she ventures to insanity with me


Caution - Weirdness ahead. Read at your own risk.

Inspired by this post and based on @glynnisi’s insane prompt. If you want to blame anyone for the following piece of crack, blame her. I know I do.

For as long as he could remember, Steve had been attracted to Darcy. She was smart and plucky, open to new friendships and remarkably accepting of all the madness that surrounded their lives in the tower. He had met her by accident, having ventured into the labs for the first time in search of Bruce only to stumble upon her instead, standing on a table and trying to get into the vent above. (“CLINT! You give me back my taser or I’ll fucking end you!”) One look at her and Steve knew he would fall hard. There was just something about her, something freeing, that made him want to take her hand and run away, regrets and responsibilities be damned.

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Cinders - Chapter 19/36

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SUMMARY: The crew is beginning to feel like a family again, and families have traditions. Yours just happened to be Saturday morning pancakes with assistant chef Ryan.

WC: 3030

Geoff had long since left you to your own devices to find somewhere more comfortable to sleep, and though it had been lonely you’d found solace in the silence achieved before the sunrise. Jeremy is the first of the crew to drag himself from his cave and forge a path to the coffee machine, oblivious to your existence as you regard him over your third cup of tea. A pang of sympathy shoots through you as you take in the exhaustion set in his bones, his bright eyes dim beneath the large bags carving across his face.

He makes it as far as sitting at a table opposite your own to drown himself in caffeine before he notices you, watching him as his exhaustion seeps away whilst your eyes gleaming impishly within  similarly large bags etched permanently into your features. With a start he brightens, his face lighting up into a beam and a surprised ‘oh!’ slipping from his lips.

It doesn’t take him long to detach himself from the chair and make his way over to you, plopping down with a smile and splash of coffee. “Mornin,’” he says cheerfully, sipping the scolding liquid and pretending not to feel it burn the inside of his mouth as you snigger, “you sleep alright?”
“Yeah,” you tell him between mouthfuls of your drink, “it’s nice to actually sleep in a bed again, and not on a gurney.” He laughs at your statement, the room instantly feeling lighter as your voice joins his. “At least someone got some sleep,” he complains, pressing a palm to his eye and rubbing away the grogginess while grimacing comically; “my studio is right between Gavin and Michael.”
“Aww fuck,” you giggle, patting the top of his head as he rests his forehead against the table with a groan, “you’re welcome on my couch any time.”
“I might have to take you up on that,” he mumbles into the table top whilst you giggle, beginning to stand and move into the kitchen. “As long as you don’t mind waking up as early as I do.”
“Ew, pass.”
“Your loss,” you smile, messing with his hair as you pass him, diffusing the purple with your fingers.

“You hungry?” you call to him while begin to rummage through the cupboards for your supplies, his head lifting at the prospect of food. “Fuck yeah,” he beams as you arrange your set up, laying out ingredients and stepping back to admire the station, “what do you have in mind?”
“Pancakes,” you tell him as he moves to sit at the kitchen island eagerly.
“Wait, where are you going?” he asks as you start to leave the room, but you throw him a reassuring smile, “I’m gonna need one last thing.”

Jeremy’s can’t contain the utter astonishment plastered to his face as he watches you pulling a sleepy and barefooted Ryan by the hand, his sweatpants and maroon t shirt tossed clumsily onto his body, hair tumbling in golden waves around his face. The unfamiliarity of the man stood in the kitchen leaves Jeremy in shock, unable to comprehend the sleepy softness of his features while Ryan bends down to allow you to place an apron around his neck; groaning lightly.

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Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 9

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

This is the final chapter before the epilogue. I’m hoping to have that posted later today. It’s almost over :( I got so attached to this series. If you haven’t seen it yet, part 8 went up a few days ago so go read that if you haven’t already. Thanks again to everyone that has read this and continues to read it. I can’t tell you how much your comments have meant to me. They are what kept me going even when I didn’t think I could finish. @daintymissdevitt you were such a huge part of this story and I can’t thank you enough <3


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A Minute to Spare; a Selection one-shot

A Maxerica One-shot written from the inspiration I got from this post. I’ve been missing having a little Maxerica goodness in my life.

