she told me to make that the caption


Luke and his kiddo 

‘Remember? When we were kids, Clary and I, you brought us here. We roasted marshmallows. Clary got one stuck in her hair. And Jocelyn had to cut it out. Yeah? Clary cried, like, the whole way home because she thought she looked like a boy. But you told her that she was still beautiful, and that you would always love her.’


  The things that happened weren’t in order, but maybe in a pattern that you didn’t understood. Maybe it was a puzzle you solved long ago but chose to forget.

  Maybe it was the final show. Maybe it was the last time the curtain would close and you would bow.

  Maybe you were afraid of something you didn’t know all along up until now.

  Maybe it was the end right after it started.

  “Are you okay?”

  You greeted Harry the moment you walked into his office, his head bowed down before looking at you tiredly, a small smile on his face.

  His phone was mere inches away from him, his breathing slow and steady but there’s more to it, heaviness of emotion on the way he looks.

  “Tell me what happened.”

  “I’m okay, really.”

  You sighed, grabbing a stool and sitting beside him, your hand on his.


  “I — I have this friend. Named Alex. From Holmes Chapel.”

  He said suddenly, the words coming out of his lips with his hesitation, careful not to rush them because he was still racking his mind for the right words.

  “He had his girlfriend, together for three years to be exact. Told me every chance he could get that he’s completely in love with her. Even wanted to marry her.”

  Harry sat up, his eyes scrunching and intertwining his fingers together before clearing his throat to lighten the mood.

  “Then, at their 3rd year anniversary, he called me. Told me that she broke up with him. Already packed her things days prior and left on the day of it.”

  He closed his eyes, trying to remember every single detail that’s relevant.

  “Told me that they don’t talk anymore. Maybe not directly, but still kind of do. Like for example, through mutual friends, posts, captions, tweets and all that stuff. Then.”

  Harry dragged out the last word, making you wait.

  “Then, he called today. Said that she has a boyfriend, right on the day of their supposed 4th anniversary.”

  He rubbed his eyes that were slightly filled with tears, yawning. Your hands immediately in his shoulders as response.

  “Guess I’m just affected. Played a big part on my life, actually.”

  “What happened?”

  You said as soon as you bursted into the door of Harry’s office since his cries alarmed you, frustrated cries and groans and sobs were heard all the way downstairs and hearing him do all those pained you.

  He shook his head, his hands rubbing his eyes and his shoulders going up and down, his mind and self far from being okay.

  “Love, tell me. Shhh. Shhh.”

  You tried soothing him but it was no use, if anything, his cries became more violent to the point he was gasping for air, his heart hurting.

  “Look at me. No, no. Look at me.”

  He squeezed his eyes shut, a hand forming into a fist as he tried to take it all in, inhaling shakily.

  “She — she’s engaged.”

  You felt your heart dropping and your stomach twisting, the concern coming out of your chest since you didn’t know what to feel, feeling all the pieces come together.

  “You’re the Alex you were talking about?”

  You said it in a whisper yet you didn’t have a reason to, eyes stinging with tears that were threatening to fall.

  You finally cried after everything made sense but still didn’t, bringing your hands to your face and choking back a sob, your chest rising back and forth quickly.

  “I was a rebound?”

  Harry was unable to form his words since he found everything all of a sudden, all at the wrong time but even if it wasn’t, it’s still wrong and it made him upset even more, making him shake his head no weakly.

  “Then tell me, for fuck’s sake, just tell me where I stand in your life.”

  Your words were now broken and stuttered out, your mind racking for the reasons of how come you deserved this, frustrated when you didn’t find one.

  “I tried to fix you. Got broken in trying to.”

  You held up a finger to Harry, your breathing unstable and so is his, his eyes trained on the floor.

  “And this is what I get?”

  You gripped your hair, letting out a sound that was a mix of anger and sadness, more tears coming out by the second and a look of despair on your face.

  “I know I’m not her but why do you make it feel that I need to be?”

