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Luke and his kiddo 

‘Remember? When we were kids, Clary and I, you brought us here. We roasted marshmallows. Clary got one stuck in her hair. And Jocelyn had to cut it out. Yeah? Clary cried, like, the whole way home because she thought she looked like a boy. But you told her that she was still beautiful, and that you would always love her.’


  The things that happened weren’t in order, but maybe in a pattern that you didn’t understood. Maybe it was a puzzle you solved long ago but chose to forget.

  Maybe it was the final show. Maybe it was the last time the curtain would close and you would bow.

  Maybe you were afraid of something you didn’t know all along up until now.

  Maybe it was the end right after it started.

  “Are you okay?”

  You greeted Harry the moment you walked into his office, his head bowed down before looking at you tiredly, a small smile on his face.

  His phone was mere inches away from him, his breathing slow and steady but there’s more to it, heaviness of emotion on the way he looks.

  “Tell me what happened.”

  “I’m okay, really.”

  You sighed, grabbing a stool and sitting beside him, your hand on his.


  “I — I have this friend. Named Alex. From Holmes Chapel.”

  He said suddenly, the words coming out of his lips with his hesitation, careful not to rush them because he was still racking his mind for the right words.

  “He had his girlfriend, together for three years to be exact. Told me every chance he could get that he’s completely in love with her. Even wanted to marry her.”

  Harry sat up, his eyes scrunching and intertwining his fingers together before clearing his throat to lighten the mood.

  “Then, at their 3rd year anniversary, he called me. Told me that she broke up with him. Already packed her things days prior and left on the day of it.”

  He closed his eyes, trying to remember every single detail that’s relevant.

  “Told me that they don’t talk anymore. Maybe not directly, but still kind of do. Like for example, through mutual friends, posts, captions, tweets and all that stuff. Then.”

  Harry dragged out the last word, making you wait.

  “Then, he called today. Said that she has a boyfriend, right on the day of their supposed 4th anniversary.”

  He rubbed his eyes that were slightly filled with tears, yawning. Your hands immediately in his shoulders as response.

  “Guess I’m just affected. Played a big part on my life, actually.”

  “What happened?”

  You said as soon as you bursted into the door of Harry’s office since his cries alarmed you, frustrated cries and groans and sobs were heard all the way downstairs and hearing him do all those pained you.

  He shook his head, his hands rubbing his eyes and his shoulders going up and down, his mind and self far from being okay.

  “Love, tell me. Shhh. Shhh.”

  You tried soothing him but it was no use, if anything, his cries became more violent to the point he was gasping for air, his heart hurting.

  “Look at me. No, no. Look at me.”

  He squeezed his eyes shut, a hand forming into a fist as he tried to take it all in, inhaling shakily.

  “She — she’s engaged.”

  You felt your heart dropping and your stomach twisting, the concern coming out of your chest since you didn’t know what to feel, feeling all the pieces come together.

  “You’re the Alex you were talking about?”

  You said it in a whisper yet you didn’t have a reason to, eyes stinging with tears that were threatening to fall.

  You finally cried after everything made sense but still didn’t, bringing your hands to your face and choking back a sob, your chest rising back and forth quickly.

  “I was a rebound?”

  Harry was unable to form his words since he found everything all of a sudden, all at the wrong time but even if it wasn’t, it’s still wrong and it made him upset even more, making him shake his head no weakly.

  “Then tell me, for fuck’s sake, just tell me where I stand in your life.”

  Your words were now broken and stuttered out, your mind racking for the reasons of how come you deserved this, frustrated when you didn’t find one.

  “I tried to fix you. Got broken in trying to.”

  You held up a finger to Harry, your breathing unstable and so is his, his eyes trained on the floor.

  “And this is what I get?”

  You gripped your hair, letting out a sound that was a mix of anger and sadness, more tears coming out by the second and a look of despair on your face.

  “I know I’m not her but why do you make it feel that I need to be?”

  You closed your eyes for what felt like seconds, the knot in your heart getting tighter with talking getting harder to do, the feel in your hands numbing.

  “After all this time, you couldn’t bring yourself to love me?”

  You weren’t particularly looking at anything, a fixed expression of straightness in your gaze overcoming you.

 "Even for a single moment?“

 You felt your all crash down, the stillness of your mind being completely interrupted with what you didn’t know, rendering what you feel useless.

  “I see you in everything. Every single thing. And I don’t know how to feel about that.”

  You chuckled humorlessly, feeling anything but happiness.

  “Guess I’m the only one who does that.”


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Sorry Not Sorry|T.Holland Imagine

Series:Tell Me You Love Me 

Song(s):Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato 

Warning:Mention of cheating and some swearing 

Summary:She goes out seeking revenge on her ex only to land her right into the arms of no other than Tom Holland himself

Pay back is a bad bitch

Where the word she had left Joe with a couple months ago, since then she had completely changed her appearance. Some would say she did it out of spite, while others would say she did it for herself. After years of being unappreciated in a relationship it does something to you.  She had given her all to this man who wanted nothing more then to treat her like the scum on the bottom of his shoes, and she was back and better then ever. Those extra hours in the gym paid off as she slipped on the skin tight black dress she had bought a couple months back.

Her lips where painted a cherry red, along with her long nails. Her hair was left in loose messy curls, as her smile was bright once she entered the club. She knew he’d be here tonight, it was a friends party and if she played her cards right she’d have him right where she wanted. Now she wasn’t stupid, she’d never go back to his sorry ass but she wanted him to feel what she had the moment he’d left her, but most importantly she wanted him to see just what he was missing.

The night had been going perfectly, she had wished her friend a happy birthday, along with a sweet card and a gift card to his favorite game shop. Now she was three shots in and sweaty mess on the dance floor. her cheeks were flushed, and her feet where aching but she didn’t mind. This was the most fun she’s had a few weeks and she was more then willing to take advantage of the free alcohol and the eye candy surely wasn’t that bad.

Four songs later, she excused herself and walked over to the bar where she met him. She smiled warmly at him, before ordering her drink. “I haven’t seen you around before..” She stated as she took a seat besides him as he smiled.

“I came with a friend..” He stated as she nodded her head. Thanking the guy at the bar, she took the black straw between her lips as her eyes scanned the room finally landing on his. This was the first time he saw him in person, and she felt the same emotions surface that she felt the day she had found out what he had done.

“Hey you okay?” He asked as he followed her gaze before it all clicked in his mind. He knew who she was, well he heard of her. He vaguely remembers Harrison talking about on of his friends cheating on this fine bird back in the beginning of the year. Tom remembers the anger that radiated off his best friends body once he had found out, and now sitting her besides her he felt sorry.  “He’s not worth it ya know..” He spoke as she looked at him.

“What?” She spoke so softly he nearly didn’t catch it from the sound of the bass running through the speakers of the room. Her eyes not once leaving his warm brown once as he gave her a small closed lip smile.

“I know what happened..” He said slowly buy loud enough for her to hear. Her body froze, how was it a stranger knew. Then it all kinda just clicked, the angry increased to an overwhelming degree. He watched as he threw back the rest of her drink, her eyes suddenly darken and a cold laugh escaped her lips.

“Of course you do, everyone does..” She spat as he moved away from her a bit. He certainly wasn’t expecting that reaction but then again a stranger just told her he knows she was cheated on. Most defiantly not a good first impression.

Way to go Tom, make the pretty lady angry at ya.

“Hey, hey..” He mumbled as he pulled her into his chest. She fought for a bit, only making his grip tighten. “Harrison told me..” He added as she relaxed into his embrace. She hugged him tighter for the first time having someone actually comfort her instead of giving her the It’ll be alright speech.

“Bet he also told you, how everyone but myself knew..” She stated as Tom pulled away and gave her a soft smile pressing a kiss onto her forehead. “God I’m a mess, and I didn’t even introduce myself..”

“Well I’m Spider-man..” He winked causing a smile to form on her lips.

“Well Spider-man hate to break it to you but Caption America is my fav..” She stated as he let out a gasp making her giggle at him. “But my names Y/N..” She finished as he chuckled and stood up holding a hand out for her to take.

