she tried so hard though

Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

It’s the reason she hasn’t tasted a drop of alcohol in her entire life.

It’s the reason she has always held her breath around cigarette smoke.

It’s the reason she has to repeat the same morning routine every day.

It’s the reason she cannot bring herself to fall out of love with you.

It’s her addictive personality. And even though she tried so hard to stay away from drugs because she knew how easily she’d be attached, she didn’t realize that you were the most intoxicating drug of all.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #146
i. when she is usually up at ungodly hours, if she even sleeps at all, you don’t nonchalantly reply ‘sleep well’ to her 7 p.m. ‘goodnight’
ii. she isn’t overly sensitive. she’s trying and your comment that she isn’t trying resurrects the self doubt she toiled endless hours digging the grave for just so it’d be deep enough, and wouldn’t you cry too if you came face to face with a ghost you thought you had seen the last of
iii. don’t shout at her for slamming the door, it was the only way she knew to not self destruct that night, only way she knew to prevent that look of disappointment in your eyes
iv. she isn’t a very confident actor but she is a dedicated one. the apologies, feelings and explanations are practised relentlessly, honed to perfection but they never get pass the rehearsal stage for the production
v. she wants to leave her room but she knows if she does she’ll just get in the way, become a problem, mess everything up again. she also knows hiding in her room, the nearest thing that is still as far from a sanctuary as possible, doesn’t please you either. all she wants is to find a neutral ground because she has learnt there is no such thing as the lesser of two evils
vi. i’ve seen her choke on the words 'i love you’ when the recipient was in the mirror
vii. some of these things are new to her so please don’t be so tough. she’s building a home where one never stood so she doesn’t know that straw isn’t the best choice and she’ll eventually figure that out on her own but if you must lend your guidance, please, play any character besides the big bad wolf
viii. sometimes she thinks out loud and hopes the walls will listen even though she knows they don’t have ears, just as she knows you have ears and still has to hope that you’ll listen or at least hear when she speaks
ix. she chooses her words carefully for you, selecting only the ones she’s certain you’ll enjoy and arranging them aesthetically on a silver platter and each time she has got it right and presents it to you, your likes have changed so she fails yet again to meet your standards even though she tried so hard
x. fear is the pet she was never allowed to have and she cares too deeply, sensitive you call it, so really it’s no surprise she can’t rid of it
xi. she has a stash of makeup hidden and expertly paints on a happy face each day because she doesn’t want you to worry when she knows she only overreacting anyway
xii. she wishes she weren’t so different, wishes you knew she was trying, wishes she was like you, wishes she could conform to your perceptions of perfection, wishes you would recognize her efforts. wishes, wishes, wishes, she’s always wishing on each stray eyelash, 11:11, coin that falls into a well and shooting star but nothing wields the results she requires. some days she even wishes to give up but she never does and above all that’s what she wishes you knew.
—  what my side of the closed door knows that yours doesn't // r.g.

anon prompt: amelia recovering at home and owen taking care of her

“There’s water bottles in the fridge, and left overs from last night, and some frozen pizzas I can make if you’re hungry,” Owen said as he walked Amelia in through the door. “Thank you,” Amelia smiled. 

She looked around at their home and noticed everything was right where they had left it. There was still a blanket on the couch, there was still that ugly stain on the carpet. Their photographs were still hung up.

Owen hadn’t touched or changed anything.

“Here,” Owen said, interrupting Amelia’s thoughts. He carefully guided Amelia towards their bedroom. “Lay down, I’ll get you some water.”

Amelia obeyed and sat on the edge of the bed. As she sat down, she shut her eyes closed in pain. Her hand immediately went up to her head.

Owen came back into the room with a bottle of water in one hand and her small suitcase in the other. “What’s wrong?” He asked, setting the items down. “It just hurts,” she said, taking deep breaths. Owen knew not to ask if she wanted medicine for the pain. He knew what her answer would be.

