she thinks shes the queen and were the sorry people

I feel so sorry for Lana, she can never catch a break. The fandom wars are so annoying. My Swan Queen fans, chill… she got annoyed. She’s human, remember that. My Captain swan fans, stop getting excited over this one comment. You’re adding fuel to the fire. This is coming from someone who ships both Swan Queen and Captain Swan. The hate is unnecessary, one would think these characters were real.

I understand that this show has change some people lives dramatically, I get that. But please, remember at the end of the day this show is just that, a show, it is FICTION. Some of you seem to forget that, if you don’t like Hook, Robin etc that is fine but leave that at home. When you’re going to these conventions you’re meeting the actor/actress, not the fictional character. You can’t boo someone and not expect a response…

I know she is doing it for her friends, I know it was clever af, but this will hurt so many people….first and most Isak, who the first words she ever spoken to him were “I don’t like when people fuck their friends over”.. 

So I ‘m sorry but I’m not happy for this, 

I can’t go all YEAH QUEEN DRAG THEM :( 

This whole plan isn’t the true Sana, the kind soul, supportive. an actual sweetheart Sana. I think in the end it was Sana who has misunderstood things. After the whole mess calms down and she realises what she’s done and how it all comes back to bite her, she will feel guilty and miserable. Because Sana isn’t a villain who takes pleasure on hurting others, if she was, I would be all up for this, but she isn’t. I do not want to see her suffer from her own mistakes,instead I need to see her being true to herself and showing her true character not that all mighty powerful persona she has on, I want to see her grow (like all the mains did before her) yet I know it will come with a cost…..

Runaway wolf (4/6) -Liam Dunbar Imagine

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Summary: Y/N runs away from her engagement and ends up in Beacon Hills were she meets Liam.

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,082

Tags: @leah5684 @thesalsafic @ourlivesasblizzardandmai

A/N: Some drama is happening omg. Let me know what you think! Send me an ask if you want to be tagged!

Two weeks passed and Y/N started to believe that she was safe in Beacon Hills. She had a great boyfriend and a loving set of friends. Of course there was always that little voice in her head, reminding her that she was a princess, engaged to a very uncharming prince, and that sooner or later her father would find her and bring her home. But lying next to Liam in bed, watching a movie with his arms around her, it was hard to imagine ever being without him. If she could only marry him instead. 

“What are you thinking of?” Liam asked, placing a kiss to her forehead. 

“Nothing” she replied, smiling. The pack hadn’t told her about them being supernatural creatures, which made it easier for her not to tell them about her true identity.

“We’re still going on that date tonight, right?” 

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it” Y/N smiled. “Now be quiet and watch the movie”

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The King’s One - Part One

Based on a prompt from ImaginexHobbit.

Imagine Thorin recognizing you as his One in his blacksmith days but not pursuing you until after the BOTFA because he finally feels deserving of you now that he’s King of Erebor

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x Aurora

Rating: T+

There will be two more parts.

I glared at my older brother. Morons. Honestly, all the males in my line are utter idiots. Who decided it was a smart thing to put them in charge? Mahal, don’t let my boys turn out to be as moronic as either of my brothers. Especially that older one. Don’t get me wrong. I love Thorin, but right now I just wanted to hit him with a hammer and gag.

         Was I like that with Víli? No, I never looked at him with such painful sweet longing that made someone’s teeth ache. Thorin thought he hid it so well, but I am blood of his blood. Grew up beside him. I could read his mind if I set myself to it.

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Day 1: Awkward Situation

This is my submission for Day 1 of Swan Queen Week+! I hope you all like it. :)

Emma was so nervous that she couldn’t stop fidgeting. She was still shocked that Regina had said yes when she’d asked her out the day before. Yet here she was, waiting for Regina in the kitchen and getting grilled by Henry.

“Sooo… Where are you taking Mom?”

“I’m taking her to that nice Italian place, Tony’s.”

“Tony’s? You know that’s the place in Lady and the Tramp?”

“Yeah, I figured it out. They play music and everything,  if you want it.”

“Gross. I wish I hadn’t asked.”


“MOM?!” “REGINA?! You ok up there?!”

Emma raced up the stairs. “Stay put kid.”

Her mind was reeling. Some people in town still wanted the evil queen to pay for the curse, hopefully Regina was okay.

She flew into the room without thinking and was startled when she saw Regina’s unclothed body holding up 2 dresses in the mirror. Her face turned almost as red as the mayor’s favorite apples.

“Miss Swan! What the hell are you doing?!”

Emma’s mouth hung open, looking the woman up and down. After a minute she began to sputter,  “Oh, crap! Regina, I’m so sorry. I heard that crash and I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I see that you are..”

Regina cut her off, smirking, “Yes, well, as you can see I’m fine and still not ready. That was my shampoo falling as I was getting out of the shower.”

“Okay. Well, I’m just gonna go wait with Henry. Sorry again.”

“It’s quite alright.”

Emma gave her a shy smile, “By the way, I like the black one your majesty.”