she trips him up so bad

Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over (PT.3: The Finale)

The Blac Chyna- Funds the money for the make-up line you have been wanting to get started so, you can focus on something positive and productive. The two of you settle on the name ‘FuqBoí’ for the brand. For being a form of inspiration she sends your ex a check. The check is made out for ‘$00.01″

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The Vivica A. Fox- Verbally annihilates him using nothing but SAT words at his new girls pool party. Takes a bottle of Patrón and CÎroc from the bar and makes her exit. Comes to your house and gets you turnt with the bottles and gives you a play by play of everything that happened

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The Ciara- Tells you to block his number and block him from all social media. Has her hair stylist make you a wig like hers and has you working out with her in the gym five days a week. A few weeks go by and she photographs you in a boudoir shoot and posts them to social media. Ends up getting you noticed and you get booked for a music video

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The Patti LaBelle- Comes over to your place and bakes you a cake and two pies. Prepares enough food for you that could feed the whole family at the reunion. Has your ex come to your place so you can have closure, plus she has a few words for him. He gives you an apology and explains his actions. When he’s done, she catches him eyeing the food and says to him “I know your behind not thinking about fixing a plate. Ya bettah think about fixing that attitude of yours before you get bust upside the head”

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The Solange- Some random person sees her beating up your ex and starts to record it. It is posted to vine and goes viral

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The Keke Palmer- She never liked your ex in the first place. Lowkey wants to flatten his tires and break his arms but, focuses on you instead. Enrolls the two of you in hip-hop dance lessons

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The Diana Ross- Tells you that you are far too fabulous to concern yourself with an uncultured buffoon like him. Books the two of you a trip to New York City. Has you shopping for eye catching ensembles from thrift/costume shops. Takes you to hit up the underground club scene and everyone there loves your outfits and wants to take pictures with you.Ya’ll end up trending online

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The Gabrielle Union- Infiltrates your ex’s family and ends up dating his brother. Sabotages any potential relationships your ex could have. His brother goes along with it because she got him sprung

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The Missy Elliott- Is a popular youtuber. Makes a dope music video about how weak your ex’s dick game was based off of what you’ve told her. Innuendos are all over the place. Choreography is fire. The song gains mainstream popularity and his mama now has it as her ringtone whenever your ex calls her

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The Trina- Spams all his instagram pics with the comment “fuckboy”

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The Amber Rose- Instafamous. Tells all her instagram followers not to fuck him cause he’s a bitchass. Your ex goes through a sexual drought

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The Lynn Whitfield- Runs his car off the road at 9 and casually drives to her brunch meeting at 10

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The Octavia Spencer- Knocks on his front door. He let’s her in, they walk into the kitchen. She tells him there are no hard feelings and gives him her “special” pie

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The Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes- Will burn his house down

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The Aaliyah- She runs into your ex at the Foot Locker. Tells him how she is so incredibly disappointed in his actions and that he needs to take a look at what kind of path he is taking in life because, he can’t go around hurting people that love him unconditionally. He feels so bad he starts going to church every Sunday to build a relationship with Jesus

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The Lupita Nyong’o- Takes you on a trip to Spain so you can clear your mind. She’s not even worried about your ex

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The Joseline Hernandez- Uses permanent spray paint to write “PENE PEQUEÑO” on the windshield of his car

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The Brandy- Sends you a text telling you to stop “sittin up in your room”. Picks you up and ya’ll have a beach day. She catches the owner of the bar two of you are at on the water eyeing you and encourages him to talk to you. Takes a picture of the two of you talking and sends it to your ex from your phone

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The Zendaya- Your ex contacts her first because he knows she will send him a 3000 word essay in MLA Format with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, with direct quotes and a bibliography page to go with it. She doesn’t care what he has to say and goes with her usual formula anyway

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The Tamar Braxton- Bumps into him in the produce section at the grocery store. Makes the loudest cackle because she has been ready to run into your ex. Goes the hell off and he tries to tell her to calm down cause people are staring. Responds with “Whatchu mean calm down? What you worried about them for? You don’t know them! What you needed to be worried about was your relationship!” Wraps up the whole encounter with “You lucky I am a child of God”

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The Pam Grier- Shoots your ex then, takes you dancing later

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The Jackée Harry- Roasts your ex. I’m talking FATALITY  level roasting. He ends up deleting all his social media accounts and moves out of state. Even at his funeral she’s still dogging him and even the pastor slips out a chuckle

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Negan x Reader: The Coach

A/N: FIRST AND FOREMOST LEMME JUST LET YA’LL KNOW MY INTENSE EXCITEMENT TO BE INVOLVED IN ROUND 2 OF THE NEGAN WRITING CHALLENGE. Second of all, huge thank you to @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network for creating this awesome concept! 


I chose the prompt Coach Negan with an OC of colour (Latina/Hispanic). Also, to avoid anyone accusing me of sexualising my own race again, I AM HISPANIC AND DO NOT ENJOY BEING SEXUALISED BECAUSE OF IT.

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Warnings: Teacher/Student relationship, student is of legal age in the UK and the US (18). Racism, rough sex, daddy kink, teacher kink, slight sub/dom relationship, breath play. 

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You wanna know how you know character memes are often taken more seriously than the actual series in this fandom?

  • There are people who literally think Goku killed himself intentionally vs Cell.

  • There are people who legitimately think Vegeta was a good guy and great parent since Trunks was born.

  • There are people who think Goku has no technique and cannot strategize on the battlefield and relies solely on brute force to win.

  • There are people who not only think Krillin is weaker than Roshi and Yamcha, or even only as strong as Mr. Satan, but they actually think Krillin knowing the Kamehameha in Super is either an asspull or the first time he ever learned to use it.

  • There are people who still think Vegeta never wanted to be bad, and that Vegeta’s plan to kill Freeza was about saving the galaxy from his tyrannical reign.

  • There are still people who think Yamcha was an abusive boyfriend while ignoring Young Bulma’s pattern of technically “abusive” behavior toward him & her friends.

  • There are still people who think Piccolo raised Gohan (and even Goten), even doing so while Goku was still around, despite Piccolo only having been alone with Gohan for six months and not seeing him too often after Cell.

  • There are still people who think 18 was “trapped” into a relationship because she was guilt tripped by Krillin “saving her”.

  • There are still people who think Gohan wanted to be a warrior but Chi-Chi stopped him from becoming one & was an abusive parent.

I could go on but sweet Jesus, it’s bad. And when you show them things from the series itself, they reject it and say they “don’t agree”, or “that’s not the version I grew up with so it doesn’t count” or other such nonsense.

It’s freakin’ nutso.

Victor+Yuuri Dads™ Headcanons because it’s Easter and they would be good Dads. 

  • They’re married for about 3-4 years when they first start talking about it. 

  • Victor has always wanted kids. Ever since he was a senior skater helping the juniors he has loved little kids. Combine that with it’s his and his huaband’s child??? like ofc Victor would want a little Yuuri. 

  •  Yuuri has been pretty neutral on it at first. He was there for Yuuko when she first had the triplets so he has some experience with babies, but he was always too focused on his career to really consider it (or dating for the matter.) 

  • They bring it up a couple of times after getting married, but both know it would be a struggle if they started the process while skating, commenting, and moving. 

  • They end up retiring in Hasetsu for about a year when Victor brings it up during their anniversary. They talk about it for months and (Yuuri may see a photo of a chubby baby Victor with a silver puff of hair and a heart shaped smile during this time) they decide the time is right for them. 

  • I won’t go into in depth details because this is mostly them being dads hc’s, but i think that Mari ends up being the surrogate+Victor the donor. (Yuuko kindly reminds them that she had triplets. Trip. Lets.) 

  • She’s born in July, has a flyaway jet black hair, brown eyes, and Victor’s smile. Yuuri holds her first and just sobs and Victor holds them both (Also sobbing). I’m bad at names so (Ur hc name here) 

  • She’s a chubby, babbles ALL THE TIME, and Makkachin is super protective of her. He’ll flop next to her crib, play pen, and blanket boofing quietly wagging his tail while she babbles at him. Victor has so many photos of this on his phone. 

  • Both Victor and Yuuri grew their hair longer while retired which leads to their baby finding out how FUN it is to tug on hair. According to Mari Yuuri did the same thing when he was a baby. (hence why a younger Mari did the big chomp the first time.)  She cries and doesn’t recognize Victor the first time she sees him after the big chop. Victor is heartbroken. 

  • She has Victor’s heart shaped smile and the first time yuuri sees it he’s gone. His favorite photo is Victor and her cheek to cheek with matching grins and Victor cooing “Yuuri! She looks just like you!”. It’s the first photo Yuuri posts to Insta of his daughter. 

  • She has a Katsuki everything else. The nose, the eyes, a chubby kid, and Hiroko immediately shows Victor photos of baby Mari and Yuuri to show him how much they look alike. Victor, running on I just had a newborn so no sleep for me exhaustion, promptly spends 20 mins telling his husband in detail how much he loves him and his daughter. Yuuri tells him to go to sleep. 
  • Victor falls in love again at 7 am watching his husband bounce their daughter to sleep singing a nursery rhyme and kissing her head. Yuuri falls in love again at 4 am after seeing Victor cradling their sleeping daughter, with a look of pure love, to his chest.

