she tries to find a way

fic: time with you is standing still

Betty is tired of feeling out of control, and Veronica is so sick of having to put on a brave face.

Somehow, they help each other find relief.

[Or: the “fragile teens try breathplay to cope with their issues instead of seeking the counsel of a qualified mental health professional” fic this fandom deserves. Fluffier than it sounds because I literally don’t know any other way to be.]


Betty Cooper probably isn’t a good person.

Or maybe that’s not fair. She wants to be—she tries to be—but it still feels like… like at least some parts of her aren’t. Sometimes Betty feels hijacked, like she’s doing everything she can to hold it all together and somehow there’s someone else inside her calling the shots.

(“Betty couldn’t make it, so she sent me instead.”)

That person—whoever she is—she’s… well. Betty’d like to think that’s not her, is all. Deep down.

(“I could expose him in the pages of the Blue and Gold! Yeah, I can do that!”

“No. Spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules.”)

But Betty is also pretty sure true good girls don’t fantasize about choking people.

To be honest, until recently she’d thought it was normal. You hear it all the time, don’t you? People complaining, saying they got so annoyed they just wanted to strangle someone. That’s—it’s a thing people say. So when she would fantasize about taking Cheryl Blossom by the neck and finally, finally shutting her up, about grabbing Archie and making him see her, well…

Maybe it wasn’t a thing good girls did, but even good girls have bad thoughts sometimes, right?

But at least with them, she’d felt mad. Frustrated. Betrayed.

Veronica’s not like that. God, even when Betty’d been mad at her, she’s never felt anything but safe and seen when she’s with Veronica.

So Betty has no excuse for the way her eyes always catch on the string of pearls that hangs delicately from Veronica’s throat, the way she thinks about tangling her fingers in that necklace and pulling, just enough, just until Veronica gasps, just until the pearls leave bulleted bruises across Veronica’s soft skin, a dark ellipsis trailing off to… to…

“Earth to Betty—you still with me?”

Betty blinks hard, and focuses to find Veronica beaming at her. Oh, god. “Sorry, I just… tuned out I guess. What were you saying?”

It’s getting ridiculous.


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(1/3) Y'know I was thinking this hypermasculine culture could have been done right, or have been made interesting at least, if the problems had been acknowledged. Imagine you have Fae Male and Human Female are dating. FM starts being all territorial and HF states she doesn't like this, and she feels disrespected. FM tries his best to not just suppress his jealous tendencies, but get over them. It's a struggle, and sometimes he hates himself, but with HF's help he learns to be less territorial

(2/3) And maybe HF introduces him to some friends of hers, whom are in a same-sex relationships. He finds this confusing due to the very masculine ways of his culture and perhaps initially comes off as homophobic, but he sits down with them and they help teach him about acceptance. Maybe he even meets HF’s ex or *gasp* she breaks up with him, and he has to learn that you don’t always find the right person first, mates aren’t necessarily some predestined thing.
(3/3) Honestly, with a few tweaks to the system, there could have been a great side story about FM learning about other cultures, learning that male dominance isn’t always right, or that females shouldn’t be objectified, or that same sex couples are cool and not conforming to a hypermasculine heteronormative culture is okay. It could have been a great character arc where he discovers his culture isn’t necessary glorious in others’ eyes, but alas, we got this instead.

I personally find really problemaitc and ridiculous that fae are possessive, toxic and heteronormative by nature, I feel like it’s often used (and certainly in t0g and ac0tar’s case) as an excuse for the shitty stuff they do, but this is more interesting that the fae SJ/M writes. Instead of showing us what the male fae do IS NOT okay, she says “well, boys will be boys!!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Jelousy is sexy!!”.
I dislike the mate bond because you’re already telling us they’re going to be endgame yes or yes. Progression doesn’t matter, if they don’t do anything to be together they’re going to be together anyway. There’s no emotion, I don’t care. I know male fae and female fae will be together no matter what. “Skip development, let’s write sex scenes and overdramatic declarations of love!”

The Mr. Darcy Fantasy isn’t based in what it’s usually made out to be based in

The fantasy isn’t that a brooding “tall, dark and handsome” man will come and swoop you of your feet. 

