she thought he wanted her to go

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hc on dallas dating an innocent girl who doesn't drink or smoke or fight?

-He didn’t know that at first because when they met at a party and she was holding a beer.

-But she had taken the drink from her friend and was only there to take her friend home.

-Their first date didn’t go so well because Dally brought her to Buck’s for some drinks.

-But when she tells him that she doesn’t drink he was a bit surprised but he still thought she was pretty and wanted to take her out so they went for milkshakes.

-And Dally found himself having a surprising a good time even though he wasn’t even buzzed.

-He was surprised when she refuses cigarettes too.

-But she didn’t seem bothered that he smoked.

-They went out on a few more dates.

-And Dally found himself enjoying the time with her even sober.

-He got mad at her one night when some girls were picking on her and she didn’t even stand up for herself.

-She told him that she hated fighting.

-Dally was surprised at how well they were getting along despite how little they had in common.

-But he stayed with her and she stayed with him despite the fact that she didn’t agree with everything that he did.

-Dally wasn’t changing for her or because of her.

-But he didn’t drink when she was around.

-Which was easy because she always kept him to distracted to want to drink.

-And he tried his best to avoid confrontation if she was there as well.

-That one was a bit harder.

-He still smoked all of the time though.

-But he’d make sure not to do it if she was standing close to him.

Can’t believe I just seen a S*percorper just imply that Kara affection can be bought. What the actual fuck?!! You think Kara is someone so shallow that she can just be fudging bought? And they think Mr. Mxy is a great example of a suitor for Kara when he was forcing his love onto Kara, and try to win her affection through presents, and threats…. I’m sorry but what in the actual fuck is wrong with the Supergirl Fandom on Tumblr.

Holy shit they want to call Karamel abusive, but then show this shallow ass bullshit like that. Hey guys, how about go back and actually watch and LISTEN to this week’s episode because you’d know Kara’s thoughts on love.

“📣YOU CAN’T FORCE LOVE📣” - Supergirl

You can not buy or force your affections onto someone and expect them to love you back that’s not how it works. That isn’t love that is just bribery. Kara would not sell herself for such a shallow thing as money… I can’t believe that has ever been insinuated.

I am so damn pissed. The hypocrisy is unreal and nonsensical hate of Mon-El. Yeah, let’s harp on Mon-El, whose salary is that of a start out bartender, and be mad that he doesn’t buy (or warp reality) to give Kara rooms full of flowers. But, let’s forget the fact that he wants to give Kara everything in the world. And, despite being poor he gives Kara sunflowers for thanksgiving, and rips stuffing out of his own mattress no questions asked because Kara asked him if he could bring some stuffing. He also went out of his way to find what club soda was and buy it for her. But no, let’s forget all the little things because when trying to gain someone’s love it’s all about the big and shiny things. Lets forget that love is not something that is bought or force because who cares about that person’s feelings 😒

Please stay out of our tags-
Sincerely a Karamel shipper who’s tired of seeing hypocritical, and straight up stupid BS in our tags.

Bambam Imagine - Confession

A/N - A little imagine requested by a lovely anon~ It’s not too long but I hope you all enjoy it anyway!

I noticed there hasn’t been many requests for Bam Bam scenarios. Could you maybe do one where Bam Bam confesses to a girl but gets friend zoned. Not the typical fluff scenario but I thought this could be fun! 

Today was the day. Bambam was finally going to confess his feelings to her. The months they had known each other and been friends, he had always wanted more. She was amazing in every way imaginable to him and he just knew he had to have her. Despite having such strong feelings towards her, he was nervous. What if she turned him down while laughing at him? He had to convince himself that wouldn’t happen and that everything would go well. He checked his phone, seeing that it was almost time to go out and see her. They had arranged to go out for coffee and Bambam planned to use that rare time alone to confess. 

 When he arrived at the coffee shop they agreed to meet at, he could see (Y/N) already sat down. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he made his way over to her. 
“Hey, (Y/N),” he greeted as he sat down opposite her. 
“Hi, Bambam. I waited for you before getting coffee. Want me to grab something for you?" 
"I’ll pay,” he said, wanting to seem gentlemanly for offering to pay. He was really trying hard to impress her. 
“You sure?" 
"Yeah, come on. Get whatever you want and I’ll buy." 
"Well okay, I’m not one to turn down free coffee,” she replied laughing. Once they had received their drinks and a large slice of cake to share, Bambam decided to flirt a little to test the water and see if he could figure out if (Y/N) liked him back. He would make little compliments and remarks that could have been taken as someone making conversation but also as someone trying to be a little suggestive and more than friends. He only hoped she picked up on the latter. 