“Well come on then, maybe I can change your mind. I mean I do shoot webs and stuff..” He stated a she pulled her up and into his body. “But you can call me Tom, darling..” He whispered in her ear as he took her onto the dance floor where they met up with Harrison who gave Tom a cheeky look, and Y/N a bright smile.

She couldn’t control the laugh that escaped her lips as she watched Tom painfully shake his hips to the song, as he wiggled his eyebrows at her. Taken her arms he pulled her into him, she lost her balance as he stumbled back pulling her closer to him as his back collided with someone. Steading them on their feet Tom turned around to apologize before the person spoke making Y/N’s blood run cold, and Tom’s grip to tighten around her body.



Tom frowned as he watched the guys eyes scan her body and a smirk to be placed on his lips. She moved in Tom’s arms as, Joe’s eyes moved to where Tom’s hand was placed. The smirk was insanity wiped from his face, as a proud one was placed on Tom’s face. He pulled you closer, making her hand rest on his chest.

“I can see you found someone new..” He stated as she looked down not knowing what to say. Tom took this chance to save her from whatever she was going to say by placing a soft kiss next to her ear whispering or her to go along with it.  “You’re not much anyways…” He chuckled as Tom’s jaw locked from those words.

“Excuse me?” He asked taken back and blinking rapidly as Joe shrugged raising the cup to his lips with a smirk on his lips. she knew he had ill intent from the moment he had said her name.

Though he was the one cheated, he never fully comprehend the fact that she had been the one to end their relationship. For as long a she could remember she knew he liked to have the upper hand in everything and it killed his ego to know he was the one that got dumped and not the other way around.
“She’s just not much of a prize is all..” He added as Tom let go of her. She watched as his fist was soon connecting to Joe’s jaw. Harrison rushed over, pull Y/N away and into one of her friends arms as he rushed over to Tom who was shouting and swing punches at her ex who was shocked, but had quickly recovered fighting back.

“Don’t you ever, and I mean ever contact her again you prick. She deserves so much better than a piece of shit like you. She’s better without so how about you do us all a favor and leave before I change my mind and do a number worse..” He spat through his teeth, as Joe grumbled and pushed pass her on his way out as a smirk finally worked its way onto her face seeing him walk away.

“HEY JOE?” She shouted as he turned to look at her. “TOLD YA, PAY BACK IS A BAD BITCH!” She finished with a wink as she went over to Tom hugging as he smiled down at her placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

Long Distance // Grayson Dolan


REQUESTED: @infamous-666girl

and btw I wondered if you could do an imagine about how you have long distance relationship with G and he comes and surprises you?

A/N: I always see imagines in major cities so for all of my imagines I’m going to try and show off the states that don’t get lots of attention in Imagines. We people living in small states need to feel appreciated to! 

Also gonna start to try and post every day at 10 am eastern time. 

The sun was high up in the sky and the clouds were scattered about revealing the blue hidden by them for so long. This was the first sunny day in weeks that your city has had. 

It was also summer so you didn’t understand why your weather was acting up but then again you lived in Indiana. The state with the most bipolar weather. Despite it being a beautiful day you stayed cooped up in your room watching your boyfriend and his twin brothers youtube videos. Grayson and you have been in a long distance relationship for about six months now. The two of you have thought of visiting one another but never actually set a solid date for it to happen. You two met through twitter when you dm’d him your number but you never thought that in a million years he would call you. 

“Y/N!” Your mom yelled from downstairs. Groaning you put their video on pause and went to walk down the stairs. 

“Yes?” You called from the top of the stairs wondering what errand she was going to send you on. 

“Can you go to the grocery store to get me a few things? Oh and also I need you to go return this because it isn’t the correct one,” your mom instructed while waving for you to come down the stairs. You noticed she had this weird look on her face but you shrugged it off thinking it was just her..well being weird. 

Once your feet planted on the last stair she gave you her long list of groceries and the item she wanted returned. Your mother was taking full advantage of you having your license. 

“Oh I also need you here at exactly four o’clock. Don’t be late.” 

Furrowing your eyebrows you nodded your head and kissed her goodbye. 

Grabbing the car keys you looked at your reflection in the mirror and decided that the shorts and baggy t-shirt you had on was decent enough. You had on no make-up and your hair was up in a messy bun because you were to lazy to actually do anything today. 

Little did you know that the moment you walked in through the doors of your house a special boy would be there. 

Parking your car in your driveway you turned the ignition off your car. Getting out you noticed that your mom had all the curtains closed and the lights were off. 

“That’s weird,” you mumbled to yourself as you began to gather up all the bags. Closing the door with your hip you walked up to your house door and unlocked it. 

Pushing it open with your leg you turned on the light with your elbow and noticed rose petals scatted all over the hall and up the stairs. 

“What the fuck,” you whispered

“Mom!” You yelled hoping that she wasn’t doing something that you didn’t want to see. 

Setting the bags on the dining table you stared at the rose petals and decided to follow them. As you walked up the stairs you noticed a full rose on all eleven steps. Picking them up as you made your way upstairs you furrowed your eyes as the petals ended by your door. 

Titling your head back in confusion you turned the door-knob and pushed your door open. 

“Oh my gosh,” you gasped out while throwing a hand over your mouth in shock. 

“Surprise baby,” Grayson smiled while holding the last of the twelve rose. 

Letting out a sob you ran up to him and pulled him into a tight hug. Feeling his arms wrap around your body you buried your face in his neck and continued to cry. 

“I love you,” you smiled while now staring into his beautiful hazel eyes. 

“I love you too Y/N,” he smiled before pulling your face into a gentle kiss. 

His large hands cupped your face while yours wrapped around his neck messing with his hair. 

“Aww isn’t this cute!” Your mom yelled interrupting the moment you two were having. 

“Mom, how? When?” You asked her knowing now why she was acting weird all day. 

“We planned this out two months ago. Grayson contacted me asking if he could come visit and I said yes. Now he is going to be allowed to stay here but in the guest bedroom I don’t want to be made a grandma anytime soon. I’ll leave you two alone to catch up but leave the door open,” your mom instructed as she walked out. 

Giggling you waited for her walk down the stairs before closing the door leaving it slightly a-jar. 

“Your mom said not to close the door,” Grayson said with wide eyes not wanting to get on your moms bad side. 

“It’s not closed. The door is still open.” You pointed out while showing him how their was a small gap between the door. 

Hearing his laugh you smiled as your heart began to race once again.

“I’m so glad you are here,” you spoke as the two of you were now cuddled up on your bed. The sheet was lazily thrown on top of the two of you as re-runs of an old tv show played in the background. Neither of the two of you were paying attention as you were talking to one another getting to know each other more. 

“I’m glad you are glad I’m here.” He smiled while pressing a kiss to the back of your hand. 

“How long are you staying?” You asked him. 

“About a month,” he responded. 

“A month? What about your videos?” You asked him worried that you might be distracting him from his job. 

“Don’t worry about that. Ethan and I filmed a few videos before I flew out here so we should be set until then. None of the fans know I am here yet.” 

“They also don’t know we are dating,” you stated while playing with the rings adorning Grayson’s tan fingers. 

“Yeah, that too. When do you want to tell them?” He asked me. 

“I don’t know. I mean they know something is going on because you are always flirting with me on twitter or liking my pictures on Instagram,” you teased. 

“I gotta show my girl off in a non-obvious way to the fans. I mean you do have a bomb Instagram theme.” He laughed. Smiling at him you grabbed his phone and set it on his chest. 

“Look your mom took this picture of us,” Grayson smiled as he scrolled through his messages. Looking at the picture you smiled and pressed a kiss onto Grayson’s cheek. 

“Okay let’s tell them, but do it before I chicken out,” you stated. 

Doing as told Grayson logged in onto his Instagram and clicked on the picture. 

GraysonDolan: This girl right here @ y/u/n makes me the happiest guy in the entire world. I had the privilege to surprise her today and it was the best idea I ever had. This picture right here is the first time we met and hugged in person. I love her and don’t plan on leaving her anytime soon. Please be kind to her and don’t send her any type of hate. I promise you guys she is the sweetest and most amazing person ever. 

“Grayson,” you cried when you read the caption of his post. 