  • I wrote this 100% for the mental image of Victor with a baby carrier strapped to his chest, wearing matching sunglasses as his daughter, and sending her coach Dad Yuuri (Whose at work) photos of them being totally kickass on their day off together. (Aka she falls asleep halfway through the day and Victor gets a sunburn because he remembered to cover her in sunscreen but forgot himself.) 

Okay, just hear me out. Whether you like Simon and Clary together or not, or whether you want Clary with Jace, or Clary with Izzy, or Clary with nobody, can we just talk about how casually and quickly Simon said “just kiss me, Clary”? There wasn’t a shadow of doubt in his mind. To be so in love with someone, and to believe they feel the same way back, that you don’t for a second think that your kiss would not be the key, and then to have that taken away right in front of your eyes? With an audience? The Queen stood there and smirked. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew exactly what reaction she was going to get out of Simon. And that makes it worse, because Simon knows that, too. He knows that she did it to show that they always choose their own kind and he will always be second choice. He knows that she wanted him to know the truth so he would take her side. To watch someone that you’ve invested so much time and feelings into kiss another person is bad enough, but for it to be a magical kiss that rescues you from blood thirsty vines? Simon has to live with the knowledge that he would have actually died if Clary hadn’t kissed Jace. In a way, Jace has saved his life again, but at the expense of him feeling like a fool for being so blinded by his feelings for Clary to see that she isn’t over Jace. But it’s so heart wrenching that he didn’t pause, he didn’t trip up, he couldn’t imagine that Clary kissing him wouldn’t set them free. They’re dating. They’re in love. Why shouldn’t his kiss be the one she most desires? No matter how much he loves her, and no matter how manipulative the Queen was, he will never be able to look at Clary again and trust what she says is true. He will always know that there is this underlying love for Jace that trumps everything. And to watch those kinds of emotions play out on someone’s face… watch someone come to that realization…..really did put a knife in my heart. 

team-bughead  asked:

Could I please request a hot smutty one where betty and jughead have a deal where they can't touch each other for like 48 hours, but they are both teasing each other in that time and one of them breaks (you can decide who) followed by lots of smut. I feel slightly embarrassed to request this 😂

love, love, love this one! Again sorry for the wait, i want to do all your ideas justice so sometimes it takes a while to churn them out! Anyway I hope you enjoy this love and thankyou for your support and encouragement on my work! I love you x

warnings: SMUT!!!!



It was hot.  More than hot actually, in fact Jughead was almost positive this summer was more akin to hell on earth.

It was early July and the heat had already exceeded Riverdale records, making it clear they were on track for a sweltering, unbearable few months.

And for the teenager whose wardrobe mostly consisted of layers, flannels, denim, and leather and of course the renowned beanie the heat wasn’t exactly a cause for celebration.

Jughead groaned, head hitting the back of the vibrant leather booth he was sprawled across. The curser on his laptop screen blinked at him obnoxiously- a reminder of the words that would not come.  

The agitated boy glanced around the crowed diner, finding even more cause for frustration. It seemed as though half of Riverdale’s population had decided to seek refuge in the Chok’lit Shoppe, making it a little harder for Jughead to enjoy the air conditioned space he felt even more at home in than his foster house.

Just as he was spiralling into another brooding monologue about the woes of wanting to get a refill but dreading losing his booth, the bells at the entrance chimed, signalling the arrival of another patron.

It wasn’t just any patron though; it was the one bright spot in this god awful summer. It was the one thing that was making all his suffering, completely and utterly worth it.

And that was Betty Cooper, clad in a tiny sundress that showed off her gorgeous, long, tan legs.

Her eyes scanned briefly around the crowded space before landing on Jughead; lighting up when they met his and skipping happily over to his booth.

“Hey you,” he greeted, unable to keep the smile off his face in her presence.

“Hi,” Betty returned sliding in beside him before placing her lips over his.

Jughead relaxed into the kiss, savouring the taste of her lips which were much more refreshing than any cold beverage could have been.

As she pulled away Jughead couldn’t help but notice the dewy glint on her skin, the heat obviously affecting her too.  He licked his lips, unable to resist the enticing sheen and wanting nothing more than the trace the column of her neck with his tongue.

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the ghost ship that didn’t carry us

egobang :: m :: game grumps :: arin wakes up in a parallel universe where he married dan instead of suzy. 

(i’ve had a number of requests to repost this, since i pulled it from ao3 a few months ago!  it was originally posted last april, and have been really heartened to hear how many people enjoyed it since it was taken down.  so in honor of april fool’s day, my take on Wake Up Married: 

It’s not like Arin’s never thought about it–him, Dan.  Arin’s had a few dozen thousand very gay thoughts about Dan, because Dan is Dan.  Dan’s not just unconventionally attractive, he’s hot, he’s scorching to such a degree that Arin would worry that if Dan actually got his mouth on Arin’s junk that all the ball hair would be singed off by sheer proximity. If Arin hadn’t met his soulmate at age fourteen, eyes locking across the crowded hall of an anime convention, he’d be the first to admit without any hesitation that Dan would probably have turned him totally, completely into a brunch-loving, pastel-wearing cock sucker.  Dan would have full dibs on his butthole, and there’s no shame in knowing it.  

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I’m Coming Home

Summary: Dan’s parents have never approved of his and Phil’s relationship, but he decides to give them another chance after going a year without seeing them.

Warnings: Homophobia

Word Count: 1939

A/N: Hey guys !! Thank you to the anon who requested this and thank you everyone for reading !! As always likes and reblogs are appreciated. Let me know what you think !! 

  Admittedly, Dan’s nervous. He’s always been bad with procrastinating, but it’s currently an hour before his train left to visit his parents and he still hasn’t packed his bag. He’s just scared. His parents have never directly said anything against his and Phil’s relationship, but he knows that they don’t approve, despite dating for nearly eight years. They make comments like “Oh, Dan, Sarah just broke up with her boyfriend and I know how she used to have a slight crush on you” or “I know you’ll be a great father one day, your future wife is going to be so lucky” and while they weren’t direct comments against his sexuality, it hurt him.

  Despite this, Dan is visiting them again, in hopes that maybe they’ve changed their standing. And hopefully they have, because Dan’s not sure how much more of their comments he can take before he snaps. Usually, Phil is there with him to keep him from speaking out, but this time he has meetings at the Youtube headquarters, and he can’t miss them. Dan understands, he just wishes it was different. He’s going to be gone for a week, and a week without being able to see his boyfriend is awful as is, let alone having to deal with his parent’s homophobic comments.

  Dan decides that he should get up and start packing if he doesn’t want to miss his train, though he wouldn’t mind it all that much. He grabs his suitcase and starts throwing random articles of clothing in there, not actually caring what he’s packing, and he’s pretty sure he grabs some of Phil’s clothing too. By some miracle, his bag is packed within fifteen minutes, and he’s almost positive he hasn’t forgotten anything.

  He walks out to the lounge, suitcase in hand, and sees Phil sitting on the couch with his laptop. Dan sets down his suitcase and lies on the couch and takes Phil’s laptop out of his hands, laying his head in Phil’s lap.

  “You nervous?” Phil asks, weaving his fingers through Dan’s hair. Dan just groans in response which, in all honesty, conveys his feelings accurately. “You know, if things get too stressful, we can Skype whenever you want, right?”

  “I know,” Dan sighs. “I just don’t know if I can handle their comments anymore, you know? It’s like they don’t even care how it affects me.” Phil just frowns at the younger boy, silently apologizing for leaving Dan to face them alone. He tried to reschedule the meetings, he really did, but they wouldn’t budge, and Phil wasn’t going to fight his bosses over it. They lay like that for another thirty minutes before they figure they should leave now if Dan is going to make the train. Dan grabs his suitcase and they leave their building, waiting on the pavement for their taxi to arrive. When it does, Dan puts  his suitcase in front of his feet and him and Phil get inside. The ride is silent, though it’s not awkward. Phil takes Dan’s hand in his and rubs his thumb over the back of it, silently comforting his boyfriend.

  They arrive at the train station around ten minutes later and say their goodbyes. Dan puts down his suitcase and tightly gives Phil a hug, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t sad when they pulled apart.

  “It’s only a week, love. I know you can do it,” Phil says, softly rubbing Dan’s cheek. “Skype me everyday, I don’t care if it’s three in the morning, I’ll answer, and I’ll be counting down the days until you come back.” Dan smiles sadly, and nods his head. He knows Phil’s words are true, and they calm his nerves slightly, though not entirely. All too soon, his train arrives and Dan gives Phil a last peck on the lips before grabbing his suitcase and boarding the train. He grabs a seat and watches Phil leave out the window, sighing quietly. He doesn’t know when, but at some point he dozes off and when he wakes up, he’s at his stop. He checks his phone and sees that he has two texts from Phil and one from his mom.

  “Love you xx” says the first one from Phil. The second says, “Text me when you get to your stop so I know you made it alright.”

  “I just got here, took a little nap on the trip. Love you, too xx” He responds. He checks the text from his mom and it’s just telling him that they’re having pasta for dinner, so he doesn’t bother responding. He gets off the train and takes a taxi to his parent’s house. He takes a deep breath as they pull up and grabs his bag, getting out of the taxi. When he gets to the front door, he doesn’t know whether to knock or just let himself in, though his debate is cut short by his mother opening the front door.