After quite some time chatting and drinking coffee, Bambam took the leap of faith and decided it was the right time to tell her how he felt.
“(Y/N), I’ve wanted to say this for a while but haven’t had the courage to yet. But I’m just going to come out and say it." 
"Um okay. What is it, Bam?" 
"I like you. As in, I like you as more than a friend. I’d really love it if we could maybe go out on a date sometime.." 
"Bam, that’s really sweet." 
"So what do you say?" 
"I can’t, Bam. I’m really sorry and I appreciate the fact that you had the courage to confess but I just don’t see you like that." 
"Oh, okay..that’s fine..” Bambam started fiddling with his coffee cup, feeling awkward all of a sudden. Y/N reached her hand over you gently and soothingly touch his. 
“I really hope we can still be friends, Bam." 
"Yeah, me too. Can we pretend this didn’t happen? I don’t really want the guys making fun of me for getting turned down." 
"Of course,” she replied laughing softly. “No letting this change our friendship either, okay?" 
"Got it,” he responded as he smiled at her, feeling better about the whole affair. Even if he couldn’t have her in the way he truly wanted, being friends was enough. More than enough. He’d make the most of their friendship and would treat her right, in the hopes that maybe she would change her mind in the future.

Bully (1/?)

Pairing/s: None at the moment.
Characters:  OC (Claire Jones), Bucky, Steve, Tony, Natasha, Wanda, Sam, Rhodey, Vision, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage
Word Count: 1,179
Warnings: Bucky being an asshole, still. Blood. Cursing. Bullying.

Originally posted by sleepygrimm

“I wonder sometimes how you even made it on the team.”

So, that’s how it’s going to be today, she thought to herself. The moment she heard him speak she had begun to punch the bag even harder. Tony had told her to not let him get to her. To not be bothered by his words, but that had already proven to be impossible. Especially when he went out of his way to harass her daily.

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We dated for a year. one day she says she wants to be happy and im not doing that for her. I called this girl the love of my life. She tells me she has a boyfriend a day later and that im the reason she was depressed. She used my flaws against me. I was so heartbroken i thought i harmed everything i touched. Then i realized it wasnt me. I was the best thing that ever happened to her. I hope he does good by her, because i wouldnt wish heartbreak upon anyone...but what goes around comes around.

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Et j'ai vu mon amour

Bad Bob/Alicia



She can’t skate.  She hates skating.  She doesn’t know why she let that idiot talk her into going.  She doesn’t know why she got talked into this date in the first place.  Across the rink, John is leant against the boards, arms over his chest, smiling that smile at a couple of girls which probably mean if she doesn’t get on the ice soon, she’ll be going home alone, and he won’t.

It was all Charlotte’s fault anyway.  “Alicia, you’re going to end up alone if you don’t at least try.”

Frankly spending her entire life alone sounded a lot damn better than dating some smarmy asshole who had no problems chatting-up strangers in front of her all because she wouldn’t give him what he wanted. 

Frankly, spending her entire life alone didn’t seem like the tragedy Charlotte thought it was.  But then again, Alicia had always thought a little different than her friends.

“Why does it look like you’re about to take your skate off and cut someone’s throat?”

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I’m so scared because you never shut up about how much you love me, but my brother’s best friend couldn’t shut up either about how much he loved his girlfriend, and now 2 years later he finds himself looking at other girls in nightclubs. He’s getting tired of her eventually, and the saddest part is that she’s still into him.
For now you never let go of my hand when we’re in nightclubs, and you don’t want to dance with anyone but me, but I’m so scared that one day, 2 years from now, you’ll leave me alone on a seat, and your eyes will imperceptibly scan the crowd in search of other prettier, skinnier, funnier girls.
You will get tired of me eventually, and the saddest part is that, I’ll still be into you.
—  Let’s not end up like this

I thought I wanted Aelin to save herself in ToG6 but now I’m changing my mind.

At the end of EoS Rowan thinks that he knows Aelin expects them to all make the rational, safe choice and leave her with Maeve while they go save the world. Aelin STILL thinks she’s expendable. She STILL thinks she isnt worthy of love. She STILL thinks that she should die for her friends without letting them die for her. She doesn’t think she’s necessary. She doesnt think she matters to anyone as much as they matter to her.

So i hope that Gavriel, Lorcan, Elide, and Rowan, blessed Rowan, show up at Maeve’s doorstep and fuck her shit up. I hope Fenrys and Conall find a way to fight for Aelin too. I hope that they all prove to her that she IS worth fighting and dying for, and that they love her as much as she has loved them.

I hope that Rowan saves her and that for once, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius lets someone else fight for her instead of her having to fight for herself, alone.

A huge part of the tog story is trust. and how she doesn’t really trust anyone, perhaps even Rowan. So I think that Aelin needs to be saved, because she’s already had to do so much on her own. And she needs to know that her friends love her, and that she can trust them because they love her, and that she is worth saving, and that is necessary to so many people. 

TFP: The Phone Call

After we watched the episode my husband and I had two entirely different take aways from that scene and I wanted to address them here. His interpretation was in short that he felt bad for Molly and thought the scene was humiliating for her. He did not think Sherlock loved her and was almost shocked that I did… until I explained my reasoning.

