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Angel in the Darkness (M)

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au 

Word Count: 5,468

A/N: This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

 part 2

Your mother told you that there was a purpose for what everyone does. That there is always a reason for someone’s actions; whether it was bad or good. If it was a good action, the individual has learned the most rewarding path to handle situations; regardless if it was easy or not. If it was a bad action, the person could reflect on it, and with guidance, they will learn the right way toward dealing with obstacles. And to this day, that is how you viewed life. If you handled something well, you would be rewarded in the future, if you handled it poorly, you would need to reflect on why you did such a thing, till you find the right path. With these beliefs, you always wanted to find the ‘purpose’ of an individual’s actions, and help them find the right way. So that’s how you ended up working at a rehab centre; helping mentally to find the root cause of someone’s poor actions, and leading them to a better future.

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it's you (that makes my heart beat)

The first letter appears when she is thirteen. She feels a burning sensation on her wrist, panic flaring at the sudden pain but it quickly turns to excitement when she sees the ink form into the shape of a T.

She shows her parents, happy at the thought of soon meeting her soulmate. The first thing she does is Google names with the letter T.

She’s fourteen when she meets Ty. He hasn’t gotten any letters yet and she’s not quite sure she loves him, yet. But it could be him. They date, she kisses him, she feels empty.

She asks her mom how she felt when she met her dad and She deflates when the lovesick poetic description of feeling complete and ethereal love. She’s never felt like that with Ty.

She’s fifteen and She knows it’s not him, he knows it’s not her. She hates the way his eyes light up when he meets her friend (teammate), Amanda. And she hates the look that mirrors Amanda. And they both still don’t have any letters but they are hanging out all the time. It doesn’t bother her until they start excluding her. It’s then when she no longer can live in denial.

It’s petty, she’s jealous and she does something stupid.

She sends the picture to Ty and it all comes crashing down. They fight, she can’t remember what’s said but she knows it’s harsh but what kills her is when he shows her the A on his wrist. But it’s what he says afterwards that completely breaks her.

“Hopefully you never meet your soulmate because you don’t deserve them.”

And it angers her so much because it’s true. She knocks his tooth out (they put it back).

That night a R appears after the T. It’s bittersweet she thinks as she feels asleep with tears in her eyes. She uses her watch to cover her wrist after that day and vows tip forget about her soulmate. 

Trini’s twelve when she gets the K. It’s bittersweet. 

She’s sitting at the dining table with her parents when she starts to feel like someone is dragging a razor across her skin. She lifts her sleeve up and jumps in astonishment as black ink begins to form a letter. Her parents watch in excitement with her and when the letter becomes clear they start spouting off names with the letter K; Kevin, Kyle, Karl. Trini’s heart breaks a little because she knows (hopes) that the name will be different. 

She thinks of Katie the cute girl who sits in front of her in English. Of Keisha who always smiles at her in the hallways. She wishes she could tell her parents. She wishes she could be honest. She wishes her parents would understand when she’s ready.

She brings Katie over for a study date. Katie who still hasn’t gotten any letters but has seen the K on her wrist and smiles often at her. Sometime later Katie leans over and lands a peck on her lips. Trini feels her face heat up. They go back to studying even though Trini can’t concentrate anymore. She can’t stop thinking about Katie’s soft lips. She can’t stop thinking about how nice it felt. She’s not sure if Katie is her soulmate but she wouldn’t mind kissing her again. 

They’ve been together for almost a year and Trini thinks she’s in love, she believes they might be soulmates. She feels the happiest she’s ever been. She still hasn’t told her parents but the suspicious looks her mother gives her makes her insides hurt. 

It’s when she’s thirteen that her world falls apart.

Katie comes in and She can tell that the girl is trying to contain her excitement but she’s bubbling with energy.

“I got my first letter.” Trini can tell the girl is trying (and failing) to sound disappointed.

It feels like her heart stutters. Katie reveals her wrist and a D is there flaring back at her.

“I’m sorry. Good luck with finding your soulmate.”

Trini never looks back up. Katie leaves and she doesn’t move. She feels empty in a way that it hurts. For the next week she refuses to go to school, refuses to answer her parents’ concerned questions and only eats the bare minimum. 

She gets an I following the K after that. But she’s numb, she doesn’t care. She could get a full name and still not be sure that she has found her soulmate. So many people share the same name. She’s not going to get hurt again. 

They move a month later.

She’s fourteen when her parents bring over Kaleb from church. She hates him. Hates the way his shirt is tucked into his jeans all nice and proper, hates how he addresses her parents as sir and ma'am, hates how he keeps trying to discreetly (and fails) glance at her bracelet covered wrist. She sees the T on his wrist and almost feels sorry for him. She ignores him throughout dinner as her parents encourage (push) her to converse with him.

“You’re wasting your time.” Trini finally mumbles without looking up but the silence that follows tells her that the whole table heard.

Her mother excuses her little brothers who take the chance and run to their room.