  “Hello, Daniel! I’m so happy you made it alright, we’ve missed you so much. Hopefully the trip up here wasn’t that bad.” She tells him and pulls him into a hug. Dan hugs her back, awkwardly, not getting a chance to put down his suitcase.

  “Hi, mum. I’ve missed you, too. Phil wishes he could be here but he has meetings this week so he had to stay back home.” He says, and pretends not to notice the way she stiffens at the mention of Phil’s name.

  “Well, darling, go ahead and put your stuff in the spare room and settle in. Dinner is just about done.” Dan nods and walks up the stairs into the spare room. He sets down his suitcase and lays down on the bed. He pulls out his phone and calls Phil. It rings three times before he picks up.

  “Hi!” Phil says. Dan smiles, already feeling his mood lift up at the sound of Phil’s voice.

 “Hey, how are you?” Dan responds.

  “I’m absolutely falling apart here, Dan. It’s not even been a day yet, I don’t know how I’m going to make it a week without you.” Dan laughs at Phil. He knows he’s exaggerating, but he still appreciates the thought. “How’s it going over there?”

  “Well, I’m currently in the spare room waiting for dinner. I’m debating not going down and just saying I’m too tired.” He responds honestly. Phil just laughs at his boyfriend.

  “It’s only a week, you can make it through that. And then, when that week is over, maybe you’ll have a surprise waiting for you.” He says, suggestively. Dan can hear the smirk in his voice. They stay on the phone for thirty minutes before Dan’s father knocks on the door, telling him dinner is ready. Dan tells him he’ll be right down, and returns to his phone call.

  “Was that your dad? Do you have to go?” Phil asks and Dan can hear the sadness in his voice.

  “Yeah, dinner is done, but I’ll probably be calling you back later so you can hear me ramble on about how much I don’t want to be here.”

  “Give them a chance, Dan. You haven’t seen them for nearly a year, they might’ve changed.” Dan agrees to make an effort and somehow they stay on the phone for another ten minutes. They only hang up when Dan hears his name being called from downstairs. They hang up and Dan reluctantly makes his way downstairs.

  “Hello, Daniel. I was afraid you had fallen asleep. Who was that you were on the phone with?” His mom asks once he sits at the table.

  “I was talking to Phil. He wanted to make sure I got here alright,” He responds, taking a bite of his soup.

  “Oh, how nice.” She responds. She glances over at her husband before continuing. “Have I told you that Lisa from my work has a single daughter? She was telling me about her and I really think you two would get along great.”

  “Yes, mum, you have, and as I told you before, i’m not interested. Phil and I are doing great and I don’t plan on it ever being otherwise.” He responded, not bothering to hide the irritation in his voice.

  “Well, okay, dear. I just thought I should mention it in case you were looking for someone to settle down with and start a family.” His mom took a bite of her food after she finished speaking, raising her eyebrows. Dan decided that he has had enough of the way she treats his and Phil’s relationship, always implying it’s not real, and he decides that he’s not going to keep his mouth shut any longer.

  “You know, mum,” He starts. “I have put up with your comments for several years. Eight years to be exact. Phil and I have been together for eight years, and yet you can’t seem to understand that we’re never going to not be together. When I see my future it’s with Phil, and I know he feels the same. I have tried time and time again to give you chances for you to change your mind and finally accept us. It’s not going to change, and I have had enough!” By the end of his rant his voice has raised and he’s yelling. His mom puts down her spoon and just nods.

  “Daniel, I’m afraid that you aren’t going to be welcome here if you’re going to continue talking to your mother like that. We are you parents, and you must respect us.” His father chimes in, the only words he’s spoken throughout this ordeal.

  “Fine. I don’t want to continue staying here if my parents can’t accept the fact that me and Phil are together. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to grab my bags and I’ll be leaving immediately.” He says. Standing up from the table. He walks up to the spare room and grabs his bag, not needing to pack it since he never got the chance to unpack. He walks downstairs and out the door without saying a word to either of his parents; they made their decision and he’s made his.

  Two hours later and he’s arrived back at his and Phil’s flat. He didn’t bother texting Phil to let him know he was on his way back, knowing that’s not something he’d want to discuss with Phil on a train surrounded by people. He walks through the front door and Phil looks up, slightly alarmed. He visibly relaxes when he realizes it’s just Dan, before confusion fills his eyes.

  “What are you doing back? Did it not go well?” He asks, concern filling his voice. Dan doesn’t even bother responding and puts his suitcase down by the door and walks over to Phil on the couch. He lays his head in his lap and doesn’t realize he’s crying until Phil’s wiping his tears from off his face.

  “I tried, Phil. I really tried.” Dan’s voice breaks mid-sentence. Phil just shushes him and rubs his back, pressing slight kisses to the top of his head. They stay like that for about thirty minutes, tears continuing to fall down Dan’s face, before Phil notices Dan’s breathing steady and realizing that he’s fallen asleep. He doesn’t wake him up, knowing he needs his rest. He continues to weave his fingers through Dan’s hair for about ten minutes, sitting in silence, before he, too, falls asleep. He knows that when they wake up they’ll have to talk about it, but for now they just lay together on the couch, the rest of the world forgotten about.

What ToG Characters Wear on Halloween

Aelin: Goes all out on her costume, which is a Firebreathing Dragon, paints her entire body grey and green, sticks spikes onto the back of her shirt and wears a long green tail that Rowan keeps tripping over. Spends the night breathing fire into people’s faces (she also lights the bonfire like that because she is extra).

Rowan: Just paints half his face like a skull and wears a black outfit. Doesn’t like dressing up, but Aelin threatened to make her fire-breath extra hot if he didn’t put in any effort.

Manon: Dresses up as Red Riding Hood because she doesn’t have to put in much effort. Red cloak? Check. Iron Nails to cut herself out of the wolf’s stomach? Check. She just fills a woven basket with raw meat and munches on it throughout the night (much to the horror of everyone around her).

Dorian: Wears a furry werewolf costume that covers his entire body, complete with a werewolf mask and werewolf slippers. People tell him to shut up after he starts making howling noises and he goes to sulk in a corner. Accidentally matches Manon’s theme of Red Riding Hood and they try to convince everyone that they didn’t plan it.

Elide and Lorcan: They wanted to have some sort of couples costume, and Elide is absolutely obsessed with the main couple, so she dresses up as Aelin and forces Lorcan to dress up as Rowan! She borrows Aelins fighting leathers and daggers, while Lorcan (reluctantly) throws on a white wig and paints spirals over his face. Rowan chokes when he sees them together.

Chaol: Wanted to dress up as the Golden Couch™ but Yrene convinced him not to, so he wears a clown costume and makes bad puns all night. “How many butts does an assassin have? Two”. Aelin roasts him (literally).

Yrene: The prettiest costume, she dresses up as an angel with a sparkling white gown and wings, and a tiara. Uses her ‘Angel Powers’ to heal Rowan after he trips over Aelin’s tail for the fifth time and faceplants into a fake cauldron.

Lysandra: Shifts into Aedion and wears the same costume as Aedion, nobody can tell them apart and Aedion spends the entire night trying to convince people that he is the real version (nobody believes him, of course).

Evangeline: Dresses up as a purple and blue mermaid with a tail-shaped dress and seaweed woven into her hair. She constantly pranks people by spraying water at them. Aelin gets her back by using her water affinity!

Aedion: Pirate! With a long sword and an eyepatch, he struts around, making weird “pirate noises”. He plays with Evangeline, pretending to fall overboard and be rescued by her. Everyone loves it, Lysandra especially. He convinces Rowan to shift and sit on his shoulder, with the help of Aelin. Rowan grudgingly agrees but he looks at everyone menacingly and occasionally bites Aedion.

Nesryn: Dresses up as Deanna, Lady of the Hunt. She does her hair and wears a silver dress and fur scarf, along with her bow and quiver full of arrows. She wins 'best costume’ award!

Fleetfoot: Evangeline dresses her up as a fish to accompany her own costume, complete with ribbons tied onto her tail to represent a fish tail and glitter sprinkled onto her fur. Wherever she goes, she leaves a trail of glitter (much to the annoyance of Aelin when she wakes up to a glitter-covered bed).

Abraxos: Manon refuses to do it, so Dorian paints his wings like a butterfly’s and Evangeline weaves a flower necklace that Abraxos won’t stop sniffing. He mostly just rolls around in the wildflowers in the meadow. Manon secretly loves it.


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: none???

Word count: 1,479

Request: By the lovely @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl, “Hey could you do one where the reader has a dog and she talks about it a lot, and to Bucky it seems like she has a boyfriend, but in reality it’s just her dog. Thanks!”

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Bucky’s POV

She walked into the kitchen and took my breath away as usual. I smiled at her as she approached me and sat down at the island.

“So what are you up to today Y/N?” I questioned casually, hoping that she’d say she was free. She grinned and turned to me.

“Well I thought that I was probably gonna go and hang out with Jasper,” she beamed.

“Who’s Jasper?” I didn’t recognize the name and was curious. Was he an old friend that I just didn’t remember her mentioning?

“Oh, he’s new around here and super cute! I was planning on taking him for a walk around central park to let him get familiar to the area,” she smiled. It was obvious that she was fond of this Jasper guy. All of my confidence deflated. I was planning on finally asking her out today. I’ve been trying to build up the courage to do so for months now.

