, because this woman is scared shitless, and there is nothing out of the ordinary going on.

“Hey, look, just put the gun down and everything will be fine.” Your voice comes out shaky. She doesn’t- she just points turns and points the gun at Sam now instead of Dean.

You don’t know what came over you. The second you saw her finger start to pull back on that trigger, you ran in front of Sam. A ringing went through your head, and you could barely hear Sam screaming. Your eyes were open, and you could see Sam and Dean both leaning down over you. They book look worried, and you look down, seeing where the bullet hit.

“Y/N, don’t you dare die on me.” Sam said, but you could barely hear him. The last thing you remember was him picking you up, and a tear running down his face.


You can hear a constant, annoying beeping sound coming from beside you. You stir your legs, and feel the familiar feeling of blankets.

“Y/N?” You can hear a voice coming from beside you, and you open your eyes.

“Where am I?” You look around frantically. The last thing you remember is being inside of a room with Sam and Dean and some woman. You don’t remember anything else.

“You got shot… I didn’t think you’d make it.” Sam looks relieved, and you finally notice you’re in a hospital. That beeping sound is coming from the monitor to your right, and you’re hooked up to numerous cords, including one to help your breathing. You try to move, but a sharp pain coming from your stomach stopped you.

“No, no, don’t move.” Sam stops you.

“Holy crap, Sam, it hurts.” You breathe out.

“Why did you come after us?” He asks, holding your hand is his. His facial expressions were turning angrier, and you frown.

“Because I wanted to be useful. I wanted to hunt. I was tired of you guys not trusting me to go with you guys anymore, although obviously I was wrong, because I got myself shot.”

“Y/N… It’s not that we didn’t trust you. I’d trust you with my life. I just… Do you know how scared I was last year when I saw you in that room, blood draining from your body? You were almost dead, Y/N. And that terrified me. I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen to you again. I just wanted to protect the girl that I love… But then you came after us, fuck Y/N, you shouldn’t have. If you had died… Fuck, I don’t know what I would have done.”

You know that you should have processed a whole lot more, but the only thing that stuck from his entire speech was “the girl that I love.”

“But I didn’t die, did I?” I weakly smile at him. “You protected the girl that you love. You saved me. If you wouldn’t have been there all those nights when I couldn’t sleep, or shit, even taken me to the hospital after I got shot… I would have died. You did protect me. Just like I protected the guy that I love. I did take a bullet for you, didn’t I?”


“And, by the way, I’m not going to apologize for following you guys here. If I wouldn’t have, you would have been the one to get shot.”

“I’d rather have gotten shot than you.”

“Oh, shut up.” You smile, and you pull him down to you. You kiss him lightly, and it feels like heaven. Kissing Sam felt like the most natural thing in the world. You pull away after a moment, your foreheads still touching, and you can tell he’s trying to hide the biggest smile.

“God, I love you so much.” He says.

“You, too, Winchester.” You kiss him again. You hear someone clearing their throat at the door, and you pull away. Dean is standing at the foot of your bed, a huge smirk plastered on his face.

“Really, Sam? It took Y/N getting shot for you to admit your feelings for her?”

So…I don’t hate Mary. But I’m disappointed in the way the show has decided to handle her character and storyline. 

I found the tension between Dean and Mary interesting in the beginning of the season, and I was willing to wait and see how that relationship would evolve. But the writers seem to have dropped that particular story thread and all seems ok between Dean and Mary on the surface (and I say the surface because once Dean finds out she’s lying, things will not be ok). 

In theory, I should understand her motivations for working with the 
BMOL and keeping it a secret from her sons and Cas: I guess she’s supposed to want a monster free world to keep her sons safe, but that’s not really coming across in the show. I don’t know, her actions and reasons are very flimsy at best.

Last night, I was scratching my head at the lengths Mary went to in order to keep her secret and secure a particular item for the BMOL. She did it at the expense of Cas and her sons dying. I know the character is getting a lot of hate while others are defending her actions by saying “Cas and the boys have lied to each other and done things for the greater good”, and that’s true. But we’ve spent many years with these characters and we got to see their storylines play out on screen, and we got to see their motivations. And some of us didn’t like the lying and the backstabbing (some of us excused every little thing our favorites did) and they were criticized accordingly. 

But then there’s Mary. We have not spent a lot of time with the character and she has not spent a lot of time with her sons. So what we see on screen is someone who’s not comfortable being in her sons presence unless she needs them to help with a case. That’s not cool. Not cool at all. 

So when the show tries to sell to the audience that Mary is doing questionable things to make the world a safer place for her sons (and this is just a guess because I don’t feel that it’s been established that this is why she’s working for the BMOL), it doesn’t hold water. It’s not believable and she will continue to receive a lot of flack, because we have no idea why it’s crucial for her to work with the BMOL and keep it a secret from the boys. The stakes aren’t high. It’s not like she’s trying to prevent an apocalypse from happening. 

Basically, I’m not feeling a connection to the character and that’s sad because I really want to love her. I don’t hate her. I don’t even dislike her. But I need the writers to allow Mary to make a concerted effort to connect with her sons. Because while the show has shown that Mary was willing to sacrifice her own life for her sons (the prison episode), I’ll always question if that was out of love or out of some need to go back to heaven, because she’s expressed before that she’s having difficulty adjusting and fitting in. As a result of this, I can’t feel or believe her love for her boys, and because she has not made an effort to get to know her sons, her lies and betrayal paint her as an unsympathetic character. That’s a problem.

Seven trying to convince himself he doesn't have feelings for MC (even tho he's totally crushing)
  • Seven: I don't like her I just... I wanna keep her safe!
  • Seven: ... With me... in my house. Only because it's safer there!
  • Seven: And I want to hear her voice because it's so beau- I mean because I wanna know first hand she's safe!
  • Seven: hand... I want to hold her hand.
  • Seven: and so I can hold her close and kiss h- PLATONICALLY.
  • Seven: oh god I like her.
Things my ferret likes to steal:

Any kind of wrapper she can possibly find
Gummy bears
Bobby pins
Her own collar (she slips it off and stashes it away)
Goldfish crackers
Shoe laces

But I forgive her because she likes to run across my keyboard and listen to her beautiful tunes.

I want to hold her, make her home, make her forget all the things she did wrong. I want to make her feel safe, kiss her insecurities and love them away. I just want to love her till the universe won’t fit for more love.
—  Maram Rimawi 

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My love for Lauren Jauregui is sooo deep. I desperately want her to be the happiest she can be every day of her life. I want her to feel safe and comfortable wherever she is. I want her to keep using her voice to inspire people because she seems to like it. I want to watch her being passionate about things she loves. I want all the people around her to cherish and protect her. I want her to smile and laugh and have a warmth in her heart. I just so fucking love Lauren Jauregui.

Amen, I want the same. ❤️

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