“I’m not your soulmate.” She finally looks at the boy.  She shows him her wrist, the two letters causing a delusury burning (she wishes she could rip her skin off), relief crosses his face and Trini scoffs.

“What are you waiting for, you know where the door is?” She pushes her plate away, not that she has ate much.  

“Trini that’s no way to treat our guest.” Her mom scolds her with a glare as Kaleb shifts uncomfortably in his seat, itching to get out of this place (just like Trini). 

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Her father presses gently.

It’s eating at her and if she holds it any longer she’ll drown. It comes from the back of her throat before she can think of the repercussions.

“Because I’m gay!”

Kaleb leaves after that. Her nightmares come true, her mom starts yelling at her amd she sits their unresponsive which only serves to fuel her mother’s anger. She yells at her for embarrassing her in front of a guest, for hiding things, and for saying nonsense. But what hurts more than her mother’s anger is the silence and look of disappointment from her father.

They move within three days.

The silence continues on her behalf. She didn’t think it could hurt more. But then her mother starts spouting off names again. Kirk, Killian, Kile. She starts avoiding dinners.

It’s not hard to find someone who deals. She does it to piss her mom off. She does it to forget. To feel something other than pain. The first time she smokes weed she has a coughing fit and wonders how the hell someone can like this shit. But eventually she gets the hang of it. She’s floating in a euphoric high, nothing can touch her.

Her vice (escape) only lasts a few months before her mom catches her. Finds a joint while snooping through her stuff. They threaten to send her to rehab. They move again.

Her mother’s questions continue but now a monthly urine test is added to the conversations. She stops if just to get her mother off her back. But she wonders what her  next vice will be.

At times when she’s showering, she considers grabbing the razor and dragging it across her wrist destroying the letters that only seem to bring her problems. But she can never being herself to do it.

She considers getting a tattoo to cover it. She knows a guy who’ll do it even though she’s a minor. She makes an appointment, shows up. It’s really sketchy, in his living room but he pulls out a brand new clean needle but before he can bring the needle to her skin she retracts. She needs to know the full mame first, know that her mother is wrong and that she’s not confused.

But she feels bad wasting this guys time so instead she opts for something different. She ends up getting a black and yellow sabre tooth tiger on her left shoulder. She knows her parents would kill her if they ever find out but that thought encourages her to go through with it. It stings in a way similar to when she got her letters.

She’s fifteen when her parents decide to move again. Destination: Angel Grove.

She doesn’t hate it as much as she thought she would. Her new vice becomes tai chi and heavy metal.

Not long after she turns 15 she gets her third letter. She sitting in the back row of her biology classroom when the familiar stinging sensation bolts her from her thoughts. The letter M appears and her breath catches as she glances up to look at the girl sitting a few seats ahead of her. Former head cheerleader fallen from grace, that’s as much as Trini knows.

It could be her or there could be different name on the girl’s wrist. Trini doesn’t want to know. 

She books it from class as soon as the bell rings and heads for the cliff. She runs, what’s the point of knowing her soulmate if her parents will force her to move eventually.

That night she meets the group of misfits. She thinks she dies but somehow wakes up alive and well in her bed the next morning. She wonders for a few minutes which option would’ve been better.

The day gets weirder but besides getting pulled over a cliff by none other than Kimberly Hart, the girl does not seem to act any different around her. Trini buries the disappointment and deems that the girl is not her soulmate.

And that thought is what makes her not run away and actually form a cautious friendship with Kimberly. Any doubts she has quickly fade, being around Kim is easy. She hasn’t felt quite is relaxed like this in a long time. She thinks she doesn’t need her soulmate when she has her friends, when she has Kim.

Kim can’t help but think it would be so easy if Jason Scott was her soulmate. He’s caring and kind but she has absolutely no romantic feelings for him. She has a T and an R on her wrist, and he has a W on one wrist and a Z on the other. He doesn’t talk about it, she doesn’t ask but she tells him everything and it helps that he forgives her for what she’s done considering she still hasn’t managed to forgive herself.

She grows closer to the rangers but closer to Trini. The girl whose like a grumpy cat but if she likes you, you’re one of the lucky ones. She’s not sure when it happens but they’re at the donut shop and it hits her. She doesn’t feel lonely anymore. 

Rita happens and she doesn’t have much time to dwell on her feelings. She hasn’t felt anger as heavy as when she sees the marks on Trini’s neck and she knows that when she gets the chance she’ll make Rita regret ever laying a hand on Trini.

Billy dies, Billy comes back to life and Rita gets bitch slapped into space. Things seem to finally be settling down.

They are all still friends and Trini’s still there. Kim can’t help but think how lucky she is to have her in her life, and she’ll do whatever she can to deserve her friendship.

A few weeks after the Goldar incident and Kim finds herself sitting on Trini’s couch for a Netflix marathon. Trini’s parents are out of town visiting family for the weekend and the boys had plans to work on Jason’s truck, which makes Kim glad she can spend some alone time with Trini.

3 things happen at once.