Opens with Eurus setting up the new “case”. Someone is going to die and ““It will be a tragedy, so many days unlived, so many words unsaid, ecetera, ecetera, ecetera”  IMO she was referring to Molly’s death leaving Sherlock with words unsaid. Remember this is Eurus. Her deduction needs to be complex, something all others miss, and devastating to Sherlock. I don’t think deducing that the lonely doctor is in unrequited love with Sherlock meets that criteria by a long shot. But to deduce that Sherlock loves her as well but hasn’t realized it yet DOES.

When he sees the coffin lid and the engraving, the victim becomes clear. Notice the change in his demeanor fom high energy rapid deduction to slow dread. He turned away from the lid, eyes closed in pain looking devastated. His mouth is agape and he breathes so heavily his chest rise is easily seen. His voice cracks on describing Molly as ‘alone’.

He starts the call thinking, like I think most did, that the point was to make him hurt her, seeming to manipulate her much in the way he used to tell her insincerely about her hair and lipstick. He tries to keep it straightforward, business like but rapidly flips between aloof and panicked, the first real crack appearing when she says she is not an experiment,

She says that she can’t say she loves him because it is true. This seems to subtly affect him and he appears touched in a sad way. He might have suspected it but for him to truly know is another thing entirely.

And then she requests HIM to say it first. Now, my husband saw it as a desperation, like a pathetic need to hear him say it as if she would take any morsels he threw her way. Uh, don’t worry, I disabused him of that shit.

They have a complicated past that started with manipulation and since they moved on from that Molly hasn’t gone back. She is repeatedly referred to by other characters as one of the few that can really “see” or “see through” Sherlock and is one of the only ones who can make him apologize. So from her perspective, if she is going to play this game, if she’s going to humiliate herself by saying it (and she knows she can’t say it without meaning it) then she needs to hear him say it first to put them on equal ground. He’s going to have to put his pound of flesh on the table first.

And this, my friends, is where he really starts to crumble. Why? Does he think Molly will believe it if he says it and the fact that he doesn’t will hurt her? As I stated above if she were a casual friend, her hurt would be worth her life and he could easily lie and say them (like he did with Janine). Also I don’t see how a reasonable woman like Molly would take this as an actual admission of love, not from Sherlock under such strange circumstances. See here my friends, much like Molly, HE CAN’T SAY THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE, even if he is just in this very moment realizing it.

He says it. Twice. The first feeling forced as if pried from his lips with his eyes closed. But the second comes out almost breathlessly, earnestly with a hint of wonder as he looks directly at her though she cannot see him. When she says it back, he collapses in relief and announces to Eurus he won.

But she is from the same mentality of ‘sentiment is a defect found on the losing side” and mocks all his “complicated little emotions” and tells him he did not save her as she was never in any danger from Eurus in the first place.

“What have you done to yourself?” she asks. He has allowed himself to admit he loves Molly and now there will be no going back. He realizes that Eurus knew it even before and set this all up to expose him, make his vulnerable and tear down the man he thinks of himself to be. He is stunned, walking to the coffin lid to confront this new aspect of himself, jaw clearly clenching before carrying it to the coffin where he set it down. The entire time his eyes are on the engraved words, reading them.

“I love you”.

Yes, he now knows. He does. 

He lets out a wry breath, a expression of his disbelieving acceptance and almost reverently slides his hand over top before

Absolutely. Losing. His. Shit.

And this is the one my husband could not refute and actually stopped mid sentence and said “You’re right.” (I also ran through all the significant moments between the two in all prior episodes as a reminder. Surprise, he forgot most of them.)

Sherlock destroys the coffin as he rebels against this thought. He doesn’t want to love. It only leads to pain… illustrated most recently by the agony he and Molly are now in.

It isn’t torture. Its vivisection.

Let’s talk about the EOS chapter set during Heir of Fire

No, I don’t want to talk about Remelle. I want to talk about how protective Rowan is, not only of Aelin, but of innocents.

If you haven’t read the story, there’s one part where Rowan’s former lover Remelle suggests that Aelin could warm Benson’s bed (he’s a Fae lord sent by Maeve).

Maeve explicitly told Lord Benson that he could take Aelin to bed if he wanted. That bitch. She didn’t know if Aelin and Rowan had mated yet so she found a way to make Rowan jealous in order to make the bond snap into place. 

But Rowan, beautiful Rowan, who is jealous, because whether he knows it or not, Aelin is his mate, and the thought of her with another “makes his blood boil”, takes the opportunity to make a much different statement: 

If Benson lays one finger on her, he’s going to find himself without his insides. Benson looks twice at her and he dies. He looks twice at any of the females in this fortress and he dies.


