she took my camera


I could never leave you.

protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!

I miss that Lauren who was behind the camera when she took that “My Pink Princess” picture. Can you believe she even wrote that caption?


* Feel free to tell me something you also miss about Camren.

All Started With a Song Part 7// Conor Maynard

Word Count-  1852

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) so sorry it took so long. i was at my friends and couldnt get time to post. heres part 7. i hope you enjoy. im also not going to lie ot you guys, i have no idea when part 8 will be up. this is laos the longest imagine ive written so far!


You groaned as you rolled over in your bed, the loud noise filling your ears. Your alarm was going off. You slowly reached your hand out from under the blankets and shut it off. You were so tired but you knew you needed to get up. It was currently midnight. You needed to pack everything into the car, get to the airport and get everything checked in by 2:30.

You reluctantly got out of your oh-so-warm bed and walked to the guest room.

“Ali, get up. We have to get ready,” you whispered, lighting shaking the brunette.

You walked to the other side of the bed, “Livy, c’mon. We have to get ready.”

“Why did we stay up last night? We’re so dumb,” Alice groaned, sitting up.

“I regret it so much,” Olivia whined, pulling the blanket over her head.

You laughed lightly, grabbing the blanket and ripping it off the bed.

“You bitch! What did I ever do to you?!” Olivia shrieked.

“Get up you lazy bums. I’m making breakfast,” you said walking out to the kitchen.

“By making do you mean getting the cereal and bowls out?” Alice smiled, following you.

“And the milk!” you retorted.

“Hey Liv, can you bring me some Ibuprofen? My head is killing me,” Alice lightly shouted. A few moments later the blonde came out with a bottle of pills.

“Why did we do that last night?” She groaned.

“Because we’re dumb and immature,” you laughed.

“Not so loud please,” Alice whispered, swallowing 2 of the pills.

“Sorry,” you gave her a smile. “Maybe some Cheerios will help.” You passed her a bowl full of her favorite cereal.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as she took a bite. “God is real.”

You and Olivia laughed.

“Did we take any videos from last night?” you asked, handing Olivia her bowl.

“Let me check,” she took a spoonful of cereal while opening her camera roll. “Oh. My. God.”

“What?” you and Alice asked in unison.

“Look,” she had a weird look on her face when she handed you her phone.

You looked at the screen, mouth wide open.

You were stood on your bed, in an old t shirt and booty shorts. You were clearly drunk and very happy.

“Y/n!” shouted Alice. “Give your bae a quick shootout!”

“Yeah!” Olivia giggled, her grip on the phone shaky.

“I don’t have a bae,” you said sadly. “But I will give a shout out. Shout out to Conor Maynard for being a grade A asshole.” You hoisted the bottle of beer in your hand into the air. “You really know how to treat a girl. Hope your mommy’s proud of you.” You kneeled on the bed and got really close to the camera.

“Oh, and I think I might love you…” you said quietly. And then the video ended.

You stood there, not realizing the tears that had shed down your cheeks.

“Oh babe,” Olivia wrapped you in a hug. “I’m sorry.”

“No. Don’t feel bad. I was drunk, I said something I didn’t mean.” You lied through your teeth, hoping they would believe you. “We’re going to LA in a few hours, we should be happy!”

“Speaking of that, we should really get ready.”

“Oh crap,” Alice said looking at the clock. “It’s already 12:45.”

You three quickly washed your dishes and rushed to the bathroom. You guys spent the next 45 minutes getting ready, jamming out to music and packing your essentials into your carry ons.

By 1:30 you three were stood at your door, making sure you had everything.

“Carry ons?” you asked.


“Check,” Olivia placed her hands around the straps of her backpack.

“Phone and charger?”

“Got them both,” Alice said phone in hand.

“Where’s your charger?” you asked.

“In my bag.”

“Prove it.”

She sighed, “Yes mom.” She took her backpack off, opening the front pocket to reveal her various chargers.


“Check and check, “she had her charger in one hand, phone in the other.


“We packed all of it into yours.”

“Oh right. I have the necessities, Liv has the snacks and you have the activities,” you pointed at Alice who nodded.

“Suit case?”

“You can see them!” Olivia chuckled.

“I’m just going through the list we made!”


“Yes! We both have them! Can we please go now?”

“Yes! Let’s go!!” you squealed, shooing them out the door. You placed the key in the lock and turned it. “Hold on, I need to do one more thing.”


You ignored their questioning looks as you walked across the hallway, knocking on the door. The door opened faster than any of you expected.

“Mornin’,” said the very attractive young male who just happened to be shirtless.

“Hey Alex, here’s the key. Feel free to eat any food you find and use my Netflix.” You smiled, handing him the key.

“No problem,” he smiled, leaning against the door for support. “What exactly am I doing again?”

You chuckled, “Just making sure no one breaks in.”

“Right,” he straightening himself. “I can do that.”

“Thanks again,” you reach up and kissed him on the cheek. “I owe you.”

He smirked and closed the door. You turned around to two girls gawking at you.

“What the hell was that?” Olivia asked.

“That’s my neighbor Alex,” you said, grabbing your suitcase and beginning the long walk to the elevator.

“Why have you never mentioned him?” Alice asked, following you.

“Never came up, I guess,” you shrugged, approaching the elevator.

“Can we also talk about how its Alex. As in Jack Maynard’s friend Alex.” Olivia trailed off.

You laughed, pressing the elevator button, “It’s not a big deal guys. He doesn’t really socialize with anyone but the boys.”

“Have you guys hung out?” Alice pestered, following you into the elevator.

“Once, but it was when I first moved it last year. He was nice, but then had to leave cuz Abe needed help with someone. We just never clicked,” you shrugged once more.

“Why are you not freaking out?” Olivia questioned.

