she wanted to pet him guys

Look, we need to talk about this Ok

This wasn’t some happy go luck episode, this wasn’t the sweet cool Starco episode everyone is trying to make it out to be or whatever. This was intense. This kid as been traveling and fighting for 16 years.

Marco traveled to every single dimension,(without sicors), He faced hundreds of monsters, he learned amazing things. He blew out every single flame of every single clone

Marco grew up guys. he grew UP. He built a life for himself. he lived for 16 years alone in the roughness of uncivilisation, with only himself to look out for. Constiantly tracking down clone after clone after clone.  He becomes a warior.

And yet, when he arrives at her doorstep, he doesn’t  attack her, and she doesn’t attack him. Infact, when he arrives, she’s already forming his scissors

She’s content, She’s plaesed. She has accept his work, and delcared  him worthy of the responiblility of having dimensional siccors. 

And marco has a similar reaction as well, he doesn’t immedetly take the scissors, doesn’t blow out her light as soon as possible. No, he sits down, gets comfy. he relaxs and tells his tales to her.

“you barley escaped me on the exploding flames of endor. And when I lost your trail in the mist of the never zone, I thought I’d never find you.”

They know eachother. This isn’t the first time he’s seen her. The REAL her since their first encounter when he was fourteen. They’e meet before, they’ve battled, and ran and talked formed an odd frenship out of their bond.

And then He rises to blows out her flame, and she lets him. She stands there, content as he softley, blows it out

“Not bad for a human. I underestmated you.”

And then, Star bust in….

And of cousre, Marco is happy to see her. He hasn’t seen her in over, and I’ll say it again, 16 years (reminder, normal people go to school for 12 years! First grade to senior. Marco has been working for those things, longs than the normal person goes to school.)

Now, I’m not here to go through this episode slide by slide, so lets move on. Marco finds out he’s only been gone from earth for 8 minutes, he get annoyed, ut then Star encourages him to come back home with her, so that everything can go back to normal.

Here’s the thing guys. Marco has spent the last 16 years matureing, fighting, living, He’s been spending the last 16 years BUILDING A LIFE. he doesn’t want to go back. he likes his life.

He likes the adventure, his sword and his dragon-motercikle pet thingy. The likes the life he’s build for himself here.

And this scares her. She pleads with him. BEGS him even. “But, what about your parents, your freinds….Me?” Star puts Marco in a position where he has to pick between his life, what he likes and her.

And here’s where this show gets really deep. he looks at his pet.

Guys you can feel that stabbing pain in your heart right? Right?  Oh man and then he looks at Hekapoo. This girl he’s chased for 16 years. 

“Don’t look at me, those siccors are yours now…you can come back here, anytime you want.”

So he makes his decision

But before he goes, he bids them goodbye. He asks Hekapoo to look after his pet. His one compainion on the road. And she agrees. 

Then he turns to her. Like when he entered, he greets her like an old freind, because that’s who she is. She’s not someone he resents, She’s some one he trusts. Someone he has faith in and who he know he can depend on.


I mean, I’m sorry, but have you SEEN the way they’ve been looking at eachother this entire time? Their eyes, relaxed, smiles oh so small.Serriously, go back through the pictures I have here. you’ll see what I meant Mabye I’m crazy, but it almost seems like they’re in love. 

ha hah hah just kidding…sort of.

 Back to buisness.

Look at this. This is her thing. She’s been doing this to him since they first meet. It’s a way she “shows [her] affection” in the words of Toph

It’s what she does. He has something simillar to that as well

“Later H-poo.”

“Don’t call me that!”

They know eachother. They’ve know eachother for 16 years. They’ve been teasing eachother all that time while he’s been chasing her and she’s been slipping through his fingers. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like some wicked love story. 

But it’s not, because she’s some, immotal being and he’s a human and he’s ment to be with Star…That’s fine. I get that but still!

I meanserriously, when Hekapoo  creates siccors, she makes them individually for the owner, and look at marco’s

The blade’s are thick, and kind of resemble a sword, given how that’s the wepon he’s been using all this time, and it’s part of his pasword..but look at the that little flame where the blade conects to the handle? Doesn’t that look like her flame crown?

no, actually, it doesn’t. But it DOES  look like her clone’s crowns. The clone’s he’s been chassing and fighting al these years. She placed a bit of herself in his siscores because she was that important to him. (or at least she was important to his mission)




Ok, Ok, Ok….now here’s 

The most important stuff. 

Marco is back in his 14 year old body. He’s back on earth’s time line, and Star thinks its all fine and dandy…but it’s not.

Marco isn’t the same guys. He’s been gone for 16 years. He’s 30 years old mentally. Watch as he takes in his room, observing it like some alein place.

And he walks over to his computer, almost scared to touch it. These last few years, Marco’s probablby survied off of whatever he could kill or make with his own two hands. This kind of advancement…it might make him feel uncomftorble, like he’s cheating at life. 

“Password..? I don’t remember my password.”

For last 16 years, Marco has  probabbly been sleepin gon rocks, on the ground in caves. watch how catius he is lowering himself onto his bed. After two years, most soilders in the army can’t handle sleeping on beds because they’re “too soft” Imagine how marco feels. I mean, his sandwitch is still warm, as if none of his life had ever happened

This isn’t some crazy Narnia junk where Pete, Edwin, Lucy and Susan half forget what their life was like in narnia when they de-age after walking through the wardrobe. Where they go back to being kids mentally as well, as though their entire adventure was a dream.


Marco remembers it all. And this is HUGE. The show brodened on that. they showefd how uncomftorble he looked as he stood in his room all alone, because it was essential to show the effects that were left on him. 

This isn’t some happy Starco episode. this isn’t some cool ‘lets drool over adult marco’ episode either. This is some dark, bittersweet life. And you guys need to stop trying to weasle out of these facts.

Little Witch (Part 1)

Pairings: It’ll be a Peter x reader

word count: 1730

Requested:  Hey can you write one where the avengers go to recruit a girl they heard about? She lives in the deep woods and uses magic. When they find her they weren’t expecting someone so young since she’s only like 14-15. They start having second thoughts but she shows them that she can handle herself. She also wants revenge cause hydra killed her family trying to get to her.

