she told me to draw it

Yay.  I’m super grateful you all are good with the sketches.  I try to draw every day, so I can improve,and I’ve found that posting stuff here really helps me do it because I feel like I told you guys I would so… I dunno it just helps haha

Anyways, today is just a sketch page.  Random doodles of Emma and Solas.  In the couple shot Emma is standing on a boulder, or sitting on his lap maybe, cuz she is smol so only comes up to his shoulder normally XD.  Or she isn’t small really she is around 5′6″ but I head canon Solas as being super tall.

leaper182  asked:

I love your Raul artwork, and I like being able to place what pictures or scenes you got your reference from. :D Do you have art where you didn't use a reference?

Aww thanks dear! ❤ Someone once told me that everytime she watches the scene with Barba and his mami Lucia, she thinks of my drawing! 🙈😄 I love that.
Yes I do have drawings without references, but not Raúl ones. I actually started drawing Comics and Mangas in my teenage years, till someone asked me if I could also draw “real” people lol.
I also don’t try to copy photos one by one or extremely realistic. If it looks EXACTLY like the photo, why should I bother drawing it? I always try to put something special into a drawing. A certain technique or color or lighting. I try to bring out the mood and most important parts of a scene.

starforged replied to your post “claws hands down face dealing with women who insist that international…”

what are we going to celebrate? wars? the patriarchy? domestic violence?

men need support too ashleigh

i wish i was quicker on the draw and had mentioned ‘men don’t need the institutional support like women do because they already have it’ but instead i just said ‘men don’t need it’ which got a ‘i disagree with that’ in response.

so i was like, well.

there is one /googles date

and then i got told that i need to generalise less, i think because she overhead me telling a friend that the men of my mother’s generation are terrible.

which is a statement i stand by t b h :’|


I can hardly believe it.

The man on the right is Bob Singer, who was the head of character design for Scooby-Doo, and also did numerous storyboards for the show. He’s 87 years old, still drawing, and is the long-time mentor of a wonderful illustrator (and SDM fan) Marilyn, on the left.

She showed him our post about the Klondike sign (which approaches 100k notes), and he told her all about the production of the show. How he drew 13 spreads a day even while managing character design, how amazingly fast Hannah-Barbera worked to make the show happen… and how, naturally, everyone didn’t always end up with their prop sheets due to time constraints.

And then, he drew the absolute most-amazing sketch of Shaggy for me.

This blog would not exist without Bob – and without Marilyn, he would never have known about its success. Never know about the ever-growing thousands that still love the show he worked so hard to bring into existence, 47 years ago.

We pick on Scooby-Doo a lot here – heck, the title is ScoobyDooMistakes, after all. At the end of the day, though, we’re all here because we love the timeless charm of the show… and that includes the funny faces and little errors that were accidentally made. In fact, we love the show all the more because of them.

So, a thank-you to Marilyn, with a lovely art blog that everyone needs to see, a thank-you to all you viewers, with a love for Scooby that’s lasted since 1969… and most importantly, a thank-you to Bob, who shaped far more childhoods than most men ever dream of doing. I, myself, am but one of many that you made smile.

Your pal,


I was bored at work so I doodled Freya and Freyr, the Norse gods. Don’t mind their bizarre feet.

Guys have told me “You shouldn’t draw Freya fat. Sure some men are into that, but most like women with a slim waist. She’s a goddess of sex, so it would make more sense if she looked more like most men’s wet dream”

But I have to wonder, why should she be a goddess of MALE sexuality? Odin got that covered as the god of war, wisdom and sex, yet he is rarely depicted as most women’s wet dream.

I draw Freya and her family as fat because together they are the gods of prosperity, fertility, food, and good times.

Besides, I won’t take your complaints about Freya’s looks seriously if you’ve got nothing to say about Freyr being fat. The Vikings depicted him as a fit young man with a giant cock.

EDIT: You guys are right, of course it’s Freyr, not Frigg. It was late and I got confused by all their different names in various languages. Maybe I should just go with their Danish names Freja and Frej from now on. ;)
He put a cigarette between his teeth, mumbled a quick “sorry” and lit it, his hands shaking slightly. He could never hold still when she was around. “Remember when you told me you’d stop smoking?” she asked, drawing her woolly scarf tighter around herself. Her breath clouded in front of her face just as he blew out the smoke through his nose. She watched him wearily. Of course he remembered. He remembered all of the things he’d said to her, drunk or sober, but this one he remembered the best. Because the night he told her he’d stop smoking was the night he’d wanted to kiss her for the first time. Her hair had smelled like strawberries and her lips had looked so incredibly soft and she’d said “I can’t stand the smell of smoke, you know”. But this time was over, this time of watching and wanting and aching for their hands to brush, for their lips to meet. He could’ve thrown the cigarette away, could’ve swept her into his arms to keep her warm but he’d ruined it. He hadn’t changed, he never would, and she was too good for him. Too damn good for him. He hoped she knew. So he kept his cigarette in his mouth as he said, “I don’t remember.”
—  excerpt

As a child, my mother had told me to kneel before the crucifix.

On my knees in the house she kept clean for her god,

I pictured purity.

I pictured purity to be soft-white and gleaming like opal,

To be whole and to be holy.

Purity would be a sharp knife with a slender ivory handle.