Darcy changes for Elizabeth. She rejects him, she stands up to him, she insults him in a magnitude of ways, both warranted and not, and he takes all of that, and he reflects on it, and he changes his behavior. He tries to be better. Because he respects Elizabeth and he finds her opinion valuable. 

Think about it. A usual response, both back then and today, would be to dismiss Elizabeth as a “crazy bitch.” He doesn’t do that at all, no, he takes valid criticism found among misunderstandings and takes it to heart. 

The Mr. Darcy Fantasy is a fantasy about being respected and having your opinion be valued very highly. 

The Mr. Darcy Fantasy is that a man would be willing to change his behavior just to be worthy of you. 

  • Aries: Maui; stubborn as shit but lives for the applause
  • Taurus: Tui; man-hoe that sucks ass at expressing emotions but somehow people love him anyway
  • Gemini: Kakamora; looks like a harmless fruit but has spikes n shit n a scary face
  • Cancer: Te Fiti; mom of all, except when she turned into a fire-breathing rock
  • Leo: Tamatoa; shiny shiny shiny gold digga
  • Virgo: Heihei; dumb as fuuuuuq but tries
  • Libra: Sina; john ceeennaaa aka sinnamon roll n hella shady but has good eyebrows
  • Scorpio: Te Ka; misunderstood ball of fire who just wants his heart back
  • Sagittarius: Pua; basically a dog that makes bacon
  • Capricorn: The Ocean; does not know kindness, always finds a way to mess w shit and is always right
  • Aquarius: Moana; listens to literally no one except for fucking water
  • Pisces: Gramma Tala; crazy stingray mama
What if...

Fenrys is the one who tries to keep Aelin sane while Rowan comes? He knows Rowan is coming, and he knows he will get Aelin out.

But what if Aelin is too broken? No, he thinks. The Queen endured too much, she risked so much, gave up everything. Fenrys knew there was no way in hell Rowan wasn’t coming for her, and he knew that there was nothing that would stand in the Prince’s way. 

Maybe it was Fenrys’ turn to do some good. So he works around every command, he looks for every possible loophole, to maybe take away a bit of Aelin’s pain, heal her wounds, talk to her, remind her that Rowan is coming, and that she has to hold on. And even when Maeve finds out, and she punishes him, he still tries. He can’t take away her pain anymore, so he gives her water. He can’t heal her, so he feeds her. 

So Fenrys prays to every God that’s listening that Rowan gets there before Maeve goes after Connall, because he knows who he’s going to choose.


House m.d. (2008) // Sherlock (2017)

House: I’m sorry. I know I didn’t try to kill her. I know I didn’t want her hurt. I know it was a freak accident. But I feel like crap, and she’s dead because of me.
Wilson: I don’t blame you. I wanted to. I tried to. I must have reviewed Amber’s case file 100 times to find a way. But it wasn’t your fault.
House: Then we’re okay? I mean, I know you’re not, but… Maybe I can help.
Wilson: We’re not okay. Amber was never the reason I was leaving. I didn’t want to tell you because… because I was trying, like I always do, to protect you. Which is the problem. You spread misery because you can’t feel anything else. You manipulate people because you can’t handle any kind of real relationship. And I’ve enabled it. For years. The games, the binges, the middle-of-the-night phone calls. I should have been the one on the bus, not —You should have been alone on the bus. If I’ve learned anything from Amber, it’s that I have to take care of myself. We’re not friends anymore, House.

                                                                  House m.d. -  Dying Changes Everything, 5x01

One day Alex slips up while talking to Winn and mentions how cute she thinks Maggie’s dimples are. From that moment on everyone (at least those brave enough) at the DEO start calling Maggie “Detective Dimples” when Alex is around, and sometimes even when she is not because they are just so used to it.

Even Hank goes: “Agent Danvers, they need you at a crime scene. Please tell Detective Dimples we will handle the case.”

It embarrasses and infuriates Alex to no end, which is why they keep doing it even though Alex tries to find ways to get back at them. After a while, she just gives up and even starts joining in on their teasing.

One day she is talking to Winn at the DEO, unaware that Maggie is right behind her. Winn honestly thinks Alex is going to pass out right there and then when after she mentions that she is meeting “Detective Dimples” soon,  they hear a loud laugh behind them and Maggie saying “If you are calling me Detective Dimples, I will have to start calling you Agent Hot-Ass.”

