she told me to make that the caption


Luke and his kiddo 

‘Remember? When we were kids, Clary and I, you brought us here. We roasted marshmallows. Clary got one stuck in her hair. And Jocelyn had to cut it out. Yeah? Clary cried, like, the whole way home because she thought she looked like a boy. But you told her that she was still beautiful, and that you would always love her.’

anonymous asked:

hi do u have favorite vixx gif-makers here?

of course i do~! we have so many talented gif makers in our fandom~!

@chyogi Vola~! she makes beautiful high quality gifs and her colouring is gorgeous, sooo warm and very unique ♥ [x]

@saltykong Riri ♥ always makes gifs smooth and pretty. once even told me how she’s making them, but i’m pretty sure she uses some kind of magic anyway~~ [x]

@jongtaekwoon Selena ;;w;; i’m totally in love with her gifs, i’d like to my gifs look just like her ♥ AAAA+++ pretty hq gifs~! [x]

@hong-buns omg i’m pretty sure that you’ve seen and reblogged Anna’s gifs on tumblr even if you don’t know vixx lol. her gifsets always make me laugh like crazy! (thanks a lot ;/////) her sense of humor is gold and you can see it in her gifs (the captions and subtitles thoo~!!) i love it~~~♥♥ [x]

@royalbins a place filled with beautiful and clear gifs!! do you know how it is possible??? i don’t know too but i like it so much~~~♥ [x]

@kongsook​ hi, hello and welcome to the world of vivid hongbin gifs~!!! ♥ the colouring is original and beautiful ;;U;; [x]

@chahakyeo these gifs are nice&sharp~! almost like hongbin’s jawline XD so many details visible ♥♥ warm couloring [x]

@fan-girl-zone every time i see these gifs, i want to thank the author for making them but i don’t want to look like a scary stalker so…..ekhhmm! truly amazing and beautiful gifs ♥♥♥ [x]

@ravbin very unique, pastel/grayish gifs~! i like the aesthetic of these gifs [x]

@chained-up-taekwoon your daily dose of new vixx gifs~! i’m not even joking!! it really seems to me that she makes her gifs everyday ;;A;; [x

@vixxmyheart i know it may sound silly but the colours of subtitles added to Nina’s gifs are so pretty ;;A;; I LIKE THEM OKAY??? and the gifs itself are so beautiful~~~♥♥ [x

@wontaec can you smell it? the scent of wontaek gifs in the air??? i love these AA++ (very often dark) ideas~! the aesthetic tho ♥ [x]

@hugbin veeeeery smooth and pretty hongbin/leobin gifs~! ♥♥ [x]

@vixx-syndrome the most beautiful hakyeon gifs in the whole galaxy. that’s true, trust me! hakyeon’s gold skin looks so good in these gifs~~~♥ glowing skin~~ ♥ [x]

@at-taekwoons-mercy JUNG TAEKWOON IS EVERYWHERE! such a nice place to live lol jkjk you can find a lot of pretty leo gifs on Angeline’s blog~~ [x]

@hakyunie please teach me how to make gifs…….. THE QUALITY OF THESE GIFS IS AMAZING!!! ;;A;; i love everything about these gifs tbh, just look at them!! ahhhh~~ ♥ [x]

and also these gif makers make beautiful vixx gifs: @wonsiks-hamster-taek, @ravsik, @smilange, @shit-vixx-say, @sangthyug, @sprouthyuk, @hakyeons i hope i haven’t forgotten anyone ;;A;;

So I’m a closet WH player but I accidentally let slip to a friend but

this friend LOVES. MEMES. so instead of casually making fun of me normally, she proceeds to turn it into a meme and spam my phone with WH puns. Behold the following:





Me: ….. ok but how do you know all the boys’ names already


Me: …………………. I shouldn’t have asked.

And the crowing gem… a picture of my eye, zoomed in, with the meme caption: “I’M EYE-ING YOU EL-EYE-AS GOLDST-EYE-N”

For w-h-a-t-s-ername


@therealjacksepticeye So I was looking through comments on @markiplier’s “Afterlife: The Game” video today and I saw this comment thread, as shown in the first picture here. The last person there mentioned that he did some captions for your video of that game, so I went and checked on it. As I mention in my comment(in red, 2nd pic), he had in fact added a comment of his own into the captions. After I politely explained that he shouldn’t do that and that there are people who actually need those captions, someone else came along and told me to kill myself(although she later claimed it was a joke, as seen in the picture). The last person who has replied acknowledged that I made a good point, but says that she thinks the additions are funny anyway. So many people don’t understand how important it is to make accurate subtitles without any of these additions. I tried to explain it, but they just don’t get it. Something needs to be done about this.

(By the way sorry if the text in the pictures is too small to read. I think I covered everything important in my little rant though)

True story:

Recently I substitute taught for a first grade class and they were making slideshows about a field trip they had taken to the zoo, adding captions to photos they had taken. A little girl showed me her photograph of a toucan sitting in its nest and asked me “how d’you spell ‘a cute bed’?”

“A-c-u-t-e-b-e-d,” I told her.

She wrote it down then looked at me strangely. “But, how d'you spell ‘bed’?” she asked.

“That’s ‘b-e-d,’” I repeated.

“No, I mean, ‘behhhhd.’’

Uh. “That’s spelled ‘B’-’beh’-’E’-’eh’-’D’-’deh.’ ‘Bed.’”

“Nooo,” she said, “I’m from Austr-ah-lia.”

“OH!” I laughed. “B-i-r-d.”

V magazine:

“The Home record was a soundtrack I created especially for the film,” she says. “My eight studio album was a place for me to completely express myself creatively with no bounderies and try anything that I wanted.” It’s clear that fans are fiending for the album material for that very reason. When she cryptically instagrammed a Paolo Roversi-lensed record sleeve with caption “#March26,” many of her fans stayed up the entire night before, speculating on Twitter about when her new song, “Bitch Better Have My Money”, would hit.

The thing that made me fall in love with [‘FourFiveSeconds’] is the juxtaposition of the music and the lyrics,” she told V. “When you read the lyrics it’s a completely different song than what you are hearing. The music is easygoing, but the lyrical content is very loud and in your face. In performing this, the key was to make sure the aggression wasn’t lost.

Rihanna’s real power will be in reminding us her distinction as a vocalist, with her scratchy verses, wailing peaks and chesty depths, which harness new leels of grit and ferocity- no need for the bells and whistles of her previous productions. In this regard, the record achieves something rare: It maintains Rihanna’s ubiqutous pop dominance while stripping away the excess to arrive at some disarmingly straighforward.

“Dude, I’m in love with my interludes. This one called ‘James Joint’ is on constant repeat,” she told the magazine. “[The album is] soulful and aggressive, whether it’s lyrically, musically, or just the tone of my voice.” It’ll feature a few songs that have already come out including, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” “American Oxygen” and “FourFiveSeconds,” which she collaborated on with Paul McCartney and Kanye West.

So I just told my sister “ah I love aunt becky so much” and she was like “what? Who?”
It made me realise we have something that none of the girls who sing bad blood or write “darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” as their captions has.
We have this connection with Taylor and that what makes us Swifties and not just people who like her and her music. We have our jokes and our terms and our stuff and no one can take that away from us no matter how much they like Taylor and how loud they sing her songs.
I am so thankful for that and I am so glad Taylor is here with us and not just in our hearts. She’s literally here and that is so fascinating