  You closed your eyes for what felt like seconds, the knot in your heart getting tighter with talking getting harder to do, the feel in your hands numbing.

  “After all this time, you couldn’t bring yourself to love me?”

  You weren’t particularly looking at anything, a fixed expression of straightness in your gaze overcoming you.

 "Even for a single moment?“

 You felt your all crash down, the stillness of your mind being completely interrupted with what you didn’t know, rendering what you feel useless.

  “I see you in everything. Every single thing. And I don’t know how to feel about that.”

  You chuckled humorlessly, feeling anything but happiness.

  “Guess I’m the only one who does that.”


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hi do u have favorite vixx gif-makers here?

of course i do~! we have so many talented gif makers in our fandom~!

@chyogi Vola~! she makes beautiful high quality gifs and her colouring is gorgeous, sooo warm and very unique ♥ [x]

@saltykong Riri ♥ always makes gifs smooth and pretty. once even told me how she’s making them, but i’m pretty sure she uses some kind of magic anyway~~ [x]

@jongtaekwoon Selena ;;w;; i’m totally in love with her gifs, i’d like to my gifs look just like her ♥ AAAA+++ pretty hq gifs~! [x]

@hong-buns omg i’m pretty sure that you’ve seen and reblogged Anna’s gifs on tumblr even if you don’t know vixx lol. her gifsets always make me laugh like crazy! (thanks a lot ;/////) her sense of humor is gold and you can see it in her gifs (the captions and subtitles thoo~!!) i love it~~~♥♥ [x]

@royalbins a place filled with beautiful and clear gifs!! do you know how it is possible??? i don’t know too but i like it so much~~~♥ [x]

@kongsook​ hi, hello and welcome to the world of vivid hongbin gifs~!!! ♥ the colouring is original and beautiful ;;U;; [x]

@chahakyeo these gifs are nice&sharp~! almost like hongbin’s jawline XD so many details visible ♥♥ warm couloring [x]

@fan-girl-zone every time i see these gifs, i want to thank the author for making them but i don’t want to look like a scary stalker so…..ekhhmm! truly amazing and beautiful gifs ♥♥♥ [x]

@ravbin very unique, pastel/grayish gifs~! i like the aesthetic of these gifs [x]

@chained-up-taekwoon your daily dose of new vixx gifs~! i’m not even joking!! it really seems to me that she makes her gifs everyday ;;A;; [x

@vixxmyheart i know it may sound silly but the colours of subtitles added to Nina’s gifs are so pretty ;;A;; I LIKE THEM OKAY??? and the gifs itself are so beautiful~~~♥♥ [x

@wontaec can you smell it? the scent of wontaek gifs in the air??? i love these AA++ (very often dark) ideas~! the aesthetic tho ♥ [x]

@hugbin veeeeery smooth and pretty hongbin/leobin gifs~! ♥♥ [x]

@vixx-syndrome the most beautiful hakyeon gifs in the whole galaxy. that’s true, trust me! hakyeon’s gold skin looks so good in these gifs~~~♥ glowing skin~~ ♥ [x]

@at-taekwoons-mercy JUNG TAEKWOON IS EVERYWHERE! such a nice place to live lol jkjk you can find a lot of pretty leo gifs on Angeline’s blog~~ [x]

@hakyunie please teach me how to make gifs…….. THE QUALITY OF THESE GIFS IS AMAZING!!! ;;A;; i love everything about these gifs tbh, just look at them!! ahhhh~~ ♥ [x]

and also these gif makers make beautiful vixx gifs: @wonsiks-hamster-taek, @ravsik, @smilange, @shit-vixx-say, @sangthyug, @sprouthyuk, @hakyeons i hope i haven’t forgotten anyone ;;A;;

Brad Simpson Imagine: You stay the night

REQUEST: Hay I love this blog could I have an imagine where you meet his family an stay the night an in the morning his mum say how cute the two of you are then you and his dad takes Jess for a walk my name is Sophia I have dirt blond hair and green/blue eyes x

Turning the corner to reveal my boyfriends house, I smiled. I’d been invited to go round and spend the night with him, seeing as his parents were going out with his sister and her boyfriend. He apparently didn’t want to go because he felt like he was third wheeling without me, so instead asked me to go and have a movie night with him, which I quickly accepted. 