“Because I wasn’t going to use him to get to Conor, so why try? Yeah he’s nice and stuff, but I’m not that kind of person. Also he’d find out sooner or later that I’m a fan of him and his best friends.”

“You have a point, but I would have been all over that,” Alice laughed.

“Do you want his number?” you joked.

“You have it?” she gawked.

“No,” you laughed. “I just wanted to see your reaction.”


It took you girls a solid 10 minutes to figure out how to get everything in the car, it was like a giant version of Tetris.

The car ride was full of out-of-tuned singing and dirty looks from people who were stuck at the stoplight next to you.

When you finally got to the airport you parked in the long term parking and walked inside. It took about 20 minutes to get through security. You had to stop and beg the security to let you take the snacks on the 11 hour flight, which they eventually allowed.

You stopped by a Starbucks because you were all running on about 2 hours of sleep.

“Guys look!” Olivia smiled, pointing out the large windows that displayed all the airplanes.

“Let’s get a picture!” you giggled.

“Hi, could you please take a few photos of us?” Alice asked a teenage girl.

“Sure!” she smiled a big toothy smile and took the phone.

You guys took some facing away from the camera, some facing the camera and some sitting on the ground. After thanking the girl, you exchanged pictures.

While you were sat at Gate 4 waiting for your flight to LA, Conor was an absolute mess.


“I fucked up mate,” Conor sighed, spreading across the couch.

“And I don’t feel bad,” Jack said annoyed. Conor did this to himself.

“What do I do?” he asked his younger brother.

“Let her go. Bro you lost her, just accept that.” His brother sighed, pausing the game to give Conor his full attention

“I can’t,” Conor sat up, squeezing a pillow tight to his chest. “I like her a lot.”

“Then why did you ‘forget’?” Jack asked, using the finger quotes when necessary.

“Because I was jealous, I wanted to make her jealous. But I regret it,” he groaned, slamming his head into the pillow.

“If you regret it, why did you unadd her on everything?”

“I don’t know, I was upset that I just let her leave.”

“Bro, you’re so fucking stupid.” And with that Jack got up and went to his room.

Leaving Conor by himself while he was sad was a bad idea. He always did things he would later regret. And this time was no different, he opened his phone and went to Instagram. One lil peek wouldn’t hurt.

Yes it would.

He typed in your username and noticed you had a new picture. The picture was of you and two girls, the same two girls from your previous post, in front of a giant window of what looked like an airport. All three of you were in a squatting position. Alice and Olivia had their fingers pointing at the camera and you were in the middle, hands in prayer formation.

His eyebrows knit together in confusion as he read the caption.


spontaneous vacay with my besties? i think yes!

Where were you going? Why? Who were you going to see there? What were you going to do? He clicked the picture and went to the brunette’s, Alice, page. He was even more upset after seeing her post.


a spoon full of travel makes the sadness go away

Her picture was off you three, once again in front of the giant window. But this time you were in the middle, one arm wrapped around each girl. Alice was throwing up a peace sign and the blonde, Olivia, had her hand on your face, squishing your cheeks together. He once again clicked on the picture, this time going to Olivia’s page.

Her post was of you three facing away from the camera. Conor couldn’t see your face but he knew you looked beautiful.


LA, we’re coming for ya ;)

California? Why were you going to California? What was in California that wasn’t in London?

Lots of things you idiot.

Conor was half tempted to message you about it. But then he got a call.

Incoming call: Anth

Anth? Why was Anth calling him?

“Hey bro, what’s up?” Conor asked, curiosity filling him as he laid back on the couch.

“Before I tell you anything, you have to promise not to get mad or do anything stupid,” Anth said slowly.

“What are you on about?” Conor chuckled.

“Promise me,” there was no laughter in Anth’s voice.

“Okay… I promise. Now tell me what’s going on,” he sat up again.

“Y/n is coming to LA to do a cover with me,” Anth said quickly, fear consuming him.

It took Conor a few seconds to respond but Anth never expected him to say what he did.

yoi-yoi-senpai  asked:

(All your prompts and writing has given me so much feels Mayra <3 wanna say that you're so talented xD keep up with the great work!) Prompt: The new character in Forces is a very malicious villain and Amy tries to get him on the good side, prove that nothing can be achieved with bad intentions however, things backfire and she's in huge trouble. What will Sonic do? (Can't wait to see what you come up with! XD)

(*crying tears of joy* she said talented and great work, and that it gave her feels, I’m just.. my heart. *grips* Thank you, child. Thank you.)

I actually have been KILLING to write my idea for the new character as a villain. I have two scenarios, one as a man and one as a woman, but both villains. After this one, I’ll definitely have to write the female version! In both of them, either Amy or Sonic is threatened and the other basically saves/helps them out.

I’m so excited~ You are the best for giving me a prompt that allows me to work my magic!!!~<3


As he looked out over the battlefield, seeing how Eggman’s minions were doing and also analyzing team strategies, the villain suddenly took notice of a girl fighting the crowd.

“Oh?” his curiosity peaked up as he smirked, “Cubot. Orbot.”

The two robots shivered, deeply afraid of him, maybe even more so than Eggman since this mercenary had a ‘darker’ moral code than even he…

“Who’s she?” he looked fondly to the scene, but there was something sinister in his questioning.

“…” the robots looked to each other, worried about giving him information.

The man turned his head back, “Do I not recall your creator giving you strict instruction to inform me on my enemies?”

The robots, on either side of him, suddenly scooted back and gripped each other in a clanking hug. They saw what he did to their kind…

“S-sh-she’s Amy Rose, sir!”

“N-no one of any great importance really. Her skill set is mostly a balance of raw power and extraordinary speed.”