And I think that says a lot about his character. To me, this proves that he is not ‘possessive’ of Aelin. He is very, very protecting. Of everybody. Whether they need his protection or not, he will offer his help. The woman he thought was his mate was slaughtered while pregnant because he had been careless in his protection. Of course he’s going to jump at the throat of everybody who threatens an innocent.

Sure, y’all may point out that he’s also leveled entire cities with Lorcan, but a) even as he regrets it, he admits that the people of those cities were “wicked”, and b) he was ordered to do so by Maeve’s blood oath that he could not go against. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Rowan Whitethorn has always had so much potential to be good. To be a genuinely caring person. He only needed to remember what caring about someone felt like. He only needed reminding that he could be good and loyal and loving.

Pearl is the only one who actually decided that they needed to stop trying to get Rose back.

Amethyst and Garnet keep trying to get Rose to come back in their own ways, and don’t know what to do when their plans fail.

So Pearl takes Steven and thinks she’s probably just going to poof him, NOT kill him, and when he reforms he’ll just reform as Rose. I don’t even think she thought what she was doing could even result in the death of Steven.

And yet, she stops herself either way. Knowing that Rose, the love of her life, wanted to do this more than anything. She thinks removing his gem will bring Rose back and she STILL decides to respect what Rose originally wanted.

And that’s how much she loves Rose. But now 14 years later and with so much growth, Pearl has come to love Steven with everything in her. And I don’t think for one freaking second that she resents him today.

I love this character and I will continue to defend her to the end of time sorry.

Them: *fake caring* I’m sorry you guys that must be hard for you! 

Me: So Eurus decided to torture Sherlock by forcing him to say the words he has most trouble saying to the woman who wants to hear them the most because he knows it would bring an incredible amount of heartache not just to her but to him because he cares about her. She made him go almost mad at the thought that she would die and then teased him about all the complicated emotions she saw him feel after he got her to say I love you to him. And it still didn’t drive them apart as she is seen happily walking into 221B in the end because ah lookie they still care and they’re still friends. Yeah so hard I’m so sad I’m not gonna be reading every single fanfic written from here to eternity. 

“I know I shouldn’t miss him,” she whispers into her glass of whiskey. “I know he chose not to want me anymore and I can’t force him in my life, even though having in my life would be equally painful,” her lip trembles as she brushes away a rouge tear. “But he was the first person in a long time that felt like he knew me. I wasn’t pretending, I felt like I could be myself around him. I let him in, I started to trust him and now he’s just gone.” She gulps down the rest of her drink and slams it down, tears now flowing freely.

Her friend studies her, rolling the unlit cigarette between her fingers.
“You miss him now, but eventually you won’t. He’ll just become someone you started to love. Someone who taught you that you can love again.” Her friend flicks the lighter and takes a drag of her now lit cigarette. “Maybe, that’s the only reason he came into your life. As a short sweet lesson who wasn’t meant to be permanent, but to show you that you are capable of love again.”

—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write.
episode ideas i thought of at 3 am
  • the cg go away for some reason again, so connie, peri, and lapis group up, but in the process accidentally unbubble bismuth. bismuth adores connie, but she doesnt remember lapis, let alone understand why shes afraid of her
  • bd sends the famethyst to earth to check on the cluster and the ruby squad, obviously they just play around with amethyst and steven, wholesome filler
  • greg finally gets a date on not-tinder but hes really nervous and convinces garnet to come with him as a double date. she doesnt even unfuse she just sits across from them
  • mystery girl comes to the temple for a date with pearl....but she's redyed her hair purple and restyled it, losing her similarity to rose. pearl loses interest and gets chewed out by garnet for being shallow,and
  • mg ends up going to dinner with amethyst instead
  • white diamond gets sick of the others shit and sends white court gems to face the cg
  • mr smiley. just. hes back
  • garnet has a real good talk with sadie about love and toxic people. she uses pearl as an example
christmas cheer! ft. s.j.m characters


aelin : ‘cuz baby all i want for christmas… is yooooouuu. dancing with fleetfloot. you thought it was rowan. no. she loves her dog. dressed up as mrs. claus. mean girls style. jingle bell rock it out. christmas is her calling. fenrys and connall are her back up dancers. 

rowan : rolled his eyes so many times, they’ve fallen out of his head a few hours ago. screams every time he hears a christmas song. “if oNE MORE PERSON SINGS-” “have a holly jolly christmas-” screeEAMS.

aedion : loves putting up christmas decorations with lysandra. makes eggnog and always spikes it. go to aedion to get drunk on christmas. somehow he even spiked the candy canes. knows how to have a good time. 

lysandra : sexiest elf alive. woah™ mama™ back it up over here. the whole nine yards. short green skirt, suspenders, elf ears, tight red blouse, all of the above. has little jingle bells on her hat. hands out candy canes to the children and tells stories. evangeline is her elf in training. 

dorian : rich enough to make santa’s workshop. for the children of course. he is still considered a child right? dressed up as rudolph the red nose reindeer. “if i see aelin on your back, i will end you, dorian” aelin was on his back five minutes later, swinging a sack around. run, dorian, run.

