she thinks she is going to be famous

Janice is one of those students who is famous for Not Noticing anything. Her head is somewhere else, though her heart is very kind.  Her attention is always in a book, or her phone, or her music.  Because of this she does things no one else would ever do.  For example, late one night she’s walking home from class and hears an inhuman crying sound coming from a shadow in the bushes.  Anyone else would not acknowledge it and walk faster, but Janice, who is 90% distracted, thinks it’s a kitty.  "Here you go.“ she says, giving it a piece of her energy bar and patting it on the head.  It isn’t furry, but she’s Janice, she doesn’t notice.  She keeps walking, texting away.

She also feeds things she refers to as “birds”, “doggies”, and “bunnies”, though none of her friends who saw them would call them that.  She holds doors open for the creepy things that are following her.  She loses earrings at least once a week, and a voice whispers to her “Can I have the other one?” and she pulls it out and says “Sure, it’s not going to do me any good now by itself, is it?” and hands it to something entirely invisible, her eyes not looking up once from her phone game.

They repay her in small ways that have everyone in awe, and of course, Janice doesn’t notice these, either.  She steps in a puddle, yet her shoes remain dry.  She’s about to walk into a tree branch when it lifts above her head.  One night the shadow she meets in the woods is actually a human with a ski mask on.  He disappears.  Janice keeps walking without a single blink.

When people talk about the fae she snorts with a giggle and can’t believe they all take these myths so seriously.  She’s a senior and has never seen a single odd thing happen even once.


I love this because it happens so often (also that everything is a bunny)


I’ve been seeing headass headlines this for the past few days, and I simply ignored it bc the media does shit like this for money and clickbait. But I realized this is more than the media tryna get their coins, this is a blatant attack on black women and other woc. So @ white women? I think it’s time we have a little chat. 

1. Beyonce has gone through a miscarriage, and thousands of other women have been through it as well. It is a terrible experience that no one deserves to go through. But Beyonce is a FAMOUS PERSON, and she has one of the largest fanbases in the world. So when she delivers news such as being pregnant with TWINS, of course the beyhive is gonna to go above and beyond when it comes to the reaction.  Ya’ll dragged her through the mud w/ her first pregnancy trying to say it was faked. Now that she’s pregnant for a second time, she’s doing all these photo shoots to further prove the accuracy of it. And now ya’ll are criticizing her for it????? Tryna cover your asses for how you treated her 5 years ago??????? Get the fuck over it, because ya’ll didn’t say shit when these women did THIS w/ their pregnancy announcements: 

2. Serena Williams has been demonized and ridiculed for her body type since FOREVER. People say that her body is “too masculine” and how she’s “built like a man”. It’s fucking gross because Serena is one of the most hard working athletes in the WORLD, and her body type shouldn’t be affiliated with the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into her career. White women, you can’t say that you’re an advocate for equality when you criticize a black woman’s photo shoot, deeming it “soft porn”, and yet you praise THESE photoshoots: 

When a white woman, or hell even a non-black woman does shit like this, ya’ll are so quick to write article about how “empowering” they’re being. But when a black woman does it ya’ll all of the sudden wanna further sexualize and make it about “soft porn”??? Get over yourselves and let a black women love herself after receiving massive amounts of slander for her body type. 

3. The role in Ghost in the Shell is definitely about race. If her character’s mom is Asian, then why tf couldn’t they just get an Asian person to play the character in the damn first place???? 

She should’ve just said “a woc deserves the role more than me, but unfortunately I can’t control who they cast” and then moved on. But nope, she had to make it about herself and disregard the fact woc are hardly ever represented in movies, especially Asian women.   