Knocking on the door, a small smiley woman opened it and her face lit up when she saw me.
“Oh you must me (Y/N), ooooh Brad’s told me so much about you, I’m Brad’s Mum, come in come in!” She hugged me tightly and then beckoned for me to go into the house.Cleaning my feet on the door mat, a big golden retriever came bounding up to me. 
“Hey there Jesse” I giggled, stroking her soft mane.
“She likes you” His mum smiled
“Jesse in here now please” A man shouted from the kitchen
“Oh hello there (y/n) and how are you?”
“I’m really well thankyou, how are you?”
“All the better for seeing you” He smiled
“Well aren’t you just the prettiest little thing, oooh my boy has done a good job finding a little stunner like you…”
“Muuuuum, shhh” a familiar accent said coming down the stairs.
“Hey there Bradley” I smiled
“What’s up buttercup” He laughed

Brad led me into the Kitchen, where his mum and dad were getting ready. We made some snacks and then went into the living room where we were going to be watching movies for the night. I ran up into Brad’s room to fetch some blankets while he sorted out the films we were going to be watching. Walking back into the living room, Brad was spread out on the sofa and there was nowhere else for me to sit. Brad looked at me and patted the sofa in front of him. Not denying his request, I snuggled into him with the blankets around us. 
“See you guys later!” His mum shouted
“See you, have a nice night” I replied
The door slammed and Brad and I were alone.
“Looks like you’ve made a really good impression on my mum”
“Brad she’s lovely! and I am particularly fond of your dog too” I laughed
Jesse was in her bed, settled in at the side of Brad. Our movie night started, and we watched everything from Pitch Perfect to The Woman in Black. Listening to Brad scream like a girl at the horror films definitely made my night. As the night went on, my eyes became heavier and I could feel myself drifting, I knew I wasn’t staying the night but I couldn’t leave Brad on his own, then I…..
“Aw look at these two love bugs” a voice said
As my eyes fluttered open, the daylight from the window blinded me and I saw the silhouette of a young girl. As she became clearer I could see that she looked a lot like Brad, so I presumed that it was his older sister. Hearing a groan from behind me, I looked down to see Brad’s arm around me and his face nuzzled into my neck. We must’ve fallen asleep last night. 
“Shut it Nat” Brad mumbled
“I don’t want to move” he whispered in my ear
Suddenly there was the sound of a camera click and Nat giggling. 
“That’s definitely going online” she giggled, leaving the room
“NAAAAAT….” Brad groaned “She’s always that annoying”

After waking up a little, we made our way into the kitchen. I was still in the clothes from yesterday so Brad gave me one of his hoodies and a pair of his sweatpants. Surprisingly, the sweat pants fitted me perfectly but the hoodie was a little too oversized. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and began to make breakfast for the family. 
“Do you know how attractive you look wearing my clothes” Brad mumbled in my ear, placing little kisses on my neck
“Not here Bradley” I giggled as he tickled my sides, forcing me to turn around and place my arms around his neck, placing a kiss on his lips as our foreheads touched. 
“Brad, stop with the PDA for goodness sake man” Nat laughed
“Leave them alone, god they’re adorable” His mum said walking in behind.
Brad’s face went bright red as he returned to helping me prepare the breakfast. All of a sudden, both of our phones beeped and we checked to see that we’d both been tagged in a post by Nat on Twitter. There were two photos, one of Brad and I sleeping and another of us hugging in the Kitchen with the caption ’My two little love bugs’. 