As she scoured the floors with bleach and scraped blood off the walls,

I imagined that purity would be colder than those marble floors;

That it would smell like welded iron and chlorine,

That it would wipe the crook of my elbow with rubbing alcohol

And draw out wickedness with a needle.

I did as I was told and read prayers to the Virgin Mary,

Again and again until I had earned forgiveness for my sins,

But purity had been nailed up in vain against Jesus’s chest;

And my mother had been braiding a rope from the pages of a Bible.

From a rafter she hung me close to the crucifix.

She made the sign of the cross, and then left.

I looked into the face of the son of God as blood pooled in my eyes,

And in the pained face of that wooden man,

Was purity.

Purity was red.

Purity had broken so easily,

And it was the sinner it had demanded that I never become.

Purity was an electrical fire in the church;

The temperature at which holy water boils.

Purity was an arrow shot into the breast of an albatross,

Or at best, a nail hammered into the palms of Jesus Christ.


I Am Not Responsible For Your Thoughts

My mom gave me a dress form she used to use when she would sell her aprons at farmer’s markets and I was able to use it for a recent art assignment. When I told her I wanted to use it for art, this probably isn’t what she had in mind…ha

I sat down with the mannequin and wrote all my thoughts I had about the LDS culture and how they teach “modesty” to their young women and how it plays into things like victim blaming and rape culture. Also drew inspiration from Barbara Kruger’s iconic “red bars/white text” thing. I would like to note: I don’t believe that ‘modesty’ as a concept is a bad thing, but how it is being taught to our girls and our boys is. If anyone has any questions or wants to discuss it, feel free to drop me a line.

I had more to say about it than I thought I did and it was INCREDIBLY cathartic. I just hope it doesn’t go over poorly with my professor. Yay for private religious schools

Please don’t remove the caption


i was playing animal crossing with @horrifichymns and this happened

,,except it was an axe

I told my therapist that I always had heated arguments with my mom because she doesn’t allow me to wear shorts thinking shorts are inappropriate where I live. My therapist told that my mom was sorta right because if I wear short clothing id draw too much negative attention and people will think that in spite of being a girl from a respectable family I’m someone of questionable character and I was like wtf? I wanna wear shorts because it’s fucking hot outside and Im sweating like a pig !Why should I care about the opinion of people who don’t even know my name !? I told her that people should stop stereotyping and that my dress doesn’t equal my character to which with a pained smile she replied that “ It’s just the way of the world hun” She even said that she avoided talking to her closest acquaintances on the street if they wore too short dresses that made them look “vulgar”!!!!!! Finally I made her talk to my mom and I came to a compromise that I’d wear long pants if any outsider came to our home and I’m fuming over this.
The point of this long af ramble is that it’s fucking 42°C outside and I have to suffer due to my clothes whereas all the boys in my neighbourhood are smartly walking around in the dumbest and weirdest shorts and no one’s batting an eyelash!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ?????????I CAN’T SHOW MY LEGS ????? IS HAVING ARMS AND LEGS ABNORMAL FOR A GIRL?????OR SOME ASSHOLE JUST CAN’T CONTROL HIMSELF AND WILL CUM IN THE PANTS ?????WHY SHOULD I CARE WHAT SOME INSIGNIFICANT MORTALS THINK ABOUT ME?? I am wearing clothes for comfort not for every person in the town ! And I AM MORE THAN MY CLOTHES I AM DEFINED BY WHAT I ACTUALLY AM AND NOT BY FUCKING WHAT I WEAR YOU HEAR ME ???????????????? DON’T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER


@allesiathehedge told ya I was going to do something for Alphys’ birthday… even tho it’s a week late… Hope you don’t mind >.<’

I tried to use your designs for the characters… but I started doing this before you posted that little comic on Alphys’  birthday, so she has no pretty dress.. sorry ‘bout that..

This comic has, like, the best Papyrus I ever drew… Also, was the first time I drew Asgore, and Toriel (if you don’t count that time I drew Altertale Toriel). Drawing baby poses is so hard for me… I don’t even know why, it just seems like everything I try is unnatural… Hope I got at least 40% good poses in this.


The Everthere - a post-reunion Korrasami roommate modern AU (ao3)

“Stay with me.”

It was the last thing Korra expected to hear. She was expecting to hear nothing, truth be told; because even Asami had her limits, and she wasn’t like Korra was; she withdrew when she was upset. It took more than a moment for the words to penetrate, and when they did Korra struggled to calibrate them - it was painfully easy to feel the strange weight under them, and equally rather difficult, in the moment, to draw out the reason, what with her heart twisting -

It sounded like something Asami could have said six months ago.

“What?” Korra said somewhat breathlessly.

“My house,” Asami said, as if that explained everything, kind enough to overlook Korra’s obvious confusion. “You need somewhere to stay, right? Well, I’ve got lots of room to spare. Rooms, actually.”

A pretty character that belongs to a pretty person, @luciasatalina​ !!! A little gift from me to show how absolutely I love the design and every idea she has told me about concerning her OC! She’s such a cutie and needs to be shown a lot to everyone~!

“I would regret not being with you”

Fanfictions ARE KILLING ME WITH FEELINGS. I have really little time to draw but at least I can sketch something x.x

Btw!!!! The fanfic I read was “don´t be an idiot Ackerman”. I´m reading fanfics on wattpad :)