4.  You can’t criticize a movie you don’t even relate to on a cultural level. Moonlight takes the components of black struggles, black culture, black life, and puts it into a true cinematic experience. You don’t have to like the movie, but the movie itself is more about whether you “like it” or not. It’s whether you relate to it, whether you feel with it, and whether your experiences correlate with the character’s experiences. A “better plot” wouldn’t do shit Becky, you either get it or not. Not to mention Camilla Long was kissing La La Land’s ass: 

So the point of this post isn’t to slander all white women and shame them. The point of this post to to show how frustrated black women are with white feminism. White women can be just as racist as white men, and they sure as hell benefit off that privilege. This is why a lot of black women these days kinda go side eyed when a white women says she’s a feminist. Are you a feminist for all women? Or are you a feminist for WHITE women. Please don’t call yourself a “advocate” for women if you’re gonna spend all this time bashing black women and other woc. Just say you hate black women and go. 

so i work at lush and the most famous person i’ve served so far is adele. one day i’m just standing there moving some bubble bars and pretending to look busy when suddenly this lady comes in with her child. i think “she looks like adele if adele didn’t wear make up” whilst i go over to greet her. she asks me what a bath bomb is. i think “hmm, she is very unexpectedly cockney, like adele.” halfway through my description of bath bombs i realise holy fuck it’s actually adele, and i end up saying “so these are bath bombs, you drop them in the water mnnnnnnand theychangecolour n fizz… stuff……..” and i think she realises i suddenly know who she is because she gently but firmly tells her son to pick a bomb. she gets some for herself as well. i put her through the till and i realise she looks very tired, so i don’t want to bother her, but holy fucking shit this is adele. i’ve ugly cried so many times while warbling her beautiful songs. she’s unwittingly been there through some bad times for me. i want to say something but i’m not sure what, so i fixate on her bright woolly vest and blurt out “i like your vest!” and she immediately replies, very chipper, “aw fanks it makes me look like a rare bird!” she departs and i stand there shaking while i whisper to my colleague that that was adele. this reaches the back of the shop where a birthday party for a bunch of 14 year olds is going on and my 19 year old colleague just shrieks “WHAT” at the top of his voice. all the girls clamour asking if we have security cameras to prove it actually was her and i’m like, the proof is that i have suddenly become 10 times emotionally stronger after being in her presence. i have absorbed her self love and all of my exes have crumbled into dust, dissolving away like the bath bomb she’ll be using later on that very night

I don’t understand how people can think that Dennis holds the power over Dee in their relationship.  Yes, he manipulates and abuses her, and she is forever striving to gain his approval.  However, it’s made clear numerous times in the show that Dennis actually does not hold that much influence over her.  When she thinks she’s going to become famous, Dee all too eagerly rejects Dennis to board a flight to LA, appearing perfectly fine with separating from him.  Dennis, on the other hand, loses his shit at the prospect of her leaving him.  

If anything, Dee is the one person who can influence Dennis and get under his skin.  Just by remarking that his face looks fat, she can push him into starving himself.  He exhibits intense emotional reliance upon her, clinging to her when scared or upset and always running back to her when he experiences problems with one of his other friends. It’s telling that when Dennis “breaks up” with Mac in Mac and Dennis Break Up, he goes straight to Dee’s apartment to seek solace.  In the Gang’s book, Dee mentions him crying to her countless times over his high school girlfriend Maureen Ponderosa.  He’s confessed to loving her twice and shown distress at her rebuffing him.  While Dennis and Dee both need each other, it’s evident in my opinion that Dennis needs Dee far more than she needs him.    

I wanna talk about something serious for a moment…

Am I the only one who feels like Taylor’s groping incident is being blown out of proportion? And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing (because it brings the issue back to the forefront), but let’s be realistic. If that’s the worst she’s ever had to endure, she’s lucky.

There are countless women out there who’ve experienced far worse, and I think it’s important that we remember that. Do they not deserve your sympathy because they aren’t Taylor Swift? Is their pain any less relevant because they’re not rich and famous?

Just THINK about that for a moment, before you go back to doing whatever it was you were doing.

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Tbh I can imagine that after the dating ban Chae would be dating a girl secretly. I mean look at all the signs!

I totally agree with you. I’ve said before I don’t like to assume sexualities, but if there’s a member that definitely isn’t straight it’s Chae. She’s showing a lot of the signs of a young girl currently questioning her sexuality. It’s common for young girls/sometimes guys to cut their hair to match with a famous celebrity, and then later figure out that they did that because they were attracted to the celebrity. I will also remind you all that Kristen Stewart, the actress Chae styled her hair to look like, is very gay. Chae has also done a lot of exploring in the area of sexual identity, she watched Carol and she’s listening to music that involves girls singing romantically about girls. At the moment, I think she’s questioning, and may not have even realised what’s going on yet. 

