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Okay but...

When Jon told Sansa in front of everybody that the North is hers, everyone is jumping too “Well, that shut her up real quick” as if she’s greedy and wanted the North. When obviously, it shut her up because Jon just validated her, she said last episode “Would that be so terrible?” when he asked if he was to follow her advice to be smarter, you can literally see the awe and appreciation mixed in with shock in her face. She’s so used to be looked over because she’s a girl, and Westerosi society is male dominated, but here she was validated for the first time in FOREVER as being a Stark, NOT a Bolton, NOT a Lannister, NOT a pawn, but and honest to gods Stark who deserved every bit on respect the name has drawn for centuries in a line of Kings and Wardens. Jon was named King of the North, but he still recognizes that Sansa is a Stark and that her rightful place will always be Winterfell, and her power will always be the North.

TL;DR I’m not crying, YOU ARE 

ok but my aesthetic is jon and sansa in a room full of  northerners, staring  silently into each other’s eyes and expressing how they feell .

Jon  feeling guilty, apologizing for leaving sansa in winterfell alone and reassuring her because he knows she doesn’t want him to leave.

Sansa  panicking cause jon is the only family she’s got left. She wants to keep him safe at home and  she  just doesn’t think that she can make it without him.

sometime today I’m going to be watching the last three episodes of how I met your mother and this is just to say it was nice knowing ya but it’s all over now

so uh

i found a cat in my apartment building???????? i didn’t know what to do with her so i brought her into my suite and she’s currently napping on my pillow and she’s the most perfect precious tiny soft cat i’ve ever met

i’m actively avoiding thinking of names because then i’ll get even more attached than i already am

stronglikemusic  asked:

I'm so glad that someone asked you about 4:44 bc I've been wondering. It's crazy to think that Beyoncé had to endure ALL of that. -But I really came over to do a celebration dance in your inbox from how much awesomeness we got from SDCC on Saturday with Danai. That celebration just made things so much better! Just her joy and the praise she got!! I can't get over it. Also I just know that with Andy looking like southern dad must have given you some inspiration sooo ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ have a good week Ash!

Yeah, I feel like Bey basically just married her dad, and it’s weird to see what’s behind the curtain there. Of course everybody on Earth is at least a little fucked up, but to see the extent is always a little jarring. I just hope she’s happy with her babies! 

Anyway, yeah. Danai, is totally the queen of SDCC and seeing her with the Black Panther cast did my heart good. All those beautiful Black folks standing by her side. Her literally screaming about getting to make this superhero movie about a fictional place in Africa. How happy they all were seeing the trailer. I can’t. 

And yes, Hot Dad Andy definitely gave me Palm Trees vibes. Especially that picture where he’s got a towel and I could actually picture him on the beach. 👀 So I finally went back to writing again. And then got sidetracked by cramps but I will get back to it tomorrow! You have a good week too, babe! 😘

ugh i miss being smart and constantly being told by teachers that i “have a bright future ahead of me” but now i’m 2 years behind in school and all teachers ever do is give me sad looks and a soft “i know you can do this if you try”