Pressing her lips against his for a short sweet kiss you pulled away and cuddled up to his side. 

The rest of the night was spent with the two of you cuddled up, scrolling through the multiple positive comments everyone was posting, and ended off the day with falling asleep in each others arms. 

Twisted Ending {Tom Holland}

Summary: Y/n is one of the popular girls in school who fucks around with people’s feelings. Tom and Y/n went on their first date and things starts from there, Y/n thought that he’s the one but on the other hand, Tom have a better idea.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Swear Words

Words: 2.k+

A/n: UNEDITED, I hate the ending, sorry i’m not a good writer even though I love writing. WHY HIM Pt.2 is coming tomorrowwwww. I just think the GIF is cute. Also I really want to make new friends on Tumblr so if you’re bored you can hmu, I hope I don’t sound desperate.

“Y/n what’s going on with you?” My best friend asks shaking her head as if she’s disappointed.

“What do you mean?” I ask her back leaning against my locker, moving my eyes from her to Tom who is standing with his best friend, Harrison. They are laughing and talking like there’s nobody else in the world, oblivious to the fact that I’m staring at them.

“You’ve been all dreamy about Tom. Last time I checked you were the one who doesn’t give a shit about anybody and all you do was break every boys’ hearts.” She explain, resting her hand on her hips, tilting her head to one side.

“Have you ever talked to him?” I ask and continue to stare at them quite creepily.

“Yeah so?”

“He’s just so nice and sweet and polite and.. pretty.” I say, looking back at my best friend now as she stares at me weirdly when I said ‘pretty’.

Pretty?” She says with her British accent. I nod my head and tried to explain it to her but I decided to stop because she won’t get it.

The bell rings loudly throughout the school as the students begin to push each other around, trying not to be late to their classes. Tom and his best friend separate. Tom walks in the same direction as me, a grin finds its way onto my face as I walk in front of him.

I sit on my seat behind Tom’s as the class begin. The teacher starts blabbing as I look at Tom’s hair, imagining what it would be like if I could touch it.

After 20 minutes of explaining the things we don’t need or will never ever use in our lives she left the classroom to get some more papers for us to work on.

Suddenly, Tom turns around and looks at me as I look back at him with a confused face. The tension is building up slowly, it starts to make me uncomfortable sitting under his stare.

“Do you need any help?” I ask, trying to break the tension.

“Do you wanna hang out sometimes?” He asks not stuttering what so ever and he doesn’t seem nervous. People said that if a boy doesn’t stutter when they ask you means that they don’t actually like you. That’s probably true but he’s Tom, he probably have a lot of girlfriends before he decided to ask me, maybe he’s just used to asking girls to hangout right? Right?

Right, I try to convince myself.

“M-me?” How is this happening, one of the school biggest slut just stuttered? My friends look at me weirdly, some students also turn to look at us, hearing me stutter.

“Mhm, so yes or no?” He smirks a bit, seeing my nervousness. I nod my head, desperately as I smile.

“Okay so tomorrow after school?” He asks, leaning back on his chair, resting his hand on my table, fiddling with the pencil on the table. I nod my head once again, he nods his head back, the smirk still on his face before he turns back when the teacher walks in.

When the teacher isn’t looking I take my phone out and texted my boyfriend who I was emotionally cheating on.

“What am I going to wear!?” I shout at myself in the mirror before I pace around my room. There’s only 10 minutes left and I have no idea what to wear. I decided to just wear a pair of jeans with a purple hoodie. I jump into the shower and came out about 5 minutes later.

I decided not to wear make up, even though I like Tom a lot I don’t need to impress him that much, I can’t give him all my effort without knowing how much he’s going to give me his.

I grab my phone and rush out of my house and meet up with Tom. He’s wearing his usual buttoned up shirt and a pair of jeans, showing me that he didn’t put that much effort. He smiles at me before he grabbed my hands, dragging my into the cinema after he bought us our tickets.

“This movie is boring, Tom.” I say turning my face to him as he stares at the screen, nodding his head. My eyes shift around the big room seeing that there are less then ten people in here.

“Yeah, I’m trying to concentrate but I just don’t get this movie.” He says, eating more popcorns.

“Do you wanna do something else?” He asks nicely, turning to me raising both of his brows.

“I mean we can go somewhere else,” I shrug my shoulders. He chuckles quietly to himself. “What?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He says, reaching his hands out to grab mine. I look down at our hands confused for a second before I get what he meant.

“Oh, I didn’t think that you were the type to you know..” I say, getting quieter as the sentence begin to end. He just smiles and begins to lean closer to my face. The closer he is the faster my heart beats. My heart is hammering against my chest. Tom reaches his other hand out and lightly cups my left cheek.

“I thought you don’t like girls like me.” I pull back from his face, grabbing his hand off my cheek. He looks surprise for a split second but it disappear just as fast as I notice it.

“What do you mean girls like you?” He asks.

“You know, break peoples hearts, ruins other lives and fuck around with people a lot.” I say as the movie in front of us continues to play.

“Well so far you haven’t done anything to me.” Tom shrugs. “Also, I heard that you broke up with your two days boyfriend yesterday.” Tom states.

“Yeah well.. he wasn’t exactly nice.” I excuse not wanting him to know the real reason. Without saying anything he begins to lean closer to my face once again.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask, when his face is a few inches away from mine. He nods before he closes the gap between us. One of his hands finds its way to my waist, pulling me against the arm rest. I was tense for a few seconds before I relax as he begins to move his lips on mine. We both close our eyes, deepening the kiss. I reach my hand and wrap my fingers his neck. My fingers tangle with his soft curly hair. He uses his thumb to draw small circles on my stomach.

We both pull away from each other and stares into each other’s dark eyes in the shadow of the cinema. We are both breathing heavily, a small blush grows on my face as I look away from him for a second. He pulls on my hands, telling me to get out of my seat.

I stand up from my seat and take a step towards him, he shifts a bit in his seat before he pulls onto my waist. So this is what my life have taken me, now I’m straddling Tom in the cinema. My knees are bending on the soft cinema seat as Tom pulls me closer to him, holding onto my neck and kiss me once again. I start to grind my hips on him, creating some frictions. I pull away from his kisses and go down to jaw and collarbone, kissing them lightly trying to find his sweet spot.

Fuck.” He whispered to himself as he let out a small quiet whimper when I kiss just under his left jaw, his grip on my waist tightens as I suck on his soft skin. His hands travel down further my waist before one of them goes back and holds onto my neck once again. He uses one of his finger to guide my face onto his, I place my lips on his, moving quickly and desperately. After some times, he pulls away and starts to kiss my collarbone, causing me to grind harder onto him. He pulls his hand down to my waist again, this time dipping his fingers down the front of my jean resting just above the hem of my underwear, rubbing small circles once again.

Every week after that day we would go on dates and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. Every time we went to watch a movie he would make an effort to walk me home which is very sweet. He would be holding my hand the whole time, sometimes he would play with my fingers which was kind of weird but still cute.

At school he would always give me light kisses on my lips and neck. At lunch he would sit with me not caring about the stares we receive everyday at school. And holding hands in the hallway, god I feel like he’s the one (I cringed). He does things normal boyfriends do but he’s better than the others.

Everyday my heart grow more for him, we haven’t done anything other then making out and occasionally dry sex which I was glad for, I really want our relationship to be special but something else is happening.

These past few days he have been distant, he rarely texts or talks to me at school. People were starting to notice and some of them asked me if we’re still together which I answer with a simple ‘I’m not sure’.

“Have you heard!?” My best friend yells into her phone, causing me to flinch away from my own phone.

“Heard what?” I ask, getting worried because she would never yell into her phone even if she’s excited about something.

“Your Tom,”

“What about him?” I sit on my bed, playing with the duvet in my hand.

“He have a new girl friend?” She answers with a questioning tone in her voice.

“New girlfriend? But he’s with me.” After I said that, everything makes sense. He have been distant for a while and we haven’t been on as much dates as before. My heart begins to race faster in my chest as realization hits me like a brick.