The breakfasts I made for the family were widely complimented, apparently I do actually make really good pancakes. Brad went upstairs to take a  phone call from his manager whilst his parents went into the living room to watch the television. I stayed behind in the kitchen to clear things up. 
“Need any help?” Nat asked
“Oh yes please, if you wouldn’t mind”
Coming next to me, she dried the dishes whilst I washed them and we talked. Nat told me a lot about what Brad was like when he was little and she said that I was the only girl Brad had ever seemed genuinely happy with. We also had a little bit of a water fight, which was stopped by Brad’s mum, ending up with us both in giggles of laughter on the floor.
“Listen, do you want to borrow some of my things to get changed into? I mean you’re probably going to be spending the day here and it’ll save you putting the stuff you wore yesterday back on”
“Are you sure Nat?”
“Of course, c'mon!”
Nat led me up to her room where she let me borrow a pair of tights and a really cute dress along with a burgundy cardigan. Nat had such a good dress sense.
“Wow, Nat your wardrobe is amazing, man I wish I could dress like you”
“We’ll have to go shopping some time, it’ll be fun!” She smiled
Leaving me in her room to get changed, do my hair and my make up, I went back downstairs and sat in the living room with Brad’s family as they asked me questions about myself as well as Brad. 
“Urgh” Brad groaned, flopping himself on the sofa
“Sup?” asked his Mum
“Joe needs me to go to the studio to record the last verse vocal for Can We Dance but I wanted to spend the day with (y/n)”
“Awwwwwww” Nat cooed
“NAT!” He shouted
“Jeez soz” she laughed
“Brad go” I smiled
“Yeah but…”
“Brad, (y/n) is right, Your mum and Nat are going shopping for food, and I’m going to take Jesse for a walk around the park, (y/n) can join me…that’s if you’d like too (y/n)”
“I’d love too!” I smiled

That was decided, Brad’s mum drove Brad to the studio and then was going straight for the shopping. Brad’s Dad put the lead on Jesse as I put my converse on and we started off on our walk. I’m not going to lie, it was a little awkward at first, but we bonded and we talked a lot about different things. 
“Brad’s smitten with you”
“He is?”
“You’re his world, you’re the only thing he speaks about, he idolises you and, well, I just want to thank you for making my son so happy”
“It’s my pleasure” I smiled
“Cm'ere” He said, pulling me in for a hug.
We finished our walk and returned back to the house where Nat and Brad’s Mum had already arrived home with the shopping. Brad then got in from the studio and cuddled up to me on the sofa whilst we all watched the latest episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

this girl in my year posted a photo of her on a balcony at a shopping centre, captioning it: “i’m seriously gonna jump.”

i messaged her to see if she was okay, and i told her that i was there for her if she ever needed anything. she replied, thanking me for checking up on her because that’s all she needed. one action - my action - saved a girls life. it doesn’t take long to check up on someone; just to make sure that everything’s alright in their life. you could save someone.

dummy // osshun gum

genre: fluff/angst

summary: you were upset that you had to hide your identity and your relationship with hamin from the public. hamin doesn’t like seeing you upset,so he decides to come clean to his fans about having a girlfriend..

he walked closely alongside you,the eyes of the public not giving the two of you mercy. no holding of hands,not even a protective arm around you. you pulled up your mask,in hopes of covering more of your face to hide your identity. you cowered in fear and your eyes met the ground as you continued walking.

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[Femslash February]: Valentine’s Day

*posts the valentine’s day prompt two weeks after valentine’s day*

this is the last prompt for alyanette though! tomorrow is a new week of prompts with a new femslash pairing. wonder which one it’ll be….? (i actually do not have the answer to this question pretend i’m being clever and secretive)

Day 14: Valentine’s Day (Alyanette)

Words: 1949

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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Somewhere in the back of Marinette’s head, she knew she should’ve heard her phone alarm by now. She was supposed to have set it for half an hour so that she’d have enough time to get ready for school and actually make it on time. It certainly felt like half an hour had already passed. Probably time to start getting dressed. 

Or. She could….not do that.

Yeah. That sounded better. 

Alya laughed. “I think you left your phone on Do Not Disturb again. It’s definitely been over half an hour.”