A/N: I made the reader a little older and i hope it’s not a problem. I really liked the request and i have a big idea how to continue this. I hope you like it and if so let me know in order to post a Part 2 and maybe more ;) Enjoy (and sorry for the mistakes)

Originally posted by merlinemryspendragon

It was Saturday and everyone in the Avenger tower was finally able to relax. The whole week represented a lot of missions, hours of training and a serious lack of sleep. Today had to be their day off. Nat was trying to find an interesting film on the TV but for now with no luck. Steve was in his room immersed in his thought for the present again. Tony, as always, was doing something in his laboratory with Bruce but this time they weren’t eager to make a progress so fast, so they were mostly telling each other jokes rather than work. Clint and Vision, unusually, were cooking whatever they could think of while Peter, Wanda and Thor were ready to become tasters. Everything was going fine until a familiar and detestable sound reached their ears.

“Good morning, Avengers.”, said Colson, “How are you in this sunny and beautiful day?”

“Oh, hey Son of Col! We are perfect.”, Thor answered with a bright smile on his face.

Now everyone was in the living room looking at the man in a black suit showing on the huge TV.

“If you have to tell us something good then go on, if not…better fuck yourself.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you too, Romanoff.”, the man looked with a smile at the red-head and then turned again to the whole gang, “Okay, I will go to the main part. Three days ago something extraordinary happened in woods north of Minnesota.”, bellow him appeared some photos, “As you see, some of the trees are burnt but definitely not from a fire, and this one.”, a photo showing something like spikes coming from the ground became in view.

“What the hell is this?”, Peter exclaimed, “How is that even possible?”

“That’s what you have to find out.”

“What?! No!”, Tony said angrily. “No! Not going to happen! We have a day off, Colson!”

“I know you do, but it’s important. Given the fact it’s like 7km away from a Hydra base, it may be someone used for an experiment. And we need only three or four of you to go and check.”, the man announced.

“I’m in!”, Wanda said with no hesitations.

“Count me, too”, Clint raised his hand to show that he’s ready.

“And me.”

“Peter, you are not going.”, Tony declared.

“Why not? We only have to check what’s going on, that’s all.”

“He is right Tony, and I will go, too.”, Steve stated and the four of them received the needed information.

“I’m sick of Mr. Stark treating me like a kid.”, Peter breathed out as he and the other three avengers were getting in the helicopter.

“But you are a kid, Pete.”, Steve sat down and put his belt on. The others followed his actions and soon they were high above the ground.

“That’s not what I mean. I may be a kid as I am that young but I can look after myself. I can do things just like you guys. I want and I can become a hero. It seems he…he doesn’t want me to be one.”

“You know that’s not true.”, Wanda tried to calm the boy down, “He is just afraid. You and either I are new in all of this, but he, Steve and Clint are deep in this dangerous world and know what it costs to be a hero.”

“Wanda is right, boy. I share Stark’s thoughts but not completely. If you want to be a hero, you must know that you risk the lives of your beloved ones – family, friends, girlfriends… We all have experienced the feeling of losing someone; we just don’t want you to go through this at that young age.”, Clint said while checking his arrows.

“But don’t worry, we’ll be beside your back.”, Steve patted Peter’s shoulder and till the end of the flight nobody spoke.

Two hours later the group was finally at the mentioned place. There was no place for the helicopter to land so the heroes had to get down with the help of a rope.

“So…which direction should we go?”, Clint questioned as he, the last one, got on the hard ground.

“North.”, Steve looked at his compass to make sure he was right and then led the gang towards the destination.

“Why would somebody stay so deep In the woods?”, Peter decided to break the silence.

“I don’t think they are just staying there, Pete.”

“They are hiding.”, Wanda respond back.

“Why do you think so?”

“Colson said that there is a Hydra base in the distance…I think whoever managed to escape, is now terrified and…and angry.”

“How can you be so sure? Hydra probably sent out somebody to see if he can cooperate and serve them.”, the way Steve retorted back showed he had no good feeling towards the organization.

“Because I can feel it!”

“What do you mean?”, Peter was so confused given the fact he was new and didn’t have much information about the Hydra thing and Wanda’s powers.

“Sometimes I can either get in your head or memories, or feel your emotions.”

Steve was about to say something back as his anger has somehow unlocked but Clint was the one to stop them from a fight.

“Guys! We have a work to do and right now it’s in front of us.”, Hawkeye showed the previously seen spikes, which were like 10 meters away from them, “Can you solve your problems when we are back in the base, and I am away from your childish behavior?”

Wanda and Steve looked a little ashamed while Peter was still standing there with a stupid expression on his face while trying to figure the things out. While going to the strange and kind of a scary place the gang saw some burnt trees, others had a burnt hand mark on them, others were still up but their leaves were dry. As they were becoming closer a change in the temperature was felt.

“It wasn’t that hot minutes before. I’m sweating in this costume and now my body is itching like crazy.”, Parker announced as he began scratching.

“It’s coming from the inside.”

The spikes coming from the ground were making something like a dome. The sharp sides were touching at the top, while at the bottom they were forming a circle. This ‘structure’ was definitely made for some sort of protection.

“Maybe the person is inside this thing.”

“I will try to break it. Step back.”, Wanda commanded and then, using her magic, she broke one of the spikes. As she did so, another one grew but not upwards. Instead the spike with its sharp side directed at her body was about to kill her if it wasn’t Steve to save her.  They both fell on the ground while the others two tried to save themselves from the other deadly formations that suddenly appeared from the ground.  

“What the hell was that?!”, Clint exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath.

“I don’t know but we better find a way to…”, Peter was interrupted from Wanda’s scream to watch out. But his spider senses had already informed him about a danger. He jumped and used his webs to get on a high tree.  From up there he managed to notice the small aperture.

“I can get there and I will. Don’t try to stop me, we are losing time. When I get there you will attack and try to ruin this shield. Got it?”, the young boy notified the others through his micro earphone, “Let’s have some fun.”, Peter put his mask on and jumped from the tree. He landed just a meter away from the wanted place but as soon as his foots touched the spikes others began appearing. With his fastness he got in the hole seconds before getting seriously injured.

Although he has done it before, this time Peter made his superhero landing on his ass.

“Shit, that hurts.”, he cursed out but as soon as he did he was thrown against the strong wall made from the spikes.

“Tell me who the hell you are or I’ll kill you.”, a sweet, yet dry voice reached his ears. He looked up and saw a girl around his age standing defensive opposite him with a rage written on her face.

