she trains where i used to swim!

Ironman Lake Placid Recap

Eight months of training boiled down to one day… and I had an amazing day. The weather was hot, not humid. The water was perfect. No mechanical issues on the bike. My family was everywhere, screaming their heads off! I probably saw them a dozen times. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

(sorry this is long, so was the day)

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The feel good about myself train continues to roll on - so I am just going with the flow!

I took this photo earlier today as I needed a reference for the hand position (imagine I’m holding a heart on my chest) for an illustration piece I am currently working on. 

Anyway - after I took the photo I realized that even though I have a slightly goofy half smile on my face - I once again liked how I looked here.  Maybe its the beard, maybe its feeling healthier and being active, maybe its feeling less stressed as I am making some great progress on projects again (after some stumbles last week).  Not really sure but I just like it!

As for other things going on today - my swim coach sent over the final set of swim workouts and this time around she even has me doing some speed training where I have to pay attention to my time and get faster in certain laps.  I am looking forward to that as we had not done that before. 

I have been looking into some waterproof books/cards that have swim workouts on them that I could use to continue training on my own for now.  While I still debate on joining the swim team.  I am just really enjoying going in the middle of my work day - its a perfect break from sitting at my desk, right when I need it.  And mentally I like that I am doing it on my own.  So I am not really in a rush to give that up and join the team at 5:30am a few days a week - where I would then have nothing to break up my afternoon later in the day.  So still working on what to do about that.

But these are good dilemmas to have because no matter what I do - both options involve continued activity and that’s all that really matters anyway!