Marinette quieted her with another kiss, smiling when Alya groaned into her mouth at the feel of Marinette’s nails dragging along Alya’s back, pushing her tank top up inch by inch and revealing more warm skin for her fingers to knead into. “Alarm didn’t go off, doesn’t mean we have to get ready,” she muttered against her lips. 

“That….is a very poor argument,” Alya countered. 

“I can give you a better one.” She leaned up and trapped Alya’s bottom lip in between her own, gently biting down until Alya sighed out, growled a curse that Marinette didn’t quite hear, and kissed her back harder. Marinette smiled as she licked along Alya’s lips and moaned when Alya’s tongue slid gently against hers, making her toes curl into the sheets of her bed and grip the backs of Alya’s thighs. She could feel Alya tangling her fingers in her hair and only briefly bemoaned the hard time she was going to have combing out the tangles later. She was about to tell Alya to calm down with it, but then she started shifting and moving her hips against Marinette’s, and all coherent thought had zipped out of her head. She finished kicking her sheets and comforters to the foot of her bed to give them more room while she marveled out how her body was shivering and burning all at the same time. 

Marinette was barely aware of Alya’s cell phone ringing next to the pillows piled around them. Alya scrambled around for it blindly, answered the call, and put the call on speaker phone. Marinette took advantage of Alya’s distraction and started kissing, licking, and nipping down the side of Alya’s neck. She snickered when Alya accidentally let out a moan and shifted away from the slap Alya left on her shoulder. “This better be good.”

You were the one who told me to call you twenty minutes before school started,” Adrien defended over the phone. “I have done that.”

Ugh, school is starting to sound increasingly more unappealing the more the morning goes on.” Alya bit her lip and sighed out her nose when Marinette started leaving small love bites on her collarbone. “Make sure I can cover those up later,” she whispered. 

“No promises,” Marinette smirked. 

Oh my God, are you guys making out?”

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The exposrexposrexposr-tumblr-com blog does have some points. They do find proof on Amy lying. I don't think she the reasons for Daniels suicide tho.

where did she lie??? the only points I found of her lying were like. to do with her saying she isn’t comfortable on camera but she still makes videos (which makes sense, because fuck as soon as I turn my camera on I get panicked and I highkey can’t breathe for a sec, but nobody’s told me I look uncomfortable on camera??? and I still. keep making videos like.) the only other point was that she said she didn’t have body confidence and then she posted a pic of her in a swimsuit (captioned something like ‘preemptively regrets posting this’) which is also dumb bc I have low body confidence but y'all know every once in a while you get enough confidence to post a selfie in a swimsuit bc you feel cute so like

This is the first time I’m talking about this in public, but I think this needs to be addressed somehow.
Today I’ve come into contact with a sasaeng that’s living in Korea. She is a japanese girl, but I’m not here to talk shit about her as a person herself or make an shitstorm etc happen; this information is all that you need.
Today she uploaded a video, it’s pitch black and all you can hear is a male screaming. So, my korean is limited, but the voice wasn’t too far away. It was something about, ‘지금은…가/꺄!!“, 'Now…leave!’ (at least to my ears), where leave was literally screamed really, really loudly and throughout pure rage. It was Chanyeol, in her opinion.
At first, I didn’t think so. On some parts, it doesn’t sound like him at all, on other it’s 100% his voice. I’m confident to say that I should distinguish his voice as him being my absolute favourite in korean pop music since 2012.
Nevertheless, I wrote underneath the video, that it doesn’t even sound like him, but a random male yelling and that this account is pure entertainment, last one not meaning that I enjoy what she does (she posts phone number lists from like almost every idol group that is there and passport photos), but that I personally speaking just hope it’s a huge lie and that she actually isn’t terrorizing them with her friends (later on that "friends” part) and is an attention seeker.
Still, I took this whole thing serious, her probably being a sasaeng. She answered me and wrote tons of 'hahahaha’ and 'that’s because you don’t know anything.’ I was like okay gurl chill. I told her, that she should explain this and what had happened. She calmed down and normally replied, 'We had waited 4 hours infront of their dorm to make them finally come out and Chanyeol was the one who got mad at us.’ Noticing how she says 'We had waited…’? I guess she had some sick meet-up with her friends.
The caption of her post is 'omg he got mad’, following in japanese 'this is the first time he got mad at us’, which could indicate that they had done this way more often.
I started talking to another girl in the comment section, who was also strongly against this whole thing.
Now comes the thing. The girl and I said that if it is real, it will hopefully gain enough attention by the public and official people will do something against it. It can only be illegal. Everyone has his/her own privacy and even though I don’t know about the laws of South Korea, here in my country depending on what exactly you did, you can get into jail for this for a few years.
Suddenly, she deleted all her answer to me, but addressed me again, saying “Report me to the police then hahaha If you say one word I’m going to hack your ugly account and spread myself there too, making people think you’re a sasaeng.” I wasn’t impressed and layzily replied, “Okay, whatever you wanna do miss.” Again, she deleted all what she said and I went on with trying to sleep since I am typing this at midnight and I’m super sick and tired.
I couldn’t get sleep and opened my instagram. I couldn’t log in and went into my other account. Now, my caption on my personal account was “hacked” and 1 photo of exo, 1 photo of my 24K bias, 1 photo of Baekhyun and 3 Chanyeol photos have been deleted from my 'history’.
Afterwards I sent an email to myself and changed my password, the account’s back to me.
This was one of the creepiest things ever in my whole life. Don’t mess with sick people.