“Oh well have fun, I guess,” I mumbled trying my best to sound sincere and failing miserably.

“You alright Buck? You seem off.” She reached out and touched my shoulder. My skin burned under her palm.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said and shot her my best smile. She must’ve bought it because she smiled back and stood from her seat.

“I’ll see you later? Yeah?” she asked.

“Sure,” I grumbled and waved at her as she walked to the elevator.

I didn’t notice Nat in the room until I let out an angry groan and she started laughing.

“You make it really obvious Barnes. Everyone sees the way you look at her. I’m almost positive that she likes you back. You should seriously consider asking her out,” Nat sang as she sauntered out of the kitchen.

Y/N had been going on and on about how great Jasper was for about two weeks now. I was entirely fed up with the guy and I had never even met him. It was obvious that she was infatuated with him. It was really a wonder that I hadn’t seen him around the tower with her before. She was chatting with Wanda in the living room when I walked in and sat down.

“-going on a trip,” Y/N said. I caught the tail end of her sentence.

“Is Jasper coming with you?” Wanda questioned her.

“Yeah, I bet my parents will love him!” She beamed excitedly. He’s already going to meet her parents? What the hell, they just met two weeks ago. I started to feel sick.

“The only problem is that I’m going to have to drive the whole way there and the whole way back here without any breaks,” she grumbled. This made me even more angry at this Jasper guy. He didn’t even offer to take a driving shift. Her parents live at least 10 hours away.

“Jasper isn’t going to drive at all?” I asked. She seemed amused.

“Well, it’s not like he could even if he wanted to,” she giggled and Wanda joined her. This guy can’t even drive? Is she seriously dating him? My jealousy overcame me so i decided that it was best to leave the girls to themselves.

I was fuming so I went to the gym to work off all of my pent up anger.


Y/N and Jasper had gotten back from their trip a week ago. It was around 4 o'clock when Y/N shuffled into the common room. She sat down next to me on the couch and started flipping through the TV channels. I glanced at her and smiled in greeting. She smiled back.

Her close proximity was doing bad things to my hormones. It was like my feelings for her grew every second that I was near her.

She started to ask me how my day was going but all I could think about was stupid Jasper. Every time I would try to have a normal conversation with her, Jasper would pop into my mind and ruin everything. He was like a parasite and I just wanted him to disappear.

“So do you want to train with me later? Steve says I need to work on my hand to hand,” she beamed. The intrusive thoughts of Jasper made my attitude turn sour. Before I knew it, I was incredibly jealous.

“I don’t know? Can’t Jasper train with you?” I snapped at her. Her eyes went wide.

“Bucky what is going on?” She questioned clearly shocked by my anger. I immediately felt bad for snapping but it was too late to backtrack now. It’s not her fault that she has a boyfriend. I can’t get mad at her for it.

“I’m just tired. I’m sorry for yelling,” I apologized. She didn’t deserve my anger. I just wanted to retreat to my room to wallow in my self pity in peace.

“Bucky wait! I know when you’re lying to me and you are definitely lying to me now,” she said firmly so I turned back to her and shifted my gaze to the ground. My mind was racing. I didn’t know what to say. It was true that I was lying to her. She could always tell. I sighed heavily and then spoke. I was going to come clean.

“It’s just- well it’s just that I really like you. I know you’re with Jasper and it’s not fair for me to be jealous when you were not mine to begin with and-”

“Wait, you’re kidding right?” She giggled and threw her hand up to cover her smile.

“Y/N this isn’t funny. I’m trying to be honest with you!” I said. The confusion was evident in my voice. Was the idea of dating me really that funny to her?

“Oh my gosh Bucky, you think I’m dating Jasper?” She asked still laughing.

“Yeah why? You make it pretty obvious,” I grumbled, her laughter was embarrassing me.

“Come with me,” she smiled and reached her hand out to grasp mine. Holding her hand felt so right that I wasn’t strong enough to pull away, no matter how annoyed I was with her for making fun of me.  

She led me into the lobby of the tower and had F.R.I.D.A.Y call us a cab.

“Where are we going?” I asked still slightly annoyed with her but grateful that she wanted to spend time with me at the same time.

“You’ll see in a minute,” she stated.

The cab ride was short and we soon pulled up in front of her apartment building. She led me into the lobby and up to her floor. She swung the door open and a playful labrador puppy ran up to me and started nibbling at my jeans. I squatted down to pet the puppy. He was adorable.

“Bucky, this is Jasper,” she stated and my head whipped around to look at her.

“What? This is Jasper?” For a moment my brain couldn’t catch up with what was happening. I was dumbfounded.

“Now it makes sense why you wouldn’t just ask me out like Nat said you would! I thought you just didn’t like me back, while all this time you thought I was dating some guy named Jasper,” she was laughing even harder now than she was back at the tower.

“Oh my gosh and you actually meant it when you asked if he was going to drive to my parents house. I thought you were kidding,” she giggled but then looked to me stricken on the floor trying to comprehend what I just heard. Her laughs faded away and she reached down to help me stand up.

“Bucky, how could you not tell how absolutely infatuated I am with you?” She questioned and looked directly into my eyes. She held the sides of my face with her small hands and after raising her eyebrows in question and seeing me nod, brought her lips to mine.

I sighed into her mouth. It was better than I ever imagined it being. We broke apart only to breathe.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” I said as I rested my forehead against hers. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“And to think that all this time I was jealous of a little puppy,” I said more to myself than her.

“Yeah yeah mister, now how about we discuss your obliviousness to my feelings for you over some food instead of in my living room. If I’m not mistaken, we have some lost time to make up.”

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Okay but why do we not talk about Em and Merc’s activities while infiltrating Beacon? Because I’m sure Cinder would’ve told them “blend in as much as you can. Do teenager things. Learn about our enemies.”



  • Ruby and Emerald passing notes to each other in class about how ridiculous Professor Port’s story of the day is. Em teaches her the proper way to sneak so they don’t get caught.
  • Mercury somehow ending up in a study party with team JNPR in the library because he does need to keep grades up to remain under the radar, and it’s pretty obvious he’s struggling, and because Pyrrha is a Kind Person she approaches him with study tips and even offers to let him read her notes and study with her and her team. Sure he uses this time to mostly study team JNPR but the school help is also beneficial.
  • Emerald and Weiss throwing shade in the cafeteria together and bonding over getting joy at the expense of other people. Emerald enjoys this much more than pretending to be friends with Ruby because she can at least be herself here.
  • Sun being jealous of Mercury’s moves and challenging him to a dance off that ends in disaster on Sun’s part
  • Em attempting to get close to Pyrrha, not only to study her, but because maybe she wouldn’t notice if Em stole away with some of her pretty jewelry. Old habits die hard. She never goes through with it but it’s so tempting.
  • Both of them mingling at the dance. Mercury knowing he should probably start keeping tabs on Yang (because she’s a clear heavy hitter) so he offers her a dance. It’s incredibly awkward but not in a bad way? They’re both not into dancing with each other but their personalities do mesh well and their conversation is at least entertaining for the both of them.
  • (Mercury goofing around with Em and trying to recreate the JNPR dance)
  • I certainly wouldn’t put it past Emerald to cause a little commotion one day and just use her semblance to totally fuck with someone. And because Cardin is such a known asshole, she figures that will get the best reaction out of it so she trips him up in the cafeteria and embarrasses the everloving fuck out of him. It’s a good day.
  • Both of them constantly having to make excuses for the fact Cinder is never in class?
  • “She’s really sickly so it’s hard for her sometimes. We just take her homework to her.”
  • This hilariously earns them a lot of sympathy points, which was unintentional, but works in their favor nonetheless.
  • Em and Merc start picking up mannerisms of some of the students by accident? And even start getting some inside jokes with them?

Long story short

I live for these kids getting to opportunity to do mundane kid things. Even if it’s all for a plot to destroy everything.


“Come on, Derek, just let us in, okay? We can’t help you if you don’t let us in!”

Scott banged on the loft door again, the metallic clank echoing around the spacious room, but Derek did not get up to open it. Instead he stayed pressed against the wall of windows, as far away as he could possibly get.

“How would that possibly help, Scott?” he called back. “The closer you are, the worse it gets!”

Even from this distance he could still hear whispers, brushing up against his mind, thankfully indistinct enough to be ignored for the moment. Earlier, in the sorcerer’s lair, the voices had been loud and persistent and completely inescapable at close range. This was better. Obviously it wasn’t a perfect solution, but at least he was no longer hearing things he didn’t want to hear.

Normally, Derek liked to think of himself as a cautious person. Maybe not in all aspects of his life, but on the whole Derek prefered to think before he acted and thereby not act in stupid ways. So what the hell he had been thinking toying with unidentified magical artefacts found in the home of the malicious sorcerer they had spent a week tracking down and eliminating, he couldn’t say. Judging by the suddenly-audible thoughts of everyone around him in the moment the pendant had started glowing and whistling, he hadn’t been thinking at all.

So now here he was, behind the locked door of his loft, hiding from anyone and everyone whose mind he might involuntarily invade. Because that was his luck.

“We need to figure out what exactly is going on,” Scott argued in that annoyingly reasonable tone of his. “If Deaton can determine what curse it is—if it’s even a curse! It might not be! But if he can do that, then he can work on reversing it. But he can’t do that from all the way out here.”

