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Friday, April 6th, 8:56am (ACOTAR AU - part 2)

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He stuck his hands between the doors, before they closed completely, prying them open again.

He smirked at Feyre, like he had all week, and she felt a little thrill at the sight of him. 

Seeing Mr. Handsome had been the highlight of every day this week and she had been terribly disappointed just now, when he hadn’t shown up at their usual time. Feyre didn’t know if she’d manage today without his cocky smirk. It never failed to brace her for what was to come.

Feyre hated her job.

She’d fought long and hard with Tamlin over whether she was allowed to work at all. Tamlin wanted her safely tucked away at home, but Feyre couldn’t stand it. She wanted to be out there and contribute. So after long and tedious discussions, that had involved much shouting and some wall-punching, he had agreed to let her work with Hybern, a company he had close relations with. Tamlin’s friend Ianthe had inquired on Feyre’s behalf and she got a secretary position, doing mischanellous tasks for the boss Hybern himself.

And she hated everything about it. But it was still better than sitting at home, waiting for Tamlin to spare her some attention.

Especially, when Mr. Handsome rode the elevator with her every day.

Feeling a bit bolder than usual and because she had come so close to not seeing him today, Feyre gave him a tight-lipped smile when she stepped off the elevator. 

He answered with another sexy smirk.

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Maybe it hasn't come up in anything YOU'VE done, but... Arkos babies?

(I never really get around to thinking about the kids, I’m too busy fangirling out about these two dorks to throw more in there.)

There would be an expectation of a lot of children. The Arc family seems to be a prosperous one, at least genetically. There’s always going to be difficulty trying to find the balance between having a career and Pyrr giving her family the attention and love she wants to. They are her world, and she will help keep them safe. No question about it. She didn’t become the fighter she is to let others fight that battle for her.

Seeing how restrictive and focused I think her childhood must have been, I could see Pyrrha being very supportive regardless of what her children choose to be or become. Holidays and big events like birthdays would be extravagant, with her wanting to make sure everything is perfect for them. It might be up to Jaune to let her know when she’s overdoing it.

As for the kids themselves… I could see the first being one of two options- the first being that they’re more of a quiet child. Their parents have made quite the legacy to live up to, and the pressure must get to them quite a bit. The second option is that they develop an exceptionally thick skin and self confidence.

They’ll definately look out for the kids that come after them.

@jaune-isms, any thoughts?

You know what strikes me most about this scene is the fact that alex is in the most relaxed position of the three. She’s just leaning on the balcony so calm and I think it really shows how happy and content alex is with herself now. In this moment she has both her sister and her girlfriend standing proudly with her and she couldn’t ask for anything more.


Rowena: Once, a beautiful witch was, again, run out of her homeland by those pompous, self-righteous, murderous hooligans. You know them as the British Men of Letters. She sought refuge with a family of witches. All she wanted was a roof over her head and a safe place to hone her magic.

-so like peter has always known that michelle was tough

-and michelle has always known that peter parker is spider-man

-so she’s walking home from school late

-she had to stay back for decathlon practice and fuckin flash thompson

-was trying to get a rise out of her for one whole hour. sixty mins. 3600 seconds.

-it also didn’t help that webhead parker had decided to bail on them again

-so he was spiderman

-boo fucking who he wore spandex and fought crime and had an incredibly cute butt

-what no! stop it michelle

-he’s got responsibilities now that i’M captain

-she’s halfway thru cursing the two idiots when she senses that someone is watching her

-wow isnt this great

-but then she notices the red and blue spandex from the corner of her eye

-and she subtly sees him sitting on a roof and-

-what the fuCK PARKER

-did he bail on me to eat a damn sandwich in his tights !!

-she notices him following her

-and she’s even more mad bc she knows why

-he wants to see her home safe and this isn’t helping with her crush on him!!

-so she calls him

-and sure enough, she hears his obnoxious ringtone from above

-but she pretends not to hear and takes that opportunity to lose the boi

-he picks up


-”i know. i know. i’m sorry, something came up and mr stark really needed me i swear.”

-he sounds so sincere and sorry and genuine she wants to cry

-”well ok. don’t bail on me again, loser-woAH”

-and just her fucking luck

-two goons think they can kidnap her

-she’s terrified from the shock and everything

-and they are heading dangerously close to her

-and she hears the voice

-”hey guys”

-and he’s swinging in

-and michelle is like yes he’s the perfect distraction

-and she kicks thing 1 in the crotch

-while simultaneously knocking the other one out cold

-and when one of them try to get to her again

-she roundhouse kicks the two of them

-and theyre unconcious

-all while spidey watches

-and she’s like


-and he nods and he’s reaching for his web shooters when they both freeze

-uh oh

-he is the shook mr krabs meme

-she is the ‘o shit’ meme

-and they end up sitting down and having a huge heart to heart about peter being spider boi!