Someone commented, that Chanyeol yelled “가만히 있어 새끼야!” , which means something like “Stop (or stay still), assholes!” As said once again, by korean is limited, but this is a pretty simple sentence.
In any other situation I’d find him cursing probably hot, but this just makes me worry.

I will send this video to every damn facebook page that posts about K-Pop and is famous that I know. I want it to raise awareness. I want SM to be forced to say or do something, making these crazy bastard so damn scared, that they’ll never do something like that again and other sasaengs of other groups won’t commit it either.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day and that your bias can sleep tight without worrying about sasaengs.

- May

EDIT: She is rumored to be the girl that hacked Sehun a while ago. Also, she had posted a video before and the caption says, that she doesn’t care if we think it is true or not, stating that she had given the numbers to over 15 people now and connected them with Kakao Talk and Facebook, where it proofed to be right.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was freaking out at @toonablog​ about one of the compliments i got on my art recently and she told me to post the reaction image i made and I REALLY HATE HER SO MUCH RIGHT NOW but i will confirm that 10000% of the time you compliment me this is pretty much my reaction

I just want to take a minute and thank one of my friends for truly standing up for me in a moment when I could not have felt any smaller..

Let me tell you guys the background..

When I get sick (it can be a cold, a flu…anything) usually one of the first things to get stopped up or congested is my ears. I am prone to ear infections and my hearing tends to be lower than it is when I am not sick. Now I can still hear but it is harder for me and I have to try a little harder and people are not always that understanding. My friend and I are watching Netflix and we had a couple other people over and this friend of mine has known me since 7th grade so she obviously knows about my hearing loss… the other people were friends of hers and didn’t know me as well so they did not know about it.

Now I had messaged my friend because I didn’t want to ask her to turn on captions out loud so I texted her and said “Hey, I’m having a hard time hearing the show and we can’t have the volume too loud. Would you mind turning on the captions?” She did it with no problem until one of the asshats decides to say “Why are the captions on, I want to hear the show not read it”. I got up to leave because I was annoyed and she looks at her friend and says “Then leave. If you can’t understand that some people can’t hear as well as the rest of us then you are worse than I thought.”

I was in utter shock… So asshat left with the other one who remained silent and I looked at my friend and told her she didn’t have to say that. She tells me she did because if someone doesn’t teach them they’ll never learn. And I hugged her because she may not always make the best decisions but I do know that she will always have my back when I feel like I can’t stand up for myself.

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Can you make a gif reaction of CNBLUE?? when you suprise them at their concert??

Oh su~~re!