“Drink this. You need fluids,” he said, handing her the water. “I’m not thirsty,” she stubbornly replied. “Drink the water, Amelia,” he repeated. Amelia had no energy in her to argue. She took the water from his hand and drank it.

She laid back in their bed and watched as Owen grabbed a blanket from the closet. “What are you doing?”

“Setting up the couch,” he said. “Why?” She asked, sitting up. “To sleep?” He questioned, not knowing if she was ready for him to sleep next to her again. 

“Owen, you’re not sleeping on the couch. Come here,” Amelia rolled her eyes and opened her arms up to him. With that, Owen climbed into their bed and laid in her arms. “Thank you. For taking me home,” Amelia said. “Thank you for letting me,” he replied. She really did miss him, though she had tried so hard not to.

They remained in the comfort of their own bed and in the comfort of each other’s arms. Minutes later, Owen looked down at Amelia who was fast asleep. He kissed the top of her head and smiled gently. “I missed you, Mia,” he whispered.

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Fam. Fam. Why must you hurt me with the soulmates thing? CAN YOU IMAGINE IF IT WERE FRISK AND SANS THO YEAH WELL I DID & now I dislike myself ._. Ples imma just think of the two as soulmates T_T

I’ve had this drabble in my drafts for a week now, and I just realized I never posted it.  So have some Frans soulmate happiness-with-a-dash-of-angst.

Frisk is gendered and aged-up.  If that’s not your cup of tea, keep scrolling.

The first time he felt the Resonance was when Snow Drake had Confronted her on the path to Snowdin, calling out the floating red SOUL into existence.  The moment he saw the color, he balked, momentarily caught off-guard.  None of the other humans he’d seen possessed a SOUL of pure Determination.  

Her SOUL was the most powerful in the entire Underground, and yet… she chose to laugh at Snow Drake’s ice pun, making him feel validated enough to continue on with a sharp smirk on his beak.  The human waved him farewell and continued forward, while Sans pressed the heel of his palm to his sternum.

There was a pull between their SOULs… but that was impossible.  She was a teenage girl, someone who he had promised to protect.  But even with that promise hanging in the air, he couldn’t bring himself to let her out of his sight.  He consoled himself with the constant reminder of the promise, of the fact that Toriel was a name that carried considerable weight (even if the old lady had never admitted her royal standing out-loud), of the fact that he was doing a favor for a dear friend by watching over this human as she joked, flirted, and hugged her way through Confrontation after Confrontation.

He told himself that he was watching her progress as a Judge–that he was waiting for her to slip-up, to reveal her true nature as a human and attack one of them.  

It had nothing to do with the ache in his chest whenever she progressed without him.  Nothing at all.

The first time he acknowledged the possibility of the Soul Resonance being real was when he was staring at her across from the table at the MTT Resort restaurant.  The candlelight flickered between them, casting shadows on his face, emphasizing his hollow sockets while he idly threatened her.  It also made the tears rapidly gathering in her gaze look like glitter.

He felt a pang in his chest, one that had him clenching his jaw and tightening his fists in his pockets.  He tried to play it off–even tried to allude to the fact that he knew of the power that existed in her SOUL–but it still made him feel like garbage.  

“i’m rootin’ for ya, kid.”

He winked and took a short-cut, even as he could hear her chair scraping across the floor, her voice calling out to him, cracking on his name.  Sans stood in the alleyway, his fingers balled in the front of his T-shirt, and clinked the back of his skull against the brick.  

Soulmates with a human?  A human that could bend the rules with Determination alone, no less, and one that was also Determined to go home.  One that would probably end up killing their king and using the power of his SOUL to pass through the barrier and out of his life forever.

Yeah, Sans had that kind of luck.        