Cassian: *doesn’t want to trust Jyn but allows her to keep the gun anyway*

Cassian: *shouts Jyn’s name whenever she puts herself in danger’s way*

Cassian: *looks impressed when Jyn takes down the stormtroopers by herself*

Cassian: *tries to convince himself that Jyn is now expendable so he can now leave her*

Cassian: *goes to find Jyn first before leaving when Jedha’s bombed even though he already told himself she was expendable*

Cassian: *tells Jyn she can’t go with him and Bodhi because she’s the messenger and she shouldn’t be harmed (sure, Cassian, whatever you say)*

Cassian: *plans to shoot Galen Erso but hesitates*

Cassian: *sees Jyn through his telescope* *panics*

Cassian: *tells the Rebel Alliance not to bomb the base*

Cassian: *when the base is bombed, only one word escapes his lips: Jyn*

Cassian: *goes to save Jyn even though it’s highly dangerous and he might be killed*

Cassian: *tries to tell himself that the reason he’s attached to Jyn is based on logic and pragmatism (sure)*

Cassian: *can’t stop thinking about Jyn though*


Me: *sips drink, eats fries* Oh Cassian dear…

Bodyguard AU: Abby Griffin hires a protection agency to watch herself and Clarke while they travel with Senator Kane. Lexa ends up having frequent shifts looking over Clarke - who finds this incredibly annoying and excessive at first, especially when Lexa seems to be giving her the silent treatment.

 Determined to find a way to crack the stoic girl’s shell, Clarke tries different ways to fluster the guard to keep the trip entertaining (and maybe get her talking cuz shes cute). Lexa tries to be professional as possible, but it’s hard whenever she walks in a room to find Clarke bending over 0_0

Y’all seem to like AU’s so here’s a quick thing. [part 2]

Tumblr doesn’t appreciate Sara Lance/Caity Lotz enough. I mean she is just amazing. Literally the entire theme of Sara Lance character is “ No woman should have to suffer at the hands of men:” Sara Lance loves women. Not just romantically but she always make sure to take care of them and make them feel comfortable.

When she first appeared even though she was hunted by the League of Assassins she went out of her way to protect people especially women on the street. She tracked down Sin and basically adopted her a sa little sister just because of a promise she made to her dying father years ago. And yes Sara could have easily find some money and shipped of Sin somewhere but instead she took her in and gave her friendship and support

Even though Nyssa had tried to kill her sister and had kidnapped her mother Sara still couldn’t bring herself to kill her. Instead she took poison herself. When she traveled to the past she again went out of her way not just to flirt with the nurse but also to offer her friendship and to reassure her that she and what she feels matters. She gave a whole speech about how lesbian is not a dirty word

And Caity Lotz is amazing. Not only is she a complete sweetheart who constantly compliments her co stars but she also went out of her way to call out how they treated Lexa, to call out her own producer on how he treated Laurel to his face. 

Sara Lance and Caity Lotz are amazing and they should be appreciated more

(In which Reyna has no idea that she could possibly be gay, and takes a while to figure it out)

  • Every time the hunters stay at Camp Jupiter, Thalia always insists on training with Reyna
  • Reyna is usually cool-headed and collected but always gets really flustered around her
  • The other hunters always wink at Thalia and give her a nudge and Reyna can’t help but feel like they’re talking about her
  • Thalia constantly flirts with her and finds it adorable how oblivious Reyna is
  • Every time Reyna needs to make an announcement to the whole camp, she has to avoid looking at Thalia in the crowd or she forgets what she’s saying
  • She tries talking to Jason about it and it’s awkward
  • ‘Why is your sister so..I don’t know. Intimidating? But, like, in a good way…’
  • Jason goes kind of pale and pretends he needs to ‘talk to Piper about something really important’ because he can’t breathe from holding back laughter
  • Reyna going to literally everyone and asking them about Thalia because seriously, does no one else get this really weird feeling when they’re around her?
  • Everybody except Reyna knows that she totally has a crush on Thalia
  • ‘Just let her figure it out in her own time, okay?’
  • Eventually Nico sits her down and is like….look…
  • Reyna has training with Thalia the next day and can’t even look at her without melting from embarrassment
  • Oh my gods was it really that obvious?’
  • She tries to admit her feelings to Thalia and expects her to be really grossed out or disturbed but she just smirks and says ‘well it took you long enough’ before pulling her in closer and kissing her.
Mile High Club

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, blowjobs

Word Count: 785

Prompt: The reader finds a quick way to calm Dean down during a flight.