Derek gritted his teeth against a snarl. He didn’t want to be within a mile of anyone else right now. He didn’t want to hear what other people thought of him; he had long had his suspicions on that matter, and the last thing he needed was confirmation of those depressing facts. But Scott had a point. If he didn’t want to live the rest of his miserable life as an unwilling telepath, Deaton was his best shot.

“Fine,” he bit out. “But for the love of all that is holy, Scott, try to keep your mind off Allison.

The mental images Derek had from the ten seconds between the onset of the curse and when everyone else had realized what was happening had scarred him for life.

With every step he took toward the door, the voice in Derek’s ear got that much louder, strangely light and insubstantial in a way that was hard to define but made it obvious even without seeing Scott’s closed mouth that the words weren’t being spoken out loud.

I don’t think about Allison that much, do I? Just because her hair smells good and she was wearing that shirt today with the — like the blue one better, it makes her look like — probably stay over at her place tonight if her dad doesn’t try to shoot me again — need to take milk home to mom, though, don’t forget —

Derek yanked open the door and immediately backed away, hoping that even a few feet would make the thoughts less demanding. He was thoroughly caught off guard to see Deaton standing quietly at Scott’s side; he couldn’t hear a single thought from the man. When Derek turned his attention on him, he just got a very strong impression of a brick wall.

Deaton smiled that cryptic little smile of his, like he was the one reading minds now.

“A mental block,” he said. “A technique for shielding the mind, perfected through years of practice and meditation.”

“Like Occlumency?” Derek asked.

“Not unlike it,” Deaton said easily. “Sadly, not something that can be picked up by novices in a few hours.”

Well, there went his last hope.

Derek let himself be tugged down onto his own couch by Deaton and sent up a prayer of thanks when Scott took the hint to not crowd him. That didn’t stop him from catching stray thoughts— really should get some curtains or something, this place is depressing — smells like sad in here, god, I hate chemosignals —but it was better than a constant deluge of them.

There was some poking and prodding, some following the light exercises, and some sort of obscure, extrasensory magical goings-on before Deaton sat back with another almost-reassuring smile.

“It’s not a permanent spell,” he said, “nor a complex one. However, it is one that requires the source to be destroyed.”

“The source?” Derek asked. “The sorcerer is already dead. Why am I still being subjected to this?”

“By source, I mean the artefact in which the curse was contained,” Deaton clarified. “Luckily, we have the artefact on hand. Now it’s only a matter of destroying it.”

“How long should that take?” Scott asked.

“Shouldn’t be long,” Deaton said, standing up and dusting off his lab coat. “A week or two at the most.”

“A week or two?” Derek repeated, horrified.

Don’t know why he’s so upset by that, we go weeks without seeing him anyway — kind of a hermit, honestly — oh god, he can hear me, can’t he, fuck —

“It’ll be fine,” Scott said bracingly, and Derek had a strong urge to punch him in the face. Luckily, Scott seemed to sense it and started hastily backing up toward the door, thumbing over his shoulder. “Deaton will get you fixed up in no time! In the meantime, I’ll just get out of your hair.”

“Please do,” Derek muttered.

The silence, when Scott and Deaton were gone and the door shut firmly behind them, seemed emptier than it usually did, but Derek was grateful for it nonetheless.

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Lily + Sirius Friendship Headcanons

requested by @deerprongs (ily <3) wow this ended up being long af

  • Lily actually met Sirius in first year and they got on pretty well until she found out he was best friends with James
  • They didn’t interact much beyond pranks and arguments because Lily found it hard to be around the pair of them without getting homicidal urges 
  • That is, until the time she hexes him in front of all the other third years and Sirius isn’t sure whether to be angry or impressed as tentacles come out of his ears
  • He chooses to be impressed
  • They finally get close once James starts to clean up his act
  • Showing they care about each other through insults and name-calling to the point where people who don’t know that’s just how they are are slightly alarmed by the endless banter
  • The pair of them taking Astronomy together and going up to the tower to study the stars
  • “Hey Sirius, is that the star you’re named after?”
  • “Evans, I’m offended.  The star was named after me.”  
  • It’s during one of these night study sessions, on a cloudy night where it was nearly impossible to see anything anyway, when Sirius admits to Lily that he just as equally got kicked out of his home as he did run away from it, and although he puts on a brave face because he knows it’s what people expect from him, he’s not sure he’ll ever amount to anything but a disappointment
  • Sirius gets a Howler at breakfast the next morning and ignores it thinking it’s from his mum but then the envelope explodes and Lily’s voice shouts “SIRIUS BLACK, I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WONDERFUL PERSON AND I REALLY VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP, YOU’RE GOING TO DO GREAT THINGS!”
  • It means more to him than she’ll ever know.
  • “You know you’ve got my support no matter what, right? I mean it, I’ve got your back.”
  • Sirius constantly talking James up to Lily with things like “he’s such a great Quidditch player” and “wow hasn’t he gotten so handsome this year?”
  • “Are you in love, Padfoot?” :P 
  • Always rating things the other does out of 10 
  • Lily tripping and spilling her books across the hall and Sirius shouts “8/10, excellent form!” from a few feet away
  • Sirius burping and Lily scoffing 
  • “3.2, that was so weak, Black.”
  • Lily admitting to him that she would say yes if James asked her out just one more time and Sirius leaps up so fast he makes her jump, then bolts to find James with a long call of “PROOOOOOONGS!” as he runs down the corridor
  • Huge groans whenever Lily mentions James after they start dating because bloody hell, he thought smitten James was bad but it never occurred to him that smitten Lily would be 10x worse
  • But let’s be real we all know Sirius is the Captain of the Jily ship
  • In fact he has just as many Lily stories to tell at the wedding as he has about James
  • Like the time Lily helped him bewitch the benches in the Great Hall to appear solid, only to have every student fall right through them onto the ground
  • Lily is the only one allowed to give Sirius a haircut 
  • She’s actually giving him a haircut in her and James’s living room when she casually drops the pregnancy and godfather bombs on him and James is in the background, just beaming.
  • Sirius leaps up causing Lily to snip wayyyyy too big a chunk of hair but he doesn’t even care, he breaks down crying because he’s just so happy and then oh god they’re all crying and laughing and sniffling as they hug
  • “Stop crying, you sap!” “I will when you do!”
  • Sirius’s blood runs cold when he hears that Voldemort found them.
  • It isn’t Snape who holds Lily’s body that night, it’s Sirius. 
  • Because as heartbroken as he is over James, his brother, the fact that anyone could actually want to kill kind-hearted, gentle, laughs-like-a-tinkling-bell Lily makes him lose all faith in humanity. 
  • So he sits there, legs bent at awkward angles because they simply collapsed from under him when he walked in that room, and he’s holding Harry in one arm and Lily’s limp hand in the other, rubbing his thumb on her skin and staring blankly ahead with tears pouring down his face for what feels like years
  • And it’s that memory that haunts him most in Azkaban.

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how would you feel ; riarkle

summary: the four times farkle doesn’t say he loves riley, and the one time he does.
author’s note: my computer is being so irritating so i had to post this w my phone so sorry if the formatting is gross!!!!! the formatting on ao3 is fine and the link to my ao3 profile is in my bio.


It’s freshman year and Riley is trying out for cheer, again. Even though she made it last year, she still wasn’t satisfied with her “pity acceptance” and vowed to make it this year (I have to prove myself this time Farkle. We’re in high school now, it’s the big leagues), but for real this time.

The whole gang was going to come and support her again but everyone besides Farkle was preoccupied. Lucas and Zay had football practice, Maya had independent art study with Mr Turner, and Smackle was tutoring Yogi in biology. Farkle also had plans, the robotics club was about to make a huge breakthrough with their most recent endeavor, but when he saw the way her face fell when everyone bailed, he couldn’t do that to her. He knew that if she knew he had somewhere else to be, she would make him go, so he made sure she felt like his number one priority. At least, that’s what he told Smackle when she accused him of having feelings for her (again).

“She’s our friend, Smackle. My best friend actually, and I promised her I would be there for her. Always.”

“I thought I was your best friend, dearest? Match made in heaven?”

“You’re my girlfriend. There’s a difference.”

Smackle pretended his comment didn’t sting, and didn’t question it further.


He was gathering his stuff from his locker when she anxiously floated over to him the day of the try outs. She looked adorable in her high ponytail, pom poms in hand. Not that he noticed.

“Farkle, I’m so beyond nervous!” Her words zoomed off her lips as they walked to the gym. “I’ve been working with Zoe all summer, you know that, but what if it’s not enough? These girls have made this their lifestyle and I only started this summer. I want this so bad, my head could burst.”

“Riley,” he paused, stopping them and grabbing her hand, platonically, “You’re going to be great. You have never failed at anything you put your mind to. Don’t freak out, Riles. I’m going to be in those bleachers cheering you on the whole time.”
She looked up at him with her big, doe eyes, “Always?”

His heart broke at the sight of her vulnerability so he squeezed her hand, “Always.”

Her try out went great, he knew it would. She danced and laughed and even though she tripped at least seven times, she had more cheer than anyone there. He reminded her of that when they sat outside of the school waiting for their ride as she cried into his shoulder. As she cried, he held her tighter than ever before. Platonically.