“Y-yeah! And the self proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the-EMPH!” Orbot shoved a hand up over Cubot’s speaker.

“You idiot! He doesn’t need to know that!”

“What? A girlfriend?” he suddenly looked down at the girl, fighting to her heart’s content.

He suddenly smirked, and began to chuckle.

“She’s the queen of this little band of fools?”

“Q…queen?” the two looked at each other, confused.

He laughed again, leaning his head up before looking back down and seeing Sonic come in to take out a few robots around her.

She smiled and nodded to him as he winked and gave her a thumbs up, and sped off.

He adjusted his gloves, pulling them down. “Come on, boys. You know what they say…” he walked with absolute steadiness that didn’t seem earthly, as his quills suddenly stood on end, as if he was excited for the events his mind imagined to unfold…

“If you want to learn the strength of the pack…

                                                 ,,,you attack the queen.”

Amy swung around and dodged a large robot arm that had swung down at her, then, taking the A.I robot by surprise, she twisted her hammer to where it’s edges gripped the crook of it’s arm, and pulled it over herself and let it smash to the ground.

She wiped some sweat off her brow, seeing her work here was done.

“My, you really are a strong alpha female…”


Amy turned around, but only saw a shadow within the flames.

“I’m amazed they left you unguarded… without any way to call for help..”

“Who are you..? And I’m perfectly able on my own!” Amy held her hammer up, confident as she glared into the flaming silhouette, as it continued to walk around and behind the flame.

He laughed lightly, before the silhouette showed him raising his hand up, as if gesturing skyward. “I simply wanted to see what would happen if I got you alone… I suppose my little strategy worked. Look,… no cameras.”

She took a second to turn and look up, seeing that the cameras Eggman installed were destroyed.

Her eyes traced the area for origin of destruction, but was suddenly met by a fierce wind that broke the flames from him, creating a curtain effect of a kind that parted a way for him, as he charged her and gripped her neck.

“Augh! Ahh…” she gripped his arm and pulled it back, but noticed his being was still hovering from the launch.

His steel eyes were fixated on her, as he slowly moved to place a foot on the ground, and then another.

“You certainly are a careless queen. Turning your eyes from the enemy.” he tilted his head as she struggled.

He eyed her hand.

“You have… a remarkable strength about you.”

“L…Let me go!”

“Why? It’s almost a dream to hold you close..” he suddenly pulled her towards him, shocking her into a gasp, before he looked down at her and moved his hand to punch her in the gut.

“Ack..! Ugh…” she dropped her hammer, as he saw her hand loosen from his own and moved his grip to her chin, pulling her up so she didn’t fully collapse.

“Oh, you’re no fun…” he moved his lips carefully over the side of her face, barely closing his eyes as he took in her scent. “I would have at least thought you’d scream for help…”

“I don’t… urk… scream.” she twitched her eyebrow, before pushing back and summoning her hammer from the ground, swinging it.

He reached up and gripped it, but she smiled.

“What?” He lost his suave as Amy traced the fearful surprise in his eyes.

She cleverly hammed a fist into his stomach, as he slowly bent over from the impact, and moved away, rubbing her hand on her chin and then wiping the side of her face off.

She stood boldly, as if with pride. “I guess I’m not as stupid as you thought. Thanks for the idea.” She narrowed her eyes, “You must be Eggman’s new puppet, right? The Metallic bender.”

He gripped his stomach, having purposefully let her go to get away, and then looked up from kneeling on one knee.

He shook his head and rose up again, shaking off the pain by rotating his shoulders, and again, laughing lightly.

“You amaze even the most dangerous of foes.” he complimented, before shifting a flirty eye back to her. “Perhaps that why you’re a solo queen.”

“Excuse me?” Amy rose an eyebrow. “Look, I don’t know what you’re getting at here…”

She readied herself for another counter, in case he charged again. But he just laughed, bending over and then arching his back to do so.

“But what you’re doing is wrong! Can’t you see that? They’re must be some mercy and justice in you!”

Mercy?” he suddenly, and with sharp precision, cut off his laughter to smile and look back at her.

The turning of his body made her step back slightly, before making sure her footing was sturdy enough to take a blow.

Why was he so… cheery?

“Heh. You speak of mercy… What? Ah!” he suddenly pointed to her, “You… no,…” he slightly moved his head back, as if questioning his own theory. “You’re not trying to reform me,… are you? Oh, that’s precious. You see… people like you will always be prey. Believing that the… oh, what would you call it… natural order of things can be pursued against itself to a far better nature than presented.” he casual swung himself towards her in his walk, as if completely confident in both his words and the unsettling situation.

As he approached, he snapped his fingers and searched for a word, but once having it, continued on before stopping in front of her, eyeing her and not even giving her hammer the corner of his eye…

“But you’re forgetting something very important, Queen Rose.” he looked so innocent as he pouted with a shake of his head, mocking her.

He spoke quietly, and watched her intently as he moved ever so slightly closer to her.

Then his tone grew vicious, and his true hangs appeared as he leaned above and down to loom over her with every bit of a bite to his words…

You forget that some in this world love the suffering of others! The pure torture of taking everything one loves away from them. And the screams of their last hope lost.”

“…Like I said.” Amy breathed hard quietly, but it showed by the bouncing of her chest that she was unnerved by his reaction.

“I don’t scream.”

He suddenly shifted his fierce demeanor, leaning back and laughing.

“You are too idealistic, Rose! Oh, queen of the rebellion! You are truly a prize worth risking a king’s anger for.” he bent his head back down as she attempted to swing her hammer out, but he dodged it.

“I will enjoy ripping every last bit of fight out of you… and crippling your friends into a submission that will cost them more then the war… but their very lives…” he started to quickly advantage on her.