Yonghwa: So sweet of her~

[then sexay winks for you when he`s on stage]

External image

Jonghyun: What do you mean ~~~~ is here? She told me she would be busy today

Minhyuk: [no caption required :D]

Jungshin: That lady looks familiar… she looks similar to my girlfriend…

Oh wait, she is my girlfriend :o

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Cr. To gif owners)

Teasing {Audrey x Reader}

Warning: Swearing

You wanted to see your girlfriend. But she had work so you were home alone.  You called Brooke up as a fluke. “Hello biatch.”  she answered. “Hahaha.” You fake laughed.  “Where is Audrey on this fine evening?” She asked you. “At work, unfortunately.” You told her. It really was unfortunate, you were feeling really good about yourself tonight.  Which didn’t happen often.   You told this to Brooke.

“Give me a few seconds.” She said to you. She hung up and of course came through your window.  You were neighbors and you could just crawl through. “I know what we need to do about this.” You gave her a confused look.  Then she got right to the point.

“Audrey has been really horny lately.  Like seriously.  She told me. But you should send her a really sexy video.  I can help you with that. And she’ll be here in seconds. "  She hooked you up with a black lace bra and black lace panties and did your make up to look really sexy. 

You look the video and sent it to her on Snapchat to the song work by fifth harmony. You bit your lip and everything. The caption was, just showing you what you are missing. You saved the video for safe keeping.  "I should go before she gets here and fucks you in front of me. Have fun."  She said. You heard a ding come from your phone.  Love of my Life: That was mean, you better be wearing that when I get there.   You laughed. 

A few minutes later, she walked through the door.  In her uniform and skinny jeans. You were still in the outfit. She threw her bag across the room and grabbed your face. "Why are you so fucking sexy?” She grabbed your ass with both hands and you jumped up. You were now up against the wall your legs around her waist, making out.

She threw you onto the bed and got on top of you, breathing really heavy. You run your hands through her freshly cut hair.  This is what you loved.  You loved her. You rubbed her through her skinny jeans, making her moan.  You sucked on her neck.  You took off her top.  

It was really heated. Sweaty. And you were happy. It was over, and that was the worst part of the whole thing  You lade next to her naked body with  yours.  You kissed her head and she smiled at you. 

She heard her phone vibrate and she got up.  Suddenly her smile went to a frustrated frown.  “What’s wrong?” you asked.  She showed you her screen.  The killer contacted.  It read: Thanks for the juicy footage girls. And then it was us fully naked having sex in the video.  

“That bastard.” She said.   

Sorry I haven’t been posting I got my cavity filled yesterday. I’ve been super tired. But I’m back and ready for requests after last nights  episode. I think that I might do a Brooke series along with my Audrey series?

Imagine recent-canon!established-relationship!chansoo (finally some canon)

They seem to be so far apart all the time. Kyungsoo is doing film after film. Even when they’re physically together as a group, his mind is still focused on learning scripts, reading notes. And Chanyeol has his own things to do too. He’s got variety shows and music shows to tape, he’s got his new movie gig in China. They rarely see each other and it feels like they’re drifting.

It’s not the same like it used to be, when they were constantly doing things together, moving as a group, never deviating from the flock. Chanyeol knows that it’s natural to be not as close to someone when you see them less often, when you’re both always so tired you can’t even be bothered to talk much.

They almost never have time to themselves. When they do, things just get physical so quickly because they miss being close to each other so much. Chanyeol wishes they’d sit next to each other quietly and talk too. But what happens more often than not is that they try to fall asleep as soon as possible afterwards, because with such packed schedules, sleep is precious and they can’t afford to lose strength and fall sick.

Maybe when they both get back from filming, maybe they’ll get to spend some time just being together. Maybe then he’ll get to feel closer to Kyungsoo again. Maybe Kyungsoo will hold him close again, kiss his temple as he falls asleep in his arms. If their schedules allow. If Kyungsoo has the time. If Kyungsoo wants to. Maybe.