I would also like to remind you all of my favourite Chaeyoung moment. When Momo was performing sexy dances on Weekly Idol and Chae pulled this face: (I’m apologising in advance for the quality of these screenshots)

My poor girl is so darn shook

Lmao the thirst

From the moment I learned bout Carrie Fisher’s passing, my only thoughts have been about her daughter Billie Lourd, her mother Debbie Reynolds and her dog Gary. Billy is her only child and is only 24 years old so I can only imagine what she’s going through. Debbie Reynolds is 84 years old and now has to say a final goodbye to her daughter. No parent should ever had to bury their own child. Finally there’s Gary, Carrie famous and trusted Service Dog. Gary’s life job was to protect Carrie and be there whenever she needed someone. I can’t imagine what that little dog is thinking now that the woman he’s protected for so many years is gone forever. He may be a dog but I’m scared he’s thinking that he failed her.

okay so like ‘jasper being a super famous model/athlete and peridot having a big crush on her but thinking she is out of jasper’s league’ is a pretty common trope in fic and i love it but also consider

peridot is a medical engineer who designed some super advanced but cheap prosthetics that you can do sports in and jasper thinks she’s super smart and famous bc of it and what would a cute genius like peridot see in some sports dope like jasper?
Sarah Hadland: 'Miranda is coming back'
The actress who played Miranda Hart's sidekick Stevie confirms rumours of a return for the much-loved sitcom

“I remember when Miranda said she wanted to push me off the stool. I was thinking, ‘What? Is this going to be funny?’” Where Wood had Walters, and French and Saunders had each other, Miranda Hart had Sarah Hadland. Hart’s hugely popular sitcom about a gawky giantess would have been a very different beast without little Stevie, the pocket blonde dynamo she treated like a rag doll. But Hadland doubted the comedic potential of Miranda, which became famous for its pratfalls (as well as its farcical plots and its old-fashioned looks to camera), until the cast came to record the first episode.

“I thought the audience must be rigged,” she recalls. “They were going nuts for it.” They went nuts for five years, three series and two specials, turning Hart into a megastar and giving Hadland the career as a comic actress she had aspired to for 20 years.

She was in her late 30s by the time Miranda happened in 2009. Not all the critics embraced it. “If 12 million people think it’s funny and watch and the critics don’t like it, that’s OK,” she says. “I was shocked that teenage girls loved it. Stevie and Miranda are not cool. We’re 40-year-old women acting like kids. It turned out that they were desperate to see someone on TV that was as awkward as they felt.”

She and Hart hit it off instantly. “We’d never met before the show. I feel really lucky to have done a job where you come away with a really good friend for the rest of your life.” Hadland is also proud of the female-dominated crew, which, she says, illustrates the great strides women have made in the previously male-dominated realm of comedy.

“There are women in comedy everywhere,” she says. “In Miranda we had a female director, producer, exec, floor manager. I can’t imagine it would have worked as well any other way.”

They are rumoured to be reuniting for a Miranda movie. “I can say there will be something,” she says, but she can’t or won’t say what. 

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Welcome To The Family (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Hey it’s @maruthor and can I request something for Bruce? Like, maybe s/o is this famous star or model or humanitarian. Basically she’s famous, and she meets the family for the first time and each of the boys are fans of her (who may have a fanboy crush on her) And Bruce is nervous the boys will scare her away but she’s totally cool with it and thinks it’s funny and cute? Idk man XD


You got bombarded by people every single day. Of course you understood being a model and such but you didn’t really care. Being in a huge crowd of people was really hard for you coming up asking for your autograph strike a post everyday but if all honestly it got pretty annoying. THere was one person you wouldn’t mind striking a pose for and that boy was bruce wayne. More like man.

- “Mrs.(Y/N!) Can we take a photo of you please! You look beautiful tonight!” You smiled at the cameras flashing and the music and noise booming into your ears. This was the biggest night of your life and you got invited to it. The gotham city global awards. You felt a lot of hands touching you on the shoulder but one certain man caught your attention. “Your mrs. (L/N) right? You look stunning in that dress.” The man smiled but then you realized it was Bruce Wayne.