“I’m Pet-, shit! No, I’m Spiderman and I-”, but the boy was interrupted by being sent to the ‘wall’ again.

“You are lying! If Hydra is sending you, which I am sure about, you are gonna die in agony. They’ll finally see what I am capable of! That’s what they want, isn’t it?”, the girl screamed and clenched fists. Peter, who was thrown again, managed to see what she was doing and how she was capable of whisking him wherever she wanted. The guy soon realized she was a witch just like Wanda.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. We are here to help you”, as soon as those words were spoken, the girl was ready to make that boy shut up by repeating her previous actions but Peter was faster. He sent webs towards her hands, sticking them on one of the spikes. She tried to escape but with in vain. Peter used this opportunity to scan the girl. She was his height, with a (y/h/t) (y/h/c) hair, (y/e/c) now full with anger. Her clothes were dirty and scattered, her face slightly sunken maybe due to the lack of food.  

Suddenly the whole structure was hit and a part of it ruined down. The girl used this as an opportunity to go away and this time she managed. She began running but the boy shoot web at her and stopped her. The witch fell on the ground and looked at the four people standing meters away.

“I’ll kill you!”, she screamed and sent a stone towards the group. Wanda was the one to create a shield with her magic and protect her friends. The girl’s eyes widen as she saw that somebody had powers just as her.

“Stop attacking us and just listen!”, Wanda spoken calmly.

“We are here to help you, don’t need to be afraid.”, a man with a soft voice gave his hand to help her stand. The girl looked up and was met by a dirty blonde hair and kind blue eyes.

“C-captain America?”

Part 2 

You guys, I just imagined Yuri picking Potya from the shelter. She was a miserable, small ball of fur, which was whining quietly but hissed at everyone who approached her.

Yuri knelt next to her cage and reached out his hand and she scratched him really bad. Caretakers freaked out and wanted to treat the wound immediately, but Plisetsky shooshed them away. He was patient with Potya, spoke to her quietly and eventually she let him pet her.

She wasn’t an easy cat. She clearly had abusive past and didn’t let anyone near her. Yuri accepted that and respected her space. He was leaving her food and didn’t force her to play with him. He even ignored her and this kind of reversed psychology kinda worked.

Potya got curious about him and one day she just jumped onto the couch and started rubbing against his leg. She purred quietly. Yuri didn’t know what to do at first. Then, he slowly reached out and dug his fingers in her beautiful fur.

And goodness gracious, did she like that.

Positive / Sam Winchester

request:  Could you do #80 with Sam Winchester @just-a-rad-nerd

80. “Does he know about the baby?”

A/N: I was bit stumped since I has been pumping out stories for the week i’ll be gone for hours but here it is

Warnings: angst, fluff

Originally posted by adaav

You looked at the pregnancy test in horror.


Tears streamed down your face as you sat on your toilet, alone in the bunker, staring and the pregnancy test in your hands. You grabbed your phone and, after a few tries a dialing her number since you were shaking so hard, called Ellen. She picked up after three rings.

“Hey (Y/N).”

You just sobbed,” Ellen I screwed up.”

“What happened,” her voice hardening.

“I-I’m pregnant.”

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on the theory that Dipper is treated unfairly throughout GF? For example, Dipper sacrifices a lot for Mabel, while she only seems to sacrifice her sock-puppet show for him. There are also many suggestions in the show that some episodes overlap, like that from July 11-15, Sock Opera, Blendin's Game and Into the Bunker overlap. Which means D was under a LOT of pressure that week and he sacrificed a LOT for his sister. But she doesn't thank him for that. What are your thoughts?

See, maybe it’s the big sister in me, because I’ve never understood this particular complaint. The fact is, Dipper loves Mabel so much that her happiness is his own; his actions of sacrifice on her behalf are freely chosen. That’s why Bill’s behavior in “Sock Opera” is so insidious; he builds on Dipper’s momentary frustration with Mabel (why won’t she help me?!?!) by bringing up the various ways he’s helped her in the past, implying that she hasn’t done much to return the favor. He seeks to engender resentment where there was none, where Dipper was previously unwilling to give him so much as a stitch of Mabel’s puppet show; hey, she worked hard on those.

The key assertion I have to address here is that “Dipper sacrifices a lot for Mabel, while she only seems to sacrifice her sock-puppet show for him.” I imagine that viewers come to the conclusion that Dipper has the losing end because, when they compare Dipper’s problems to Mabel’s, they see Dipper’s as more serious. Dipper has a crush he can’t shake (relatable), Mabel is gaga over a pig she just saw at the fair (less relatable); Dipper is pursuing the latest lead in his search for the Author (important), Mabel is rigging up an elaborate puppet show to impress the Boy of the Week (unimportant). Yet the show is always keenly aware that Mabel’s problems, as trivial as they may seem to us, are as important to her as Dipper’s are to him. Bill highlights this when he says, “Who would sacrifice everything they’d worked for just for their dumb sibling?”, causing Mabel to respond, “Dipper would.” Dipper’s “everything” is his investigation of Gravity Falls and Mabel’s “everything” is her puppet show, but each of their projects is everything. Coming from Mabel, the sacrifice of the sock puppet show–and, by extension, of a shot at the “epic summer romance” she’s been seeking as ardently as Dipper has been seeking the answers to his questions–is a very real loss, one she’s willing to accept because Dipper would do and has done as much for her.

Nor is Mabel’s puppet show the only casualty of her greater love for her brother; the loss of her dream world is no mean thing. Mabeland might not be to everyone’s taste (I would personally have thinned out the crowd and lowered the 80s club music a notch), but it’s Mabel’s ideal universe; it’s a world where everything is as she wants it, where she’s never bored or lonely, where every boy loves her, where the high court judge is a kitten. With the threat of change weighing on her and the most important relationship of her life under siege, the prison bubble presents Mabel with an irresistible retreat. Bill, who has banked on human greed in the past to great success, believes that the trap is inescapable, that no one handed all their heart’s desires on a plate will be capable of leaving (just as Mabel is taken in by her desperation to stop time, Dipper wavers when presented with the possibility of growing up on the spot). But without Dipper, all of it is hollow; she prefers in the end to leave her safe place and to follow him into an uncertain world.