“Ge… Get away from me!” Amy continued to fight him, as he dodged and blocked, going to hits but she skillfully deflected and at times, reflected them.

He was hit away, at last, before looking fierce and animistic in his eyes.

Fire burned in his eyes much like the surroundings, as he held his arms outstretched.

“What’s wrong, queen? Refusing to reform me? Have you given up!?” he slammed his hands down, and the robot parts around him spiraled upward and formed armor around his being.

Let’s dance.” the that had just formed helmet clicked down.


Eggman was trying to turn on his cameras, but the spy system seemed busted. “Dratt! I thought Sonic and his pathetic friends would never find them this time!”

Orbot and Cubot, coming through the door first, looked worriedly at each other as they pushed their fingers up nervously together, and swiped them over the other before addressing Eggman.

“Sir… we need to talk.” Cubot started, gesturing up to the doctor.

“Not now! Can’t you see I’m working blind?”

The two looked at each other.

“That’s the thing! You’re new recruit is-!”

“Doctor. I’ve arrived.”

The two froze up, clanking in fright as they turned around.

He smiled, looking easy as his eyelids drooped to show how calm he was.

He looked to the robots.

With every bit of poison that sounded like charmingly smooth music, he spoke to them, “Hello, boys.”

They hugged each other again, afraid he may have overheard them about to warn Eggman.

“Hmm? What’s gotten into you two?” Eggman looked down at how intimidated they were, before looking around and seeing the mercenary put Amy down, gently stroking a quill out from upon her face, as if obscuring her face was a sin in his eyes.

A lesser sin… perhaps… to those that he’s already performed…

“There’s been a change of plans, Eggman.”

“EMPEROR EGGMAN to you.” He stood tall, folding his arms, and suddenly extremely suspicious.

“What’s this all about?” he cocked an eyebrow up.

He smirked, and walked forward, “I want to rearrange our little deal.”

“…Go on?” Eggman was still curious why Amy was there, but figured he’d explain soon enough.

“The girl. I want her apart of the deal.” he fondly turned back to Amy. “I was planning to knock her out and use her as bait to rile up her teammates. But I grew slightly fond of her. If you really do robotize the world, I’d like to have at least one… play thing in it.” he turned back to Eggman.

Eggman, suddenly feeling a bit fatherly for the first time, threw his arms down.

“Absolutely not.” he briskly walked back to his computer.

“You lay a hand on even a fraction of her quills, and Sonic’ll have your head. I’m not going to be responsible for that kind of revenge plotting. You haven’t seen him when he’s upset.” Eggman looked indirectly over his shoulder, that last line as if he knew first hand how dangerous that could be.

“Typical of a king.” he rolled his eyes at Eggman’s response, as if having little to no real worry about any of that.

“It’s best to play it off as a game. Deliver her back or use her. I don’t care which. But don’t think I’ll leave you an Eve to your Dark Eden.”

“There’d be no Eden without Eve…”

He didn’t look pleased by that response, before turning back to Amy.

“The answers no.” He stated very firmly, folding his arms, and then turning back to his work. “Now, scat along, will you? I’ve a very busy tyrant.”

“Then… perhaps I won’t be so… willing to assist you anymore.”

“Excuse me-EEE?!?!?” Eggman leaned back as a metallic shard was thrown to hook a side of his mustache against the computer screen, causing the screen to crack and show grey streaks of lines as if offline.

Eggman tugged a moment, before ripping the shard out, and looking it over.

“…You make a good point,… Synchro…” he gripped the metallic shard, and turned back to him, a deadly bargain afoot as at first Synchro looked serious, before smiling friendly back to the Doctor.

“I could use a man with your… unique… metal bending talents.”

“Oh, go on.” he rolled his head, as if adoring the praise. “I live to please~” he bowed deeply, but clearly, it was all for show.

“..Heh… good.” Eggman threw the metallic piece down, slamming it with his fist into the ground, and then pointing directly up at Synchro.

“I want no part of your scheming, Synchro. But you can tease the girl all you want. But there better not be even a scratch on her head by the time Sonic comes to get her. Understood?”

Synchro raised a mocking eyebrow, “You seem to say that as if suggesting I’ll give her back.”

“Not. One. Hair.” Eggman wagged the finger closer and closer to his face, before the two turned to see Amy slowly coming too.

“Take her away from here. Do what you will but Orbot and Cubot will see to the girl.”

“Ah. Supervisors?” Synchro looked to them. “Well, things are just going to seem awkward for you third and forth wheel.” he kid, as the two quickly scurried to Amy, having processed their new commands.

He turned his head, and seemed to eyed them very closely… as if figuring out how to get rid of them later.


He turned his head back to Eggman. “My liege~” he faked another proper bow.

Eggman stared back at him over his shoulder, leaning down with his hands supporting him on the control panel, before clicking something to get his cameras and sights back online.

“…Don’t abuse her. I won’t forgive defying me.”

“Defiling? What was that? Doctor! I’m surprised you would suppose…” he smirked, lifting an acted hand to his ear as if just playing the role.

“I need to hear it. You won’t harm the girl.”

“…I may just do that. But I won’t kill her.”

Eggman turned his head back to him, growing angrily.

“… I’ll only touch what can be seen~” he winked and held up a finger, before drawing an ‘X’ over his heart. “Promise, good tyrant. Promise.”

“…See that he does.” Eggman turned to his robots, who worried they didn’t know how to stop him.

The two dragged Amy off, hauling her onto a hover cart, as Synchro turned around and looked down at her.

“Even protected by a supposed evil overlord. Tell me, queeny. Have you reformed the world?”

His mocking laughs trailed into Amy’s ears as she twitched her eyes, attempting to try and wake up… as the light faded…

And she was dragged off into an unknown location.

