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So I went to the Young Adult Literature Con (as part of the London Film and Comic Con) today and MET RAINBOW FREAKIN’ ROWELL!

I went there JUST to meet her (I honestly didn’t know who 95% of the other people were), had to wait in line for 6 hours in the scorching heat, only to be told about 3 hours in that the venue had reached capacity and they were only letting new people in once some people had left. Her signing was schedule for 2.15-4.15. I got my ticket at 4.10, ran down to the YA Lit section, got told by two different people that she had already finished signing, almost cried, asked another worker and got pointed to a short queue just in front of me and EEEEK.

Rainbow is just the sweetest, most lovely person ever and it was SO AMAZING to finally meet her! I got my collages signed!

I went up to her and asked “Can I be cheeky and get my posters signed instead of a book?” and she freakin’ recognised them! And I’m assuming me too, since I tweeted her about getting them signed a few days ago and she was so so so sweet! She said she wanted a photo of them for herself so she came around and we took a couple of photos together then I asked whether I could get some on my phone and so we did and omgosh SHE FREAKING INITIATED THE PHOTO! I was just expecting an autograph like everyone else, but she just came over and put her arm around me and I was shaking and sweating and it was beautiful.

And so yeah, waited 6 hours, was inside for literally like 10 minutes, BUT SO WORTH IT.  I love you Rainbow Rowell, you are far too awesome for words!

Also a big thank you to fictionalsummer for keeping me company for half the time :p


Favourite albums of 2015 (in no particular order)

  • Art Angels by Grimes (favourite song - Kill v. Maim)
  • Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan (favourite song - Suburbia)
  • 25 by Adele (favourite song - Water Under The Bridge)
  • FROOT by Marina and the Diamonds (favourite song - Savages)
  • Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez (favourite song - Soap)
  • BADLANDS by Halsey (favourite song - Drive)

seriously this year has been so good for music and my bank account is crying and i can’t wait to see what these artists are going to release in 2016 


some people are so fucking rude on servando’s Instagram like holy crap these are real people with actual feelings, you can’t just comment shit like that ??? I don’t give a fuck how badly you ship Talex or whatever, have some respect. it’s one thing to say stuff on tumblr, but to actually comment on people’s social media? Grow the fuck up

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FYI Someone tweeted Terry specifically to ask if Cait's chest was covered in the pregnancy prosthesis, and she said no, just the belly. She has waaaay too many tweets for me to go back to find it though.

aha, thank you! just means Sam was doing all this to Cait’s actual boobs BYE


Should've known. Part 2

Sorry if it took me almost a week but I had to change everything after the Hiddleswift news.

This time seems I can not quote songs I love too.

I’ll leave you titles : State of Grace, Begin Again, I almost do, I’ll never fall in love again (Martin Gallop ft Iba version, heard it on Love me,Rosie), Lovers in Japan, Up with the birds, Sparks, The Scientist by Coldplay and Faithfully by Journey.

Hope you like it!

Words count : 2508

15 June, Wednesday

Through Calvin Harris’ social networks accounts, Adam Richard Wiles deleted all the pictures, the tweets,- even the break up one- everything related to his ex bae, Taylor Alison Swift.

An hour and so later, TS did the same.

In a short time, photos of Taylor and Tom Hiddleston kissing and having fun at her house in Rhode Island appeared on internet, leaked by paparazzi.

What happened between them since their encounter at Met Gala in May, we can’t know. Maybe one day a song will explain. These here are simply assumption.


June 2nd , Nashville

Here we were, Abigail and me, curled up in bed with cats, expecting Adam, as we had agreed, to tweet and address speculations surfaced the day before.

6.36 PM, new notification.

He did it.

Abigail looked straight at me, “How do you feel?”

“Now it feels real.”

“Second thoughts?”

“No. I still care about him but we are living different stages of our lives. What remains is a huge amount of love and respect.” I said firmly, quoting his tweet.

June 3rd, Nashville

A tall man figure on the shoreline. Golden sand. Clear blue water. I was swimming. Trying to reach him. Every move I made sent him away. I tried with all my strength. In a moment he was gone. Suddenly I didn’t know how to swim, I tried to breathe, I expected me to sink.