One: Trini reaches leans forward towards the popcorn and her sleeveless shirt shifts and Kimberly catches sight of yellow and black saber tooth tiger on her left shoulder. She feels her mouth go dry, stomach tighten and a slight throb between her legs. Her face heats up as she realizes she’s turned on by discovering that Trini has a tattoo. It hits her that she’s attracted to her best friend.

Two: the familiar burning sensation on her wrist comes. She moves her watch slightly to see a new letter begin to form. An I. Her heartbeat is so loud she hears it thumping in her ears. It’s like being thrown in cold water and she wonders how she never considered the possibility that the girl in front of her could be her soulmate. She looks at Trini and wonders if she knows, if she has any letters. It’s that moment that all the feelings she has been experiencing lately begin to make sense.

Three: as Trini reaches for the popcorn bowl her bracelets on her left hand shift and Kimberly catches sight of the three letters marking the skin. She freezes and her blood runs cold. Thoughts race through her head. Trini knew and never told her and there has to be a reason for that. She doesn’t want her, why else keep it a secret.

She goes through a rollercoaster of emotions in the span of a few seconds. Arousal, joy, (it’s a goal high) and then the hurt (a goal low). And it really fucking hurts knowing that your soulmate doesn’t want you, that you don’t deserve them.

She stands abruptly, the tv control falling to the wooden floor with a clash.

“Kim?” Trini turns to her with worry.

She runs.


Kapetanissa Sarika (Sara Yeshua), partisan leader of the women’s platoon of the Greek People’s Liberation Army’s 7th division, posing with fellow EAM fighters and a revolver, October 1944.

Born in the Jewish quarter of Chalkida in 1927, Sara Yeshua belongs to the emblematic figures of the resistance. Before she turned 15, Sara assisted the wounded at the city’s military hospital as a volunteer nurse. From the beginning of the German occupation (October 1943), she got involved with Greece’s National Liberation Front, took her mother and left Chalkida for Steni.

To guard against German incursions against the Jews who had fled to the mountains, the resistance dispersed the Jews in various villages (Paliouras, Theologos, Stropones, Vasiliko) and later organised an escape network by boat to Turkey from Tsakei beach. Sara was well regarded by her fellow resistance fighters as a passionate speaker advocating for armed struggle against the occupation forces, particularly among young women. At 17, after the horrific murder of Mendi Moschovitz by the Security Battalions in Stropones (4 March 1944) and the burning of Kourkouloi, she formed an independent female resistance group that fought and gathered intelligence. Armed with Molotov cocktails, they attacked outlying sites to draw the Germans away from the main target, and aided in the capture of collaborators.  By the end of the war, she was legendary among the partisans of Evia, Greece, as “Kapetanissa Sarika” (Partisan Leader Sara). 

I tend to chew the inside of my bottom lip when I’m nervous or anxious. Right about now, it’s raw, almost numb, if that’s gives you a clue about how I’m feeling.

This morning when I woke up, I made oatmeal & let it sit until it was too thick & sticky to pick up with a spoon. I poured some milk in the bowl, watched the white trickle through the hills & mounds of oats, and had flashbacks of you biting your lip. That’s the face you’d make before you’d pull out & come on the sheets, my back or my stomach; like I was some porn star; like you didn’t caress my face a half hour earlier and tell me I “got the kind of beauty needs to be felt.” You remember how I reacted the first time you did that? Me neither, it’s fine.

I knew I had fucked up when you did that because you never asked if it was okay or cool; you assumed. Like I assumed that you really cared about me; that you were capable of loving. But that’s neither here nor there.

Somewhere between there and here though, I was late. Somewhere between my house & the drugstore, I realized that I was alone. Somewhere between my heart & my head, I decided that a baby isn’t something I needed or something that you’d want. Somewhere between my front door & the clinic my eyes started pouring and so did the sky.

This isn’t even for you. This is for me. Even if it was for you, you wouldn’t get it. By get it, I mean both understand and receive it.

I don’t want you thinking that you mean anything to me; because you shouldn’t even have to think about that. You could call now and I know I’d pick up desperately like you had something I need; because in actuality you do. I’m not exactly sure when you took it or if I gave it to you, but I know you have it. Picked it up right around the time you picked your boxers up off your bedroom floor and asked me how I was getting home. I could never make a home out of you, because men like you don’t have good foundations or sturdy walls. Your roofs leak and I’ve never been good with my hands. Any levelheaded girl would know that you needed more than just a fresh coat of paint.

I used to blame your father for leaving your mother, then your mother for leaving you be, then myself for not blaming you. But in life, you make choices. You chose to let your scars cut you again and again; to let the pain in; to let it stay. You chose to suffer.

I chose me.

The medical assistant told me it’s okay to have second thoughts. She doesn’t know this is the third clinic I’ve been to in four days. It’s not a question of whether or not I can do it. It’s a question of whether or not I want it to happen. When it does, we’re really over & I’m not sure if I’m okay with that. I’m not sure I’m even okay at all.