“Son-” she barely could speak out, as he looked out, and placed a finger over his mouth, smirking. “-ic…” he placed something over her mouth.

“Shh…” he cooed, ever so softly, before the gas knocked her out again. “There’ll be no talk of such things.” he looked to the robots.

They quickly turned forward, pulling the hover craft along.

He crooked his smile even further before looking ahead.

“Now it’s my time to assert the throne. I’ll steal your queen. I’ll overthrow the overthrower. I’ll kill this world’s hero. And all the while I shall I make this world… My world…”

Orbot and Cubot, once out of distance from Eggman, were suddenly cringing as their beings were combined and reorganized into a chest armor and gun, and then a nice metallic crown on his head.

“Heh. Such trusting fools.” he laughed as he kicked Amy’s craft down an air shoot, and jumped on it.

Taking her far away, he looked back to see a blue blur charging Eggman’s tower.

“….She’s not there~” he whispered manically, and let his wicked laugh carry in the winds…

(Don’t worry, she’ll be okay :) I hope you don’t mind… I focused more on Amy in danger and trying to reform him than I did Sonic saving her. It’s clear he will, but I wanted to show off a villain who was interested in Amy. It makes it even more sinister when he flirts with her! Don’t you think?)

(Part 2 x)

Today I wore my Winchester Bros t-shirt and my KAZ 2Y5 necklace, both of which I got at NJCon this year and which I was wearing for the first time. I knew Jared and Gen were in NYC and I was walking to the bus home, texting my friend jokingly that I was keeping an eye out for them. Two minutes after, I look up and I saw something familiar. A split second later I recognized who it was, and my legs legitimately turned to jelly and my heart felt like it had stopped. He noticed me before I even started walking up to him, and pointed at my t-shirt and gave me this big grin and said “Hey! Like your shirt!” And I said “Thank you!” and asked if we could take a photo. Gen smiled and offered to take it for me, and I asked her if she could be in it too, and she said “Sure!” I took out my phone and opened the camera, and Jared reached out and took my phone, saying with a little smile, “Here, let me take it. I’ve got longer arms!” And I said “Yeah, good idea. I’m too short.” And we took the photo and he said “Is that good?” And I said “Yes thank you!” He complimented my t-shirt again, and then noticed my necklace and said he liked it too. I told him “I just got them! At NJcon on Friday!” And he gave a huge smile and said “Oh cool! What’s your name?” I said “My name’s Tova!” And he said “Nice to meet you Tova, I’m Jared and this is Gen” and I replied “Oh, wow yeah, I totally didn’t know that” to which he started laughing, and as they walked away I told them I hope they have a good time in NYC, and they both smiled gently at me and walked away.

….I don’t think I’ll forget this for as long as I live.

soooo i ve asked @kirakurapon if i could use her artwork as reference x3 thanks again for allowing me to do this! 
I used her wonderful collage AU sakura as ideal

Your art really is stunning so i feel very honored to bring one of your pictures to real life with the help of cosplay! <3
I hope you are satisfied with the result :>

I actually really like the outfit haha maybe the trash squad and i will shoot/film something collage related! at starbucks or somewhere haha.

Fanart is so very inspiring to cosplayers, so thank you Karla and every other artist out there for creating such stunning, inspiring and beautiful art! <3

Elvis with Sally, Findlay,1956
Story behind this picture.
“I attended Findlay Senior High School, and I became the editor of the school paper. My whole journalism class travelled to New York City for a newspaper conference, and we also went to the Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey CBS Stage Show. Elvis was making one of his early TV appearances on Saint Patrick’s Day 1956.
Peg, Lynn, and I went behind the building to the stage door before Elvis’s concert; we wanted to arrange an interview. Just as we got to the stag…e door a taxi pulled up and Elvis got out! I said, “I think that’s him!” I had never seen Elvis before so I wasn’t sure. One of the girls asked him, “Are you Elvis?” With a deep Southern and sexy voice, he answered, “Why sure, baby.” One of the girls said, “Could we take a picture of you?” I shoved my camera at Lynn and she took a picture.
I said to Elvis, “We want to interview you for our school paper.” Elvis said, “You’ll have to get with my manager.” We spoke to Colonel Parker, and he said to come back to the stage door after the show. “No matter what you hear, don’t leave,” the Colonel told us. My two friends and I left our seats early and waited outside the stage door in the cold. Three times they said, “Elvis has left the theater.” But we kept waiting and waiting with five other girls. Finally, the door opened and Colonel Parker let us inside the stage door for our interview. Elvis was joking around with us a lot. One of my questions was, “Do you think your popularity will last?” He said, “Probably not, but I’m gonna get on the gravy train while it’s goin’ by.”
We went back to our high school and wrote the story for our April 1, 1956 edition of the school newspaper. Everyone believed us even though it was April Fool’s Day. We sold about 50 pictures at school for a dime each. That was my fifteen minutes of fame.”
– Sally, Findlay, Ohio

windyridge216  asked:

I never thought about who these young women would become until I read your answer. I think the internet has made it easier to be mean, to say things in a comment someone would never say out loud. And the consequence of all of that is a breakdown in how we, as humans and women relate to each other. We should be lifting each other up, not beating each other down. As far as I've ever read or seen that is what the boys would want, for girls and their fans to empower each other.

Just because someone doesn’t see what you’ve said about them doesn’t make what you’ve said ok.

Do you wanna know how I finally got Brian Littrell to stop for a picture with me? I started a conversation with Leighanne. She stood there and talked to me while he signed autographs for everyone but said no pictures. However when he got to me she introduced me and took my camera to take our picture together.