Walking down the red carpet you felt his arm intertwined with yours. “You look stunning tonight your a model for vogue right?” He had that sly smirk everyone knew about bruce wayne. Bruce looked at you as you grinned back at him “Yes why do you ask?” You looked up at him being Very stunning into his eyes. “What do you say that we get out of here and maybe go get dinner?” You smiled and nodded your head “Yes i would love to.”

The two of you slipped into your limo that hasn’t pulled away yet telling the driver “Sammy? Dinner for two at capri please?” Bruce smiled at how sweet your voice was and how nice it rolled on your tongue. You smiled as sammy rolled of on the way to the dinner and you sat back in your seat. You felt a hot breath on your neck realizing it was bruce “Where here” You smiled getting shivers down your back stepping out bruce hot in your tracks.

DInner took a while to eat since you guys got people coming up to you asking for autographs and you guys don’t stop talking and just in general it was a fun time for the two of you. After that you dated for a while and it was finally time that you mean his kids. He told you over dinner and told you the whole thing and who they were and their backstories. About a 4 months after you guys started dating you decided it was a good time to meet the kids


You mumbled to yourself as you were patiently waiting at the wayne manor front door. Today was the day you were going to meet the kids. You were super excited but super scared because what if they didn’t like you? If they had a thing against you? “Shit shit shit.” You groaned hearing the door open walking in your heels clicking handing your jacket to alfred as bruce came up kissing your cheek. “You look beautiful-” He got cut off by a voice “Father. Jason won’t shut up about his guns and it’s really getting aggravating. Would you please tell him to be quiet? Him and drake are fighting as well;” The small child looked at you “

You must be (Y/N)? Father talks about you all the time.” You smiled to yourself “Yes and you must be damian?” Your voice was sweet and he nodded walking away. You giggled as bruce put his hand behind his neck “That was damian the blood son” He took your hand and walked into the main hall “I know this is sudden but could you stay here for a while? With me because I miss you” You smiled wrapping your arms around his neck kissing his cheek “I would love too” Bruce smiled as you heard another voice. Actually two

“Todd just shut up about your guns. Really its getting annoying plus Bruce has a friend over I think that’s his girlfriend or something not sure but really.” The two boys went on and on until they finally got to the main hall and as soon as they laid eyes on you they shut up. “Jason,Tim this is (Y/N)” You smiled “It’s nice to meet you boys” The boy with the leather jackets eyes widen and you knew that was jason “You’re beautiful.” You blushed pretty easy as bruce snaked his arm around your waist

“Thank you darling you boys are good looking yourself.” You smiled at them all sweetly the boys practically drooling at you. You smiled as bruce kissed your forehead “Welcome to the family.”

I’m not easily impressed by famous people, but nothing’s matched this. I didn’t think I was going to be nervous, then this huge motorcade pulled up at the studio and Michelle stepped out of a black Range Rover and everybody was speechless. It’s hard to imagine Gordon Brown having that kind of effect. We sat around, ate cake and chatted. She said that the President is a big fan of the films and loves the books, and that she’d met the Queen the day before – but visiting the Potter set was far more exciting, that we were a lot cooler. It was hard to take it all in. I kept thinking, “Here I am talking to the First Lady.”   Rupert Grint talks about meeting Michelle Obama

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I remember Kesha's mom said that Katy and Kesha were friends until Kesha also became famous. I think KP is sweet until she sees you as competition. It seems to be a pattern, she was friends with Kesha, Taylor, and remember that singer Rynn Weaver that called her a bully? I think eventually it will come to light her close rs with Dr Luke still and she's going to have to actually comment on kesha's rape. I'm still curious about the text of Kesha's that Dr Luke was allowed to show KP.

I agree. When I heard the Ryn story, it made a lot of sense. As for Taylor, Katy was fine as long as Taylor stayed in her country lane. But when the writing was on the wall that she was destined for pop dominance, Katy was not having it. 

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Wait you mentioned that Beyoncé paraded costumes of murdered mothers an then ditched them or something? Which incident are you referring to? Just confused

Not costumes. At the MTV Awards, she brought the mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner to the show and basically used them as accessories on the red carpet. Then, when it was time to go out to dinner with her famous friends after the show, these women were nowhere to be found. She couldn’t even extend them an invite after exploiting their grief? I find that appalling, but of course the media thinks that what she did was the greatest and most socially conscious thing ever.

