she tried so hard though

Shout out to Penelope Alvarez, this woman is a gift and tries so hard, protect her (even though she can 100% protect herself).

Shout out to Lydia Riera, her life story is amazing and she is so supportive, she is an icon. 

Shout out to  Elena Alvarez, my gay feminist smol bean is trying so hard to change the world. She’s doing amazing. 

Shout out to Alex Alvarez, he is so kind when he needs to be, please get him better friends. 

Shout out to Schneider, he doesn’t mean to be so clueless, he’s learning. 

Shout out to  Dr. Leslie Berkowitz, he is trying so hard to help Penelope and Lydia, a p decent dude. 

Shout out to Carmen, she’s going through so much but still came through to support her friend, she also has a great aesthetic. 

Shout out to Josh, he found out the girl he’s been crushing on for a year is gay and he was so supportive and chill, was still there for her, a good bro. 

Shout out to Riley, she is trying to help Penelope and spent lots of money trying to get a light up toy sword. Too Precious for this world but could 100% kick your ass.  

Shout out to  Ramona, she tries to give good advice but is too distracted by ladies, 100% ray of sunshine but also 100% badass. 

No shout out for Victor he can choke 

[Kiss Meme 03/?] #1 Brienne & Jaime for @flyingthroughtheeyre621


d i s n e y ladies - Nani Pelekai

still reeling because emma immediately told killian what was wrong and he was so concerned and her stumbling and him holding her and her clinging to him and admitting to him that she might not be okay even though she tries so hard to act like it 

like let me die they’re so perfect 


Quiero decirte que
Nunca te olvidaré
Aunque no puedas volver
No es facíl para mí
Vivir sin ti

Castle Fanfic: Love the One You Hold 1/1

Love the One You Hold

A Season 3-4 AU

This was inspired by a little tagfic I wrote on this post: which then took on a life of its own.

I know I tried
I was not stable
And flawed by pride
I miss my sanguine eyes
So hold my hands up - breathe in and breathe out  - “Lover Of The Light,” Mumford and Sons

His daughter will kill him when she finds out what he’s been planning, but he can’t watch her do this to herself any longer. He can’t watch his child grimace and gasp in pain, even though she tries so hard to hide it from him. He can’t watch his little girl grow more distant, crawling deeper within herself with every passing day.

He can’t continue to watch Katie stare at her phone but refuse to use it.

If she isn’t going to call, isn’t going to reach out to someone, he’ll do it for her. She had given him a boost – a shove, really – when he had needed it most, when he had hit rock bottom and couldn’t see a way to climb out of his pain and his misery, and now he’s doing the same for her. She’ll be pissed, she may well rail against him (God knows he did all those years ago), but he has to believe his plan is for the best.

On a quiet, cool morning in early July, Jim Beckett steps out onto the knotted wood porch of his cabin and does what his daughter can’t or won’t do for herself: he calls Richard Castle.

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I was thinking how the quote “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” would be absolutely perfect for Pokeshipping… If Misty knew how to cook. Then it hit me.

Even with that handicap, she was still able to win his heart.

True love.


THERE. FINE, HERE, I DID IT.  The lazy doodles that went along with the fanfic I’m like probably never going to finish pfft.

In which Naoto reads the recipe very thoroughly while carefully explaining it to the Chie, and Chie immediately forgets that the word “gently” went anywhere near the word “whisk”.

Poor Naoto.  She’s trying so freaking hard.  But just.

“Satonaka-senpai, please.”




“S t o p.”


Me: Hey! Look at my new pendant! It’s so cool!!

Friend: Oooh! It’s pretty! Wait … that looks familiar.

Me: Dude! It’s from Harry Potter!

Friend: Oh yeah! I recognize it!

Me: You have no idea what it is do you?

Friend: Not a clue.

Me: It’s the Deathly Hallows!

Friend: Oh yeah! The seven things with Voldemort right?

Me: *facepalm* no, that’s the horcruxes. This is the cloak …

Friend: Yes! The cloak, and the shield and …

Me: Dude! Are you serious?! It’s the invisibility cloak, the resurrection stone and the elder wand!

Friend: Oh! Sorry, I’m so stupid. Of course, it’s the wand with the feather in it!

Me: No … sigh … thanks for trying.

Friend: Sorry. You seemed so excited about it, I felt bad that I couldn’t remember what it is.


Reluctant Romance: Shoot style (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Shaw tried so damn hard not to tell Root she cared - even though she wasn’t exactly hiding it from anyone else - until the end. 

But when she showed her, she showed her.  And God, was it grand and tragic and beautiful


I’m gonna be real honest, I was afraid in the beginning that she was just gonna be that one main female girl that will just be in sidelines and call out the main characters name every time but I greatly pleased with her character and how they went with her in the series!

AND THE FIGHT BETWEEN HER AND BAKUGOU WAS AMAZING. I knew she was gonna lose but she kept trying though. She tried so hard to get to him, and there was a moment where she almost outsmarts him! And I never felt so proud!!!!!!!! She is such an amazing female character!!!