A smart girl would have left. She wouldn’t have had a reason to leave because she wouldn’t have come in. She wouldn’t have stay long enough to see the way you throw your head back in laughter whenever your niece dances, how your eyes squint when you smile too hard, how you crack your knuckles when you’re uncomfortable, how you breath deeply when you have to think of lie. She wouldn’t have seen you flinch the first time she reached out to touch you while you laid in bed staring into the darkness.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I realized I loved you. It wasn’t easy for me to admit it to myself; loving someone who proclaimed themselves incapable of love. We’d lay together, legs intertwined in a comfortable silence with your phone plugged into one of your homeboys portable speakers playing some R&B playlist you found & you’d say “you know I can’t give you what you want right? It’s what you deserve, but I just don’t think you’re gonna find it here.” What I wanted was for you to shut up.

Truthfully, I don’t regret loving you. It taught me patience & strength. Those are virtues I’m sure will be useful sometime in the future, when a child that isn’t ours won’t stop crying at 4 in the morning & I have to be up at 6.

I heard somewhere that true love is giving without the expectation of receiving. I never believed in that until you. That kind of love can’t be true though. It’s destructive, malicious even, & leaves you with a hollow chest that no amount of deep breathing can fill. The thing is, people don’t realize that you can only give what is being taken. You took my love. Honestly, if I was you, I would have to. You made me understand why hate & love are so often mistaken for each other.

You used to say I was stupid over you and I’d blush, shove you playfully, and tell you “stahpppp it” like it was a compliment; not knowing that I’d just confirmed everything you just said. It was stupid of me to think I could teach you how to love when you gave me no indication that you even wanted to learn. Stupid of me to think that I’d be the one to change you, when no one has ever changed on the basis of someone else wanting them to.

I used to go to your house when you weren’t around & sit with your mother at the kitchen table with the four mismatched chairs, hoping she’d break & tell me what I needed to do to make you love me. No one knows you better than your mother…..isn’t that what they say? I’d tell her about our arguments, things you’d said just to hurt me; to make me leave & she’d file her nails or busy herself with making some coffee. She’d clear her throat or suck her teeth, like something was stuck between them; like the truth. One day after filing her nails until perfectly round, pouring three cups of coffee and letting them sit until they were cold, she turned around to face me while leaning against the kitchen counter & folded her arms. “You know it’s true what they say…that books can’t teach you everything.” she said, looking at the floor. She looked up at me and continued “Because if they could, you’d be smart enough to see that my son doesn’t deserve a girl like you. Hell, I’m his mother and I love him, with all of me I do, but I know he’s never gonna be the man I want him to be….the kind of man you deserve. Why are you still here? You’re always here. He’s knows you’re here & he’s not even here! Doesn’t that tell you something?” She let out one of those laughs, the kind you let out when you’re convinced that what’s happening can’t be real; that it has to be a joke in order for it to make sense. I didn’t have an answer for her. Instead I moved my foot back & forth across the corner of one of the linoleum tiles on the kitchen floor that had started to lift. It made this low scraping sound that I pretended I didn’t hear. “These floors ain’t no good.” she said after realizing where the sound was coming from; “I swear any day it’ll give way right where you’re sitting.” and all of a sudden my foot stop moving because I know she wasn’t talking about the floor anymore; you remember what I said about foundations.

The chairs in the waiting room are cold & the plastic on them grabs on to your legs like it knows your secrets; what you did. I decided to stand after about 10 minutes of sitting. Nobody in the room wanted to be there. You could feel it. The receptionist kept checking the clock, then counting the people waiting with these sweeping head nods that scan the room. The medical assistant would walk in from the back of the office & sigh before calling the name of the next patient. One of the girls looked like she could be your cousin but that’s unlikely; your aunt had her on the pill as soon as she turned 15. “Listen you gotta take precaution with these young girls. I’m too young to have a grandchild & so was my mother when I had her.” I overheard her say one day when you left me in your bedroom to take a shower. It was summer time and we had just finished fucking. My skin was sticky and you’d just pushed me off of you to go shower. I turned over & laid there, letting anxiety set in. You came back in, still wet around the shoulders with the towel gripping your waist, & told me I should go home with your back to me. You were looking in the mirror brushing your hair toward your forehead. I went to the bathroom before I left; ran the water for a couple of seconds, cupped it in my hand and slushed it around my mouth, listening to it crash against my teeth and swollen bottom lip. You & blood never tasted good together.

You gotta understand that I never understood you. Now I know that it’s because there was nothing to figure out; to understand. Sometimes it’s easier to think someone is hiding some part of themselves from us; that we can get to that part if we stay long enough. In reality, it’s our own secrets & insecurities that make us believe that everyone must have them; that no one is truly transparent about their feelings. You were. When you said you couldn’t give me what I want, it wasn’t because you didn’t think you could. It was because you didn’t want to. In all honesty, I wish I could be like you; walking the earth needing & wanting for no one. Your mother told me you said you stopped saying “I love you too” when you realized that you were just saying it as a response & not because you meant it. It was never just a response for me.