The first time he admitted the Resonance was actually real–that they were actually soulmates–was when she smiled at him while they stood on the cliffs, gazing at the setting sun of the Surface.  It had been the first time any of the monsters had seen the sun, the first time their sight had to adjust to something other than fire magic, magical crystals, luminescent foliage, or lava.  Sans couldn’t believe it; after so many failed experiments, so many timeline loops (which he couldn’t remember much of, other than the fact that they gave him a general distrust toward flowers), so much Hopelessness…

A single human teen had managed to befriend nearly every monster in the Underground and subsequently break the barrier to release them from beneath the mountain.  

She looked so radiant, features cast in hues that he’d never even seen Underground.  Her smile was bright, spread even wider than his own grin, and while Toriel proudly set a paw on the human’s back, Frisk reached out and gripped the sleeve of his jacket.  

“You’ve got a weird expression on your face, Sans,” she murmured, trying not to be overheard by Toriel as the goat woman conversed with her ex.      

Sans tried to amend his expression.  "heh, guess you could say something just dawned on me.“

Frisk laughed, her fingers still lingering on his jacket.  Did she feel it, too?  Could humans feel the connection like he could?

“Pretty sure the sun’s setting.”

“welp, that’s a downer.”

She laughed harder, and he finally gave in and let himself feel the Resonance without trying to fight it.  This human–his human, the possessive part of his mind whispered–had managed to do the impossible.

She’d given him HoPe again.

[ R E S E T ]

Does she remember the life they had together on the Surface?  The years they spent together– gone?

Is she even in there?

The hardest thing Sans ever had to do was to watch her stride through the Underground, wearing that empty smile.  It didn’t belong on her face.  She didn’t laugh at his jokes, and even though he tried so hard to get her to turn back, she refused.

She was Determined.

He didn’t want to stop her.  

But once she went through Papyrus, he knew that wasn’t her.

Like a coward, he watched her until the end, grieving the loss of both his soulmate and his brother.  He should have stopped her.  One bone straight through the chest, before her LOVE was too high…

But he couldn’t.  Not when his SOUL felt like it was being ripped in two.  

Bathed in golden light, he stood across from her, just as he had before.  The last time, he had been so proud of her, so amazed at her progression, but this time…

He warned her; he searched for any sign of the girl he loved in those crimson eyes.  She twirled the knife in her palm, her skin caked with grit and dust.  

“c'mon, frisk.”


“do you remember me?  please, if you’re listening… let’s just forget all of this.”


Over and over, he watched that little crimson SOUL shatter.  He begged.  He pleaded.  He lost track of the times she was impaled or incinerated.  

“i know you feel my soul.  there’s no way you don’t.”


The bite was gone from her shoulder, wiped clean from the RESET, but the Resonance was still there.  And every time he watched his soulmate’s SOUL shatter, he felt like he lost a piece of himself.  It became a gnawing pain, one that made his voice raw, his bones rattle, his wit crumble.

“please come back to me.”

The knife flashed, and a bone jutted through her shoulder.  The tip of the knife dug between two of his ribs.  He was grimacing, tempted to just rock forward on his heels and give up entirely, but…  

The expression she was wearing…!

Frisk was crying, her trembling fingers unfurling from the knife’s handle.  Its clatter was deafening as it echoed in the Judgement Hall.  

“I’m…s-so…sorry, I… I couldn’t…”  She could barely speak, but Sans hushed her by dismissing the bone and cradling her against his chest.  

“shh.  shhh, it’s ok.”

They both stayed like that, huddled in the corridor together, openly sobbing.  An eternity stretched before Frisk finally wiped her blotchy face on his hoodie and pulled back.  "I’m going to RESET.  If I… If it’s not me this time… Please…“

Sans nodded slightly; he knew what she was asking him to do.  "i’ll stop it before snowdin if i have to.”

She sighed in relief and cradled his cheekbone against her palm.  He could smell the dust. She pressed her lips to his teeth, and he could taste the saltiness of her tears.  Her hand began to tremble, so he reached up and covered it with one of his.  

“see ya soon, kiddo.”

“See you on the other side, Sans.”