“The girl even posted a picture on her Instagram account. Look at it.” I put her on speaker and go on Instagram, she told me her name and I searched it up. The girl even tagged Tom on her photo. They were smiling at the camera, his hand on her waist.  A single tear rolled down my cheek and I wipe I off, I can’t cry because of a boy, that would make me weak.

Then I read the caption; With my lovely boyfriend

I ended the call with my best friend after a while of talking. I buried my face into my pillow and started to cry, my heart aching. I’ve never cried over anybody, I didn’t expect myself to fall this hard for a boy who was obviously acting. I guess that’s what happened when you give people everything you have. They end up hurting you and that’s why it’s always better for me to just hurt people.

I look up from my pillow when my phone begin to ring. It’s Tom calling. I answer the phone and pretend that I don’t know about his new girlfriend and just try to hide the lump climbing up my throat. He told me to meet him in the park near my house and I agreed.

“So what does it feels like?” He asks as soon as he sees me.

“What do you mean?” I ask, pretending to be confused and pretending that my heart isn’t breaking inside.

“What does it feels like to suffer from a relationship. It hurts doesn’t it?” At that moment I figure out that he knew that I’m hurting, probably from my red eyes.

“What are you talking about?” I let out a small nervous laugh at the end, grabbing onto the hem of my hoodie, playing with it as a habit when I’m nervous or scared.

“You’re one of the most popular girls in school, I’m sure you’ve heard that I have a new girlfriend, who’s better than you because I know that she would never play with my feelings or.. any boys feelings as a matter of fact.” He says, taking a step closer to me.

“But I’m not playing with your feelings. My feelings for you are real and you know that. I’m sure you’re smart enough to see that.” My voice shakes slightly as I try to blink the tears away.

“Everybody knows that you’ve fallen for me, they notice your behavior around me. And you know what they say? They said 'Oh my god she actually have feelings’ which is quite sad, considering all you’ve been doing is breaking people’s heart, especially the ones that gave you their all. And now I’m doing the same thing to you,  reading your heart.” Tom says staring into my teary eyes.

“So this was your plan all along? Just to lead me on, thinking we have something real when all you’ve been trying to do is hurt me like I did with others.” I ask, stepping away from him as he takes a step.

“Yeah basically.”

“Well then congrats, you did it. You made me cry and broke my heart. I deserve it.”

“Yes you do,” Tom agrees, I press my lips into a thin line trying to hold back my tears that are slowly flooding my eyes. It feels like a small needle was pierced into my heart, trying to stitch up the broken pieces but there was no thread so all it was doing was giving me more pain.

I nod my head once again and turn around, ready to leave and continue my own life, hopefully making it better.

“I started to actually like you, you know the first time we hung out was actually nice,I had fun and I’m sure you did too but every time I think about you and I together my mind flashes back to the things you did to others. I know that you’re actually nice, but you kept hurting people and I can’t be with someone who hurts my friends.” Tom says loudly as I listen but I don’t stop.

“I was surprise when you said that I actually don’t like girls like you but why can’t you just stop hurting other people?” He asks, some people are staring at us waiting to see what happens next.

“I was trying but you haven’t really given me the chance to stop.” I say as my mind flashes back to the times I thought about stopping, I was going to. Tom is everything I’ve ever wanted but now that he’s gone and that he has a new girlfriend, I decided to go back to normal and stop loving people just like before. Isn’t that how people these days deal with their problems? Hurting other people just to protect themselves?

Brad Simpson Imagine: You stay the night

REQUEST: Hay I love this blog could I have an imagine where you meet his family an stay the night an in the morning his mum say how cute the two of you are then you and his dad takes Jess for a walk my name is Sophia I have dirt blond hair and green/blue eyes x

Turning the corner to reveal my boyfriends house, I smiled. I’d been invited to go round and spend the night with him, seeing as his parents were going out with his sister and her boyfriend. He apparently didn’t want to go because he felt like he was third wheeling without me, so instead asked me to go and have a movie night with him, which I quickly accepted. 

Knocking on the door, a small smiley woman opened it and her face lit up when she saw me.
“Oh you must me (Y/N), ooooh Brad’s told me so much about you, I’m Brad’s Mum, come in come in!” She hugged me tightly and then beckoned for me to go into the house.Cleaning my feet on the door mat, a big golden retriever came bounding up to me. 
“Hey there Jesse” I giggled, stroking her soft mane.
“She likes you” His mum smiled
“Jesse in here now please” A man shouted from the kitchen
“Oh hello there (y/n) and how are you?”
“I’m really well thankyou, how are you?”
“All the better for seeing you” He smiled
“Well aren’t you just the prettiest little thing, oooh my boy has done a good job finding a little stunner like you…”
“Muuuuum, shhh” a familiar accent said coming down the stairs.
“Hey there Bradley” I smiled
“What’s up buttercup” He laughed

Brad led me into the Kitchen, where his mum and dad were getting ready. We made some snacks and then went into the living room where we were going to be watching movies for the night. I ran up into Brad’s room to fetch some blankets while he sorted out the films we were going to be watching. Walking back into the living room, Brad was spread out on the sofa and there was nowhere else for me to sit. Brad looked at me and patted the sofa in front of him. Not denying his request, I snuggled into him with the blankets around us. 
“See you guys later!” His mum shouted
“See you, have a nice night” I replied
The door slammed and Brad and I were alone.
“Looks like you’ve made a really good impression on my mum”
“Brad she’s lovely! and I am particularly fond of your dog too” I laughed
Jesse was in her bed, settled in at the side of Brad. Our movie night started, and we watched everything from Pitch Perfect to The Woman in Black. Listening to Brad scream like a girl at the horror films definitely made my night. As the night went on, my eyes became heavier and I could feel myself drifting, I knew I wasn’t staying the night but I couldn’t leave Brad on his own, then I…..
“Aw look at these two love bugs” a voice said
As my eyes fluttered open, the daylight from the window blinded me and I saw the silhouette of a young girl. As she became clearer I could see that she looked a lot like Brad, so I presumed that it was his older sister. Hearing a groan from behind me, I looked down to see Brad’s arm around me and his face nuzzled into my neck. We must’ve fallen asleep last night. 
“Shut it Nat” Brad mumbled
“I don’t want to move” he whispered in my ear
Suddenly there was the sound of a camera click and Nat giggling. 
“That’s definitely going online” she giggled, leaving the room
“NAAAAAT….” Brad groaned “She’s always that annoying”

After waking up a little, we made our way into the kitchen. I was still in the clothes from yesterday so Brad gave me one of his hoodies and a pair of his sweatpants. Surprisingly, the sweat pants fitted me perfectly but the hoodie was a little too oversized. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and began to make breakfast for the family. 
“Do you know how attractive you look wearing my clothes” Brad mumbled in my ear, placing little kisses on my neck
“Not here Bradley” I giggled as he tickled my sides, forcing me to turn around and place my arms around his neck, placing a kiss on his lips as our foreheads touched. 
“Brad, stop with the PDA for goodness sake man” Nat laughed
“Leave them alone, god they’re adorable” His mum said walking in behind.
Brad’s face went bright red as he returned to helping me prepare the breakfast. All of a sudden, both of our phones beeped and we checked to see that we’d both been tagged in a post by Nat on Twitter. There were two photos, one of Brad and I sleeping and another of us hugging in the Kitchen with the caption ’My two little love bugs’. 

