she tried so hard bless her

useless fact about David Bowie
  • he had Celiac’s disease
  • u know the thing where you get tummy ache after eating gluten-containing flours etc.
  • good
  • it gets better
  • because he knew that it hurt him and Iman kept an eye on him so he would not eat stuff with it
  • and everytime Iman would go away or something David STRAIGHT UP went to their chef and said “pls make normal brownies” because, I quote, the pain would be “worth it”
  • he’s a grown ass man and his wife tries so hard to keep his diet in line (bless her)
  • but he is simultaneously 69 and, like, NINE and wants real brownies
  • can u imagine, maybe he got a really bad stomach ache this time and does not recover in time so he lies on the couch when Iman returns and she’s like oh bby and makes him a hot-water bottle
  • and she sits by him and lets him whine a bit and strokes his hair and then says very stern “DAVID I TOLD U”
  • bless this child

charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

I relate to Chika so much and it’s so sad to see she’s people’s least favorite girl. People even call her a bad friend because of the You episode. Honestly she’s just a normal and goofy girl like me, but she tries so hard to bring out the best in everyone and shines so bright. She even forgets about her own well being for the sake of aqours. But she learns that aqours is there for her and that her feelings are valid. She’s super cute and funny and relatable even though she has flaws.


the amount of studying that smackle has done with each of the characters on the show continues to blow me away because that clock that she gave to maya meant so much more that what she said in a gift’s context.

riley, farkle, zay and heck even lucas knows that maya’s broken and that she’s the one without the perfect family and financial stability and so on and so forth. but i have never seen another character on the show address the growth that she’s put effort into achieving and continuing and how hard she tries to love herself and make the best of her life and everything she’s been through. but smackle did that with a fricking clock and it hurt at my heart so much that a girl, who has been an outcast all her life, sees people’s soul and understands them so deeply and so purely. 

gmacm was truly such a blessing omg. 

for smackle to take that all in and derive something so special from it was just unbelievably heartfelt and it tore at my heart sooooo much.

i just love isadora smackle period. 

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Ah yes, the Holiday season has certainly arrived when hours start getting cut. Most of us who have been working 25-32 hours are now only working 10-19 hours. Then those are cut even further because the company can't be bothered to give us and extra 5-10 hours to use. Bless her heart, our GM tries so hard to give us what she can, but she is still having to cut people like crazy. It's sickening.

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Here’s a summary from February to now:

  • My crush got a girlfriend ‘round Valentine’s day
  • So I got kinda sad for a while
  • And I tried really hard to stop liking her, and I made like 75% progress
  • And then I was like you know what I give up I’m in too deep
  • Well anyway I got her a Bee Movie concept art book for Valentines but decided to give it to her for her birthday instead
  • And so I just gave it to her and she LOVED it and I am blessed
  • Also on that day I heard that she broke up with her gf??? She never talks about her gf so I don’t really know what’s going on
  • So I’ll give her space and keep admiring her from afar I guess
  • We’re still good buds and talk a lot so that’s good

Supercat AU: [blow me one last kiss]

Kara Zor-El has been on Earth for well over 20 years. She’s a drifter. She tries not to stay in the same place for more than three months at a time, hoping that her superpowers will remain a secret and makes a living singing in clubs and bars.

Cat Grant is a junior editor for The New York Times. She refuses to move back to the West Coast, much to the chagrin of her successful mother and generally works too hard.

This is their story. 

Mercury Rising | AU | mercyblake | closed

Loki strutted along the street seemingly lost in the midst of the throng of people moving about the busy city. Or at least that was what he hoped for. Some anonymity. After all it was only a couple of years ago that he had been in Midgard for far more nefarious reasons. The young god wore a simple outfit; black jeans and matching jacket over a dark green shirt. He wanted to blend in as he followed the woman who was walking several feet ahead of him in the crowd. 

It was still hard to believe that it was her. So much had happened since he had seen her last. He wondered what she would think of him now if she knew him. He was hardly a shell of the man he used to be. But then Odin had taken her memory of him and replaced it with something else. Perhaps that was a blessing. But it was also like a knife in his heart. He still remembered even if she didn’t.

Loki sighed as he tried to pull his thoughts back into focus to the moment in hand. He had a job to do. A task set by the All-Father. He was to bring her home. He watched as she entered the small cafe. He waited a few moments before following her inside. 