[ R E S E T ]

“don’t you know how to greet an old pal?”

He could feel his bones rattling as he held his breath, waiting for her to turn around.  Would she be covered in dust and wearing that smile?  

Frisk whirled around and bypassed his extended hand to throw her arms around his neck, clutching onto him like a lifeline.  His arms wound around her, just as tight, and she could hear the sound of the whoopee cushion deflating against her back.  Her giggles were watery, and she shook her head against his neck.

“You know how to kill a mood, huh?”

She winced as soon as the word kill registered, but Sans just grinned and winked.  ”farting is such sweet sorrow, kid.“

Frisk snorted.  "You dork.”  Her tone was affectionate as she hugged him again, burying her face in the side of his neck.  He lowered his head to her shoulder, grazing his teeth lightly over where his mark would soon be. 

She went through the familiar motions, befriending everyone while he watched over her from the sidelines.  With every Confrontation, he felt that familiar fear well up in his chest… a feeling of deja vu that made him wonder if that last timeline had happened more than once.  

He didn’t threaten her at the MTT restaurant; instead, they had a meal, and he even got on stage to tell a few jokes.  Her smile (the genuine smile he knew, not the one that didn’t reach those empty eyes) made his SOUL soar.  They skipped the Judgement Hall altogether–Sans took her through a shortcut instead.

Then, they ended up standing on top of the mountain again, watching the sun set.  Uncertainly chilled him, even as the sunlight cast a warm, orange glow over his pale bones.  This was the second time she had done the impossible.

(No, the third.  The second time she did the impossible was when she caused them to end up Underground again.  He was too terrified of the answer to ask her why she did it yet.)

And then a hand brought him out of his somber thoughts.  Finger slipped down his arm, into the pocket where his fist was buried.  Like so many times before, Frisk laced her fingers with his, and Sans’s eyelights shifted over to her.  The sweater slipped away from her shoulder slightly–just enough for him to see the healing bite there, marking her as his.  

“gotta hand it to ya, frisk.  you know just what to do.”

The stirring in his SOUL quelled as he squeezed her hand.  

Her grin was lop-sided.  “I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it dawned on me that should touch you.”

“c’mon, i set you up for that one, and you recycled my garbage joke.”

“I’ll give you that.”  Her smile brightens, and Sans chuckles.  After their amusement dies down, he searches her gaze, but sees no trace of the other entity.  He decides it doesn’t matter.  Their SOULs are bound, interwoven too tightly for that threat to break them apart.  If he has to relieve the same loop over and over, he’ll do it.  

It’s worth the uncertainty if it means he’ll get to keep spending these moments with her, forever.

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Weren’t Meant to Be

Member: BM || K.A.R.D

Genre: Romance, Angst

Words: 579

A/N: I was listening to VAGUE003 while writing this and this shit is good, I tell you.

| 1st PART || 2nd PART |

@legitdarkness There you have it, Luv

She was always the one in his eyes. He saw her every step, every smile, every sway of her hips as she danced in the club, seducing the men with no effort at all. It was in her nature- to be sexy without realization, that it.

It took him a lot of time to prepare himself to approach her, since the aura around her was seriously no joke. And when he did approach her, he felt suffocated, but all in all, when he met her eyes, he knew that whatever might happen between them…

It wasn’t meant to be.

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Oh crapppp. Lmao the preview only made me love ivypool a million times more. She's the only character in this whole damn series that has any sense. Idk if the erins were writing her with a "ugh look at ivy she's so mean she doesn't support her sister" tone but i agreed with just about everything she said. She's not Dovewing Mental Support®, she's her own character and she's not gonna deal with her bullcrap love affair again. (1)

And this preview made me hate dovewing. I never really had much of an opinion on her bc she never really offended me or irked me i was just always extremely impartial to her. But like damn was she an extremely manipulative chick in this. I get that she felt unsafe in tc whatevs sometimes you get crazy and need to leave, but to manipulate tigerheart and demand that he leave his home and his family when they need him a million times more then dovewing does??? (2)

Like @ dovewing you don’t need tigerheart. No ones holding a gun to your head and demanding you leave thunderclan. Plus she could easily go to shadowclan. I get that she’d feel weird and maybe be a bit uncomfortable, but that’s another instance of he putting her own selfish damn feelings in front of her children. She would be a million times safer in shadowclan then she would on her own in an unknown place, with kits 100% dependent on her w/ no support. (3 i think?)