The breakfasts I made for the family were widely complimented, apparently I do actually make really good pancakes. Brad went upstairs to take a  phone call from his manager whilst his parents went into the living room to watch the television. I stayed behind in the kitchen to clear things up. 
“Need any help?” Nat asked
“Oh yes please, if you wouldn’t mind”
Coming next to me, she dried the dishes whilst I washed them and we talked. Nat told me a lot about what Brad was like when he was little and she said that I was the only girl Brad had ever seemed genuinely happy with. We also had a little bit of a water fight, which was stopped by Brad’s mum, ending up with us both in giggles of laughter on the floor.
“Listen, do you want to borrow some of my things to get changed into? I mean you’re probably going to be spending the day here and it’ll save you putting the stuff you wore yesterday back on”
“Are you sure Nat?”
“Of course, c'mon!”
Nat led me up to her room where she let me borrow a pair of tights and a really cute dress along with a burgundy cardigan. Nat had such a good dress sense.
“Wow, Nat your wardrobe is amazing, man I wish I could dress like you”
“We’ll have to go shopping some time, it’ll be fun!” She smiled
Leaving me in her room to get changed, do my hair and my make up, I went back downstairs and sat in the living room with Brad’s family as they asked me questions about myself as well as Brad. 
“Urgh” Brad groaned, flopping himself on the sofa
“Sup?” asked his Mum
“Joe needs me to go to the studio to record the last verse vocal for Can We Dance but I wanted to spend the day with (y/n)”
“Awwwwwww” Nat cooed
“NAT!” He shouted
“Jeez soz” she laughed
“Brad go” I smiled
“Yeah but…”
“Brad, (y/n) is right, Your mum and Nat are going shopping for food, and I’m going to take Jesse for a walk around the park, (y/n) can join me…that’s if you’d like too (y/n)”
“I’d love too!” I smiled

That was decided, Brad’s mum drove Brad to the studio and then was going straight for the shopping. Brad’s Dad put the lead on Jesse as I put my converse on and we started off on our walk. I’m not going to lie, it was a little awkward at first, but we bonded and we talked a lot about different things. 
“Brad’s smitten with you”
“He is?”
“You’re his world, you’re the only thing he speaks about, he idolises you and, well, I just want to thank you for making my son so happy”
“It’s my pleasure” I smiled
“Cm'ere” He said, pulling me in for a hug.
We finished our walk and returned back to the house where Nat and Brad’s Mum had already arrived home with the shopping. Brad then got in from the studio and cuddled up to me on the sofa whilst we all watched the latest episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

90sdolans-deactivated20180117  asked:

omg your grayson imagine was soooo good 😱 i’d LOVE to see a part two!!❤️

A couple people wanted a part two, and I was really excited to write it! I honestly really like how this turned out, so I hope you guys do too. 

Here’s the original request if you missed it! part one

As soon as you left, your phone started blowing up with calls and texts from Grayson. You knew that if you read any of the texts or answered his call, you would just tell the cab to turn around, and go running right back into his arms. As much as you wanted to make amends, you really felt the need to stand your ground. All you had done was try and explain how you felt, and he had lashed out. You were starting to recognize a pattern. Anytime you got upset about something, Grayson tried to make you feel as if it were insignificant and nothing to worry about. However, when he was upset, it was the end of the world and until you did something to fix it, you got the silent treatment. “It’s time to give him a little taste of his own medicine,” you thought to yourself. You turned your phone completely off and shoved it in your backpack.

When you got to the airport, you were on a mission to get on the first flight out of New York City to LAX. You booked your ticket at a kiosk, swiping your credit card without even looking at the price. You knew you would regret that later, last minute cross country flights weren’t cheap, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You spent the remainder of your time in the airport and on the plane deep in thought, trying to figure out how you could get past this.

As soon as you touched down in LA, you ordered an Uber to pick you up. Remembering you left your entire suitcase in New York, you went straight to Target to get what you would need to get through the night. As you stood in the cosmetics aisle, searching for makeup wipes, you noticed two girls around the age of fifteen standing at the edge of the aisle. They kept looking up at you, then at their phones and whispering. You just assumed they were making fun of how you looked, you had just sat on a six hour flight after all. Not everybody could look like a beauty queen all the time.

You moved on to the grocery section of the store, looking for junk food that would hopefully fill the pit in your stomach. Again, there the two girls stood. After making eye contact with you one too many times, one of them walked toward you. She held out her phone to you, her screen showing a photo of you and Grayson. He was sitting down in the sand, you were lying sideways across his lap with a huge smile on your face, his arm wrapped around you and lips pressed to your forehead. Your heart dropped to your stomach. How had they found that photo?

“Hey, sorry to creep on you, but is this you?” she asked nervously. You snatched the phone out of her hand to get a closer look.

“Where’d you find this?” you asked. As you looked closer, you could see it had been posted on Instagram. Grayson’s instagram. Your hand flew to your mouth, unable to conceal your surprise. You scrolled down to look at the caption. “Hey guys, so I may have told a little lie earlier. This is my girlfriend, Y/N, and she makes me happier than words could ever explain. I love you @yourusername”

“Aw, I love you.” you whispered quietly to Grayson, as if he could somehow hear you, with tears forming in your eyes. You looked up to find the two girls looking at you, looking very confused.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry.” you said, handing the girl back her phone. “Yes that’s me, I had no idea he posted that.”

“Yeah, we kinda figured…” they giggled. They asked for a photo, and you happily agreed. As soon as they walked out of sight, you reached into your backpack to find your phone. You pressed the power button, only to be met with the screen signaling you needed to plug it into a power source. “Of course,” you thought to yourself. You completely abandoned your entire cart full of items, and practically ran out of the store. You couldn’t wait, you needed to apologize to Grayson.

The Uber driver drove painfully slow back to your apartment. To make things worse, “Better Together” by Jack Johnson had begun playing on the radio. You couldn’t help but smile like an idiot, thinking about how the two of you had danced around your kitchen, listening to this song, right before he told you he loved you for the first time. “God, I love him.” you thought to yourself. You just needed to hear his voice.

As soon as the driver pulled up in front of your complex, you sprinted out of the car, and to your front door. You already had your phone and charger in hand, ready to plug into the nearest outlet as soon as you unlocked the door. Instead, as soon as you walked in the door, you saw Grayson sitting in a bar stool at your kitchen counter. You threw your stuff on the floor, not caring if it broke.

“Gray!” you exclaimed, wrapping your arms around his neck and jumping into his arms. You held each other tightly, as if the last time you’d seen each other was weeks ago, not just hours before.

“I’m assuming you saw my post,” he said in your ear. You jumped out of his arms, and took his face in your hands.

“Yes, and I love you so much Grayson Bailey Dolan, you’ll never even understand how much I love you. I’m so sorry for being a psycho, it’s just because I’m so crazy about you, I don’t even know how to control myself.”

“You are a little bit of a psycho,” he said jokingly. You gasped, and lightly punched his shoulder. “But I do understand how much you love me because I love you just as much.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in closer, and kissed you passionately.

“Wait, how did you get here so fast? You weren’t on my flight.” You asked breathlessly, pulling away from the kiss.

“I literally chartered a plane, I needed to see your face.” He laughed, “I guess that makes me a little psychotic, too.” The two of you sat there in silence for a second, your foreheads pressed together.

“Hey, do you wanna go to that twenty four hour diner down the road?” Grayson asked, a hint of excitement in his voice.

“Gray, it’s like two in the morning, are you sure you don’t want to sleep?”

“Nah, I want to show the world my beautiful girlfriend, just like I should have from the beginning.” Your heart was beating so fast you thought you might have a heart attack. You nodded your head, taking his hand in yours.

The two of you walked down the street to the diner. As you approached the door, your stomach started turning and your palms were sweating. The place was pretty popular, and a lot of people were in there eating. You started remembering why you had decided to keep your relationship a secret in the first place. Grayson sensed your nervousness, giving your hand a squeeze. He pressed his lips against yours gently, and whispered in your ear, “No more secrets, I promise.”

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hi do u have favorite vixx gif-makers here?

of course i do~! we have so many talented gif makers in our fandom~!