They were calling my name. Someone was calling my name.


Abigail’s voice woke me up, saving me. I felt her voice was getting closer to me. She opened the door of my bedroom and rushed to me.

“Seems you couldn’t sleep.”, she said looking down at the mattress. Suddenly I noticed my bed had become a pool of sweat and tears.

“Weather is getting humid nowadays, isn’t is?”

She nodded, she didn’t want to deal with a hopeless cause.

“So, is there something you didn’t tell me, huh?” she looked at me winking.


“Today I woke up a little bit early because bell was ringing. And you know who was there? A delivery boy. Flower shop.”

“Ohh, Matt is a sweetheart, you’re so lucky Abi. Sorry if I forgot..anniversary?”

“Darling, Matt is a sweetheart but flowers are for you!”

I gasped. Who the heck sent my flowers?

“Don’t you want to see them?” Abigail said, still smirking at me.

“Let’s go. I had no clue by the way.”

We headed to the kitchen, where Abigail had setted up the bouquet.

Hundred red roses tried pretentiously to grab the spotlight at everything else in the room. A little note was attached. A little part of myself wanted it to be from Adam, but.. Stay down to the earth, I told myself.

We broke up.

“Really sorry for your break up, hope you are going well. Tom”

Call myself surprised by the gesture was an understatement.

How he?

Abigail read the note and I could read astonishment in her face too.

“Tom? You mean Tom Hiddleston? The one, the one you danced with at Met?”

“That Tom.”

“It’s a surprise for me too, Abigail, - I continued- you, you think I should text him? I mean, just thank you.”

“Yes, sure, do it.”

I took my phone and sent him a text. I put the device on the table and started having breakfast. He replied soon enough.

Hope you like it. How are you?”

“I’m trying to move on.”

“Just call if you need me. I have experience with splits”.

“Hey, I’m the one with “got a long list of ex lovers”.

And I never saw you coming.



A blond Scotsman seated in the studio was struggling, trying to find the right beat to a song he was working on.

If only Taylor was here.

Well he remembered how, between them, she was the one always ready to spend a sleepless night just to help him, could have been words or a sound.

How she was doing?

He had seen some candids of her, she seemed okay.Happy.

She seemed happy.

At the end, their split was mutual. Yes, he cried and he was sad the first week, but they were at different stages in their lives. Life goes on.

Sometimes he wondered what would have happened if their love hadn’t slipped away. Perhaps, maybe at this moment she would have been at home, waiting for him to come, and he, he would have been in a jewelry shop, with his mates, searching for the ring. Perhaps, maybe he would have realized that woman was meant to him.

Charlie came in the room, waking him up from his thoughts. He was speaking to someone on the phone.

“Oh well, I understand, sure-obviously. I’ll let him know. Thanks for calling.” He hang up.

“What’s up, mate?” Adam’s husky voice, filled up with his scottish accent, echoed in the room.

“Mate, well- I don’t know how to tell you..”

“Just spill the beans.”

“Your publicist called, she wants you to know these photos will be published soon. I’m s-sorry.”

Charlie handed him his phone.


Taylor at the beach. Taylor smiling. Taylor laughing. With a man.

They were kissing.

“His name is Tom Hiddleston. He’s a British actor, he’s…”

While Charlie continued speaking, Adam wasn’t listening. At the bottom of his heart, he knew this was coming, just not so soon.

But he was the one who broke up with Aarika and started a relationship with bab-Taylor ten days later.

He couldn’t complain.

Tom Hiddleston.

He was the one dancing with Taylor at Met, isn’t he?

She had cheated? No, it was impossible. Taylor doesn’t cheat. That was one of her moral principles.

Right here there were these pics, and right here he stood, feeling numb.

Nobody said it was easy, it’s just a shame for us to part.

Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard.

“You okay, mate?” Charlie asked, worried enough for the silence risen in the room.

“I’m… if she is happy, I’m happy for her. Gonna work on this track, huh?”

“Yes sure, take your time.”