And then tigerheart. Hooo boy tigerheart. I never had an opinion on him either but goddamn do i do now. He’s a selfish prick. The second dovewing told him that she was pregnant and was planning on leaving, he should’ve gone straight to bramblestar and told him. In a situation like that, whether or not a person never forgives you for it is not a priority. Their damn safety and wellbeing is, especially if it’s a pregnant 👏🏻 cat👏🏻 with 👏🏻 no 👏🏻 support 👏🏻 (4)

When he was talking to ivypool, “dovewing is pregnant and planning to leave in two days” should’ve been the first thing to leave his mouth, not some sappy “uwu i love her pls talk to her she’s so sad ur not talking to her :(((”. And then of course he LEFT shadowclan. Hoooo boy. After the shitstorm he left it in, with two warriors saying they’d only follow him and rowanstar actually saying he’d step down from leader and let him lead bc he’s a stronger leader then he is. (5)

i think the biggest things that pissed me off were 1: dovewing’s manipulation and 2: tigerheart (and dovewing tbh) not telling anyone about their goddamn dilemma. tigerheart even made the smallest attempt to reason with her about telling ivypool or one of the medicine cats, but dove shut that down immediately. and then tiger didn’t even try to tell ivypool. he should have. he honestly should have told her. i just sighed the whole time. i’m so tired. it’s so bad. they’re such major problems and terrible characters.

ivy tried to reason with dove multiple times in oots and going forward. it was dove’s dumbassery that got her into this mess. remember in bramblestar’s storm when bramblestar called dove “level headed”? lmao boy was he wrong! ivy honestly has tried so hard because though she was jealous she loved her sister very much, and dove constantly shut her out and left her in the dust, making ivy’s negative feelings fester. so yeah, dove fucked ivy over and helped ruin her life. ivy got out of the nasty place she was in (literally and figurativey all df things considered) and learned to love herself and take care of herself, and realized there’s only so much she can do for others and she’s not responsible for anyone else. that’s why ivypool’s had two apprentices and dovewing’s had none—because ivy is smart and strong and knows what she’s doing. dove is selfish and ignorant and honestly downright stupid.

the only one who has their shit together at this point is ivypool. everyone else can go home.

[Kiss Meme 03/?] #1 Brienne & Jaime for @flyingthroughtheeyre621

@fandomsofall14:  can you do 14 where fitz says it to jemma?

You got it! Here’s some post Framework with the least amount of angst I could muster. 

14, “Please, just, don’t ever leave me again.”


Jemma’s eyes fluttered open, her ears catching the sound of Fitz’s cry, his body lying restless beside her.

“Fitz…” she muttered, her eyes trying to open to see him.

No,” Fitz growled under his breath. Jemma being able to see through dark just little more clearly, she rested her hand on his chest to see his eyes were closed. “No, please,” he hissed, his face contorted, his dream putting him under distress.

Jemma’s heart ached. Ever since Fitz had come out of the Framework, when awake, he’d been almost completely normal. Aside from his constant need to be beside Jemma at all times, and his persistent apologies that came at random. Because of how they all left the Framework, Fitz didn’t remember too much of himself when inside. Jemma thanked the stars for that, knowing Fitz would have never been able to live with himself if he did. However, he remembered enough things to feel awful for everything that happened, along with his guilt for creating the tech in the first place.