Also look at that I’m now a fan of My Hero Academia lol

i love when characters are nice to kanaya i almost cried when roxy told her she was pretty

kanaya’s always been so subtly self-depreciating and everything about the way she speaks exudes nervousness and a need for perfection

she has always been so unsure of herself

in the past she was hurt by both vriska and rose even though she tried so hard to take care of them and give them her best and be good to them even when neither of them gave kanaya even of a fraction of that affection in return

kanaya maryam deserves to have people tell her she is pretty and smart and that they like her

anonymous asked:

In the second opening, see Ryuko and Satsuki tied up and restrain by the (possibly) life fibers. They also look quite pained. Does this imply they do not like what is happened? Is it possible they are hurt from life fiber? Please go in more detail on this, I would like to hear from you :) Sorry my english not good, by the way. It's not my first language! Thank you

I definitely think it’s a huge plot point that Life Fibers hurt Satsuki. Wearing Junketsu brings her incredible amounts of pain, and though she tries so hard to hide it, it’s clear that it’s an absolutely awful experience for her. Notably, this only furthers what Satsuki thinks she already knows: Life Fibers are completely evil, and anything that contains them the same.

Satsuki is taught to think this from childhood, and you can’t really blame her. Life Fibers killed her father, killed her sister, and are the reason her mother is horrible. When she first decides to wear Junketsu, she knows it’s not going to be good—Soichiro tells her point blank that she’ll be a “slave” to it. But she does it anyway because she’s put it upon herself to rid the world of this evil. So she struggles and endures immense amounts of pain because she so desperately wants to fight for what’s right.

But… Satsuki’s ideas of “right” get challenged when she learns that, actually, the sister she’d thought dead is right before her, kept alive by the very creatures she’s deemed evil. The terrible things she’d said about her mother now apply to a person she was fighting for all along. If Ragyo is a monster for her ability to be perfectly fine after being stabbed through the heart, does it make Ryuko a monster, too? Ryuko, passionate and loving, who cares so much for her father and her friends that she challenges Satsuki Kiryuin of all people?

Satsuki’s suddenly faced with the thought that not only has she been using this person she was fighting for as a mere tool, but also that her beliefs on Life Fibers… may not be as set in stone as she once was so sure of. Maybe the “fairytale” she once deemed Ryuko and Senketsu’s friendship is not so much a “fairytale” after all. Maybe Life Fibers aren’t always all bad.

So, bringing this all back around to the second opening, I consider these shots of Ryuko and Satsuki literally tied to their Kamui to be something that adds to the Red String of Fate symbolism seen throughout the show, and see it as commentary about the nature of destiny. Junketsu is Satsuki’s “wedding dress” and the thing she’s destined for, just as Senketsu was literally made for Ryuko. From Satsuki’s perspective, this fate is cruel. There is nothing kind about what she has been fated to do. Junketsu is a horrible monster, same as the mother she’s had to deal with, and she will do what she must to break free.

But what about Ryuko? Her fate is surely cruel as well, stated directly in the song “Till I Die.” Her father designed her as a weapon, and things don’t always go the greatest with Senketsu. Transforming at first is an embarrassment. They both struggle with opening up to each other. They bicker and argue like an old married couple. But just as Life Fibers may not always be so bad, there seems to be a point here that neither is destiny. Sure, it’s not always easy with Senketsu, but Ryuko quickly comes to love being his partner, and synchronizing becomes something that feels good. When they’re perfectly in-sync in episode 18, she gushes about how great it is, and in episode 22, she proclaims that he’s so comfortable that she never wants to take him off again. Her fate may be cruel, but her fate also brought her to this person whom she loves more than words can express.

I do think that Ryuko and Senketsu’s relationship ends up causing a great change in Satsuki. When she learns that Ryuko is infused with Life Fibers, she must realize that Life Fibers do not inherently make someone evil or a monster, making it so that Ryuko’s friendship with Senketsu is perhaps not the impossibility she once thought. She considers his feelings when she sees him next as they work together, and though Senketsu does strain her body in a way he doesn’t with Ryuko, their hearts are able to be as one because they both want to save Ryuko. From here, there’s the point that fate isn’t all bad—just as Ryuko has these “batshit crazy” people protecting her, Satsuki does as well, and she would have never met them had it not been for fate.

So, do the Life Fibers hurt Ryuko and Satsuki? Yes, just as fate does. But perhaps they also do a lot of good, too.

She could make him forget.

Another charm, another knot, and the dreamcatcher would take the memory from him and lock it safely away. Henry would know something was missing, but he wouldn’t know exactly what and her son would love her again. She’d be his hero, his Saviour, and she’d tried so hard to make up for what she’d done even though he didn’t even remember it. The horse had been perfectly safe, penned in a grassy field with magic where no one would even see him, let alone hurt him. The girl had her heart back, she wasn’t Cora, or Gold, she wanted Henry to be happy. And he was, when he’d ridden proudly into town and Violet had smiled at him, he’d been so happy. She had watched them, unseen, of course, but she had seen her son’s happiness when the girl had kissed his cheek and they’d walked side by side sneaking shy glances, letting their hands brush and touch until finally their fingers had linked tight together and hadn’t let go. 

And In that moment of teenage hand-holding and furious blushing as their young hearts skipped a beat for the first - or really second - time….Emma had been happy too. 

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