As Charlie walked away, on a sunny morning in Los Angeles, Adam took his phone to delete stuff related to his ex significant other on Instagram and Twitter.

What do you get when you give your heart, You get it all broken up and battered. That’s what you get, a heart that’s shattered. I’ll never fall in love again. 

Little did he know he would regret his decision.


Keeping my head down to see what it feels like now 

But I have no doubt One day we’re gonna get out

The sound of Coldplay was filling up the room, while he was silently cutting his fruit.

One day we’re gonna get out.

The bell rang. Before he could open the door, here there were Ellie, Charlie and Burns coming to him.

“Adam Richard Wiles, don’t you dare listening to Coldplay!” the blonde spoke, too concerned about him. She felt helpless, she was angry for that.

“Hello to you too, Elena”, Adam said, he couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of that version of Ellie, problem solver of everyone’s problems.

“So these dudes here have called me and told me you’re not yourself nowadays. I took a plane to be here today, so spill the beans.”

“I’m perfectly fine, thanks for asking.” Adam couldn’t help but chuckled at her sassiness.

“If you’re ok, I’m hosting a party this weekend. Are you coming?”

“Sure, where?”

“In Las Vegas. Ah, Tay and her beau are coming too.”

Adam chocked.

Taylor, Tom and him at the same party? No way.

“I’m sure she doesn’t want me to be here. It would be better for me not to come. I unfollowed her and deleted pics and tweets. She deleted stuff too but she didn’t unfollow me. I was… it would be embarassing.”

“Are you gonna avoid her for the rest of your life? She would come to my parties, to awards show too… when you’ll be nominated to Grammy,-and I am sure you’ll be- you are gonna avoid it if she comes? Don’t be that stupid and come.”

“I am not being stupid. She has a boyfriend now. How I am supposed to look at them for the rest of the night and see how I destroyed the only thing I ever loved?”

This time, Adam yelled. This time, tears were streaming down his face. He broke down.

“I just miss her. Not just in a romantic way. She was more than a woman to me. She was my best friend and I-I ruined everything. I wish I hadn’t…”

“Stop wishing, Adam. Go to her house and talk to her. If what remains is a huge amount of love and respect, knowing Tay, she is still feeling this way and maybe she is worried for you.”

“Do you think?”

“I know it”.Take that chance. Never turn back.

Did I drive you away
I know what you’ll say
You’ll say, ‘Oh, sing one we know,’
But I promise you this
I’ll always look out for you
That’s what I’ll do


When in a late-June Wednesday, Taylor Swift headed to her door home, she would never have thought that ringing at the bell there was, in all his glory, Adam Richard Wiles.

She was speechless. Why he was here, at her house..after all this time?


“I know this is unexpected but can we talk?” he asked in his deepest scottish voice.

Suddenly she saw all. She remembered all too well. And she asked herself why he was here, asking her to just talk.

“I swear, I don’t bite”. She rolled up her eyes. That was so typical of him.

“Yes, I-I mean yes, we can talk. Do you mind if we stay in the backyard?”

“No problem.”

When they arrived, Adam saw the olive tree.

Vividly he remembered the day he planted it. They were about to leave for Colorado with her family and he wanted to give her something special, just for them. He came up with the idea of the tree. During his childhood, his mother was interested in gardening and she always told him the meaning of plants and flowers she was raising.

A olive tree lives for century. A olive tree it’s hard to kill. A olive tree symbolizes peace, faith, faithfulness, eternal love.

It was his way of telling her I’m forever yours, faithfully.

Taylor saw his smile. “It’s growing fast, isn’t it?”

Adam simply nodded, commotion in his eyes.

“So, what do you want to talk me about?”

“I want to apologize to you. I shouldn’t have been so rude to you, I..”

“Adam”-she looked straight at him-”don’t apologize. I was wrong not to tell you. You’d have to find out from me, not from your publicist. I’m really sorry.”

“We both fucked up a little, didn’t we?”

“I miss you.” she blurted out, smiling faintly.

“I miss talking to you. I miss our strange conversations, our little secrets.”

Adam gasped. Did she want what he wanted?