Warning: I’m going to be on the safe side and say this is rated M. It doesn’t get super explicit, but it’s definitely on the smuttier side. 

Enjoy! :)

Maxon stared at the paperwork in front of him, utterly lost for words. He knew how much serving as Illea’s King would take; he saw the time, the passion, the effort that his father and mother both exerted. There would be difficult decisions and long nights, sacrificing his needs for those of his people. He was born with privileges that came with a price: doing right by the people of Illea, focusing on them instead of himself. It was worth it if it made his country, his people better.

“Your majesty, the council should be arriving shortly,” Aspen informed him as he walked into his office. “All the security is taken care of. We have guards posted at all the property lines and entrances.”

“Good,” Maxon muttered, shuffling the papers in front of him. He wanted to get them back in the correct order and thumb through them one more time. The security was just a precaution. Today wasn’t something he would risk in an attack. Eliminating the caste system wouldn’t be easy. The logistics were a nightmare but would be well worth it. This was the first step in getting that goal started, by getting the elected council’s approval for the plan. Of course, things would have to be altered as the country’s reaction and needs were assessed. He just had to convince the council that this was the right way to start.

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Want to know how sexism around video games effects me? Heres a new way that came into my life today- 

I was informed that I know little to nothing about video games and that’s why I shouldn’t be on Game Grumps.

I play video games daily. Every day. I would even venture to say that I play more video games than half of the Game Grumps cast - but I am the one being singled out?

The amount of hate that I get from the Game Grumps community is insane. I have never been approached by an unhappy fan EVER in all of my con appearances and such, which leads me to believe this is just a “vocal minority” thing.

I can understand people saying “well, shes just not funny”-Everyone has a different sense of humor - and I am NEW to this! All of the guys have hundreds, if not thousands of episodes on me- I can only hope to achieve 1/10th of their skills- these things will come with time.

 First and foremost game grumps was a show about friends hanging out and playing video games - when was being funny a prerequisite?

I don’t believe anyone on Game Grumps deserves the hate we get. We make a show for fun, to have fun. Why make it about something else?

Sway Meet and Greet recap

This is the long part so it’s going behind the break so it doesn’t clog up the tag. If you want to know specifically about Maks and Meryl together, you can skip towards the end. I apologize in advance for the length and my craziness!

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tenbrisael  asked:

#16 on the AU meme thingy? :D

This is also for the anon who requested 16.  It turned into–a dialogue monster, basically. Steals some of the better concepts from Twilight, though calling it a Twilight AU is a huuuuuge stretch (I don’t even like Twilight, but there are a few gold nuggets for world building).   

This is–not good.  Bad actually, but it’s done, so here it is.  Waaaaay too long, too.

There you have it.

“I know what you are, you know,” she said with a somewhat predatory smile, though her tone was so casual that she might have been commenting on the weather.  Soul was walking her home from school as he often walked her home from school.  Today they had decided to cut through the thick woods that were everywhere in their little corner of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Maka had somehow gotten it in her head to climb a tree and was currently looking down at him.  She had been strange over the past few months, more reckless.  For a few weeks she had missed school when she never missed school–had been more distant when she returned–but now they were closer than ever.  She was touching him more lately, subtle things like a hand on a shoulder or forearm, and it was becoming harder and harder to keep a lid on his feelings.  They had been best friends for three years, ever since she moved here from Death City to live with her Dad at the end of middle school; a year ago, he’d realized that he was in love with her, not that it mattered–she’d made it crystal clear that she had no interest in a relationship with anyone, now or ever.  She had seen her parents marriage go down too spectacularly in flames for that.

He blinked up at her, at the oddness of her words, looked up into those too green eyes filled with mischief and something else he couldn’t quite place, but took the bait for how could he not?

“And what’s that?” He returned casually.  

“My best friend,” she said matter of factly.  Before he could get around to calling her a nerd, she continued, “but you’re also a half-blood.”