For much of the show, Dipper is the more responsible one within the context of their relationship. Regardless of actual birth order, Mabel is the baby; sometimes the baby gets in a habit of relying on charm to carry her through, taking it for granted that her older siblings will always step up to the plate on her behalf, because she’s just that cute (looking at you, youngest sibling in my own family). But if Mabel’s occasional thoughtlessness with regard to Dipper is a character flaw, it’s worth measuring against the depth of her concern for the world at large, a quality that Dipper himself, who tends to value his select group, could stand to learn from. Dipper’s only real issue with the destruction of Northwest Manor and all of its visitors is that Mabel happens to be among them; Mabel is the first to see the potential for redemption in Pacifica, even though Dipper is the one who becomes close to her.

But Mabel loves Dipper more than anyone, and she is grateful to him for everything he does for her and shows it. She apologizes to him at the end of “Sock Opera” for letting a transient enthusiasm skew her priorities: “I spent all week obsessing over a dumb guy. But the dumb guy I should have cared about was you.” After escaping the prison bubble, she makes it clear to him that he can stay with Ford if he wants to–her noblest moment in the series, because Dipper is her entire world, infinitely more to her than crushes and pet pigs and magical trees that grow stuffed animals. He stays with her, not out of guilty obligation, but because he wants to be with her–because she’s his best friend, because growing up without her would be unthinkable. He’s a fair-minded guy, not one to take the fall without good reason–when he operates against her in “The Time-Traveler’s Pig,” he does so on the assumption that her pig is an enthusiasm of the moment and that his love for Wendy is permanent. When he realizes that losing Waddles will truly hurt her, he doesn’t hesitate. “I could never break your heart, Mabel.”

But look at how she thanks him. She knows this wasn’t easy for him and she’s ready to show him how much it means to her. She tackles him in sheer strength of feeling. She lifts him right off his feet.

Treated unfairly? Dipper gets back everything he gives away with interest. Dipper’s happiness is his sister’s happiness and he always gets it because he is her happiness. Dipper is a lucky kid.

endless summer characters as people u meet at a party

diego: the one who got too drunk and keeps crying and asking the DJ to play taylor swift songs

michelle: wore the same dress as you and looks better in it

lila: the step-mom who bought all the alcohol for the party because she wants teenagers to think she is cool

quinn: the nice drunk girl in the bathroom who compliments your shoes and offers you some chapstick, like the nice burts bees kind

jake: “anyway here’s wonderwall”

grace: that chick who brought her homework and actually started doing it

iris: what do you want me to say about her she is not a real human being she’s the spotify playlist the DJ is using or something idk

craig: the guy that won’t stop yelling “DO IT FOR THE VINE”

sean: three girls are trying to hit on him but he keeps texting his mom

raj: dude that made pizza rolls inexplicably even though it’s not his house and the host didn’t have any pizza rolls in the freezer so where did he get them?? did he bring them??? we aren’t sure

zahra: came to the party “”“ironically”””

estela: found the cat and just sits in a bedroom silently petting it and when couples come in to try and hook up she just looks at them and keeps petting the cat until they leave

aleister: yeah he didn’t even go

A New Beginning Part 1

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 1586

Warnings: Fluffy like so much fluffy. And Steve with a beard because that should be a warning.

Thanks to @drinkfantasy , to beta this for me you rock.

Credits to the gifs owners

You have a routine, every day you wake at 5:50 a.m. and stays 10 minutes in bed just enjoying the warmth and the comfort of your sheets. Then you drink a hot cup of coffee or tea looking outside your window, you love to see the people passing by and how the city comes to life with the morning.

But by far your favorite part of your morning lately has been the time you spend walking with your dog. You look at the small puppy in the end of your bed “Come here, babe.” You say tapping the bed, she was so adorable and so small. You were so glad that your mom gave you a puppy as congratulations for living alone gift “Do you want to go for a walk, Blueberry?”

The dog barks making you get off of bed “Come on, girl let’s find your leash.” You change your pajamas into a pair of black leggings and a pink sweater and your favorite sneakers. Even though is summer the morning is cold, you put the leash on your dog going outside.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do RFA + V and SAERAN reacting to MC having a LOT of anxiety since she was a kid. So she's nervous with strangers and very worrisome about her s/o and her own actions. I really love your account, I've been following you for a long time. I'd appreciate it a lot of you do this because I go through this.

◉ Yoosung 

  • Constantly smiling and reassuring you that everything is okay 
  • Squeezes your hand to let you know he’s there for you 
  • He prefers to do things alone with you anyway so that helps 
  • Picnics or sitting at a cafe together relaxing 
  • Or he would rather just stay at home and order a pizza for a movie night 
  • Whenever you feel anxious he just smiles and reminds you that he is there for you 

◉ Jumin 

  • He will do anything he can to make you comfortable
  • Honestly he prefers you stay in the penthouse anyway
  • So strangers aren’t much of a problem for you when you’re with him 
  • However, if you have to go to a work dinner with him he will keep you so close to him and deflect all conversation so you don’t have to speak or worry 
  • And he’ll whisk you away as soon as he has an opportunity to leave
  • He tells you to pet Elizabeth 3rd when you’re feeling anxious 

◉ Zen 

  • Crazy protective over you 
    • “Don’t worry princess, you’re safe with me.”
  • Is very conscious of people when you guys are out 
  • He would never want to make you anxious because of fans bombarding him or something 
  • He will even dress in disguise to take you out so you guys don’t have to worry about it 
  • He rubs your back or gives you a massage when you’re feeling super anxious and he tries to remind you that everything is going to be okay 

◉ Jaehee 

  • She has tons of tricks for helping anxiety 
  • She’s really practical about it so if you guys are out and she sees you start to show signs she will pull you aside and talk to you 
    • “Tell me what’s making you anxious, even if you think it’s silly.”
  • She will reassure you as much as she can that there’s nothing to worry about and if it ever gets too much you can leave at any time 
  • She’ll make some tea or bake something for you when you’re really feeling wound up at home 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He’s really in tune with what makes you anxious 
  • When you leave the house he will lace his fingers in yours and hold tight 
  • He’s always really close to you 
  • When he starts noticing you’re getting anxious he will begin to crack jokes to distract you and make you laugh 
  • He wished he could always be there to help you but he can’t so he created an app for you to use when you get anxious 
  • It has calming gifs and little pep talks from him so you can use that to calm down 