manon : rolling her eyes along with rowan. secretly enjoying it. she loves singing carols with the thirteen. they go door to door at night. low key™, don’t tell anyone, but manon loves christmas. 

chaol : he’s the one that’s thinking about how much mess he has to clean up on December 26. crossing his arms. brooding. could give lorcan a run for his money. aelin gets him in the christmas spirit.

nesryn : christmas? what is christmas? what kind of (white) trash™ northern holiday is this. all of you are so white i can’t stop laughing. santa? seriously? let me show y’all some good ole southern holidays.

fenrys : back up dancer 1. follows aelin everywhere. breaks out into dance randomly and loves it. male stripper elf™ put the ho ho ho in christmas. perfected the art of twerking and loves to eat christmas cookies.

asterin : “fenrys calm down or i swear to the Three-Faced Goddess-”. wears a tiny santa hat and some red and silver clothes. that’s it. don’t ask her to do more. low key™ is the lead singer when the Thirteen goes Christmas caroling. she has a reputation to uphold. 

lorcan : is the tree. who needs a tree when you have lorcan? put a couple tinsel and lights on his shirt and his arms and his legs. hang up some ornaments on his ears and shoulders. brooding™ so™ much™ it’s™ now™ his™ permanent™ face™ “oh cheer up” growling. 

elide : is the star to the lorcan’s tree. screamed when fenrys and connall lifted her up but started laughing when they set her on lorcan’s shoulders. they drowned the poor girl in golden glitter. “stop brooding. this is fun, lorcan”. lorcan did not stop brooding but he was happy elide was his star. 

connall : back up dancer 2. follows aelin around as well. little wolf pup that just needs love. he actually made the choreography. follows fenrys down to the kitchen to eat all the cookies. always has mistletoe for some reason?? 

vaughan : put the christ in christmas. calm down you heathens. i am ashamed to know any of you. this is not what christmas is all about. **holds up arms to make the cross** “heathens! heathens surround us!”

gavriel : mY SON. just wants to hang out with his son on christmas. probably the one that wrapped all the presents. dad™ uncle™. gotta keep his child and niece happy. low key drank a gallon of spiked eggnog.

acomaf : 

rhys : ‘twas the night before christmas and it was quiet through the house, until Santa Rhysand came in, and threw them all a party. 100% into Christmas ever since Feyre told him about it. decorated all of Velaris and the Night Court. dressing up as Santa from now on. “have you been naughty or nice?”

feyre : her birthday and christmas are so close. she loves it. so many presents. dressed in simple leggings and sweaters but was happy so see rhys being over dramatic. eats about 100 christmas cookies…per hour.

cassian : wants to kill rhys. how dare he make him dress up like a reindeer. a rein-illyrian. drinking spiked eggnog and pot cookies. wants to forget this night. stripper™ reindeer. somehow got a pole too. 

nesta : made everyone christmas cookies and brownies. made everyone matching sweaters. christmas is her favorite™. blasts the christmas music and dances with her sisters. 

azriel : ‘twas the night before christmas, and azriel disappeared into the shadows, he was not seen again, until the New Year. 

mor : somehow got access to the internet and found the mean girls jingle bell rock. made feyre, nesta, and amren dance with her. she rocked those jingle bells hard. fierce™ fabulous™ get it, mor, get it. very!drunk™

lucien : what is christmas? elain, why? i aM A MIGHTY FOX DONT YOU- put me in an ugly christmas sweater. this green looks horrid with my hair. o hm y go d it lights up. i hate christmas 

elain : having waaaay too much fun putting lucien in ugly christmas sweaters. dressed up as mrs. claus. it was a bit awkward during the family dinner, considering rhys and his santa get-up. but feyre and lucien really didn’t care enough to comment. 

amren : won’t stop rolling her eyes. it took her a while but she finally got into the christmas spirit. she got into like mid-Christmas day. amren was the one to wrap all the presents and she kept growling when everyone just rIPpEd them open. death to all™ 

tamlin : …

Roommates - C.H

Originally posted by squishycalum

Y/n walked into her apartment dropping her backpack to the side, other arm holding the bag full of sweets and wine she had just got from the store. It was Friday night, two weeks before finals week and all she wanted to do was start the movie night with her two best friends that she had planned and maybe ask Calum if he and his friends if they wanted to join, but that whole thought changed at the sound of female moans coming from her roommate’s room. She placed the shopping bag down crossing her arms listening in trying to decide if she should let him finish or not, laughing at herself for even considering it since she had warned him two weeks ago that there was going to be a movie night and to not plan anything unless it involves his music friends because those were the three she could stand.

