she took the photos


!!! I got a very nice surprise today thanks to @qiupup ♥ Thank you for the MysMe stuff!!! I love love love the 707 pillow – it’s so SOFT!!! I’m going to keep it next to my hamster plushies ♥ Thank youuuuuu for everything!!! ♥♥♥

i wanted to costrial MC but my sister wouldn’t let me borrow her wig && sweater ahaha maybe next time // she took the photos tho ;; she was practicing with the camera earlier so i said ‘pls take my photo’ so yay i didn’t end up with phone selfies

u all prolly know this by now but me with hamsters is like jumin with cats. lololol

ok but imagine that after recovering the book and talking with Fu, Ladybug tells Chat about it (Adries is obviously internal screaming because ‘holy shit Ladybug has father’s book’) and she shows him some photos of the book she managed to took and then the Peacock miraculous appears and Chat is like ‘wait i have seen this before…’ And he remembers seeing it inside his father’s safe.

And Adrien minds kind of shortcut because he concludes that his father must have been/be a holder and now he wants to talk to him because ‘omg my father had/has a miraculous! we can talk about it! i can ask him and not hide anything since he already knows and had a book!’

So Adrien returns to his house and is beaming and excited because he can finally talk to someone about him being Chat Noir and finally have bonding time with his father. And wothout listening to Plagg because Adrien is way too happy, he runs into his father office and tells him:

 ‘Father, I know who you are! I know you have a Miraculous! I have it too! I’m Chat Noir! We can fight together! We can do superhero things together! We can be a team and fight with Ladybug against Hawkmoth!′

‘We can be a family again!’

And Gabriel just pales.

NYPD allegedly forced Muslim woman to remove hijab, took photos of her after arrest

  • The New York Police Department is facing a lawsuit over allegations that officers strip-searched a Muslim woman, forced her to remove her headscarf and took photos of her after a false arrest.
  • According to the New York Daily News, 34-year-old Rabab Musa filed a lawsuit at the Manhattan Supreme Court where she claims she was unlawfully arrested on Sept. 6 at around 6 p.m. outside a Starbucks.
  • The suit claims she was “forced to remove the hijab in violation of her rights and the hijab was confiscated.” Musa said she was put in a holding cell with men, the NYDN reported. 
  • She also claims NYPD officers flaunted her across the station and took photos of her without the hijab. Read more (2/22/17 11:58 AM)

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This is Farrah, she has been posted on her before but I took this photo and felt it belonged here. Her hobbies include skittering down hallways, falling into full bath tubs, and sleeping in the largest dog bed we have all by herself.

He recalls having a cigarette at the back of a studio with his bandmates one day — ‘And the dustbin started moving. We were like, “What’s going on?” Suddenly this girl jumped out screaming. The bin fell over and five security jumped on her. She was screaming and beating them off — one girl, five men. She didn’t care. She was like: “I’m going to have all of you.”’

I’m horrified by this image, but Malik assures me it was ‘funny’. I hope she got an autograph? ‘She did. She deserved it. We signed some stuff and took a photo with her too.’

—  Zayn keeping the legendary bin story alive

speaking of VHS tapes — i just remembered when i was around 4 years old (and an only child at the time) i had all my mom’s disney VHS tapes in my closet so i could easily access them and watch them.

and one day i thought it was a good idea to take all of them out of the closet and spread them across the floor and covered my whole bedroom floor