But for the past week, Fitz had been remembering. Only not when awake, but in his dreams. At least that was all she could figure of it; he never seemed to remember his dreams the next day so there was no way to actually know. But the things he would yell, her name, his dads name, Ophelia’s name…

NO, Jemma-” Fitz jerked forward, but he remained asleep. His breathing started to become heavy and she couldn’t stand it anymore. He had trouble falling asleep, always had, but she couldn’t continue letting him have nightmares of her.

Jemma brushed his face with her hand, whispering, “Fitz, I’m right here.”

He winced, twisting his neck so his nose could nuzzle into her palm. “Please,”

“Please what, Fitz?” She shook his shoulder just slightly, a gentle nudge for his body to release him from his slumber. “You’re safe. We’re safe.”

That finally brought Fitz to jolt forward, his eyes wide open, the crystal blue of his irises still managing to shine through the darkness. He scrunched his brow, looking at her disoriented. “Jemma, what-?”

She gave him a soft smile, caressing the side of his face with her hand again. “You were having a nightmare.”

“I…” Fitz, sitting up slightly, rubbed his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. “Yeah, I remember.”

Jemma was surprised, her mouth slightly agape. He never remembered his dreams – or at least, that’s what he always told her. Fitz now sat up completely, his back facing her. He buried his face in his hands and just sat there, silently. She waited a moment, to give him some time to himself, before sitting herself up and wrapping her arms around his rib cage, pressing her mouth to his shoulder blade. She placed a kiss on his white cotton shirt, smelling like nothing but of him, and she whispered, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Fitz shook his head, uncovering his face from his hands so he could take a hold of her, his arms topped over hers as he gripped her fingers in his. “Doesn’t matter.”

“I beg to differ,” Jemma rested her chin on his shoulder. “You know what Doctor Barnes said, it’s better to talk about –”

“I know what he said, Jemma.” He snapped, though his voice was still gentle and kind. He let out a graveled breath and said, “M’sorry. I just … I don’t really understand it.”

She gave him a tight squeeze. “Then tell me. Maybe I can help.”

Fitz shook his head again, choosing to stay quiet. Jemma knew he was still processing, though, so she tried not to push him too hard. He didn’t work things out like most people – every problem was calculated all in his head. Only problem was, sometimes he chose not to work them out at all, but just compress. She didn’t want him to back track to when he was recovering from hypoxia, so, she tended to push.

She then felt Fitz shift, turning his body so Jemma could cuddle into his side instead. As she did so, Fitz brought them back down to lay on the bed – Jemma curled up in his side, her head burrowed into the crook of his neck, her hand on his heart. Fitz clasped her hand in his and she could tell he was fixing to speak. “Ever since everything, I keep having these dreams of us in the Framework, but I’m just … me. I’m normal and everything, ya know? And you enter the room, and I go up to hug you, so relieved you’re all right, and you just … leave. You look at me like you don’t even recognize me. Things change here and there, sometimes AIDA’s there, sometimes my dad, but no matter what happens – you just always … leave.

“Fitz,” Jemma says so hushed she would be surprised if he heard her. She took a stronger grip on him and said, “I would never-”

“No, I know, Jemma.” His arm around her tighten. “I don’t think it’s a fear that you’ll leave me willingly,” she could his voice crack as he says, “It’s more that you’ll leave by force. By …” he hesitates, and Jemma knows exactly what he was going to say. “I can’t lose you, Jemma. Not again.”

She could feel tears sting her eyes as she peppered kisses along his neck, up his pulse point, reaching up to his jaw line. “You won’t.”

And Jemma believed that. She didn’t let the Framework separate them, Fitz didn’t let an alien planet separate them. Nothing was going to tear them apart. She would never let it.

They laid there, bodies tangled together, souls intertwined. They lay in silence, holding each other, until they start to drift back into a deep sleep.

Before Jemma had fallen asleep completely, she heard Fitz grumble out a, “Please Jemma, just, don’t ever leave me again.” When her eyes angled up, she saw he was fast asleep, dreaming. This time though, his words didn’t sound desperate and scared, but more … serene.