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So I’m a closet WH player but I accidentally let slip to a friend but

this friend LOVES. MEMES. so instead of casually making fun of me normally, she proceeds to turn it into a meme and spam my phone with WH puns. Behold the following:





Me: ….. ok but how do you know all the boys’ names already


Me: …………………. I shouldn’t have asked.

And the crowing gem… a picture of my eye, zoomed in, with the meme caption: “I’M EYE-ING YOU EL-EYE-AS GOLDST-EYE-N”


@therealjacksepticeye So I was looking through comments on @markiplier’s “Afterlife: The Game” video today and I saw this comment thread, as shown in the first picture here. The last person there mentioned that he did some captions for your video of that game, so I went and checked on it. As I mention in my comment(in red, 2nd pic), he had in fact added a comment of his own into the captions. After I politely explained that he shouldn’t do that and that there are people who actually need those captions, someone else came along and told me to kill myself(although she later claimed it was a joke, as seen in the picture). The last person who has replied acknowledged that I made a good point, but says that she thinks the additions are funny anyway. So many people don’t understand how important it is to make accurate subtitles without any of these additions. I tried to explain it, but they just don’t get it. Something needs to be done about this.

(By the way sorry if the text in the pictures is too small to read. I think I covered everything important in my little rant though)

Ex Drama- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


I sat in bed, scrolling through Twitter on my laptop when I got a bunch of notifications. I had a relatively large following on Twitter, but only got a bunch of notifications when my boyfriend Nate would tweet to me or something.

Thinking Nate had mentioned me in something I clicked on the notifications only to be redirected to the Twitter of Nate’s ex. I groaned as I prepared myself to see what nonsense she had been tweeting. I knew it had to be something big if fans were tagging me in it.

Some of the tweets were about how she was selling an old promise ring Nate had bought her way back when and how a twelve year old
would probably buy it. Other tweets were saying how embarrassed she was to say that she ever dated Nate.

“Ungrateful bitch.” I murmured.

“Who are you calling a bitch?” Nate asked. I lifted my head to see Nate standing in front of the bed.

“Come here, look at this.” I told him.

Nate sat on the bed and read through his exes tweets. I eyed his every facial expression. He did not look too pleased.

“Yo fuck her. She’s so bitter it’s ridiculous.” Nate said closing the laptop, focusing his attention on me.

I nodded, not knowing what to say.

“I’m honestly so glad she’s out of my life, because it led me to you. And you know what she can sell that ring, because at the end of the day I have something better… You.” Nate told me squeezing my hand.

I smiled. As much as I knew how badly his ex had fucked him over and broke his heart, I was happy that he wasn’t worrying about her.

“I love you.” I told him.

“And I love you.” He replied as he pulled out his phone.

I opened my laptop back up, opening a new tab to check my email. Within a few minutes I noticed a bunch of notifications pop up on the tab.

Confused, I went to Twitter to see that Nate had posted a recent picture of the two of us with the caption. “She makes me happier than you’ll ever know.”

I looked at Nate, who was grinning.

“You didn’t have to do that, to prove to your fans that’s you’re okay or to her.” I told him.

“Well they deserve to know how happy I am. Plus, I haven’t posted about you in awhile, it was perfect timing.” Nate told me.

“Well, I’m sure your fans will be overjoyed to know you’re not letting this ex drama get to you. ” I told him.

True story:

Recently I substitute taught for a first grade class and they were making slideshows about a field trip they had taken to the zoo, adding captions to photos they had taken. A little girl showed me her photograph of a toucan sitting in its nest and asked me “how d’you spell ‘a cute bed’?”

“A-c-u-t-e-b-e-d,” I told her.

She wrote it down then looked at me strangely. “But, how d'you spell ‘bed’?” she asked.

“That’s ‘b-e-d,’” I repeated.

“No, I mean, ‘behhhhd.’’

Uh. “That’s spelled ‘B’-’beh’-’E’-’eh’-’D’-’deh.’ ‘Bed.’”

“Nooo,” she said, “I’m from Austr-ah-lia.”

“OH!” I laughed. “B-i-r-d.”