“If you are ok, we can start again. I lost you as a lover, I don’t want to lose you as a friend too.”

Sure. Friendship.

And he accepted it. They couldn’t be lovers, but he couldn’t live without her in his life.

“I’m here for you if you only care”.

She hugged him and started to update him about everything that happened in her life, and he did too. Her relationship with Tom made her happy, he could feel it. Hard to accept, but he had to accept.

Three hours later, he left her house, she was going out with some friends and Tom, of course.

“Take care of yourself. I’ll let you know when I’m free so we can hang up, ok?”

“I’m up for it.” he replied.

“And you of course you are coming to my 4th of July party!”.

“Everything you want”.

“And bring your friends, I miss them too!”

“Good night, Tay”

“Good night, Adam”.

On a Wednesday they watched it begin again.

When he entered the car, he turned on the stereo.

Up with the Birds by Coldplay started playing.

A simple plot
But I know one day
Good things are coming our way


July 4th came along silently, like one of those downpours in late summer.

All was ready : inflatable swans, trampoline, floaties, fireworks, American flag jammies, she had set up everything and luckily most of her friends were coming. Karlie and Josh, Serayah, Ed, Ellie, Este, Alana, Danielle and Adam, Adam and his friends. Adam and his friends were coming in the afternoon.

At 9 am Ellie was the first to show up. In front of the door there she stood, wearing a long yellow-striped beach suit, two bottle of Vodka & Cola in her hands. Taylor greeted her and they headed to the pool side, talking about Ellie’s last gigs and how her relationship with Dougie was going.

“So Swift, what surprises are up in your sleeves?”

“You’ll see” Taylor said giggling.

At 3 pm everyone was here, expect Adam and his friends. She had no doubt whatsoever. He was coming. Maybe he was late.

Ellie noticed the concern in her eyes and invited her for a little swimming. After that, they laid in deck chairs, letting the sun shine on their clear skins and enjoying the moment as they hadn’t seen each others since May.

“Tom seems to enjoy the party. He’s very sociable and friendly. Like you.”

Taylor nodded slightly, still thinking about Adam. Where he was? Why he didn’t text her?

“Only God knows where your mind is straying”

To where I once belonged. Dreaming about his heart again.

Stop it Taylor, she told herself.

There was a gorgeous and fantastic man next to her.

Adam was the past. Tom was the future.

Stop daydreaming.

“He will come. Stop worrying.”

At 4 pm, a text arrived. She saw Adam was the sender.

“Burns is sick and I have to replace him at his gig tonight. Done my best to avoid, couldn’t make it. I’ll call you”

“I’m sorry, hope Burns will feel better”.

Maybe it was better that way.

Him, Tom and she at her house? With all of her friends there? It would have been weird, what she was thinking?

She excused herself and went upstairs making up an excuse. She threw herself in her bed. She was feeling the emptiness again. She had everything that one could want but it wasn’t enough.

Someone knocked at the door but she was feeling good enough to answer.

“You know you can take a plane, go and see him, right?”

The words of a English singer called Elena Jane Goulding took her by surprise. She almost chocked.


“You can leave all of this and take him back. You have a lot of time. Time zone helps”.

“I-I’m not..”

“You are pouring your tears for him, aren’t you?”

“It isn’t simple, Ellie.”

“Nobody said it was easy. Just think, what if you get back together?”

It was a real life fairy tale. That’s what it was.

Love, love was the word key.

But a love affair is not only based on love. You make plans for life. You decide to share your life with another one, with all the ups and downs involved.

Faithfully. Carefully. Trustfully.

When you are not on the same page, what love turns to be? Taylor experienced it different times.

I can’t say hello to him and risk another goodbye. I don’t want to feel the pain again. Tom deserves an opportunity, and I’m going to give him. I don’t love him, yet. But I’m confident things I feel will turn out to be love. He’s everything I ask for”

Silence arose in the room.

“Can you tell everyone I’m coming dowstairs in half an hour?”

“If that’s what you want.” Ellie replied and left the room.

Little did she knew things were going to change. For good and bad.

She should’ve known.