They ask you if you want to see the embryo before you have the abortion. How stupid is that? Why would I want to see what I’m about to kill? So I can hate myself more? So I can think about not going through with it? Whatever the reason is, I declined the offer. It’s bad enough I dreamt about the baby ever by night. I imagined it’s face every day while I washed the dishes with my mother sitting at the kitchen table behind me, half watching/half staring at the news on the tv in the living room. “Why are you so quiet lately? You barely laugh when your brother tells those corny jokes you love so much.” she said once while she was waiting for the microwave to finish heating up her leftovers from the night before. I brushed her off, telling her I’ve just been thinking about “life”; you know like how mine would end if I told her I was pregnant.

She would have my eyes but your eyelashes because mine never curled up to the sun the way yours did. He would have your long legs but my muscles because you could never lift anything. She would have my shoulders because they’re the kind you can lean on. He would have your smile because it’s the kind that’s contagious. She would have my tenacity but your honesty because that’ll take her far, I think. He would have your curiosity, but my precaution. Then again that never helped me with you, so perhaps not. She would have my determination. He would have your arms but my hands because I can touch things and people without breaking them.

After they finished they asked me the obligatory “How are you feeling?”. I said I didn’t know because I honestly couldn’t feel anything. Physically, I felt the same as I did the day you didn’t pull out in time. I remember you breathing heavy, whispering “Ughh Shit!!” into the crook of my neck where your head always ended up. “My bad.”, you said after you’d caught your breath and for the first time I pushed you off of me, because it wasn’t your bad; it had never been your bad. It was always mine.


                 Happy belated Birthday to my homie from the hood @sailor-mochi!!

This drawing is my own way of celebrating your birthday with you this year! I’m truly blessed to have someone as kind and understanding as you! It’s always a nice day or night when it comes to sharing my silly little rants, stupid tweets, deep subjected topics and even all the way to our sponge bob nights of jokes and puns! I hope you had lots of fun on your special day and cheers to many more to come!
         We gotta reach a certain age point together to get that certain cake we want, ‘kay!
                                                Happy aging homie!


Ok, for both the confused and the helplessly ignorant:

Ahsoka is introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie as a 14 yo padawan. She then turns 15 early on in the first season of tcw.

She’s 16 at the mid-s3 model change. She is likely closing in on 17 when she leaves the Order, as they have a year left of the three-year war. Which would make her 18 not long after the war’s end.

The Clone Wars is her coming-of-age story.

anonymous asked:

I was 17 and met a 13y/o at that time, lots of chemistry, when she turned 15 I asked her parents to take her out, she refused. She turned 18 and got married. She called me four years later and we fucked and told me her hubby wasnt even on the same ball game. I fucked her like no one, she became my cum bucket and everytime I want to fuck her I just call her and she gets ready for me. Just one dirty word to her ear and she just wets so bad. Im her daddy and she loves daddys hard cock up her ass.


Kame Radio Tidbits 2017.02.04

Fanmail: (Talks about his 5th grade daughter who has a crush on a boy and his advice to her.) Kame-chan is still single, but if you become a father with a daughter, what kind of advice would you give her?

Kame: Ehh… My own daughter right? Until you’re 20, I’m your boyfriend. [Translator’s Note: 20 is coming of age in Japan] *LOL* That’s super annoying isn’t it? Like, “Huhhh?” *LOL* Actually she’d probably say, “Mom, don’t wash my clothes with dad’s clothes!” That would be a shock

But what kind of advice would I give ne. Since it’s my own daughter, I’d say it’s fine, date the way you’d like. Do what you like. But if she brought home a guy who’s better than I am, I really would be a bit jealous. “Oh, this guy is really kakkoii…” *LOL*  

- - - - - - 

Fanmail: (Introduces streetcar/train from his hometown that provides oden, beer, and karaoke during the winter.) Kame-chan, what do you think about trains like this?

Kame: That sounds super fun! I want to try riding it, sounds like fun. Oden is nice ne [Translator’s Note: Oden is a Japanese dish traditionally eaten during winter. Kame actually owns the equipment to make his own]. We had oden during the new year and throughout winter, but I haven’t made any since then. I want to go have some, there are lots of tasty oden restaurants these days

In middle school, on my way home there was a place that sold chikuwa (fish cake) for 30 yen each, sausage for 20 yen, etc. I’d eat that while returning home; it was so tasty. Was I not supposed to eat on my way home? I forgot *LOL* Is that shop still around? Next time I return to my hometown I’m going to check

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You didn’t see it coming, did you @miss-mary-grace? B)

I’ve been dying to draw Cassie for a while now and also I’m pretty sure I owe Mary a few bday presents too so, I had to start somewhere. Here you have the doctor cousins (that also end up being… in-laws am I right?) on a cliche glitter rain cos I love those ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

I had a major midfuk when I realized Cassie would be canon WAY taller than Meta after she turns like, 15, even when Meta would be about 4 years older.