◉ V 

  • He can usually hear it in your voice when you start to get anxious 
  • He will smile and rubs his hands down your arms in a soothing way and kiss your forehead 
  • You don’t go out much anyway because of his eyes 
  • When you’re at home he will do what he can for you like draw a bath and light some candles to get you to relax 
  • Loves to hold you in bed and run his fingers through your hair until you’re calm again 

◉ Saeran 

  • He also deals with anxiety sometimes so he knows how you feel 
  • It’s hard for you both to go out at times but it helps to know that you each have one another 
  • Even so, he is still always worried about you even more than himself 
  • He got you both fidget spinners and they’ve really been a great help 
  • If you’re out and he starts to see you get too anxious and you need to wind down he will just say he’s ready to go home or say something mean to Saeyoung, even though he’s really just doing it for you 

anonymous asked:

do you take prompts? would you write a friends-to-lovers bellarke au where they decide to volunteer at a dog rescue or pound or something and the sight of bellamy playing with the dogs and puppies makes clarke's crush on him even worse? bonus would be if they end up adopting a dog together or something (also i would adore mutual pining !!!!) or anything along those lines of a prompt! bellarke + puppies is my secret weakness

A|N: Technically, this isn’t 100% fall-themed, but I’m a sucker for puppies and the friends-to-lovers trope so I’m just going to kick off my Halloween bash with this, tbh! Let’s just pretend this fic takes place in fall and hence is entirely On-Theme. 
Ironically enough, she’s the one who comes up with the idea of volunteering— which means that there’s no one to blame for this entire situation but herself, really.

“Run this by me again,” Bellamy asks, dry, “but how is this not a entirely self-serving move on our part where we get to play with numerous dogs on a regular basis?”

Arching a pointed brow over at him, she tilts back her screen, bringing up the shelter’s website. “Because, that’s not what fostering is,” she says, folding her arms across her chest. “We’re providing dogs with a chance at finding their permanent homes by giving them a place to stay in the meantime, see? It’ll reduce a load on the shelter’s resources too, so.”

The problem with living with her best friend for the better part of the year is that he knows her too well, really, so the only reaction she gets from that is a unimpressed sniff. “So what you’re saying is that we’ll get to play with several different dogs on a regular basis?”

Glaring, she manages a scowl, which only serves to make his smirk grow wider if anything. “Fine,” she bites out, slamming a pen down onto the sheaf of application papers before them, “maybe. Now will you please fill these out?”

“Only because you asked so nicely,” he grins, tickling at her wrist before reaching over to pluck the pen out of her grip triumphantly.

Their first dog arrives, a week after—  a husky mix called Peanut, of all things— which as far as Clarke knows, is the beginning of the end.

Because as it turns out, the sight of Bellamy taking care of a tiny, helpless puppy is a whole new level of distracting.

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Let’s Talk This Out

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2982

Author’s Note: So, Mitch Week has been extended! I’ve written up this angsty fluff and I think it’s absolutely adorable! I hope you guys like it! Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me. I love her!

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Just the way you are

Sooo ! I wrote this for the wonderful @reioka! I really hope you like your wing fic! :)
(mobile readers watch out for the cut)

Tony groans and rolls back to his other side, but that hurts even more. He can’t lie on his back at all, so he turns onto his tummy. Better. But now he is awake anyway. “Good morning, Sir.” says Jarvis and Tony opens his eyes. 

“Define good.” Tony mutters into his pillow. God he doesn’t want to stand up, or get out of bed for that matter, but he has this meeting with Pepper and the executive board about the new arc reactor that he already used for the energy in the tower.

“The sun is shining, Sir.” answers Jarvis and without another warning he opens the blinds. Tony whines. Not that there was anyone who could hear it. Tony turns his head to his right and sighs.

Carefully he pets the cold side of the bed next to him. He wishes there would be someone to wake up to. Someone who would take him just the way he is.

“Sir?” asks Jarvis and Tony just nods. He sits up and hisses in pain, when his wings brush against the headboard of the bed.

His wings.

More like what is left of them.

“Which colour today, Sir?” asks Jarvis and opens Tony’s wardrobe. Tony stands up and goes over the wardrobe. Jarvis isn’t talking about his suits, shoes or even his sunglasses. 

He is asking Tony what wings he wants to wear today.

“Blue and white.” Tony whispers then and Jarvis pull the wings up. Tony bites his bottom lip and nods. They look beautiful. They were the first wings he made for himself…after…

The wings are a really light baby-blue and the tips are completely white.  If the sun shines on them, they are so bright that Tony can feel jealous stares on him when he wears them. Yeah they are beautiful.

But they aren’t real.

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twindoodle  asked:

For the I love you prompts, 10. Not to Me and Ladrien?

10. not said to me; accepting prompts

Adrien isn’t sure how this exactly happened, but here he is at an animal shelter with Ladybug. As himself.

How in the world did he get so lucky with his school volunteer project?

Now, under normal situations, he’s learned how to be a cool and suave guy when LB is involved, but plain ol’ Adrien? Well, have you seen her smile? It’s better than a million bucks and he’s pretty sure that was the total sum of his stock portfolio last month.

Ladybug bops and weaves from puppies and kittens, dogs, and cats, before letting out a girlish squeal and pushing her face against a clear plastic cage. 

“Oh my goodness, don’t I just love you!” she happy squeaks. 

Snapping his attention back to the moment and trying not to be dweeb, he peeks over her shoulder to see a silky black cat blink lazily at her. It doesn’t escape him that said cat also has very deep green eyes. 

“Here kitty, kitty,” she coos as she opens up the cage.


Ladybug scoops the fat cat in her arms, much to the cat’s pleasure, before squeezing it. “Oh, I’m totally in love with you. I want to take you home!” 

Adrien chuckles quietly to himself before taking a step forward. “Like black cats, Ladybug?” 

She smiles fondly at the kitty before grinning wildly. “Well,” she starts with a laugh. “I might be quite bias, but black cats are my favorite.” 

He smirks and digs his hands into his pocket. “Oh? Got a certain Chat on your mind?”

Ladybug wrinkles her nose with delight. “Shhh, don’t tell him. If he knew, he’d never let me forget it!” she says. Giving a little sigh, she happily scratches the cat’s chin. “But yeah, I really do love Chat. He’s the best. Just like this little guy!” 

Adrien feels warm inside. His lady loves him! And thinks of him and–yeah, he’s kinda really in love with her. Like totally in love with her. 