I Love You Both

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You tell Joker you’re pregnant and he doesn’t believe you until he comes back a few years later from Arkham


Warnings: none I think


    Y/N held the small piece of plastic in her hands, what was on it was what was making her stressed. There was a small plus sign that signaled that she was pregnant. How was she going to tell Joker? She sat in the bathroom for hours thinking about how this is going to change her life. She was pregnant with a famous psychopath’s child, what if he doesn’t want it? She asked herself as the front door slammed shut.

“Y/N, I’m home!” Joker shouted out, Y/N scrambled to her feet and left the small room.

“Hey.” She says quietly, Joker stares at her for a few seconds before frowning.

“What that in your hand Doll?” He questions.

“U-uh I’m p-pregnant.” Y/N says quietly.

“No you’re not.” Joker says laughing, Y/N looks up at him.

“But I am.” She says holding up the pregnancy test, Joker snatches it out of her hand and looks at it.

“No you are not.” He says sternly and turns around swiftly.

“W-where are you going?” Y/N asks nervously.

“Back to work.” He says before slamming the door, Y/N felt the tears that she was holding in make their way down her cheeks. She dragged herself up the stairs and to her bedroom where she lay down on the bed. She looks down at her small bump and places a hand on it.

“He will come back, I promise.” She told to the growing baby and herself.

Y/N woke up the next morning alone. She went down the stairs looking for Joker.

“Jack?” She called out as she searched the house. She turned on the news with worry that he was in trouble. What she saw on the T.V. broke her heart.

“The infamous Joker was caught once again by Batman, he now resides in Arkham Asylum under top security.” The news anchor explained.

“When he was caught he was in the action of robbing Gotham Bank. He was drug tested only to find that he had a heavy amount of alcohol in his system. He also had a positive pregnancy test in his possession.” The news anchor continued, Y/N turned it off before they could say any more. Joker was in Arkham, he was under high security watch. Would he be able to get out? Hell he is probably happy he doesn’t have to deal with the child. Y/N sits and thinks about how she’s going to handle her life. It won’t be hard, she has a high paying job at Wayne Enterprises so she won’t have to worry about money. All she can think about is how she needs to leave this house, she doesn’t want the constant reminder that the father of her child is in an asylum for psychopaths.


Y/N is now 8 months pregnant and very much showing, she told her co-workers that she got pregnant and her boyfriend left her. Which was partially true, she just isn’t tell them that her boyfriend happened to be the Joker. When she was getting ready for work she felt a sharp pain shoot through her stomach. She looked down to see a puddle of water under her.

“Not now, you’re so difficult.” She groaned at her child, she grabbed her phone and dialed 911. After she hung up with them she grabbed her baby bag and waited for the ambulance to get there. After she was dressed in a hospital gown she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” She groaned, some of her family came in along with her best friend Johnny.

“Sweetheart!” Her mother squealed, Y/N groaned in response.


“One more push!” The nurse exclaimed, Y/N screamed as pain ripped through her. She soon heard crying as she saw her baby.

“It’s a girl!” The doctor smiled.

“Congrats!” Johnny laughed, Y/N smiled before falling asleep.


“No Sweetheart spit that out!” Y/N held her hand out in front of her daughter, Bella. The little girl laughed before spitting out what she had in her mouth onto her mothers hand.

“Lovely.” Y/N laughs before picking her daughter up.

“We need to get you dressed my sweet.” She says while tickling Bella’s stomach, the 2-year old screams with giggles before there was a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” She asks the girl, Y/N makes her way to the door with her daughter secure in her arms. She opens the door to be met with the face of the Joker, she pulls Bella closer to her.

“Remember me?” Joker laughs.

“H-how did you find me?” Y/N asks.

“It’s not hard Doll, people will tell you anything if they have a knife at their throat.” He answers.

“You need to go.” Y/N says trying to push the door shut but Joker blocks it with his foot.

“What, you’re not going to introduce me?” He says gesturing to Bella.

“So who’s the lucky guy?” Joker asks.

“Who do you think?” Y/N says, the child looks like the perfect mix of Y/N and Joker. Joker’s dirty blond hair and Y/N’s e/c eyes.

“She’s not mine.” Joker says simply, he refused to believe something so small and innocent came from him. Not something so cute, not from him.