-in the middle of an alley

-nerds amirite

- and he’s like “how did u know”

- ‘are u kidding dude. i mean all of a sudden ure mysterious and shit and then u have these strong ass arms and ur fuckin ripped”

- and oops wow she didn’t mean to make it sound like that

- so she backtracks

- ‘it’s not like i think ur arms are strong and nice or anything and i mean, like what even is ripped? as a concept-”

- and peter is still v shook

- bc what the fuck does mj think hes attractive what



- “black belt”


- and he offers to swing her home

- and she accepts bc whO WOULDNT

- but both instantly regret cos theyre very close and they both really wanna kiss each other

–then theyre back home

- and she’s so puMPED AND ENERGETIC





-and she’s like my parents aren’t home can u show me more about the suit pls pls pls





-WHo wouldve thought michelle was a spider-nerd

-whatever u do, do not imagine


-and peter chuckling softly and playing along as he stares at her

-with so much love in his eyes

-it’s so pure

-gdbye i am jugdead

We’re so blessed by Night Vale Presents. Four podcasts, four queer protagonists. Four ways same-sex love expresses itself. 

Cecil’s love is very present in the narrative, from the very beginning, and we constantly see him and his husband interact. 

Keisha’s love is much more tense, with a missing wife, missing explanations, a big question mark, but so much love underlying it all, making it so painful.

Hester’s love is a maybe, a hope. She loves Oleta, but above all she wants her safe, she wants her comfortable and she wants to confer her all agency she can. 

Julian’s love is a throwaway line, unimportant. He has better things to preoccupy himself with. Him loving men is a small characteristic. 

All kinds of representation are needed. From tragic to fluffy stories, from stories that are at their very core, completely about same-sex love to queer characters whose canon does not center around that at all. All of it is important and beautiful.
'Wayward Sisters': Get the first details on the 'Supernatural' spin-off
Samantha Highfill | October 13, 2017 at 9:55am EDT

In  June, The CW announced Wayward Sisters,
 a potential Supernatural spin-off — with a backdoor pilot set to air as Supernatural‘s first episode of 2018 — about a group of troubled women who’ve all been orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Led by the late Jimmy Novak’s daughter, Claire (Kathryn Love Newton), and under the training of sheriffs Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster), they’ll become a monster-fighting force. “This is an opportunity to do something in the world of Supernatural that has some of the sensibilities of Supernatural but addresses a lot of issues, scenarios, and characters that are very different,” executive producer Andrew Dabb says.

It all begins when Claire comes home. “Claire went out, she kicked ass on her own, but a crisis will occur that will force her back into the fold of the Wayward family,” EP Robert Berens explains. And though the show will have a similar feel to Supernatural — Kim Rhodes calls it a “perfect sibling” to the series — one of its biggest differences is location. While Supernatural is a road show, Wayward will be localized in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a decision that Dabb says allows them to create a real community. “This is a place where romance can happen. Or rivalry,” he says.

Speaking of which, Claire arrives home to find that her caretaker, Jody, has taken in a new psychic named Patience (Clark Backo), the granddaughter of Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine), and she won’t exactly be happy about it. “[Jody] is constantly saying, ‘My door is always open,’ and she does it again in episode 3 of this season where we meet Patience,” Rhodes says. Dabb adds that Patience will serve as the “eyes of the show” when she walks in as the new girl. “Everyone else is like, ‘Sometimes we do autopsies of monsters on the dinner table.’ She’s like, ‘That’s insane! That’s not a thing people do.’ She’s there to offer a little bit of perspective.”

Rounding out the family is Alex (Katherine Ramdeen), the first girl Jody took in and the closest thing she has to a daughter, and Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), 
a new addition who has the ability to walk between worlds in her dreams. “Kaia has been on her own for a long time,” Dabb says. “She’s not sure who she can trust, but she starts to form certain bonds and relationships that make it clear that this is the place she needs to be.” One of those bonds will be with Claire, whom Kathryn Love Newton reveals saves Kaia’s life when they first come into contact. “She wants to keep Kaia safe,” Newton says. “It’s really important to her, and you’ll find out why.”