Stitched - Part 3

Thank you anon for noticing my stupidity ❤️

Description - Divorce is always hard, especially on the kids involved, but sometimes remarriage can be just as hard on the kids. Kana went through a hard enough time when her mother married billionaire Eisuke Ichinomiya, but that was only the beginning of her problems.

Word count - 1746

“I’m a horrible mother.” Melody repeated, her voice quieter as she looked down into her lap.

“Now why do you say that?” Eisuke’s voice held little emotion, but Melody had been with him long enough to know he was concerned.

“My daughter comes crying to me, over the heartbreak caused by her father, but I cannot provide any words of comfort. Because I did the same thing, and so much more.” The bed beside her dipped as Eisuke sat beside her, “I left Japan for three years, leaving her alone. Then I agreed to marry you without even asking her.”

“I remember the day after I actually proposed,” Eisuke began before she could continue, “you began to beat yourself up over agreeing, making me agree to put off your acceptance until you spoke with Kana. Yes, you did say yes before talking it over with her, but I had no doubt that you would have called it off if that little girl said so.”

Relaxing a little at his words, Melody rested her head on his shoulder, “You are right there. But that doesn’t change the fact I spent three years out of the country, while her father was there for her the entire time I couldn’t be.”

“You were the one who lost the court battle all those years ago. He was the one who got Kana most of the time anyway.” Eisuke was right. Melody had given in during the short court battle. She couldn’t afford a decent lawyer, and even the one she had, she couldn’t afford for very long. Her ex had explained that he had a stable job, he could afford the home they lived in, he could provide the best for Kana. So Melody had agreed to give him custody, however when she turned 15, Kana could decide what parent she wished to live with.

“I know what the legal documents say. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have been here for her.”

“You can be here for her now. All of us know have known our fair share of bad parents,” Eisuke said referring to the other auction managers, “we know you’re not one. No one as kind as you is capable of being a bad parent. Even if you make mistakes, that doesn’t make you a bad mother.”

Still doubtful of herself, Melody stayed quiet, “How about I tell you a story I’ve never told you before? A little conversation Kana and I had before I properly proposed to you.”

Kana felt groggy when she woke up the next morning, but she was used to that feeling. Crying herself to sleep wasn’t an unfamiliar practice, however she thought that she had moved past it. She spent a while just laying in bed, enjoying the cool air as she snuggled under the high quality sheets. She was reluctant to get out of bed, knowing she had school that day, and every passing minute meant she was a step closer to the eventual confrontation of her father.

When she eventually dragged herself out of bed, she found only Eisuke sitting in the lounge, drinking a cup of coffee, flicking through his tablet.

“Morning.” She greeted, heading straight for the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Eisuke greeted, looking up just in time to see her disappear into the kitchen.

It didn’t take long for Kana to emerge again, leaning against the door frame, “What do you guys eat for breakfast?”

“Isn’t there anything that suits your taste?” Eisuke asked looking back up from his tablet.

“It’s just, I’m not big on having to cook my breakfast before school.” Kana said awkwardly. She liked her sleep, so she preferred a quick breakfast, and she loved food so skipping breakfast was also not an option.

“You go get ready for school, I’ll order up some room service for you.” Eisuke said reaching for his phone, which sat on the coffee table in front of him.

“Is… is that okay?” Kana really didn’t want to intrude. No matter what Melody said. Eisuke just raised an eyebrow to her as he put the phone to his ear, before nodding to her bedroom door, indicating she do what she was told.

Shortly after the food arrived, Kana came out again dressed and ready for school and she couldn’t believe the spread before her.

“Your Mum left for work shortly before you woke up.” Eisuke explained while she gawked at the food, “She said she is working in the conference room today, but you can go see her before you go today.”

“Thank you.” Kana smiled weakly at Eisuke. He still confused her. He never showed any real fatherly affection, but she honestly didn’t expect any. He might technically be her father now also, but Kana didn’t see any reason for another father in her life, until yesterday when the thought hit her.

Her real father was replacing her. Shiho had kids who looked at her Dad like their own, together they could all be one happy family. So where did that leave Kana? She was the child left behind in a marriage that was ancient history.

“I’ve got a car waiting out front to take you to school.” Eisuke eventually spoke again when Kana had eaten her fill of breakfast. Yet she still didn’t make much of a dint in the amount he ordered up. He gently patted her on the head, “Will I be seeing you this evening?”

“Um…” Kana was taken back by his sudden contact, “I guess so?”

Nodding, Eisuke placed a plastic card on the table, then left. Once he was gone, Kana smiled. This was something she didn’t see her soon to be step-mum doing. Eisuke was making an effort. Kind of. Melody had reminded Kana a couple of times that Eisuke was strange with emotions. He didn’t know how to raise a child, and he was suddenly thrown a nine year old girl. So Kana figured he didn’t know how to handle himself around her.

Looking down at the penthouse key Eisuke had given her, she sighed. She had refused the key so many times in the past, insisting she didn’t need it. But now, maybe staying with her mother and Eisuke was the best course of action. At least for the time being.