The results got posted the next day and Farkle picked Riley up in his dad’s car even earlier than Cory could have taken her so they could wait outside and eat bagels. She wanted to be the first one to see the list, and for Farkle to be the second. When the school finally opened, Riley ran to the bulletin board outside of the gym before Farkle could even make it two feet inside. When he got to the bulletin board, she was standing in front of it, motionless.

“Riles,” he began cautiously.

“I, I made the team,” she whispered as if she didn’t even believe the words coming out of her own mouth.

It took him exactly .2 seconds for him to run to her and sweep her into his arms. She giggled wildly as he lifted her off the ground and twirled her around, embracing her as they celebrated this triumph.

Setting her down but not letting go of her, they looked at each other from a dangerously close perspective. His breath was heavier than he ever wanted it to be when he was around her, and her face was flushed pink with something she could only describe as pure exhilaration. Of course, at the time, she blamed it on the good news.

“Riley,” he paused, I love you,“I’m so proud of you.”

Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at him in a daze, I love you too “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

That night, he thought about the words he thought in that moment of pure bliss and reminded himself that it was platonic. They had said it a thousand times.

So why could he not say it then?


Freshman year quickly turned into sophomore year and sophomore year brought more challenges than any of them could imagine.
After the London Debacle the six had faced at the end of the last school year, Riley and Lucas had decided to stay broken up and a long three months later, Lucas and Maya had decided to put themselves, and everyone else, out of their misery and try dating again. They were now almost four months in things had settled. They were happy. Everyone was happy. Until the night that Smackle became very unhappy.

“Really, Smackle, I can leave. I don’t want to get in the way. I shouldn’t have come anyway.”

Smackle and Farkle were having a fairly innocent make out session in Farkle’s room when Riley barged in with bags full of snacks and all of the back to the future movies in hand. Ever since Maya and Lucas had started dating, Farkle had been there for her to lean on and she naively didn’t notice the effect it had on Farkle and Smackle’s relationship. That is, she didn’t realize it until she saw poor Smackle freaking out on Farkle.

“No, Riley, you’re fine,” Farkle said for the umpteenth time that night. Riley could very clearly see that things were not fine, that she was most certainly was not fine and that she should leave, so why did she believe him? Why did she take her word for it and sit there, knowing it was only making things worse?

Smackle scoffed, “Classic.”

Farkle’s finger were going to town on his temples, trying to soothe his mind in anyway possible, “Isadora, if you have something to say then say it.” He never called her by her full name.

“Fine,” she began, stronger than a bull, “If you want to really hear it then here it goes. Riley is using you, Farkle, and you’re letting it happen because you’re too nice. Ever since Lucas and Maya started dating she has needed someone to be there for her 24/7 and you became that person. But guess what, babe? I need you to be that person because you’re my boyfriend,” she paused and turned to Riley, “You hear that? My boyfriend. I get that things have been hard for you Riley but things get hard for everyone and you’re not the center of the universe. You don’t have dibs being treated right and you definitely don’t have dibs on being treated perfectly by my boyfriend.”

“You don’t get to talk to her like that, Smackle!” Farkle’s hands were balled and his neck was bright red. Riley had only ever seen him like that the time that Maya’s dad showed up drunk to one of her art shows over the summer. He was always the first one to start swinging for his girls but she wasn’t going to let that happen tonight. Smackle was right, she was being selfish.

“Farkle! Enough!” Riley yelled as she stood up and walked in between them, facing Farkle. “She’s right. I mean, for God’s sake it’s a Friday night and I barged in here with no warning just assuming you’d be available. That’s selfish, Farkle. Don’t defend me. Your relationship with Smackle is more important than my bruised ego. I’m going to go now,” she turned to Smackle, “I really am sorry, Smackle. I hope you can forgive me and realize that I never meant to hurt anyone,” she paused for a moment to gather herself, “Right, I’m gonna go now. So sorry. Ok, bye,” and with that, she slipped out the door and slid down against it, letting her head fall into her palms.

What the hell is wrong with you, Matthews? Get it together.


She woke up the next morning with a knock on her bay window.

Groggily and even more clumsily than normal, she made her way from her bed to open it up and let whichever one of her friends had decided to disturb her slumber this time. However, when she saw it was Farkle, she instantly sobered up.

“It’s seven am, what are you doing here?” She asked with a yawn.

He scooted in and sat next to her, head in his hands, “Smackle dumped me exactly six hours and forty seven minutes ago. After you left we kept talking and then talking turned to arguing some more and then arguing turned to tears and tears turned to slammed doors. I can’t believe I messed things up with her so bad.”

Riley’s heart broke at the sight of him. Now that she was really paying attention, she noticed that he was wearing the same outfit as yesterday and his hair was sticking up in every direction besides the one it was supposed to be.

She sighed and put her arm around him, resting her head against his crouched frame, “I’m so sorry, Farkley. This is all my fault. Do you want me to talk to her?”

He laughed dryly, “Actually, I feel like you’re the last person she wants to talk to. Well, second to last, actually. I think you’ve finally beaten me at something,” he joked as she playfully shoved him.

The two sat in silence for a little bit, just enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies.

“Are you wearing bunny pajamas?” He asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

“Excuse me for not expecting company at seven am.”

Silence fell upon them again.

Until Farkle was, once again, the one to break it.

“It wasn’t your fault, ya know. I’m the one that kept putting everything before my relationship. Don’t feel bad about it,” his voice was a whisper and she could tell he was incredibly serious and even more so remorseful at how he handled things with Smackle.

She sighed and started fiddling with the loose strings on the friendship bracelet she made him for his birthday last year as a joke. She ignores the fact that he never took it off, “You can say it wasn’t my fault all you want but the way she looked at me just goes to show that it was. She had every right to look at me like that.”

“Riley, you’re talking as if you’re a homewrecker.”

“I might as well be. You two were the best couple I had ever seen and here I come in like a bulldozer, messing everything up.”

He laughed the littlest laugh at that, it was just so absurd for Riley to think that she was anything less than perfect, “If we truly were the best couple, then some weirdo girl in bunny pajamas wouldn’t stand a chance against us.”

This made Riley laugh and bury her head into his shoulder, which felt like a victory.

I love you, “You’re the most important person in my life,” so much, “I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.”

I love you more, All she did was smile at him and continue fiddling with his friendship bracelet.


New Years Eve was a time of revelations for the group of six. Sophomore year had finally reached the halfway mark and the friends were celebrating with another New Year’s Eve party. However, to avoid the bad luck of the eighth grade party, they had changed locations to Maya’s apartment. Katy and Maya moved in with Shawn into a much nicer place about three blocks away from Riley and it seemed like the perfect location so Zay, Smackle, Farkle, Riley, Maya, and Lucas, along with the rest of the class of 2020, set up shop and got the party going.

Midnight was in exactly three minutes when Farkle found Riley on the roof of the apartment building. It was rare how bright the stars were shining that night.

She was leaning against the railing, head dreamily placed in the palm of her hand.

“Whatcha thinking about?” He asked as he mimicked her stance.

“Just how glad I am that this year is about to be over, and all of the possibilities that next year has to offer. 2018: the year of hope.”

He smiled warmly at her optimism, it had always been one of the many things he had loved about her. But up until recently, he thought it was all strictly platonic. But, when him and Smackle broke up a month and a half go, he began to realize that he had been lying to himself all along. It was never strictly platonic. It was hardly platonic period. Farkle hadn’t just loved Riley since the first grade, he had been in love with her since the first grade and he hadn’t been able to shake the realization since. Especially not with them being alone on this rooftop and her cheeks being as red as the day he first almost told her he loved her. It was all of the almosts that made him realize that it was more than friendly. Because friends don’t need almosts.

After a little bit of silence and a whole minute of the countdown gone, Riley asked, “What are your resolutions this year, Farkle? Now remember, nothing is too big.”

He looked at her and then he looked back up at the night sky. My resolution is to get the girl. “I don’t know. What’s yours?”

Nervousness suddenly washed over her as she looked down at her glove clad hands and then back up at him, “Promise not to laugh?”

“When have I ever laughed at you?”

“Almost everyday!” She joked, causing him to laugh out loud.

“Ok, ok I promise not to laugh. But hurry up, there’s only twenty seconds until midnight.”

Between the time it took for him to finish talking and for her to build the courage to speak, the time had dropped to ten seconds. They could faintly hear the countdown from their party downstairs.

She looked at her hands and whispered quietly, “I want to fall in love.”

Five seconds.

“What?” He couldn’t hear her above the countdown.

Two seconds.

“I want to fall in love!” she screamed giddily to the streets of New York City as the party downstairs and all across the east coast screamed “Happy New Year!”

With the new knowledge of her resolution, he didn’t waste another second.

I love you. He kissed her.

I know. She kissed him back. I love you more.

Riley and Farkle weren’t dating. Unless you call him giving her rides everyday, waiting for her at her locker, and sneaking kisses under the bleachers in between classes dating. Because if that what dating was, then they were definitely doing it, and had been for the entire second half of sophomore year, the whole summer, and the first few months of junior year. But they would go to the grave saying that nothing had changed. They even said so when Farkle showed up to school with a hickey peeking through the collar of his shirt after a long weekend. The same long weekend that Riley had told Maya she was busy the entire time of.

“Hey Farkle, what’s that on your neck?” Zay asked at lunch that fateful Tuesday back at school, trying to feign innocence.