She held onto him with everything she had, buried her face further into his neck, and whispered, “I’ll always be with you, Fitz.”

Fitz’s hold on Jemma gripped even tighter, and Jemma soon found herself lost in her own peaceful dreams. They were always peaceful, as long as Fitz was with her.

Fitz never slept a restless night again.

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eala-sven  asked:

One thing about Rika in MM that bothers me is that I'm not sure what her illness is. Mainly bc they say that she didn't have depression or anything like that, but things about her are so much more clear when you play V's story. Instead of seeing someone who seems to snap suddenly, you see a girl breaking down because her world has only been cruel and though she tries so hard no one fucking helps. I feel for her now but it's sad she thinks that since no one helped her, she has to fix the world...

it wasn’t sudden imo, her past was mentioned on other routes too but it was definitely deeper on V’s route… i’m really glad we found out more about her past, i don’t know what kind of heartless person could reduce her to “a bitch” after this. you don’t have to like her but you HAVE to feel at least some kind of pity for her and admit that she was very sick and needed help… i hope people won’t hate her so mindlessly anymore

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4 & 1!!

1 - Who is the most affectionate?

Sakura, without a doubt, though I’d be inclined to believe that Sasuke is a lot more affectionate than most people think when behind closed doors. I think it must have been something he struggled with at the beginning, but grew very comfortable doing with time, and it encouraged Sakura to be even more affectionate with him. But Sakura is literally just.. a cuddly little sunshine who is not afraid to express her love with her man. Especially with hugs. She likes to ask for her kisses though, even if she knows they’d probably be more than welcome if she just went through with them—but it’s more fun and cute to ask for them. And like in Gaiden, I think it’s a rather common occurrence for him to tease her by not giving her the kiss she wants when she asks… but he always gives it to her in the end, whether by leaning in to do it anyway when she’s pouting, or giving her a little surprise kiss some time later. Sakura’s all about cuddles with this man though. In bed, on the couch, on the back porch, etc. She loves to cuddle him, and he never minds. 

4 - Favorite non-sexual activity?

I feel like the two might really be into gardening together! It’s quiet and they don’t need to talk about anything in particular, and I think it would probably feel quite therapeutic for them as their own people. Sasuke’s got a bit of a green thumb, and Sakura wants to but isn’t nearly as good as she would like to be. She tries so hard though and Sasuke helps her out a lot. It’s a nice hobby for the both of them. Otherwise I think as basic as that is, they’d really enjoy taking walks together or just leaning against each other while they’re reading their own things. They could be sprawled on the bed, sometimes naked/half-naked, sometimes fully clothed, and just do their readings while cuddling or while one of them is draped over the other’s body. As talkative and social as Sakura is, I think that with Sasuke she would really just enjoy spending time with him in silence and just enjoy his company while they share soft kisses and sweet touches sometimes. It’s like just.. quietly bonding with someone and growing closer without needing for anything to be said. :’)

otp question meme

// this was fun to write! even though i’m pretty messy myself honestly; whoops.


- Part of him loves having a spotless house to come home to every night, but the other half knows that’s probably not healthy how much you clean in a day..

- MC that bleach will bURN YOUR LUNGS STOP

- He doesn’t mind too bad you just have to stop cleaning so much! Your hands are really red and dry and he cant keep up with enough lotion for them

- He cant lie that he may have a dirty mind but he does NOT have a dirty house whenever you’re around.

- In general he’s a bit picky when it comes to clean things anyways, so it’s something that doesn’t bother him too bad. Just don’t go overboard with it, like bleaching the kitchen every night. Not good for your health


- He prefers his house spotless at all times, so good luck finding something that isn’t clean. His maids do a good job; he can’t deny that.

- But you still insist you have to clean everything again and it bothers him. It’s already clean.. don’t waste time you could be spending with him on something pointless like that.