The topic that had Kana storming out of the Tres Spades last time still rung in her mind. She was going to run out of welcoming homes soon. It was inevitable. Eisuke was a businessman, and he would want a child of his own to inherit his business. He and Melody would eventually have a child together, if not multiple, which they would surely care for more than her. The last time Kana was here, she still had her father’s arms to run to, but that was because she had blinded herself to her future step siblings. Now, he also had a new family and wouldn’t need her.

Balling her hands into fists, and then loosening them again, Kana shoved the penthouse key into her pocket before heading downstairs. She briefly stopped by the conference room to thank and say good morning to Melody. Outside the Tres Spades, there was a sleek black car waiting for her. It was nothing too fancy that would draw attention at school, so she decided to accept the ride. She went to a private school anyway, so a car such as this would fit in fairly well.

Looking out the window, watching the Tokyo scenery pass by, Kana found herself thinking about Eisuke again. She didn’t think she was being too emotional about what transpired with her father, however now she realised Eisuke wasn’t as bad as she thought. He might have taken her mother from her, but he gave her the castle she knew she would never be able to provide Melody.

Eisuke also had the decency her father and Shiho didn’t have.

It was far from formal, but Eisuke had his business mode on. Flying to Tokyo from London, Eisuke told the 12 year old to name a place the two could talk. This was the time Kana had the most hate for Eisuke. It had been months since she had seen her mother in person, and if Eisuke could just so simply fly to Tokyo to talk to a child, then he could have at least had the decency to bring Melody with him.

She had named a park, not too far from her home, but she had demanded that he bring her ice cream. Eisuke, wanting to stay on the good side of his girlfriend’s daughter, had delivered. So Kana sat happily beside him on a park bench, enjoying every bite of her large ice cream.

“I’m sure you are aware of the relationship I share with your Mum.” Eisuke said, quite formally.

“Mhmm.” Kana hummed, the spoon still in her mouth as she kicked her legs back and forth.

“And I realise that you already have a mother and father, and I do not plan on ever changing that-”

“You want to marry my Mum?” Kana interrupted , biting down on another spoonful of ice cream.

“Yes.” Eisuke was a business man, and he saw marriage as just another contract. However, he knew a contract affected more than those who signed the contract. Ever since the thought of marrying Melody crossed his mind, he was always intent on making sure those who it would affect most would agree, starting with Kana.

Kana stayed silent, taking a few more bites from her ice cream. She wasn’t Eisuke’s biggest fan at this time. She did despised and blamed him for taking her mother away from her, but she still loved her mother, and she knew how happy Melody was with Eisuke. She couldn’t wrap her head around why, but maybe that’s what made being with Eisuke so special. It was something only they understood, “I suppose it wouldn’t be all that bad.” A sigh of almost relief escaped from Eisuke when she finally spoke. “On one condition.”

Looking up suddenly, Eisuke met the gaze of the little girl. He was one of the richest men alive, he could give her nearly anything. But this 12 year old had brought fear of being denied something he wanted not once, but twice. Eisuke usually just took what he wanted, but he knew Melody wouldn’t agree if Kana didn’t agree.

“What is it?”

“I want to wear a suit at the wedding.”

Part 4

reason #584 why kim possible is the best show: none of the adults in kim’s life really care that she saves the world. they think it’s fantastic, sure, but they also know full well that if she has time to fly to bavaria and take down a mad scientist bent on world conquest, she has time to finish that history paper, clean out the garage, and get to class on time.


Hitomi Rei.

That was the name a mother gave the runt of a fast born child in the lands of the Jade Empire. It was the mother’s last wish to name the child, of a farm woman and controversial Kensei. Hitomi was a girl, born as such….but raised like none of the Samurai’s other children.

Born on a night of storm and wind so strong it knocked away archers from their perches and flowers right out of the fields…Hitomi was special in the man who’s eyes were those of a man after seven other children still unsure of his fatherly capabilities. But Hitomi was different. For she was born in the great Storm of Snakes….and with his power as Samurai he would ensure her life would be far better than her mother’s. She would be no different then his other children in terms of love…but she would be no servant or nobleman’s wife.

She was trained as soon as she could pick up a training sword. Hours and hours each day, rain, sleet, snow, storms. The Kensei would watch as his only daughter was taught by his personal guard of assassins. In the way of the Orochi.

She made her first sword when she turned 15. Her first kill was made the day it was sharpened. She took the life of a fellow Samurai, normally she would have been punished. But Hitomi was obedient and this man had challenged her, pulled his katana first. From that day forward, Hitomi showed not her face, but only what her name meant, her eyes…unfortunately for her enemies, they were now the eyes of an Orochi. A snake….a ghost.