Girlfriends are your ally. Trust me. They just want someone to talk to them while they’re awkwardly standing there being made to feel like they don’t exist.

shy artsy boy pt2

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Robbie’s POV:

5 months later…

I’ve gotten really close to Y/N. We’ve talked a lot and gotten to know each other. But things were a little awkward after the whole kiss thing that happened. I knew I had feelings toward her when we kissed but now I know that my feelings are growing stronger and stronger everyday. All I can ever think about is kissing her again and being able to call her mine. All I can think about is being able to hug her and never let go.

“Mr. Kay.” I heard my teacher say, but it sounded distant.

She’s always on my mind. She never leaves my head. And when I see her my heart races. Sometimes my palms get a little sweaty.

“Mr. Kay!” I heard a ruler smack onto my desk.

My eyes flickered up and I saw my teacher standing in front of my desk with an angry look.

“I uh.. yes?”

“Answer number 3.”

Everyone was staring at me. I looked at the board and saw we were going over a worksheet.

“It’s 27.”

“Correct…” she said turning around and walking over to the board.

I sighed as I looked at the board and tried to concentrate on what we were doing. I watched the clock hands move oh so slowly, time feeling like it’d only continue to be slow. Then before I know it the bell rings. I quickly gather my things and exit the classroom. I go to find Y/N. I turn the corner and see her exiting through the door. She looked around and her eyes landed on me. I lifted my arm and waved at her. A smile appeared on her lips as she walked over to me and stood by my side.

“Hey Robbie.” she said looking up at me.

“Hi.” I smiled.“

"Oh my god Mr. Johnson is a pain in the ass.” she said as we began to walk.

“Yeah. I’m glad I don’t have him this year.” I chuckled.

“Well you’re lucky…” she chuckled. “So where you headed?”

“Art room, you know that.” I said nudging her lightly,

“Oh yeah… right.” she chuckled scratching her head.

“I could walk you to your bus.” I shrugged.

“Or maybe I could join you in the art room today?” she suggested with a small shrug of her shoulders.

I glanced over at her and she was looking at me. Her eyes sparkled and her smile brightened the dark hallways.

“Sure, why not.” I shrugged. “I can drive you home.”

We walked to the art room. I open the door and held it open for her.

“Why thank you, Robbie.” she said as she walked in.

“You’re certainly welcome, Y/N.” I said following behind her.

She sat down at a table near the back of the room and watched as I took a seat next to her. I smiled warmly at her.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked.

“I do have an art project to finish. I’m a little behind.” she said. “Drawing is not my strong suit.”

“Oh, well let’s see it.” I said tapping the table as she stood up.

“Okay, but don’t laugh.” she said as she went to a cabinet and grabbed a big paper.

She held it against her chest as she sat back down.

“And the big reveal.” I said with a toothy grin as I tapped the table once again.

“Don’t laugh.”

“I won’t, now show me.”

She hesitantly placed the paper upon the table. My eyes flickered from her to the paper. It was absolutely beautiful. She was creating a lion with water color. The best part about it was that it had a rainbow mane. It gave it character and really showed her personality. Strong, confident, fun, bold, unique, beautiful.

“This is amazing Y/N.” I said looking over at her.

“Really?” she asked full of shock.

“Yes, it’s absolutely brilliant. I love the way you made the mane so colorful.” I said pointing to the mane.

“Thanks Robs.” she said and hugged me.

I smiled and hugged her back. I rubbed her back before she pulled away. I looked at her and she looked at me.

“I’m almost finished. I just have to make the tail. I’ve tried over and over and I fail each time. Can you help me out?” she asked with a shrug and an awkward smile.

“Of course I can.”

She handed me a pencil. I looked at her lion and began to draw the tail. I left it without color so she could do it.

“Thank you Robbie.” she smiled, then began to paint in the tail.

“Remember when we first came here and you said that you weren’t good at art?”

She looked up at me.


“Well you’re a total liar.” I teased nudging her a little.

“I’m really not.” she laughed and went back to coloring the tail.

“You really are.” I said getting up and walking over to my little corner.

“Stop Robbie! I’m blushing.” she giggled, still work on her picture.

“Well I’m sorry but it true.” I said grabbing a sheet of paper and putting it on the table.

I began to try and think of something I could do. I watched as she gently moved the paint brush across the paper. Then an idea clicked into my head. I grabbed my camera and walked over to her, completely forgetting the paper. She looked up at me and a confused look appear on her face.

“Robbie, why do you have your camera?” she said asked.

“I have a project I need to work on for photography. Would you maybe want to help?” I shrugged with the camera and grinned.

“Okay. But after I finish up.” she said and went back to the lion.

She picked up the pencil and quickly fixed something. I looked into the frame of my camera and took a picture. She looked up and narrowed her eyes.

“Why Robbie?” she said trying to sound angry but she only sounded adorable.

“The project.” I said looking at the photo, which was perfect, then back up at her.

“Right.” she chuckled.

After a few minutes she finished up and put her painting and the supplies away.

“Okay. So your project.” she said walking up to me.

“Yes, let’s head outside.”


“Yeah, I was thinking we could go to the big tree by the side of the school.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s fine, lead the way.” she said gesturing toward the door.

“I will.” I with a small smirk and strutted out the door and her following behind me.

I slowed down and turned so she could come next to me. We walked down the hall. I took a few shots of her just walking from a distance. Then once we got outside we went to the tree.

“So what should I do?” she asked with a shrug.



“Yeah, just like sit on the ground or against the tree or lean against it. Do what feels right.” I said gesturing to the tree.

“Hm… Okay.”

She leaned against the tree. and looked at me.

“Okay, just act casual I guess…” I said and began to take the pictures. Some from the side, some from far away, some from different angle.

As I was about to take the last shot she looked at me and stuck out her tongue and giggled. I took the picture. I looked at her and laughed along with her. She lied her head against the tree.

