she thinks shes the queen and were the sorry people

King Me: Part 1 of 3

“I’ll ask one more time. Where is my sister?” He aimed the laser gun at the hive queen.
The queen purred. “I assume she’s feisty like you?” Her translator was excellent.
“Her name is—”
“We do not use names in the hive,” She snarled. “And your bloodthing…she was placed off world, building an empire with her somewhat—”
“Do not say she’s in the breeding program. Not if you want to live.”
“I will live!” She stood suddenly.
He fired, surprising himself as well as the queen.
She twitched a bit, then went still.
“Guess you won’t.” He charged it again and aimed it at her head soldier. “Take me to my sister, now.”
The soldier nodded sharply, gesturing nervously for Atlas to follow him.
Atlas kept a wary eye on the others, but he could tell they were still in shock.
The soldier led him to an auxiliary ship. “Should I put in the coordinates?”
“No, you’re coming with me to make sure I reach her.” Atlas closed the hatch.
“I did not know that humans could be so violent. That they could kill so easily.” The soldier set his translator onto the dash, plugging it in.
“We can when we’re highly motivated. Or when we have nothing to lose. Your people took away the only thing left I had to care about. Now, most people would think that I would spiral into depression or something and give up on life completely. But no, I know she’s alive and there is nothing that I will not do to be with her again. Family shouldn’t and doesn’t give up on each other. Now let’s go.”
“Will I have your weapon pointed at me the whole time?”
“Until I decide that you’re no longer a threat.”
“And when will this be?”
“Guess we’ll have to wait and see.” He strapped himself into a seat. His mind raced a bit, hoping he could keep up this air of confidence.
“You had never fired that weapon before you shot our queen, had you?”
“No, never had a reason to.”
“Do you understand what you’ve done?”
“Killed your queen.”
“Beyond that.”
“Deprived you of a queen before you had another to replace her?”
Atlas sighed. He’d heard that they talked vaguely, preferring to guess at each other’s meanings. “Viva la revolution!”
“Actually, yes.”
“What?” He felt his eyes widen.
“Many years have our people felt oppressed, like our actions were not our own. With her gone…thinking…it is better again. I can control my own actions.”
“She had you under mind control? Oh come on, why didn’t someone stop it before she gained full control?”
“Unlike your planet, we are not a political people. The queen is the queen.”
“I’m sorry, I think I just puked a little. You just let her control you? For how long?”
“How long has the breeding program been in action?”
“Fifty years.”
“Fifty one years, then.”
Atlas stared at the Riichalkan soldier. “You mean, if we had wanted to stop the war, we could have just killed the queen?”
“Ugh! I came into space to avoid crappy politics!” He vigorously rubbed his head. “Okay, so, now that she’s dead what happens?”
“Well…because she was killed by an opposing species, her killer is the new queen. Or King as the case may be.”
Atlas carefully put the safety on and set the gun down. “Run that one by me again?”
“You, as the killer of our queen, are the King of our people. I would be happy to advise you in any way you need. The others that witnessed your victory are already sending out the news that you are our king. Shall I send the message that we will be shutting down the breeding program and to put all breeders into their rooms for placement?”
“Yes, that sounds…good. What’s your name again?”
“Right, can I call you Ron?”
“If it please you.”
“Okay, Ron, after we reach the breeding planet and find my sister, we’ll make a plan to end this war and rebuild your planet because come on. Haven’t you guys heard of ecological restoration?”
“I do not believe so. What is it?”
“You manipulate the ground, the water, you plant plants all to restore the former species of that area. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist of it.”
“You can restore forests?”
“Well, yeah.”
“There is much good you can do, King.”
“Yeah, but first, my sister.”

Tonight was amazing! I have never laughed so much!

Bianca looked amazing. I had a big hug and then she said she needed to fix her hair, then said she would do mine too and straightened it out around my face for me. Then she shouted “Let’s not forget these!”, grabbed my boobs and pushed them up! Then she told me to have an amazing time at the show and signed my shirt for me. She was so lovely, and gave everyone her complete attention. She also kept yelling Katya/Alyssa is a whore every few minutes.

Then it was Katya. She looked BEAUTIFUL! She grabbed me in a hug as soon as I walked up. Then she put her arm around me and looked me in the eye and said “I need to apologise to you” When I looked confused she said “we were just so drunk that night, and we were having so much fun! But I absolutely did not mean to hurt your leg, and I am so sorry!” (I was on my crutches and had a leg brace on) I laughed and then told her that I forgave her and she grabbed me in another hug and said she was glad and it was lovely to meet me and we had a picture. She is hilarious and amazing!

Then I met Alyssa. She is so tall, I felt tiny! We had a hug and a picture, then she spoke to me about how amazing drag is for bringing all these people together and helping people make friends. Loved her.

I got a picture with Jackie Beat and Lady Bunny, who were the loveliest people in person and gave the best hugs! I got a very quick one with Charlie as she was being rushed off somewhere!

The show itself was hilarious, don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much! I managed a couple of photos and videos, which I will post, but then my phone died!

Anyway, sorry for the long post, I’m just still full of excitement and happiness!