Years have passed since then, since Apollyon’s war. This Orochi, Hitomi Rei, is barely 24 years of age, and yet she has shed so much blood. She is on her fourth katana now, after too many encounters gone horribly wrong against Knights of Ashfeld, Vikings of Valkenhiem…

Not all of her encounters have ended badly however, and that is why she is an Orochi…and not a Kensei’s soft and vulnerable child any longer. She is a snake. And one to be greatly feared.


so last semester, during break time, ii was in class & a girl came next to me & told me «  you terrorist, go back home. »

ii didn’t even know what to think, ii never thought that ignorant people like her could attain university. it was the last week of exams, so ii never saw her back again since.

the new semester started three weeks ago & everything was going fine until last week. ii was in class, waiting for the course to start, & someone was intensely staring at me. yup. it was that girl. she was turning around each 15 minutes, looking at me with that hater look.

tomorrow i’m having class with her, so ii decided to draw her a little something on my laptop for when she’ll turn around & look at the « terrorist » me (:

“It may be that Allah will bring about love between you and those of them with whom you are now at enmity… Allah forbids you not respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, and who have not driven you out from your homes, that you be kind to them and deal equitably with them; surely, Allah loves those who are equitable.” - Qur'an, 60:8-9

Islam teaches one to be at peace, even with his enemy

Father!Jimin Part Two

It is now time for our angel, half of the Busan line, an actual prince, Park Jimin aka chim aka can we talk about Jimin’s smile for just a second bc it really needs to be discussed, it’s so amazing in so many aspects like first of all the most obvious is the eye smile how does one not smile when they see that beautiful eye smile and just smile in general??? like it just fits his face and it’s warm and sometimes he giggles when he does it which is the best bc have you ever heard chims giggle that shit is beautiful 1000/10 every single time

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read part one, he has one lil girl
  • She is actually his everything
  • She’s his world, the reason he smiles everyday, his best friend, just everything
  • He loves her s o so so so much like his entire heart is just hers
  • No matter how old she gets, he spoils the shit out of her
  • She doesn’t even get a chance to finish her request before he’s just like yep done and done anything else my precious lil sunshine
  • All the pet names oh my god
  • You’ve got baby, princess, angel, sunshine, sweetheart just anything that is loving and sweet and cute
  • But bc she is Jimin’s kid, she never takes advantage of the fact that he’d give her the world if she asked
  • She’s got a huge heart and she’s so sweet and just genuinely a nice human being, just like Jimin
  • She isn’t very shy but she also isn’t extremely outgoing
  • She’ll speak to someone if they’re alone, she’ll speak to someone if they talk to her but she wouldn’t walk up to a group of people and start chatting
  • Okay but she would be a lil female version of chim tbh
  • She would have this cute lil face right like the same eyes, the same lips the same cheeks
  • She would forever have her hair curled bc she just prefers it like that even if she’s born with straight hair
  • Her style kinda goes back and forth depending on how much work and time she’s willing to put into it
  • It goes from cute lil floral skirts with heels and all to sweats and one of Jimin’s old shirts but she makes both of the looks look amazing bc she’s a Park
  • Like have you ever seen Jimin in sweats that shit would pass right on down to her she wouldn’t even have to try
  • They’re s o close
  • Like when she says he’s her best friend she actually means he’s her best friend
  • They could easily spend every day together
  • On the weekends he takes her out to places like their favorite place to go is the beach
  • He loves being able to show her all of the games he played growing up and he often invites kookie and tae and their kids over bc family day
  • Head canon that she actually ends up with tae’s son
  • It starts off as an innocent childhood crush bc they’re always together since their fathers are best friends
  • He’s one of her closest friends and things just begin to develop once she turns 15 (he’s only a few months older than her) and it’s like dating lowkey starts happening
  • At first it’s just “hanging out” but they soon realize that they could easily be more than friends
  • Jimin’s so protective of her when it comes to dating though
  • “Um excuse me you’re five no nO NO”
  • Tae’s also v v protective of his bby boy but he can see how happy they are and he’s a sucker for romance so he lets it slide but Jimin takes longer to convince
  • His angel has to remind him that this is tae’s son he’s just as protective as Jimin is tbh
  • It takes a minute but eventually Jimin comes around to it and actually starts to love it??
  • Bc she’s right, tae’s lil boy is one of the only kids he’d trust with his lil bby girl so he’s glad that they have each other
  • She doesn’t move out right away
  • She never actually leaves Busan for long, like she takes a few trips here and there but she always misses her home so she comes back quickly
  • She moves out at like 19
  • I feel like Jimin may be the one that has the most difficulty letting go of his bby (it wouldn’t be easy for any of the boys of course)
  • She’s his one and only bby girl, he’s been with her all day everyday for her entire life, excluding tours and schedules
  • He just doesn’t really realize she’s growing up until she’s actually all grown up bc he spends so much time thinking about her as a lil munchkin
  • To him, she’s still a bby a small child but he knows she isn’t anymore
  • It’s tough on both of them tbh but they get through it
  • She never lives too far away and actually ends up moving into the same neighborhood when she starts her own family so the kids can have their grandparents around all the time
  • Father!Jimin is just a loving father who just wants his kid to be happy and healthy that’s it, if that means letting her date tae’s son so be it and he just supports her so so much and all of the Parks love each other v v much