As for Kaia’s ability to walk between worlds, Newton says the story “does have a little more of a fantasy vibe” than Supernatural, though it still has what she calls the “core Supernatural dynamic.” As Berens puts it, they approached the spin-off with the attitude of: “What’s a show that’s like Supernatural but different?” And although one of the key differences is the fact that this show features women at its center, Rhodes says it’s not “Supernatural with girls.” Rather, as she puts it, “It’s Supernatural with heroes that happen to be female.”

But unlike Supernatural, Wayward features a much larger support system for the central characters, a key detail for the writers. “What is possible if you have more than just a sibling relationship to guide you through this process,” Berens says. “Could it be different? Could it be less psychologically and physically damaging than what we’ve seen Sam and Dean go through? That’s a really core question of the show.”

Speaking of Sam and Dean, there is a reason why they don’t just show up and help out. Rhodes promises, “It’s made very clear why this is happening without Sam and Dean, although there’s a beautiful opportunity for them to come visit.”

After all, Jody’s door is always open.

Vetra Nyx is that person you know that’s had every odd job imaginable - some you’ve heard of and others you didn’t even know it was a thing that people got paid to do.

Construction? We know that one - both as a regular hand and as a foreman. Dancing? We heard about that one too - it’s a great way to make a lot of money. We even know about the smuggling - high risk but a high payout.

But what about the other work? What about all the odd jobs she worked that filled the gaps in between construction jobs and smuggling runs? 

Like the few months she worked as a dish washer and then a short-order cook at a greasy spoon at one of the mining outposts her and Sid lived at. The weeks she spent as a barker at a carnival, setting up the Ferris wheel, and working at the ring-toss booth. The month she spent working as an aquarium and terrarium cleaner and turtlesitter. The three months she spent selling timeshares. The few weeks working as an assistant who cleans up crime scenes. The time she worked as a courier, a veterinarian acupuncturist, scrubbing and detailing shuttles, answering surveys, and building sofas. All these jobs, and so many others, were all invaluable to her.

The thing is, though, they weren’t valuable because of the skills she learned doing them (although it’s a nice perk). The big, valuable thing from all these jobs was that she learned it’s not what you know - it’s who you know.

She builds a huge network of contacts, all from working these weird jobs she holds for a few days, weeks, months at a time. For Vetra, who she knew meant she could find work quick to keep food on the table, keep Sid in a safe home, get Sid into a nice-ish school, put clothes on their backs, take her sister out for ice cream every now and then.

Of course Vetra is a capable black/grey-market smuggler, great with a gun and good to have on your side, but none of that can stack up to what she can get done for herself, for Sid, and especially for the Initiative and the Pathfinder because of her network. Her network kept her safe and kept her working, and she wouldn’t be where she is or who she is without it.

Soulmates? Soulmates. - LAMP

Summery: So, I hit 100 followers a while ago and wanted to do something so here’s a Soulmate AU (where the first thing your soulmate says to you is written on your skin) as well as a Human AU.  

Warnings: none I don’t think, minor self doubt + hatred but not that much.

Word count:  2,643

Part 2 ->

Virgil had always been a ‘peculiar’ child, even though his mother told him otherwise, he knew he wasn’t normal in a few ways. One of those ways was that he had three soulmate sayings tattooed on his skin. One saying was normal, two was unusual but not unheard of, three was even less common.

The first saying is on his hip, diagonally on the right side it says “Have I met you before?” in a big, rushed print. Another was on his right shoulder, being on his back he’s admired this one less and relied on his mother at first to tell him what it said, “Shit, sorry, oh god.” not the best saying to have your mother repeat back to you at a young age but he promised not to say it, especially not in class; the writing was small and elegant. His last was on the left side of his ribs, the font was neat and almost printed, “Oh, it’s you.” Virgil couldn’t tell how this would be said, but his worst fears was that it was negative.

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Analysis of skills: Pidge

Pidge is an amazing character with a lot of depth and untouched potential and here are some of my thoughts about her. It’s a pretty long post so everything is under the cut! 

Allura / Coran / Shiro / Keith / Lance / Hunk

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future looks good

hello this is part two to let’s hurt tonight. i’ve decided this is going to be a five part mini series so there’s definitely more to this. i hope you like it!!!


questions, comments, concerns

You’re just finishing lighting the last candle when the front door slams. You frown, Harry never slams the door. 

“Honey?” You call uncertainly down the stairs.

“Yeah.” He responds and his voice is rough and sharp.

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