she took the pic for me y'all


Where Clarke and Lexa decide that their shin dig that approaches into the night is a date and they really like each other. Featuring Clarke loving to cuddle and my Mac (in the first snap) because who can find a picture of a picture of high school musical playing on a laptop or TV.

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29, 32 and 33 for Percabeth

otp meme thing

percabeth is really not my strongpoint, but i’ll do it for u mari

  • 29. who gets jealous easily?

annabeth? to a certain degree. like, she’s very VERY certain that percy won’t ever be disloyal to her (lmfao), and she would be very certain that percy couldn’t ever REPLACE her with anyone else relationship-wise, but the percy is pretty sought after by a lot of people, so it’s not so much jealousy that says what if this person is better for him than i am? it’s more like… he was mine first? if that…makes sense? she knows she’s beautiful and intelligent and that he loves her without question, but the other people flirting with him apparently DO NOT know this and it irritates her when they keep pressing him for a reaction to their flirting.

  • 32. what do they smell when they smell amorentia?

percy: ink, old books, candle smoke, metal polish, coffee
annabeth: mint, leather, that salty scent you get from sea water/sand, cupcakes

  • 33. what lockscreens do they have?

i feel like percy would change his constantly? he’ll take a new snap that he likes better than the current lockscreen and have to change it. sometimes it’s him an annabeth, or the gang, or just mrs o’leary or hIS MOTHER. annabeth probably doesn’t change hers for weeks/MONTHS at a time. i feel like hers would a pic of her and sally and percy, or her/percy/grover she took ages ago and liked enough to keep as it is uvu

(their contact photos for each other are much cuter i’d bet)

💕🌙M O O N L I G H T B A E S🌙💕


So, this was my third time meeting Ari and definitely my fave of all.
I walked into the little booth thing and waited for her to finish taking a sip of her water then she turned around and i went “Hi my little huntymoon!” and she gasped and said “Wow oh my god. Huntymoon! I’m gonna get huntymoon tattooed on my face” And then she noticed my moon tattoo and went “OH MY GOD YOUR LITTLE MOON TAT!” and thats when i took the chance to ask her, “Yeah can i ask you something” I whispered in her ear asking if she could write “moonlight” next to my moon so i could get it tattooed and she said “yeah of course, just hold on one second.” So then we took two pics in a group of three and then when we were done she walked me over to the corner and said “Wait here for a sec”, while the other two people walked out.

So, i stood there in the corner while she took pics with other two fans and then they stopped people from coming in after they walked out, she literally stopped the m&g to do this and i was dying. She walked back to me asked where to write it and i’m like “Oh just right next to the moon” and then she asked what to write, i don’t think she heard me the first time lol, and i said “Moonlight(the name of her new album)” she legitimately freaked out over that and she even asked me if i wanted cursive or regular and i was like “however you want it.” She really took her time with it and kept saying “this is the best shit ever i love you”. Then Jones(her bff/photographer) asked if he could take a pic of it and he took them then Ari said “wait take one of me doing it, for me”. I was obviously dying but she made me feel really comfortable, she said “Your heart is beating so loud and it might make me mess up your tattoo.” and i said “Your impact, bitch.” and she laughed and mimicked me.

So then we hugged for what felt like hours and we said i love you and as i walked out she said. “Dont tell anyone.” and laughed. I audio recorded the whole thing and like cropped it and i was there for like three minutes, that’s like unheard of, these things are usually like 30 secs, a min max. I’m just so grateful that she actually took her time to do this, i love her so much y'all have no idea.

here’s the pic of what she wrote on me xxxx

my pic when i met her back in april xxxxx

STORY TIME! This is really long because I spend a while with them/around them.
Okay, so I found out info about how the girls were gonna be landing at the LAX, while I was having my layover. So, once I landed I found their flight and gate and waited for them to land.
Once they did, Big Rob came out first and I walked up to him and asked him if I could meet with the girls and he was all “Yeah come over here, but NO PICTURES OKAY?” I was a little bummed, but I didn’t argue because I was not trying to get on Big Rob’s bad side…lol.
While we were waiting for the girls to come out we had a convo (not that important) and then I seen Normani walk out. I called her name and she came over and hugged me and asked how I was and we had some small talk. Then, Ally came out next and I yelled her name as well and she came over and gave me a hug, we talked for a while, maybe 3-5 minutes. She was telling me how they were there to film “Faking It”. She then asked my name and age and when I said my name, Mani asked if we met because my name sounded familiar and I told her about how we had.
Then, Lauren came out and she came over, gave me a hug, and talked to me for like 30 seconds before Big Rob asked to talk to them privately. That lasted 5 minutes before they came up to me and talked with me for about another minute until Camila and Dinah finally came out (They were literally on the plane until the next people that had to board were all lined up waiting for them LOL)
They came up to us and Dinah didn’t notice I was there at first and then she was all “Oh shoo sorry!” And she gave me a hug and then I gave Camila a hug and she asked my name and I told her and Dinah was all “Oh. Have we met before? I think we have.” And I was like, “Yeah! I’m from Hawaii but I flew out to see y'all at the WKST and NLT in Cali” and she said “Oh yeah! You went with your dad right? I remember you! Aloha bruh!” ( I laughed so hard when she did that) Then they had to go, but asked if I wanted a picture. I told them Big Rob said no pictures, but they waved it off and Ally was like “Big Rob! Were gonna take a picture okay?” He nodded and then Normani asked him to take it. We took the pic and they hugged me, but we ended up walking the same way. I remembered I forgot to ask Lauren to follow me so I went up and asked and she said sure and followed me. We continued walking and talking till they had to go down to baggage claim. They hugged me and waved bye and wished me a safe last flight and Camila was all “TELL YOUR DAD I SAID HI! BYE!” And Dinah was all “Aloha bruh!” And then Camila was all “Oh yeah. ALOHA!!”
And that was the last of that.
I’m so glad I got to meet them and they actually hung out and talked with me. Mostly Normani and Ally. Lauren got pulled away when she came out and Dinah and Camila came out late. But, overall it was AMAZING. I’m so glad I had the opportunity. They’re amazing and great girls.

P.S I’ve had Camila and Dinah’s follows for a while, which is why I never asked them.