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mary/peter >:)

Send a ship and I’ll tell you who;

Gives nose/forehead kisses; Mary, Peter tried to do it once and ended up giving Mary a bloody nose, so he doesn’t partake in that anymore. 

Gets jealous the most; Peter. Mary’s so good at talking to people, and making everyone around her smile, and he’s always worried someday she’ll like someone elses smile better than his. 

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive; Mary picks Peter up, because even though he tries to be careful not to get drunk, eventually after a couple of drinks he ends up forgetting why he doesn’t want to get drunk and goes too hard again. Bless Mary’s soul. 

Takes care of on sick days; Mary takes care of Peter, always. Peter tries, but he’s just not good at it, though he’ll ask Lily what he should do. 

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day; Mary drags Peter, who gets too self conscious to even take his shirt off, let alone go in with everyone else on his own. 

Gives unprompted massages; Peter, mostly because it’s pretty much the only thing he can manage to do without hurting her or making her situation worse. 

Drives/rides shotgun; Mary would absolutely have to drive, I don’t even think Peter’s touched a car before. Closest he’s been is Sirius’ motorcycle which he is absolutely never allowed to drive, and never should be tbh.

Brings the other lunch at work; Both, depending on who works when. Mary knows Peter will forget his, and not have enough to go out, and Peter just wants the excuse to see Mary. 

Has the better parental relationship; Mary without a doubt. Of course, Mary and Peter’s mum get on very well, but there’s no getting around the fact that Peter’s mum is too suffocating, where as Mary’s family are simply warm and lovely. 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer; Peter. There’s a good reason he refuses to dance otherwise. 

Still cries watching Titanic; Both, while curled up under a blanket together, holding each other. And then they end up laughing because by the end, Peter’s sniffles have turned into wails of despair at seeing that Rose went off to do all the things they’d promised to do together, alone. 

Firmly believes in couples costumes; Mary, though Peter secretly really enjoys it. 

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas; Peter tries to, but can never afford it, so neither end up ever breaking it in the end. Instead, they stick to personal things that both end up loving more than some expensive trinket, anyway. 

Makes the other eat breakfast; Both, depending on who is more awake in the morning, Peter definitely needs the reminder more often. 

Remembers anniversaries; Both. Peter only forgot once, and the guilt was so strong he hasn’t forgotten since. 

Brings up having kids; Peter, while stuttering so bad that Mary had to get him to repeat it three times, by which point he’d wanted to change the subject, and nearly did. 

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I have a random story for you. My cat got fixed a few days ago and now she's wearing a cone to keep her from doing anything to her stitches. Whenever she tries to rub her head against my leg it's basically just the cone rubbing against me; it's kind of funny. My friend calls her a sATELLITE DISH and I unfortunately have to agree that my poor cat looks like one lmao (also ily and please don't push yourself too much)

oooooooh my god this is so funny because last week, my friend’s cat got fixed too! she has a cone on and she is an actual terror. hopefully she’s better by now…but she bumped into walls and stuff too, also bumping into my legs when she wanted affection! here’s a pic of her loafing on my thigh:

her name is Temmie, and yes, it’s from Undertale.

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K A T (S M I T H, too, if you'd like to include her last name!)

Spell a character’s name in my askbox and I’ll tell you my headcanons…

Of course I’d like to include her last name too :D

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?
She’s not shy about telling you if you make her mad. But if you make her sad, she’ll just give you the silent treatment, and probably avoid you altogether for a while if it’s an option.

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?
Oh gosh, Kat didn’t really try that hard in class…except in sports probably. So I guess…athletics?

T: Where are they ticklish?
Just under the armpits really! Nowhere unexpected.

S: How stealthy are they?
She tries, bless her. And her stealth has improved a lot since leaving the vault. But she’s still prone to the odd bout of clumsiness. 

M: What is their favourite dessert?
SWEET ROLLS *shakes fist @ Butch*

I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?
Mmm…probably a 7.

T: Where are they ticklish?
See above :)

H: What is their deadly sin?
Gluttony. Damn sweet rolls.


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athanattos replied to your post: …

asdfhjhfgj btw he still finds it suspicious !! hylia’s not out of the woods quite yet,,

i’m laughing cause I’m all for link side eyeing her from the background and her just being like

Because she’s not used to… this kind of interaction where she has to be nervous  cause she’s completely used to getting whatever she wants, but she’s trying so hard cause she’s p. interested in him and doesn’t… want to make it weird… and the priest ladies probably keep giving her bad advice because they’ve got no experience with men either.