@chyogi Vola~! she makes beautiful high quality gifs and her colouring is gorgeous, sooo warm and very unique ♥ [x]

@saltykong Riri ♥ always makes gifs smooth and pretty. once even told me how she’s making them, but i’m pretty sure she uses some kind of magic anyway~~ [x]

@jongtaekwoon Selena ;;w;; i’m totally in love with her gifs, i’d like to my gifs look just like her ♥ AAAA+++ pretty hq gifs~! [x]

@hong-buns omg i’m pretty sure that you’ve seen and reblogged Anna’s gifs on tumblr even if you don’t know vixx lol. her gifsets always make me laugh like crazy! (thanks a lot ;/////) her sense of humor is gold and you can see it in her gifs (the captions and subtitles thoo~!!) i love it~~~♥♥ [x]

@royalbins a place filled with beautiful and clear gifs!! do you know how it is possible??? i don’t know too but i like it so much~~~♥ [x]

@kongsook​ hi, hello and welcome to the world of vivid hongbin gifs~!!! ♥ the colouring is original and beautiful ;;U;; [x]

@chahakyeo these gifs are nice&sharp~! almost like hongbin’s jawline XD so many details visible ♥♥ warm couloring [x]

@fan-girl-zone every time i see these gifs, i want to thank the author for making them but i don’t want to look like a scary stalker so…..ekhhmm! truly amazing and beautiful gifs ♥♥♥ [x]

@ravbin very unique, pastel/grayish gifs~! i like the aesthetic of these gifs [x]

@chained-up-taekwoon your daily dose of new vixx gifs~! i’m not even joking!! it really seems to me that she makes her gifs everyday ;;A;; [x

@vixxmyheart i know it may sound silly but the colours of subtitles added to Nina’s gifs are so pretty ;;A;; I LIKE THEM OKAY??? and the gifs itself are so beautiful~~~♥♥ [x

@wontaec can you smell it? the scent of wontaek gifs in the air??? i love these AA++ (very often dark) ideas~! the aesthetic tho ♥ [x]

@hugbin veeeeery smooth and pretty hongbin/leobin gifs~! ♥♥ [x]

@vixx-syndrome the most beautiful hakyeon gifs in the whole galaxy. that’s true, trust me! hakyeon’s gold skin looks so good in these gifs~~~♥ glowing skin~~ ♥ [x]

@at-taekwoons-mercy JUNG TAEKWOON IS EVERYWHERE! such a nice place to live lol jkjk you can find a lot of pretty leo gifs on Angeline’s blog~~ [x]

@hakyunie please teach me how to make gifs…….. THE QUALITY OF THESE GIFS IS AMAZING!!! ;;A;; i love everything about these gifs tbh, just look at them!! ahhhh~~ ♥ [x]

and also these gif makers make beautiful vixx gifs: @wonsiks-hamster-taek, @ravsik, @smilange, @shit-vixx-say, @sangthyug, @sprouthyuk, @hakyeons i hope i haven’t forgotten anyone ;;A;;

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Prompt: Selfie

“You need to take more selfies!”

Charlotte sighed. She’d heard that before, dozens of times. No matter what she said, her friend just couldn’t let it go.

“I’ve told you a hundred times, Zoe. I just… don’t think I’m cute enough.”

“Nonsense!” Zoe declared. “You’re really cute. Besides, anyone can look good in a selfie. It’s all about the lighting and angles.”

“OK, you know what?” Charlotte said, exasperated. “Let’s make a deal. Just this once, I’ll take selfies. You can tell me how. And when I delete them because I hate them, you have to promise never to bring selfies up again.”

“Deal!” Zoe agreed readily. “Don’t worry baby, I can make you look amazing. I’m an artist. But first, I need to see what I’m working with. Here, take my phone. It’s got some special settings. Show me what you got!”

Resignedly, Charlotte accepted Zoe’s phone, navigated to the camera app, held it up and looked into the camera. She took a picture, not really thinking about it too much, and looked at Zoe for approval. Her friend looked harrowed.

“OK, there is a lot going on here,” Zoe muttered. “First, we need to work on your posture. You’re so stiff! No-one’s going to look good like that! Shake out those limbs, work out all that tension. Thats it. Stretch! Good girl. Make sure you’re nice and comfortable and relaxed. And take a few deep breaths with me. In. Out. In. Out. Perfect!”

Charlotte had started to zone out a little bit. She didn’t really care about whatever Zoe was babbling on about. She just wanted to get this over and done with, and she figured doing what Zoe said was the easiest way. Although she had to admit, taking those deep breaths felt pretty good. She hadn’t realised how much tension she’d been holding in her body.

“Great!” Charlotte smiled absently at how pleased Zoe sounded with her. “Now hold up my phone nice and high, get a nice angle on it. Little higher. Wonderful. Now we need to get good lightning, so turn the flash on.” Charlotte did as she said. “OK, now look right into the camera, big smile, aaaand snap!”

Charlotte hit the button, but just as the picture was taken the bright light of the flash dazzled her and she blinked reflexively.

“Oh, I think you messed that one up,” Zoe commented. “But it’s OK. Deep breath, in, out, and take another!

Charlotte took another pic but once more she blinked at the crucial moment due to the flash, ruining the selfie.

“It’s OK, just try again,” Zoe encouraged.

For the third time, Charlotte failed to keep her eyes open. This time she blinked rapidly. She could see the dazzling light of the flash even when her eyes were closed. She groaned softly. How was she meant to think about taking a nice selfie with that flashing light?

“Hmmm.” Zoe pursed her lips. “OK, let’s try this. If you go to this setting, you can take a whole bunch of pictures rapidly. Do that,”

Reasoning that she had better just do whatever Zoe told her to do, Charotte obligingly configured the phone camera to take pictures for as long as she held the button down. She positioned herself again, and started to take the selfies. This time, despite what Zoe had said, it was worse than before. The dazzling, repeatedly flashing light comepletely cut off Charlotte’s ability to think. Once she released the camera button, she had to take a moment to recover her composure, although remembring what Zoe told her, she did her best to remain relaxed. Deep breaths. In. Out. She realised Zoe had been whispering to her the whole time. Whispering nice, calming, enouraging things. Charlotte smiled absently. Zoe was so nice. She was so lucky to have a supportive friend like Zoe. She should just do whatever Zoe said.

“You’re doing great, Charlotte,” Zoe said. Those words made Charlotte feel warm and fuzzy. It was best that she did whatever would make Zoe happy. “But I think you really just need to be a bit more relaxed. Here, let me help you.”

All of a sudden, Zoe was right behind her. Charlotte’s friend started to massage her shoulders, working out all the knots in her muslces. Charlotte couldn’t help but let out a small, embarassed moan. It just felt so good. When Zoe started to stroke Charlotte’s hair with her fingertips, Charlotte just closed her eyes so she could better enjoy the sensation. When she did, the light of the flash was still there, imprinted on her eyelids. It didn’t seem so bad now, though. It was almost calming.

“Doesn’t that feel just wonderful,” Zoe purred. “I think you’re almost ready to take a great selfie. Here, let me pose you. I know how to get you just right.”

Zoe’s soft hands moved down to Charlotte’s hips, massaging their way down her lower back. Zoe encouraged Charlotte to pivot slightly, and Charlotte did not put up the slightest resistance. She found she enjoyed it when Zoe manipulated her head and tilted her chin up to find the light. It felt nice, to just let Zoe figure it all out.

“Ok, we’re ready.” There was something in Zoe’s voice. She sounded so invigorated. “Just remember, deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. Totally relaxed. Look right at the camera for me. Get ready for the light. Don’t blink. Just look deep into it. Ready… now!”

Charlotte pressed the button, and this time the flash of light didn’t make her blink. It just washed over her, wiping away all her thoughts. Her mind went utterly quiet and still. Zoe looked at her, then looked at the selfie that appeared on the screen of her phone. Then, a wild grin spread across her face.

“You see?” Zoe said out loud, even though she knew Charlotte, so deeply entranced, couldn’t really hear her anymore. “You just had to listen to me. And now, you look absolutely perfect.”

dummy // osshun gum

genre: fluff/angst

summary: you were upset that you had to hide your identity and your relationship with hamin from the public. hamin doesn’t like seeing you upset,so he decides to come clean to his fans about having a girlfriend..

he walked closely alongside you,the eyes of the public not giving the two of you mercy. no holding of hands,not even a protective arm around you. you pulled up your mask,in hopes of covering more of your face to hide your identity. you cowered in fear and your eyes met the ground as you continued walking.

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so if you follow me you know i dont like to be involved with this stuff. but concerning recent events, i feel like i need to say something that involves tinykittenlouis.