I looked at the picture and she looked perfect. Her smile was bright and her eyes sparkled. The light, gentle breeze blew her hair back perfectly. Her skin had a beautiful glow to it.

“How do they look?” she asked making my eyes flicker up toward her.

She looked at me with curiosity in her eyes. I stood up and walked over to her. She stood up and leaned next to me. I handed her my camera and she went through the photos.

“How are you so good at this?” she asked.

“I uh… practice.. I guess.” I said shrugging awkwardly.

I looked at her again as she looked through the photos. Everything she does just makes me weak. The sight of her makes me want her. I want her to be mine.

“They’re just so good.” she chuckled as she kept going through the pictures.

“Thanks.” I said.

She looked up and me and handed me back my camera. I looked down at the camera.

“Maybe we could go up to the roof and take a few shots?”

“The roof? How would we get up there?” she asked with much shock and confusion.

“I have my ways.” I smirked.

I started to walk back toward the school and she quickly followed behind me. When we got up to the roof she looked at the view you get from the school. You can see a good amount of the campus.

“This is so cool!” she said like an excited little kid.

“Yeah. I come up here every once in a while to just get some quiet.” I shrugged.

As she walked around I took pictures of her. She walked up to to edge of the roof and looked down. I took a picture before running up to her.

“Be careful!” I said and she turned back and looked at me.

“I will Robbie.” she said with a giggle.

She looked back out at the view one last time before she walked away from the edge and over to me.

“Why didn’t you ever show me this?” she asked poking my chest.

“I-I don’t know.” I said with a shrug.

She sighed, “You okay Robbie?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I smiled.

“Are you sure? You seem a bit uneasy.”

She was right. My emotions are just driving me nuts. I want to tell her how I feel but I’m terrified that she won’t feel the same way. I just don’t want our friendship to end because I care about her and she’s my best friend.

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Robbie.” she said in a serious tone.

“Y/n.” I said mocking her tone.“

She furrowed her eyebrows and folded her arms across her chest. I did the same thing. She tried to stay serious but soon began to laugh.

"Come on Robbie just tell me what’s up.” she said.

I sighed. Maybe this was it. I guess this is the time that I should tell her. I mean, we’re alone and nothing could possibly interfere.

“Okay. I’ll tell you… There’s this girl.”

“Oooo Robbie! Details!” she teased nudging me.

I chuckled and blushed as she kept nudging me.

“Well I’ve known her for a while and were great friends. It’s just…” I trailed off.


“It’s just I want to tell her how I feel but I’m scared.”

“Robbie. You shouldn’t be scared. You are the funniest, most intelligent, creative, kind, and caring guy I’ve met. Any girl who wouldn’t like you is completely stupid.”

“Really? Do you mean that?” I asked.

“Yeah. Of course I do! You are my best friend Robbie. You should tell her how you feel.”

“I should?”

“Yes Robbie.”

“Okay. I will.”

“Good! Now tell me, who’s the lucky girl.” she said with a chuckle.

“Well, she’s you.” I said scratching the back of my neck.

Shock filled her eyes. Her cheeks flushed.


Tears slowly began to form in my eyes.

“Yeah.. I understand if you don’t feel the same way… I mean you deserve better than me. And–”

“No Robbie. Don’t say that.” she put her hands upon my cheeks and rubbed one gently with her thumb.


“Don’t say that. Robbie I care about you. I was actually kind of upset when you said that there was someone else.”


“Yeah. I’ve liked you for a few months now.”

A smile formed upon my face and the tears were gone. I wrapped my arms around her waist and gently pressed my lips upon hers. Our lips moved slowly, passionately. They moved in sync, they fit like two puzzle pieces.

I couldn’t even explanation the joy that was rushing through my head. The butterflies that swarmed in my stomach. Having the girl that I’ve wanted to have for months like me back.

As our lips pulled apart a smile formed upon both our faces. A feeling of relief, joy, and love filled my body. Didn’t want this moment to ever end.

     I ran into none other than Abby Miller of Dance Mom’s at Ross Dress for Less on La Cienega and 18th street. I’m an Angelino, so I try not seem too affected by quasi celebrities–however I couldn’t hide the recognition in my eyes when I saw Miss Abby piling designer duds on a counter, but that was only on account of we were both at a bargain barnyard. Look, I’m a bitch on a budget, but I’m sure she can afford to Dress for More. Then again she IS from Pittsburgh so, you know…
     She noticed that I noticed her instantly while I stood in line. There was a look of horror and discomfort on her face, as if I caught her stealing something. She also noticed when I reached for my phone and pretended to check my hair on my camera phone while I took a picture. She looked right into my lens. BUSSSTED!!! 
Oh…and PS: I’m not saying I never bought a pair of underwear at Ross, but last night, I was there for a set of towels. 

AU College Series #04 After Class (his pov)

AU College Series can be found here


I followed my teammates down the field as the couch ordered us to run faster. After a few laps, I stopped and rested my hands on my knees to regain my breath. I slowly walked to the sidelines and picked up my water bottle. “Perfect girls, now from the beginning again,” I heard a female voice call out, making me look around for the voice. Across the field, a group of girls were practicing their routine. They matched, danced and spun in time with each other. As I took a drink from my water bottle, I found myself watching them; my eyes landing on Y/N. A smile grew on my face as she threw her stick up in the air and spun around before catching it. She stood proudly as she did it perfectly. Y/N spun around again but caught me watching her. She froze, so I waved at her, wiggling my fingers in her direction. She smiled and went to wave in return but her stick landed on the ground, causing her to jump out of surprise. She blushed and bent down picking it up. “Come on Liam, we have to make sure we are ready for the game this Friday,” one of my teammates yelled out. “Yeah, stop starring at the majorette’s and catch,” another added. Before I could try around and catch the ball, it hit me in the arm. “Hey that hurt,” I joked and turned around to face them, “alright alright lads, I’m coming.” I kicked the ball off the ground towards my friends, making them yell each other and run after it. I looked back over my shoulder at Y/N; I couldn’t wait for the game this Friday, all eyes would be on her during halftime and she would be amazing.