I feel so sorry for Lana, she can never catch a break. The fandom wars are so annoying. My Swan Queen fans, chill… she got annoyed. She’s human, remember that. My Captain swan fans, stop getting excited over this one comment. You’re adding fuel to the fire. This is coming from someone who ships both Swan Queen and Captain Swan. The hate is unnecessary, one would think these characters were real.

I understand that this show has change some people lives dramatically, I get that. But please, remember at the end of the day this show is just that, a show, it is FICTION. Some of you seem to forget that, if you don’t like Hook, Robin etc that is fine but leave that at home. When you’re going to these conventions you’re meeting the actor/actress, not the fictional character. You can’t boo someone and not expect a response…

Runaway wolf (4/6) -Liam Dunbar Imagine

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Summary: Y/N runs away from her engagement and ends up in Beacon Hills were she meets Liam.

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,082

Tags: @leah5684 @thesalsafic @ourlivesasblizzardandmai

A/N: Some drama is happening omg. Let me know what you think! Send me an ask if you want to be tagged!

Two weeks passed and Y/N started to believe that she was safe in Beacon Hills. She had a great boyfriend and a loving set of friends. Of course there was always that little voice in her head, reminding her that she was a princess, engaged to a very uncharming prince, and that sooner or later her father would find her and bring her home. But lying next to Liam in bed, watching a movie with his arms around her, it was hard to imagine ever being without him. If she could only marry him instead. 

“What are you thinking of?” Liam asked, placing a kiss to her forehead. 

“Nothing” she replied, smiling. The pack hadn’t told her about them being supernatural creatures, which made it easier for her not to tell them about her true identity.

“We’re still going on that date tonight, right?” 

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it” Y/N smiled. “Now be quiet and watch the movie”

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The King’s One - Part One

Based on a prompt from ImaginexHobbit.

Imagine Thorin recognizing you as his One in his blacksmith days but not pursuing you until after the BOTFA because he finally feels deserving of you now that he’s King of Erebor

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x Aurora

Rating: T+

There will be two more parts.

I glared at my older brother. Morons. Honestly, all the males in my line are utter idiots. Who decided it was a smart thing to put them in charge? Mahal, don’t let my boys turn out to be as moronic as either of my brothers. Especially that older one. Don’t get me wrong. I love Thorin, but right now I just wanted to hit him with a hammer and gag.

         Was I like that with Víli? No, I never looked at him with such painful sweet longing that made someone’s teeth ache. Thorin thought he hid it so well, but I am blood of his blood. Grew up beside him. I could read his mind if I set myself to it.

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Clarke has said “I’m sorry” so many times and has barely received any forgiveness or sympathy back. But when she said it to Lexa, she replies with “Don’t be” because she knows her intentions were to protect her people. I think about this a lot.

Day 1: Awkward Situation

This is my submission for Day 1 of Swan Queen Week+! I hope you all like it. :)

Emma was so nervous that she couldn’t stop fidgeting. She was still shocked that Regina had said yes when she’d asked her out the day before. Yet here she was, waiting for Regina in the kitchen and getting grilled by Henry.

“Sooo… Where are you taking Mom?”

“I’m taking her to that nice Italian place, Tony’s.”

“Tony’s? You know that’s the place in Lady and the Tramp?”

“Yeah, I figured it out. They play music and everything,  if you want it.”

“Gross. I wish I hadn’t asked.”


“MOM?!” “REGINA?! You ok up there?!”

Emma raced up the stairs. “Stay put kid.”

Her mind was reeling. Some people in town still wanted the evil queen to pay for the curse, hopefully Regina was okay.

She flew into the room without thinking and was startled when she saw Regina’s unclothed body holding up 2 dresses in the mirror. Her face turned almost as red as the mayor’s favorite apples.

“Miss Swan! What the hell are you doing?!”

Emma’s mouth hung open, looking the woman up and down. After a minute she began to sputter,  “Oh, crap! Regina, I’m so sorry. I heard that crash and I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I see that you are..”

Regina cut her off, smirking, “Yes, well, as you can see I’m fine and still not ready. That was my shampoo falling as I was getting out of the shower.”

“Okay. Well, I’m just gonna go wait with Henry. Sorry again.”

“It’s quite alright.”

Emma gave her a shy smile, “By the way, I like the black one your majesty.”

A Tale of Ice and Fire (A Frozen fanfic)

I caught myself writing this, it’s been years since my last fanfic, it feels good to write! It’s short but it’s just the beginning…

After the events in Arendelle, Hans is back home. He misses his sister, the one he was forbidden to talk about, due to an incident that almost cost the lives of several people.

This story will focus in Hans and his return for now, in time it will take place in Arendelle.


Hans knew his return wouldn’t be as happy as he thought it’ll be when he was leaving. Not after everything he has done to the royal family of Arendelle. At least he didn’t plan to end like that. He didn’t regret all, maybe a few things, but leastways he tried. What he most feared was the punishment, will his older brother send him to the dungeon? Or worst, sentence him to death? After all, he was supposed to make good relationships with Arendelle, maybe become trade partners… Perhaps that will never happen.

Looking down at himself he feels terrible. His suit, once clean and neat, was a disaster. The ship’s crew kept him on the cell, so he was dirty, his hair a mess and that was nothing compared to his smell. His brothers will love to see him like that. But not his sister.

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