(i have deleted any screenshots or proof because i did not want that on my phone so you can believe what you want but this stuff is really hard to make up) okay here we go:

so for starters i’m 17 and she’s 20.

so we like started talking bc she said she wanted someone to go to the SF show with her and since i couldn’t get tickets, i was like okay yeah i’ll go. but she said she was camping out for a week and i’m like ok no i can’t do that.

so then we started talking more and she sent me a post saying how she can’t afford food and what not and i believed her (bc a few years ago my dad lost his job and we were literally eating bread for months and i couldn’t go to school bc we couldn’t afford gas) anyways. i know what that’s like so i reblogged it and defended her.she would send me audio messages saying how shes crying and how everyone was being mean and i would tell her that its literally just a random account. it doesnt matter but she kept pushing this and i felt bad for her so i would make posts about how she deserves the world and blah blah blah. (i fucking gave her the user tinykittenlouis bc i wanted to help her feel safe on her blog). to add to that, she would send me her posts and ask me to reblog them bc and i quote “i thought you had a lot of followers” which i did because i just wanted to be nice but now looking back shes just a huge attention seeker.

fast forward, we started dating and i didn’t really know if it was ok bc i’m underage but she said since i turn 18 in a few months she doesn’t mind.

so after a while she was saying how she wanted to move here and get married so she can become a citizen and at the time i was like yeah okay let’s do it. and she was saying how she wanted to move in with me, get married and go to school in LA. i thought it was a good idea (LOL) and we were planning and what not.

one day while she was staying in san francisco (she came a week early on the 11th when the venue didnt even allowing lining up yet), she would send me snaps and say how bored she was and she then took a trip on impulse to LA and stayed for a day then came back to camp out. when she told me about her time by the theater she kept saying how shitty the venue was and its the worst shes ever been to and im thinking to myself why cant you just be thankful you got to go at all? i was so close to going but i couldnt afford even the far away seats and not to mention she is going to about 6 other harry concerts and just got front row to the show in vancouver where liam was performing.

then, during the day sometime this same week, i was asking her questions just so i can get to know her better and when i stopped the questions, she tekls me “keep asking me questions i love the attention” and looking back on that and seeing what happened on tuesday, shes eating this attention up and it makes me sick bc everyone is falling for this act shes playing. (she also circled the comment on the Rolling Stone article that said “a fan threw a flag” and captioned it with “IM THE FAN”) and completely shows you how desperate for attention she is.

ok so anyway, after a while i was really thinking about it (the moviing to LA, marriage, etc) and it’s not realistic for me bc i can’t afford it and when i told her that she goes “oh my god i already told you what we could do. you can’t fucking trust white people omg” and i was like ???? i can’t afford it what the fuck do you expect me to do. and she was getting so mad.

ANYWAYS after that i was gonna go up to SF while she was camping out to meet her but my mom had to cancel and she got upset and was like not talking to me which ok i understand why you’d be mad but things happen. then later that day i broke up with her bc it didn’t feel right and she goes “lmao white people. okay bye” and then unfollowed me on everything.

then on monday or tuesday she texted me at 1:30 in the morning and said “i’m not mad at you anymore. after meeting harry i learned to not hold grudges so we can be mutuals again” and i couldn’t sleep after that. she woke me up to say that? which i don’t even think she met him bc there was no pictures or anything and based off her time at harry’s concert you know she likes the attention.

yesterday i texted her and i was just trying to be nice and said “i’m happy that harry danced with your flag” and she went on to say “yea thank you” and explained how harry kept her flag and how she wrote her url and name on it and i didn’t respond bc i was just trying to be nice but she just continued to brag and it ruined the gesture for me.

overall, she guilt tripped me into planning things with her and not to mention i am only 17 years old. she got mad at me when i told her that i cant afford LA and i want to stay local where i am more comfortable. shes a liar, manipulator, and will use you just for her benefit (ex: marriage for citizenship)

sorry it was so long btw (she’s larryontape now)

[Femslash February]: Valentine’s Day

*posts the valentine’s day prompt two weeks after valentine’s day*

this is the last prompt for alyanette though! tomorrow is a new week of prompts with a new femslash pairing. wonder which one it’ll be….? (i actually do not have the answer to this question pretend i’m being clever and secretive)

Day 14: Valentine’s Day (Alyanette)

Words: 1949

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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Somewhere in the back of Marinette’s head, she knew she should’ve heard her phone alarm by now. She was supposed to have set it for half an hour so that she’d have enough time to get ready for school and actually make it on time. It certainly felt like half an hour had already passed. Probably time to start getting dressed. 

Or. She could….not do that.

Yeah. That sounded better. 

Alya laughed. “I think you left your phone on Do Not Disturb again. It’s definitely been over half an hour.”

Marinette quieted her with another kiss, smiling when Alya groaned into her mouth at the feel of Marinette’s nails dragging along Alya’s back, pushing her tank top up inch by inch and revealing more warm skin for her fingers to knead into. “Alarm didn’t go off, doesn’t mean we have to get ready,” she muttered against her lips. 

“That….is a very poor argument,” Alya countered. 

“I can give you a better one.” She leaned up and trapped Alya’s bottom lip in between her own, gently biting down until Alya sighed out, growled a curse that Marinette didn’t quite hear, and kissed her back harder. Marinette smiled as she licked along Alya’s lips and moaned when Alya’s tongue slid gently against hers, making her toes curl into the sheets of her bed and grip the backs of Alya’s thighs. She could feel Alya tangling her fingers in her hair and only briefly bemoaned the hard time she was going to have combing out the tangles later. She was about to tell Alya to calm down with it, but then she started shifting and moving her hips against Marinette’s, and all coherent thought had zipped out of her head. She finished kicking her sheets and comforters to the foot of her bed to give them more room while she marveled out how her body was shivering and burning all at the same time. 

Marinette was barely aware of Alya’s cell phone ringing next to the pillows piled around them. Alya scrambled around for it blindly, answered the call, and put the call on speaker phone. Marinette took advantage of Alya’s distraction and started kissing, licking, and nipping down the side of Alya’s neck. She snickered when Alya accidentally let out a moan and shifted away from the slap Alya left on her shoulder. “This better be good.”

You were the one who told me to call you twenty minutes before school started,” Adrien defended over the phone. “I have done that.”

Ugh, school is starting to sound increasingly more unappealing the more the morning goes on.” Alya bit her lip and sighed out her nose when Marinette started leaving small love bites on her collarbone. “Make sure I can cover those up later,” she whispered. 

“No promises,” Marinette smirked. 

Oh my God, are you guys making out?”

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This is the first time I’m talking about this in public, but I think this needs to be addressed somehow.
Today I’ve come into contact with a sasaeng that’s living in Korea. She is a japanese girl, but I’m not here to talk shit about her as a person herself or make an shitstorm etc happen; this information is all that you need.
Today she uploaded a video, it’s pitch black and all you can hear is a male screaming. So, my korean is limited, but the voice wasn’t too far away. It was something about, ‘지금은…가/꺄!!“, 'Now…leave!’ (at least to my ears), where leave was literally screamed really, really loudly and throughout pure rage. It was Chanyeol, in her opinion.
At first, I didn’t think so. On some parts, it doesn’t sound like him at all, on other it’s 100% his voice. I’m confident to say that I should distinguish his voice as him being my absolute favourite in korean pop music since 2012.
Nevertheless, I wrote underneath the video, that it doesn’t even sound like him, but a random male yelling and that this account is pure entertainment, last one not meaning that I enjoy what she does (she posts phone number lists from like almost every idol group that is there and passport photos), but that I personally speaking just hope it’s a huge lie and that she actually isn’t terrorizing them with her friends (later on that "friends” part) and is an attention seeker.
Still, I took this whole thing serious, her probably being a sasaeng. She answered me and wrote tons of 'hahahaha’ and 'that’s because you don’t know anything.’ I was like okay gurl chill. I told her, that she should explain this and what had happened. She calmed down and normally replied, 'We had waited 4 hours infront of their dorm to make them finally come out and Chanyeol was the one who got mad at us.’ Noticing how she says 'We had waited…’? I guess she had some sick meet-up with her friends.
The caption of her post is 'omg he got mad’, following in japanese 'this is the first time he got mad at us’, which could indicate that they had done this way more often.
I started talking to another girl in the comment section, who was also strongly against this whole thing.
Now comes the thing. The girl and I said that if it is real, it will hopefully gain enough attention by the public and official people will do something against it. It can only be illegal. Everyone has his/her own privacy and even though I don’t know about the laws of South Korea, here in my country depending on what exactly you did, you can get into jail for this for a few years.
Suddenly, she deleted all her answer to me, but addressed me again, saying “Report me to the police then hahaha If you say one word I’m going to hack your ugly account and spread myself there too, making people think you’re a sasaeng.” I wasn’t impressed and layzily replied, “Okay, whatever you wanna do miss.” Again, she deleted all what she said and I went on with trying to sleep since I am typing this at midnight and I’m super sick and tired.
I couldn’t get sleep and opened my instagram. I couldn’t log in and went into my other account. Now, my caption on my personal account was “hacked” and 1 photo of exo, 1 photo of my 24K bias, 1 photo of Baekhyun and 3 Chanyeol photos have been deleted from my 'history’.
Afterwards I sent an email to myself and changed my password, the account’s back to me.
This was one of the creepiest things ever in my whole life. Don’t mess with sick people.