“She’s yours, her name is Bella, short for Belladonna.” Y/N informs him.

“Like the flower?” Joker asks as he looks at the young girl, he already felt the urge to protect her.

“Exactly.” Y/N says bouncing the now fussy child.

“At least you picked a good name.” Joker jokes.

“So are you going to let me in?” He asks, Y/N is caught off by his question.

“Uh yeah come in.” She says pulling the door open, Joker steps in and looks around.

“Nice place you got here.” He says as he walks around the kitchen, he picks up a jar of baby food.

“You make her eat this?” He says looking at the orange contents with disgust.

“No, that’s from when she was younger, she eats actual food now.” Y/N says stepping into the kitchen.

“So she used to eat this?” Joker asks setting the jar on the counter.

“Yeah, that was her favorite.” Y/N said looking down at her daughter.

“That reminds me, I have to get her some clothes can you hold her?” Y/N says not giving him time to answer and just hands him Bella. Joker holds the baby with his arms out.

“She’s not going to hurt you.” Y/N laughs, Joker slowly eases up and pulls the child towards himself. Y/N runs up the stairs and grabs a pastel purple romper and some white socks before making her way downstairs. She stops when she hears the Joker’s voice.

“You know when your mom told me she was gonna ah have you I didn’t believe her.” He tells Bella, she giggles before grabbing his finger.

“I actually uh got angry, I wasn’t angry at her. I was angry at myself for getting her pregnant, she was too pure to be pregnant with my child. I’m a killer you know, a bad, bad man. I left because you didn’t need me in your life. But now I’m back and you are the ah cutest thing I’ve seen, well besides your mother. Don’t tell I told you this but I think you might have her beat on the cuteness scale.” He chuckles, Y/N feels her heart swell at his words, he cares about their daughter and that’s all that matters.

“Don’t tell me what?” Y/N walks into the kitchen.

“Uh nothing of your concern Doll.” Joker smiles.

“So why’d you come here?” Y/N asks taking the child from him and walking into the living room.

“I wanted to see if you actually had a kid, and you did.” Joker followers her.

“So are you going on on your way now?” Y/N asks as she slides the clothes onto Bella.

“I think I’m going to stay if that’s okay with you.” Joker smiles.

“I think we’d both like that.” She says smiling at Bella who looks up at them both with a bright smile.

“Then that settles it, we are a family.” Joker laughs.

“We’re a family.” Y/N smiles as Joker kisses her forehead and their daughter’s.

“I love you both.” Joker says happily.

Okay, but can we please talk about the symbolism in the last scene of Haters Back Off? Miranda has been so awful to everyone around her that she drives away her whole family. Everyone leaves her. And in that final scene, where she’s soaking wet and crying in her room, refreshing the page to see how many views she has, all she has left is her possessions and her internet fame. Her quest for popularity has driven away everyone that’s supposed to love her the most: her family and her best friend. That symbolism is just so powerful, and such an indictment of the western desire to be famous.

Also, it’s unrelated, but when Miranda destroys Emily’s paintings? Can we just think for a moment about that? I’ll be the first to admit, I was pissed as hell that Miranda sabotaged Emily’s chances of going to art school because Emily is my favorite character, but take a minute and think. Miranda genuinely thought she was helping Emily. She wanted to make Emily’s paintings as good as they could be, in her eyes at least, so that Emily would be accepted at the school and she could pursue her dreams. Sure she was a jerk about it later, when she expected gratitude, but Miranda cared. She tried to help because she knew how much Emily wanted to go to this school. Maybe Miranda isn’t completely self-centered; maybe that moment is hinting at future character growth.


Ever The Gentleman Part 1/4

Avengers x Reader, Eventually Bucky x Reader.

Summary: The reader is deaf until Tony Stark saves the day with his tecnology. This leads to one of Starks famous party’s what could go wrong?

A/N - So this is my first ever fic and I would love for you to read and tell me what you think. Thank you so much.

Word Count: 1329

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Clint sat next to his eldest daughter, hands clamped around hers with his eyes screwed shut, praying that Tony Stark could finally help his daughter to become like most people in the world. She wasn’t an alien, nor held special abilities, nor had super serum in her system like others they knew. No…she was deaf, which she unfortunutely inherited from her father.