Despite that he feels a flush coming, Adrien reaches out and pets the cat too. “Don’t worry, Ladybug, I won’t tell a soul.”

(Because the person who would want to know already knows.)


Summary: Visiting Tom in England after a few months of not seeing each other (the reader is from a different country but there’s only like one sentence about it so might as well ignore it)

Fluff (may give you some feels)

A/N: It turned out to be quite long but i hope you’ll like it! :) Please let me know what you think and/or request some new things

masterlist | request

Three months. You haven’t seen each other for three whole months. And today was the day. School was over, the filming for a new movie was done and you can finally spend some time together. 

You made your way through the airport, hoping to see Tom waiting for you but you couldn’t find him anywhere. You felt a little dissapointed, hoping he hasn’t forgotten about you. You were so excited to finally see him but you were getting nervous seeing only unfamiliar faces around you. You had your luggage with you, pulling it behind you. Getting impatient you took your phone from your pocket and turned off the plane mode and were checking your messages while walking towards the exit, your eyes focused on the device in your hands. But there was no calls or texts from your boyfriend. 

“There she is! Y/N!!!” You heard someone scream and you turned your head quickly in the direction of Harrison’s voice. There you saw him waving his hands up in the air, smiling at you and you noticed how Tom took off from where he was standing behind his best friend and soon picked you up and spun you around. 

“I missed you so so so much!!” He said with a big smile on his face. 

“Tom, put me down!” You laughed and he obeyed, letting you stand on your own feet before cupping your face in his hands and kissing you softly on the lips. 

“Mhm, I missed you too, Tommy.” You smiled into the kiss and then wrapped your arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, him pressing you closer to his body. 

“Okay, lovebirds, let’s go because you’re blocking the way. Also, nice to see you too, Y/N.” Harrison said from beside you, a little bit of sarcasm in his voice but a smile on his face. 

“Aw, hey Haz.” You walked to him and also gave him a hug. 

“Alright, let’s go.” Tom took your hand in his, his other one holding your luggage like the good boyfriend that he is. The three of you made your way towards Harrison’s car and he dropped you at Tom’s house.

“I’ll see you guys later?”

“Yeah, definitely!” You responded and waved as he drove away. Tom took your luggage and opened the door to his house, Tessa instantly running out of the door. She was barking and waggling her tail happily. Firstly, she run around Tom’s leg, happy to see him again and then sprinted towards you, jumping around your legs and putting her paws on your thighs. She wanted to lick your face but only managed to lick your hands as you were petting her. 

“Okay, come on, Tessa. That’s enough,” Tom called to her but it seemed like she totally ignored him, still jumping at you and not letting you move at all. 

“Come on, girl. You’re a strong one, go to Tom!” You laughed at her, hoping she would be more excited to see her master than you. “Seems like she likes me more, sorry.” You stuck your tongue out, hearing Tom jokingly mock you as if he was offended by your comment.

“Let’s see, Tessa! Come here!” He bended down slightly and patted his legs, making her look at him and run back to him, “In your face!” Tom yelled making you laugh.  “Let’s go inside.”

Inside you were greeted by Tom’s mother, who gave you a warm hug and was really happy to see you after a few months. 

“So how was your flight?” 

“It was okay, I’m still a little bit scared but everything went fine, thank you for asking.” You smiled at her.

“Why don’t you guys go upstairs and I’ll call you in an hour or so for dinner.” 

You followed Tom up the stairs and into his bedroom, he left your suitcase by the door and as you sat on his bed. 

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Nah, I’m good. Just come cuddle me!” You made grabby hands at him and heard his adorable laugh before he pushed you on your back on the bed and put his arms and legs around you, pulling your body tightly to his. 

“Oh God, Tom. I can’t breathe.” You said between breaths, making it sound so much more dramatic. 

“Really? What are you talking about, I’m really comfortable.” 

“Noooo, let me gooo. Move, you’re heavy.” You whined childlishly. 

“Nope. I won’t let you go- ew! Did you just lick my cheek?” He pulled back to have a better look at your face, his own twisted in a fake disgust.

“Me? Never.” 

“Liar. But you’re cute.” He looked you in the eyes and pressed a sweet kiss on the tip of your nose. 

“I want a normal kiss.” 

“Don’t have to ask twice.” He moved closer and your lips connected. The kiss was slow and gentle, showing your emotions perfectly. It wasn’t one of the playful ones or the hot steamy one, it was the more or a “i missed you” kiss, about feeling the presence of one another.

During your little make out session you heard a loud knock on the door and it busted open before you could untangle yourself. You looked awkwardly at Paddy standing next to the door, his cheeks tinted with a little bit of red.

“Oh come one man!” Tom glared at his brother.

“Uh, I’m sorry…” The little boy said nervously.

“It’s okay, Paddy! Did you want anything?” You sat up on the bed and smiled at the kid, ignoring your annoyed boyfriend laying next to you.

“I need help with my homework and mum’s busy with dinner and she told me to ask Tom for help.”

“Go ask the twins. Bye.” Tom said rather unpolitely, feeling extremely annoyed with his little brother.

“But they went out.”

“Come on here, I’ll help you.” You patted the spot next to you, Tom whined loudly before wrapping his arms around your waist from the other side of the bed.

“Noooo. Not now.” You ignored him and and patted the spot again that was soon taken by the kid.

“Paddy, why don’t you leave Y/N alone, she’s probably tired from her flight. Mum will help you when she’s done with dinner, yeah?” After a few minutes Tom tried again to make his brother leave the two of you alone, so he can spend some alone time with you.

“Shut up, Tommy. We’re almost done, anyway.” You scolded him and went back to explaining things to Patrick.

It’s not like Tom didn’t like his youngest brother, he just wanted you to himself only. And right now, you were focused on Paddy and not him. 

You were sitting between the boys, with Tom’s arms wrapped around you and him cuddled into your side, and with Paddy listening carefully to you with his book on his lap. He laughed from time to time when you had trouble with finding the right words to explain it it to him in the easiest way possible. 

“Thank you so much, Y/N. You’re the best!” The boy gave you a quick hug before running out of the door.

“You’re so clingy right now,” you laughed at Tom and run your hand through his hair. 

“I don’t care, I just want you close to me,” he mumbled and closed his eyes, relaxing under your touch, “oh yeah, I missed this.” 

“Thought you missed me, not my hand.” You realized what you’ve just said as Tom bursted out laughing.

“NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERT!” You slapped his arm but he couldn’t stop laughing, “I hate you.” 

“You love me.” 

“Eh, maybe I do.” You layed down on your back and snuggled closer to him, “You smell so good.”


“Yeah.” The warmth of his body and his arms wrapped around you mixed with the flight made you feel a little sleepy, “I missed that scent.”

“What do I smell like, then?” He asked quietly, noticing how your voice was changing and how your eyes were closed.



Unconcealed: part one

Word count: 7.1k

Genre: smut, angst

This is for Taehyung’s birthday but i’m turing this into a series. I liked it too much :) 

Parts: one | two 

You were walking into your shared apartment with your friend, Charlotte, after class. It was a crisp Autumn, Friday afternoon. She was relentlessly trying to get you to go to a party with her later on tonight. You two had been friends since high school. You weren’t fond of her at first but she grew on you. She was a short, shoulder length red head, with slight freckles and a loud laugh. “Come on, Y/N, please?” she asked as you closed the door and started walking down your small hallway into the living room.

“Why do you even want me to come?” you walked through the living room and into the other hallway to your bedroom. You dropped your backpack on your bed and sat at your desk chair, ready to get on your computer. Charlotte dropped her backpack in the hallway before jumping on your bed.

“Come on, you barely ever come out with me. Plus you could use a night to get laid or something, it’s been some months.” she pouted but told the truth. It was at Namjoon’s party with his friend Jin. That had been over the summer and it was now October. You were in need of some relief, you weren’t gonna lie.

“Yeah because you always make me end up watching after you, while you get piss drunk. It’s not exactly my idea of a good time.” You looked at your phone, you’d gotten a text from Namjoon when you were in class earlier.

“Rude,” she laughed. “Okay, i’ll try not to get too drunk.”

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A New Beginning  (PREVIEW)

Summary:  After moving a lot, you found yourself in a small town in the middle of Europe ready for a new start. You see yourself falling in love for the city and developing a crush for the cute stranger that you never had the courage to talk to until you’re forced to. (Modern Au)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

The streets are almost empty with a few exceptions, the small coffee shop on the other side of the street is already open and there are a few people inside mostly business man that work long hours and they need their caffeine.

A few people are running, while others are walking with their pets like you. It is so odd how you recognize so many faces but don’t know any of their names, like the teenage girl who is always reading a book by her window, or the old lady knitting on her balcony but for sure your favorite is the handsome stranger.

You see him every morning, the blonde man with a magnificent beard. Usually, he is sitting on a bench drinking some coffee and reading a book. As usual, you pass through him and he nods when he sees you, you don’t think too much about it, he was just being polite. You wish that you had the guts to talk to him, but you don’t even know what you can say to a man like that.

You and Blueberry walk for a few more minutes enjoying the cold wind and the sun that rises until you stop at the small coffee cart there is nothing that you wish more than a hot cappuccino with cinnamon and caramel. You are so distracted trying to find the right change to pay for your coffee that you don’t notice that, Blueberry‘s leash getting lose, you only notice when she was already asking for the handsome stranger to pet her.

“For fuck’s sake, Blueberry. It had to be him?” You pay for your coffee and go to the stranger'a direction, pretty sure of the fact you gave the guy the wrong bill. You wanted to talk to him for so long maybe you should thank your dog after all “I am so sorry about her, she usually is very well behaved.” He stops petting her looking at you “Please, don’t apologize, I love dogs and she is the sweetest thing ever. What is her name?”

If you want to be added to the tag list of this series, please let know.

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To Help #2

Zen OPPA to the rescue! Now you know this boy will be coming in to save MC’s butt no matter what she needs. 

There’s a bomb in her house? He’s there. 

Psycho is about to kill her? He’s about to throw down some fists. 

MC is crying because she stubbed her toe on the foot of the couch? He’ll punch the crap out that couch. Not that it would help but it makes MC smile :)

Now this one will have definite mention of sexy time activities in it and expletives so be warned before reading- but if it doesn’t bother you, hopefully you enjoy! … oh and that brevity thing? Yeah I killed it. There is no such thing as brevity. Meet its replacement- big ass chunk of text >_

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Meet Myers, our newest addition to the family 🖤 (named after Michael Myers of course)

My boyfriend works in a pet store and a few months ago they sold this little guy to a woman who has now decided that she no longer wants him because “he’s aggressive.” Really what she means is, he won’t act like a toy and let her children man handle him whenever they like so he’s lost his novelty and is no longer convenient.
It was either we take him or she would “just chuck him out.” I wish people would realise that these are living, breathing creatures. Not toys. Not trash. If you’re not going to give them the life they deserve then don’t get one at all.

Kitty intruder

All the alter egos live under one roof, your roof. You didn’t mind who they were or what they did, as long as none of them hurt you or cause you trouble, they were fine. All of them respected you, even anti whenever he came to visit. You took care of them and gave them attention. You made sure they had clean clothes, had eaten something, you were basically a house wife. They loved and cared for you. Though you were always worried about them, especially Wilford because of his murder happy moments. But one day when he came home, a kitten was following him. You and the egos were talking in the living room when wilford walked in. Everyone said their hellos, you were about to when you noticed the little furball following the pink mustached man. You immediately ran to it and started petting it, giving it your full attention. All the men were surprised at your affection towards the small creature. They’ve never seen you so happy and in love with something. Completely forgetting the 8 males in the room you walked upstairs with the stray kitten, totally neglecting them. “This won’t be a problem right?” Asked Yandere. The males looked at each other, confusion on all their faces. “It shouldn’t be, right? I mean she loves us.” Ben tried reasoning but no one seemed sure. You came down the staircase again, kitten snuggled in your arms. “Okay guys, I’ll be back.” You walked to the couch Dr. iplier and google were sitting on to retrieve your keys and purse. “Where are you going?” Yandere asked. To be completely honest, you adored Yandere. He had an overprotective and obsessive behavior towards you and always wanted to have you near him. “Oh I’m just going to the pet store. I’ll be back in probably 30 minutes.” You we’re trying to leave but they kept asking questions. “Why are you leaving?” You turned back around to face Dark. “Well, the cats going to need food, a bed, a water bowl, and a litter box.” You wished they would just let you leave, but you knew that would ever happen. All the questions kept coming at you. Why are you keeping the cat, can’t you do it tomorrow. Soon enough, all of them were overlapping the other with their questions. “Okay guys,” they immediately came to a holt. “I’m keeping the cat. My house, my rules. Now, do one of you want to help me?” All of them raised their hand. You had to pick someone who would be gentle holding the kitten. You had a plan, the one person who would do anything for you, the one person who would do anything that you loved for your happiness. Dark. “Ruby gloom lets go.” You walked towards the door, him following behind. ~~~~~~~ Once in the store, you grabbed a cart and faced the evil ego. “Now, I need you to do something.” He nodded, acknowledging you. “I need you to hold stewie (based off of another youtubers cat. Guys his cat is fucking adorable) while I look for stuff.” His eyebrows were furrowed. “Seriously?” He scoffed in disbelief and crossed his arms. After begging him for a few seconds, he caved in. He took hold of stewie and off you went.