Maya sat down next to Lucas and decided to join in on the phone, “Yeah, Minkus, what is it? Did you ‘fall’ again?”

However, Farkle didn’t back down easily, and he had been playing Maya and Zay’s games for a few years now, he was no Novice. “Actually, it is. In fact, it looks just like the bruises that were all over your neck freshman year right after you and Lucas had made it official. You must have ‘fallen’ a lot too. What a cowinky dink,” he finished as he took a bite into his apple, giving a smug look to Maya who just glared in response.

“Hey guys, what are we talking about?” Riley asked as she sat down, right next to Farkle of course. “Sorry I’m late, I had to stop by my physics class and ask a question. That class is so insanely difficult it’s driving me cra-” she halted as she saw the death stare Maya was giving Farkle, “What’s happening here?”

Without looking up from his casserole, Lucas nonchalantly explained, “Farkle and Maya are slut shaming each other.”

“Are you serious? That’s the third time this week!” Riley sighed annoyingly, hitting Farkle on the arm.

“Hey! It’s not my fault that your girlfriend keeps coming at my bruises. It’s not my fault that I uh, fall down a lot.”

Maya snickered from across the table, making Farkle snap his head back to her direction.

“What’s so funny, Hart?”

She laughed harder and then tried to calm herself down, “Woo, man,” she wiped tears from her eyes, “I just think it’s hilarious how easy it is for you to call Riley my girlfriend when I’m not even the one sleeping with her.”

Suddenly, the whole table turned to a ghost town aside from Maya’s uncontrollable cackling. Riley sunk her arms and Farkle’s ears, neck, and chest turned bright pink.

“Oh my,” Smackle squeaked from next to her boyfriend of three months, Zay.

Lucas wrapped his arm around Maya and looked at the group awkwardly, “Alright honey I think that’s our cue to leave. Bye everyone,” he said as he ushered a still laughing Maya away from the table, grabbing both of their trays in the process.

“Yeah uh, Iz I think we should head out too. You promised me you find that one book in the library, remember?” Zay said, very clearly trying to make a break for it in anyway he could.

“No, I have no memory of this.”

Zay opened his eyes wider, signaling urgency. Finally, Smackle caught on, “Oh yes. That book,” she fake remembered. “Let’s go,” and, with that, they ran off after Maya and Lucas.

It was quiet for a little bit, with Farkle trying to piece together what had just happened and Riley trying to find the courage to come out of the hiding place under her arms.

“Well. At least Maya and I won’t slut shame each other anymore?” He reasoned weakly, as he stared at his unfinished peanut butter and jelly.

Riley groaned.

“Hey, I mean, this isn’t that bad,” he continued, swiveling to face her this time, “I mean, it’s not like we were keeping it a secret or anything. Were we?”

Finally, Riley uncovered her face and looked at him tiredly, “I don’t know Farkle. I mean, we’ve been together but not together for like nine months now and we’ve never even talked about what we are or what we’re doing or where we’re going. What are the rules here?”

Farkle’s mouth was dry. He never brought up the talk because he didn’t want to scare her away. Neither of them had ever been good at relationships and now that he had her in his grasp, he didn’t want to lose it.

“I didn’t realize that there were supposed to be rules,” he trailed off.

Riley scoffed and gathered her things, trying not to let the tears fall in front of him, “Yeah well you also didn’t realize that all I want is to be your girlfriend. And they call you a genius.”

And then, it was just Farkle at the lunch table, and it was his turn to hide and groan.


Over the past nine months, Farkle’s bay window visits had grown substantially in frequency, but this time he was nervous. It probably had something to do with the fact that he hated himself for ruining the best thing that had ever happened to him, but he ignored that and tapped on the locked window. She must have known that he would try to stop by.

“Go away, Farkle,” he heard Riley snap, muffled slightly by the glass.

“Please, Riley, can we just talk about this? Unlock the window, please.”

He rested his head against the window in frustration and sighed, You really did it this time, Minkus.

And then suddenly, his head was no longer on the window, but inside of Riley’s room, landing with a thump.

“Sorry,” Riley apologized, completely deadpanned and full of zero remorse.

He climbed in and rubbed his forehead, “It’s fine. I deserved that.”

She had moved back to her bed and was facing the wall in front of her instead of him, clutching a pillow, “Yeah. You did.”

Farkle then noticed that the pillow had mascara stains on it and his heart sank so deeply.

“Riley, I know I handled this whole situation, you and me, the complete wrong way. I just, I don’t know what’s wrong with me sometimes. I just got so caught up in how great things were I forgot or didn’t realize how amazing things could be if we just talked about it. I was selfish. I didn’t want things to get ruined so I strung us both along for almost a year and I’m sorry. I understand if you never want to talk to me again but,” he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, I love you, “But, please just know that I would never want to hurt you.”

Her eyes broke away from the wall and turned to him. She saw how tired he looked and it had only been three and a half hours since they had last spoke. She knew she shouldn’t let him off that easily, but she also knew she wanted nothing more than to have him hold her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

“Farkle,” she began as she moved off of her bed and next to him, clutching his hand into hers. The bracelet she had given him had lost almost all of its integrity and color, but it was still seared into his skin. “You’re not selfish. I didn’t speak up either. But being scared isn’t an excuse, for either of us. So, right here, right now, we need honesty. One hundred percent, complete, and total honesty.”

He smiled at her, “I can do that.”

Placing her free hand over their conjoined ones, she whispered, “How do you feel about me? Am I just a nine month long booty call to you?”

He scoffed, “Of course not. Are you serious right now?

She looked incredibly serious.

“Oh my God you are serious. Alright, well. No. You’re not a booty call. You never have been and you never will be. You’re my best friend, and you’re also everything I’ve ever wanted or needed out of a partner, a teammate. Riley, you’re everything to me.”

“But you told Smackle that being a girlfriend and being a best friend are different,” she asked warily.

“With her, they were. Smackle and I never had what we have. We have,” he turned to face her and grabbed both of her hands, “We have history. We have a near life long bond. For us, being best friends and being more isn’t that far of a stretch. Name one thing that is noticeably different from before.”

Riley giggled and traced the bruise on his lower neck, “Well, this is certainly a new development.”

He laughed and grabbed the hand she was using to trace the bruise and brought it to his mouth, kissing it sweetly. “Besides that, nothing has changed. We are still us. Late night movie marathons, bagel runs, and mix cds, everything that we had is still what we have. And what we have is perfect.”

“But what is it that we have? Are we dating, are we friends with benefits? What is happening?”

He looked into her eyes deeper than he ever had before and drop his voice to a more serious tone, “What do you want?”

“I wasn’t lying when I made my resolution this year. I wanted to fall in love.”

The past tense stings, “Oh, well what do you want now.”
“I don’t want anything more. I already have you,” she pauses and smiles at him, “My resolution has been fulfilled.”

His heart stops and then starts going again at a mile a minute.

“Wait so does that mean that,” he was trying to stay calm but he couldn’t help the goofy smile breaking across his face.

“Yes. I love you, Farkle Minkus,” the goofy smile mirrored on her face as they giggled ridiculously.

“I love you too. So, so much,” he held his hands and kissed her knuckles again, “Since the first grade.”

She smiled back at him, “I can’t believe it took us ten years to get here, and the whole time we were right under each other’s noses.”

“I know, and now we’re dating,” he said with his smile wide and smug.

Her eyes widened with excitement and she squeezed his hands a little tighter, “We are?”

He laughed excitedly, “If you would do me the honors then yes, I would be honored to be your boyfriend. Beyond honored actually,” he paused, “I can’t think of a word that means more than honored right at this very moment, I’m a little flustered,” Riley laughed at that, “But yeah, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Riley cheered as she wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling him in for an embrace.

They stayed like that for a little while until Farkle started giggling.

“Why are you laughing?” Riley asked as she pulled back to look at him.

“I just think it’s funny that we did everything so out of order. We kissed, had,” his voice dropped to a whisper as a joke, “sex, and said I love you all before we started officially dating. Why are we like this?”

She laughed too, resting her head against his shoulder, “Oh well, I guess. Who cares. We’re together now,” she looked back up at him smiled.

He leaned down and rested his forehead on hers, “I’m never going to get tired of saying ‘I love you’ to you.”

Smiling and leaning in to kiss him, she hummed against his lips, “I’m never going to get tired of hearing it. I mean, it took you long enough.”

“That’s really rude, I’m fragile.”

“Whatever. Shut up and kiss me.”

“I mean, if you insist.”

How to Survive Evermore

A Comprehensive Guide for Incoming Edgar Allen Ravens

1. Start early. The Ravens rarely admit students who began playing past seventh grade, to ensure that their athletes are outstanding,  serious, and, most importantly, dedicated. Ask your parents to turn on the NCAA Exy championships, and stare in awe at the words on the screen: Edgar Allen Ravens, fifteen time champions. From then on, the team should be your holy grail, the reason you practice for four hours a day. Buy all their jerseys, beg your parents to buy tickets, do whatever you can to catch the recruiters’ eyes.

2. Rise up and stay hungry. If you are worthy, a private high school will pay you to play for them. Assistant captain, captain, two time champion– none of it is enough when you stare at the black and red posters hung beside your bed.