(Y/N) held Clint’s hand in her own and was reassured that it was going to be okay by the squeeze of a hand. She let her eyes close briefly; before slowly nodding her head signalling that she was ready for a change.

’(Y/N)?’ Tony said in a calm voice, as if talking to a cornered animal that was in desperate need of help after being attacked.

Her eyes flickered open and a wide smile appeared on her young face - it was surely going to hurt if she kept it on her face any longer - but continued anyway. She could finally hear again for the first time in forever.

All she could think of to say was ‘thank you’ repetitively as she tightly gripped onto the man who had made her a 'normal’ person again. Refusing to let Tony out of her fierce hug, Clint choked back his tears but finally realised he would have to unlatch (Y/N) from Tony otherwise he’d probably suffocate.

She muttered her final 'thank you’ before launching herself into her fathers embrace.


You took one last deep breath in and out, before letting out your hair from your previous ponytail, carefully smoothing and placing it over your ear; effectively covering the high tech hearing aid - courtesy of Mr Stark.

'Ready?’ Clint whispered, affectionately planting a quick kiss at your temple. You nodded, slightly scared at the reaction you may get. Would it be too overwhelming? Will it break? It could but Tony would never let that go on for long, would he?

You both stepped through the elevator doors that led to the common room of the Avengers tower. approaching the living room to find a metal armed, ex-HYDRA assassin/super soldier, sitting on the couch mindlessly watching a world war two documentary; scoffing every time the commentators got a piece of information wrong.

Bucky’s hearing was sharp and could make out the small footsteps from behind him. Slowly deflating after realising it was Clint and yourself.

'Yo, frosty, you seen Nat?’ The archer asked him, with a I-need-to-know-now look.

Bucky replied with a shake of his head and gave him a nonchalant shrug. He turned to you, acknowledging that you were there and finally vocalised himself with a 'Hi’ followed by a confident, shiteating grin.

All you could do was raise your hand meekly whilst looking at his lips because after all you could still read his lips all he said was a mere greeting - as well as now hearing his melodic voice - if you wanted to keep up this act. You could tell that your cheeks immediately reddened at the sight of him, so you cautiously covered your face. Bucky returned your gesture with a confused expression followed by 'You don’t talk much, do ya?’ But you had to keep your expression dead serious as if nothing was said. As if she had a sixth sense of when she was needed or heard her name. Natasha walked through the door and immediately scolded the soldier.

'She’s deaf you moron. She doesn’t know what you’re saying, she can barely lip read!’

Bucky muttered a few profanities under his breath, why he didn’t realise earlier was beyond him. He was an assassin for god’s sake, how could he have not known? He just figured you were just as shy as he was when he first came to the tower or that you were in awe of being surrounded by superheroes.

'Hey (Y/N)’ she signed then smiled show her dazzling white teeth only reserved for the one’s she loved, mainly those in the tower. 'I heard you wanted me?’

You nodded and turned to your father, who took over by explaining that you had a surprise for her. Her smile slowly faded into an amused smirk.

The first time you had surprised her, you sneak attacked her from behind to slap a high piled cream pie in her face. It was the bravest thing you had ever done and vowed that day that you would never do it again. After realising the biggest mistake you have ever made, you shuffled out of the room in the opposite direction to your Aunt to try and get an advantage. Her being a spy didn’t help as she was so much faster than you and she’d caught up to you within a matter of seconds. This resulted in a tickled fight that you knew you were no going to win.

You quickly signed 'Nothing like last time!’ with a big goofy grin planted on your face and absentmindedly rubbing over your ribs, recalling your last encounter of a 'surprise’ before letting out the smallest giggle because you couldn’t surpress it through your bitten lip.

Curiosity got the best of Natasha and asked 'What’s this surprise then?’ Bucky just laughed and rolled his eyes, remembering how impatient Natasha really was.

You brought your right hand to the right side of your now unruly, unkempt and untamed hair and slowly drug you hair out of the way to reveal the newest part of you. Before she had time to process what was happening, you cheekily smirked at her as Natasha did previously and murmured 'Hey Auntie Nat,’

'Holy Shit,’ escaped from Bucky’s mouth. Clint clapped the back of his head and not in a friendly matter. You just threw her head back in laughter and couldn’t stop as soon as the rest of the avengers in the room joined in.