“Fucking hell, Calum,” she groaned, making her way to his room as she closed her eyes taking a deep breath to start the water works. She pushed the door open, a random blonde straddling his waist, hands groping her bare chest as she rotated her clothes hips into his, the door colliding with the wall in a loud crash. “You’re fucking kidding, right?” She questioned sniffling a bit, the tears starting to fall from her as Calum looked to her in disbelief. “Seriously Calum? I went to the grocery for ten minutes. Fuck you.”

“Wait a minute…you live with your girlfriend and called me to fuck…what the hell?” The girl screamed quickly climbing off of him grabbing her clothes as Calum ran his hands over his face, y/n biting her lip to suppress a smile.

“Baby girl, you’ve got it all wrong,” he said standing up as she pushed by him.

“Fuck off, Calum,” she said walking through the living room picking up her shoes. Headed right towards the door.

“Baby can you let me explain, please? She not-,” he started being completely cut off by the sound of the door slamming behind her as he clenched his fists. “-my girlfriend…” He closed his eyes turning his body to face the girl that was leaning against his doorframe, smirk evident on her lips. “Fuck you.”

“No. Fuck you. I told you weeks ago that I wanted the apartment for tonight and I walk into you fucking some bitch. And you and I both know you aren’t quick Calum.” They both knew all too well he would prolong the action as long as he could, more so to piss her off than anything, but they were all usually great fucks so it just added to it all.

“You sound a bit jealous there, sweetheart,” he teased with a smirk on his face. “You know, my door’s always open if you get tired of using your fingers.”

“Oh, fuck off Calum,” she groaned rolling her eyes. Rooming with Calum for her third year at Uni hadn’t been the most ideal thing in the world. It was a last minute mishap created by the school’s housing authority, assigning one too many students to a dorm causing a few to be left without necessary housing, y/n and Calum being two of the many others involved in this mishap. The school had a very strict rule about letting girls and guys room with each other, but whatever happened off campus, stayed off campus.

She met Calum through Luke, a friend who shared her major, knowing Calum was in the same predicament as she was quickly setting them up to move into one of the two bed, two baths right across from the entrance to the university. And after that first week, everything went downhill. Nothing was really wrong with him: he cleaned after himself, always restocked the toilet paper, never touched her food, and even finished her laundry from time to time. What she couldn’t stand was the sex. It was always sex with Calum, and he always made sure to go big or go home.

“Oh come on, y/n, I’m just trying to be nice.”

“If I wanted to fuck you,Calum, I’d just use my pinky,” she said in a huff before walking off to the kitchen. Calum looked at her with his eyebrows raised wrapping his mind around the fact she just called him small. He watched her for a moment as she unpacked the grocery bag before walking over turning her to face him trapping her between the island in the center of the kitchen and his body.

“Excuse me?” He questioned as she looked at him shocked. The whole encounter had escalated within ten seconds, y/n not expecting to have his body pressed into hers, his still clearly hard, large, dick poking at her abdomen, arms on either side of her resting in the counter, forehead resting in hers as her breath caught in her throat. “I know…you didn’t just refer to my dick being the size of your pinky.” It took her a minute to try to muster up words and ignore the heat flooding to her core at how close he was.

“I did,” she barely whispered, Calum throwing his head back in cynical laughter pressing that much closer to her.

“That’s cute.” He let one of his hands trail down resting on her hip pushing her shirt up a little to rest on her bare skin. “Want to choke on it first or do you want me to wreck you?” Her face darkened that much more at his words, mouth completely dry unable to form words as he started biting at her neck, a loud gasp escaping her as he hand on her hip moved to grab her ass. “I know you want both baby, it’s just a matter of choosing what you want first.”

“I-I don’t want you, Calum,” she practically whimpered as he smirked against her neck, his other hand dipping down from the counter to rub her through her leggings, a moan escaping both of them: Calum for feeling how wet she actually was and y/n for the friction against her core.

“Your pussy says otherwise.” She had her head tilted to the side giving him better access to her neck, hands gripping his shoulders keeping her upright as her legs shook under his touch, eyes squeezed shut and jaw slack. He hadn’t even started anything and she was already shaking at the knees. “If you don’t want this, all you have to say is stop.” He pulled back from her neck, discreetly checking out the large hickey’s left on her neck that she would most likely yell at him for after this was all over, bringing his face close to hers once again seeing the lust that had flooded her eyes. He smirked to himself knowing he had won and that finally, after three months of living together, he was finally going to get what he wanted.

His lips ghosted over hers waiting for a response from her, fingers rubbing slow circles through her pants as her breath hitched, eyes fluttering closed again. “I didn’t say stop Calum.” Her tone was aggressive catching Calum off guard, but only for a split second before gripping her her thighs, lifting her onto the counter, lips pressed together in a fevered kiss that was clearly long overdue. His hands roamed her torso completely, touching every inch of her, not being able to get enough. Within seconds, anything behind her on the island that could disrupt them was on the floor, including the bottle of wine she had just bought, landing with a loud crash on the other side by the stove. “That was fucking expensive.”

