she told me it wasn't weird

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Out middle school had this weird policy about not bringing food into the cafeteria when it wasn't lunch time, except it was kinda only randomly enforced. My friend and I were going in there on some errand and we're about to leave when some teachers stopped us because my friend had a thing of tea. They told her to finish the tea before leaving the cafeteria. I didn't see it, since the teachers made me leave, but apparently my friend cannot drink things quickly. She spewed tea all over them.


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Yesterday a customer asked me where an item was, and I told her the aisle. She snapped that she'd been looking all up and down that aisle and it's not there!!!! Like yes it is, it's in a weird spot on the shelf but it's very much there. I would've walked her right to it but she was being so rude, I just said "Oh then it must be out of stock :)" [hint: it wasn't]. Be nice to employees if you want decent service.

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I began to cry at school the other day bc your Day and Night AU master post wasn't blocked on the school computers and I was rlly happy bc I could reread it all 😂 My friend asked if I was okay and when I told her why I was crying she looked at me weird and I wanted to fight her bc I'm in love with your AU 💘

oh my gosh??????? no fighting please and also aaaahh!! thank you so much!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 TT v TT

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So, you mentioned a Wayne Tech science fair. So, of course, this means Bruce would have to meet smol Alex. Can you tell us about the scenario were Bruce's is like "this kid's good" and Kara is all "YOU CAN'T HAVE HER, BATS"? (Meanwhile, Diana has wandered over and is now instructing a tiny, gleeful Danvers on the finer points of swordplay)

Of all the things Kara expects to see at the WayneTech Young Innovators Expo…

Bruce Wayne is not one of them.

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Kepler: Emerald was 100% not lying
Kepler: everyone else on her team is a fucking like
Kepler: sociopathic….. weird…. hobo…. fair folk still getting used to human skin
theivorytowercrumbles: no kidding
theivorytowercrumbles: she is the extrovert of them all
Kepler: Emerald knows that you can get what you want by pretending to be nice to people???
Kepler: and cinder stop fucking giving that 15 year old bedroom eyes that SHOULDNT BE YOUR GO-TO TACTIC
theivorytowercrumbles: “but it works”
theivorytowercrumbles: QUIT IT CINDER
Kepler: “15… 50… what’s the difference? They all fade to dust eventually.”
theivorytowercrumbles: “that doesn’t make her any less jailbait, Cinder”
theivorytowercrumbles: “eh”
theivorytowercrumbles: “EH????”

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So this lady comes to my register wearing the clothes she's buying, and didn't even take the tags off forme to tag. She expected me to pull up the back of her shirt to scan the tag on her pants, and REACH DOWN HER SHIRT to find and scan the shirt tag. When I told her I wasn't going to do this she sighed and pulled up the shirt herself, and while finding the shirt tag I got a view of her bra. It was just very uncomfortable and the guest behind her looked almost as weirded out as me.

Good lord, purchase it first then go into the restroom to change ffs. It ain’t that hard. No one wants to touch you, lady. -Abby

"I didn't mean to hurt you. It wasn't supposed to end this way."

This was one of the last texts after we broke up. We dated for about 3 or 4 years. It took her a while to get to me, because i was still getting over someone but once she got to me, I was smitten. I loved her so much. I was ready to give up everything for her and to give her everything she wanted.

The time I spent with her was the best time of my life. But as in any relationship toward the end she started acting weird. She told me she had a lot of stuff on her mind. She didn’t know if she wanted to be with me. She wasn’t sure of anything. I wanted to be supportive so I told her that she could have some time off from me and that she can call me when she decided.

After two weeks of radio silence I broke down and told her that I wanted to meet up with her. I planned it all in my head. I was going to tell her how much I loved her, how much she meant to me and that i knew what she didn’t like about me and that I was gonna try to change it.

So we met up and I told her. She told me she slept with someone else. Two weeks. It took her two weeks to throw everything away. That was it. I walked her home and we both went our separate ways.

The worst part is, that even though she did something as disgusting as she did. I still can’t stop loving her.  

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There was a girl who had a crush on me for years. She would send me weird texts like "-puts kitkat- in your mouth O////O" out of nowhere, but whenever she saw me irl she'd put her head down and walk away, which made me very confused. Last year she told me she was gonna kill herself one night. I, of course, called the cops. Turns out she wasn't going to kill herself, and was just saying that to get my attention. She then got mad at me for calling bc her parents are making her see a therapist.

jesus christ

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So, I'm curious if you are from Berlin? Like do you live there since you were born? Or did you moved there one day? And how did you experienced today 25 years ago (you were 8, if I did the math right)? I hope it's not weird that I cry at a topic like that, like when I hear the stories of the people that were there or even when I see pictures. I mean, I wasn't even born at that time.

When the wall came down I was a little girl, you are right, and lived in portugal. My big sis called me from Berlin and told me that there was NO chocolate left in the city. She wanted to buy me some and an east german woman came running and ripped it out of her hands and yelled “I deserve this more, I had no milka chocolate in my whole life!” and ran away with it.

After that we turned on the TV and I saw people getting soup and asked my mom why they would get food and why they were crying and singing, she explained it to me. After that a lot of friends from the east would come to visit my sibling ins Berlin, but I was grumpy because I could not get stamps in my passport anymore.

A day later my sis went and got me pieces of the wall, which I still have in a box.