Beta: @impala-dreamer

Originally posted by trisgrimes

“Dean, you need to calm down. You’re freakin’ everyone out here,” Sam grumbled, punching his brother’s shoulder. “It’s a plane, not the Titanic.”

“Planes can crash,” Dean countered. “The Titanic sunk, it’s possible that this metal thing could just blow up any second.”

A woman in front of Dean turned around, shooting him a glare as she tried to comfort her young son who was now about as freaked out as Dean. “Planes are built to fly. They always check them before they go up,” she stated matter-of-factly. The second she turned her back, Dean was mocking her. This time you punched his arm.

The plane hit a bit of turbulence in the air, and you grit your teeth when Dean’s nails sunk into your arm. “Release the death grip, my arm’s gonna fall off.” He sighed, unleashing your arm. “C’mon, let’s go see if we can get you some water.” You suggested, having had enough of Dean’s panic.

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all those poems about women, written by men: it seemed to be a given that men wrote poems and women… inhabited them. These women were almost always beautiful, but threatened with the loss of beauty, the loss of youth… Or they were beautiful and died young, like Lucy and Lenore. Or… cruel… and the poem reproached her because she had refused to become a luxury for the poet… the girl or woman who tries to write… is peculiarly susceptible to language. She goes to poetry or fiction looking for her way of being in the world… she is looking eagerly for guides, maps, possibilities; and over and over… she comes up against something that negates everything she is about… She finds a terror and a dream… La Belle Dame Sans Merci… but precisely what she does not find is that absorbed, drudging, puzzled, sometimes inspiring creature, herself.
—  Adrienne Rich’s “When We Dead Awake: Writing as Re-vision” (1972) quoted in Joanna Russ’s How to Suppress Women’s Writing (1983)

Delilah: I thought you of all people would understand. Those nights as a girl in the Hound Pits Pub, didn’t you dream of getting this crown back? It was stolen from me first, even before you came into the world.

Emily: There’s suffering across the face of the world, but I was born under rare stars. I know I’m far luckier than most, Delilah. None of that excuses the destruction in your wake.

Headcanon: Kara always tries to stay awake until Lena gets home late from work but she’s really bad at it. So she always half asleep on the couch with some tv show playing when Lena gets home. And lena just sighs and shakes her head grinning at Kara’s face smooshed into a pillow and she goes to their room to get into pajamas before coming back and turning off the tv and waking up Kara with soft forehead kisses and whispered babes and gently pulls on her hand guiding a half asleep murmuring kara to their bedroom. 

Things about ROTG that I love:

  • North has his swords monogrammed
  • Bunny does the most extra things to steal the spotlight
  • Jamie’s friends tease him but they don’t bully him about believing in the stuff that he does
  • Pitch is easy to sympathize with but he’s still terrifying
  • All the details in everything
  • North uses Russian composers’ names as swears
  • When Sandy tries to “speak” too fast, his symbols get all jumbled and he can’t process them properly
  • Pitch dreams of butterflies
  • Pitch is terrified of Sandy
  • Jack casually freezes shit when he’s bored
  • The way Tooth’s feathers fluff when she gets excited
  • North just lets the elves screw around because it makes them happy that they think they’re helping
  • Sophie
  • Jack chose to change his shirt but wore the same pants for 300 years
  • Bunny being afraid that Jack fell off the sleigh despite showing that he hated him
  • Seatbelts
  • Jack bouncing excitedly when finding out that he had a magic stick
  • North’s lack of understanding sarcasm
  • Pitch being one of those “horse owners” who cuddles his horse
  • Cupcake
  • North acting like he was going to beat the snot out of Jack for no reason
  • “There’s a tiny wooden baby”
  • When they’re in the laundromat
  • That black sand and ice thing that Pitch and Jack made
  • The little mouse-fairy
  • Everything about the movie really

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I don't know where else to send this stuff. But... What if the teenage inky was, like, really good at writing and the companions and advisors "found" their stuff? Like, rivalled Varric's writing good?