“Shut up. I’ll buy you another one,” he groaned pushing her onto her back, pulling her shoes off before tugging her yogas and panties off giving him a wonderful view of her heat. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.”

“Keep talking and I really will go finish myself off.” He pulled her closer by her legs, letting them drape over his shoulders as he leaned in attacking her pussy. Her back arched up off the counter, loud moans and profanities leaving her lips constantly as she pulled at his hair with both hands, Calum getting off on the pain moaning, himself, into her heat which only made it that much more pleasurable for her. He was licking at her like a dog, rough and quick, not bothering to take his time, especially when she tasted so good and may never let him do this again. “Fuck, Cal,” she moaned high pitched, barely above a whisper. The sounds he was making were obscene, filling the apartment with slurps and sucking noises, as well as her moans. He pulled back, arousal coating his lips and chin as she took deep breaths, looking up at him, bottom lip between her teeth.

“Come here baby girl,” he whispered, voice raspy as he backed away from the counter just enough to give her space to get down, palming himself through his boxers.

“I didn’t get to cum,” she whined, a smirk gracing his lips as he licked his lips.

“I’ll make you cum baby…don’t you worry about that. Now why don’t you come here and tell me again how small my cock is.” She bit her lip climbing off of the counter as Calum dropped his boxers, cock springing up slapping against his stomach. Her breath hitched once again just at the mere sight of him. “Now, what were you saying?” She sank to her knees in front of him shaking her head.

“Nothing,” she muttered spitting into her hand, running her hand over his erect member, thumb brushing the tip collecting the precum that was spilling over before taking it into her mouth. She stroked him slowly eliciting soft moans from him before latching onto the sip sucking hard, Calum’s eyes rolling back as both hands dug into her hair holding her in place as he took control of the situation, thrusting into her mouth slowly, going deeper and deeper each time until he was nearly down her throat, y/n gagging as he held her with her nose pressed against his pelvis. He looked down at her, cock practically shoved down her throat with the most innocent eyes looking up to him causing a groan to leave his lips, Calum practically ready to spill his seed down her throat.

He pulled on her hair letting his cock fall from her mouth as she gasped for breath, but had no signs of protest from being forced to practically choke on his cock. “You alright there baby?”

“I’m okay, Cal,” she muttered, Calum tugging her shirt off along with her bra before pressing their lips together in a soft kiss, completely contrasting the last one they had shared before, holding more emotions from both parties as he held her tight to his body.

“I’m going to absolutely wreck you,” he whispered in her ear, placing a kiss behind her ear before quickly twirling her around, pushing her down from her back and entering her without hesitation.

Calum had her bent over the counter, hair in his hand as he pounded into her, occasionally slapping at her ass as moans left her lips, just on the verge of turning into screams. She was on her toes, legs shaking as he wrecked her, going as hard as he possibly could switching between slow and fast thrusts, cock rubbing against her sweet spot nearly every time. She’d be lying if she said this wasn’t the best fuck she’d ever had, but then again it was Calum Hood. She should’ve expected this more knowing how many girls left their apartment the next morning barely able to walk. “C-calum,” she screamed, the last thrust going deeper than any other had, y/n just on the verge of spilling over him, until he pulled out of her leaving her confused and pissed off. “No, no, no.”

“Calm down, baby girl,” he laughed running his hands over her ass. He slapped her cheek once again, another moan leaving her. “Wasn’t ready for you to cum. I want this to be the best orgasm you’ve ever had.” He lifter her right leg having her rest it over the counter, stroking himself once again before entering her at a much slower pace than he had before. His hands gripped her hips snapping into her roughly, but dangerously slow. She bit down on her index finger hard, tears pricking her eyes from how good she felt.

“Faster…please,” she whimpered, Calum loving how wrecked she sounded as he sped up dramatically, knowing he was hitting her g-spot every time just from feeling her body and legs shake, her moans turning into screams as her free hand searched for something to grab onto. “Holy…oh my god!” She came around around him cum dripping down her leg soaking the floor as Calum smirked in triumph just at the simple fact he had gotten her to squirt knowing from many late night drunk talks that she was not a squirter. His thrusts slowed, pulling his cock from inside of her jacking himself off, his cum spilling over her ass as the remainder of her cum dripped out of her, her leg giving out, only staying upright from Calum’s grip on her body.

“Fuck,” she muttered feeling Calum’s other hand grip her hip holding her with both hands as her leg perched over the counter fell to help hold her upright.

“Well…now I know why neither of them answered their phones,” Ashton said causing both of them to look up, their five friends standing in their living room watching them with shocked expressions. “We’re just…we’ll see you guys tomorrow.” They all scurried out of the apartment shutting the door behind them as the two tried to wrap their brains around what just happened, y/n flushing with embarrassment while Calum just smirked, turning her around lifting her in his arms.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Clearly your movie night’s canceled, so I’m taking you for a round two.”