I stood by the counter and watched my friend make my coffee. The bell dinged, indicating someone walking in. “She’s fit,” my friend whispered. I turned around and saw her; Y/N. She froze, all colour draining from her face, before turning around. Before I knew what I was doing, I walked towards her, “Hey Y/N, wait.” She took a breath and faced me. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. “Listen Y/N,” I whispered, wanting no one to hear us, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said to you.” Something flashed through her eyes and she exhaled deeply. “I want to show you something,” I said and without waiting for her reply, I took her hand and led her to the back corner to an old foosball table. “Wanna play?” I whispered. She frowned and shook her head, “I have to go Louis.” “Just one game Y/N; if you win I’ll leave you alone, but if I win,” I winked at her. She looked down and smiled slightly. “Ok, best of three,” she said, dropping her bag on the couch by the wall. As we played, she distracted me. The way her eyes sparkled, that little excited intake of breath or how she scrunched up her nose in concentration. “One all,” she smiled, “come on Louis, I thought you said you were good at this.” I nodded and dropped the ball into the middle. I hit it once, but then watched her; she was different to before, she was happy, competitive and kinda cheeky. Suddenly the ball went past my goal keeper into her goal. “I won, so. Good bye Louis,” she smiled proudly, picking up her bag and walked out of the shop, leaving me standing there shocked and wanting more.


I looked up and saw her with her head in a book. Her eyes scanned the page quickly, like she knew what she was looking for. I find myself watching her; the way her eyes lit up as they took in the information on the pages, how her tongue poked slightly out of her mouth as she concentrated and her hair sat loosely around her face. “Niall,” she said loudly, snapping me out of my thoughts, “everything alright?” I nodded and ran my fingers through my hair to compose myself. “You’re so beautiful, I forgot what I was going to say,” I smiled. “Stop flirting Niall,” Y/N rolled her eyes and flicked through her book. “I’m not. I’m just being extra nice to someone who is extra gorgeous,” I replied, my Irish accent coming through. I didn’t understand why what I was saying to her wasn’t making her loosen up. All the girls I’ve flirted with, would be smiling or laughing by now. She looked at me with a frown on her face. “Niall if all you’re going to do is joke and flirt with me, we can’t do this anymore,” she said bravely, “please stop, I’m not interested, ok.” I swallowed thickly and watched as she stood up. Before I could stop myself, I opened my mouth. “Come over to mine on Friday night. We can work on this assignment some more?” I asked, silently praying that she would say yes; I was dying to see this girl again, but away from the books and assignments; I wanted to see her smile because she was enjoying herself. Y/N picked up her books and nodded. “Ok Niall, Friday night,” she smiled sweetly, “see you then and you better be prepared to work.”


“Hey Y/N, wait up,” I called out, making her turn around, “what are you doing now?” She smiled shyly and played with a bracelet on her waist. “I was actually heading back to my dorm. Today has been exhausting,” she said. “Can I walk with you?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t think I was being annoying, but instead she smiled wider. As we walked closer her dorm room, the more Y/N opened up to me. At first she was shy and only spoke when I asked her a question; but now she was freely and confidently talking about her life. I watched the way her eyes lit up as she told me about her friends and family back home; her favourite things to do and why she decided to study aboard. “My mum cried when I got my letter of acceptation and, Harry? Are you listening?” she looked at me. I nodded and pulled my bag higher up on my shoulder. “Yeah, your mum cried,” I repeated. She smiled and I knew I got it right. “I don’t usually talk this much,” she said shyly, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, “My dorm is just in this building.” I smiled as we walked towards the big building. “Harry, what’s your favourite thing about London?” she asked, “when I get a chance, I really want to explore the city.” “I’m not too good with directions, but I can go with you. Show you all the tourist places,” I suggested. She looked a little unsure, but then smiled. “Thank you Harry. I don’t know what I would do without your help,” she replied, “I’ll let you know when is the best time.” I smiled; pretty sure one which showed my dimples, as I watched her walk into the building.


I walked into the art studio on campus and towards the back corner but stopped when I saw Y/N. There was something in the way she hummed to herself while in her own little world. She’s my best friend; the one I tell everything to, who was by my side through it all. “Hi Zayn,” Y/N giggled, “I can’t concentrate when you’re watching me.” “I know you can’t, but I like looking at your photos,” I smirked, looking at the board she was working on. “Well if you’re going to stand there, be quiet,” she giggled, shaking her head. As I looked at the board, the photos were of her favourite things, places she has been and things she’s seen. I frowned as I saw no photos of her; or even her and I together. Knowing she wouldn’t agree with my idea, I decided to do it without telling her. I picked up her camera carefully off the table behind her. I moved closer to her and brought the camera in front of us. “Hey Y/N, I think you’re missing a photo of us. Smile,” I took a selfie of us. “You know I hate photos of me, Zayn,” she tried to be angry, but I saw her lips turn up into a smile. As I turned the camera around and saw the photo, I couldn’t take my eyes off her; she was beautiful; the sparkle in her eyes and the faint blush growing on her cheeks. “I look horrible don’t I,” she whispered and went back to her photos. “Of course not Y/N,” I replied, knowing she took my silence as a bad thing. I placed her camera back on the table. “Still on for our movie night?” I asked, changing the subject.“ She nodded, "I wouldn’t miss it for anything. My dorm?”

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