- Even with Elizabeth the 3rd’s cat hair, you’re always wiping down the counters to get even the tiniest pieces of it off. MC leave it its a constant reminder of her beauty and grace.

- He doesn’t really like it because maids can do stuff like that; it’s clean enough already.. Don’t overwork yourself on something so pointless.


- He’s a stress cleaner, So whenever he has a lot on his mind he likes to ‘clean’ it all away. And he gets stressed a lot.. Student problems are the worst. So his house is already pretty tidy, no need to worry about it.

- But you still do anyways! You’re not his Cinderella.. You don’t have to clean so much! At least let him help you out– He doesn’t want you to do all the work like that.

- When he finds you cleaning the closet for the third time today he knows it’s time to stop

- He will hide the vacuums and all things labeled “ clean ” until you can calm down with your cleaning obsession. Or at least schedule some things around so he can help you more with it!


- She’s like you at heart, but she just never really has time to clean like that. It’s gross to her, but work swallows up all her spare time.

- So your.. dedication reminds her to get back into the swing of things. She doesn’t want you to clean alone though, so she tries to help you but it’s hard to keep up. You just clean so much

- She knows you’ve had enough when it’s your fifth time going over the couch with a lint roller.
There’s still one more cat hair– that means it’s not clean!

- MC.. this has to s to p

- Cleaning is one thing, being obsessed with it is another. Calm down a bit. It’s not healthy.


- Prepare to meet your polar opposite. This man could live in a junkyard and still be happily rolling around in filth. He wants to be clean, but he’s lazy.

- It takes days to fully clean his place. Why does he stash empty chip bags in all other places but the trash? Now you know how Vanderwood felt.

- After that you clean up after him so much, and he loves it. He’s such a baby– Being pampered like this makes him happy. He can’t help but feel a bit bad though.. he is pretty messy. Plus he’s sick of the house smelling like bleach.

- Starts to pick up after himself more, which helps your addiction a lot surprisingly. It’s relatively clean, so there’s not much to fuss about. And it’s funny to see his face when you pull back the rubber gloves and give him that look. Just don’t pull out a jar of petroleum jelly or he’ll be running for the hills.

Part Two: It's a Family Affair. (The Song Remains the Same S05E13)

Episode Summary: Anna, the renegade angel, travels back in time to kill John and Mary so Sam is never born, and he cannot be the vessel to Lucifer. Castiel sends the reader and the Winchesters boys back in time to stop Anna.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 6,318.

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Note: This is a complete rewrite of the part I posted a few days ago. It’s way different, and I’m much more happier with this version. :)

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Thoughts on Kimi ni Todoke 120

Earlier this week I posted a translation of Chapter 120, so please take a look at that before you read this post. A lot happened this chapter, and I wanted to get out some of my thoughts on the latest developments. 

Spoilers and speculation below!

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Mirrored Shred pt. 5



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Half a year after the war and hurtling straight to spring, she thought of how the shadowsinger must be–how the aftermath might very affect him like it did she…

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Elmyra: “But..Several days later.. we received a notice saying my husband died..And that was it. A lot had happened, but we were happy. Until one day…”

Tseng: “We want you to return Aerith to us. We’ve been searching for her for a long time.”
Aerith: “No! Never!”
Tseng: “Aerith, you’re a very special child. You are of special blood. Your real mother was an ‘Ancient’.”
Elmyra: (At that moment, i found out she was an ‘Ancient’.)
Tseng: “The Ancients will lead us to a land of supreme happiness. Aerith will be able to bring happiness to all those in the slums. That is why Shinra would like Aerith’s Cooperation. 
Aerith: “He’s wrong! I’m not an Ancient! I’m not!”
Tseng: “But Aerith, surely you hear voices sometimes when you’re all alone?”
Aerith: “No i don’t!”

Elmyra: “But i knew. I knew about her mysterious powers. She tried so hard to hide it, so i acted as though i never noticed.”

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