He stared at her, long and hard, his jaw working noiselessly.

“What now?” He finally managed.

Maka hopped down from the branch she was perched on and landed in a perfect crouch, uncannily nimble.    She walked over and stood not a foot in front of him, hand cocked on a hip and head tilted thoughtfully, a pigtail brushing her shoulder tin he most distracting way.  He loved and hated when it was warm enough for her to wear tanktops.

“You’re a half-blood.  Half human, half vampire.  Surely you didn’t think you could hide it from me forever?”  

Soul didn’t say anything, didn’t know what to say.  He heard her words, but they made no sense.  Was his friend ill, insanity clawing at her, or was he?  He had always struggled with his inner demons and he might wonder if this were a dream if not for her strong scent, that smell that always drew him in, made him want to taste her skin and her blood.

Oh hell.


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“Hey,” Harley smiled as she stepped out of her apartment with two helmets in her hands. One, she propped up along her hip while the second was thrown towards other. “You free right now? I was thinking about going for a ride for the day.” The helmet was placed onto her head before she ventured towards the bike. “I got another one if you want, if not, you’re free to hop on the back. — That’s if you trust me enough,” she winked. Then again, they could take the car.

Welcome to the confessions & crazy life of a 20-year-old sugar baby. I lead a double life … by day I am an Ivy League educated investment banker and by night I am daddy’s little princess.” - milliondollarsugarbby (aka the girl talking about 30k allowances)

I thought I’d be the last person to be annoying and yell “fake!” etc but wow this profile. First, you’re 20 and you already graduated and in ibanking? Plus calling yourself an “investment banker” makes it sound like you’re established - if you really were in ibanking you wouldn’t say that as a young newbie.

Second of all, as an econ and business finance student who has to listen to peers and professors talk about the finance world all day every day, I can assure you there are barely any girls in ibanking and the ones who do venture down that path are super-nerds (ps I respect their work ethic - they remind me of my mom in that she was a hardworking genius but had no time to think about appearance or the energy/time for materialism like me…oops) and it’s cutthroat with INSANE hours - there’s no way you’d be trying to sugar at the same time. Byee

anonymous asked:

Tarzan!Elsa British!Anna just like tarzan the movie.

I had Tarzan play on Netflix whilst I wrote this for authenticity.

Tree branches snapped and collapsed as they landed.  Her savior stared up in horror.  Anna was quaking, hoping that this stranger was able to safety otherwise it would be the end of them, the two lucky enough to escape those baboons.

Anna screamed as the girl leapt from branch to branch, avoiding the falling debris at all cost.  She fell on a larger, thicker branch, Anna was shoved on the trunk, the girl hovering over her, pressing their bodies together to protect her as the largest of the collapsing wood broke the rest of their safe haven in twain, leaving the two on a stub of the branch.

Baboons followed after the tree pieces, a large pile of apes and branches collecting at the bottom of the tree.  They scurried away, frightened and confused and slightly upset.

The strange girl glared down at them, Anna peeking over her shoulder fearfully.  Suddenly the sound of chattering caught their attention, an adult baboon and the little infant one Anna had been speaking to were floating down on Anna’s umbrella.

They were addressing the girl in the loincloths, hooting and ooh-ing at her.  To Anna’s astonishment, the girl was replying to them in the same language, using all sorts of hand gestures.  Anna stared, frozen, and unsure of what to do.

Slightly freaked out, she sent her savior a look of uncertainty, wondering if this was some sort of normal behavior for any locals.

She gasped when the blonde turned to her sharply, the redhead grasping the trunk for dear life.  The girl looked down at the drawing paper sticking out of Anna’s belt, Anna following her gaze.  It was snatched away, the stranger looking it over intently.

Then she graciously handed it over to the baboon, who returned it to the baby, who hugged it close to its chest.

Anna took that interaction to make her escape, clambering up the tree and mumbling to herself.  She almost slipped on moss, shaking and convincing herself she had gone mad.

“I’m in a tree with a woman who talks to monkeys,” she whimpered.

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