The fun was cut short as Steve stood in the doorway with his arms folded across the form of his broad, chisled chest after coughing to break the deafening cackles coming from the living area. Nat and Bucky simultaneously nudged either side of you prompting you to talk.

'What’s up, Captain?’ You rasped, still in pain from laughing too much. Biting your lip, again.

'Oh, my God! You talk! What’s going on?’ He turned to look at Clint for an explanation of why you were suddenly talking let alone laughing. Hawkeye winked and pointed in the direction of your ear.

'She can finally hear again, old man. Stark actually helped for once!’

You stared at Steve, trying to gauge his reaction for a moment. After what felt like a millenium, he smiled and found yourself being pulled into a big bear hug.

You clutched to his chest and inhaled deeply. God he smelt heavenly; like fresh apples and chocolate chip cookies, that reminded you of your Grampa and Grandma. Although, he smelt delicious, there was another super soldier’s arms that you’d rather be in. You let out a content sigh whilst Steve finally released you from his powerful, rigorous grip.

Bucky approached you as Steve let go, surprisingly to embrace you too.  He leaned down to ear level and whispered 'Congrats, kiddo.’ You were happy but disappointed at the same time. You hated the bittersweet taste left in your mouth because you thought that’s all you might be to him, a kid, and you wanted so much more than that. As he was pulling away, you had to keep in a small whimper and pout. To your pleasure, he distinctly craned his metal, prosthetic arm around your waist and pulled you towards him in a possessive manner. This brought a good mood from within you but caused a sneer to rise on Clint’s face causing Bucky’s arm to abruptly leave your hip.

'I think we should celebrate!’ Bucky announces 'Now is a good time as any.’

'And it gives Stark a reason to throw one! Makes a change, and (Y/N)’s a good reason to enjoy it.’ Natasha quipped and beamed at you. 

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Is Ruby Blind? A Steven Universe Theory

Everyone seems to be taking this theory the wrong way.

“NO! SHE’S NOT BLIND! If she was she wouldn’t have seen Steven or Lapis!”

Has anyone considered this: Maybe she’s not completely blind?

I mean:

  • She didn’t seem to realize right away that Steven was actually out of his cell. However, you could dismiss this with the excuse that she was too distraught to notice.
  • The famous scene: When Steven tries to introduce himself, she shouts “I can’t see!” & listens for Sapphire’s singing before making a choice on where to go. Yes, I can see why people would think that was related to future vision, but I find that it fits better to relate it to impaired vision.
  • When Sapphire stops singing, she immediately gives up on trying to find her until she hears her start up again. 

Why would she stop if she had perfect 20/20 vision? You can still look for someone with clear vision. There’s no other reason for her to stop looking. She even tries to prompt the singing again by shouting out to her. If her vision was 20/20, she probably would want to keep quiet so she isn’t caught out of her cell until reformed, no matter how desperate. Yes, they were distraught, but Garnet is all about stealth, so presumably the gems who make up her would be about stealth to some extent, too.

  • She didn’t realize right away that Lapis wasn’t Sapphire, which leads me to believe she can see vague shapes. I can see how, with very impaired vision, Lapis could appear like Sapphire. 

I’d like to expand on that.

Here’s Lapis with 20/20 vision:

Now here’s Lapis with my idea of Ruby’s impaired vision:

Consider the following:

  1. With impaired vision, it’s hard to tell that that’s not Sapphire
  2. Sapphire reformed as well, so she has a new outfit that Ruby may not be able to predict.
  • Her reaction to seeing Sapphire

Do you notice how she hesitates & waits for the other one to react? She’s not entirely sure if she’s seeing Sapphire. She thinks that she sees someone who could possibly be her, but she seems to kind of wait for confirmation? Like as if it’s really her, she would let her know in some way (as she did). 

As far as we know, Ruby can most definitely see at least shapes. There really isn’t evidence (as far as I know) behind whether or not she can see colors. 

Please stop fighting this theory, guys. I see a lot of people who are against this theory being really angry about it, which really sucks. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a disabled gem fused with Garnet? Don’t treat Ruby’s blindness like as if it’s a really bad, disgraceful thing. Who knows–if it is true, I’m sure Crewniverse could do a lot with it.