3. Don’t read the contract. The ones who do, the ones who take time to pore over every questionable stipulation, they never say. Some aren’t sure they really want it, some become horrified by what they find, but every single reader abandons the Nest by the end of freshman year, so don’t even pretend to skim. Flip to the back, sign your name, and smile.

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kidge college au

i love college au’s okay here we go

  • keith and pidge live in dorm rooms right across from each other
    • does this mean that they both have accidentally walked into the other’s room at any given time because they were too tired to distinguish whose dorm was whose? yes
    • keith finds himself spending more time in pidge’s room than his own. he visits her whenever he needs help with homework, whenever he feels lonely, if he wants someone to share his ramen with. and pidge totally welcomes the company
    • they both have made a habit of watching their favorite movies, like lord of the rings– or narnia or any other fantasy themed film that’s super epic– in pidge’s room every saturday. it’s sort of like a reward to themselves for another week of hard work. pidge usually ends up falling asleep on keith. as endearing as keith thinks that is, he’s pinned until pidge wakes up
    • pidge can and will steal keith’s shirts and jackets. she especially loves his jackets. during rainy days he’ll find her curled up on her bed, in one of his sweaters, doing homework or reading or working on some weird little gadget. and he knows he’s not getting it back for a few months at least.
  • both of them are actually doing really well in their studies. like, top-of-the-class well
    • keith’s studying to become a pilot. this involves a ton of math and physics and science and whatnot. those aren’t his strong suits, but it’s a great thing he’s ambitious enough to thoroughly study the material– and that he has a genius girlfriend
    • pidge wants to become an electrical engineer and she absolutely loves the material she’s studying. her passion for technology definitely carries her far. she’s actually excited to complete her assignments, to study from her textbooks. the things she learns interests her the more and more she learns them, so she throws herself head over heels into them. her teachers love her
    • keith’s pretty sure if he didn’t have pidge to ask for help he wouldn’t be doing too well in his classes. pidge is the one who reminds him, each time, to perk up. he’s putting in all the effort he can, and that’s what counts. asking questions isn’t cheating. getting his girlfriend to guide him along specific areas that he isn’t too comfortable with is perfectly alright. he’s getting good grades through his own efforts
  • they get into so, so many shenanigans
    • once, during a thunderstorm, keith walked into his dorm soaking wet and shivering cold. pidge heard his footsteps (which she had memorized by heart by this point) and popped in to his room to check up on him. as he walked into the bathroom to shower and change, he told her to look in his sweater pockets, which he had laid out on his bed. turns out, he’d brought in a wet squirrel. pidge, immediately feeling sorry for it, dried it off in her own room, wrapped it in warm towels, and resolved to call animal control to come over and pick it up. unfortunately, the streets by that point had flooded, so she and keith resolved to study for a bit and take turns looking after the squirrel until morning. but by that morning, the squirrel seemed to have recovered all on its own. pidge and keith set it free on campus, but the squirrel had had a “bonding moment” with the two humans who’d saved its life. for the rest of their time at the college, pidge and keith had to put up with being followed by that squirrel. after 3 weeks of seeing the squirrel stalking them right outside of keith’s window, he and pidge decided to name it rover. rover the squirrel almost got them both in trouble. more than once. once he followed pidge to class, and she had to do everything in her power to make sure her professor did not notice that she had a small rodent squirming around under her desk.
    • it was during finals week that pidge suggested the coffee challenge– whoever could down the most  amount of coffee without landing themselves in the hospital  won a trip to the nearby theater that they didn’t have to pay for. a new movie was coming out  that keith and pidge were absolutely itching to see, as soon as holiday breaks rolled around. and with that, they both brewed themselves a few gallons of coffee, sat down, and prepared to study for the entire night. for the rest of the week, this became routine. study, take a test, go back to the dorm, and chug coffee. keith won in the end, but it wasn’t to say that pidge didn’t try. she lasted until the second to last day of finals before she walked to her dorm after her physics test, ran into her door, turned around, entered keith’s dorm thinking it was her own, and passed out on his bed. keith would have woken her up, moved her to her own bed, and gloated, if he hadn’t taken one look at her before immediately falling asleep right next to her. but despite his win, keith felt too bad about making pidge pay for the entire movie trip, so he pitched in with the funds. 
    • during the school year, when keith and pidge were hauling their luggage up to their new dorms and helping each other unpack, they accidentally settled themselves in the other’s room. it wasn’t until a week later, when pidge was checking over the paperwork, that she realized the dorm assigned to her was actually where keith was staying, and vise versa. she walked into keith’s room, laughing, and told him about their mistake. after laughing for a solid minute, they both decided to just go with it. they were too lazy to take apart their rooms and re-settle in anyway.
    • it was around christmas time when some goof decided to nail random pieces of mistletoe all around the school, hoping to get students to kiss each other. pidge was hovering near the cafeteria door when she noticed that she was standing right underneath a bough of mistletoe. to her left, she saw a boy she didn’t know approaching the doorway, and she panicked…. until she saw keith standing a just a foot away. she yanked him over to where she was just in time, right before the boy she didn’t know stepped underneath the mistletoe. and of course, the small crowd of students around them called for them to follow the christmas tradition, so pidge planted a kiss on keith’s cheek, refusing to give the ogling crowd anything more. 
    • halfway through the school year, keith got sick. he shrugged it off and called it a mere cold– everyone else called it the flu. the poor guy was shaky and weak through all of his classes. he had to get up every five minutes to blow his nose. at around midday he developed a headache that pounded in his head and made it very difficult to concentrate. even his teachers told him to go and get rest. pidge, concerned for her boyfriend, spent the afternoon slowly guiding him through his homework, and then taking care of his health. the next morning, she woke up with a sore throat. when keith apologized for getting her sick, she simply chuckled weakly and mumbled something along the lines of, “if we go down, we go down together.”

aaand that’s all my brain can come up with for now thx for reading

i wish it was easy like it sounds

the kind of sort of parent trap peraltiago au that literally nobody asked for

  • it begins in jake’s early thirties. he’s just transferred to a great new precinct in brooklyn when he meets sophia, his perfect match in every way, even if she does defend his bad guys for a living. they have an extremely whirlwind romance and get married after less than a year, with a child already on the way. jake thinks this is it for him, the perfect life. then sophia walks away from him and their newborn daughter with shiny divorce papers in her wake.
  • it’s been less than a year, and he’s still figuring out how to be a single father on a police detective’s income. he decides to work his way up to sergeant more out of necessity than anything, because he needs the bump in his paycheck. the nypd has a few classes for studying for the exam, and he tries to fight one into his schedule. he ends up having to take his daughter, sadie, with him.
  • enter amy santiago. she doesn’t need to take these classes in the slightest, but she can’t resist the extra push. so when the instructor kicks out the flustered detective with the fussy baby (both close to tears) she follows him out the door. she stops him from fleeing in the hall, cooing at the baby to help calm her down while trying to work out the detective’s story (it must be intriguing, after all). when he tells her how hard it is to fit studying for the sergeant’s exam in his schedule with the baby, she volunteers to help him.
  • they meet in parks for the most part, places where a screaming baby is mostly acceptable. sometimes they’ll push sadie back and forth in the toddler swing, her quizzing him on every other push. sometimes they’ll just talk about themselves. sometimes they’ll just joke around. amy comes over to jake’s house once they’re closer, laying out her sergeant binder on his coffee table for him to inspect while she discreetly cleans up his living room.
  • they both pass the sergeant’s exam. jake takes them out to dinner to celebrate, leaving sadie with his mom (she says she’s always there to help out, but jake hates burdening her). somehow, their dinner starts turning into a date, and they’ve grown more into their silly bantering over the weeks, but now amy’s leaning into him more and his cheeks are flushed. she orders one dessert for the both of them and asks if he wants to come over to her place (she doesn’t want the night to end).
  • they’re dating before jake’s really sure what’s happening. he wonders, sometimes, when amy starts spending more nights at his place than not. then she meets him for lunch at his precinct (”jakey, who’s this? you didn’t tell us about a girl!” “i’m his girlfriend.”) that’s that, really.
  • amy moves in after 8 months. after a year, sadie starts calling her “mommy”. after two years, she tries to bring up marriage, and jake has to gently shut her down. he can’t rush into that again, not after sophia, not when there’s his daughter to think about.
  • after two and a half years, amy’s sitting on the bathroom sink with a pregnancy test in her hand. she wants to think about it by herself first, but she’s quickly spiraling. when sadie knocks on the door calling for her, she breaks into sobs loud enough that jake hears from the bedroom. he tries to ask her what’s wrong and calm her down through the door, but it’s not working, so he unlocks it. sadie crawls over to amy (now on the floor) and puts her arms around her neck. jake’s frozen in the doorway, looking at the positive pregnancy test.
  • amy makes three entire binders but decides to keep the baby in the end. jake’s not looking to climb the ranks any farther, and he assures her that he can support her while she continues aiming for captain. everything’s finally looking up. for the first time, jake is the one with all the knowledge, and he’s proud at how well he flies through all of amy’s lamaze classes (it is his second time after all).
  • it’s happy for a while after that. their baby, isabella, is nearing on three months old when jake secretly gets together the paperwork for amy to formally adopt sadie. he’s planning on giving it to her on her upcoming birthday. however, in the week before, amy has some papers of her own. it’s a letter, offering her a lieutenant position in major crimes in chicago.

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