Cassandra: She just stumbles upon it on their desk in their room when she comes looking for them. She tells herself she shouldn’t, but she starts reading and can’t stop. It’s so good. As soon as she hears the Herald coming, she panics and tries to rearrange the papers to look as if she hadn’t read them. Meanwhile, she tries, desperately, to think of a way to tell the Herald how good their writing is and that they should publish it– she has to read more.

Blackwall: Similar to Cassandra, he comes looking for them in their room and happens to find their writing on their desk. He swears he won’t pry, but he get sucked into the story, so much so that he gets caught by the Herald when they return to their room. He’s mortified and apologizes repeatedly, but also mentions that their work is good and that they should talk to Varric about getting it published.

Iron Bull: He knows, of course. He’s seen them write when they think no one is looking in camp, after a stressful mission. Whenever he knows he won’t be caught, he sneaks a peek at the writing– he’s hooked. He gets used to waiting for “updates” and has to actually put effort into not getting excited when they start writing. 

Varric: He presses them a few times when he thinks they’re writing, but they always shyly stop what they’re doing and refuse to speak. When the opportunity arises, he’ll ask to read it, and manages after some hard persuasion. He ends up staying up all night reading every last word. When he returns it, he jumps right into pushing them for publication– he wants to send it to his editor and have it published straight away. “It’s too good not to share with the world. Good job, kid.” he says proudly.

Sera: She doesn’t read novels or fiction particularly often, owing to a short attention span. She comes looking for the Herald in their room one day to ask if they wanna go pranking, but because they’re not there, she decides to snoop just a little, maybe leave a little something as a prank. She finds the writing on their desk and just starts by glancing at it, but soon she becomes engrossed and forgets all about pranks as she reads it. Rarely does she find a story she cares about. When the Herald finally shows up in their room, they balk at finding her reading, but all she does is frown at them. “Hey, when are you going to write more? I want to read more! Go get Varric to publish this shite!”

Cole: He knows they write, and it makes him happy because it makes them feel better to put the worlds they weave onto paper and make it real. “Spirits clamor, watching, waiting, acting out the words and making them real.” he says cheerfully. One day when someone else stumbles upon it and encourages the Herald to get it published, they’re conflicted, but Cole steps in and encourages them to go through with it. “Your words helped. They were less stressed after they read it. If you publish it, more people will be happy. You can help.”

Dorian: He’s spied them time and again writing, but as soon as they spy him, they hide it, and his begging to see it has bore no fruit. He feels a twinge of shame when he finds it in camp laid open carelessly, but the curiosity is overwhelming. His eyes glue to the page as he reads and imagines and feels it all, and when the Herald returns, he’s not shy at all about his thoughts on their work. “It has to be published. I have to read the whole thing. Please.”

Solas: A few times, he’s tried to ask to read their work, but like Dorian, was unable to convince them. When he hears Cole talk about spirits re-enacting the book in the Fade, he gets a grand idea, and spends many nights just watching the scene roll on. When it ends, he’s left wanting for more, and he spends many nights waiting in hope for an update.

Vivienne: She tries not to pry, but she would be lying if she claimed her eyes didn’t try to wander to the papers the Herald had been writing on, wanting to see what lied upon it. One day, when the Herald is gone for a sufficient period of time, she does read them, and becomes so enthralled that she almost doesn’t stop herself in time when the Herald comes back. They don’t know the difference, and she acts no different, but she hopes they decide to publish one day– a lot.

Josephine: She doesn’t read it until the Herald finally agrees to let the others read it, at the least. When she finally gets to see it, she ends up getting so involved that every moment of relaxation she has is reading it, and finishes it rapidly. Then she thinks about it and has trouble not daydreaming and drifting off about it. She praises the Herald for their creativity and wit.

Leliana: She knows, and has agents get her regular updates on the writing– she’s hooked and has to know more. Meanwhile, she and Varric try to figure out a way to get the Herald to agree to publish– their work is fantastic. She would, of course, deny having any prior knowledge of their writing, but the Herald knows better.

Cullen: Like Josephine, he doesn’t actually see it or find out until he hears from the others that the Herald is letting a few people read it. He finds he really enjoys the story, and reads it in what spare time he has. When he gets the chance, he compliments the Herald on their skills. “After the Inquisition, should it ever end, you could turn this into a career. Varric’s certainly more than ready to aid you.”