Final thoughts after finishing ACOMAF

I’m thinking that Tamlin knows Feyre is Rhysand’s mate, and that he just doesn’t want to believe it.

I’m thinking that Feyre knows that they know, and it hurts her inside, so much, to pretend that she doesn’t have a clue.

I’m thinking that Amren must be furious with Rhys for letting Feyre do such a thing, to leave them and the court and make such a huge sacrifice for her people.

I’m thinking that A Court of Wings and Ruin is going to tear me apart, because Rhys cannot survive without Feyre, his salvation, his everything. He cannot survive knowing that she so far away, acting as if she doesn’t even know him. He believes in her, but he still hurts inside.

I’m thinking that Nesta and Elain and scared out of their minds, trying to figure out what is going to happen to their sisters while they sit as ‘captives’ in the Night Court.

I’m thinking that The Inner Circle is going to treat them like family and not resent them for being something the cauldron made. That they are going to love the pair of sisters like they were related by blood.

I’m thinking that Tamlin knows what he’s gotten himself into, that the King of Hybern is using him, discarding him when the time is right, and he doesn’t want to admit it.

And finally, with every fiber of my being, I am thinking that the Inner Circle would die for the High Lady of the Night Court, Rhys included, so that she would have a chance to make it home to her people. I’m thinking that there will be a time where Rhys has to choose between her and his court. Maybe in ways we least suspect.

But I have no doubt, no doubt whatsoever, that Rhys will die for her. And if it comes down to that, I’m thinking we may have to send him off with a bouquet of violet flowers and a few shed tears, knowing in our hearts that he did it to protect her, even though she doesn’t need protecting.

Now we’ve begun a thought for a thought, and I want you to tell me, what do you think? 

The Return of Irene

John is still thinks Sherlock wants to be with Irene. I mean that doesn’t surprise me, exactly, because he has no reason to assume otherwise. But he does have some reason to presume otherwise: Sherlock keeps not taking her up on her offers. I like that she’s still sitting there in John’s imagination, between him and Sherlock.

John said: go find someone to make you a better person. That’s what John does, though. John is the one who makes Sherlock a better person. John knows that, he’s known that from the start, but somehow in this moment he can’t see it. Because he knows he’s not the person Mary thought he might be, the one Sherlock also thought he might be?

And tonight Sherlock compared his text-only relationship with Irene to John’s text-only (phew!) relationship with E (still E!), which is sort of interesting. A faint flirtation with a thing that might be, possibly, but that you’re unwilling to follow through on, and turns you into a person you are not? And don’t want to be? But reveals a little bit more about who you actually are? That’s apt.

REALIZATION: The Miraculous yin-yang has a great deal of importance.

At first, when I first started watching the show, I was curious as to why Marinette possessed the ladybug Miraculous (given that ladybugs are symbolic for luck)… She’s clumsy, unintentionally messes things up, awkward, embarrassing, hell she can’t even say a word to Adrien without her stumbling over her words…

Didn’t seem very lucky to me (although she’s still cute af) On the other hand, Adrien possessed the black cat Miraculous and we all know that black cats are infamous for bad luck, yet Adrien is the son of a famous fashion designer, rich, good looking, charismatic and doesn’t even have to go to school if he didn’t want to.

However, I thought of this and the yin yang and then I thought the purpose of the yin yang is to create perfect balance. Marinette and Lady Bug’s personas balance out each other’s perfectly, just like Adrien and Cat Noir.

HOWEVER, if you look at it with a different perspective… you could see that in reality Marinette may actually be the truly lucky one in terms of family life. Marinette has a loving family that supports her in everything she does and encourages her to be the best she can be. Meanwhile, Adrien has lost his mother, has been alone most of his life, and has a stern father who does not support him, does not want the best for him and basically neglects his son’s emotional state. The two opposite family lives display YET AGAIN - Perfect balance.


And additionally their romantic dilemmas also balance out each other to create perfect balance. Cat Noir (Adrien) is in love with Ladybug (Marinette) while on the other hand, Marinette (Ladybug) is in love with Adrien (Cat Noir).


UGH I honestly thought after sleeping I would wake up more calm but I just woke up even more pissed??

Can we talk about how Lorelai STILL treats Jess like he’s the scum of the earth! Like BITCH Jess is the reason Rory and you made up in season 6!! Jess was the one who encouraged Rory to go back to Yale and make up with you. And then skip to the revival and ONCE AGAIN Jess is the one who encourages Rory to drop her bullshit and get her act together and ONCE AGAIN Rory listens to Jess and starts to get her shit together. And despite all this even a million years later Lorelai has nothing but bad things to say about him??? LIKE GET OVER IT. He was a messed up teen who was forced to move away from his home and live in a strange town when he happened to go off on you. He’s grown up SO much since then and honestly was the only character in the revival who was in a good/mature place the whole time and she STILL can’t let go of that one incident that happened a million years ago because he was being an angsty teen.