Someone commented, that Chanyeol yelled “가만히 있어 새끼야!” , which means something like “Stop (or stay still), assholes!” As said once again, by korean is limited, but this is a pretty simple sentence.
In any other situation I’d find him cursing probably hot, but this just makes me worry.

I will send this video to every damn facebook page that posts about K-Pop and is famous that I know. I want it to raise awareness. I want SM to be forced to say or do something, making these crazy bastard so damn scared, that they’ll never do something like that again and other sasaengs of other groups won’t commit it either.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day and that your bias can sleep tight without worrying about sasaengs.

- May

EDIT: She is rumored to be the girl that hacked Sehun a while ago. Also, she had posted a video before and the caption says, that she doesn’t care if we think it is true or not, stating that she had given the numbers to over 15 people now and connected them with Kakao Talk and Facebook, where it proofed to be right.

this girl in my year posted a photo of her on a balcony at a shopping centre, captioning it: “i’m seriously gonna jump.”

i messaged her to see if she was okay, and i told her that i was there for her if she ever needed anything. she replied, thanking me for checking up on her because that’s all she needed. one action - my action - saved a girls life. it doesn’t take long to check up on someone; just to make sure that everything’s alright in their life. you could save someone.

kiaaan  asked:

woah wait there are people who hate on grace just because she rejected james and that's it? what

I don’t think people hate her specifically BECAUSE she rejected James, but so far that’s really all we know about their relationship. Magnus observed her and said “she had taught him (James) that love was not kind.” (Something along those lines) So it seems like she just rejected him? And James is obviously heartbroken, but we don’t know anything about their relationship so I refuse to hate her until she does something actually worth hating (because rejecting someone is not a good reason at all and the amount of hate she gets seems disproportionate).

And then Cordelia was jealous of her because James obviously fancied her and Cordelia has a massive crush on James. But just because she has the interest of someone isn’t a good reason to hate her.

I agree that there was something off about her in The Midnight Heir. But that could have been Tatiana’s influence/ how she acts around Tatiana. (Remember in Nothing but Shadows James said Grace needed “rescuing” if not from Tatiana then what/who?)

According to CC’s Pinterest there’s a caption that says- “be careful what you say to me,” Grace told him. “There is nothing I cannot make you do.” So does she have some siren like ability where she can make people do whatever she wants? The fact that she hasn’t exercised this ability on anyone (that we know of yet) makes her seem pretty decent. And it seems plausible that when James met her when she was younger she was desperate to get out of Tatiana’s house (assuming that it’s a toxic environment) she could have used her ability on James and it developed into an obsession/or desire.

In conclusion, I refuse to actually dislike her until we know more about her and more about what she’s done. Because honestly for me at this point she seems pretty badass.

(Thank you for letting me rant oh my god I just have a lot of feelings about Grace okay)

timetravellerwhovian  asked:

You know, in s8e3 when Lenny and Shamy were having a double date Leonard said " Marriage is scary. You're scared. I'm scared. But it doesn't make not want to do it. It makes me want to hold your hand and do it together" and Amy said ho happy she would be if Sheldon told her things like that and he said that she's already happy since they have 8.2. And it could make a great parallel with the episope where they almost got married with all his nice words about her being better than dark matter?

Hi there!
Sorry it took me a while. I wanted to make it right since it’s really a great suggestion. By the way, I got all sort of feels living again Sheldon dark matter speech, and how sweet and in love Leonard and Penny used to be. Also I hope you’ll appreciate the caption I thought for it, it felt like a nice way to describe those words. Anyway, here it is ❤️ 

anonymous asked:

(1/2) hi carol.. sunset anon here <3 so remember the racist friend i was talking about a bit ago? i talked to her and told her how i felt and how it hurt me a week or so ago and we talked and she apologized and said to tell her again if she says anything racist bc she "doesn't ever want to make me uncomfortable". &i was really happy with how it went and she hadn't said anything racist since then, until last night where she sent me some snapchat video of a youtube video where someone was saying

(cont). something like “don’t mean to sound racist, but asian people..” (the video cut off there) and the caption she wrote was “don’t mean to sound racist…”. (i hope i explained that correctly.. it was a snapchat video of a youtube video saying something about asians). so ofc i was confused and i said “what was that” and she replied with “did u even watch the video” and so i said “yeah i did but i dont know what it was saying” & “what did it say about asians?” bc idk if it’s supposed to be a racist thing? or if i misunderstood the context? but it.. didn’t sound right. and i know you said to drop her i she continues this behavior (which i agree with). i just ugh i don’t want to have a huge fight right now before the holidays but .. it’s still not okay /excusable. do i pursue and argument ? or simply distance myself? what are your thoughts?

ok i’m glad she said that she didn’t want to make u uncomfortable but actions speak louder than words and?? i don’t get why?? she would send u that video like,,, what was her goal/thinking process exactly?? anytime someone says something like “don’t mean to sound racist…” there’s a 100% chance that it’s racist and gross and all round unnecessary. honestly,, it’s not ur job to have to educate her on how to Not Be Racist (which?? should be common sense/basic decency really but w/e). it’s up to u if u want to confront her or just distance urself from her, but either way i recommend u to drop her if she continues to makes u uncomfortable/make racist comments/endorse racist content in any way bc u don’t need that in ur life

I just want to take a minute and thank one of my friends for truly standing up for me in a moment when I could not have felt any smaller..

Let me tell you guys the background..

When I get sick (it can be a cold, a flu…anything) usually one of the first things to get stopped up or congested is my ears. I am prone to ear infections and my hearing tends to be lower than it is when I am not sick. Now I can still hear but it is harder for me and I have to try a little harder and people are not always that understanding. My friend and I are watching Netflix and we had a couple other people over and this friend of mine has known me since 7th grade so she obviously knows about my hearing loss… the other people were friends of hers and didn’t know me as well so they did not know about it.

Now I had messaged my friend because I didn’t want to ask her to turn on captions out loud so I texted her and said “Hey, I’m having a hard time hearing the show and we can’t have the volume too loud. Would you mind turning on the captions?” She did it with no problem until one of the asshats decides to say “Why are the captions on, I want to hear the show not read it”. I got up to leave because I was annoyed and she looks at her friend and says “Then leave. If you can’t understand that some people can’t hear as well as the rest of us then you are worse than I thought.”

I was in utter shock… So asshat left with the other one who remained silent and I looked at my friend and told her she didn’t have to say that. She tells me she did because if someone doesn’t teach them they’ll never learn. And I hugged her because she may not always make the best decisions but I do know that she will always have my back when I feel like I can’t stand up for myself.


RinMaki, KotoUmi, NozoEli, NicoPana, TsubaHono, lily freakin white

Umi and Rin almost bump into each other in front of the club room’s door, both holding their phones in their hands with terribly worried faces. Apparently, they both just received a message from Nozomi saying that there’s an emergency for the three of them and they need to talk about it in the club room a-s-a-p.

“What do you think is this lily white emergency, Umi-chan?” Rin asks with a slight pout, still panting from her hurried steps. “Are we in trouble, nya?”

“I really have no idea, honestly,” Umi shrugs. She hesitantly grabs the doorknob with a shaky hand. “L-Let’s go in?”


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