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Sorry I’ve been gone lately. Here’s a little imagine 💕

“Tom smile! Smile!” The photographer’s shouted.

“I’m doing my best you guys!” He chuckled, facing multiple directions and smiling.

“Give us a smoulder!” One shouted. Tom smiled and looked down, looking up and giving a serious face.

“Alright you guys. It’s Zendaya’s turn now. I need a breather.” He laughed, waving. I smiled at him as he came over to me, opening his arms.

I went into them and he kissed my forehead.

“I wish you were out there with me.” He said, slinging an arm around my waist.


“So he can show you off.” Harrison said, handing Tom a water.

“Really?” I said, raising an eyebrow. He nodded, the water bottle on his lips.

“Gross why?” I said. Harrison chuckled and Tom nearly choked on his water.

“Because. I get asked all these questions about you and when we go out they get photos of you. And they don’t see the you I see.” Tom said.

“Ugh! I think my heart is trying to get me to throw it up.” Harrison said, gagging. I laughed and Tom kicked his leg up softly, Harrison blocking it with his hands.

“Maybe someday.” I said as we moved on to another setting.

“Hey, I have a surprise for Tom.” Harrison told me as Tom went out for more photos.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Us.” A pair of voices said. I turned and saw Harry and Sam, alongside with Tessa.

“Tess!” I said, going up to her. She ran up to me, as far as her leash would let her, and licked my face.

“Hi you guys!” I said, hugging the twins.

“He’s going to freak.” Harry said.

“It’s going to be hilarious.” Sam said. I nodded and turned to Haz.

“When are we going to show him?” I asked.

“Now.” Haz smiled, signaling for the boys to let Tessa go.

Tessa bolted off and we watched as Tom’s face lit up.

“Tessa!?! Oh my god. Come here princess!” He said, calling to her as she frantically ran around. Everyone was laughing and he tried posing with her, but I guess the lights freaked her out because she ran off.

“Thanks so much you guys but I gotta go catch her.” He said, exiting. We went after him and saw him cuddling Tessa on the floor.

“Get off the floor. It’s dirty.” Sam laughed.

“You little shits.” Tom said, getting up and nearly tackling the boys in a hug. Tessa went to Harrison, where she sat next to him.

“Good girl.” He said, patting her head.

“That was a great surprise.” Tom said, laughing and heading over to Tess.

“We figured you needed a smile.” Sam said.

“Well.. you were right.” Tom said, petting Tessa and smiling up at me. I smiled back.
It was his last shoot and it was with Zendaya. The twins went to take Tessa to the car while me and Harrison stayed back.

“Zendaya is so pretty.” I said in Harrison’s ear.

“She is.” He answered. I chuckled and kept noticing Tom looking at me. Zendaya noticed and whispered something in his ear, causing him to make a face and making her laugh.

They continued whispering until Zendaya made an announcement.

“Thank you guys so much. I know you wanted more photos of us but as of right now, I’m a little hungry and the smell of food is not helping at all.” She chuckled. The photographer’s laughed and she left, shooting Tom a look.

“I guess we need someone to fill her space.” He said, slowly walking towards me and Haz.

“No. Tom.” I said as he took ahold of my hands.

“Come on Love. Just a few?” He asked. I looked at Haz and he shrugged. I sighed.

“Alright fine.”

He smiled and brought me out, his hand on my waist as we posed.

“Y/N! Show us your pearly whites!” Someone shouted.

I smiled and Tom kissed my cheek. The cameras went nuts. I could feel myself blushing and went to hide my face with my hands, but Tom stopped me, turning it into a waltz and spinning me out.

“Don’t be nervous Love.” He said in my ear, intertwining our hands together as he posed. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there and smiled, throwing a smile over my shoulders now and then.

“Give us something cute!” Someone yelled.

Tom looked at me and I just blinked. He smirked and took me in his arms, dipping me and then planting a kiss on myps. I was shocked and my hands cupped his face, slowly finding their way around his neck.

“Was that cute?” He asked, looking me in the eyes, his eyes crinkled into a smile.

“I’m guessing they liked it.” I said. He pecked my lips one last time and helped me up, waving at the cameras a goodbye as he led me away.

“You guys are so cute yet gross at the same time.” Haz said. Tom punched his arm softly and I stuck my tongue out.

“Did you have fun?” Haz asked me as we walked to say bye to Zendaya and everyone.

“A little. I’m not used to the posing and what to do with my face but it was a good experience.” I said. Haz chuckled.

“You’ll get used to it. Have you seen those photos of me and Tom? They always get me doing a weird face.” He said. I laughed.

“Yeah I know. Maybe we can be ugly together.” I teased.

“You’re stupid but okay.” He said, shaking my hand.

“You’re both stupid and not ugly.” Tom said as we approached Zendaya.

“I don’t know. Haz can be ugly at some times.” Zendaya said.

“Rude.” Haz said.

“You know I’m joking.” She said, hugging me.

“Yeah yeah.” He smiled, waving her off.

Tom came and kissed my cheek.

“I love you. And I’m happy you got out with me.” He said, hugging me.

“I love you too. And if you ever do something like that again, I’m choking you in your sleep.” I said hugging him back. He laughed and kissed me, earning Zendaya and Haz to cheer us on.

I looked away and Tom went chasing them, only to give up halfway when they split up.

Insecurities - Part Two

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1928

Author’s Note: So, some people wanted a part two to this and if you know me, I’m a sucker for happy endings. Thank you to the lovely @celestial-writing for proofreading and giving me feedback, love youuuu. Enjoy babes! Also, requests are open!

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